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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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to the story i would say liberal democracy has. reached its limits. our headline stories this germans are not safe to travel to turkey berlin following the arrest of several human rights activists threatened economic retaliate the two countries already strained relations further. exposed vulnerable in a turkish news agency publishes a map of american military base locations in northern syria sparking concern in washington. also there trump in the dumps is the us president gets record low ratings we look at why the polls feel to predict major
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events. live from our international news center here in moscow this is our. welcome to the program our top story relations between germany turkey are spiraling to a new low the german foreign minister is threatening to rethink economic relations after the arrest of several human rights activists in turkey let's get more in this story across the berlin where europe. is standing by lots of repercussions to this peter both for private citizens public businesses etc to take us through that this latest escalation in iraq that's been brewing for a while. well there are wide ranging right ranging repercussions from a fall out between ankara and berlin what we have seen in what's triggered this
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latest flare up which has prompted the foreign minister to cut short his holiday come back to berlin an issue which is quite a strong statement from zig mar gabriele well that's been the arrest of a german national a human rights activist human rights campaigner who was amongst it a group of others who was arrested and accused of having links to a terrorist organization now that prompted this statement from gabrielle to the german people warning them of potential risks of travel to turkey suggesting that they could be potential targets while they're there that they could be targeted for restaurants so he said by a device that all those traveling to turkey for business for holidays register with the consulate or embassy of germany that's nearest to them where they are he's also made some recommendations towards businesses advising against investing in turkey
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he said that there was no legal certainty in the country at the moment and that x. proposed creations had already taken place and he couldn't warn against them taking place again in the future while this warning that's come out from gabriele had to say it's probably the the strongest worded statement we've heard from him as foreign minister is a warning that a change of approach by was needed however he did say that the door was open to turkey but it was needed to make moves first. and he would steer forces we have to rethink opposition towards turkey the situation in turkey is not transparent we should call it for what it is we are waiting for ankara to return to european values. of the german chancellor angela merkel spokes person. describe the whole predicament we're in at the moment is serious and sound and it all came about following the arrest of peter lloyd in the now he's
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a human rights console tinti was arrested in turkey along with the head the director i beg your pardon of amnesty international turkey it del s. and four others they have been accused of aiding and being part of and helping a armed terrorist organization that hasn't been named as it stands at the moment but this is the latest in deepening crisis between lane and ankara between germany and just recently and it's still ongoing at the moment there is the crisis over the incirlik air base now this was the base in which turkey a big part of it was germany was flying reconnaissance flights as part of the coalition fight against isis it was using a base within turkey german lawmakers from the bundestag it wanted to go and visit that air base they were told repeatedly that they couldn't and that prompted the german defense ministry to move those aircraft from that base in incirlik in turkey
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over to jordan that's ongoing at the moment so they're expecting to be up and running in some semblance of of that word by by the end of this month but they've had to make that big change and what we have seen over the past is some well really grubby slanging matches between the leaders of turkey and germany. one must they would revive gas chambers in concentration camps if they weren't ashamed this is their mentality they are disturbed when we say that this is not seem and. your practices are no different from the narcs you practices of the past my comment that the nazi comparison turkey's part must and is valid without ifs or buts and fortunately we see that this comparisons haven't stats. well there are all strong economic and social links between germany and turkey at the moment both the
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diplomatic links between the two countries well that pretty much is low as they can get. peter over from germany thank you. the american military say's it is concerned for the safety of troops after a turkish news agency released them up showing the location of u.s. bases in northern syria in a comment to r t the u.s. central command said that the sources which contributed to this story cannot be independently verified that it would be very concerned if officials from its nato ally would purposefully endanger forces by releasing such sensitive information with more. this is how america's military presence in northern syria allegedly looks that's according to turkish state news agency on the dollar it claims to have detected america's hidden outposts scattered across kurdish held areas the agency
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reports there are as many as ten including two air bases one in army leon which is large enough for cargo planes and used to supply kurdish forces and another inherent hit which is slightly smaller reportedly used by military helicopters there's also said to be eight more military points which it's claimed are used to house military consultants operational planning offices and units to engage in active conflicts plus the equipment cap that allegedly includes artillery batteries rocket launchers and all made vehicles with the turkish news agency revealing washington's active operations in a war zone in thirty much detail with accurate or not it's likely upsetting for the us and course the pows that ally the discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could in danger coalition and partner force we respectfully request that you refrain from disseminating any information we chose not to disseminate all the details listed by
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the un a dollar agency like the number of u.s. special forces and strategic talks of the outposts arguably a bigger question here is not about the publication's accuracy but rather why would turkey want to undermine its ally by revealing potentially dangerous details of its secret military bases well perhaps it has something to do with the location of these bases which form within the region controlled by the kurdish militia a group the u.s. considers to be a key ally in the fight against eisel but one which turkey deems as terrorists probably the turks are doing this and thinking down the same line in response to this event. i think that you know we can tamper with turkish interests probably the turks are thinking well we could probably get it to be a challenge the american administration and other nato allies if you're not from fully respected as a member then probably you should rethink this one issue in
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a sense need to stability now turkey regularly slams the us over it support for the kurds but now by revealing this sensitive information it appears ankara is using more direct tactics to strike back at its nato ally. moving on several european countries have been engulfed by the ongoing migron crisis italy which is now accepting most of those coming to europe is in the standoff with other members of the block over how the crisis is being handled in spain activists protested against refugee policies on violations of human rights while in greece demonstration has been held against delays in the immigration process. all the delays have left us and separated from their families stranded in police
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divisions between different ethnic groups have also been emerging in the overcrowded camps. which is. just waiting for the decision. african people sometimes if the or just says start by saying they want to get their rights body they found for each side of the. considers to syrian people they. quickly and that's not true it would be.
