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this is an international you're looking at live pictures from the. paris where a car has been rammed into a police van a few moments ago the interior ministry says the suspect was armed and is likely to have been killed but. we'll be live with our correspondent in paris within a minute. our other headline news this hour of a crowd of worshipers outside of north london mosque injuring several people being treated as a terrorist act one died at the scene. this was an attack on me a place of worship. also russia's military suspends cooperation with the united states in syria and says that american backed aircraft will now be tracked as it's
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after a syrian fighter jet was downed by an american warplane. iran launches missiles targeting militants in eastern syria for recent terror attacks in tehran claimed by islamic state. news twenty four seven this is our international monday the nineteenth of june it's now six pm here. in paris which is where we start this hour a vehicle has been rammed into a police van on the roundabout in central paris the interior ministry says that the suspect was armed and. that suspect. what more do we know at this stage well very much what you've said is that. in the
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last half an hour there was a serious incident tayo on the show a main store away here through paris it's incredibly cold with tourists one of the places that people come and see if they visit paris and i want you call in to just look behind me this is the row of police vans that you might be able to see because this is where this incident took place in the last half an hour and i can count probably about ten or fifteen police vehicles here big police vans as well as the please call us now what we understand happened is that a driver in a vehicle rammed into a police vehicle here. now we understand from the police that that driver was also on and has since been apprehended when the sound from eyewitnesses on the scene that they saw the body appeared to be a man in a pair of shorts lying on the floor hit on the shoulder and we understand from the police that he or she was on that and that they have students shot back
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at this time that the individual who's driving this called them rammed into a place has been injured in some sort of shootout with the police these are just unconfirmed reports that we're getting to at the moment we do know that the police have been able to stop this suspect but we understand the suspect has been injured in this incident now this area was totally closed to tourists in the loft and out on the streets especially and here couple of people wondering well i'm just trying to make out what's happened. joining the heat on a very hot day. coming to the moment as people are trying to work out exactly what unfolded what we do know is a car rammed into a police vehicle and is understood to have been armed the police have been able to stop the driver and apprehended them and we wait to find out exactly what has happened to that individual whether they have been injured in this incident with the police and whether we understand that this. actually could end up being
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a toilet seat just for the moment just to give you a sense of the big police presence that. many people now watching and waiting to find out more about what's happened and of course more clear on this we will bring you here in. charlotte certainly a sensitive part of paris after what happened on april the twentieth of course as a couple of days before the french election when that policeman was shot dead in his patrol car so as things stand we don't know the motives in this particular incident we don't know the status of the suspect either certainly indeed knocked unconscious may have also been killed in that incident we don't know the circumstances surrounding why that vehicle was driven into the police car so it's only speculation at this stage and certainly nothing from the police to suggest what the motives may have been they have said the interior ministry has said that the suspect was armed but haven't confirmed whether the suspect has died certainly
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was knocked unconscious in that incident when we do get more details of course when we can confirm anything we will of course update you as soon as we hear anything we'll certainly keep that many screen live for you so you can keep watch on what's happening right now in the show on these day. to the u.k. now where a van has plowed into a crowd of pedestrians near a mosque in london injuring ten people one person also died at the scene although the cause of death is currently young player the incident being treated by the authorities as a terror attack and it took place in the north of london police first responded to reports of the vehicle hitting people outside the muslim welfare house on seven sisters road within a minute of it happening crowds were leaving ramadan prayers at the finsbury park mosque the prime minister to resign may condemn the incident. country woke to news of another terrorist attack. on the
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streets of the capital city. this was an attack on mostly me a place of worship. please stick legit a terrorist incident within eight minutes then me on my way home i hear the big noise and the crash noise when i turned back i saw the the fan hit the people the guy who was under the van was seriously injured he was standing looking at the guy like this on the ballot you had to hear it seeks to drive us apart. treat and evil. will never succeed. with this video appeared online apparently showing the moment police arrested the suspect forty eight year old white male was handed over to officers and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after being pinned down by worshippers police say they are not looking for any other suspects our correspondent allie who's in finsbury has more
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on the incident. many people were in the mosque they were outside the mosque actually taking a break some of them going to eat between prayers because i was off to prayer was due to finish then the false opens again and people will begin the false again so there were many people outside before being hearing from members of the museum community many of them angry and saying that this type of and see the muslim attack was just due to come following the rise in the spike in hate crimes following those terrorist attacks in london. and we've also been hearing from the mayor of london saw the car go to the westminster bridge charice truck we did see that expects big spike in crime to sort of for the cries we see when there are terrorist incidents but you see this we have seen a big spike off the london bridge. to everyone in the country. fight these please report to the victor take prado things too trivial don't think the
