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israel targets a syrian artillery post after a stray projectile lands in the golan heights the fifth cross border strike since last saturday. in london huge crowds converged on the capital poured on prime minister to resign made to resign with the message one day more. i think we mean the same people leaving the people increasingly moving to be seen to be. moderate prices splits public opinion with just held across the country over the influx of refugees. germany surely it's going to be germany. with the confederations cup joins in
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a few minutes as we continue the intellectual debate. live from moscow with me. thanks for joining us this hour i was royal struck a syrian military position in response to strikes across the border the i.d.f. reportedly hit an artillery battery in the syrian controlled section of the golan heights the area has been a regular flashpoint between israel and syria for the past fifty years this follows five almost identical incidents in the syrian and israeli sections of the golan heights throughout the past week no casualties have been reported on the israeli side but two syrian soldiers were killed by israeli fire last. now during a visit to the golan heights on wednesday these very prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that his country would not tolerate any spillover from the syrian
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civil war he warned that any rockets landing from across the border will trigger an immediate retaliate for more on this let's bring in rick starting from the syria solidarity movement to get his insight thanks for joining us rick on our teeth today you know israel seems to be launching these. cross border strikes into syria on an almost daily basis now five incidents just since last saturday how dangerous is the situation really is the potential for it to escalate. yeah absolutely as the syrian army has been says and slowly but surely it is crushing the the armed opposition the terrorists within syria israel is escalating its attacks and its intervention of course it should be noted that where these projectiles are all in is actually syrian territory it's really ought you're quite serious the assad government is of course under attack on numerous fronts here throughout the country
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is there anything that really it can do about israel's involvement here. well it's tough they they're not in a position to retaliate against israel they've got so much. fighting going on within syria there are so many terrorists and so-called. you know moderate rebels that are allied with al qaeda nuestra they've got their hands full right there and they don't need it escalating with israel it's really dangerous i mean a couple of facts about that situation number number one is that there's been nobody injured on the israeli occupied territory and yet israel has attacked and as your broadcast just mentioned two syrian soldiers were killed just a couple of days ago. so it's extremely dangerous it's clearly a violation of syrian sovereignty and also israel is attacking syria even if the so called projectiles come from the terrorist groups there so they're using this as
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an excuse and in fact it's been pointed out that the terrorists can just fire some projectiles into the occupied israeli occupied territory and get the israeli to come in and the syrians in alliance with the terrorists if you're referring to the region as israel and quite rightly it's been a contested area of course since the six day war in nine hundred sixty seven but what do you think israel's intentions are here i mean what do you think the ultimate goal is by shutting so into a tree. i think israel israel's been actively and bolt from the start supporting the terrorist campaign former ambassador is really in pasadena michael oren who is the ambassador to the united states he said explicitly they would prefer terrorists to the syrian government he said would prefer the people we don't like you aren't
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associated with that rant to those who are so israel has a lot at stake here they are hell bent on preventing the syrian government from stopping terrorism. because they would be that as basically it has in iran and in alliance with syria which is fighting terrorism and in syria and the sad reality is that the west in cahoots with saudi arabia and qatar and turkey and israel is supporting terrorism and in syria so israel sees israel has been heavily invested there from the start and has the possibility approaches the syrian government and their allies to actually prevailing in the conflict israel is the interceding to do everything they can to prevent that rhetoric starting their investigative journalist on those nights as the clashes in the golan heights thanks for giving us some insight today here on out. how thousands have turned out in the
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british capital for the not one day more antigovernment march and a society should cannot has been following the demonstration. when central london where thousands of people have come out onto the streets to protest theresa may government now this is not the first protest taking place in london in recent weeks but it's certainly the biggest we have seen recently thousands of people filling the streets marching from b.b.c. headquarters towards parliament where they're also here they say because they want the jury out there is a campaign issue that people are really disappointed with from a staring measures to the handling of cracks into the coalition with the team to the ground was tragedy really the list is long and people want to miss him a to go this is why the gap is widening between so many so many people this might be the quality i mean it's just not fair and just have to be that way on here tonight well as
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a protest against the soul stirrers to the conservative government has imposed on this nation mine consume so education. at the pump with the universe is on the label we wouldn't go in we need to mess me up oh don't go am in stone age group and doesn't sign off on food first got in on time and it's come out with thousands of pounds of that support removed which struggle because it's becoming increasingly more of a shock to me by to be in the city was a little bit more about this i'm joined by musician jake painter jake thanks so much for joining us today with what you make of this turnout i think this is probably the biggest protest we've seen taking place recently for his historic numbers of people here today is really quite unprecedented and you know i think that just shows the level of distrust such people have to discover why do you think the time is now i mean it's been quite a few protests we've seen recently why are this many people disappointed now there's been a very long standing and growing resentment in specially i think you know the the
