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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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something big oil has dropped according to a morgan stanley report but as a store of value it spectacularly people see this as a safe haven for an. exposed vulnerable a turkish news agency publishes a map of american military base locations in northern syria it's a concern for the pentagon. trouble in the dumps as the us president gets a record low ratings look at why the poles failed to predict major of a. little gray shouldn't processing the spark angry protests in thousands of migrants in limbo in both greece and also in italy is the latest refugee crisis in gold you.
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are there this is art international with me kevin owen for the morning for me it's just turned ten in the morning here in moscow now first on this thursday the american military says it's concerned for the safety of troops after a turkish news agency released him up showing the location of u.s. bases in northern syria in a comment to r.t. the u.s. central command said that the sources which contributed to the story can't be independently verified but went on to add that it would be very concerned if officials from its nato ally would purposefully danger forces by releasing such sensitive information reports this is how america's military presence in northern syria allegedly looks as according to turkish state news agency on a dollar it claims to have detected america's hidden outpost scout across kurdish held areas the agency reports there are as many as ten including two air bases one in on me leon. which is large enough for cargo planes and used to supply kurdish
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forces and another in hair up here which is slightly smaller and reportedly used by military helicopters there's also said to be eight more military points which it's claimed are used to house military consultants operational planning offices and units to engage in active conflicts plus the equipment cap that allegedly includes artillery batteries rocket launchers and all made vehicles with the turkish news agency revealing washington's active operations in a war zone in thirty much detail with accurate or not it's likely upsetting for the us and course the pows that ally the discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could in danger coalition and partner forces we respectfully request that you refrain from disseminating any information we chose not to disseminate all the details listed by the un a dollar agency like the number of u.s.
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special forces and strategic tasks of the outposts arguably a bigger question here is not about the publication's accuracy but rather why would turkey want to undermine its ally by revealing potentially dangerous details of its secret military bases well perhaps it has something to do with the location of these bases which form within a region controlled by the kurdish militia a group the u.s. considers to be a key ally in the fight against iso but one which turkey deems as terrorists probably the turks are doing this and thinking down the same line in response to this that you know you can tamp turkish interests for the turks are thinking we could probably get it to be a challenge the americans for mission and other nato allies if you're not from a fully respected member. should rethink this relationship in a sense for it to need to be now to. he regularly slams the u.s.
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over its support for the kurds but now by revealing this sensitive information it appears anchor is using more direct tactics to strike back at its nato ally. polls may give a reason for donald trump after voting with his approval ratings are the worst of any president in seventy years but political polls of course been proved to be fairly wide of the mark lately in several countries explains how best to interpret these numbers them. we're six months into donald trump's presidency and the pollsters tell us that his ratings have tanked but these pollsters don't exactly have the best record remember what they said right before the election most polls give clinton a better chance of winning than slave for hillary all the major electoral map forecasters show hillary clinton winning the election. day trumped by the conventional wisdom and expectations polls showed hillary clinton was the
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favorite to win and they weren't wrong in the sense that hillary clinton did win the popular vote through the polls were wrong about this race the entire time warps why are american pollsters getting things so wrong and can you read between the lines to get a more accurate picture here are some helpful tips posed in american made outs and precise and definitive. so is there something we're missing to understand any poll you first need to know who's taken it. recent surveys in the u.s. seem to pick tell me democratic voters leaving the republican voice behind but reports suggest americans are equally divided when it comes to party affiliation so what should we be looking for response rates the actual number of people who've taken the pope over the last two decades in the u.s. view of people who seem to be interested in getting their opinions out to post as meaning the blanks to fill in for them based on probability and relying on factors
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like political preference and polish choices. that leaves us with something referred to as a sampling error which can be anything from one to five percent still a sizable number of possible mistakes. so now you know you pose shouldn't be taken at face value. some american pollsters even admit that they're having trouble getting things right you really don't have to justify it when you are the network and you have millions of viewers a.b.c. washington post c.b.s. new york times whatever you know that big into that that whole release are an automatic several million viewers that poll is going to be discussed other networks is going to be picked up by the associated press and so. you can be careless and get away with that next time you see a catchy headline based on a poll do the work that immediate doesn't want you to do read between the lines
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what mop and r.t. new york. several european countries put ingolf by the ongoing micro in crisis italy for want to cause so much is now accepting most of those coming into europe and that was in the standoff with other members of the block to over how best to handle the crisis over in spain activists have protested against refugee policies and violations of human rights while in greece and angry demonstrations been held against delays in the immigration process. those delays left thousands separated from their families and stranded in greece divisions between different ethnic groups now are also emerging to have more complications in these really overcrowded camps.
