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tv   Headline News  RT  August 30, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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ukrainian troops the dead and the wounded from where many of the. europeans fighting alongside. to join the conflict. the growing threat from britain. in the middle east. is fear that an attack. on the night. of the summit by the military alliance. british member of parliament.
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in hospital after a vicious attack in the capital. watching . self-proclaimed or thought isn't done yet say that they've allowed ukraine's army to take their wounded and dead out of the encircled area in eastern ukraine and i hear all the latest pictures for you from the outskirts of the town of il advice but you can see troops apparently carrying out that evacuation several army brigades with ukraine's national guard have been trapped in the area for a week and have suffered serious losses in the counter offensive by local militias meanwhile conflicting reports have been emerging about their fate all this live
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reports. but we know from ukraine's interior minister is that the first group of trapped ukrainian soldiers was allowed to leave the in so calm and he made this statement on his facebook page but later what we were hearing from self defense forces on the ground is a denial that any groups had left they say that their conditions to allow these trips soldiers to leave the battlefield remain in place and this is that they first and foremost need to hand over any kind of weapons now the russian president vladimir putin has said that it is regrettable that the ukrainian commandos in kiev have given the order for these scrapped troops to fight their way out rather than to lay down weapons and make take advantage of this humanitarian corridor and accept the offer the self defense units here in eastern ukraine remain on the offensive this is a military operation where they are seeking to assist trapped citizens from the launching him from the constant shelling that we're seeing some of your trainee an
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army here in the east of the country essentially what these anti-government commanders are saying is that they are protecting the civilians here in this part of the country now they continues to be a targeting of residential areas there has been a railway station that has been hit there is a proving as well as a car in a bus that has gone up in flames and we just drove past that site this is several hours after the attack happened and that pass is still smoldering the anti government troops continue to push back the ukrainian army and they are receiving assistance from foreign fighters who volunteered to come and lend their assistance or words everybody is war every european war. and more and more overseas find who's all signing up for joining the anti queue of troops in eastern ukraine the wall is slowly advancing into jeannette's city center this used to be a hardware store but like a growing number of soft targets around the city it has been reduced to rubble
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a growing number of europeans. saying enough is enough and are backing the words up with action twenty five year old niccolo was a professional soldier with the elite french mountain troops for five years now he's pushing his skills to good use in ukraine alongside a contingent of other foreign volunteers he's training anti-government forces in urban guerrilla warfare. these are people's militias these are not mercenaries or professional soldiers so they need instruction they really have the motivation whereas the kiev army which is a kind of puppet of nato they don't have any motivation whatsoever and they do not really know why they are fighting and against whom they are fighting so that is our main strength. the aid is also a symbolic. for many of these people from the west it's the first time to come defend what is considered by western governments bad cards or bad guys cards so
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it's very important to show that people from the west are distinct from their governments and they are ready to come and fight and risk their lives to defend another world it's not just finance volunteers from c.b.s. spain germany poland israel and the united kingdom our internet sky on the front line. we believe that ukrainian army will not be able to sustain. or even fall because it's huge the day goes by they lose money devas motivation to lose manpower they. lose so each day that goes by they grow weaker we grow stronger. now finds itself in between a rock and a hard place what to do is move its young men sign up to fight against its ally. and on some put it legally we don't see what the french government can do to us because first of all we're not paid so we're not mercenaries we're not terrorists we're not jihad this and of course it's a mission of information it's
