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it's one i am now here in moscow this is r t international tonight ten russian troops take the ukraine off probably crossing the border accidentally or returned home. and the more the big stories the weeks and ukraine's goes back to harden units trapped in a massive counterattack with government soldiers. accused russia of a stealth invasion. to examine how islamic state terrorists are exploiting black trade and. to nurture the. bahraini police arrest a well known opposition activist and she lands in the gulf nation to check on her
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father he's been on hunger strike for nearly a week now protesting his own detention. kevin though in very good morning chief joined us our top story than ten russian paratroopers returned home on sunday after spending almost a week detained in ukraine the group was captured when they claimed they mistakenly crossed the ukrainian border while on routine patrol has been following the story for us the talks are complicated and difficult that we can now confirm that all ten of russian paratroopers crossed over into ukraine back inside russia the negotiations were easy but thankfully common sense prevailed and the guys are back with us the soldiers were patrolling the ukrainian russian border at night when they unintentionally crossed over into ukrainian territory it was a part of the border that is not signpost. they were later detained by the
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ukrainian security services such border incidents are not uncommon and on several occasions ukrainian soldiers have in fact crossed over into russia but russia's never made much fanfare has always ensured that they are able to return safely back to your crane there was an incident early in august when around some four hundred ukrainian servicemen appeal to the russian border guards for a humanitarian corridor or it would allow them to bring their injured into russia at the same time it would allow them to stock up and food they'd run out of food they'd run out of ammunition they later returned to ukraine after the wounded had been treated inside russia also around three days ago some sixty three ukrainian servicemen sought shelter on the russian side of the border this was just state the shelling they later to also were turned back into ukraine international law exploded xander macoris told us why he thinks kiev was delighted to put russian servicemen in the media spotlight craning government wanted to real.
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political. they're trying to argue and have been trying to argue for a long time that they're not really fighting the people of the eastern ukraine but that they're fighting the russian army so here they had ten russian actual to an actual russian soldiers and they were able to grade them and to them on television and to show them as proof of the claim that they've been making for a long time that it is the russian army that they're fighting rather than their own the evidence does not look which will convince him that there are any russian troops there but of course one can have unconvincing evidence if people want to believe it and these ten russian soldiers unfortunately were if you like a gift from heaven in that respect. well the developments to report ukrainian government forces have withdrawn from a village in lugansk regions through communities been the focal point of intense
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fighting lately and see graphically in these pictures witnesses say large numbers of ukrainian armored vehicles and tanks were left there many of them destroyed in all that has now been four months since kiev launched its military crackdown in the east since then it's officially admitted to the deaths of almost eight hundred government troops more than two and a half thousand having been injured but care is now being accused of a massive cover up and to government forces say up to fourteen thousand military personnel have died or been wounded and the casualty numbers are being deliberately under reported in the last few days alone hundreds of government troops have reportedly been killed or taken prisoner in the town of you know of a skin the donetsk region where entire battalions found themselves surrounded during a counterattack by anti-government forces many of the ukrainian soldiers managed to exit the area through a humanitarian corridor that was opened up to them by the self-defense forces we were one ukrainian military commander accused of abandoning them fall asleep reports next on the growing dissent within the ranks. as the fighting intensifies
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and anti-government forces close in a call for hope goes on on food reinforcements feel trapped between troops or so incoming it's not the first time kids soldiers feel abandoned let me be clear in the end of. the women most of them really through you are going. through my blood levels to do almost everyone across the dark women small growing. up was one of whom. i made it very very hard to be much it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of a strong country and strong army instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers as suggested by an alleged conversation between a commander and a tank soldier leaked online. still five. four three five was right i was there was there was
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i did was. there were there was a guy. out there where the frustration is growing among the troops that will is there but if then they still do such as i think it will get let's go it to begin with that it's that and the government for the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the need of the radical nationalist right sick to group which is taking part in the fighting in the country's east if our demands are not met will be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to kiev to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry yarrow with your bragging you have to see people who you lead into illegal armed units you are turning the people who believed you indicate an imposter meanwhile losses on the battlefield are mounting. policy on teeth eastern ukraine.
