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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the prime minister of iraq declares victory over islamic state which has now been driven out of the city of mosul we look at the liberation. intervention russia's foreign ministry hit sajid america's place he. is planning a chemical attack in syria it believes the u.s. could just be looking for an excuse to deepen its military involvement there and a political commentator for c.n.n. is caught on camera ridiculing the channel's russia coverage adding to the control of the networks facing a back to its news content. what do you think's going to happen this week with the rest of. the things that. really i.
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get even watching r.t. internationally is just turned eight o'clock here in moscow. now the iraqi prime minister declared victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the famous mosque in mosul where three years ago i saw. being picked up by the media. iraq's prime minister is declaring an end to isis in mosul after his forces recaptured a hugely symbolic site the ruins of nuri mosque so iraq's prime minister is the clearing the end up what he calls i sold fake state after his troops recaptured the ruins of the mosque however what has not been widely discussed those the cost of the liberation for the residents of mosul but again recently spent over
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a month in the city forests and he recalled his experiences there. it isn't over yet they haven't taken the entire city isis is still in a number of neighborhoods in the old city of mosul the newry mosque that they've taken is symbolic because that is where the slum make state was first proclaimed never the less you know if you think back at what price this victory has come it is it is tremendous in terms of material in terms of how much of the city this is a city that has been basically century you know the end of the day purged of its population and reduced the north much more than. rubble and it is very difficult to get a true sense of the devastation in mosul have how much of the city has been destroyed through videos in the articles really you get and then the standing of how bad it is and how bad how tough this battle was and how much was sacrificed
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when you walk through those very blasted treats we stopped at this crossroads because the view here really epitomizes what. has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look that's an iraqi helicopter. launching missiles. at isis targets in and you can hear isis small arms fire there targeting the helicopter and for. precision i haven't yet seen a single house in mosul untouched by fighting isis make sure not to give up. without a fight the iraqi army and the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave a square metre scorched square meter scorched it's bad what's happened to the
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city but what's happened to the. people of mosul two million inhabitants before all of this. is chilling the things they went through the air strikes for example countless citizens nucleons and how many people of families children entire neighborhoods were killed in. plenty of bodies still buried under the rubble on the little little. surface what would your garbage government you know of now mark. there you have come to me to add much of. that we can only the. mother. or woman is our focus other i could i said i did but there are american after i did
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your mark on my own my sorry i did not let you off but out of my out of a militia. but out of. civilians were i says human shield they were the defense they hoped that by putting civilians in every house by fighting on roofs and in houses filled with civilians that the coalition the u.s. led coalition would refrain from bombing will cut back on its airstrikes they miscalculate at the end of the day they said basically well this is war civilians die you have already shifted from attrition tactic probably shove them from one position to another in iraq and syria to annihilation tactics to billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation the battle of mosul was never going to be easy that was understandable obvious from the onset i says defended with all they
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have they used callously the civilians of mosul their lives we spare change. but the approved of the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi army their brutal you could say methods yes strikes the shelling the rocket attacks they didn't do much to lessen the suffering of civilians in mosul. ok let's get the thoughts now. he's a middle east analyst and joins us good evening welcome to r.t. what are your thoughts on today's announcement from the iraqi government that are still has pretty much been defeated. can you hear me you are live in our take. excuse me i didn't hear the question repeat i think we've got
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a connection in isolation but what are your thoughts in iraqi announcement that i still has been defeated in the country. actually it is good news for over forty humanity. having ice and be isis being defeated in mosul but what price and what was the way leading to this victory. takes us back to the to the day mosul was invaded by isis and was taken so easily by isis contrary to the way it was it is now liberated. a big price was paid by civilians being hit time after time after time by by air by the coalition forces. without without any understanding or without
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any consideration of human life. which leads to a point where we think that. it's not a collateral damage it's not a mistake it's not an act or for it doesn't come with war as a natural result of the contrary. since two thousand and fourteen actually we have warned. in a press conference in moscow by my colleagues have said peace has warned of this but that's not so innocent let alone let alone the. head thing several times by these coalition forces. against the national the iraqi national army and the iraqi. popular forces and has to be. it's not so innocent toward. amounts of weaponry that was dropped.