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a political mission it's a mission of soft power a mission that's growing stronger as a brigade of western volunteers is put together under the name of the united continent they're showing just how disunited europe is on the question of ukraine policy r.t. did it's eastern ukraine. which is deputy defense minister is said to kids accusations that moscow has boots on the ground in ukraine or is supplying arms to anti government forces are simply incorrect he made the comments to slovakia media earlier on saturday. you know we're just you so it's cool so ukraine was part of the soviet union and there were many arms depots across the soviet union and when russia and ukraine became separate states millions of automatic rifles mines and artillery systems were left on ukraine's territory so there were warehouses with arms on the territory where kiev is now conducting its punitive action against its own people and these warehouses came under control of anti-government forces people
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who took up arms to defend their rights so to speak about russia supplying arms to dennett's cool lugansk is simply wrong just look at what ukraine's army is fighting with it's fighting with russian arms or soviet arms to be correct meanwhile european leaders are at a summit in brussels and joining them ukraine's president has gone a step further and his accusations against russia petro poroshenko has claimed that there are thousands of russian troops and hundreds of tanks on ukraine soil he says that they pose a grave threat not only to the country but to the peace and stability of the e.u. and here for you are images presented by nato which the alliance and kiev claim prove russian self-propelled artillery units are moving through east ukraine other images allegedly show activity in russia near the ukrainian border something nato
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says is part of moscow's de stabilizing strategy moscow has rebuffed the allegations saying the pictures only taint the alliance's international reputation . you doesn't want confrontation but it's prepared to toughen sanctions on moscow that's according to the president of the european commission jose manuel barroso as he addressed the media alongside the ukrainian leader to the head of russia's lower house of parliament says that any measures will also punish ordinary europeans so again a risk in spoke exclusively to r.t. . by me is the sanctions policy spirals out of control more and more m.p.'s and politicians in general start to question its effectiveness they see with increasing clarity that it's the people who have to pay the price for this policy basically while imposing sanctions on russia you governments make their own businesses and their own people pick up the tab make them pay for their political mistakes i think it's becoming more and more obvious that the sentiment of the political elite and
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the general public is shifting on sco and brussels have agreed that ukraine will have to pay the gas bills it still owes to russia ensuring the safety transit of russian gas supplies through ukraine is vital for the e.u. and that dependence on russian gas will remain at least for another decade according to the fitch rating agency it's predicted that the supplies won't be ready to meet the demand and europe's not ready to rework the current infrastructure or shift to using other sources of energy like shale gas ukraine or also gets its gas from russia but owes moscow more than five billion dollars state coffers are running empty and one of the country's largest power plants has now had its gas cut off after using too much of the resource and members of the publican are being encouraged to cut down their energy usage as well as. reports. it looks like ukraine's capital is in for another sunny week although throughout the
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hot summer a key of was not lining up for air conditioners but rather elektra's boilers as the government saving gas for the winter people have been left with cold showers in the summer the country is preparing for december way in advance like in this school work kids will now have classes on saturdays to avoid the deep freezes of christmas with two months of holiday but some think the public's efforts shouldn't end there wasn't just the future do you know the jewel in the evening we can leave the lights off in our houses we can just light candles it will create a romantic vibe and lift your mood i think such light is much better than those bright lamps energy efficiency campaigns are running wild video in there you. put it in there to hear but if you to play in but then move to be in there because of the set and. while some
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are looking for offbeat solutions others seem to be more obsessed with politics here's a set of stickers being promoted online so leave your bedroom lights off and you're a patriot but plug in a computer or a laptop and your this ilya betraying co r t humans are a human rights watch and say has a game called on for information on the russian photojournalist and a student in he went missing in ukraine at the start of this month what's dogs deputy director for europe and central asia said that the rights of media workers are being infringed upon in ukraine both by militias and the army she also said ortheris have a track record of detaining russian journalists kiev says it has no information about the veteran photo reporter.
