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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 26, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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plan for a basic income socialism the next generation all of them or giving up in today's going underground but first hundreds of palestinians have been wounded since the u.k. backed israeli government restricted muslim access to the al aqsa mosque predictably maybe rupert murdoch's sky news didn't even label the holy site in jerusalem let alone are referring to it in on screen titles as only the jewish temple mount but while bias by sky and the state mandated b.b.c. and others may be predictable because they routinely privileged major foreign policy around the world what about violence here in britain even violence in britain's capital london because on sunday morning this was the b.b.c.'s andrew marr programme introducing the top headline on the state mandated british broadcaster first the news that. good morning angie princes william and harry have given a candidate insight into their relationship with their mother princess diana and the news continued from taxpayer funded royal stories to alleged russian meddling
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in the us election but there was no sign of what took place just a few hours earlier a few miles from the b.b.c. headquarters where that news was broadcast from a twenty year old black man russian charles died at the hands of police and the footage was captured on video to consternation on social media would the b.b.c. have covered it earlier if the victim had been white and middle class he has marched here exam you on the weekends death in custody she's the sister of music producer sean rigg who died in police custody in south london in twenty zero eight we are expecting a report that was commissioned by two reason may in a capacity as a secretary and that there has been some delay in that report but it will be interesting to see what further recommendations will be made what i would like to say is that a family shouldn't have to be going through this sucked in two thousand and seventeen now our next guest specializes in why the reserve any. hundreds of
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millions of socio economic victim struggling in this world for me a liberal austerity hit britain to the entire developing world where nato nations continue to funnel weapons here is what john perkins said in his infamous book on neo liberalism confessions of an economic hit man about the life link to the i.m.f. and world bank courtesy of studio joe and we identify a country that has resources our corporations cut like oil range a huge loan to their country from the world bank or one of its sisters the money never actually goes to the country goes to our own corporations to build the infrastructure projects trying to tell a few very wealthy people well joining me now is the former economic hitman john perkins is in washington state and united states john thanks so much for coming on going underground i understand you were at the st petersburg economic summit just recently how well do other global economics play is understand the issues illuminated by you in that book which is something as old confessions of an
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economic well i was really interested to hear that it has been growing time with president putin's top economic advisor putin itself was there also speaking at the same forum i was being you had and it was very interesting to me to hear that they read the book very instead of rather how to say of course and for me i was most interested in hearing president putin keep trying to defer conversations about where there would be russia was spying on the united states and influencing elections he said of course we spiral you know that you spy on us you're on your allies you have admitted to hacking the german chancellor's office but let's lay it out president putin said that he'd read the books and those in power in russia are quite aware of the kind of allegations you make which is that the i.m.f. and the u.s. military operate in tandem to destroy the livelihoods of millions of people on the well yeah i'm sure they understand it very well after all putin was a new k.g.b.'s i'm sure he has he's very familiar with that but you know he kept trying to return. subject he said to what's really impacting all of us on the
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planet americans chinese britons and russians and that is global warming terrorism and income inequality so speaking to you here from britain what do you see is the impact of brics it for britain can britain get away from the hold of the corporatocracy by exiting the european union well i think that's a step in that direction process play hopefully it will serve notice on on the european union i think the whole brics of thing and i just also after russia i was in cowes it's not an end italy you know and i'm just on my way to latin american in about a week you know what we see all over the world is desperation people who are very unhappy who are very disappointed in their governments in the united states we saw it as expressed on the far left by the better popularity of sanders and on the far right by the popularity of trump and then there was hillary in the middle who didn't do too well and what we're seeing everywhere is desperation and
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dissatisfaction and england you express that through brecht's that the italians are expressing it the greeks are expressing you know the spaniards are actually i mean it's it's all over the world that we're seeing that people understand that we're living on a fragile space station and our leaders have been heading toward disaster and we need to change that and people may not express it quite like that but they're feeling that they're feeling that the influence of the corporatocracy the fact that about eight individuals have as much wealth as half the world's population they know that this is a failing system what i call a death economy an economic system that's destroying itself and we need to do something to change it before you turn you will link to all some of the institutions that come under the most fire i mean how much power i say with jeremy colby and if he became prime minister before the bookies favorite here in britain how of brecht's that wouldn't be. retrenchment by those powers. corporate interests even in the face of rex yeah i think you have to
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recognize that it's the big corporations that run the world and we really have a world empire but it's a corporate empire and they're not united it's not some great conspiracy on the part of all these corporate leaders but they also have one goal which was really brought to into the public light in one nine hundred seventy six when milton friedman won the nobel prize the goal of maximizing short term profits for a few wealthy people regardless of the social and environmental costs i think it's important for us to understand that they only survive and thrive because your listeners buy from them invest in them work for them only men run them and ultimately we have to understand that we're not victims that we have to take the reins and turn this whole system around that sealing us on a global scale here in britain politicians still defend even the nato bombing of libya obviously thousands of drowning maybe today on the news who was in libya