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not the only party but. people coming from africa feeling neglected when they are arrived suddenly they faced. different treatment because of their skin and skin color or because of different other variables when you feel that not receiving your interview in a couple of months but in four five six months you're seeing that there's a longer rejection rate for your community or for the group of people you are from your attention and your frustration raises. meanwhile italy has been desperately calling for help saying it feels abandoned and isolated from the block the e.u. has repeatedly voiced its readiness to help but it seems at least patients is rapidly running out as are trying to reports the city of messina is the beginning of the main ferry transit route to mainland italy there you have it there are more
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and more migrants filling the local streets and there are no solutions coming from the central government and the european union brussels has been voicing repeated the readiness to help but italy says that saying something is different from actually providing real solutions and getting things done we need a unity of purpose international regional effort and this is why the opinion continues to work with the quartet for libya today that there is unity in approach . to europe used to me to lead to the location of drugs from we have to push because in europe you know particularly to not purely in general the only thing that counts. italy has threatened be with issuing temporary visas for migrants which will allow free travel all around europe
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and that will be of course a thorn in the side of the record breaking numbers of migrants and refugees have been arriving in the country in the recent months since january italy has received more than eighty thousand refugees but those are just official estimates the numbers may actually be much higher and that led to unprecedented measures by the government for example restrictions on n.g.o.s that are trying to rescue the refugees that are coming from north africa on boats and also even leading to closures of words here in sicily locals who are getting increasingly fed up with. situation there saying that responsibility must be shared i believe that welcoming people is the right things but the european union must pay more attention to this phenomenon and support italy in this enormous effort social integration for these people is a must but the e.u. cannot just look at it from afar it needs to get involved and not abandon italy and
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sicily in particular. yes we feel abandoned i believe that the european union should really focus on its who has issues especially on the issues that affect the south of italy we have been welcoming talionis our true european sicilians have been welcoming and supportive for years but we are not willing to be the fools of europe the e.u. has left us alone this is our country we will try in every way possible to block this arrogance and this selfishness which is not european after a serious of protests in the region mayors of local towns around the scene i have decided to gather at the municipality behind my back to find solutions to the crisis there's a glimmer of hope that this can be done or a lack of action could lead to more protests here and also in the towns around the city the b.b.c. problems get political we'll have more on that plus
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a lot more stories right after this. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to do so for the tell you that because of the public. telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. that we all. want.
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i. hello again no the polls make gloomy reading for donald trump learning that his approval ratings are the worst of any american president in seventy years but political polls have been proved fairly wide of the mark in recent countries recently and explains how best to interpret the numbers were six months into donald trump's presidency and the pollsters tell us that his ratings have tanked but these pollsters don't exactly have the best record remember what they said right before the election most polls give clinton
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a better chance of winning than slight for hillary all the major electoral map forecasters show hillary clinton winning the election. day trump defied all. the men all expectations polls showed hillary clinton was the favorite to win and they weren't wrong in the sense that hillary clinton did win the popular vote through the polls were wrong about this race the entire time warps why are american pollsters getting things so wrong and can you read between the lines to get a more accurate picture here are some helpful tips posed in american made outs and precise and definitive. so is there something we're missing to understand any poll . need to know who's taken it. recent surveys in the us seem to have picked out main democratic votes is leaving the republican voice behind but reports suggest americans are equally divided when it comes to party affiliation so what should we be looking for response rates or the actual number of people who have taken the
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poll over the last two decades in the us fewer people seem to be interested in getting their opinions out to post meaning the blanks are filled in for them based on probability and relying on factors like political preference and past choices. that leaves us with something referred to as a sampling error which can be anything from one to five percent still a sizable number of possible mistakes. so now you know post shouldn't be taken at face value some american pollsters even admit that they're having trouble getting things right you really don't have to justify it when you are the network and you have millions of viewers a.b.c. washington post c.b.s. new york times whatever you know that big into that their whole release are an automatic several million viewers that poll is going to be discussed other networks
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are going to be picked up by the associated press and so. you can be careless and get away with that next time you see a catchy headline based on a whole do the work the media doesn't want you to do read between the lines. r.t. new york. the b.b.c.'s unusual eight week classical music martha struck a political quarterly in the event one of the conductors about the problems preceded a beethoven performance with a plea over brags it. if isolation is tendencies and. that is that is a very narrow sense is something that is very dangerous and can only be fought with really good rate accident on the education of the new generation of a huge generation they have to understand their grief and germany and