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u.k. prime minister will hold talks over the weekend on new measures to tackle islamic jihadists the government is worried about the growing tide of britons traveling to the middle east if i were basically as a holy war the country's threat level was also race to severe which means an attack on british soil is now considered highly unlikely new plans could make it easier to revoke passports of those looking to travel abroad of the two hundred fifty jihadists the thought of return to the u.k. already from the middle east the british government has for years given material support to what it calls moderate rebels fighting the assad regime in syria there will be no political progress in less the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he goes there is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition what we're facing in iraq now with isis is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before. and
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a new video has been circulating online it shows a twenty one year old london bragging of joining what he calls the golden era of jihad and he's also calling on other young britons to follow his lead on to war activist braun baca gave us his thoughts on the rise of extremism in the middle east the u.k. joined with the united states in carrying out a war against muslim countries in the middle east as it's perceived in them in the middle east and amongst muslims in the u.k. is that the u.k. government is part of a war against islam and this facilitates and plays into the hands of those who are who are promoting political islamics especially extremist elements who show yes this is a war against islam and yes we can build in recruiting organize on this basis but fundamentally it is the policy of the u.k. government in hand with the united states government that has created the conditions for this development i think behind the terror threat level is the real politics of what's going on the terror threat level is not really about perceived
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terror it's about preparing public opinion in the u.k. and in the united states for an escalating intervention by the united states in the u.k. in the middle east and they always have to do it on the pretext of protecting the domestic population against the threat of terrorism the jihadist threat has put the spotlight on security plans for the nato summit in cardiff in newport next week and the u.k. is going to great lengths to ensure the safety of the v.i.p.'s will be attending says hundreds of protesters are flocking to the cities where meetings will be held high fear reports for newport forty. well the leaders the organizers of this protest movement against nato hope that in the coming hours and days ten to twenty thousand protesters from across wales the u.k. and even some coming from mainland europe are going to a common here top protest nato summit which is taking place on thursday and friday
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around sixteen leaders from around the world coming off for this very high profile and significant conference protesters here are against nato itself the the entity which they see as they say just waging. one hundred sixty to symbolically of global equality now to protect the nato summit taking place in the next few days has been on tressa dented security operation by the police close to ten thousand police officers have been drafted in from across the u.k. now this operation that critics say has cost up to fifteen million pounds to secure a part of new port this city and also wells capital cardiff which has also been caught up significantly in the security preparations including tens of kilometers of security barriers being put in the center of the south wales cities the police
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are trying to do many things first protect the nato summit itself second to also facilitate the democratic protests of peaceful protesters and surge to try and keep wales and the u.k. secure given the increased terror threat which was raised just in the last couple of days. john reese from the stop the war coalition thinks the find that those attending nato summit need such tough security measures speaks volumes about their policies but these are world leaders who are out of control they seem to have no sense that these policies are there for nearly half have no sense of what the people think of the money that's being spent from this could be better spent in this country or hospitals or schools is a poor time for a fraction of the amount of money that's being spent on security here the fires these people could be given new jobs in this time what's true for you is actually true the war machine globally there wouldn't be an increased threat level if those people weren't here we now have american pressure from the fourth american
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president in a row to bomb iraq deed that would be a threat to toll i think the the british security services told tony blair if they had gone to war in afghanistan and iraq he was told right at the beginning of this if you do this there will be more terrorism in this country yet they keep doing it and they create they keep career creating a terrorist threat. on the way for you new figures suggest many in the united states think the american dream is out of reach in a conference in texas is trying to revive the ideal. unless you are secure in your house unless you are secure in your papers you can't have your freedom still to come feed later this hour. also on the way beijing warns it will move to prevent america from spying on its naval fleet south of the china intercepted american submarine plying close to one of its naval bases we look at how the tensions have been rising.
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differently here in syria and now many of the members of congress of both parties who have gone to syria in recent months has said he's a reformer of mr president which is diddy's calling for him to go. and stability at least to sue is going to be some of the stuff. months. dramas that trying to be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. the faces changing the world right now.
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to picture of today's news no longer from around the globe. look to. welcome back you're watching r.t. international british politician and broadcaster george galloway was taken to hospital after being attacked in broad daylight in central london the spokesman said his ribbon jaw may have been broken is marina culture of a with more on the incident when he was posing for photographs with people in central london apparently a man started shouting something related to the holocaust and then he proceeded to parchin and george galloway suspect the suspects have suffered a broken jaw broken ribs severe bruising to his face and head now because that man was shot in something related to the holocaust it led the spokesperson to believe
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that this is related to george galloway's controversial statements about israel of course he's an avid pro palestine supporter and he has said that he doesn't recognize the state of israel and doesn't debate with israelis in fact this is not the first time his been attacked in two thousand and three he was accused of racism when he walked out of the university debate because he found out that his opponent was israeli then in two thousand and eight a man was arrested after he threw a rubber stressful at him while george galloway was complaining and then in two thousand and twelve approach us or actually tried to pelt me and with eggs so him being used is an understatement and george galloway's own show is airing today for those of you watching as in the u.k. it will be coming up in around three. and as always it's available to everybody if you just had to r.t. dot com. hard work will lead to success at least that's part of what's known in the
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u.s. as the american dream but people there increasingly think that the idea that ties the nation together is under threats recent polls suggest that around sixty percent of americans feel the dream however is defined is out of reach and even more believe children will be worse off than the parents but we carried out our own straw poll of people's opinions on the streets of new york. no i'm not living the american dream. serve it's been tough for a little while observing bouncing around jobs we have a unique voice do we struggle because when you go on the table you is paid for them for their companies to give you more money they don't want to give you the money will be why are they making the money but they don't want to pay the workers and there's even a conference taking place in dallas dedicated to saving the dream senator rand paul the likely future republican presidential candidates addressed the gathering and he said the search for happiness is how by the u.s. government snooping on its citizens. frankly when you're looking at yourself
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listening to download from the. internet it's none of the government's damn business what you do are and last you are secure in your house unless you're secure in your papers you can't have your freedom and the government says oh it's only boring old business records to care. think about your visa bill though they say it's not protected by the fourth amendment they said they can look at everyone's visa records everyone's data if i look at your visa record i can tell do you drink do you smoke what medicines you today what doctors do you go to this is all very private information and i have no problem if the government thinks you're a terrorist and they call a judge and they get probable cause they can look at all of that but i don't want to looking at the records of three hundred million innocent america.
