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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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france marks the year since the deadly terror attack a nice bit of french magazine comes under fire for printing and graphic images of the atrocity. the u.s. and french presidents show signs of overcoming some of their differences after talks in paris however french people voiced their anger at both leaders regardless of their plans. and a new video has emerged reportedly showing u.s. helicopters over the city of raka my sil's defacto capital in syria washington has confirmed its forces do operate inside the city but only under the pretext of advise assist and the company.
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thank you for watching r.t. international live from moscow i'm kate partridge. france is marking the first anniversary of the terror attack in the city of nice the city has organized a large scale tributes to the victims some of their families will be there and president mccraw is set to meet them privately later he also appeared at a highly protected central square and shook hands with people in the crowd event is set to continue throughout the evening. well one year ago radicalized newsy and man around a truck into a crowd celebrating the national holiday of bastille day killing eighty six people the terrorist was shot dead by police islamic state later claimed responsibility for the atrocity.
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i was. just. a few easy and living in france the attacker was known to police for several violent crimes. just terror tactics direction lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a crowd. to figure out if. you will and you will see we are in
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a new era and france will have to live with terrorism. well a year on from the attack some survivors still recovering in hospital and around three thousand others need counseling from aid organizations or we spoke to a spokesperson of the national institute for victim support and mediation who told us how they help those affected and the law. on clement morial organized by the city of nice is paying tribute to the victims who were never the less worried about attending so we are welcoming them in the woman's way possible we have thirty five professionals welcome is and psychologists who are accompanying them talking to them reassuring them they have a sense of security thanks to the patrols who ensure an extremely well secured event so i hope they'll feel safe. well meanwhile the government has only handed over twenty five million euros in compensation from the three hundred million that
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it promised and the anniversary has also seen some controversy the latest edition of french magazine paddy match has come under fire over its coverage of the event it published these images pulled from security footage showing the moments the lorry plowed into the crowd the magazine said the pictures were meant to inform the public and ensure the victims were not forgotten however some of the lawyers for the victims have accused barely match of morbid sensationalism. there are limits we don't need this shock pictures to understand the horror of terrorism well the french court has found perry march from republic the controversial images however the ruling did not call for the magazine's latest issue that includes the photos to be pulled from the shelves editor in chief of the magazine.
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the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from pools island to sandy point maryland chesapeake bay from sandy point to north beach maryland just a river to queenstown maryland eastern bay until three thirty pm it two or three pm a strong thunderstorm was located over sandy point state park moving northeast at five knots hazard wind gusts before knots or greater source radar indicated impact boaters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations impacted include baltimore light point chesapeake bay bridge mr river sandy point state park and get narrows bridge move to safe harbor immediately as gusty winds and high waves are expected.
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well this is a claim to russian conduct of let me get a guess who has played with such as the london philharmonic orchestra he's currently with the munich for the moment gold strike in germany and there was some controversy about the choice that he wasn't a french conductor not a french minister and that he would be coming here and some people even suggested they have in the past that he isn't a tomb of kremlin propaganda and so this being unhappiness an unease that so i put that question to him does he feel that he's in the kremlin propaganda and what does he make of those claims in criticisms of him leading these very french celebrations . here. quite often. to see seven years either is. or was
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she got to be. the first. so far so good so. i before the four. times just six. weeks before. but we also talked about some of the conduct this highlights during his career one he says with the sochi games a few years ago in russia but he also to look to power to being the conductor leading the new history in a very special occasion indeed in how mira when it was first reclaimed back from isis in syria and he described that considered as being yet again criticized by people as being a p.r. stunt that he said to him and the musicians that to post in that concert it was about paying respects to the man. who had knocked off the antiquities palmira for many years and with used to leave the area when i still took.
