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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a year since the deadly terror attack in east with a french magazine under fire for printing images of the atrocity. the us the french president shows signs of overcoming some of the differences after tolson's paris however french people both leaders regardless of their plans. a new video reportedly showing u.s. helicopters over the city of raka defacto capital in syria although washington has confirmed its forces are now operating inside the city it's only under the pretext of advice and company. and an eighteen year old palestinian has been killed in clashes with the israeli army near the west bank it
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comes just hours after a shootout in east jerusalem in which two israeli police officers and three gunmen were killed. you're watching altie international live from our studio in moscow with mina do welcome to the program. today marks a year since the atrocity in the french city of nice when a truck was rammed into a crowd leaving dozens dead.
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well soon easy and living in france the attacker was known to police for several violent crimes. just terror tactics direct lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a crowd. that they got it. blew and you will see we are in a new era in france will have to live with terrorism. a year on from the attack victims are continuing to suffer around three thousand
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people are still receiving counseling not just those who are there but their families too meanwhile the government seems to be failing to deliver on its promise of compensation the an a very diverse array has also seen some controversy as the latest edition of french magazine paris match came under fire over its coverage of the event it published these images showing the moment the lorry plowed into crowds celebrating bastille day the magazine said the pictures were meant to inform the public and ensure the victims were not forgotten however paris much has been accused of morbid sensationalism. there are limits we don't need these short beecher's to understand the horror of terrorism the paris prosecutor cold for the magazine to be removed from sale because of the photos however a court ruled late on thursday against the move editor in chief of the purple magazine nuclear believes paris match had every right to show what happened i don't think there is reason for
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a moral outrage of the six people you need to know that the french public is allowed to know also the much. basis its readership the shock of photos of course they have said leave them that day would never show. us right recognized people. will keep the dignity of victims of course act i think it's very good because the public even the press doesn't know now. how. well this guy came onto the common at this with a struck why shouldn't a party much publish these photos they will respect the dignity of the victims for sure. meanwhile the u.s. president has wrapped up his two day visit to paris on thursday he held talks with emmanuel micron and today he was a special guest of the bastille day parade in the capital and when the time came to say goodbye the two leaders found it hard to part.
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the. new sit by. me nothing will ever separate the person is today the american president by my side
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mr donald trump and his wife is a sign of our friendships and which has enjoyed time. it's going to be just fine because you have a great president you have somebody that's going to run this country right and i would be willing to bet because i think this one of the great cities one of the most beautiful cities in the world however it seems the french public don't particularly care about warm relations between the countries shall it be belsky has been gauging opinion in paris. granted she saw some people have turned out in this protest against from and against a mock won't they say that the two presidents saw creating a rule against society and that's because north just from peace here in town and many people are unhappy about the fact that he's been visiting paris people describing him as being a racist i'm a staunch an ist and not happy about some of the comments he's made about france in the past say that france is noon on the fronts and paris is no longer paris because
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of the amount of immigration here in the country but also against president michael and his plans to make big reforms of the labor in france over the summer basically president not going to said that he wants to change the labor code because he wants to make bronson productive he wants to reduce unemployment one of the ways that he wants to do that is by changing the working conditions but the people here say by changing good reason working conditions what they do is actually a road to rights over work is completely and they're unhappy that they so i do know flexible working they think to erosion of society and not why people have come here to protest against my own and against trump today in paris show that you can see not see this. paris and los angeles county fighting for the right to host the twenty twenty four olympics on micron's seems determined to get
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france across the finish line first the very day macro i'm officially to go face he couldn't wait to make his elim pick charm offensive a priority to visit with you and your venture for the olympics paralympics in the twenty twenty four x. . both the twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight games are up for grabs but the paris and los angeles it's all about who gets what yeah. getting first place is a big. deal bigger than usual for head of state he's already made his pitch in switzerland an unusual move for a country's leader who normally only make an appearance at the host city vote which is not until september trump was absent while the poor paris man who spearheaded the french bid before macro to grab the reins was noticeably eclipsed by the president we hope to stage and then there's the campaigning has been enthusiastic to say the least showcasing his sporting prowess and trying hard to
