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in fact. breaking news this morning a van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians overnight outside a mosque in north london it's left one person dead and several more injured. london police say the instance being treated as a terrorist attack and the van driver has been charged with attempted murder. but the headlines this monday morning russia's foreign minister calls on foreign powers to respect the sovereignty of syria following the downing of a syrian fighter jet by the u.s. military near the i still held city of racket but the ramifications of that and coming up to war for much of the world ran has launched missiles targeting militants in eastern syria in retaliation for the two recent terror attacks in tehran claimed by a still. good
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morning it's monday the nineteenth of june it's eleven in the morning here in moscow i'm kevin o. and it is therefore not in the morning in the u.k. and that's where we're starting again with the big news that's coming overnight there a van has driven into a crowd of pedestrians overnight it's left several people injured in the north of london near a mosque and it's left one person dead at the scene police are treating it as a terror attack and we can also tell you the suspect has been arrested and in the last hour charged with attempted murder. suddenly on my way home i hear the big noise the crash noise when i turned back i saw the the van hit the people and when i ran to the place i saw a lot of people all florrie the one that on the other badly injured one of them and that the where the guy who was under the van was seriously injured which he took
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the whole load of the van. that the guy was all he's got hit in his head because he was standing looking at the guy like this and the value to hit him here that's what happened. but we can look at the incident where happened on the mount let's bring it in it all unfolded just after muslims were breaking fast at the holy month of ramadan and so over night when you see the epicenter of it there the van drove into a crowd just there it's a junction close to the finsbury park mosque on seven sisters road that's a diverse suburb several kilometers north from central london in fact it's got a large algerian population blunders misspoken early on the city can he's called this and this incident and horrific terrorist attack on innocent people he went on to add that it was deliberately targeting a certain community in that extra police have been deployed to reassure them london police say the still investigating the motive behind the incident. this is being treated as a terrorist attack and the counterterrorism command is investigation also at the
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scene detained by members of that community was the man suspected of being the driver jury with the time. he has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at this early stage of the investigation no other suspects have been identified all reports it's a place where here is in north london just around the corner from where the finsbury park mosque is basically the location near which this incident unraveled there are still dozens and dozens of members of the local community still gathered here and they've been here all night since the incident took place shortly after midnight people are quite certainly upset about what happened to say the least and the demands answers here is one person we spoke to who says two with his family members were injured in the attack my older brother called me divine there's the guy was driving defiant and intentionally tried to crush the people while they're having their coffee we just came out from the prayer time we were having
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a short break so you know and then we pray at night two of my cousins got injured seriously thinking cos we thought when the people have rushed to the mount was driving the van they did bring him out the police came by the time they're putting him in the van i've got. you know he was raising his hand like sort of in a in a victory you know. what the totally stock that he has done to the most recently is going to be holding an emergency cobra meeting later on today and of course this comes after already three separate terrorist attacks in the u.k. in the recent months. god.
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certainly remember seer of the muslim community have been telling us throughout the night that they do see this as a deliberate attack they have been talking a lot about islamophobia they have been saying that cases of islamophobia have been on the rise that we did talk to one theater of this community let's listen to what he had to say but i think what's happened today is a serious attack it is a deliberate act but just we have to wait to clarify especially the more tuples the fact is open for everybody to the media to use this incident which we all have to condemn as we condemn other incidents like what's happened much history or.
