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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 18, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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breaking news this hour on the hard see the u.s. led coalition has shelled syrian fighter jet. the coalition sees it was in retaliation for the jets opposition forces. in syria has launched missile strikes against. terrorist positions and. with the top stories from the past seven days and right up to the moment developments as well your welcome to the week the n.r.t.
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international my names you know your company we begin with breaking news from syria where one of the country's fighter chance has been shot down by u.s. led forces the syrian government says the plane was conducting counterterrorist raids when it was brought down. the mosque a space journalist told us more near. so if one of the u.s. refers to the democratic forces which is the militia group operating along with the u.s. led coalition trying to take the city off. from the control of eisel but we can also confirm according to suffer through sources from the syrian military operating in that area that the popular jet was actually carrying strike against a convoy from ice and that the fighter jet in no way you posed any direct or in direct threat to any militia group from those militia groups operating alongside the u.s. led coalition trying to get control over gain control of the city over the top
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warplanes of this so-called international coalition shut down one of our a fighter jets a shelter in suburb of baraka the fighter plane was on a mission to destroy islamic state terrorist the aircraft crashed and the pilot is missing but i think there is more to that story and what's more to that story is that is the u.s. is trying to true boundaries in the syrian conflict and red lines. for the syrian army not to cross they meant trying to actually prevent the syrian army from achieving two goals the first goal is to limit the presence of the kurdish militias which is the backbone of sirte of acrostic forces and the second purpose is to actually. operational the syrian military to arrive to the city of theirs or to break an arsehole siege on the city that has been ongoing for three years to put things in perspective if it is pushed out of iraq which seems to be the scenario where it's very likely that this will be pushed out through an agreement between the s.d.f. and i saw that would allow isis fighters
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a safe way out and those fighters will then be will have only one choice to go to theirs or try to take the city from the hands of the syrian government since they have been actually in circling that city for the past two years the syrian battlefield is a very complicated one right now where it has the presence of various international and regional powers not to stay. yes russia syria iran has been a lot of news has been law in addition to now you have the iraqi. army and iraq in addition to turkey all these traditional powers they have they are directly involved in the syrian conflict right now it's very difficult to speculate what will happen in the coming days but what i can tell you for a fact is that it seems that the syrian army and the syrian government are adamant on actually moving on with their operation to break the arsenal so huge on the city of theirs or trying actually to limit the ability of the u.s. . led coalition and the u.s. troops who are now on the ground in syria limiting their ability to move on
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limiting their ability to create influence centers almost through battlefield and we have to understand that this is not just a syrian issue this is more of an international conflict and power play between the u.s. on service to. the u.s. coalition said the syrian fighter jet was shot down after it bombed opposition forces the pentagon also accuses the syrian jet of straying into a so-called de confliction zone according to a coalition statement syrian forces were forbidden from entering the area near the village of jadwin where the u.s. backed s.t.s. for syrian democratic forces are based however the russian foreign minister earlier rejected the use of the term de confliction zone saying the united states has drawn up its own by injuries without consulting other powers. i'm not aware of the day completion zones the pentagon is referring to maybe there is zones that have been established unilaterally where the coalition thinks that he will do whatever it
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wants we don't recognize such loans. as you know there are already discoloration zones that have been agreed on and established by syria iran turkey and russia and the steps by the coalition which don't receive consent from damascus are not legitimate well the darning of the syrian jet is the latest in a series of u.s. strikes against forces fighting for the assad government over the past two months the us coalition has conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters near the border with jordan the same justification was used at the pro assad forces had breached a de confliction zone let's get a live reaction to all this and go to a who's in there really an american political scientist always good to have you on the program yet so there we have it with a little bit of contrasting views here the usas the syrian fighter plane was shot down after it bombed opposition forces but syria ses the plane involved was in an