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it was a risky. very very brave group. this is sci fi so as far as i know not everyone likes that you tube is. full of life so much of what. we want to do but it just gets to the stable level because it was told to the medical person it was a god this. was the most the world should feel. fortunate. during interview to get it it was a very open about what he saw with the benefits of music the benefits of events like this he said it was important to be able to share cultural values and to also explain cultural differences to people until you use music as a part to take advantage of that and to be able to show the next generation more amazing things could be done in the world if countries come together like musicians
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because he said when you play as part of a new construct nobody asks you for your passport to be says where did you come from it's all about your talent how you work together and not something that he said that would lead to his can work together on today's to learn from how an orchestra works and to be able to unify that to unify global politics at the moment . it's wise was china devinsky in paris thank you very much indeed and. well staying in france u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his two day visit to paris on thursday he held talks with his french counterpart emanuel my call and today he was a special guest at the bestowal day parade in the capital and it seems the to me just found it hard to say goodbye.
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thank. you. new city. jenny nothing will ever separate. the presence today be american president by my side mr donald trump and his wife is a sign of our friendships on which has enjoyed time it has seen you dignity it's going to be just fine because you have
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a great president you have somebody that's going to run this country right and i would be willing to bet because i think this one of the great cities one of the most beautiful cities in the world. however it seems the french public don't particularly care about warm relations between the two countries antiwar activists marched through central paris to protest the best deal they military parade as well as the attendance over u.s. president donald trump out the event protesters chanted slogans and carried signs reading no hate and save the planet resist the rally was organized by the social front activist movement. well meanwhile paris and los angeles are currently fighting for the right to host the twenty twenty four olympics and emmanuel mccall seems determined to get france across the finish line first the very day macron officially took office he couldn't wait to make his elim pick charm offensive a priority. right with you on your venture for the olympics paralympics in the twenty twenty four checks of. both the twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight
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games are up for grabs at the paris in los angeles it's all about who gets one year to macron it seems getting first place is a big deal bigger than usual for a head of state he's already made his pitch in switzerland an unusual move for a country's leader who normally only make an appearance at the host city vote just north of tampa trump was absence for the poor paris man who spearheaded the french bid before macro to grab the reins was noticeably eclipsed by the president we hold two stage and then there's the campaigning has been enthusiastic to say the least showcasing his sporting prowess and trying hard to show just was an all rounder he is the founder olympic values are. there under threat in question by many people today so it's the best moment to defend. the olympics theme appears to be very much close to back on its heart he made headlines after promising to make his leadership
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style due to tarion channeling the french king louis the great who was himself once portrayed as jupiter at the head there. and godes and of course as the father of old dogs he requires a complete theory and it seems he's already found his self appointed head on these images michael these should be to. tell miss. the messenger. as for his patron emmanuel macro just like jupiter he's determined to get what he wants this case is very old and the pick. well meanwhile france's police unions have warned they might not be able to provide the necessary level of security for an event on the scale of the olympics and they're blaming budget cuts more than five hundred million euros worth of savings are being planned next year the policy is meant to bring the country's budget deficit in line with e.u. limits police unions are threatening to join mass protests planned for the autumn.
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many videos emerged reportedly showing u.s. helicopters flying over the city of rocco in syria which i still considers to be its capital us syrian rebels started an operation to retake the area back in november and last month breached the walls of the old city and now the pentagon says its military advisers are also operating inside the city to support local militants however washington hasn't revealed the number of u.s. troops there but a coalition spokesman has previously said they were not hundreds. well ryan dillon also said forces in iraq are a more exposed to enemy contacts than those during the battle for mosul in iraq he claims the troops are in syria on in the devising assisting and accompanying mission and says american troops call in airstrikes to takes a close look at the history of train and assist operations by its this train those are all the tags you always get when the pentagon tries to explain what american
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soldiers are doing in iraq in the u.s. in assisting aspect eyes and assist in training mission. training equipping. in a company and train equip and assist in the company and our partners on the ground so let's break down those terms that often fall like a bunch of cliches actually mean very specific things train and equip that's how it usually begins that's sort of like a boot camp when u.s. instructors provide local forces with arms and train them that approach was taken in theory a while back but didn't prove to be very effective can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains were dog and four or five next we have to advise and assist which is what troops were tasked with doing in mosul and that means more engagement is true that we're operating closer and deeper into the iraqi formations are partners are fighting the enemy and we're supporting them with our advice and assistance we are very close to it if not already. in that part and if you add