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macro many leko in the past twenty four hours meeting the two of the leaders of. three governments now fighting in what was what was once africa's richest half of the country how does that fit in with your thesis in your book on libya intervention supported by uprising as a tradesman you know it shows that what we did in libya what we did in iraq with saddam hussein we overthrow these obviously brutal dictatorial leaders to some degree but they but but that kind of is a much worse off without them it was interesting to me that putin said at a conference that i was at with him that he does not support assad in syria he supports a stable government in assad does that at this point and i found it very interesting because you know if we overthrow assad what do we get what happened in libya it was it was it was a catastrophe and also in iraq we see this over and over and over again a lot of these things i think are done not just because of oil but because war
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makes a lot of money for a few people the war machine the industrial business it makes a tremendous amount of money here in the united states and throughout europe and russia and many other places it's big business to have a war or the threat of war and i think that's one of the reasons that these things happen there's also resources that we're going to have to be on the resource it's a whole economic system trump has said in the past few days he's going to stop obama's cia covert funding of a so-called rebels in syria did it surprise even you the lengths to which countries like britain would support i says they asked a fact that an al qaeda factor linked groups in syria to overthrow. i would like to say it's a price. but given the fact that business makes so much money and the cia made itself makes a lot of money off these things you know i've watched over the years where we saw it with the opium wars and in britain in india that people put movie high many many
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years ago and we saw in the golden triangle in vietnam and we saw in colombia and now in mexico we see throughout the world the cia makes a lot of money off of it that are considered illegal because they can't get funding for a lot of the things in the u.s. congress so these agencies there's a lot of rogue people in these agencies to i'm not saying it's their fishel policy but a lot of things go on and so the whole isis war and supporting isis and supporting those groups that oppose isis and may ultimately become our enemies has a very very long history and let's face it it makes a lot of money venezuela has the largest not all results on the planet you're going to go to latin america you just said what do you think of this threat from trump. swift sanctions aggressive sanctions if the people of venezuela vote in a way not compatible with. how washington wants venezuela to prosper well trump says a lot of things and doesn't follow through on many of them so who knows what would really happen but let's face it any moments where there's a total mouse it's
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a very very senate state of affairs you know wasn't going to go then as well had the largest middle class in latin america now but it's just gone to it's just taken you know nosedive and their economic hit men there of course. and i'm not sure what they're doing these days exactly who they're supporting but you can bet that they're in there trying to support or other interests and especially with all the things are going on in the middle east a lot of our oil companies are very dependent. or see the future dependency to be on that was when oil just finally we had the christine the god convicted as i understand it as you know sentence for a deal on. negotiate go ahead of the i.m.f. now talking about moving the headquarters of the i.m.f. from washington to to beijing is like i have some got a sick joke as far as you see it or what it would if we're talking about well i think it's a recognition of the incredible financial power that china has the same with bricks
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and the in the asian bank and incredible things that are going on so you know after detente one hundred ninety one the i.m.f. and the world bank really control the world's financing development agencies and that put them in a very powerful position and i don't have any competition now their competition and it's coming from china and china is aligning with brazil and russia and india and. south africa and other countries and good is bought on to that whole system and so i'm sure that christine feels very threatened the i.m.f. the world bank are threatened they're suddenly no longer in this super power position and so she's undoubtedly looking at alternatives it would be very interesting to see what would happen if she did move to china and i think it reflects the fact that we're in very very confused times our leaders are understanding that people around the world are just satisfied every where people are dissatisfied with the current system they're looking for us to convert micro to death economy into a life economy i read a lot about that in my blogs
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a newsletter and since we need to move into a whole different global system that cleans up pollution and regenerates destroyed environments and recycles the news it's new technologies that don't rip the earth. off a brick a rock and a hard place we speak to the artists and activists fighting to stop the privatization of property from the headlines discover that stella plotted for a basic income and socialism next generation all the civil coming up a lot to going up the ground. it's a very rough terrain so it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to them if i'm. it was gunshots on top them and so very fresh to what
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happened and that may have been even not. don't let me back up. you know i don't want to see it but a body in the children is ready to participate in the good. old to new book to meet him and if. you don't think about these three of these soldier on no you've got three team and you know do another patient. slur used to be a professional hockey player who won a stanley cup and the moment the girl who was living the dream but his success had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was really one hundred fifty times by
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a coach of mine and i was more us in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes i can sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other victims so you are going from toronto to ottawa walk in an hour walk into the victor walks to create awareness and promote healing around the subject of child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system. mass geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert into caste quo. keep in mind. welcome back in the past twenty four hours five years and local residents met with