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france and then mark have all the something in common called european culture. or reaction swiftly followed with many turning on the b.b.c. on the problems for allowing the event to become politicized one music commentator said to it will tarnish the events reputation while former u.k. independence party leader nigel farage called it lunacy here's another party member had to say it's well known that the b.b.c. is fundamentally against brics it's always has been always will be we need to check we need to actually evaluate where did the b.b.c. is achieving its papers which is to disseminate the news and events that statement instead of be in what is now a political organization if it wants to be
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a political organization then that's fine but it shouldn't the united kingdom taxpayer to pay for it it needs to raise its own revenue if it wants to do that if it wants to be a voice of the nation then you know we can do show not while it's it's a political organization and he says well the b.b.c. reacted by saying the promise is not a political platform it's the artist's right to speak to an audience and that it was a personal artistic decision. violence has erupted in bethlehem between palestinian protesters and israeli police after the west bank leadership called for a day of rage here sir middle east correspondent paula sleep. some of those clashes have also been taking place in the old city of jerusalem and the surrounding arab neighborhoods israeli police have been employing riot control
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measures now they've been using stun grenades they've been dragging protesters away protestors in response have been throwing several objects various objects at the police themselves and dozens of people are reported to have been injured yesterday was declared a day of rage by the palestinian fatah faction and thousands of palestinians converged on the old city of jerusalem now all of this violence was sparked by a deadly shootout on friday in which two israeli security officers were killed by three israeli arabs since then israel has closed most of the entrances to the al aqsa mosque and has reopened several but those that it has reopened it is opened with metal detectors not palestinians say that this is an infringement on the right of freedom to worship they are also concerned that israel might be trying to change the status quo now the israelis and jordanians are in talks the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said repeatedly that he has no intention to change
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the status quo and we also know that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has urged to calm the situation but this is a hugely volatile area and many are bracing for more violence particularly ahead of a court tomorrow that has gone out by the jerusalem top muslim cleric and he has called for all mosques in jerusalem to remain closed and worship to make their way to the compound so we are expecting another day of rage and potential clashes tomorrow friday would you tell us would you think on any of those stories by giving or to your following facebook posting a comment also videos that have gone viral on our instagram page all there in one place waiting for you to stay with us.
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drug trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation. components engaged in money laundering and you know the. security forces that for a man. in the us a child can choose and in school. teaches we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't. see. the pentagon is funding
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a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. so that. with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first video game. it's played. like call of duty turn off call of duty oh yeah. for these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told does it just need more recruits. greetings and salutations all right mark your calendars hawk watchers because as the twenty seventeen dog days of summer are now descending upon us we can
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officially declare that the global empire of the united states is falling apart and this isn't this isn't the opinion of some random super progressive millennial protester out a march or a right wing paranoid prep or gold online no this is the conclusion of a year in the making pentagon report published in june by the us army war college is strategic studies institute and it was sponsored by the us army strategic plans and policy directorate the joint staff and the office of the deputy secretary of defense for strategy and force development just to name a few it's gloomily titled our own peril the study essentially concludes that quote while the united states remains a global political economic and military giant it no longer enjoys an unassailable position versus state competitors the status quo that was hatched and nurtured by
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u.s. strategists after world war two and has for decades been the principal beat for d.o.b. is not merely fraying but may in fact become lapsing so with the post world war two power structure that centered around the wants and needs of the united states and its allies now starting to collapse it's now staring collapse in the eye just what is an empire to do what do the brilliant minds in the department of defense suggest is the remedy well investigative journalist not these ahmed or insurgent teligent points out that the solution proposed to protect us power in this new post primacy environment is however more of the same more surveillance more propaganda sorry strategic manipulation of perceptions and more military expansionism. so if it's broke don't fix it. what is the definition of insanity again now let's
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start watching the whole. thing. with the. real thing with. the bottom. like you know that i got. the. gold medal in the watching the hawks i am i robot and i'm tapping the falling out of the empire is in collapse. according to official i mean it's one thing when you hear it on the street now it's official they've got to print this report is saying like it's getting frayed were collapsing we've got to hold to our rule of the world but but but i thought they just said that there wasn't an american empire that that was all a conspiracy theory not anymore or do you believe that. there is that is probably
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read that we're sitting on this precipice where it's this posed we're not in charge anymore we're not an empire right after they spent the last ivory spent the last twenty years telling us what an empire we're just you know we're peacekeepers it's amazing how the turn of the tide once they actually see it crumbling it's interesting what they pointed to his reasons let me walk you through a few of them oh please one of the big ones they say is russia and china yes the presence of russia and china in their pursuit of their own mad passionate interests is basically seen and they admit candidly in the report that the that is a threat to undermine us of authority because they dared to seek a new distribution of power and authority commensurate with their emergence as legitimate rivals to u.s. dominance so because russia and china basically want to be considered equals that is a threat to us don when they want to read well they want to be recognized as sovereign nation it's an.


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