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ice cold mission who should we believe her. i don't have independent source to authenticate one or the other side however it's pretty obvious at this point that the u.s. is increasingly accelerating the tempo against this syrian government for says and penning in a defacto defense shield for their isis terrorists and that doesn't bode well for the u.s. and his person each india region and global scene and the u.s. has been invited by president erdogan to the next peace talking astana which is about to happen on july fourth and the u.s. needs to classify it as stance with but it's going to side with the terrorists finding the syrian government or what is going to go by its own a statement after the downing of to see an airplane saying that it invites all day parties in the syrian conflict to unite against isis terrorists and there's
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a contradiction there that ought to make george always shiver in his grave well just on one of the points you made that what's your thoughts on the so-called de confliction zones that the u.s. has been referring to does it have the right to draw these boundaries in the first place we know it hasn't been invited into the country doesn't have the right without consulting other powers about the zones including russia for instance. well if you're twined that statement today that invokes the concept our collective self-defense it gives the false impression as if you know this is authorized by the united nations or nato or likewise but that's not the case and obviously it is a unilateral bitterly initiative by the u.s. to you know create these conflicts zones that nobody knows who the other parties are that the us has entered into agreement with and of course is hegemonic by the
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us to increase its infiltration military. you know into syria in order to turn into a major stake of all there that they can turn into a negotiation for the future of syria and i think that the u.s. has to clarifies a stance because this statement that it is should today after the downing as i said . you know stems from incoherence in policy and the u.s. really doesn't have a clear policy on syria display and iran has launched a missile strike against terrorist positions in syria could this cause a further escalation. well. you know iran has made a big power response to the terrorist attack that killed and injured dozens of an innocent civilians in tehran on june seventh and the strikes from the
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western parts of iran deep inside syria and territory illustrates iran's long reach and targeted areas. also you know where day isis is been very active reflects the fact that iran is using this as an opportunity to escalate its content out tax on on isis and so in a sense you're right this represents an escalation and a deepening of iran's military involvement in syria and possibly danger of a direct confrontation between the u.s. and iran in syria just briefly your thoughts on that unfortunately that happens to be the case and we have seen over the past month or so repeated attacks by the u.s. on day iran backed militias at least three or four incidents in this past month alone and you know this has the potential of the of
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a community confrontation between us and iran and its supporters in the region and you know that's a really and wanted scenario that would represent a lose lose proposition is not in us is interest in iran's interest and order regions peace and stability and both sides need to stay away from this kind of scenario. every me an american political scientist thank you for your time and thoughts this hour. staying with syria iran has fired several missiles into the country targeting terrorists allegedly responsible for two recent mass shootings in tehran as we were just speaking about at least discuss that story earlier with under a farmer in the studio. the iranian revolutionary guard which is an elite defense force in the country they've released a statement confirming that they have launched several ground to ground missiles from western iran into the region of eastern syria they say they were targeting
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bases of terrorists that they claim are responsible for those twin terrorist attacks in tehran earlier last week in this statement the revolutionary guard also said that they managed to significantly destroy the terrorist bases infrastructure and also killed scores of them as well we can now show some unfaired by video of. purportedly showing the moment when this missile was launched and this development is rather significant because. this is the first time that iran has launched a missile strike into syria since they've been cooperating very closely with their start regime and joining their fight against extreme. sort of in retaliation to what happened june the servant into iran just remind us just exactly what happened that militants have targeted two of the most important buildings in the capital city on june seventh that first gunman stormed the parliament building and opened fire when it was in session and then simultaneously separate militants have that's new to suicide bombs in the mausoleum of many who is the founder of this republic
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of iran so as you can imagine very significant buildings and those two attacks have led to the death of eighteen people and islamic state has since claimed responsibility following the attacks as you can imagine the government said that they were outraged and they have retaliation their revenge and the senior officials have also came out and cues saudi arabia of being involved they say that the fact that islamic state has claimed responsibility for the twin attacks proves a saudi arabia has been involved but bear in mind that saudi arabia and iran their regional rivals and the relationship between riyadh and tehran have really been increasingly tense and of course iran has long accuse saudi arabia of backing terrorists which is something that flat out denies a number of different parties and states are all involved in this. syrian conflict fighters in the iran backed a lebanese militant group hezbollah they were officially invited by the assad regime to join the fight and iran has been providing military support sending in trainers and advisers for the assad forces as well but as you can see this is quite
