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headlining right now heads a crowd of worshipers outside of north london mosque one man died at the scene u.k. prime minister to resign made called the incident an attack on muslims. this was an attack on mostly their place of worship. russia's foreign minister calls on foreign powers to respect the sovereignty of syria following the downing of a syrian fighter jet by the us military via the i still held city of raco. and iran launches missiles targeting militants in eastern syria in retaliation for recent terror attacks in tehran claimed by i sold.
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overseas r.t. international the news with me calling for a hearing in moscow it's now two pm this monday it's midday in london where in the past few minutes to reason may the prime minister's been giving a statement on the steps of number ten following the emergency security cobra meeting it's after a van was driven into pedestrians near a mosque in north london just after midnight she said that every aspect of the attack was sickening and it was targeting the muslim community this was an attack on muslims their place of worship and like all terrorism in whatever form it shares the same fundamental goal. it seeks to drive us apart and to break the precious bonds of solidarity and citizenship that we share in this country. it's being treated as a terror attack several people were injured one person died at the scene the
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incident took place in the north of london police first responded to reports of a collision within a minute of it happening crowds were leaving ramadan prayers at the finsbury park mosque why van hid people outside the muslim welfare house on seven sisters road we just came out from the prayer time we're having a short break so you know and during ramadan we pray at night suddenly my way home i hear the big noise and the crash noise when i turned back i saw the the fire hit the people that i was under the van was seriously injured which if you took the whole mode of the van. that the guy was all he's got hit in his head because he was standing looking at the guy like this in the valley to hit him here that's what happened. this video appeared online apparently showing the moment police arrested the suspect the forty eight year old man was handed over to officers after being pinned down by worshippers until the police arrived he's been charged with
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attempted murder. also at the scene detained by members of that community was the man suspected of being the driver during this attorney. he has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. eight people were hospitalized with injuries and as i mentioned earlier one person died at the scene all victims were muslim extra police forces have been deployed to ensure safety the incident is now being officially treated as a terror attack. this is perhaps why. my next to a mosque it was not a policy it was a way out for that i said stay away that was in the promise that if someone. because of what i believe to how they live their lives then you know that should be counted as an attack that should be counted as terrorism this is a in my opinion this is a terror incident is a terrorist incident against a muslim. with more on developments in finsbury his pony boy. there's a forty eight year old white male in police custody and he's been charged with
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attempted at least very much so investigating how exactly this attack on folded this is being treated as a terrorist attack on the counterterrorism command is investigation at this early stage of the investigation no other suspects have been identified all reports that took place they were pictures were from the muslim community well if it is confirmed to be a terrorist attack then the full such incident taking place in the u.k. in just three months take a look at what else the public has had. in recent weeks. god .
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now of course the police and the government should perhaps be asking questions why more wasn't done in terms of protecting these areas especially somewhere as iconic in terms of its. status as a potential target as this friends we bought mosque it still needs to be put in the context that these people currently say attacks on society generally as terrorist attacks tend to be you've heard the police saying that all the victims were from the muslim community and certainly there is an atmosphere of fear and of vulnerability for british muslims at the name and given the attacks in recent weeks a fear that there could be heightened hate crime and islam a phobia out. a result of what has been taking place here in the u.k.