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show just was an all rounder he is a defender olympic values and. they're under threat and questioned by many people today so it's the best moment to defend. the olympics seem appears to be very much close to my heart he made headlines after promising to make his leadership style jute the tarion channeling the french king louis the great who was himself once portrayed as jupiter the head of the roman gods and of course as the father of all gods he requires a complete pantheon and it seems he's already found his self appointed hermes him and you claim these should be to. hell miss. the messenger. as for his patron emanuel just like jupiter these determined to get what he wants in this case is very open ended pick masterpiece. from this place years have or they might not be able to provide the necessary level of security for
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an event on the scale of the olympics but aiming budget cuts more than five hundred million savings are being planned next year the policy is meant to bring the country's budget deficit in line with the limits placed unions are threatening to join mass protests planned for the. and the videos emerge reportedly showing u.s. helicopters flying over the city of rock in syria which i still views as its capital u.s. backed syrian rebels started an operation to retake the area back in the last month of the old city and now the pentagon say its military advisors are also operating inside the city. however washington hasn't revealed the number of u.s. troops there but a coalition spokesman. said there are not hundred. ryan dillon also said forces in iraq. exposed to anime contact in those during the
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battle for mosul in the wrong according to him the troops are in syria on an advising assisting and a mission he has a meaning by saying american troops call in airstrikes. take a close look at the history of train and desist operations by its this train those are all the tags you always get when the pentagon tries to explain what american soldiers are doing in iraq in three or four years and assist in training aspect advise and assist in training mission. training equipping. companies and assist train equip bonds and assist in the company and our partners on the ground so let's break down those terms that often fall like a bunch of cliches actually mean very specific things train and equip that's how it usually began but sort of like a boot camp when us instructors provide local forces with arms and train them that approach was taken in theory a while back but didn't prove to be very effective can you tell us what the total
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number of trained fighters remains we're talking four or five. which is what troops were tasked with doing in mosul and that means more engagement is true that we're operating closer deeper into the iraqi formations are partners are fighting the enemy and we're so. with our advice and assistance we are very close to it if not already in that fight and if you add a company to the advise and assist your flying to an even higher level of involvement by u.s. troops and this is the cost of creation for the u.s. soldiers involved in the rocket. interestingly enough those were inspiring long range artillery are still regarded as advisors i think there's a big difference between authorization of war and sending
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a few hundred advisors so what the addition of a company to their mission u.s. troops are practically asked for to the local fighters to iraq well there you have it the next time you listen to military officials you can decipher what they really mean. to you washington d.c. . there are a number of u.s. forces fighting islamic states in the area among the kurdish units which a few days ago we're joined by female fighters they say the most important is to avenge i saw violence against women enslaved by the terrorists up to five women currently being held they're being subjected to new forms of slavery including rape and trade some girls are as young as eight person who was badly injured by a landmine while trying to escape showed her hiring experience and a quick warning that you may found her account disturbing.
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the two girls to moses and the two car mothers and the. far we don't know what happened to them after that the one who took me to iraq and syria she was in the rocky and i stayed with him for a month and from there i tried to keep twice the call to need both. times and they beat me badly and they did dirty things to me after that he sold me to another man in mosul then she sold me to one more man from mosul who was a bomb maker she beat me too and she was forcing me to help him in his job making suicide cars and belts. while the women describe a life of hell i saw wives paint a very different picture we spoke to his shed stories. i saw more that there is no sex jihad everything is just according to the more you go to the city hall and get married
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and if you have already been married and your husband got killed you just get married to another man. and you know what my name is no huda i'm from lebanon i'm twenty years old i met my husband in tripoli life was hard there and so i got married early i had my first baby at fifteen and the second one a year later then my husband joined a salafi group the members of the group introduced him to their ideas of jihad and explained to him that he needs to go to i so he persuaded me that there is nothing bad there and i trusted him as he's wife so it ranged all the documents and join him in syria. my mom told me i have to go back to tunisia as my husband was killed but women here told me why don't you get married a second time here deja there's one disabled man and he's looking for a wife don't you want to get married and i agree.
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that many men love to visit a girl's more than their wife's just imagine for example a man gets himself a girl and as time passes he begins to love her more than his own. wife and treats her better and if this easy to converts to islam he will be able to marry her mad do you get this it means she will become free go wherever she wants she won't be a slave anymore in this case is this clear. the russian family has been detained in turkey on suspicion of trying to join i sell the story after a break. seems
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wrong. just don't. get to shape our. culture. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the.