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young the millennium with every show you know where people are but they're realising move the future if it is belief unless they get out and do some. about it and so i think that's what we're seeing here today with a lot of young people often a lot of protests and these people all you know she's much younger crowd than normal this is really have a much oversea certainly the c.p. that coalition partners can fly on some of the parliament so i think the the idea of this is to bring us all together say yes we'd like to which reason might it had to leave now i would like another election with confidence that the progressive party could win the general saying in a new election but also to unite around some policy measures so we can push for an argument where the tension we can see the government night i think that's something a very very dangerous position and election day by the by the lack of success that she had. when just weeks since the general election the british capital has been hit by a number of mass and to government protests i thought i was right. i
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. was of the b. i. was. a french border police have deployed drones and god dogs on the border with italy to stop illegal migrants from slipping through the border and a video has been released from the area showing the heavy price people are paying to traffickers to continue their journey north. least eight thousand. years. really. little things that let's please either leave. now italy has become the main entry point for refugees crossing the mediterranean
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via libya or friday tensions spilled over in rome as crowds ready to get into the construction of a new asylum shelter meanwhile in genoa people took to the streets to denounce the far right party seeking to crack down on immigration. was was if. god. god. was. this week italy threatened to start running away model rescue ships arriving at southern shores and rely on the e.u. that the situation has become unsustainable. he
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shot at do when he traveled to the italian island of sicily which is one of the main rival ports for african markets. this is one of the many. brings rescue. to ports like this one here in sicily and for many of those migrants this will be the first time. that the italian authorities say that many coming here to italy they might have to close the. ships like this. other to leave sites it's only the well but the sheer. landed and it happened to be cheeky here on the sicily and people on this island say they
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feel to you. it is not just the responsibility of italy is the responsibility of europe there is far too much immigration it's really cannot support arriving migrants. they do nothing because their policies don't work they just talk they would rather they have to help you know we're bearing the financial burden. i want other states france spain and others to do their part in helping the migrants because this prime minister didn't along he said everyone turns away and pretends not to see to do nothing is wrong europe needs to help out the european union has provided financial aid to it says. and now e.u. have said that they cool to open up the ports along the mediterranean coast such as say. in spain but that is likely to be met with great resistance.
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and some people suggest that you are saying is little more than. some countries need to do more to do their share in distributing the refugees poland hungary and the czech republic have not accepted a single refugee from a. unfortunately we have no progress on the question of distribution of migrants within the european union. solidarity with the italian government and the italian people and we will make available all possible assistance and support it seems. very. from the powers that europe. is continuing to sink and the strain of the crisis. also spoke to sarah from doctors without borders who describe what it's like to rescue migrants from the mediterranean this is the prudent spirit how many people
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have been able to rescue in these seas over the last few months or years we've rescued almost seven thousand people since the beginning of this year and that's rescues just with this particular vessel. other vessel which is the. what of the conditions like the. coast of africa like we found out the ones that have been the scariest. because you have people coming on in deplorable conditions to be honest with very little on so they can fit as many people on this possible and sometimes they're dead people in the people have drowned in a few centimeters of water because of the panic and also because. maybe some of the petrol leaking it was. a panic because they're paying these people. sometimes. people under there and they will sometimes inhale of
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a few. water gets in there as well the conditions are really horrible it's very challenging physically and also emotionally and even mentally because you have to prepare yourself for anything that could be death. we have people. that could be pregnant women with. young people who are in labor to go into labor you know we're going to be able to be medically evacuated. for anything what kind of stories do people tell you about why they're prepared to make a journey so many angles to look at this. but then you have a huge case of human trafficking and. where people are being brought in. to ship. people who are fleeing libya who are businessmen and traders business
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women working. in libya. people are being kidnapped held hostage. over and over and over we had people on board during the. times in libya given everything they had. called for european countries to take responsibility. and have signed agreements to help each other. by themselves and italy is crying for help. ceremony was held at the european parliament. two weeks ago. a speech in tribute but the country's media. it's playing she would have preferred to hear from all the world leaders including . officials. from speaker.
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coal on the market a lot of complex relationship after germany's reunification he kick started her political career but in the late ninety's cole was caught up in a funding raul merkel replaced him as leader of the christian democrats we heard from former german deputy defense secretary william women who attended cole's funeral i think says steve and. it is very important as there is a family that. is all the public wanted to see a good bye to him would call as a statesman and fathers also fosler and therefore i think you all received the fire and the better the situation and as think what happened today. was the bell and situation st petersburg is gearing up for the final of the confederations cup that story and more just after this short break.
