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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 10, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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thank. you. the white. house thank you thank you. all right we are being lied to about syria we are being lied to by the president we are being lied to by the mainstream media this is my surprised face. last week famed people it's a prize winning journalist seymour hersh revealed the motivations and facts given by trump for bombing syria were about as truthful as a bill cosby testimony. and was that testimony for jell-o. putting which i still believe he legitimately lives. i want other to sell me the
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name of jello. you remember trump justification for bombing was the use of chemical weapons by assad but hearst revealed that the syrian military did not use chemical weapons that the us military knew what assad's military was doing at the time and that the bombing was meant to hit a high level meeting of jihad as leaders and did just that hersh is source says it's this was not a chemical weapons strike that's a fairy tale military grade serin is odorless and invisible and death can come within a minute no cloud so if it were seren there would be no cloud but instead there was a slow moving cloud of chemicals a bomb damage assessment by the u.s. military later determined that the heat and force of the five hundred pound syrian bomb triggered a series of secondary explosions that could have generated a huge toxic cloud formed by the world. of the fertilizers disinfectants and other
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goods stored in the basement patients on the scene smelled of bleach suggesting they had been exposed to chlorine remember sharon gas has no smell in that way it's kind of the opposite of steve bannon so so if the u.s. military knew that this was likely not a chemical weapons attack why didn't they tell trump why did they why did they go more on what's happening in syria if it's a goddamn mass but it's not chemical weapons well seymour hersh states the trumps national security team did try to convince him but it was a bit they were about as effective as teaching math to a goldfish. because even if you get past the memory issues you still how's he going to work the abacus you know hands. her says i learned of the total disconnect between the president and many of his military advisers as well as officers on the
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ground in the region who had an entirely different understanding of the nature of syria's attack all this time i was under the impression that trump was just dumb and misinformed what are relieved to learn he's informed correctly but chooses to be dumb. who was. right. who am i going to go in there all that's right if you watch the mainstream media you already know that syria did not launch chemical weapons and i told her to the syrian government using chemical weapons against innocent men women and children last night take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and try sarah gas now i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons hitler who didn't even sink to the. to using chemical weapons chemical weapons against innocent men women and children in
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a sense before the beauty of our weapons to using chemical weapons proxy serry gas . the united states of america is back. or nah. yes our corporate media apparently only bias trumps neko oil by the gallon when it involves the reasons for blowing up other countries essentially no serious discussion was given to questions about the chemical attack with every other allied trump tells and we can all agree he makes lance armstrong look like sojourner truth right. with all these other lies our mainstream media calls him out for being true are full of shit the only thing they celebrate he's his war propaganda it's equivalent of being upset with your friend for his endless lying in regards to everything from food ball scoring to to who bought the last round of drinks except
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when it comes to the tender dates he's been murdering and storing under is bad. when he lies about those you congratulate him and give him a job well done. and this is not the first time a president has led us into bombing a sovereign nation with the gleeful assistance of our media here are just three examples of many the iraq war i'm not sure if you're familiar with this minor footnote in america's distant past but the year was two thousand and three and a strapping young lad named saddam hussein had really gotten our goat. following nine eleven hussein was discovered committing the unforgivable crime of ruling a country in the general vicinity of the country that actually birthed the hijackers who attacked us. plus he sat atop a lot of oil that he refused to just give us. and he dropped the petro dollar which is like our favorite kind of dollars. luckily his weapons of mass destruction
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program has seen here gave us an ironclad reason to invade he was preparing to kill oh no. many innocent people later after he had been toppled arrested a hanged and we had killed roughly a million innocent people we found his weapons program consisted of three guys with a slingshot. which might not sound bad but the sling shot could be retrofitted to launch stones the size of popeye us. in our defense after the million people were killed in new york times did issue a correction it read a correction over the past four years we reported that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and therefore the us needed to invade iraq their story their society topple their government and kill a lot of people please ignore that reporting. it didn't actually say that but it
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shows. the vietnam war started following the gulf of tonkin incident even the name it's a lie the gulf of tonkin incident is actually two incidents that were actually one incident which is actually only a half an incident. on august second one hundred sixty board the u.s.s. maddox exchanged gunfire with three north vietnamese torpedo boats the us claimed the vietnamese fired first but in fact the u.s.s. maddox fired the first shots then two days later to us you have spent four hours firing on various radar targets that were attacking them they sunk to torpedo boats which may not you know which movie sounds like a win right they sunk two boats but you have to take into account that those torpedo boats did not adhere to the traditional definition of existing. so it's actually surprising the u.s. navy didn't sink far more than just two imaginary boats why not report you saying