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with more on the political front president putin shed some light on the behind the scenes diplomatic wrangling over ukraine in the interview he gave to russian national media and his wife nauseousness sums up the key points of that. i just came back from ukraine where we were walking for one month and this time weakness to very dramatic escalation in speaking and made this very dangerous spread of violence in ukraine's east london airport and he has his opinion on why it is happening. how can anyone say it's ok to open fire with artillery and multiple rocket launchers on cities do you really expect people to do nothing and wait for their own deaths so what's happening now is a natural reaction by the people who live there and who are defending their rights and one of those who took up weapons first let me put it has also commented on upcoming parliamentary elections in ukraine saying that it will norte help is the tensions in the country. all the candidates want to show how tough they are in the
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current circumstances it's hard to imagine anyone will advertise their peace plan there's no alternative to a military solution to the problem president putin has also stressed that russia cannot be indifferent to what is happening now in ukraine because this country has many ties cultural commercial social with its big neighbor and he has said that this resistance against european values could be seen as the core of the conflict in ukraine. and that was the way in where you are what exactly are these so-called european values supporting coups or violent seizure of power and then crushing dissent with military might these what european values are now i think it's time we reminded our western colleagues about their own ideals. president putin was talking just days after he met ukrainian president poroshenko in means can he has said that they agreed on more humanitarian aid from russia to be sent to eastern ukraine
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pointing out that this is a very important step forward because winter is coming and it will become harder for people there to survive through the cold. or for his part meantime earlier this week ukraine's president petro poroshenko said russia had invaded his country international media outlets mediately around that story went with it going to if you can look at some of the coverage. panic alert in western media after key if tweeted that russia invaded ukraine when reports started coming in that fighting broke out between the rebels and ukrainian forces in the port town of. many were quick to claim that it's russia's doing what seems to be happening on the ground however is that russian troops of pushing in from russia photos of tanks emerged in social media with nothing to suggest that they were operated by russian soldiers kill you put out this video claiming it's a russian. but while journalists were grappling with the new developments and
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struggling with the pronunciation of the town that was supposedly being invaded this is no bus got u.s. and nato officials pushed ahead with accusing russia of deploying more than one thousand troops and heavy artillery into ukraine last week ukraine called russia's delivery of humanitarian aid into eastern ukraine an invasion this week it accused moscow of quote unquote a full scale invasion the western media that is generally not putting much distinction between rebels and washer quickly picked up that side of the story that is despite the fact that this thursday the ois sea which is now monitoring the russian border with ukraine said they saw no evidence of russian troops and tanks crossing the border the u.n. said it could not independently verify the reports of the russian invasion but a u.n. security council meeting was called upon where its western members push to hold russia responsible russia stop this conflict at least two thousand two
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hundred twenty people including twenty three children have died in the conflict in eastern ukraine but we've never heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. call on key to stop bombing its own people in washington i'm going to check in on our team. story as well though the ongoing problems of journalists trying to bring back and report out the stories from there no human rights watch has again called on care for information about the russian photojournalist i understand it he's been missing in ukraine since the start of august kevin says is still got no information about whereabouts the watch show dogs deputy director of europe and central asia says the rights of media workers are being violated in ukraine by both militia groups and the army adding that the authorities do have a track record of detaining russian journalists.
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are the news washington's leading the charge against anti islamic state militants urging other western nations not to form a coalition against the jihadists in syria and iraq the us is also a step to better strikes against the group but the latest reports suggest the extremists have enough funds to replace any arms and equipment destroyed by the us islamic states managed to create indeed one of the most successful business models in the world of terrorism with assets estimated to be worth around two billion dollars indeed reports suggest a significant about of that around two million dollars daily comes from selling oil to kurds in neighboring states and countries smuggling in kidnappings also lucrative sideline with ransom payments bringing in around ten million dollars in recent years did these figures are all publicly available to the islamic state publishers of corporate style annual report to try to attract new sponsors the radical groups also very social media savvy that's key to getting new militant militants to join their fight ria cause of it because of that story. pictures of
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mutilated corpses of the so-called infidels and photoshop images of western troops involved in flames these are just some of the growth task methods employed by the islamic state illustrated in glossy magazines and online and its attempt to spread its message a message that even al qaida is uncomfortable with visit hannity those what was striking al qaeda can produce some remarkably good visual graphics but nothing on the scale of isis the photography is hyper real islamic states markets and techniques are becoming increasingly more professional and widespread as its propaganda is found in different languages in news updates videos twitter accounts magazines and on t.v. the democratic they're targeting is you know they're relying on the ignorance of youth distorting the qur'an of course but they're also using various kinds of stylistic mannerisms which the youth are familiar with from the street
