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nor it. really matters. to your facebook news feed. ten russian soldiers detained after crossing the ukrainian border have been released and returned home. also this week the nato race phase of a possible russian invasion while ukrainian troops there they are being left to die at the hands of anti government forces plus. as the jihadists from islamic state continue their rampage through syria and iraq we look at the two pillars of the group's might its rushing black market economy and the media campaign as attracting new crudes in droves. i.
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go there welcome the latest developments and a look back at the last seven days you're watching a weekly here on r.t. international. a group of russian soldiers detained in ukraine several days ago has been returned home temperature protect paratroopers were captured six days ago when they claimed they unintentionally crossed the ukrainian border while on a routine patrol poor slayer has been following the developments all ten russian paratroopers who were earlier detained by the ukrainian authorities have now been handed over to russia the group was patrolling the russian ukrainian border when unintentionally they crossed over at night at a section of the border that is not well signposted they were then intercepted by the ukrainian security services and from what we understand the release talks were complicated and difficult but it is important to note that border incidents like this are not uncommon early in august there were around four hundred ukrainian
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servicemen who crossed over into russian territory now they were encircled by the anti-government forces they asked a russian boy. order patrol to give them a humanitarian corridor or so that they could evacuate their wounded and they were injured they also said they had run out of food and a mission later they returned to ukraine but not after some of their personnel received medical treatment inside russia it was also another incident some three days ago when some sixty ukrainian servicemen crossed over into russia seeking shelter. while russia handed over the captured soldiers to ukraine just a few hours ago international law expert alexander mccord is told us why who thinks kiev was thrilled to have detained actual russian servicemen the ukrainian government wanted to real. political. they're trying to argue and have been trying to argue for a long time that they're not really fighting the people of the eastern ukraine but
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that they're fighting the russian army so here they had ten russian actual to an actual actions years and they were able to grade them and to put them on television and to show them as proof of the claim that they've been making for a long time that it is the russian army that they're fighting rather than their own people the evidence does not look which will convince you that there are any russian troops there but of course one can have unconvincing evidence if people want to believe it and these ten russian soldiers unfortunately were if you like a gift from heaven in that respect. well the ukrainian government has been waging its campaign in the east for four months now kiev says over seven hundred soldiers have been killed in the crackdown on local militia there with over two and a half hours and wounded but the government is accused of underreporting and forces say the number is more like fourteen thousand casualties some of the fierce this
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fighting in eastern ukraine has been in the town of guy skin that in a region. has been encircled there by anti-government forces soldiers claim they've suffered serious losses because kiev didn't send any reinforcements and another report filed by police later she looks at the growing frustration in the army. as the fighting intensifies and anti-government forces close in a call for hope goes on on said flee and falsely is forecast to change and saw so many coming it's not the first time kids soldiers feel abandoned let me take you needed to see if they didn't appear women with a little more nearly three dollars let us look for some of broken wabble sure to how much you want to cross the dark limits will tell you what the law will never forget how easy it was when i was a regional i met over there it was much more i was a much it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of
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a strong country and strong army instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers as suggested by an alleged conversation between a commander and a tank soldier leaked online how do you feel five. i was if i was right was fair was yeah i was i thought it was. i was but i think. there was frustration is growing among the troops that we want it to pass it then they feel the chances i think that you will get what go with the political dissidents that to live inside of the government for the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the leader of the radical nationalist white six to group which is taking part in the fighting in the country ceased if our demands are not met we'll be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to kiev to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry. yarrow
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with your bragging you have to see people who you learned into illegal armed units you were turning the people who believed you indicate an importer meanwhile losses on the battlefield of mounting. policy r.t. eastern ukraine. well earlier this week ukraine's president petro poroshenko said russia had invaded his country international media outlets immediately ran with this story with headlines about russian troops launching a stealth operation wearing in on the claims nato released a series of satellite images that apparently showed artillery movement inside ukraine are the pictures supposedly indicate activity in russian in russia adjacent to the ukrainian border something nato says is part of moscow's destabilizing strategy don't you mcadams executive director paul institute for peace and prosperity says the pictures credibility is highly questionable. well i think these
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were released by the same they were taken by the same company that the u.s. had used to release it satellite information about m.h. seventeen the malaysian air flight the existence of guns by the rebels in ukraine and so i think it has very dubious credibility as a private firm i don't think it shows anything i don't think what most people in the west understand is that everyone on both sides with the exception of some ukrainians having american weapons but everyone is using russian weapons the line of russian tanks means nothing because we don't have the information to tell us where it came from as to whether russia has troops on its border it's inside its border you know there what business is that of that if we had unrest on the border with mexico here in the u.s. you'd be sure we'd have a military presence there to make sure our borders were secure. well vladimir putin says russia is not seeking involvement in any military conflict but will stand up for itself and defend its interests he was speaking and he's formed in western
