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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 20, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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spain's cooperation with the u.s. in syria and warns that american. targets for a syrian fighter jet by an american warplane up the weekend. in london ten people are hurt too seriously. driven into a crowd of worshipers. suspected of being charged with the terror of. his car into a police. say already he was a terror watch this. headline stories in our international this hour
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next. if you're watching this in the u.k. and stay with us for renegade. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered. the saudi qatar spot continues with no end in sight and new sanctions on russia divide nato allies also is the truth about ukraine finally coming to light lastly the west on civil society. talking stories in the news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow alex christopher oh he is. the director and writer of the duran dot com we also have dimitri bobbitt
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he's a political analyst with international and we have exactly a row he is the founder of the center for political strategic analysis struck all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i will always appreciate it and i want to stress to my guests and to our viewers that we do real news on this program here so the real story that i want to talk about is this simmering. standoff in it is very very important because you know we saw the president the united states side with the saudis when the saudis called in other arab countries called qatar state sponsor of terrorism that's a bit rich and we still have the president the united states signing off on a huge thing twelve billion dollars arms deal what is going on here and it's most importantly we have can forget that the united states has one of its most important military bases in the world in qatar eleven thousand troops by qatar twenty four funded by qatar so i mean this whole situation with qatar and saudi arabia has
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really changed the game from what the alliances were drawn during syria so there in syria you had a whole set of alliances between assad russia iran it saudi arabia qatar turkey etc and now with this recent spat with this with this conflict between saudi arabia qatar everything has turned upside down if you don't have turkey and iran siding with qatar you have russia trying to mediate but leaning a little more towards the qatari side you have the united states and trump tweeting about how saudi arabia should be supported qatar is the enemy etc but giving twelve billion in money and weapons to them so you have a whole different dynamic now which is just really been a tectonic shift from what syria was to work with and these two countries are nominally american allies. well i think what we're seeing now is a break and i'll know very well and tradition in the western media would have been . for i think about sixty years do more chrissy don't fight each other american
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allies daunte fight each other so do futile countries you know the cold would use countries like. china where all its but they were bad well now we see how america now why saudi arabia and qatar are basically fighting each other and the problem is that the port spawns some very very unseemly groups the only difference is that card are sponsors of the so-called muslim brotherhood hamas is an offshoot of brotherhood in palestine in egypt muslim brotherhood even came to power democratically at a certain moment saudi arabia sponsors were hobbits so we have a very similar situation with have the united states light with countries that indeed spawns extremist groups we have the us president and the media elite saying that it has been funding terrorism and then seven weapons to qatar to the tune of
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twelve billion dollars it really opens up i've said to many people that in particular in america generally in western media is they don't criticize israel too much and don't say anything about it so here. in the headlines and you don't have to dig very deep to find out what kind of regime the united states is supporting there in my opinion. of the good of this region because as you called . the selling weapons you want to get some money and. the interesting what's happened really in the middle east is my opinion how things work out so you know what i mean even though it's even been suggested in western media that he's not where deeply aware of american military presence there again i think. is more interesting what happens inside the united states and you want to have the ends to do what you want inside you know it is that so we are ready to sacrifice. to police the u.s.