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mean problem which is. most of if you just sort of decisions. african people sometimes if they are just says start by saying they want to get their rights by their pound employ some. consider say syrian people they can get us quickly that's not true it will be. the only party. people
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coming from africa feeling neglected when they are arrived suddenly they face. different treatment because of their skin and skin color or because of different other right when you feel that not receiving your interview in a couple of months but in four five six months you're seeing that there's a longer rejection rate for your community or for the group of people you are from your attention on your frustration raises. with least be desperately calling for help especially of late saying it feels abandoned and isolated from the block the he repeatedly voices his readiness to help for the country is now warning that it could issue temporary visas that would allow migrants to travel around the you need a unity of purpose coordinated international regional effort and this is why the european union frontiers to work with the quartet for libya to darren t. that there is a unitarian approach the only thing that works we are asking europe is to. lead
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to the location kronk's from we are continuing to push because in europe you're not particularly neutral actually in general the only thing that counts. hard negotiation but countries trying to cope with a record number of migrant. since accepted over eighty thousand since january it's already threaten to shut down ports and also impose stricter rules on the n.g.o.s rescue with migrants added say locals in one of the most affected areas as well as many politicians to believe that the responsibility should be shared better. your writing i believe that welcoming people is the right things for you but the european union must pay more attention to this phenomenon and support italy in this enormous effort of social integration for these people is a must but the e.u. cannot just look at it from afar you that it needs to get involved and not abandon italy and sicily in particular which are desperate to see yes we feel abandoned i believe that the european union should really focus on its illicit use especially
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on the issues that affect the south of italy we have been welcoming the talents are true europeans sicilians have been welcoming and supportive for years but we are not willing to be the fools of europe the e.u. has left us alone this is our country we will try in every way possible to block this arrogance and the selfishness which is not european. first next about the b.b.c. and he will say we classical music marathon the struck a political quarterly in the event should be politics you might think one of the conduct is that the problems preceded a beethoven performance with the play of a bricks it is. tendencies and. that the that is a very narrow sense is something that is very dangerous and can only be fought with really good rate accident on the education of the new generation
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the new generation they have to understand that greece and germany and france and then mark have all this something in common called european culture. well reaction swiftly followed from the political and musicals fears who turned on the b.b.c. and the problems for allowing the event to become politicized one music commentator said is going to tarnish the problems reputation while former u.k. independence party leader nigel farage called it lunacy is what another party member a to say it's well known that the b.b.c. is fundamentally against breck's it's always has been always will be we need to check we need to actually evaluate that the b.b.c. is achieving its papers which is to disseminate the news and events that statement instead of being what it is now
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a political organization if it wants to be a political organization then that's fine but it shouldn't the united kingdom taxpayer to pay for it it needs to raise its own revenue if it wants to do that if it wants to be a voice of the nation then you know we can do show not while it's it's a political organization and it is. b.b.c. react to the problems is not a political platform adding that it's the artist's right to speak to an audience if they want to and that it was a personal artistic decision. to stay with this more high flying business to the max twenty seven showed. the love it will give access all areas to and the rest of the muses will come. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around.
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washington washington. business to run this country business. it's not business as it's business like it's never been done for.