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always mistakenly. into isis hand since two thousand and fifteen until today. thirty thousand civilians were killed between january and march two thousand and seventeen and these numbers are knowledge by the congress i noticed by the. coalition forces committee that promised to go into to do an investigation and to try to avoid. such mistakes do you think i'll ever know that many people in total how many civilians would have lost their lives in the liberation of moses or do you think we'll ever have a total figure. i believe the iraqi government. and obligation to do with it to give proper and to. pay homage to these civilians that have died. we have heard through the american
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press and through the allied press many times that many victims are under the rubble maybe because they want them to be on the and maybe because they don't want them to be remembered anymore so they will be counted as. a lost people not as victims of the airstrikes. and leave it there thanks very much for your time tonight an r.t. that was had a middle east analyst thank you. by russia's foreign ministry has sharply criticized washington's crying the assad government is planning a chemical attack in syria moscow believes such allegations could be a sign of an upcoming u.s. intervention. easiest nimbly it is even when you're both statements from washington we're all seeing you that the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like a massive provocation both military and informational it is likely that where we
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are seen as the moment is the threshold of a new intervention where we discuss the situation with syria commentator danny makki and he says the claims coming from washington did pave the way for false flag attacks by rebel groups united states of america is looking for some sort of provocation in syria and is actually putting protectors for some sort of possible intervention and if history is anything to go by then trump definitely does not have any qualms in actually attacking syria militarily on the ground as we've seen so moscow the spokesman is pretty much. from doesn't feel like he wants to do some sort of intervention and he's looking for a reason to do so what people need to comprehend is that we're at a stage in the war now where the assad government is almost buying up the victory towards the end and this wasn't the case a few years ago so the assad government would have no reason logical or rational or military reason to actually use these weapons at this moment in time words the
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rebels have every single reason to provoke such an attack and to possibly use these weapons themselves and see the reaction that they want from the united states and their allies internationally. now another undercover video has been released apparently exposing attitude c.n.n. towards russia related stories this time one of the american news channel's political commentators seems to shrug off and dismiss all of the recent controversy what was what you think's going to happen this week it's all russia i think it's. really i mean it was the second sensational video released by investigative journalism group project very tasm as many days with more details he is kind of more pay. yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project veritas that was van jones who briefly served in the obama administration and is now a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the russia thing is
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a nothing burger and now it's important to be clear here we don't exactly know what he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump the context of the clip is not exactly clear who this leak comes on just in the aftermath of another recent leak from project veritas and jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says the russia story is the polite term is nonsense that was just recently released as well now we here at r t reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied and it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's a lot of questions that still remain what we did the people behind the video what they believe the russian thing refers to. we look at the entire video out there i
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mean people can judge for themselves sometimes further from a conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media is really going to want to weigh the drug or else we're going to line strikes again you know the president of the united states just. earth will instagram if you're not so i'm going to make you well well c.n.n. has been struggling to get a grip on its russia coverage of late and stuff quick to publish unsubstantiated stories earlier in the wake three journalists quits after c.n.n. retracted an article about an alleged anything best to get into links between a russian investment fund and a confidant of trump. and in january c.n.n. broke the story to you claiming russia had compromising personal information about donald trump that report was based on a dossier written by a former british spy it was later admitted that it was flawed and filled with
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unverified allegations the group behind the latest undercover video uses warn that other media should be wary. not just c.n.n. i want to make clear if you are going to mainstream america if you are telling why you are defending your stories your keeping them all of them out of the truth is your are we may be. right now we are watching you if you're one of those organizations probably we sleep well because it might be. smart. now the u.k. prime minister to resign may has seen her party's program pass through parliament off the queen's speech with the majority of fourteen votes but may is still being put under pressure by british newspapers which continue to call for her resignation that was after she was forced to strike a controversial deal with the northern. party to form
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a working government in westminster pose even suggested opposition party that jeremy coburn has overtaken me in approval ratings at the moment but he did fail to make the amendments he wanted to the queen's speech in parliament on wednesday gerrard baton and i mean pay from the u.k. independence party says trees a maze party is in chaos. but the disastrous manifesto which they had to backtrack on and now they've gone into the queen's speech with almost no content because they don't have a majority and i can't do the things that i would suggest in their own manifesto the big job in front of them now is to negotiate our way out of the the wrong way to go about it but on top of that they've now got other crises which are arising because of the fire that you saw in the highrise blocks in london because of the terrorist attacks there are other more immediate and pressing concerns as well so we're pretty much in a chaotic situation and she's in a very bad situation because she only has a majority of about ten well the uncertainties surrounding tourism a's position as
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prime minister comes as the european commission announced that breaks it will leave the you with a deficit of almost eleven billion euros a year complicating the negotiations to leave the block we won't have the u.k. with is anymore but they were a net pages despite the fact your rebate so you have a gap of ten to eleven billion euros a year last week may unveiled her breaks it planned for the nationals living in the u.k. however it was met with criticism by some european politicians european commission chief young claude young called it insufficient and president of the european council said it was below expectations batten again believes britain should exit the e.u. on its own terms. there's no hard brakes and there's no soft there's only exit leaving the european union and they're going about it completely the wrong way if our government really wanted to leave and our parliament wanted to leave they do i'm suggesting in this document which is to repeal the one nine hundred seventy two communities act as
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a first step so that legally we are no longer members under our law and we would we would be on a very very strong position then because we are a very big trading partner with the our economy is as big as the twenty smallest countries of the put together so we're in a very good position to say to the world we've left this is how it's going to work we want trade friendship and cooperation and we're going to tell you how that's going to work and i would be very foolish to cut off their noses to spite their face by actually trying to pin allies us because we wanted to leave you watching out international still to come to this and more nato troops will be sent to afghanistan as the book is stepping up its operations there we'll have a look at that in more detail in a couple. live
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. called the future we go down. every the world should be period. and you'll get all the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the ride.