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foreign policy just two of the. it seems it seems that after his trip to riyadh the saudis feel very much in bold and then they can go down this path here i mean we have qatar we have saudi arabia united arab emirates we have the israelis all of them have extremely powerful well funded think tanks in washington d.c. and it's being played out there and they have actually they're well dug into into social media and technology companies as well because we also have the announcement that al-jazeera has a twitter went down for arabic went down for a day i don't even know if it's still doubt so i mean i think you see a type of warfare across all axis is its financial it's a blockade it's technology based it's media based so it's a really you're seeing qatar kind of trying to stave off this sudden and very quick but you have pointed out before i mean is the extremely vulnerable and that's true
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but there are all vulnerable because actually these are dictatorships and with dictatorship we have been known to i think since that time didas that citizens democracy you will fight us you keep soldiers if you care for a government which is more or less responsible to the people and that was the case in syria i mean now after they spat between saudi arabia and qatar we see they nischelle planned all of the west to have syria ruled by a kind of force us the key with saudi arabia we've got our it is simply on the walkable because next day october in president assad they will start to each other if you look at the. it's very clear that it's a very bad army. it's very expensive going to be very expensive military defeat against. me in yemen. the
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troops coming for a. palestinian from arabs nobody would die for the king of saudi arabia so i have to agree with you that there is. and we have been going to they don't you know they have deep pockets but those pockets are not as deep as these because it's changed gears a little bit guys. the german chancellor with the foreign minister of come out against new sanctions that have been passed in the u.s. senate against russia and against iran and the germans are not taking it lightly alex and neither are the austrians takers because the. german and austrian companies involved in the energy sector and so they're going to get it essentially these companies are going to get punished by these sanctions turban and austrian companies and i find this absolutely hilarious and it's extremely ironic because i thought it was russia that always divided america europe not always not to it's not russia and i remember a few years back when russia did want to build
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a pipeline called south stream via turkey through to greece so greece would be a hub of energy towards europe what the e.u. backed by germany do they blocked it why because of sanctions because they. can come and now they're doing this north stream turenne which is the second. the main energy pipeline to europe another building a second one germany the germans are fine with it no problem ok. because they have . always they have their energy security that we have now trump so much so it's really kind of interesting is that the you know she's angry at the americans and now the other european countries going to be angry with her because she's putting her country's energy interests above the e.u. she is seemingly the leader of the e.u. in the eyes of the liberal world i think what we see here is a total victory i deal with aggression if i go what you're already konami interests because look which are the most problematic. it's in europe italy and greece
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they're the most indebted ones so the russian project team which was supposed to supply cheap russian energy to the state it could solve the problems you know italy and greece could have industries revived so what happened the e.u. as an ideological organization killed the souls to project you haven't. let me tell you you know now the united states which is even more ideal with us than the european union he skated north stream to project which was supposed to take fifty five billion cubic meters of gas a year from russia begin with the year two thousand and twenty and here germans are suddenly saying wait wait wait i do all we do is good but we want industry we want you guess because if you have germans historically it is important you know. chancellor kohl who died this week all the beatrice about him say that he was a great man but he put politics before economy at a certain moment when he was that is germany you know right united before it was
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economically prepared to do it so it cost germany huge amounts of money and it started the idea of a idea which is they shouldn't over the your project when you actually see if you're really into you know it's really interesting is that it's the estimates here put these the last three years of sanctions is that the russia has been impacted by them it is you know i think it's one percent of g.d.p. per year but the europeans dollarwise have been hit twice as hard and you know and i you have the american congress you john mccain lindsey graham the usual suspects are saying we want more sanctions against russia are they thinking about their european allies it's even worse because for russia there is some size of the sanctions are good for. the import substitution it's nothing good for europe because for instance europe the french farmers and german forever the last some markets were with the recruiter and the. and on the contrary you would have.
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to be still be in france or in germany we have created one of the. competitor in the. alex and he is right here it is it is ideology that is trumps everything here it's not even the really difficult because in my opinion the key date is a two thousand and nineteen because at this time ukraine to reimburse the loan to get from the european u.s. institution it's about sixty billions and allows it will pay that with such a new situation if at the same time because two thousand and nineteen it's a date when a crew on contract between russia and ukraine for the gas transit will be over and so a new one would be set and of course if you have to deal with a project it will be not the same game for having taken me because it gave me twenty seconds here because you ukraine wants to stay into this energy equation ten
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seconds i think ukraine is a symbol of this by your jewelry economics because no one gained from the ukrainian crisis europe didn't gain russia didn't gain you create a lot of the ok mr park a good way to continue to talk about ukraine after our break and after a short break we'll continue our discussion on stories in the media stage with art . let's talk about black and blue black. and always well in the big house. at least that's what i've been told but we in remains as such because we simply. seem we've allowed them to rearrange their plane you told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we came to face. that's what i call a lack of. blackness or understand in the blues of being black. should the blues
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have been black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come this simple in is natural as being black is simply to the feeling blue is black and blue. even. when else truths seem wrong why don't all just all. you all get to shape out just to become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground .