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billions of boat. that's right the u.s. military spent four hours shooting at rain clouds in the gulf of tonkin following that confrontation defense secretary mcnamara and vice president johnson to retaliate and the president agreed in the two thousand and three documentary the fog of war former secretary of defense mcnamara admitted that the august fourth gulf of tonkin attack never happened. so our justification for getting involved in vietnam was two incidents which were actually only one incident which was actually our fault. over the next several years fifty eight thousand u.s. service members and as many as three point eight million vietnamese would die in the fighting but those rainclouds knew to step the back right of ghana's stand almost all the nine eleven hacker hijackers were from saudi arabia and osama bin laden was alternately found in pakistan but i. doubt if there. were god
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i'm so ask yourself how much cable news reporting you heard of the fact that truck bomb syria for a completely false reasons our media has a seemingly limitless amount of time and energy to get this story wrong but just can't seem to find the room to schedule in their schedule they get it right you know it's tough i like my daughter's recital i gotta do. it all the time for the reporting. also ask yourself why when assad is clearly winning the war against the rebels he would choose to do the one thing that would get america directly involved through t.g. clee it would be about the dumbest thing he could possibly do it would be like of the golden state warriors were up by twenty in the last sixty seconds of the n.b.a. finals and suddenly steph curry just stabbed le bron james in the thigh. sure it might get the braun out of the way i put it also land curry in jail
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following a game the warriors were about to win any right. if there is anything our nation's news channels to take seriously it's war so corporate media please drop your pompoms and do your damn job. that was my less cynical ending where i pretend our media wants what's best for america and just needed a proper scolding to get back on track. here now is my actual and doing the corporate media is built is designed to cheer on aggressive nationalism and unquestioned jingoism they perpetrate a fraud on the american people in order to make sure we support the endless destruction of other countries and any reporter who does not bolster blind american hegemony is quickly stripped of their cushy job their gold plated health care and their sparkly cocktail parties before being put out to pasture whatever day of.
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the media the r.c.c. the days. yeah good enough cameos take the news from behind did everybody have a good july fourth did you. think did you do like i did and celebrate by covering yourself in on the fool americans who got american flags t. shirts american flag nipple clamps the american flag that's. covered everything here when a little starving spray shoving is rare i gotta go you gotta do it i have a big american cook i read before all american about
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a diarrhea right here. but sell us a little of those things made in china made in taiwan made a career made in bangladesh and we wonder why the average american is true. ogling not even our nationalism is made in america. our own pride in her country is mass produced by a twelve year old a quantum allah who hates you. and we think next a sustainable model how do we want to know where this stuff going to go to where it all who won in self-delusion. growing up past have chopped. denial is not just a river in egypt and if it were we would bomb it because who are they to have the only dial. if we can't have it no one will. i mean honestly what do you think what do you think the sweatshop workers are thinking while
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they're making this because man americans sure do love polyurethane. just. i can actually smell the fumes coming off the stuff don't get me wrong i have no problem with nationalism except for it being a figment of our imagination that we used to find an excuse to hate and kill each other in a similar manner to racism but not my one not my point though i'm saying that even in something like this something like the simple wearing of july fourth garb it requires willful ignorance of what it says on the label and so on it's a lot of people it sounds like you have to google where did my american flag had come from you know like it's that actress in that movie and you're like oh what is she from she's from something bam pyar thing i think i don't know something with teeth maybe a dentistry thing i don't she's from some it's not like that it doesn't. it's right there made in china what does that mean for our society these tags symbolize the
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cutting of our own work force in the name of profit the completely inefficient use of goods and labor and the fact that these corporations have no allegiance to this country no one budweiser is based in belgium burger king is based in canada it really is google and apple are based in ireland they move there just so they don't have to pay taxes your i phone doesn't give an i phone. these tags also represent the abuse of human beings in other countries and we're fighting with that how do you how big would the label have to be before it became a concern of ours like what if the entire back of the shirt said made by bangladeshis when a child laborers could just send us a business can't. figure out leftover one would that give us. posner we just go about our dog in a way and. i'm just i'm asking for
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a friend of our friend we have to go critter go quick break but join me on twitter at league camp and at redacted tonight plus i have live comedy shows coming up in minneapolis chicago and washington d.c. say just e-mail redacted tonight at r.t. america dot tv for details and to guess what arrived back.