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a significant development as is the first time iran has launched missiles into syria since the syrian war started six years ago. the editor in chief of iran's far as news agency told us what was behind the iranian missile strike in syria. tonight a statement that the i.r.g.c. public relations has given it is warn that this is the beginning if the terrorists embarked on conducting any second attack on iran iran would provide a much more vigorous response to them and not just it has also warned the backers and sponsors foreign sponsors of the terrorist groups including regional transfer regional and when i'm in the back years and when iran says trance regional backers of the terrorist groups specifically means the united states now it is believed by many in and outside the iran that the united states and many of its
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allies that are backing the terrorist groups in the region especially in syria they need to reassess. their estimates and assessments and the calculations with regard to syria. to the u.k. now where avon house had a crowd of pedestrians near finsbury park mosque in north london injuring several people the metropolitan police have described it as a major incident. at the scene and one suspect has been arrested the vehicle is believed to struck muslim worshippers who just attended a late night ramadan prayer service at this stage it is unclear whether it was a deliberate attack or an accident let's go live to. the chief executive of the ramadan foundation in good evening to you or good morning in fact
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so far we don't know the motive do we how this happened but it did happen near one of the u.k.'s biggest mosques does it look like muslims were deliberately targeted . what a comet it had been a number of i mean you were there at what night it does look like it was a deliberate attempt to rattle the people leaving tipping his body part more there were a lot of muslims as you said coming out of the mosque up the evening prayers it's ramadan the last week from it didn't start it this week and so there would have been a lot of muslim families children as well who would have left the mosque around that time twelve twenty two which is around twelve twenty to. about a couple are only a couple of hours bill so it's you know obviously we can't speculate about the circumstances but from what i witnessed use of told me it does look like a deliberate attack against innocent muslims leaving a mosque. in the westminster bridge attack back in march the london bridge
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incidents in june vehicles were used to run people are people buying to jump to conclusions to you know what this latest incident as well because tensions are high and their fears of another attack you know on whatever side of the community people are just worried at this stage. yeah we see emotions are very strong and people are feeling anxious and concerned and i think you know what the manchester attack in the london. and westminster talk is well it's people are very very tense thought what we've got to be very clear is that if it's confirmed that this was a deliberate attack against since and muslims that we've got to condemn terrorism and extremism from wherever it comes why that comes from the far right and why that it comes from within the muslim community we've got to be absolutely certain about that and you know we see it on my timeline on twitter today tonight. people are finding excuses for what has happened and i think that's really despicable
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terrorism is evil while it is carried out by you know far right people like those carried out by muslims we've got to condemn it i'm going to find no excuse for whatsoever yeah you're in manchester a you saw you know the attack there not long ago where we talked about the the attacks in london as well this is a difficult time for the u.k. isn't it if it turns this latest event to be terrorism how disruptive again could this be. it will be very very destabilizing for our country and i really a wake up call because when we have the terrorist attacks carried out by muslims we get told early you know the muslim leaders have to speak up the mom's up to stand all. we know that a year on from the brutal murder of a labor m.p. joel cox by far right extremists we know if this confirmed and this is again it is it's far right terrorism being carried out just to give you know
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a really clear message to all of us have go to stand built against violence and extremism from whatever it comes and we must not allow either the far right or the extremist from within the muslim community by this because in the end that's what the terrorists and how excuse to fight communities cause hatred and division and we must not allow them to succeed. ok we were speaking to mohamed shafiq chivas section of the ramadan fund dition in the u.k. thank you very much and to you. know more than fifty eight people are believed to have died in whedon's these star a block inferno in west london police say that number is likely to rise as the search for bodies continues the fire broke out during the night and swiftly engulf the entire twenty four story building. with.