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violence has erupted in bethlehem between palestinian protesters and israeli police after the west bank leadership called for a day of rage. it's in response to three nights of clashes no jerusalem's old which dozens have been injured the armrest began when israeli forces tightened security at a muslim holy site and sealed off from access points israeli police made the move after two soldiers were stabbed to death last friday. to item out is more and more people seem to be getting an appetite for the often mentioned these days nothing but you may remember that's the phrase used by a c.n.n. commentator caught secretly on camera describing news coverage of russia or of late is jackie vova taking a bite. i know you've probably heard the phrase nothing burger maybe twice.
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the really. nothing burger and it really was a nothing burger at the same nothing burger big nothing burger. the place popping up more and more of the stuff that comes the investigation involving teens and rush but i'll bet you've never eaten a nothing burger and well guess what now you can. see a local chain has decided to give up nothing but it's consist of nothing but how do you find a bug for those who come with a passport which is on surprisingly nothing i've read about it on the news just. the nothing burger sounds like a great commotion i just order and click. past a preview. so do you think anything should come on the side of a nothing burger but you know for me at least they gave me
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a push i'm becoming less think it's. maybe a bit. thicker for the author bernard a fair amount of rational mind as well but some just happy to have an excuse for the other still in the idea saying that they prefer not to mix the politics and lunch the people have been objecting online think it's mixing politics or making light of something how do you feel about. their business so if it's going to make money to buy the part of the clever potions i don't have a license to use so they're just capitalizing on something you know what the state . people are stunned or explain the police saying that for years whenever someone who ordered a plane but he referred to it as a nothing for the always fun things say. nothing but that famous piece in the like i said we've been calling it back to the kitchen for for many years. i don't want anybody to insult my nothing where we got the best burgers in town so perhaps this
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wasn't a political statement at all but just like the trump must. make something out of not just. washington d.c. well talk in a way it shifts the washington nothing burgers a tickle your topical taste serious or more silly dishes on the menu elsewhere. when mexico senses people that have lots of problems. progress is possible but i'm. we will once again rediscover our heritage as a manufacturing nation. we
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have to start by building a wall a big beautiful powerful wall and you don't know america. is the final business day now march twenty seventh to show their moscow nice day for as we're looking out the window more deals are expected before the doors open to the public to see the latest innovations that the russian and global aviation industries have to offer which is there just outside moscow we've seen some amazing planes and things that flying the schooling there it's amazing she's really good so you take this for instance this is trace and it can fly and they can also drive and they can swim. in. this behind me you can see these you rick and you rick is a drone as we know drones can fly and they can check out traffic and i can even spy
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on you but this one is particularly special as a people as well. another thing that i've seen here is a flying taxi just like those from back to the future roads. we're going we don't need road. diana's three d. experience of what it feels like to operate one of those cars so what you see now we see this. yellow car is basically the house sort of sounds that make the operates that way if you've got this big car that looks a bit like the fact that bill is going to get all the pins of flipped up and it's got the most is on it so it's got four different makes and i spoke to one of the men behind this project and he says it's only a couple of years to go before we'll all be able to enjoy the ride our in turn to twenty if you go to dollars to just a pop up your mobile lap and your car and probably
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a lot more of it for the your taxes to pick you up and where was you thank you very much indeed well there you go ladies and gentlemen we always thought it was back to the future but the future perhaps just so far away these are twenty twenty. four chocolate technology electronically tagging the homeless so access to their movements can be bought by anyone to track them up twenty four seventh's sounds like something where it's all got a bit roll of technology a face and glimpse maybe of an oppressive future but nonetheless like the naacp's happening and is happening in london the man behind it is now on guard danish artiste. i'm in central london during a photo shoot. you look a little bit more. look more homeless. if you are angry and you know i just left you alone and you don't do anything for you you take the. next i think you know you make me famous so is there is some point to this that works by