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welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing stories in the media. ok team i want to go back to you i was going through the pages of the washington post and i came across a very interesting article here it is titled ukraine's alter right militias are challenging the government to a showdown written by a mr joshua cohen now it's a short little piece here my first reaction was this guy must have been living under a rock for the last three years because if you've been watching this program for the last three years we would have said we told you so well he's not the only one marvin colp you know the former n.b.c. correspondent in moscow all the whole book about ukraine where he mentions the go
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to go to the national interest they have a brilliant review well go ahead absolutely and the nation also james came to publish there's something very good about it but the whole idea is that cold mentions the fact that there are extremist groups that would make this stop or you know who participated in that my he is he mentions the fact. it's going to cut off from food and water by the law gives you ten thousand people among them three thousand civilians were killed during the civil war there of course three thousand civilians i can tell ninety nine percent of them were young which is support us or russia supporters because they were all killed in action regions and still despite all that mr trump and mr obama meeting mr poroshenko he's coming to what i want he's their candidate here and the ukrainian media presents its actually huge victory over russia because trump is going to meet
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. he is going to but we need to listen also saying the secretary of state is that he's saying the obvious you saying the minsk accords are not going anywhere the normandy format is going nowhere and he suggested to get a go around it merkel doesn't want to put a stop to about ukraine's turning into their problem or you think ukraine now is a european problem for sure i think that the u.s. is definitely walking away from it i think trump will meet with bush and go find they'll give enough money to monitor a mop on a lot but give it enough just to skate by just to skate by they're not going to save it there's no way that the u.s. is going to especially trump that the u.s. is going to get involved in trying to mediate the ukraine crisis try to find a way out of it and then the whole washington post article to me is absolutely stunning it's silly he has a he's victoria nuland suddenly came it's we're having dinner with these alternatives this during the my dad is photos there so i literally just make sure
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the answer is clear it serves leaders it's a clear example so don't forget that two months ago the three chiefs of the year tried in ukraine. in a cynical sign an agreement to push oh. yeah yeah so open war against they opened up this pandora's box so you could overthrow a government you don't like ok we have a new government we're going to overthrow this one well this isn't bad practice since we were in it and it's hardly ever talked about is the part about hitting the e.u. in every sense from north stream to ukraine it's just karma coming right back to the. old the country with the groups because believe me on this is this. comes up over it we thought it was over tonight and then to go people and rest and . yeah but when you when you look at what it's like the roman legions you wanted them out in the i.c.u.
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all day you don't want to. coming on home ok and they can go back to kiev anytime they want and as it is there is an interesting fact this week two times. troops abundance and positions on the front. you can see that and in turn it on air and then their forces come in an. abundant position from the from so it's means that. the missile but i don't suppose it was to all the line of doing that and prefer incoming but to give to because it's not so dangerous than being in the fighting against their own in their army and i am afraid we are going to stay for a while for two reasons first. because he shut his eyes when the so-called extremists got electricity to create near west yes all russia had to supply all the electricity itself he shut his eyes when the extremists stopped the
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shipments of call from dawn bus now in fact in fact basically pushing down bus away from you and then we go to your nationalist issues like language access to the internet here i mean again i don't know western puppet is against. speech yes. tranquil prohibit russian social networks in ukraine which is very pretty but in facebook in canada and but the problem is he will stay because of these policies he already told of snitched extremist policies from probably sector and from that and second if there is a rebellion against him unlike on the quality in the article which because a license to shoot from the west if he just shoots all of his opponents you know debt you know the west is going to say he just shot that actually you know the problem is almost all the chief of the nurses groups there are m.p.'s it is a unity you get you can see them for as friends and these are. some of the.