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london city con he's come out saying that if you are a british muslim and you're subject to a hate crime don't be quiet about it you have to speak up and make your voices heard like a message to everyone in london or across the country in fact these please report to the victim of a court don't think it's too trivial don't think the police won't take you seriously the police force are responsible for the police service have a zero tolerance towards a court community leaders appealing for calm saying that we shouldn't let the actions of crazed individuals be dividing what is otherwise an extremely peaceful multicultural and diverse society here in the u.k. . we talked earlier to involve ridley who's the general secretary for the european muslim league she says there's been a spike in islamophobia in the u.k. in recent months muslims are feeling and higher in the u.k. at the moment there have been several. incidents of islamophobia purchased
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manifested itself in attacks usually on muslim women dressed so easily identified because of the. what we have in britain is a problem of the rise in the far right and there is too many. of these trends happening now that you can't keep writing them off or some operation old reactions of some and so we have to start looking at this and you know closely it's clean and they directed and i think after recent incidents and the sky in the folk attacks that. might start to take this small seriously. it's another tragic night for london of course it was not long ago that this mosque was making plenty of headlines in the u.k. let's take a look at that. for a second the finsbury park mosque opened back in the late one nine hundred eighty
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s. as the muslim population in the area began to grow but since then it's been one of the biggest prayer holes in britain however in the ninety's the mosque was accused of radicalism and its preachers were linked to al qaida one in mom who was preaching there in one thousand nine hundred seven was the notorious abu hamza the mosque became a meeting point for various extremist figures before hamza was jailed and given a life sentence and there were reports nine eleven attack or in the so-called shoe bomber a man who had explosives in his shoes on an american airlines flight in two thousand and one were visiting the place of worship with well here's what we've previously heard from locals about the finsbury mosque. i mean i live on the street. move only further down the street and i know. what was going on before and then they all had to go to the other mosque around because it was too just colonized by people who were local. a lot of all that the mosque was closed in two thousand and
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three following an investigation but two years later it reopened under a new chairman and since then the new management has tried to distance the mosque from its radical past but local still believe that the mosque has a history of influencing worshippers opinions global terrorism. and it's wrong wrong last topic terrorism. around the world to. be singled out. two years ago the finsbury mosque was targeted in an attempted arson attack some c.c.t.v. footage which we've got for you shows a man setting a light a petrol can throw to get into the mosque compound however didn't explode because it was heavy rain at the time of the scotland yard treated that attack as an islamophobia hate crime journalist neil klug says the government has a double faced approach to fighting extremism. i think it was wrong that the british authorities allowed the extremism there that was being preached to go on
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for too long but that but the story really is that the british government and the british establishment is has really been playing a very two faced game on the one hand they'd be burberry coming out and condemning hate preachers and extremism but the other hand they've also be cultivating jihadists radical islamists in order to help then topple governments around the middle east they didn't like that such as the government of assad in syria colonel gadhafi government in libya you could have a proper debate in this country about what our governments have been doing how their approach to extremism is full of double standards we need have a consistent approach now that we oppose extremism and we don't support it then just because we wanted to use it to get rid of assad in syria we've got to change our foreign policy and also look what governments have been doing it actually to cultivate extremism at home. next to syrian military jets has
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been shot down by an american war plane near the embattled syrian city of raka damascus says the pilot was carrying out a bombing run against islamic state but the pentagon claims it down the plane for bombing u.s. backed forces damascus based journalist a lot ebrahim explains. some of the u.s. refers to forces which is the militia group operating along with through a sort of coalition trying to take the city of iraq from the control of home but we can also confirm according to several more through sources from the sort of multiple critique inverting area that the pilot was actually occurring or strike against a convoy from mine but the far to it in no way you posed any direct or indirect throat to any militia group from those groups operating alongside of us looked. trying to get control or gain control of the city or warplanes of the so-called
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international coalition shut down one of our fighter jets in a southern suburb of rocca the fighter plane was on a mission to destroy slotnick state terrorists the aircraft crashed and the pilot is missing but i think there is more to the story and what's more to that story is that is the u.s. is trying to true boundaries in the syrian conflict and bread lines. for the tsunami not to cross the. battlefield is a very complicated one right now the presence of various international and regional powers but what i can tell you for a fact is that it seems that the syrian army and the syrian government are adamant on actually moving on with their operation to break the ice also usually on the city of theirs or i'm trying actually to limit the ability of the u.s. . led coalition and the u.s. troops who are now on the ground in syria limiting their ability to move on limiting their ability to create influence centers on the syrian battlefield and we have to understand that this is not just
