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strike. killing his mother two of his brothers wives the cost. of. the. most popular. could become the next
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which is continuing to struggle to cope with the influx of newcomers. a very warm welcome to you from all of us here. we have. some five thousand eight hundred civilians may have been killed by iraqi and u.s. led coalition forces in the last four months during the battle for mosul that's the latest estimate from human rights organization international in his new report the group says government forces relied upon imprecise weapons during the liberation of west most school and ignored the growing number of civilian deaths it also claims. troops have repeatedly violated international humanitarian law something that may amount to a war crime. i missed international collected the testimonies from those displaced
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it says over six hundred thousand people were forced to flee west of mosul a bit earlier in the program here on ars he we discussed the dire situation in mosul with a mallet one of our from the iraqi branch of unicef he is right now about eighty kilometers away from mosul in erbil. i was about you can half ago in the central hospital of western most of. fun people are coming that they're coming there with fresh wounds and one of the image that touch me and still remains on my. head is this woman who brought four or five children into the hospital. her hands were all of you not had with the blood and she was so traumatized how young one year and a half all was on her lap but she was trying to press his arm to stop the bleeding
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fighting in mosul and specifically in western mosul was in tents extremely intense with a lot of damage and destruction the people and specifically children how. extremely terrible a price on the fighting in mosul they have witnessed hora and a nightmare yes they have been quite a cost of civilians and infrastructure damage to the horrors of war but also witnessed in another way by artist an illustrator george butler who was embedded with iraqi forces in the area previously he's worked in syria where he traveled several times to document the conflict this time he depicted those who were displaced from west mosul.
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the media though has largely praised coalition efforts to liberate mosul we spoke to george butler about what he witnessed during his latest mosul trip. what was your first impressions when you when you arrived and became embedded with the iraqi special forces what i found i guess was huge destruction to. civilian life and as ever it's the civilians that. are losing out more than anybody and they're the ones with the stories and other ones that i as an illustrator and as an artist i guess are trying to do to give justice to what was the most difficult almost striking thing that you that you saw there something that really made an impression on you on one side
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a pile of endless piles of rubble these houses been destroyed in an airstrike and this. came out and bought me a chair to sit on i was touring and just begins to tell a story and isis fighters had fled the mosque next door during the fight firefight they'd come into his home where his family were living and then the iraqi army had called in an airstrike which it often does in mosul of course killing but also killing his mother two of his brothers and one of their wives this attack actually happened on the same day that that there's an infamous attack hundred sixty people were killed in mosul you know the willingness to talk about it and the openness and the normality of it was perhaps the most extraordinary thing and that is the fact that i was so so regular i guess is was the difficult thing to accept you what was the fortunate to capture this in your drawing but is this something you really occurred all over the city
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a lot of the damage that you see is not done by not done by car bombs or firefights but by a strike the story of people civilians being caught up in that it's obviously very sad but it is happening in mosul over the last few months i just want to ask you on the point of the refugee camp as well you've made one painting in the. amount of recently suffered a heart attack. just after the second world war. five days earlier. lying in this tent outside the main refugee camp horrid conditions the heat alone was his wife you can imagine the desperation he hasn't eaten for five days or drunk and. it's a very private moment this man may well be dying maybe it will be dead by now but you're inviting strangers in into your tent for those last moments on the off chance that they can help for me was a difficult choice whether you whether you engage with that story or whether you stand out from it because of course the chance of helping is very i think. what
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memory will take away from from your time in mosul the one you know impression that really will will stay with you i think it's always. well i suppose it's always been the same and that is. that it is the majority of civilians losing out. to something that they have no control of. just kind of very vulnerable the moment and the lack of choice and the thing that i guess it was to me is that the drawings that i'm doing are done with permission and i did wear the ones that i was very much emotionally attached to the kind of desire to draw to do justice and draw exactly what was in front of me. for the holiday season in full swing in europe police are warning brits to be braced for any eventuality during their vacations including terror attacks.