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one of the big challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is. why did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks mean you've mentioned one across the recent run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work together around the
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world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything. the stage is set for the final of the fifo confederations cup which is being hosted by russia. bring you our special coverage of the tournament. down the final germany against chile on paper they look pretty well balanced who do you think has the upper hand with coin credible i can't remember my big tournament with every champions league or world cup or confederation is called having such
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a huge experience gap all elaborate that for you gretz go on three goals for germany team over an hour on two goals for germany lost in long two goals for germany. three of the holy scorers in this tournament have thirteen caps thirteen appearances for their country between them converse the alexy sanchez who plays for austin in england has got one hundred fourteen appearances for chile so it's a huge gap in experience and it's going to be fascinating to hear this plays out at the center to remain let's go to the stadium now i think petersburg stadium which is where the final will be played our correspondent a part of just outside obviously not too many in the way of fans of the moment maybe a few just curious having a look around but what's the big sighted about a few people around a few lights coming on a few more people turning up as well if you go into the hotels everybody there let people speak english because the nature of this final i think if you're a host nation of course everybody wanted russia to be a need to do really well but of course looking at then some of the other teams
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coming through this is set up as you said to be a cracking final with two of the world's best teams and also just before hand when we were looking at all the numbers of fans who bought tickets assigned for russians watching the tournament chile and germany were among the fans who bought the most tickets so lots of them there there are they've been anticipating good final checks which for a moment i'm going to go on to trips over a month haven't seen so much as anybody other than but their beautiful eyelids that made man woman and child racism hooliganism where receipt. well there isn't any apparently and i've every read across reports across the whole of the media across the world as well and nobody has reported anything i think for the delight of fi for particular russia as well but johnny avanti now was full of praise because it wasn't just a question of as you mentioned hill eagerness and racism some of these other issues that have been long debated about particular issues in eastern europe but also the fact that the infrastructure wouldn't be finished but the feet the president himself was full of praise on a social level and an infrastructure level about the tournament so far we were hearing about violence about incidents. about.
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racism when we had nothing we had no incidents everything run smoothly everything run perfectly we're hearing about the infrastructure as well the are not ready and how will it work and all is well the infrastructure is absolutely beautiful beautiful football stadiums transport works visa free entry with the fan id free transport the between the venues by train this is something that does not happen in many other countries were big events or organized well that city for many years particularly say i've been here since the time that the world cup bid was announced and where the host city would be and then about the confederations cup we've been hearing about the negatives about the potential for races and the potential for hooliganism the infrastructure would be ready but it's all coming together and for once we cannot concentrate on the positives it's all about a cracking game of football between two of the world's best teams here at the
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magnificent stadium on sunday night thank you i have to say in your very briefly the stadiums are ready the trouble is ready and often his took a lot of stick to say from all the four cities been absolutely fantastic i would say that you know it's not like people are looking for problems and about you not hearing anything but mostly on telly absolutely marrow wall hearing preachers burger joint voice and young football fans they were showing off their fancy footwork and some of these kids. well that could have a future which he does well and. let's just see the making. of the ball putting him through. because even though. he's truly deserving of the u.s. you are going to experience. in st petersburg here that's one of. the best football playing surface but it's certainly a very beautiful. ball. this
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. is. all. joined by peter stone to use the chief correspondent for gold peter great to have you in the studio now first of all just explain to us what are you doing here in russia well obviously it's the big tournament next year the world cup and a lot of our team we haven't been to russia before for work to visit so they've sent me on almost an exploratory mission here it's going to be a proper world cup next year i know a lot of people in the u.k. and ireland in the united states might have certain fears or preconceptions about what it's going to be like on the ground here next year but you know this sort of you know should really anybody's fears about coming here i found great stadiums for a straight stadiums great infrastructure great help from the volunteers free transport between the cities and around the cities for all the silence and i just
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find that the people you know they can't do enough for you when you're here you know i had one woman on the train platform and so what you actually for her daughter who spoke english to make sure that i was getting on the right train and it's that sort of helpfulness. taken by surprise i found people that are warm there and like i said the country will for you you know on the security front fans will be kept apart but even even at that i think sure friends are going to make it quite well if we could have been a winner for the world cup next year that's all we want i think that's the main thing absolutely. start a meal we'll be back of course throughout sunday with the build up to the final join us then on international for the. and when the us another case of police brutality has been making the headlines a video emerged of an atlanta police officer beating up a suspect he claimed was about to smoke a crack pipe there were no drugs were found on the victim you may find the
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following video distressing. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh the incident happened just over a week ago as can be seen in the video the officer repeatedly punched them out of the back of the head while he was being held by two other officers you police reports into the incident claims the suspect had resisted arrest for possessing a crack pipe atlanta's police chief says the situation was avoidable as a result of the incident the officer has been placed on administrative leave for twenty days activists though say the level of punishment is this respectful to the victim twenty days a suspension certainly kicks justice in the eye and definitely is an insult to the victim the officers alleging that they saw our i'll cry about to smoke crack however during the altercation and even abdul there was never any narcotics or no
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crack cocaine found and i think it's important to note that this officer has a history and reputation on beating on people in the also as our report he said that they tried to use a taser and so when you use a taser to be in it was dean non-effective what makes you think that your hands are sufficient that makes no sense and so there's a lot of inconsistencies i don't accuracies with the police officers testimony in what was in the report and so the video speaks for itself. stop the program is in mexico talking about trumps the enough to trade deal see you again next hour. economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o.
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mike do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says he and with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. just tell a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government try to do both at nestle. might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is goes hopelessly disastrously wrong but what was so with you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the
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chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce talks for the tell you that what we gossip the public with the point. of advertising tell me you are not cool enough and let's buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one. i am ask iser this is the kaiser report as we've been saying for quite some time the problem with the really low interest rates engineer to move money from savers to speculators and bank bailouts is that it encourages all kinds of old qabalistic model list.


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