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a syrian issue this is more of an international conflict and power play between the u.s. . according to a pentagon statement the syrian fighter jet had strayed into a so-called the confliction zone washington says the syrian military is forbidden from entering the area where the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces known as the f d f a based however russia's foreign minister earlier said the u.s. has drawn up its own boundaries without consulting the syrian government reacting to the downing of the jets has called for why the cooperation with damascus. we call on the united states and all others who have their forces or advisers on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly and everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government. the downing of the syrian jet is the latest in
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a series of u.s. strikes against forces fighting for the government the us led coalition recently conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters in syria in those cases the same justification was used by the pentagon that the pro assad forces have breached a de confliction zone. who's the director of the u.k. based think tank and also thinks washington could push damascus to retaliate this is used as a principle to prevent the syrian army from the story over to get a struggles against storms that forth in a sentence about a year of the united states or still no action but but a year ago they were actively using possibly using. forces are used as forces to pressure to put pressure on the state or an army now they seem to be actively protected and this is. the fact of the matter is still the syrian army
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needs to protect itself the syrian the american army when they say where we are attacking forces or we are protecting our personnel if the syrian army decides to switch on. batteries or recitals are they attacking americans or are they or would they be protecting themselves as well this is this is not. any we are safer. it's been exactly five years since julian assange steps into the ecuadorian embassy in london and he has left the wiki leaks editor so political asylum that sweden investigated allegations of sexual offenses against him however last year the united nations ruled that he's being detained and just last month songs received a small boost and a legal breakthrough after being wanted for questioning over allegations of sexual assault in sweden seven years ago prosecutors finally suspended the case against him but the wiki leaks editor admitted that his fight is far from over. the road is
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far from over. the war the proper war is just commencing but the u.k. has said it will arrest me regardless. still hanging over julian assange is a british arrest warrant for breaching bail back in two thousand and twelve and there's also the uncertainty over a possible extradition to the u.s. for leaking classified documents back in april this year the u.s. attorney general called the arrest of a song a priority. this is a man of this grown beyond anything i am aware on assad's use a narcissist who has created nothing of value you realize on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he's a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen is to cast your mind back at sandy's big revelations of included the afghan war logs in two thousand and ten cable gate in twenty eleven and more recently the podesta e-mails and vault seven which has been gradually publishing the cia's alleged digital spying tools however one concern for the wiki leaks editor's legal team is whether the u.k. will extradite him to the u.s.
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for leaking these documents let's cross live now to a member of saunters brussels based legal team christophe marshall welcome back to our international we've spoken a couple of times before every time it feels there is a step forward there seems only guarded cause for celebration here so five years on i think i know the answer to this will julian assange and his situation improve any time soon. well we hold we all hope so of course because the last events are very important of course you mentioned u.n. decision from two thousand and fifteen and now we have the situation was sweden that has the draft the fact that the there was a case over there where he hasn't been charged so we are now in a situation where he is in detention it's a knowledge by the highest for i'm all for lawyers in the world and until now to today to hasn't been any proven to figured he would get out of the embassy and now
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it's the i think the duty of the united kingdom to do something and find a way out i've been able to glean anything from the intelligence services or the police in the u.k. they insist it's they only want to get hold of him because of skipping bail have you been able to get any clarification as to whether any extradition might then take place. well we are just waiting for information of us extradition you know it's like the elephant in the room everyone knows it's there but no one seems to say it sees it so now we really want to have that information we know it exists we wanted to be given to us as a legal team just to assess the situation and see how we can protect mr us all from this obviously. extradition demand from the u.s. where he would face in human degrading treatment and of course in fair trial. and in terms of you'll work as a legal team now that you've had that arbitrary detention ruling from that u.n. agency and sweden has also dropped its prosecution investigation over their sexual
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offenses how much weight does that give you as one of his lawyers in order to be able to move forward in at least getting julian assange to be able to walk out of that door. it's very hard i mean just we have this first point is he's in detention it's no legally admitted by the u.n. bodies so it's the duty of the u.k. to do something. i mean united kingdom me as a lawyer i learned is deland of a habeas corpus the one who invented that if someone is it saying this person has a right to see a judge to see whether detention must go on he will have a situation he's detained because as the u.k. said he infringed conditions on bail the bail out comes from this swedish warrant that is now finished so it's judy of the u.k. authorities to find a solution and to say well you should do this and go to a judge and present
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a judge to to assess the situation and to let mr assange free and let him go to to ecuador as the only thing he wants when a free passes to go to work whether oh it just to quickly ask him if i could or making any moves to help with this at all or is it just standing aside. whether as we know is very helping in a sense you know. in debate in the beginning was depicted as a rapist you remember that now they dropped the case in sweden so it appears who is to sound it's a human rights defender and ecuador was the only country who was strong enough to face this and to face the united states and to say we're going to protect him so yes he's still very supportive ok for now christoph marshall in brussels thanks very much for your time on this thank you. thank you very much security iran has stepped up its operations against syria the details on that after the break.