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london bridge we have to condemn this this this incident to go to school who is behind it or if there's a limit to what we can say now the guy's been charged recently come talk about motives and speculation we will get reaction throughout the morning now this video appeared online apparently showing the moment police arrested the suspect a forty eight year old man handed over to offices after being pinned down by worshipers until the police arrived. another tragic night from london and it wasn't so long ago that this mosque was making plenty of headlines in the u.k. you may recall itself let's remind ourselves finsbury park mosque opened back in the late one nine hundred eighty s. as the muslim population in the area began to grow since then it's been one of the biggest prayer holes in britain. in the one nine hundred ninety s. though that mosque started to become accused of being tied up with radicalism and its preachers linked to al qaida one ayman in particular. was preaching there in one nine hundred ninety seven his name the notorious abu hamza mosque became
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a meeting point for various extremist figures before hamza was jailed and given a life sentence there were reports a nine eleven attack and the so-called shoe bomber a man a hidden explosives in his shoes on an american airlines flight in two thousand and one visiting that place of worship is what we previously heard from locals about the finsbury mosque. i mean i live on this street i live. fairly good lives in mine i've moved only further down the street and i know they did what was going on before and then they all had to go to the other lost ground there because it was too just got colonized by people who were local the region the mosque has had a difficult past it closed in two thousand and three following investigation then two years later it reopened under a new chairman since then the new management tried to distance itself from the radical past but local still believe that the mosque has got a history of influencing worshippers opinions global street terrorism preach
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indictable only mosques to get the point if it's wrong it's wrong all mosques harbor terrorists and to some do some around the world to. the individual must be singled out. two years ago the finsbury mosque was targeted targeted in an attempted arson attack take a look at the c.c.t.v. footage shows a man setting up a light a petrol car and then throwing it into the mosque compound however it didn't explode through heavy rain at the time it's got the are treated that attack as an islam of phobic hate crime little commentator mo and says it's going to struggle to shake off its radically link pass to. attacks almost twenty times of the same as the attacks. on any committees from during a terror attack i think the frustration for the security so far i see so she would go elsewhere on other news agencies have. always sought to win this and people have been accusing the channel to dumbing down an attack on the city and i'm not trying
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to give seemed or try to avoid the crazy situation of the muslims i mean this is a terror attack i think it's going to be very unhelpful to people that either in the political spectrum to try to use this for their own kinds of first thoughts have to do with those involved but i think their offer straight to the what the straightest in london it's people out of people out returning from washington during the month of ramadan. a syrian military jet to be shot down by an american war play mir the embattled syrian city of rocket damascus says the pilot was carrying out a bombing run against islamic state but the pentagon claims it down the plane for bombing u.s. backed forces damascus based journalist al abraham explains more so if one of the u.s. refers to the syrian democratic forces which is the militia group operating along with the u.s. led coalition trying to take the city off. from the control of but we can also confirm according to suffer through sources from the syrian military approaching
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him that area that the popular church was actually carrying airstrike against a convoy from ice and that the fighter jet in no way you posed any direct or in direct threat to any militia group from those militia groups operating alongside the u.s. led coalition trying to get control over gain control of the city of warplanes of the so-called international coalition shut down one war a fighter jets in the south and suburb of rock the fighter plane was on a mission to destroy slotnick state terrorists the aircraft crashed in the pilot is missing but i think there is more to thought story and what's more clued out story is that is the u.s. . trying to true boundaries in this room conflict and drug lines. for the syrian army not to cross the room battlefield is a very complicated one right now where it has the presence of various international and regional powers but what i can tell you for a fact is that it seems that the syrian army and the syrian government are adamant
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on actually moving on with their operation to break the arsenal so huge on the city of theirs or trying actually to limit the ability of the u.s. . led coalition and the u.s. troops who are now on the ground in syria limiting their ability to move on limiting their ability to create influence centers on this room battlefield and we have to understand that this is not just a syrian issue this is more of an international conflict and power play between the u.s. and russia. according to a statement released by the pentagon the syrian fighter jet strayed into a so-called de confliction washington the says the syrian military for didn't from entering that area where the u.s. backed for the syrian democratic forces a based however russia's foreign minister earlier said the u.s. had drawn up its own boundaries without actually consulting the syrian government reacting to the downing of the jet now sergei lavrov has called for wider cooperation with damascus. we call on the united states and