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police won't take you seriously the police force are responsible for the police service have a zero tolerance towards fake pilots and should be we've been seeing this isn't the first type of attack to take place in london has been a very very miserable some of course for just how that grunfeld fire in previous to that the number of terrorist attacks. with me now is rather than a day who's from the muslim public affairs committee welcome to the program it's being described variously as an attack on muslims but he quickly any attack on any citizen in the united kingdom is an attack on anybody of all faiths. but in terms of the islamic community in london or in britain right now how safe do they feel. well the reality is most muslims don't feel safe and they haven't for a while i mean i've spoken to numerous muslims you know activists just general average joe bloggs and they are genuinely concerned about how the how toxic the environment is for muslims when you look at the way muslims are treated as
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a political football the attacks on our story for some people it's a very real dilemma about do i stay here and be treated as second class citizen have my life at risk or do i really leave and live somewhere else in more relative peace because it's for some people it's the temperature is a bit too high now and things are getting crazy or what the reason may said a few hours ago outside downing street i know that these words are always said after any incident or let's face it we've had four incidents in four months but she promised a new commission for countering extremism and to fight hate crimes is more than just saying arming police or dealing with counter intelligence do you think that's enough of a pledge to get to the the root of the problem when it comes to hate crimes to muslims are non muslims the problem of terrorism anything that you pledges right now no one will take seriously the problem is you have to remember this was a lady when she was home secretary she's the one that had those racist go home she's the person under which we sold the kind of the horrible centers the asylum
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centers that people have to stay in and she is on the strength of the prevent strategy which talks about muslims considers you know islam to be the issue when it comes to terrorism and so the thing is for many people she can talk the good talk and she said all the right things all the buzzword but you have to prove in the coming days weeks and months and years if you last that long. can she actually deal with these issues because part of the issue is you've got a member of a conservative party and the government have that she often been at the forefront of demonizing muslims of treating muslim second class citizens of using as a political football so for many people words don't mean much it's the actions that she she really to. and the rhetoric that goes with that. people take seriously so right now most people aren't taking her that seriously those around you are talking about when she was home secretary they were aimed at requesting people who were anybody who was there in britain illegally to leave they weren't just directed at muslims but you're right she was home a little later is actually. going to say she was home secretary for six years as
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you rightly point out so a lot happened under her watch than what's happening under her watch as prime minister but things happened while the labor government was in power as well it doesn't feel like anybody could particularly solve this one thing is the reason why no one can really solve this in the kind of current status quo is because to have a genuine discussion about why we have terrorism why we have so much muslim hate in this country and just generally by the lack of security in this country requires a very honest brutal discussion about britain's role britain's foreign policy about how we've actually demonized most of us here as well to justify was aboard and those kind of conversations are hard to take especially if you are part and parcel of an establishment that wants to push or that wants to push for backing dictators that wants to back is row when it comes to the occupation of palestinian land so thing is that you're right the problem seemed it can't be solved that's because there isn't the political will to solve it ok appreciate your insight
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resonating from the muslim public affairs committee thanks for your time on r.t. international thank you. so another tragic night for london then after a van was rammed into worshippers close to finsbury park mosque and the mosque itself long been controversial in the u.k. and came to be seen in the late ninety's as a center for extremism in the country back then it was accused of being linked to radicalism and its preachers connected to al qaida. one a man who was preaching there in ninety seven was abu hamza the mosque became a meeting point for various extremist figures like him before hamza was convicted and given a life sentence there were reports a nine eleven attack or and the so-called shoe bomber a man who had explosives in his shoes on an american airlines flight in two thousand and one with visiting bad place of worship and here's what we've previously heard from locals about the finsbury mosque. i mean i live on this street i live. good lives in my no move only further down the street
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and i know. what was going on before and then they all had to go to the of the mosque because it was too it just got colonized by people who were local. the mosque was closed in two thousand and three following an investigation two years later it was reopened under a new chairman since then the new management tried to distance itself from the radical past and won awards for its community work in the process of two years ago the finsbury mosque itself was targeted in an attempted arson attack the security video shows a man throwing a. compound however it didn't explode at the time scotland yard treated that attack as a hate crime. next russia's defense ministry says it's halted cooperation with the u.s. military syria the move comes in response to the downing of a syrian fighter jet by an american plane near the i still held city of raka the