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from you tube from twitter and so forth in other words it has a very modern look and feel it feels like a media extravaganza but it's suffused with excitement now if we take a look at the cover of the islamic states latest magazine they will see that it's a play on a noah's ark and wish the message is it's either them or the flood and experts say there is controversy and fear to get more followers how are they doing that they're using hate propaganda by showing their adversary is paradoxically as killing babies is they also are i think a remarkably harsh in their language they present their enemy is indeed humanized terms of some kind of humanity just as the nazis did so they only use pejoratives like crusade while watson nations might be trying to ball my sis out of existence. i says itself seems to have learned to those poems that cam beach social
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media and therefore its existence online grow stronger than ever marina cos of our reporting from london for it see. it's exactly one of the morning here in moscow still much more to come this was me kevin i would hope you can stay with me than to live in one old european leaders on the same page when it comes to widening sanctions against russia is one of the many stories we're covering just ahead. different leaders in syria. the folk party have gone to syria in recent months has. been this. president which is diddy's time for him to go. still be at peace to syria is going to be
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the stuff. i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial reporting commentary contributes and much much. only on the bus and. is a must militants in libya have taken over part of the us embassy which was evacuated a month ago stuff and pulled out because of the increasing lawlessness in the country with rampaging warlords on the militias seizing control and their spoke to
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the editor of the pan-african newswire the security situation in libya is becoming even more precarious the united states. this what happened pulled out his personnel and drove them to tunisia well i think the united states is trying to figure out which road to take they have a lot at stake their attempts to remake libya in their own image they may decide to get some type of military force to get in and sort of a beach in libya but this of course will only spark more animosity and more fighting a possible grow war about those who are opposed to the u.s. backed militias and the country prominent bahraini human rights activist has been arrested shortly after arriving at the country's airport she was flying from europe to check on a dad also a campaigner he recently started a hunger strike in protest of his own detention but
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a key figure in the bahraini opposition movement who indeed himself spent two years in jail isn't just got out he says the courts are at the beck and call there of the government you would expect to see the judges who are going to fight when to she fears that he's got a member of ruling family so you are in a country that does not respect human rights there judiciary system does not meet with international standards i don't of criticism by international what i think group and dear friend i like back when i did this to them but they don't get so far they were going and taking a lot of you know what i defended the court and using the court using the judicial system as a tool to attack human rights activist i could look at what are your numbers to attack people activist in the social media so we are in that more sort of passivity now we are ready now we are ready to hold the rifle for good idea for you who is in his hunger strike we are worried about this woman taking into consideration many woman with a daughter many men would go to. bill rodgers so back you could veto
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the ease attempt to impose more trade sanctions against russia this coming week the country's prime minister called the measures meaningless and counterproductive adding that there's no point in supporting sanctions that could hurt the economy that was echoed by his czech counterpart who wants to revise the block strategy now the further restrictions thought to be agreed by european leaders or somebody brussels would that be the latest escalation in a trade war since moscow clamp down on food imports as the e.u. tries to curb the impact of the bands and politicians have got their own ideas on how to try to ease the pain. one day keeps pushing over it. crunch well germany's arrival culture minister where believing eating up the food which was supposed to go to russia could help local producers moneywise and also put additional pressure on moscow but it's a serious business early estimates show the e.u. could lose up to seven billion euros over the food and that around one hundred thirty thousand people could lose their jobs because of it.
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you see european farmers already calling for compensation these particular polish workers dumping several tons of peppers a prominent building in brussels getting support from some politicians thinking sanctions were a big mistake. it. does was different and sanctions than the trade war i know means to improve the situation on the country we have a spiral of exclusion that hurts the german and european economies many people are check to be sanctions right from the start they have a right to feeling that this is not due to achieving. sanctions or always prove that their political means feel they are useless and they are harming the population sanctions always lead to losses on both sides and you can already see the backlash from the sanction is but in the next couple of months it will be even more obvious now. from the beginning it was the wrong approach because sanctions
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escalated the situation and did not ease the tension is it was clear when the imposed sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised and now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected by that skiing place the future just report the top in europe to poland's prime minister donald tusk is to be the use next president he'll take the top post on the first of december is a placing her who says the major challenges now are the economy ukraine and britain's place in europe which leaders have also nominated talian foreign minister frederica maurine to be the new foreign policy chief too but political commentator dennis quaid told us that she thinks the two new leaders hold very different political views and therefore that might be a problem for the future of the e.u. . maurine is seen very much as tolerant candid as towards russia while
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donald tusk is seen as tough men who will are wrestle with president clinton about it's not about it it's about that this relationship should be functional and unfortunately it's not because they contradictions are so profound that there is no other way that the states worlds try to build our bilateral relations with russia because more complicated more profound the debate in europe is and a less less vision common vision is represented towards russia are less chance is for european union to become a real player and fulfill its role if and vacation to become a saver of ukraine relations online pools of blood in a belgium airport what sort of bubble will tell you about to go home seems like a resort a brush with a ball in the splash paying to cross one of the terminals why they did it at r.t.