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all others who have their forces or advisors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly we call on everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government. the downing of the syrian jet is the latest in a series of u.s. strikes against forces fighting for the assad government the us led coalition recently conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters in syria in those cases the same justification was used by the pentagon that the pro assad forces have breached the de confliction i'm a whack if the director of u.k. based think tank can also told me he thinks washington could push damascus now to retaliate this is big news there is a principle to prevent the syrian army from the story silliness over and to get a struggles against and so on and so forth in a sentence about
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a year ago the united states or still no action but but to a year ago they were actively using or possibly using dies forces isis forces to pressure to put pressure on the state or an army now they seem to be actively protecting and this is leading not just them but the fact of the matter is still the syrian army needs to protect itself despite the syria that the american army when they say where we are attacking forces or we are protecting our personnel if the syrian army decides to switch on to craft batteries or missiles are they attacking americans or are they or would they be protecting themselves as well this is this is not getting anywhere safe. with. another long criminal complication. launched missiles into the eastern part of the country nuclear is going across this what. is causing guess we could see that coming off the. coming
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weeks we'll talk with minute but tell us what's happened first of ok well first straight off the bat when you hear that iran has launched missile strikes the reaction from most people would be fear and dread inasmuch as iran is being painted as the body of the entire region and that's because we've been led to what we've been told is a country that supports terrorism a country that has been developing nuclear weapons a country that has an intent of destroying a whole other country israel and yet what these latest developments show is a very different side to the iran that we know iran like many other countries around the world has experienced bloodshed at the hands of islamic state with those twin attacks that we saw into iran just earlier this month gunmen stormed the parliament while it was in session and opened fire almost similar taney asli we saw suicide blasts the must the leader of the founder of the islamic republic of iran so two very important and precious buildings to the iranian people where i typed
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there eighteen people were killed and dozens more were injured and islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack. now after this that these attacks iran vowed revenge and it clearly meant every word that it said these grounds are ground missile strikes that we saw yesterday launched from western iran and into syria's east and. targeting the militants which iran said were responsible for those twin attacks that we saw into iran earlier this month and his number precedented move because it marks the first time that iran has launched strikes on syrian soil since the country descended into chaos in two thousand and eleven and it's also perhaps that iran when it means business it means business in an online statement to the revolutionary guard to launch the strikes a lot of the success of them as well they said that schools of militants were killed in these strikes and also some key infrastructure was also destroyed and so
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was extraordinary about this latest move is perhaps the perception shift it has for us when it comes to iran while the west has warned that iran is a country that's dangerous and that it shouldn't have weapons on the other hand iran is now using these weapons to launch strikes on islamic states the common enemy and it's also making a lot of progress in destroying this common enemy two or playing the same complicated picture to us as well from iran as well the editor in chief of iran's fars news agency spoke to give us his thoughts but what was behind this really a missile strike in syria. tonight's a statement that the i.r.g.c. public relations has given it is warn that this is the beginning if the terrorists embarked on conducting any second attack on iraq iran would provide a much more vigorous response to them and not just it has also worn
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backers and sponsors foreign sponsors of the terrorist groups including regional and trends regional and when i'm in the back years and when iran says trance regional backers of the terrorist groups it specifically means the united states now it is believed all by many in and outside the iran that the united states and many of its allies that are backing the terrorist groups in the region especially in syria they need to reassess. their estimates and assessments and the calculations with regard to syria right ahead here seems gemini's when we station out its troops out of turkey's relations between the two countries continue to nosedive tell you about that and the rest of the developing headlines coming up.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. some want to be. that you going to be this is what the three of them. are. interested in the. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around our. preparation from washington to washington the media the media. the voters elect the business to run this country business because.