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a judge appointed by u.k. prime minister to resume to oversee an inquiry into the grand felt our inferno which underscored the issues of austerity inequality and injustice right across britain the judge shows about resume was instantly regarded as controversial when it was revealed that martin more big previous cases included allowing a local london council forcibly tenants fifty miles away the a walk and a hard place exhibition currently at the v three gallery in london's waterloo explores the displacement of communities and the privatisation of publicly owned land and buildings in britain deputy editor sebastian packer went to speak to some of the artists and activists u.k. government funded social housing is still a ninety seven percent since tereza may went to government this is led to the number of homeless children living in temporary accommodation rising by forty percent council. claim it's too expensive to modernize already standing properties
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but the residents of states like the south london believe they are being forced out to pave the way for privatisation and gentrification of the areas that they call home i went to the rock and a hard place exhibition in london gallery in waterloo to speak to the artist in creator just to ask what inspired him to put the project together. as one of the places that we're going to be developed and i watched and kind of read what was happening there and there are a few tenants holding on to them not accepting the minimum money they're offered to be relocated and these are leaseholders these people. and then being told after having that they can no longer live there. regeneration intended for creation and all these different kind of housing issues that host everyone and if you live in the city you can not be aware of what's going on because there's been developments everywhere so the scenes we put the word out go a lot back and it was just about having the right kind of in the show that we're
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doing things in their own very individual way. jamie julian brown and by the pieces that they were exhibiting. i came across this site in north london in finchley an interesting time off there being condemned and before it was to be demolished and it was a really beautiful piece of land really beautiful site for the tennis and been moved on by now i've been a victim or compulsory purchase order or one of the two. and it was incredibly peaceful with a lot of trees a lot of green space. and you could kind to see from the develop his eyes why they threw all we can maximize how many people we can fit in here how much rent we can get from the space craft. to create
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a physical monopoly house out of a. can. building that was going to be demolished seem like a simple and powerful way to. show how some developers see people's homes and see see landings. on america's peaks hearten it's a whole three generations of a family unit feeling the effects of change should london in looking not an education it's not it's not about you when you want to say that oh that comedian why it's not the want and the way we can't help but think about is. really wild. of community for that being dispersed elsewhere because that like i for carpets means that whether or not they don't want to be living as a whole so it's by in being a time when i think it was this. conway's i guess it was very much. a trip to
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the black communities and from there it's a generator and be better for the council they will be the consequence to me about and know how to help those people that can do that they can have a higher like they couldn't rent space the can increase the price of the house they can. buy dinner with like coffee shops and one of the is a brand that creates this nature unity the ever nice to talk about but then do not question what was there before which to me bring in money that didn't make it and tried to switch in the sense kept these committees are very close that could move into it. clearly she's out fair not understanding that these people are human themselves so some has been important for me and i didn't welcome this it was not how can he midnight's those who he thought like brain want to get on what it is and put it in the back and just told that the not important and they don't exist but how can be for them i want to simply give them a voice but i offer them apart from to be heard by those same people who the
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possibly. by pushing up which is why is quite important for us to be able to exhibit in the space like this where it's got to be space and like the fact that some people who do anything about it generation a culture. it's really important to have these spaces like this conflation in these spaces because it's equally paul of the political to be part of the solution just virtually archie cameras to show the hardings of residents living in. rio all being a new technology seem like the perfect solution to some way. as a person an exhibition straight into the living rooms of someone's home. and thankfully i stand and fix sure. to people who are currently living in the streets day and facing a force of fiction further down the line allowed me to come and shoot. you see just how. lovely spacious and clear beautiful in full of life they really are
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you know these these these hundred the pride and joy i also residents are dennis to victoria bright in what they thought of the piece it is important because we need to reach to the side of the source to differ little to society to people can see and understand and also showing internal forms because always to make the assumption and look at it from the outside to see into concrete but when you come inside you'll see the colors you see the differences you see all the bubble in different culture coming to get the american brilliant place to live in so how does it make you feel the government has money. in parliament by giving money to d p they've got money to star wars all over the world than there are money to house people he literally has the money for. its form is a political choice what the government is doing but i have to say that is not just
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tory and is the labor party who are leading the social class in all around the country especially in london so yes there are the fifty richest country in the world it so that there is no way they can't have any money for housing what they wanted to do to get it off to social states which we are seeing that you know the education everything is getting privatized that is the last things they can do a talk and get to talk to the council housing but what is they don't know we people party for our existence so there is no way nothing can stop us. we still. have to fight because i want to homes you know what i'm going to do if they're going to move me down so they're going to meet me money probably to a nice place where i cannot pay at the end i cannot be paid they said be charitable