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a fuel truck. for me. a lot. of the fire on the slow government response has led to widespread public anger testers in the capital have been calling on the prime minister to step down they want outsiders as to why cheap flammable clopping was used on the building trade to me has admitted that the humbling off the disastrous not being good enough well done in street is expected to appointed judge to lead a public inquiry into the ground fell tower tragedy within the coming days and the prime minister's also ordered urgent safety checks in all similar tower blocks but an associate churkin to find out for many a lot more still needs to be done. we're right outside downing street where if you
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can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recent maize government this was originally intended to be a protest and pressing issues following the election lots of people have been saying they're unhappy with the snap election that's recent made calls on the following coalition that was formed with the deep need and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand old tower where as we know believe hundreds left homeless following what rubble there will be people are saying this is becoming the final straw for the unhappiness of following the decisions that this government has been making not only that one german word an old you know brought up the idea of giving the residents were affected by grand fellow residential properties there are so awfully available that area and standing empty in those neighborhoods is something that's been brought into the spotlight and has
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been also something largely about econ be acceptable but in london we have looked through buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future will be homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live and this is what some of the protesters have been telling us here throughout the day. and they have very few six months why not give them to someone temporarily and i mean that may be just made up it's been a long drive really for an investor just come in force up all the slots and most of the money even used and yet we have hung the snow switched on the bucket chiefs and the couple you know there's an obvious inequality that we need to start thinking about the people that actually live here not the people that are buying houses you know for millions of pounds and then leaving them empty for six seven months what happened was by many here see it as something that's just a symbol of the huge disparity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off i think what can she do i think she's just go to stop acting
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as i can actually you know. coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human why as opposed to acting like you're always at a press press briefing every time on top of that you can't help but think battle's therapy and his constant and cutting of things that may not seem relevant from that point in time actually have a great ramifications of come back to bite them there is a long string of things that i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think it's really getting to a boiling point of. an afghan official has told r.t. that u.s. forces killed three civilians including two children on the way and that illegitimate who is truth as a result they killed a father and his two sons well the shooting happened after u.s. military vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb pentagon officials have still not confirmed reports of those civilian deaths a statement from the u.s.
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mission in afghanistan did say however that the troops opened fire in self defense records the if heard from witnesses and relatives of the victims. they're too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss all they know is that their world has been shattered and wrenched upside down. this is my younger brother for a dollar he was killed by us troops this is my brother sure in fact rules who killed. and this is my father he was killed as well they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate. i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sad at home my mother cries every day. it all
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began when a u.s. military patrol hit a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and heat and came out only a few hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone these version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies. zero ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls from now on their lives will be about. clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them
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they killed them in a horrific way. we want to bring them to court so why should american troops be allowed to kill people in this cruel way the u.s. stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every casualty of these investigations often end with only apologies and for this family that's not enough they want americans out i don't want them here because they kill civilians we're tired of american soldiers there are explosions and they're killing the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan that is a refutation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's no end in sight it's no secret
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that life would have gotten he's harsh but zero goals surviving children the next few years ago and to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line when they've grown up you think they're going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of vengeance more of. a clear majority in the second round of the french parliamentary elections with nearly all votes counted the all marcion of mint. more than three hundred sixty seats out of five hundred and seventy seven in the national assembly in paris forty maria finished. the french president's party exceptionally on the high public on
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mox known as the republic on the move is expected to get the overwhelming majority in the powerful lawyer chamber off the column and that's means a big gigantic majority off this sits there and. is not surprising but the country is entering and he story a moment that would practically mean this outcome that anyone back home will have the green light for all the initiatives and all the changes that he has been promising welcome pay me for the post of the leader of this country we have been able to speak to different people here in france and it seems that the public opinion is divided about this some say that this is a very good sign this is why we value to hold they smash and but others are afraid that. a country with very strong traditions is entering a new era when the authorization is going to be dramatically incapable of influencing the political landscape and that could theoretically lead to
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a situation when the ruling party would be spoiled somehow politically this is what some experts say about their theories will be a person but. the process of dissolution of the brutality. for as long as there isn't a strong opposition right now the opposition will be so weak as to be the most interesting that he's that he's not a good situation for them to be in parties which each individual will have. been subject to defeat said. that they will probably collapse as a result these are only three big parties the socialist public. will come to go but. they will be beat. he saw the map in the bend the major rival all the men in
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michael in the presidential election the controversial leader of the national front party has been elected time and she will also be the member off palm and say the vote is now may be over but it is clear that france is at the beginning of something you good or bad it's too early to say. from there or the next here on our to report on a severe water crisis turning parts of india into deserts stay with us from. the environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier.


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