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video include scenes of a hotel under sea and a clear reference to the deadly terror attack on british tourists in to near zero two years ago. to the streets of london to find out what people there think of this instructional video. british police have now released a video showing british terrorists how to react in case they get caught up in a terrorist attack becomes a safe route to get out now and this is the best option it are just people to think of the instructions in the same way they think about airline safety videos everyone is a we have when you gonna need a plane you get a safety briefing on what should happen if the plane come down and they're trying
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to see you the very unlikely is just giving you the knowledge of what to do not to do if you're caught up in such an attack kind of what's your response to that kind of plays d.v.d. a. big street here is we're going to stay are you going on holiday there. may be quite scared to go forward really at work right at all trying to scare religious terrorists because i know the training is quite pretty frightening missing that the defendant would make me worry about traveling the kind that we all stay like everything is about terrorism and stuff but just i just want to stress you what's going on today to kind of relax not to think about potential terrorist attacks i think it's a bit scary if they could just travel in the haven't they there and what's going to happen next feel less safe everywhere there's a fire or a terrorist attack every day so it's like you do worry generally more about even trying to get out to get you know to do your daily shop sometimes can be worrying
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kind of a new reality to have you know it is here that i feel safe here in the u.k. so you wouldn't change your plans this kind of thing watching this kind of video i . wouldn't you know. it wouldn't deter you from going away. you know a little just to deal with it every day so police say there's no specific intelligence that british holidaymakers are going to be targeted but they still want you to what the film saw packing your beach bags as people adapt to the terror threat. industries are adjusting as well u.k. insurance companies for example are now offering special policies that cover terrorism are also various counterterrorism courses and terror survival guides being offered to the public chris hunter a former british army intelligence officer things this all shows just how much things have changed we're definitely living in a different worlds the you know the rise in islamist extremist terrorism is
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unprecedented and i think you know just looking at it from a domestic perspective when i was growing up in the you know in britain in the early eighty's i remember the provisional ira threats but they used to give coded warnings they didn't actually want to kill civilians with islamist extremist terrorism it's a completely different mindsets and a completely different threats so we have to take the threat seriously and we have to be prepared to either forego some of our civil liberties all you know we say ok . we just live with the terrorist threats and keep getting killed and well birth saw facing up to the challenges posed by this new reality a u.k. radio station recently aired twenty five hours of al qaeda recruitment propaganda its license has since been revoked by a communications regulator ofcom imaan f.m. broadcast speeches by an what are the lucky who was killed in a u.s. drone strike in yemen in twenty eleven he was
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a radical american muslim cleric of yemeni origin the u.n. security council states that he was a leader recruiter and trainer for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is also suspected of having direct links to the nine eleven plot all him on f.m. says it was unaware of the radical content of his speeches chris on tour again says communities have to do more to tackle the promotion of radicalism. twenty five hours of evil hatred and vitriol and it once i'm on it and crucially you know i'm not monitoring all broadcasts but somebody gave these people a license presumably if they were broadcasting illegally the real issue with this is that there are so many different mediums through which terrorists can actually propagate their message any developed country in the world not going to have the resources so actually stop it in its tracks to monitor all these publications so there is a huge emphasis and moral obligation on the communities in which all of this media
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is actually being propagated by so many stories coming your way here on the program today on r.t. international including russia is now being accused of trying to undermine the american energy sector by ultimately paying off environmentalist's we'll explain the story just a moment. well . when the closest project.
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we can all middle of the room sick. last hour here in moscow several top u.s. republicans are calling on the trumpet ministration to investigate alleged russia funding of environmental activists in order to undermine the american energy industry. first. you've been watching mainstream american television lately you've
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probably noticed a recurring theme former cia chief john brennan is connecting the dots between russia and wiki leaks a lot of connect the dots information as you said the dots that connect the dots to get connected back with russia connect the dots russia did it it's a game of connect the dots for. find something that you do not like and then somehow blame russia for it and we're not just talking about hillary clinton losing her guaranteed presidency back in two thousand and sixteen are you a fan of donald trump's energy dominance plan if you are then the environmentalists who are protesting against fracking a controversial shale drilling technique are part of the kremlin conspiracy if you connect the dots it is clear that russia is funding u.s. environmental groups in an effort to suppress the domestic oil and gas industry specifically hide really cracking. and on the other hand if you're an environmentalist don't you know that putin is the mastermind behind the
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controversial keystone pipeline. are you worried about the right white nationalism right wing extremism. and on top of that the occupy wall street protests can be traced all the way back to russia's secret security services you also move and give to practical examples of how the russians have been engaged in our political system one was an anti fracking campaign that the russians seemed to be engaged in another one was the occupy wall street movement that the russians were engaged in as well sure the financial crisis low wages income inequality had nothing to do with it we all know that people were protesting back in two thousand and eleven because they got orders from moscow right. and
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a public trust in the mainstream media is shrinking it's because someone is feeding them fake and false information guess who what about false information the real fake is being put out by russians russian propagandists russian operatives who although surely impossible in a world with and there are. no bag of tricks or something to try to do russia has become the world's scapegoat for everything and it's this weird witch hunt that like now if something doesn't go someone's way and international business or elections or whatever the automatic finger pointing goes to russia i guess it's just the automatic excuse now especially with this fracking story in particular like ok they're saying now that russia is involved with. powering environmentalists to stop fracking it just doesn't make sense so from hacking to fracking it's all because of the kremlin whenever something goes wrong you can always say that the russians did it it never seems to get old caleb artsy new york meanwhile the white