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i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the base of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and for. are becoming interesting.
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again with the topic of independence day according to historian howard zinn the revolutionary war is considered one of america's holy wars not religious but meaning it's beyond reproach it's sacrosanct and you can't criticize it without the collective american psyche coming to life and bitch slapping you with a toby keith platinum album. why is that here now to explain is our senior historian john if o'donnell. was why why can't we say anything bad about the american revolution because there's nothing bad to say. the war for independence was pure it's like a baby snow leopard living in the himalayan mountains of tibet or a kindergarten student with a brand new backpack. or
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a really good cocaine. your you know the revolutionary war wasn't pure war i'm glad the colonists escaped the tyranny of britain i'm glad that happened but it did mean and dependence for everyone right codified slavery in the law and at the time of the constitution only six percent of the people in america could vote yeah yeah but it was still a pretty great war all in all what about all of the killing and how else were the colonists supposed to get rid of them dirty red coats you know i mean when you're dealing with a brit you got to take your bayonet and jam it through is likely black heart will scream in yankee doodle dandy a top or your. see only one. oh there there were ten solid years of non violent act. taken by the colonists preceding the first battles it was still
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a fact of the by seven hundred seventy four british power was essential to disintegrate ok ok the story and here are right. and i have little to no idea what you're talking about you really should probably you know i just know the greatest hits like no taxation without representation. and i memorized that famous poem by longfellow about paul revere whom i have no fear it's paul revere hey paul are the british near what's that first you want to be err no problem while you drink it shall i recite king lear perfect perfect all appear well done i think we're a little off track here john people need to know about the decade long nonviolent struggle struggle that involve tactics like boycotting and work refusal and creating an independent economy and a sense of shared american identity yeah for rich white male landowners i mean that's like the worst version of the fortune cookie game when you have to add like
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in bed at the end but instead you have to add four rich white male landowners right that they are passionate new romance appears in your life when you least expect it for a rich white male landowners. lame it's terrible you just carry fortune cookies with you whatever renowned political scientist gene sharp believes if the colonists didn't turn to armed struggle they might have even become free sooner well i mean just because he believes it doesn't mean it's true when people believe the earth rotates around the sun but that's not true. advantage of definitely is true along regardless of whether or not it can be proven that the colonies could have one nonviolently assuming that our only option was to fight a bloody war is just that it's an assumption well you know you're right. the problem is once a historical event has occurred it's very difficult to imagine that that same
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result could have been achieved in a death in a different way like i could say priscilla britton insane in the membrane without smoking a field of gondor. because the revolutionary war was for a just cause independence we extrapolate therefore that it was a just war and we use that misguided extrapolation to rationalize future conflicts . how can you know that and not know the earth rotates around the sun. i don't know i mean well maybe the answer is right here. got another one. when hungry order more chinese food. for rich white male landowners. yes. there was a very important yet hardly talked about supreme court decision a couple of weeks ago so here now to school us on some is redacted correspondent only care of on.