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russia. russia is far from getting involved in any large scale military conflict. and aren't going to do it obviously have to be ready to revoke any aggression towards russia and other partners whichever state of their countries or whatever foreign policy course they're taking usually have to understand they better not mess with us but thank god i don't think anyone today would think of starting a large scale conflict with russia. meanwhile human rights watch has again called on kiev for information on russian photo journalist on the day stand in he went missing in ukraine at the start of this month kiev says it has no information about the veteran photo journalist the watchdogs deputy director for europe and central asia said the rights of media workers are being violated in ukraine by both the militia groups and the army she also said the authorities have
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a track record of detaining russian journalists. well the web and other news the west is scrambling to form a coalition against the islamic state is the jihadists make further gains in syria and iraq washington is the world community to unite in efforts to reattach the militants at the same time stepping up strikes against them but as artie's gani reports it was the west that helped the jihadists to flourish in the first place. the u.s. president has diagnosed these lawmakers state rooting out a cancer why geisel won't be easy and won't be quick many are asking if the cancer could have been caught at an earlier stage when these lawmakers state group that's part of the syrian opposition was gaining momentum in the country and when rich donors in gulf states were funding and arming the group but until recently the west seemed more preoccupied with toppling the syrian president we will work with like
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minded states to support the syrian opposition to hasten the day when assad falls but the european union has agreed to bring to an end they arms embargo on the syrian opposition we are constantly consulting with the opposition on how they can get organized so that. they're not splintered and divided in the face of the onslaught from the assad regime for years the white house tried to present a picture of the syrian opposition as consisting of quote former farmers and teachers some within the intelligence community had a really big red flag that was alarming the administration and elected officials that the problem in syria was bigger than anybody anticipated but the problem is that the elected officials chose to have a moment of dumb and dumber and hear what they wanted to hear so you had john
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mccain patrolling the streets of aleppo thinking that supporting the insurgents was a good idea one thing the west perhaps failed to see was the blurred lines between the moderate and the radical groups within the syrian opposition lysis until very recently was part of a broad sunni group in syria that was being supplied by the united states the extremist group makes use of modern technologies like no other radical organization they even use surveillance drones to plan attacks on the syrian military the question arises whether the. u.s. is misjudged the scale of extremism in syria as it focused all efforts on bringing down the syrian government you know so much cooperation. and help your government being with us. for free. the last minute are the last nothing to spend their lives in serials or charlotte when they come your way then we should take more money from them let these let me state group is now hearing about all the arms and money that
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they have seen both in iraq and syria isis sympathizers are posting pictures on twitter in the us cities with a message saying we are in your streets one thing that is typical of isis is this vicious sense of humor if you will they're big fans of social media and they have been using all the west can offer to spread what president obama called cancer in washington i'm going to shut down party where he's slamming state has managed to create one of the most successful business models in the world of terrorism with assets worth an estimated two billion dollars in the significant amount around two million dollars daily reportedly comes from selling oil to kurds in iraq syria and jordan smuggling and kidnapping is also a lucrative sideline ransom payments have brought in around ten million dollars in recent years and the islamic state even publishes a corporate star annual report to attract new sponsors while the social media
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publicity is clear as marine corps set of reports. pictures of mutilated corpses of the so-called infidels and photoshop images of western troops involved in flames these are just some of the grotesque methods employed by the slotnick states illustrated in glossy magazines and online and its attempt to spread its message a message that even al qaida is uncomfortable with visit what was striking. can produce some. remarkably good visual graphics but nothing on the scale of. the photography is hyper real islamic states marketing techniques are becoming increasingly more professional and widespread as its propaganda is found in different languages in news updates videos twitter accounts magazines and on t.v. the democratic they're targeting is you know they're relying on the ignorance of
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you distorting the qur'an of course but they're also using various kinds of stylistic mannerisms which the youth are familiar with from the street from you tube from twitter and so forth in other words it has a very modern look and feel it feels like a media extravaganza but it's suffused with excitement now if we take a look at the cover of the islamic states latest magazine they will see that it's a play on a noah's ark and wish the message is it's either there or the flood and experts say there is controversy and fear to get more followers how are they doing that they're using hate propaganda by showing their parent dog sickly as killing babies is they also are i think a remarkably harsh in their language they present their enemy is indeed humanized terms of some kind of humanity just as the nazis did so they only use
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pejoratives like crusades while watson nations might be trying to bomb isis out of existence i says itself seems to have learned to those bombs that can breed social media and therefore its existence online grow stronger than ever merino cost of our reporting from london forty. the threat posed by you had it is top of the gender next week's nato summit yet despite days of an attack hundreds have protested against the bra getting involved in more military campaigns later this hour we report. why people outside of the west's pool hall a c. plus. most famous red square is assessing for a dazzling display the world's military orchestra is all the pomp and the fun coming up shoulder.