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or oh and you know all their business and then i would be homeless this is what they wanted and once to do so then cleansing gets you not far from our property and be a nice house in spite of me to people this is what me and cleansing. debbie is a master back there and you can go and see the rock and the hard place exhibition in london's v three gallery in waterloo waterloo in britain not in belgium but now let's hope it is here and the former liberal democrat m.p. and broadcaster is going straight into this tweet by the great president the great one and only donald trump says the amazon washington post fabricated the facts on my anding massive dangerous and wasteful payments to syrian rebels fighting assad that's wrong on two levels terrible sin tax and secondly most of the world wasn't interested until he denied it so now everyone's saying maybe he did something about it donald trump is the obama administration backed isis and elk idling gerbils in
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syria killing hundreds of thousands of people and donald trump stopped at the washington post is not backing him because abortion opposed backed isis but that's not what this is about technically but technically there are elements of what you say is correct this is about his inability to keep his mouth shut when both frankly house five of his press team keep his mouth shut and create stories where the wrong time to go there is a worry here he's actually stopping funding covert cia funding for rebels so quite rebels on how is that a simple way of saying ok you know what your next story. solves berger's boston globe by the new york times group boston globe says could space pay for a universal big. income the argument here is that there are so many riches all the thing around the sun on asteroids and perhaps even on the moon i didn't make a story out i'm just telling you about that there are trillions of dollars as universal basic income which replaces the current mood of the welfare state
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basically the basic income could come from space if you get enough stuff from up there down to here to make a profit is that simple enough for you action and you trying to shill for richard branson the first letter of the it's long it's a national model to serve first though it's not my prediction it's entrepreneurs and california is barry area virgin galactic which is also mentioned that they can't even do the trains on the west coast when the east coast how are they going to get stuff from space you really aren't thinking big here are told you can go to space including with space tourism which is predicted to be worth billions of dollars but that's a sideshow what this is saying is that people on earth can be better off if we mined space for wealth my view to quote quite frankly i'm skeptical at the end of the parents that's what are. skeptical that's what i used to separate a shot certainly better than g.p.s. satellite navigation and i just say that today nasa opens its competition for the public for origami designs of radiation shields for trump's mission to mars you
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know making this up no i'm not but let's go to the same is the new york times owned by the same people the boston globe yes the new york times stays in space with this story make it so star trek and its debt to revolutionary socialism it turns out that many of the storylines in star trek that iconic american science fiction series are in fact reflecting socialist motifs and stories from various famous authors you will hear it as talk about meeting with vladimir lenin well that's one another one is argentina trotskyist leader known as j s so interesting you immediately after the draw back from the government this is a touchy today you're going to. abrading that's what this means it is only logical to one of the most famous of the most iconic. racial candidates the case that's evolution is a rebirth of intrigue and talent who are so huge it is to wash up all of this is based on the socialist motif now any trekkie i knew this twenty years ago he tried
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he knew this is being dredged up now because it's politically interesting but fair play to rodent invented rawdon barry ok i think there are more here is closer to saying join us and live in space or pursue your present course in face of liberation and this is a paraphrasing of rosa luxemburg socialism or barbarism that's not from star trek it's from the day the earth stood still you're right it's not the klaatu barada nikto that's from star trek trying to keep up let's come back to earth and capitalism at a little stall run by a five year old millionaire mike pence and new statesman talk about dystopian the story says it all new statesman says you may call me a monster but i'm glad that that girl's lemonade store got shut down today in the story the author of the story duncan hold the soul is taking a rather leave look at the fact that the five year old has been fined for selling pot selling lemonade where in guatemala no it wasn't in guatemala actually it was in london no it was a while it was a no no it was in the u.k.
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what happened but what happened was she got fined for having this store and there was outrage what duncan holders all are saying is we've actually got health and safety for a reason lots. hear me out here there are half a million cases of food poisoning in the u.k. your five year old cattle have a summer fête stall selling liver there is a five year old can why don't you and i pack this in and go and have a stall outside by the banks of the thames we could make a fortune the point is we couldn't make a fortune because the five big multinational supermarket companies would undercut us and then put their prices up once and driven us out of business let's look at the world that we live in now you afshin are supporting unregulated free market i am but i'm saying there should be rules and we can't have. the market gone wild what's the wellcome we must cross that. limit oh thank you for the show we're back on saturday when iran's grand ayatollah shaikh most in iraq he explains to us why washington sanctions on nations from cuba to russia to iran actually benefits those
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countries. is with the with me and many of. those get a little bit because the it was. my son was on you but i you. know both of us but i guess we're kind of on this side of this yes or no but if you dump out and just know she refused. to. wear the blue he won't get him it's just a good area for immigrants it's this we've never really know for sure but this has been a active area. yeah
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. you know. when i started no i. thought that it is.
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representatives. of the energy interests. and also the. returning to europe authorities struggling for a coordinated way to deal with them. whatever reasons why they were if we can. put them on the. courses. clause.


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