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a company to the end of advise and assist your for into an even higher level of involvement by u.s. troops and this is the cost of cation for the u.s. soldiers involved in the rocket assault. interestingly enough those marines firing long range artillery are still regarded as advisors and i think there's a big difference between authorization of war and sending a few hundred advisors so what the addition of a company to their mission u.s. troops are practically escorting the local fighters to rocka well there you have it the next time you listen to the military officials you can decipher what they really mean r.t.u. washington d.c. well meanwhile there are a number of u.s. backed forces fighting islamic state in the area among them are kurdish units which
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were joined by female u.c.d. fights a few days ago they say their most important duty is to avenge eisel violence against women and slaved by the terrorists up to five thousand women are currently being held they have been with ports of slavery and rape some have been sold among the children girls as young as eight one for my so prisoner who was badly injured by a landmine while trying to escape shed her hering experience the quick warning you may find her account disturbing. they captured me in the village then they took the girls to mosul and the two car mothers and the married women to tell a far we didn't know what happened to them after that the one who took me to rock in syria she was in iraq and i stayed with him for a month and from there i tried to escape twice but they caught the need both times and they beat me badly and they did dirty things to me after that he sold me to
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another man in mosul then she sold me to one more man from mosul who was a bomb maker she beat me too and she was forcing me to help him in his job making suicide cars and belts. women describe a life of hell i saw wives paint a very different picture we spoke to some who shared their stories. i. thought that there is no sex jihad everything is just according to the law you go to the city hall and get married and if you have already been married and your husband got killed you just get married to another man i was. and you know my name is neuro huda i'm from lebanon i'm twenty years old i met my husband when tripoli life was hard there and so i got married early i had my first baby at fifteen and the second one a year later then my husband joined
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a salafi group the members of the group introduced him to their ideas of jihad and explained to him that he needs to go to i so he persuaded me that there is nothing bad there and i trusted him as he's wife so it ranged all the documents and join him in syria. but my mom told me i have to go back to tunisia as my husband was killed but women here told me why don't you get married a second time her deja there is one disabled man and he's looking for a. life don't you want to get married and i've read. that many men love to visit a girl's more than their wives just imagine for example a man gets himself a city girl and as time passes he begins to love her more than his own wife and treats her better and if this is it it converts to islam he will be able to marry her marry did get this it means she will become free go wherever she wants she
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won't be a slave anymore in this case is this clear. a russian family has been detained by turkish security forces at the country's border with syria it's thought they were trying to join i saw in the conflict torn country a really super reports family we're talking about here is there's a father and mother jenny charlie and. and they were traveling with their two young daughters and what they did was they told everybody that all their relatives there go on vacation an anchor out to visit cousin of course that didn't happen then they went missing about one month ago and the relatives then organize a search and eventually notify the turkish authorities who detained the family now the search was organized by ex-husband because she was traveling with their six year old daughter lisa so he flew to the hopes to take lisa back from spot line up
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and that's when an altercation happened at the airport. where you. know. it was. so after the altar cation happened turkish police intervened and that's when their family has been detained now what we do know about this case according to relatives is that her behavior apparently changed quite dramatically over the past couple of years yes according to his front line as an ex father in law met her new partner and the family converted to islam her behavior started to change drastically here's how he described it the new daughter in law. would change their religion to islam and it seems to me the most radical branch of it will be to stop motion t.v. using computers to stop so you can the daughter to kindergarten and the change the
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social network profile picture is it's a picture of men. mostly war. and scoffs on her daughter among muslims the live around here who have never seen children. i'm wearing these black scarves and it's really interesting what he says then we've seen you in other cases that have come to light in the media similar kinds of behavior but at the moment do we know why exactly they they tried to end to syria or is the change in his behavior do you have signs of extremism but we don't know for sure if that's what led to their trip to syria but what we do know is a for a lot of those who tried to join us and try to enter syria they do use a similar route and in fact there's a recent case in russia twenty one year old moscow student she tried to do the same using a similar over and join us i'm saying that's been confirmed and that is why spoil on a story is potentially alarming but like we've said earlier there's no official confirmation