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giving people who are sleeping rough a tracking device that gives people access to its data and images no all that sell for tens of thousands of pounds to anyone who wants to watch these guys any time half of the money does go to the homeless volunteer their every day struggles for the money as well they're also get splashed across the web and social networks the intension the arts he says this to shine a light on abject poverty in an age when i think could be bought on the lives are always on show and i love the fact that the buyers are part of the project and it creates awareness and it turns to problem upside down and make fun of it and they can sit in the ferrari or whatever and they can look free i am at the guys in the park now it's november it's cold it worries me that frightens me chasing some sensational could have had that he is using a new form of using the vulnerable just as a product as a commodity to some unknown person and slave to abuse them and the i don't see
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what the end point is how the benefit will be for the homeless person like in all good business deals everyone gets. walked away from with a good sense so the homeless gets fifty percent of all after all expenses but only if they stay a year in the project and fill up the application in the country. in a way. what he's doing something ethical when you've got such. an imbalance and somebody's going to put in some of these vulnerable and mv. somebody who's got a lot of money you know if there was an equality fine you know if you had twenty five thousand of them i have twenty five thousand and i want to buy you for a year we can strike a deal but as soon as you've got an inequality and with some ethical. free wife i am public places may sound like a great gift to some uses in the u.k.
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i've found that of late maybe some really tricky hidden extras in that small print . we were looking at changing our privacy policy and really just trying to simplify things as much as possible for people looking on to the wife i just thought you know i wonder how many people actually have read what they're agreed to the plan was to make it as transparent visible for those people as we possibly could so we thought well you know let's do an experiment let's take it in and it's really crazy
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and see how many people actually pick up on it and. people just are completely unaware of what they're agreed to with that date you could literally pull anything you want to see conditions and those people just don't really that will be agreed to all sorts of different. oh dear no small print with us just continuing to question more i'm kevin now and this is our international programs continue after the break.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's. well along on the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americans doing the same thing we are apparently better than that and see people you've never heard of low down on the president of the world but i'm so sorry the woman a seriously send us an e-mail. about whether it's a store of value or a means of payment and as a means of payment it hasn't really caught on the number of retailers actually in the world it's something big oil has dropped according to a morgan stanley report but as a store of value it's caught on spectacularly people see this as a safe haven for an.
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island to francis's boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight turns out germany is making big bucks on the greek debt after nearly ten years of bailing out the financial struggling country and if infrastructure initiatives finally are passed if ever what is the united states going to do with that shortage of skilled labor workers how do we even find the resources to train people like this in time some say might not be possible my guests and i hit the skies we talk airlines more passengers more profit and expansions former u.s. attorney christopher park looks at the numbers with me stand by for us starts right now. good.
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citizens of the. not a kingdom get to kiss those dreaded credit card surcharges on their statements good bye starting january that's one of ban on companies charging fees for debit and credit card transactions takes effect according to the treasury people shelled out on average four hundred seventy three pounds every year that was in two thousand and ten alone the biggest culprits food delivery apps and airlines ryanair and norwegian have been known to charge up to two percent the european union has already instituted a directive by hitting out of visa and master card the u.k. takes it further by also targeting american express pay pal as well the change in the law is likely to mean some companies will simply put up their prices to cover the extra costs they bear with card payments. and germany's finance ministry confirms that loans and bonds bought in support of beleaguered e.u. member nation greece has filled germany's coffers with up to one point three four
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billion euros the profits come from a range of programs running into the hundreds of billions that germany and other eurozone countries have backed these programs to help dig greece out of its financial crisis since it emerged nearly a decade ago that includes profits of three hundred ninety three million euros from a two thousand and ten loan from the german government own k f w a development bank profits also poured in from a now defunct government bond buying program called the securities market programme it was run through germany's central bank the buddhist back since two thousand and fifteen germany has collected a total of nine hundred fifty two million euros in those s.n.p. profits now critics from germany's green party call this not a legal issue but a moral one. over eighty years ago.


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