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welcome back to the program a russian family has been detained by turkish security forces at the country's border with syria is thought they were trying to join i still in the conflict torn country auntie's every sujoy merely with what he tells his family we're talking about here is that there's a father and mother jenny. and they were traveling with their two young daughters and what they did was they told everybody that all their relatives there go on vacation an anchorite to visit cousin of course that didn't happen then they went missing about one month ago and the relatives then organize a search and eventually notify the turkish authorities who detained the family now the search was organized by ex-husband because she was traveling with their six year old daughter lisa so he flew to hopes to take lisa back from spot line up and
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that's when an altercation happened at the airport. it was. so after the altercation happened a turkish police intervened and that's when their family has been detained now what we do know about this case according to relatives is that her behavior apparently changed quite dramatically over the past couple of years yes according to his front line as an ex father in law met her new partner and the family converted to islam her behavior started to change drastically here's how he described it i knew you. would change the religion to islam and it seems to me the most radical branch of it will be to stop motion t.v. using computers to stop so you can the daughter to kindergarten and the change this social network profile picture is it's
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a picture of. the most. a war. zone. among muslims that live around here i've never seen children were in these bloody scarves i mean it's really interesting what he says we've seen the cases that have come to light in the media similar kinds of behavior but at the moment do we know why exactly they tried to and to syria for. the change in spite of his behavior do you have signs of extremism but we don't know for sure if that's what led to their trip to syria but what we do know is a lot of those who tried to join us live in state and tried to enter syria they do use a similar route and in fact there's a recent case in russia twenty one year old moscow student she tried to do the same using a similar over and join us i'm saying that's been confirmed and that is why stalin a story is potentially alarming but like we've said earlier there's no official confirmation on this yet we don't know exactly why spotless family travel to syria
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. it's fear that israeli palestinian tensions may reignite after a shootout at the temple mount one of jerusalem's holiest sites three palestinians armed with homemade machine guns opened fire on israeli police killing two officers journalist on the right when husband details in israel the spokesman said that the three assailants were killed after they fled to the temple mount and they have been identified as residents of which is near the port city of haifa a disturbing footage has emerged of the incident and security officials are trying to determine how the weapons managed to get into the area and how the assailants managed to get the weapons this included a handgun two rifles and tonight it is the second attack at jerusalem's old city within the past month the temple mount has been closed to the public after this attack. the temple mount was closed off in twenty fourteen but it's the first time
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in seventeen years that friday prayers there have been cancelled the hour mosque which is part of the compound is islam is third holiest site palestinian religious officials have condemned israel's decision to cancel the press however the israeli president argued that the move was made for security reasons are in quote the status quo at the mosque will be preserved. also on friday a young palestinian man was killed in clashes with the israeli army during a raid on a refugee camp near the city of bethlehem the israeli defense forces say they opened fire at suspects who were throwing rocks and using explosive devices according to the palestinian health ministry the eighteen year old died of his injuries in hospital shortly afterwards. meanwhile an israeli police response in clashes in east jerusalem earlier this week has left a palestinian boy without an i the thirteen year old was shot in the head by a non-lethal weapon his family say he was playing on the balcony of his home when
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security forces opened fire to break up a nearby disturbance i love the let. me. see. below about an israeli soldiers came and started shooting in the air to the left to the right so the houses my son said let's go inside is more safe there as they were coming in the bullet hit my son zines face who loved playing football he had loads of hobbies now he's asked me all the time can i do this can i do that. we can show you video of the police response in east jerusalem during which the boy was injured we contacted the police to get their view on the incident and here's what they told us. as police arrived in the area there were stones and objects thrown at them the units responded by using non-lethal weapons leader in the night a local resident was taken to hospital with an injury these a non-lethal weapons the police have been using as of late one teenager was shot
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dead by this kind of ammunition and twenty fourteen and more than twelve people have lost an eye palestinian teenagers have suffered from alleged abuse of power at the hands of israeli security forces in the past. but they do the job you've got very little. bit about. the. russian soyuz spacecraft is on its way toward the international space station. eight.
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the craft is carrying a record payload of seventy two small data lines among them is what said will be the brightest object in the night sky the so-called my all white house russian satellite is a special crowd funded project it's slated to be even brighter than the moon and you can see it for yourself or the naked eye but you might want to located first using the official tracking app. thanks a lot it's another heated debate in cross talk with peter lavelle. you don't leave universal basic income when you have an economy around the world that rewards imagination and monetizes free thought free thought free movement of capital and all those intermediary forces go out of business a lot of bankers lose their jobs a lot of politicians lose their job the nation state collapses as we know it and people are as free as their money because right now money is
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a lot freer than people. do colin is still exist. ricos treated as one visitor annoyed co-equals on the hind fulsomely toe and then only on the portal three cool. little can on you a lot of seats and they can be seen on the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crew even dependents joe it was the only god you know it was getting out on our local good at either we like it but i'm going to sort out what i mean we're taking a game where you can point to last year obviously. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day knowing. that i'm a long way from mania. beings. with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise.
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when lawmakers manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and we don't want. to ignore middle of the room sick. do.
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hello and welcome to all things considered peter lavelle fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults ever carried out on a u.s. naval vessel in peacetime and committed by an allied country since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking justice.
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crosstalk in the u.s.s. liberty i'm joined by my guest ken o'keefe in new york he is a political analyst and the ex u.s. marine who renounced u.s. citizenship in greenville we have philip nelson he is the primary author of remember the liberty as well as author of two books on lyndon johnson and in lake jackson we cross to daniel make adams he is the executive director. the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate phil if i can go to you holding the book there in greenville you've written about this. just real quickly i know it's there's a lot of detail in the book is been told is very good but a lot of our viewers have never ever heard of this event so could you in a nutshell tell us what happened fifty years ago in the mediterranean go ahead well it's a long story and i'll try to to come.


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