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to what extent do you think the american and british policies in the middle east have contributed to the creation of these very terrifying terrorist groups the western governments of fully understood the policies of contributed significantly to the radicalization of young men and women around the world this is without a shadow without i will confirm with i would agree with some of the young men that we would certainly be radicalized because of western foreign policy. when we come to talk about addiction to cigarettes we were on this done quite clearly that there is no other smoking or not smoking we believe completely that abstinence. can't quite understand why we don't have the same belief or drugs or alcohol to me the only way to productively dependency is to give up trying to go.
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out again that's a vacuum could attempt to impose more trade sanctions against russia next week the country's prime minister says the measure is all meaningless and counterproductive and that there's no point in supporting sanctions that could the economy. further restrictions announced by european leaders at a summit in brussels would be the latest escalation in the trade war since moscow imposed a food import ban as brussels tries to curb the impact of this ban some western politicians have put forward their own ideas on how to lessen the pain. keeps put you know that. the german agricultural minister believes eating away the food
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which was supposed to go to russia could help local producers moneywise and also put additional pressure on moscow early estimates show he could forfeit up to seven billion euros over the food embargo and this means around one hundred thirty thousand people lose their jobs and some say news first attempt to plug the hole with one hundred twenty five million euros compensation just won't do these are polish farmers angered by the sluggishness of european politicians when it comes to financial aid this week they dumped several tons of peppers right before the parliament some german politicians think sanctions were a big mistake. does was different and sanctions than the trade will and i know means to improve the situation on the contrary we have a spiral of exclusion that hurts the german and european economies many people are check to be sanctions right from the start they have the right true feelings and this is not due to achieving. sanctions or always prove that
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political means feel they are useless and they are harming the population sanctions always lead to losses on both sides and you can already see the backlash from the sanctions but in the next couple of months it will be even more obvious. from the beginning it was the wrong approach because sanctions escalated the situation and did not ease the tension it was clear when the imposed sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised and now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected by that. we've plenty of stories online too including a battle for data privacy is being waged in new york where microsoft has been ordered to hand over e-mails and user data stored outside the us find a find out how the software giant plans to challenge the court ruling at r.t. dot com also important strikes against cancer cells carried out by nano robots
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could revolutionize the treatment of the disease we've got the full story at our web site. the threat posed by his hammock state to how this will top the agenda next week's nato summit in cardiff in new port but the prospect of the block getting involved in another distant war disconcerted many with hundreds turning out in one of the host cities to protest against military action harry fear reports from south wales. the leaders the organizers of this protest movement against nato but in the coming hours and days ten to twenty thousand protesters from across wales the u.k. and even some coming from mainland europe going to a common here top protest nato summit which is taking place on thursday and friday around sixteen leaders from around the world coming off for this very high profile
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and significant conference protesters here are against nato itself the the answer to which they see as they say just waging war one hundred sixty it is symbolic of global equality now to protect the nato summit taking place in the next few days has been and precedented security operation by the police close to ten thousand police officers have been drafted in from across the u.k. now this operation that critics say has cost up to fifteen million pounds to secure a part of new port this city and also wells capital cardiff which has also been caught up significantly in the security preparations including tens of kilometers of security barriers being put up in the center of the south wales cities the police are trying to do many things first protect the nato summit itself second to
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also facilitate the democratic protests of peaceful protesters and third to try and keep wales and the u.k. secure given the increased terror threat which was raised just in the last couple of days. a quick look at some other news now hundreds of protesters have been injured in the pakistani capital islamabad police tried to disperse a rally thousands marched towards the prime minister's official residence demanding his resignation twenty thousand riot police were deployed to block the demonstration pakistan has been gripped by unrest for weeks now with protest leaders saying they will not back down until the prime minister resigns in ferguson missouri hundreds of people have taken to the streets to mark free weights and unarmed black teenager markel brown was shot dead by a police officer the demonstrators led by the victim's family members blockaded the local police headquarters after making their way to the spot where the killing took place you was the night shooting course nationwide outrage leading to protests and