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the feeling. in the world. and you get. the old according to josh.
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welcome back iran has launched missiles into our still held eastern areas of syria with the details who is nicky. when you hear that iran has launched missile strikes the reaction from most people would be fear and dread and that's because iran has been painted as the daddy of the entire region and that's because we've been led to what we've been told is a country that supports terrorism iran has conducted another ballistic missile to the president trying to putting iran on notice for firing a ballistic missile and there are also reports the white house is considering labeling iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization yet what these latest developments show is a very different side to the iran that we know iran like many other countries
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around the world has experienced bloodshed at the hands of islamic state with those twin attacks that we saw in turan just earlier this month a gunman storms the parliament while it was in session opened fire almost similar tale yesterday we saw suicide blasts the muscle leader of the founder of the islamic republic of iran so two very important and precious buildings to the iranian people were tight there eighteen people were killed and dozens more were injured and islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack now after this that these attacks around vowed revenge and it clearly meant every word that it said these ground to ground missiles strikes that we saw yesterday launched from western iran and into syria's eastern deeyah resort targeting the militants which iran said were responsible for those twin attacks that we saw in turan earlier this month and this is an unprecedented move because it marks the first time that iran has launched on syrian soil since the country descended into
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chaos in two thousand and eleven and it also shows perhaps that iran when it means business it means business perhaps the perception shift it has for a. when it comes to evren while the west is warns that iran is a country that's dangerous and that it shouldn't have weapons on the other hand iran is now using these weapons to launch strikes on islamic states the common enemy and it's also making a lot of progress in destroying this common enemy to with a view from tehran the editor in chief of the country's fox news agency told us what was behind the iranian missile strike in syria. tonight a statement that the i.r.g.c. public relations has given it is warned that this is the beginning if the terrorists are not embarked on conducting any second attack on iran iran would provide a much more vigorous response to them and not just it has also warned the backers
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and sponsors foreign sponsors of the terrorist groups including regional transfer regional and when i'm in the back years and when iran says trance regional backers of terrorist groups specifically means the united states now it is believed by many in and outside the iran that the united states and many of its allies there are backing the terrorist groups in the region especially in syria they need to reassess. their statements and assessments and the calculations with regard to syria. the conflict between nato allies germany and turkey continues to escalate after berlin announced plans to withdraw its troops from the in chilly air base in turkey and relocate them to jordan is our europe correspondent peter oliver well it all looks very messy at the moment the latest from the german defense ministry is that the they will start pulling out of their
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troops from the insular air base in turkey in july live on the line the defense minister she outlined their plan saying that they would continue as normal until the end. of the month until the end of june our flight plans as part of the anti eisel coalition are set after that will be transferring our tanker aircraft as quickly as possible to jordan with a role that germany has been providing as part of the coalition fighting against isis has been reconnaissance air surveillance well the tornado fighter jets that carry out those reconnaissance flights won't be fully operational from their new base in. jordan until october we hear that because of the equipment moving from turkey over to jordan will take that amount of time well this all started because german lawmakers german parliamentarians would deny permission to go and visit their troops that were stationed in turkey but it's the latest step in
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what has been a degeneration in the diplomatic relations between germany and. the failed coup attempt the last year in turkey saw tensions rise after germany said it may consider offering asylum to some of those who took part or accused of taking part in that coup attempt there was also a diplomatic for rory over the president to one side wanting to campaign here in germany during the referendum that they held earlier this year they were tonight the rights to do that that flared things up and there's also been name calling from ankara towards in which even president the one going as far as accusing the german government of nazi tactics all of this between two nato allies who are really at the lowest ebb when it comes to their diplomatic ties your next world news update for me is in just over half an hour across talks next though on whether there's any
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way out of the saudi led blockade of qatar and the overall tensions right now on the gulf been injured. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. cysts as the years old industrial giants reap the benefit. caused by chemical production. as if these people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment
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continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. the specific. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. a saudi qatar spot continues with no end in sight and new sanctions on russia divided nato allies.


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