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details on. how one thing is when diplomats engage in a war of words but today's development shows that it's gone far beyond that with russia deciding to end the single most important agreement that the u.s. and russia signed since moscow was invited by the assad regime to join the fight in syria now this agreement we're talking about here was signed back in october twenty fifteen and what it does is. now between u.s. and russia forces operating in the airspace over syria to prevent any sort of incidents as you can imagine this air space is very dense with so many different countries so many different groups involved in any sort of mistake and misinformation really can lead to unthinkable consequences and in this case of this being shot down according to the russian military the u.s. has not informed russia off the decision to shoot down this syrian jet through the existing communication channel at the same time russian jets was also operating in the area and as a result of this incident russia has decided to hold off cooperation with the u.s. military in syria and this sort of military information blackout could potentially
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be a disaster waiting to happen here's why. any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems. was an act of self-defense. know they say that the targeting i saw targets. of course. claimed caliph it and russia has described this as an act the question as a violation of. sovereignty but also international law foreign minister sergei lavrov he's also commented on this before the statement was released by the russian military. in the united states and others have their
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forces visors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly we call on everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government says the downing of the syrian jets the latest in a series of u.s. strikes against forces fighting for the us that government the us led coalition recently conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters in syria in those cases the same justification was used by the pentagon. to. the following is a severe thunderstorm watch announcement from the national weather service the national weather service has issued severe thunderstorm watch number three find for
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effective and eight pm this one includes the following county mercer new jersey and the following counties in pennsylvania burbs books delaware montgomery and philadelphia remember a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather including large hail and damaging winds and close to the watch area while severe weather may not be imminent persons should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings stay tuned to no weather radio commercial radio and television outlets or internet sources for the latest severe weather in the nation repeating severe thunderstorm watch number three five four has been issued from eleven fifteen am until eight pm for the following county mercer new jersey and the following counties in pennsylvania burbs books delaware montgomery and philadelphia.
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so if anything it's the us i think we need to be worried about because the u.s. is the one that's made more unilateral moves in terms of hitting the syrian army when it's been fighting isis with this recent plane downing so i would be more concerned about what the u.s. and its allies are doing in syria at this point in terms of you know being concerned about what might. have further you know international conflicts in syria the u.s. says there is to in the wake of this incident it's going to relocate its force in syria. well i mean if that's the case it's just interesting with the u.s. and the way it operates in syria because again the u.s. is an invading force in syria it wasn't invited by the government that country it has an air it has a babies in syria against the wishes of the government that country and its plan to hit. not declared war against nor is it gone to the u.n.
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and gotten permission to go to war against syria so it's really shocking the way that the u.s. is maneuvering throughout syria. you know increasingly flagrant ways that are completely hypocritical and extremely aggressive and so when do you make of the so-called the confliction the u.s. talks about syria this is one person of syria. well this is also interesting because it keeps you know u.s. officials keep referring to the confliction zone but it seems to again be a unilateral measure that's been taken by the u.s. it doesn't seem as though there's been any other forces that are in agreement with the city confliction zone except for the forces that operate under the u.s. so once again you have the u.s. inside syrian territory making you do a lot of get a lot of decisions without the permission of the government in that country and also hindering the government's efforts at fighting and expelling isis. so we've talked about america we talked about russia but this was a syrian jets in syria to spare you so how do you expect damascus to react to the
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downing of its fighter jet. or i mean i imagine that damascus is going to do what it always does which is continue. in the taking back. militant group whether. that's the danger here i think that we're going to see syria continue along with its effort trying to liberate more territory and relieve the balls and you know the u.s. at the end at this point it's all up to the u.s. what they want to escalate this further or not and so i guess we'll have to wait and see but you know this is really dangerous territory that we're in. journalist concerned about the syrian conflict i really appreciate your insight thanks for your time. let me have you almost. breaking story from paris you have seen the screen which we've kept in the corner for you live
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throughout the bullets in the french interior ministry has said that a car was intentionally rammed into a police van. a roundabout i'm not the attacker. this is the happened only in the past ninety minutes or so first reports said that the suspect who rammed his car into the police found a been detained and taken into custody however since then various reports have said in fact the interior ministry says that the suspect is likely to be dead was certainly unconscious and outside the vehicle shortly after this incident took place as things stand at the moment it seemed that attack may be dead the police say it was an intentional act and that person when we get more details we'll be right back on it.