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to director and it wasn't punished but of course the european union doesn't like to say the obvious thing about this regime ok that's where i found this washington post or it ever was so interesting you know because they we they had an agreement before the coup they would have a political process a transition loosening up the powers of the presidency and unocal which signed it you agreed to it and the next day there was the coup the european union would not saying illegal behavior of partners that it had in any european union be trade agreement yes if you create that agreement you mean it usually it's a betrayal of the agreement of the little people bob it has been on this program many times before and you pointed out very very clearly they do you know a day before they were shaking unico but your hand and patting them on the back at a boy that's our guy and then they walked away from him they walked away from their own agreement that they were and they pretend that there was absolutely no reason
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for him to leave to come or they wanted to and they say for some reason he just fled into the middle of the night or yes the new york times writes great fiction of other gentlemen i want to go to other things where we're going to show. we do remember that over the last week there was the the republican congressman that was shot by a lunatic a bernie sanders supporter. and he was looking for republicans apparently had on his person after he was killed a list of g.o.p. lawmakers that he wanted to i suppose assassinate here what is this is another indication for me that for me that this is a cultural civil war that is very real it was underlined by the. months years ago telling that all of this violence from the left in the u.s. we have some some very adventurous and in my opinion that what we because we said
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we see in media. is this is anyone but media i see it is this is this is a sarah good for these type of man that shot you know that lunatic he is responsible for his own actions ok i'm not taking that away but the atmosphere feeds into the media's feeding it and they know what they're doing i mean people are say ok the man is responsible everyone agrees on that but the media in the united states the liberal left media the m.s.m. they're fueling this radicalization and they know they're doing you have a shakespeare in the park play in new york which is cool or fine the assassination of trump you have kathy griffin holding a holding a truck head in a. ritual and the media doesn't say anything they could be stars these actors you have you have hollywood stars calling hollywood to not hire white ok bad as actors of course you're creating this huge division where are the radicalization and if you. has been comedian held up ahead of barack obama in this
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isis like fashion that person would be roundly condemned that's the double standard that we see today that well again it's you can comment to rules i lived in the united states in one thousand nine hundred one i remember these calls every day keel that saddam you know so the sport of show of demonizing you know personalizing your enemy it's it's politics i've seen it on this program before the regime change paradigm that the west and its allies around the world. i want to talk about oliver stone i don't know if any of you have seen any of the interviews it's really quite fascinating but what's more fascinating for me is the reception of. stones work in western media it's really shocking it shows i have to admit that the . western propaganda effort against russia has been largely successful.
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you know the most interesting. about is a lot of interviews about are still going his promoting the show time. and just about everyone that was interviewing him began the interview with one sentence i haven't seen all the interviews out but stephen all gone but you're very nice to put it of. him it's a very very friendly approach so all the right away you have these these these people that are interviewing oliver stone saying i haven't seen it i don't know what it's about but i don't like the tone you're taking to humanize this man and this president of great power the only interview that was very fair was talking process or interview where he actually just sat back and listened to what oliver stone had to say that's what gave you an appendicitis. it's amazing how the american media for gordon they were all warts i mean when they when they now see when they write all all of a story about torture and that it's cold want to kind of humanize in a dictator they forget that for decades they have been saying that what it was
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stone was an exception was the only unknown hollywood you know direct to hear all of the laugh exactly it was an american course. and he was serious he all of us don't is the only american director that was not influenced by it when he knows how to tackle issues so they are lying to themselves you know they have to admit that at some point they were lying even now when they say you know use it because this whole ideology you've been talking about it's like a secular church and now he has sinned and now he must be shown ok you know in france we've got such an experience it was a two three years ago if it was french when he said good interview from god to be with you and yet through couldn't eyes he could never we ask him if you want to use there is some question he doesn't want two year. old know but you will be ready because he knows what you talking about and there were at least they could. but of
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the interview. in france they always will censor but now we're out of out of time but they'll always censor to keep their narrative in line were brought out of time many thanks to my guest here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember to. see some prime market was reformed to some degree and the wall street. able to penetrate that market as they once did so the wall street cockroaches along with their brothers and sisters in the city of london had to get into the economy another route they found the car loan racket and it turned into a trillion dollar car accident because those cockroaches are never told to stop there's no nobody in the justice department has
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a can of raid to spray on the jamie diamond the cockroach. who put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. to going to be pros this is what before three of the people. i'm interested in the water. seemed wrong but. just don't. let me believe you. to shape
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out just to come out to. and gain from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. eight hundred fifty children are now registered were she to be center. i did but to the amount i counted but it was not that i am signed out so much to once again what was said upon those about to with the correct side aside it says what to do i want to do you miss one hundred seventy job was out of a job of us got the amount of us may and most of them going to this second choice the can be good thing for him you know or don't i mean that is that is a bit long but depend on what they say the most as it will count that i knew i meant as an a.m.a. i can make good money to supply subset payments i.e. it was good but was it me that he live.


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