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the supreme court at the close of their term this year buildout how bush officials despite the extreme abuses against innocent post nine eleven detainees a far reaching decision that critics are calling ominous dangerous disappointing shameful and saying increases executive power. this is not a good time for that after you see what's going on on twitter. you remember raised more than five thousand immigrants following nine eleven were put in indefinite detention suffer grisly abuse and were cut off from the outside world and especially warriors you can see the amount of detainee's who were found to have connections to terrorism in mind sophisticated chart so i was you can see it's zero
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percent but if you multiply that by with other side of the chart it's still zero percent you know i don't think that this chart is that events but it clearly indicates the result and it could also be a brute. going to one thousand nine hundred seventy one case called given versus six you know well maybe we don't have time for that name this is cheney. consumes federal officials for damages for constitutional violation but not if they were acting in the out sensible interests of national security according to justice kennedy's majority opinion in the case invoking national security q. precisely it allows for anything you can detain people on lawfully bomb countries cheat on your wife house paint publicly sometimes you can hear lawmakers say it's my national security an outcry of but i want to know why am i explaining all
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this to you of course you saw analysis of this monumental case on a c.n.n. panel actually put out a video that he was did was say closely you know saying it's fascism no not your own movie that was them doing the important work of analyzing trump's wrestling name they had all kinds of specialists weigh in on what a sling means political commentators a veteran of reddit a veteran of the w w e and the terror he destroyed without them we would be smarter we would actually be a lot smarter soon after the attacks the f.b.i. had identified the hijackers and the hijackers networks however we learn from them again changing piece of evidence in the case ashcroft intended to racially profile as cross had one of the agencies to investigate individuals with muslim sounding names and they weren't even good at racially profiling because they arrested not only muslims but also jewish israelis hindus sikhs and this falafel plan which
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found himself in custody reach is understandable falafel would catch up we know new came from foreign chickpeas are not bowling anyone with that condiment cover the cia acted upon ninety six thousand terrorism related tips from the public according to as. the i whistle blower colleen rally the most common citizen tip we were seeing is something to the effect of i don't want you to think i'm prejudiced because i know i know oh of course not it's only things that what i just have to report this what is it is a cons bombs ticking luggage or worse a two decade old who with me you know none of those things tape was usually about an arrow middle eastern man and the tipster of lives by or works with so to
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the noble citizen who called the f.b.i. on my dad was it because he is really dark skinned or because you saw him curse at his lawnmower in arabic the lower courts determined that high ranking officials should all be held liable but the high court reversed that decision because officials to me second guessed difficult put in necessary decisions concerning national security policy we threw innocent people in jail executed the wrong people during other wars and now we're always out or so yeah second guess please take a second phone a friend peruse the constitution take a leak see on your ashcroft for just a second and then ask yourself if illegal detention under no stinks of civil rights abuses or you just didn't wipe your ashcroft anough at the supreme court i mean cara bonnie for the act of the night.
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there are a headline from the future in august u.s. military accidentally goes to war for legitimate reasons. in america a year from now you'll learn. chinese sweatshop workers are hoping uncle sam firework sees packaging at least take off a couple fingers. because you've got to think i have hope in september you'll read . how i got all gulf of tonkin raincloud refuses to talk about what it did in vietnam or. apparently it's just quietly mutters to itself i'm not proud of i'm not proud of it. that's our show where you get signed up for our free e-mail newsletter just text the word redacted to poor poor poor nine nine nine it's completely free and easy and it will show up in your inbox totally not a big deal until next time goodnight and keep.
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the feeling to. the experience. that you get it on the you'll. according to josh. will. come along for the wrong.
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your watching and our team america got special reports when they come this bugs me because my left but basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be on the normalising. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation. there's a real irony going to be shown to lay a finger on a responsible choice new people and there is always well that's what i think it was it always. seems you know like the old ordinary now hold still so i don't want to you feel you have always while those who choose to shows us than trump has used the social media site well i always thought of the story goes it's garbage in real genuine.


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