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on this yet we don't know exactly why as far as family travel to syria. you know a key officials say they're investigating reports that troops have been executing suspected islamic state fighters the allegations were brought up by human rights watch after a series of disturbing videos emerged on social media in one of the unverified clips many in uniform are seen throwing an unidentified person off a cliff and then gunning him down human rights watch says the footage was filmed in the city of mosul which was liberated by u.s. led forces earlier this week the head of the middle east and north africa division at human rights watch says iraqi troops seem to be operating with impunity. document or many months now of actually visual execution of. the security forces both federal police forces as well as. forces. really very little. soldiers execute the suspected isis militants
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were going to be using family members of the. new leadership. greaves are concerned with the u.s. government in the flight command operations including france and australia for example about the very many instances that we are continuing to document by rockets from explosives planted neatly have never see the rocket government actually hold any soldiers accountable for these abuses that are being documented. well these latest allegations come just days after another and geo amnesty international blamed the u.s. led coalition for thousands of civilian deaths during the battle for mosul the u.s. state department spokeswoman was grilled on the issue by reporters on thursday it seems to be and this is not just something that unique to this administration but for many over the course of the last four or five days of this research when
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amnesty or another human rights group group comes out with a report on a country that you don't like they like north korea or syria you are and they don't consult those governments when they do that your words you guys accept it you know and you even talk about it and praise the reports from rome from the podium and say this is you know we can't really chemical weapons in syria but when they come out with a report that is. in a country that is about it i just say we want is that on that report that apartment of the families puts together a very thorough humanitarian excuse me a very thorough civilian casualty list this is not a case of this is not a situation where you accept reports that if you like the results but do not accept match i'm not going to characterize it that way at all ok i think we've been over this now for. an attack onto the knife has killed two foreign tourists and wounded four others in the egyptian city of her god or the two dead german nationals according to
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a local security official the russian consulate in the city says a russian woman is among the wounded the attacker has been arrested and is being questioned by police egypt's foreign ministry says a preliminary investigation suggests the man swam from a public beach to access the hotel where the assault took place. while the motives behind the attack had not yet clear however local media site eyewitnesses saying the assailant was targeting only foreigners and shouting to egyptians to stay away that information has not been independently verified while her daughter is a popular beach holiday resort the incident comes despite tightened security in the country after a series of attacks this year while in january twenty sixth ened two suspected i saw militants also stormed a hotel in hagar the stabbing three foreign tourists. now moscow says it may retaliate against washington's continued refusal to return seized russian property in the u.s. or allow more russian diplomats into the country artie's daniel hawkins has more
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diplomatic scandals are as old as time itself tit for tat expulsions of diplomatic workers are usually part and parcel of these events though this story dates back to december last year on the presidential election the outgoing obama administration allegedly to punish russia for those allegations of meddling in the u.s. election decided to expel thirty five russian diplomatic workers and then only that also to seize their diplomatic compound that's quite a big move in the world of diplomacy now at the time quite unusually president putin decided not to retaliate at all he said he'd rather wait and see how things would develop with the new incoming administration in fact he famously handed an olive branch to washington inviting the families of u.s. the workers here in moscow to celebrate christmas the kremlin it seems now that moscow's patience is finally running out today the foreign ministry spokeswoman
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marie is a horrible made a statement describing what could happen next the problem of the border it's been half a year but we do not see any concrete steps from washington to resolve these issues however nothing impedes the new administration from showing independence and taking steps time is running out we do have ways to retaliate the personnel in the u.s. embassy in moscow greatly exceeds the number of our embassy staff in washington. now both marias all of. the presidential spokesman have made very clear that this potential move is unrelated to any other differences political disagreements that the u.s. and russia have it's linked purely to this ongoing scandal and they've also tried to very much emphasize that these measures this issue rather is flexible it's not set in stone. next on the ship of nerves it talks social media with andrew keen about whether it's driving us to abandon our real line identities.
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fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults committed by an i one hundred since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking. you don't leave universal basic income when you have an economy around the world that rewards imagination and monetizes free thought free thought free movement of capital.


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