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. again so the conflict between nato allies germany in turkey continues to escalate after burley now has announced its plans to withdraw its troops from the intially base in turkey and to relocate them in jordan let's get the latest on this more europe correspondent paul over we thought this was going to happen it was speculated it's now been confirmed as another hurdle to overcome for ties between berlin and ankara messy you know it's very messy indeed at the moment relations between germany and turkey who are well quite intrinsically linked really there's a lot of business goes on between the two there's also an awful lot of turkish people live here or people who descended from turkish people who moved to germany many years ago but the relations that diplomatic relations between berlin and at an
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all time low and this is symbolized really by the timeline that's been set out by the german defense minister live on the line for the pulling out of troops from the incirlik air base she set forward the plan and what we can see is that well they're going to start pulling them out next month. until the end of june our flight plans as part of the anti eisel coalition are set after that will be transferring our tanker aircraft as quickly as possible to jordan. well the defense ministry said that troops will be ready and ready for deployment in their new home in jordan at the. air base there. but however the main role of germany in that area is part of the anti isis coalition is the tornado reconnaissance flights that they've been flying over the area occupied by islamic state now they're not going to be able to have those up and running until october as far as we hear there's
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a lot of equipment that needs to be transferred to the new site where this all started because german lawmakers german parliamentarians would deny permission to go and visit their troops that were stationed in turkey turkey roundabout said this was because germany was offering or considering offering asylum to some of those that took part or alleged to have taken part in a failed coup attempt against president in turkey last year there's also been incidents whereby in the referendum that recently took place or took place this year in turkey. the turkish side the one side were trying to campaign here in germany they were denied the right to do that there's also been incidents surrounding. german journalist being detained in turkey all in all a horrific state of affairs when it comes to the diplomatic relations between the two countries between the two nato allies and it seems germany is now finally had enough when it comes to their air base they've pulled out the heading to jordan or
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pete thanks for the update there our europe correspondent peter all over. messy negotiations to talk about next to the u.k.'s unprecedented breck's it talks are at last expected to begin monday today a year after the country voted to leave the european union want to year that's been britain's breck's it secretary has promised quote a deal like no other in history as he heads into the go see asians for brussels and we see reports on what problems could lie ahead. there could be as many as seven thousand issues to u.k. and that you need to go over if london wants a good divorce settlement possible rights for e.u. citizens whether or not to remain in the bloc single market and the fate of border controls are merely the tip of the iceberg theresa may has coined one slogan after another promising brits she's got their back bricks it means bricks it bricks it wrecks it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make
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a success of it except this iron lady card she's been playing doesn't seem so scary anymore for brussels here's why. and in the ten to strengthen her bracks a negotiating hand she called for a snap election and let's just say the idea looked better on paper may lost her majority as she is still struggling to hammer out a deal with northern ireland's controversial democratic unionist party after all they don't see eye to eye on key issues including bracks it well or do you prefer soft may campaign for the exact opposite. then things went from bad to worse when she avoided meeting with survivors at the scene of the horrific grand felt our fire which left at least fifty eight people presumed dead her muted response triggered mass protests outside downing street and gave fresh ammunition to her opponents it can be acceptable but in london we have
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looked through buildings and look three flights left empty land banking for the future will be homeless in the pool for somewhere to live. exploiting her weakened position some e.u. officials are apparently looking to rush through the talks as well to e.u. powerhouses france and germany are even suggesting happily ever after is still an option if you don't want to. remain so it's always always been a tool the break should negotiations can do and i think it would be great if they were to reverse the brics a decision so if the u.k. wants a good settlement it may soon need a better divorce lawyer. seems so we'll continue to track it early we've got thoughts on the prospects for things to come to go with andre walker he's a new york observer columnist looking on he believes britain must be ready maybe for what they think could be the worst case scenario or no deal scenario. it's
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going to be extremely difficult period of time obviously we know the general election in the u.k. was really very very messy so reason they wanted to increase a majority obviously she lost her overall majority so i think that will complicate things and make things a great deal more difficult but nonetheless i think the big risk for britain and indeed for your app is that process is demanding negotiations on money first and then the trade deal second now you know if we if experience is anything to go by brussels will fail to do the trade deal or do it incredibly slowly and i'm very worried that what's going to happen here is there will be a big push by the europeans to make sure they get their money no push whatsoever or the other thing that we want i think that britain has to be ready to walk away from the negotiations with nothing on either side if necessary and one of the top story falling from london this morning a man has died ten of been injured for his stand near a london mosque this morning will bring you up to speed on that man's been taken into custody and charged r.t.
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dot com for the latest stories twenty four seventh's next a live update here thirty five minutes from now with me kevin no in your monday's going ok up next story that could affect us all the dark side of the booming meat chemical industry and the creation of a global water pollution crisis because of it after the break.
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