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is escalating violence in pakistan where police have thought to gas at thousands of demonstrators led by the country's two main opposition groups report say some fifty people have been injured crowds who are marching towards the prime minister's official residence when they were confronted by security forces the opposition is demanding now a sheriff resign over what it says was a rigged general election last night the government talks with protest leaders but failed and shareef insists he would not stand down two weeks the standoff has forced the country's powerful military his step in mediating the crisis could be more on this developing story because. he was u.n. peacekeepers from the philippines trapped by syrian rebels and it's today in the golan heights have been freed following a firefight this comes a day after more than forty united nations peacekeepers from fiji accounts. in the
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same area of the same rebel group golan heights disputed by both syria and israel and u.n. troops have been on the ground there for decades. where a car bombers scan off a major checkpoint in a town just south of baghdad killing eleven people dozens more were wounded in that suicide attack the blast comes as the iraqi government tries to fend off an ongoing assault by islamic militants who swept down from syria capturing a number of important cities. and the prime minister of poland because we made the new head of the european council he replaces herman van rompuy in the post while italian foreign affairs minister federica morgan rini has been chosen as high representative for foreign affairs and security policy to newly elected e.u. officials will have to hit the ground running challenges include trying to boost economic growth and working out
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a coherent position on the crisis in ukraine. beijing has called on washington to limit is aerial surveillance of china some naval officers are even pushing for fighter pilots to intercept spy planes anger was spot last week when a chinese fighter jet intercepted a u.s. anti submarine aircraft the american plane was flying close to china's naval bases on its islands in the south american officials claim the chinese jet performed a barrel roll at one point coming within ten meters of the plane beijing says it was keeping a safe distance and that american spy emissions pose a threat to its core security interests and could be considered as a hostile act every year the u.s. flies about five hundred missions around china as well as monitoring from the sea and from satellites under k.p. longhi china specialist says beijing could take serious action if it feels is being threatened. i think that this part of the greek. between america and china
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especially santana seat which to china of course is a and he says sure and critical. channel for us a part of our energy as well as trade but also as a conduit for tatas and they will force us into that with the pacific particularly lot of the time of. the nuclear armed submarines are based in pilot and you click on submarines is part of. the metric was there because john is no match with america as far as areas of concern and indeed a lot of the. military hardware in terms of the heart of the island is a very very sensitive as china so china is going to take. a stand on. on r.t. dot com for you right now journey to the center of the sun for the first time ever
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r.g.p. we've done the future cover. gender trampas symbolizes the gender madness in swedish acadian here because i found this. project foreigners with seventy thousand euro to investigate the transplants from a gender perspective. the try to. see people are going to be curious what you like or if you think every minute. of me. know what. my own life like but.
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let's think this society more time listees is going to eat. sometimes for nothing. this season and it's still. not just a leap of the story it will be jobs if you could you see the stage eight look to be . the teacher was still. legal. we think of hawaii rethinking their. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. why he has a deep dark little secret a secret to us.


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