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house says it continues to view russia as a threat that's despite the u.s. president's quote tremendous meeting with vladimir putin at the g twenty summit where they discussed a cyber security deal. we recognize that russia is a cyber threat but we also recognize the need to have conversations with our adversaries however after the g twenty summit in hamburg last week a trumpet wrote an optimistic tweet on a potential joint cyber security unit the idea however was roundly criticized of russia's alleged hacking activities. but a former u.s. congressman michael flanagan told us that despite the setback president trump is still committed to working with russia. if we can work with russia nuclear arms treaties if we can work with russia. peace treaties in syria we can certainly work with them on technological issues the president is absolutely committed to work
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with president putin and to work with the russians on many levels and many areas and the deep state in this country hates it will continue to scream about it and that's too bad but it's going to happen it's going to be a bumpy ride for everybody but we cannot continue to have a permanent implacable enemy in russia in all things and whatever they do is going to be wrong and we have to continue to act from that need your place it's it's wrong it's silly it's foolish and it's counterproductive to world peace. tony twenty pasta and moscow spain has seen a shop arise in migrants arriving from africa this year between january and june up to six thousand five hundred nine in the country that's compared with eight thousand arrivals in all of twenty sixteen now just for a brief moment here on the program when r.t. international let's have a quick look at what route migrants traveling from africa taking these days for example the way from my morocco to spain that's across the mediterranean of course has become now the second most popular it's believed that the morocco spain route
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is viewed as safe by migrants than going through libya to italy. i've heard good things about. the un says that her spain is not prepared to handle the increase stressing the very not nearly enough facilities in the country to deal with all the arrivals italy still remains the e.u. state that's accepting the vast majority of migrants departing africa shores almost eighty five thousand have landed in italy since the beginning of this year and greece is also affected with more than fourteen thousand migrant stranded on less boss and other islands in fact on monday a huge fire swept through a refugee camp on less boss a believed to have been deliberately started by migrants who are facing deportation
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history professor paolo bernadine a believes the e.u. still does not know how to handle this crisis. in me a shot. in the spain we want to be able to call this situation and i think. he's really not up to the task of control you cannot do you are not acting appropriately these are not column called this is if you think of the different. number of migrants to spain with these will move my own sweet valley there is not too many i'll call them all this is just the situation we have to deal with emergencies policies i don't think frankly or there you. and i see the future. once we reach the shore so we did it greece and spain. the south african president has called for an acceleration of land redistribution between white and black farmers in the country he added that if necessary this may
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include expropriation without compensation and local farmers who we spoke to say this is a dangerous approach. that's what we're going to do that's what we're planning to go take the land. the water at the very scared that i should not get on with him and that was really what it. meant is that if you feed the people that just need. to study all in they will not produce any food for this country. alone feel comfortable with their land taken by force from somebody else because to deprive that person all the inputs he is put into that late they have worked so hard to be the bread basket of the country you cannot to remove the people who are
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supplying with with food for the entire nation. is playing politics you once the forms to the kids votes because the a.n.c. is now losing votes this is an international thanks for joining us so far we're back in half an hour with more of the worldwide headlines that between now and then boom bust. as far as the wealthy areas of the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going past twelve you know again the social bank the e.c.b. a very jaggy they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out
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their friends their oligarch friends during since two thousand and eight and they've said they signal to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to present that to make. as many errors as you want keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of precious. paintings and shouts out does it make any difference. what holds a cinch to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president one should. want to be rich. to go on to be cross with what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first sip.
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i see you know what i'm still going to talk about. you know. we might need to present a lot of old completed movies. you want to know if you don't see magnificent. some plays which is much more food than saving they've saved us from people who read you know it's him friendly in my conformance they're welcome in russia it's all being very good because i was to a very enjoyable place to be very friendly ok told.
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me some basic books really. punch those stairs and also they're nice people they're like here we're very glad that i'm here which of those will still. be france is the boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the so-called summer of hell has begun for rail users in and around new york city the accelerated timetable for a pair of after derailment and it's set to extend for years also more diesel emissions scandals this time dutch prosecutors go after and also my guest former u.s. attorney commissioner in part joins me for a wrap up of the dramatic meeting of the group of twenty in hamburg by the us
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starts right now. and. dollar had a two month peak rising night point nineteen percent to one hundred fourteen yen earlier in the session it hit one fourteen twenty nine yen its highest since may eleventh the euro fell point one percent to one fourteenth stock markets rallied on the heels of the european central banks collectively hawkish tone over the last fourteen days as investors expect a turning point in central bank policy this comes as focus shifts to how the federal reserve might react to the latest jobs and inflation data fed chairman
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janet yellen testifies at the end of this week to u.s. lawmakers now she's expected to lift interest rates before the end of the year the fed has done so twice this year so germany's dax was up point three percent while the cac forty in france followed suit at point three percent higher at the f.t. a c. one hundred index of leading british shares was up point five percent and the nasdaq composite rose one tokyo's nikkei index gained point eight percent. oil prices have plunged in light of rising production in the united states and within the organization of petroleum exporting countries their member nations and affiliates u.s. crude fell nearly fifty cents to forty three seventy five per barrel on that the new york mercantile exchange brant crude dipped to forty six twenty in london after losing fifty one cents citing political up people in libya and nigeria opec countries exempted those members from capping production in extended cut of one point eight million barrels per day libya's crude oil output has served more than
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one million barrels a day on my jury is out but it has risen to one point six million that's according to a vienna based energy consultancy j b c now opec is considering placing caps back on libya and nigeria u.s. production increased to nearly nine point three four billion barrels a day just last week. it's monday and what's worse than starting off the week with transportation delays on your way to work well thousands of commuters will be faced with a lot of that coming months ahead since penn station is now undergoing some major repairs until the end of august artistry of us has this report. two months of trying to please began this morning penn station is finally undergoing some much needed repairs but new york governor andrew cuomo.


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