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welcome back to wate night and i'm state set to send a few thousand additional troops to boost operations in afghanistan. first. true for the mission you know. all the. contusions to. mission or against their said troops will be assisting afghan forces in a non-combat role against deisel and taliban led insurgency washington's operation in afghanistan has so far come at a cost of one trillion dollars and is left over two thousand soldiers dead in the country there are currently over nine thousand nato troops in the country today while the u.s. is likely fewer deployed there despite their presence though the taliban has
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extended its control in afghanistan over the last two years is we spoke to downplays brook a political writer and journalist who says that nato is a presence in the countries to keep afghanistan dependent on the west. i think we have to really understand the purpose of nato and the west involvement in afghanistan is really to maintain the relation of colonial dependency on the west that that country has. they want to deploy enough. enough troops to keep the government just about empower the afghan government just about in power and to keep it dependent on western military aid for its existence and its survival the contribution to the actual fight against isis and the taliban has been has been minimal taliban's presence is extending our isis have opened up. a new front if you like. in other news tonight a moscow court has found five people guilty of killing the russian opposition
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politician boris nemtsov back in twenty fifteen with the details he's done. five people in the dark all of them found guilty now it is important to understand that so far we only know the jury's verdict as for the sentencing the prosecution is set to announce that later on july the fourth now the most high profile man on trial was the dive the jury decided that it was actually him who pulled the trigger it took the jury three days to deliver the verdict and they have also decided that the assassination was very meticulously planned apparently the killers they followed the tailgated boris nemtsov for over a month studying how he moves where he goes just his daily routine all of that of course happened back in twenty fifteen and it happened literally just hundreds of meters away from the studio where i am right now back down boris nemtsov whose political career goes all the way back to the ninety's he was
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a very prominent opposition figure in twenty fifteen and he was taking a stroll with his girlfriend and that's when he was gunned down in a drive by style shooting now the family of boris snaps of they have been very skeptical about this whole investigation from the outset since the persons or person who masterminded who actually ordered the hit still have not been found but there is a separate case looking just into that the slaying of boris nemtsov it made a very powerful impact in russia and even the kremlin has been following the case closely kremlin has addressed the concerns of the number of family saying that while these cases are very hard to crack the kremlin believes that eventually whoever is responsible whether masterminded the attack will be brought to justice. so that's how things look so far today here on our table from me in about half an hour's time.
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when lawmakers manufactured incentives to public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round. we can all middle of the room see. the real news is really low.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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i think david cameron missed so convinced that he would with. the good to keep the british people were to get it right was it that he felt justified in taking the gamble and i think that was an irresponsible gun well i think he was playing russian roulette with the british future because it's in there it's an irrevocable change it's not like an ordinary election where five years later you couldn't vote for us. no idea of an opiate crisis in america killing thousands of people every month or so you've got people walking around no two no two to oppose trying to go no don't go big under a rock around america and our back garden route when you drive job it's quite shocking but it seems to pharmaceuticals one of the executives to pay themselves huge bonuses executive bonuses are what matter not people's health get that much and most go there's a slightly different approach to people's well being they think health care is
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maybe part of the. i deserve human rights in the course they're right about that but their culture is richer it's deep. i want a friend to boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight more startlement are rolling in court cases tied to the infamous ponzi scheme perpetrated by bernie madoff paying off for some we now see is a total recovered funds hitting above ten billion dollars chinese retail giant ali baba plants a flag in new territory it's knapped up over an eighty percent stake in a growing internet retailer focused on southeast asia and my guest says federal reserve chair janet yellen is way off the mark in a speech delivered in london she said another financial crash like the one in two thousand and eight won't happen in her lifetime or beyond stand by boom bust starts
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right now. deutsche bank went out on an inflation limb which put it on track to lose up to sixty million dollars the issue at stake is whether traders went around the risk limits on derivatives trades which were tied to u.s. inflation this of course calls into question the quality of the which is risk controls which have already drawn scorn worldwide let's go back to short months to what the federal reserve find to your bank for not keeping its traders in line with the volcker rule which restricts lenders from using their funds to make speculative trades those close to this matter say the sixty million in losses because of this
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that does not look like it's going to shrink the german lender which earned about two hundred seventy million dollars in the first quarter of this year now seeking to overall how it manages its risk. and gold jumped on wednesday gaining support due to a weakening dollar it rose point two percent on a comic's to one thousand two hundred forty nine dollars thirty cents an ounce silver also edged higher up by point seven percent to sixteen dollars seventy six cents an ounce but it's not just a weak dollar that meddles have to thank the combination of u.s. political risk breasted fears and italian bank bailouts could keep it afloat the rebound comes almost just two days after a gold fell to its lowest price in six weeks the drop followed an accidental large sell off order of eighteen thousand five hundred loss of gold which equals one point eight five million ounces it was quickly bought back but not enough time to prevent.


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