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dot com also to throw the germans have rallied to tell the government to get its prying eyes out of their private lives whether it is well on our website. the threat posed by islamic state terrorists will be high on the agenda at the upcoming nato summit in the welsh cities of cardiff a new port macquarie fear reports next hundreds of already gathered to protest the threat of maybe a war military action amid fears the alliance might decide to launch itself into another distant war. well the leaders the organizers of this protest movement against nato hope that in the coming hours and days ten to twenty thousand protesters from across wales the u.k. and even some coming from mainland europe are going to come here top protest nato summit which is taking place on thursday and friday around sixty leaders from around the world coming off for this very high profile and significant conference
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protesters here are against nato itself the the entity which they see as they say just waging war on a conscience they say it is symbolic of global equality now to protect the nato summit taking place in the next few days has been on trial precedented security operation by the police close to ten thousand police officers have been drafted in from across the u.k. now this operation that critics say has cost up to fifteen million pounds to secure a part of new port this city and also wells capital cardiff which has also been caught up significantly in the security preparations including tens of kilometers of security barriers being put up in the center of the south wales cities the police are trying to do many things first protect the nato summit itself second to
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also facilitate the democratic protests of peaceful protesters and third to try and keep wales and the u.k. secure given the increased terrorist threat which was raised just in the last couple of days the big story coming up in the week we'll keep you out of course more world news headlines right now we start in france we're apartment building explosions left at least four people dead in a paris suburb one of the victims was an eight year old girl another ten people severely injured rescue teams are still sifting through all the rubble. five missing people officials say the tragedy was probably caused by gas leak. in pakistan at least three people killed and hundreds injured in clashes with police to all broke out in islamabad as thousands of people try to force their way through barricades to the crime minister's residence demanding his resignation demonstrate is a value may come to out in the capital until the demands of the opposition uses the prime minister nawaz sharif of rigging last he is a general election. pro-democracy supporters of held
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a huge rally in from the government offices and home calling angry restrictions being put on the island's next elections for just announced only a special group close to the chinese government will be able to be put forward for candidates for the twenty seventh to leadership the activists about to carry out their protest and continue it on the central business district. so it should be without international let sit for me kevin no it's not you can say for them i will rest the headlines hope you'll stay with us. in dunedin florida a young boy named t.j. guerrero is learning how to become an american man the old school way by selling cool drinks at a lemonade stand we hear
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a lot of lame examples of american exceptionalism from blowhard politicians but the idea of kid tropper nerve ship and the iconic norman rockwell esque lemonade stand is something exceptional and has certainly been good for the nation but for all of his hard work what does t.j. get in return one of his neighbors is trying to shut down his quote illegal business that neighbor says the lemonade stand causes traffic noise trash illegal parking which all harms his property values cry me a river. no wonder where to support for the police to come from won't come from people like this will character who need the government to deal with the twelve year old trying to earn yes earn money you know there are some guys who work on cars on the street outside my window and yeah they get loud sometimes but i'm never going to call the cops on them because i'm just happy that some gunmen are still interested in working with their hands in moscow you see a lot of lads in short shorts with chihuahuas it's up to all of us to give each other a break sometimes and not tattle to the state about every little problem but that's
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just my opinion. my name is time you're right and i have a ph d. in mathematics i'm a magician and i also blogger and i write about this week is gender madness.
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i will devote this documentary in parts to my grandmother that passed away two years ago because she loved russia and she's in heaven now but she would want me to do this that's why i think about yesterday am i doing the right thing should i do to should i expose the gender madness or not but my grandmother a mother would want me to do this. the right. way to go just to get my brain function is. this is the feminist part did the forms to come into the parliament can i ask you a name race i'm swedish obviously but yet but it we have them we do a documentary about the gender issue in sweden and.


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