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disputes over police tactics and the european union has replaced two of its top officials polish prime minister donald tusk has been appointed president of the european council taking over from her man van rompuy sleeze foreign minister federica more greener has been voted in as the senior diplomat in place of catherine ashton the reshuffle comes at a time of deep divisions within the twenty eight nation blog over the ukraine crisis relations with russia and how to revive economic growth. so two soldiers from around the world marched on red square on saturday not to make war but music correspondent in a potential i was in the heart of the russian capital to watch the annual extravaganza of military orchestras every year at the end of august this place that's best known for being stomped on by thousands of russian military boots becomes an arena for the likes of mexican mariachis or chinese monks who and many
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others it's time for the grand military tattoo on the red square. the festival is not really a contest but there's always a slight feeling of competition as usual some try to well the crowds with tradition it's a move it's from yaz of. the nineteenth century it's always a not right for. others get their round of applause for squeezing in a modern twist. and the designers make the most of the venue itself the audience dancers and the space by the military bands in orchestras from wherever you can imagine but of course
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there's no show without plenty of intense rehearsing. for this it's our first time here and there's a huge difference between rehearsing and home in on red square the air here is much cleaner than back and pollute china we're absolutely outside. the chinese team and army orchestra maybe a little far fetched. but it's their guts and skills that perhaps receive the loudest of the i. of course the other eight nations taking part got almost as much. but it's the hosts who are deserve the right to bring the night to a final crescendo. all to be topped with fireworks over the world's best known on in don't. go our t.
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. always a great site now a coming up next on a boycott examines why the west seems only to worry about religious radicalism when it compromises its own security we've got this in a couple of minutes. if you look at my generation of americans and even more so at the millennium there are a lot of people with all sorts of piercings and tattoos everyone wants to express themselves by getting the exact same cliched tattoos and piercings as everyone else but can we discriminate against these people because of their and out appearance normally people are against discrimination because it punishes people for the way they were born their rays search gender but no one was born with big metal loops stretching out their ear lobes so essentially yes you can't judge someone by their tech twos and piercings because they got these done consciously as an adult i mean
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we all know that you need to dress up on a first date or job interview to make a good impression and well having the words thug life written up your forearm are not very convincing to me that you are going to make a valuable employee or girlfriend one of the worst things that we tell children is that you should never judge a book by its cover the problem is that no one has the time to open up all these books and investigate so obviously ninety percent of the time we're going to be judging each other by the cover of our book and if that cover is full of dead fetus tattoos like one guy i know that you should expect a lot of bigoted reactions over the course of your life but that's just my opinion . gender trying to symbolize it the gender madness in swedish an idea here because i found this. project. seventy thousand.
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to investigate from a gender perspective. hello and welcome to worlds apart it took an american being killed by a briton in the midst of the syrian desert but the danger of violent extremism to really hit home but why does the west only seem to care about really just radicalism when it compromises its own security well to discuss that i'm now joined by hani deer a co-founder of the u.k. based antics famous group active change foundation mystical here thank you very much for being on the show it's a pleasure thank you for inviting me now when extremism prevention is discussed in the british media it's usually in the context of young british muslims travelling
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to syria getting radicalized there and then becoming a security risk once they decide to come back home and that strikes me as a bit selfish because if they were just to stay in syria and fired an unfriendly government of let's say bashar assad then radicalization is not really a problem i mean in fact the more radicalized there are the more likely they are to choose these regime change goal and it's only when they want to come home the british government sees it's as problematic doesn't approach strike you as a bit self-centered it's a good question but it's a very it's a very complex and difficult one to answer in that sense i can i can fully appreciate the fact that way when we got young muslims travelling abroad for humanitarian purposes and helping out to alleviate the suffering of innocent women and children but another thing is getting involved in a jihad which is ok fair enough they want to go and hope. you know remove assad or they hope the.


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