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seemed wrong. to me. to see. this day become active. engagement equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that will be gossiping probably by. telling you.
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all the hawks that we all know what. hello again iran has launched missiles into eastern syria targeting what it says were islamic state bases in retaliation for this month's deadly attacks by isis interact. here on our enemy should know that surround is not london and paris this was a job which had to be done if they do more wrong things they will see more deadly attacks well it's the first time iran has fired medium range missiles in nearly thirty years the last was when it took part in the iraq war the missiles have a range of up to seven hundred kilometers and that remains unclear whether they successfully hit their targets or details now from aaron. and you hear that iran has launched missile strikes the reaction from most people would be fear and dread and that's because iran has been painted as the daddy of the entire region and
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that's because we've been led to what we've been told that run is a country that supports terrorism iran has conducted another ballistic missile to president trump is putting iran on notice for firing a ballistic missile and there are also reports the white house is considering labeling iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization yet what these latest developments show is a very different side to the iran that we know like many other countries around the world has experience bloodshed at the hands of islamic state with those twin attacks that we saw into iran just earlier this month a gunman storms the parliament while it was in session opened fire almost civil tavia city we saw suicide blasts the muscle leader and the founder of the islamic republic of iran so two very important and precious buildings to the iranian people were types there eighteen people were killed and dozens more were injured and islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack now after this that these
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attacks around vowed revenge and it clearly meant every word that it said these ground to ground missiles strikes that we saw yesterday launched from western iran and into syria's eastern resort targeting the militants which iran said were responsible for those twin attacks that we saw into iran earlier this month and this is an unprecedented move because it marks the first time that iran has long strike on syrian soil since the country descended into chaos in two thousand and eleven and it also shows perhaps that when it means business it means business perhaps the perception shift it has or is when it comes to iran while the west is warns that iran is a country that is dangerous and that it shouldn't have weapons on the other hand iran is now using these weapons to launch strikes on islamic states the common. and i mean it's also making a lot of progress in destroying this common enemy. it's been exactly five
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years now since julian assange stepped into the ecuadorian embassy in london and he hasn't left since the wiki leaks editor saw political asylum there as sweden investigated allegations of sexual offenses against him however last year the united nations ruled that he's being tried really detained and just last month the sound received a small boost in the legal breakthrough swedish prosecutors suspended their investigation into those allegations of sexual assault despite that he still has a british arrest warrant hanging over him for breaching bail back in two thousand and twelve when he first saw asylum in the city we can accept this is a knowledge that his fight is far from over the road is far from over. the war the proper war is just commencing but the u.k. has said it will arrest me regardless to remind you what this is all about hassan his big revelations have included the afghan war logs in two thousand and ten and most recently vote seven which details the cia's alleged digital spying tools and
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tactics and the big concern for his legal team is whether the u.k. well allow him to be extradited to the us for leaking those documents and april this year the u.s. attorney general described the songes arrest as a priority this is a man of this. anything i am aware rhonda saunders a narcissist who has created nothing of value you realize on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he's a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen a member of a saunders legal team told me earlier that their top priority now is to clarify the nature of the requests that britain's received from the u.s. . we're just waiting for information about us extradition you know it's like the elephant in the room everyone knows it's there but to no one seems to say it sees it so now we really want to have that information we know it exists we wanted to be given to us as a legal team just to assess the situation and see how we can protect mr song from this obviously. expedition demand from the us where he would face in human
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degrading treatment and of course unfair trial. just finished by reminding him of our breaking news from paris this hour the french interior ministry has said that a car was intentionally rammed into a police van on the show as a roundabout and that the attack of. the attackers condition is not entirely clear he said to be seriously injured but could also have died in that incident when we get more information we'll update you here on r.t. international. get on to the gulf around next. to the financial survival today was all about money laundering first to visit this
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three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something over the cayman islands all these banks are complicit in their club diversity we just have to. do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey beautiful jewelry and how about. bill again from that you know what money laundering is highly. i watched as. the environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is serialize exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential.


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