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tv   Headline News  RT  July 26, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this hour's headlines the new anti russia sanctions passed by the u.s. house of representatives will damage your ups energy interests. also this hour former islamic state fighters returning to europe leaving the authorities struggling for a coordinated way to deal with the. reasons why they went if we can get them back and wanted to them reeducate them put them on the extremist courses and dave radicalized them then i think they have an opportunity should be no difference whether it's man woman or child who got thousands of jihadists already ruled in our streets which has been put out by the government why do we need more. of an undercover operation exposes how the pentagon give away
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a million dollars worth of military equipment to fake policeman. for me in the team here they are. right thanks for choosing this for you news this hour first up the e.u. has issued a stern warning to washington over the latest anti russia sanctions after they were passed by the u.s. house of representatives the european commission president thinks they could damage your obscenity sector the u.s. bill could have unintended unilateral effects that impact the use energy security interests america first kind of mean that europe's interests come last russia has given its reaction to the latest u.s. bill expressing disappointment in terms of bilateral relations. in terms of russia u.s.
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relations and their development perspectives. no less disappointing regarding international relations or the new u.s. sanctions threat to punish companies doing business with russia's energy sector that's causing concern for the new one major point project the joint project with russia the nord stream two pipeline that aim to bring gas from russia through europe via the baltic sea firms from germany austria france and the netherlands of agreed to pay half the cost of this pipeline and invest almost five billion euros in the project the list of companies itself fear being affected include some of the world's biggest players in the industry take a look here's just some of them including anglo dutch shell the french company owner g u k s b.p. and the germany's winter saul the head of winter sure has declared that the sanctions should not be used to punish someone for economic interests referring to the us promoting its own liquid natural gas peter all of us got more on the
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reaction from inside the e.u. . all of the potential impact that these sanctions could have on both the the business and energy sectors here in europe that has officials hot under the collar there are potentially huge fines for businesses that would enter into energy projects with russia many of those blue chip european companies of course are heavily involved there what we've heard from the german foreign ministry is them saying that it can't be accepted that the industrial policy of another nation be passed off as sanctions while the german government spokesperson also came out saying that industry can't be targeted and if there will be a response if the sanctions or when the sanctions go through we can hear more from them right now that i tried to describe the mentally cannot accept that the american government american politics and congress under the guise of sanctions conduct in the through politics in favor of american energy supplies this position
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has not changed and we will keep saying that loud and clear to the u.s. if we are in principle refusing sanctions that in fact throw parties or other states it's important that the united states and europe coordinate closely and their sanctions pull this into what's russia. it's not just the germans though the french foreign ministry issued a statement saying that well they believe that the sanctions impacted upon the rights of private individuals as well as corporate entities to an extent that they believe may go beyond international law but just who supported the sanctions in the united states in the house of representatives four hundred nineteen to three they went through the vote there but when we look particularly at the energy sector we have to look it who supported the sanctions in the house of representatives remember four hundred and nineteen to three this sailed through in the vote on it but those that voted for sanctions are also among those who want us gas on the e.u.
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market something sanctions would make much easier we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states our natural gas to europe to our allies so they're not so dependent on russia so what options remain for the european union when these sanctions or if these sanctions come into being the european union could decide to impose sanctions of their own on the united states now this could take the form of e.u. bank suspending u.s. companies ability to take out short term loans but let's be realistic this would be a nuclear option from the european union i expect a lot more strong words than those type of actions but the ball right now is very much in president donald trump's court and whether he signs that or not is could change what type of reaction we get from here in europe to these new sanctions from
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the united states on russia's energy sector. some of the international business chiefs we've been speaking to believe the u.s. won't find many takers for its liquid gas on the european market sanctions as perhaps. are being implemented for lack of another better idea and is being now pushed down the throats of a lot of countries it's not something because of all interior and desired the american liquid gas. injury to europe ok fine if there is a market for but is that competitive here you have a russia huge producer right on the doorstep russia as far as i know has not been playing politics from hardball using gas or oil the americans have in mind their own interests and it's written down that they do want to export more of their alan g. and so therefore it's not excluded that they also follow
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that they also follow their economic interests. we don't complain about that unless it does not affect our own interests but right now it really affects our own interest negatively this slows post without consultation with the europeans that fact in itself is causing concern there is not enough us guess and because the us would would end up being more expensive than russian gas so good luck to the businessman who can do the deal. sixteen year old german girl captured by iraqi forces last week could be put on trial or expelled from iraq that's according to a statement from the german prosecutor's office linda went missing a year ago and it's believed she went to join islamic state she now says she's regretful and wants to go home to her family here's what people in her hometown had
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to say about. the speech in which the girl is sixteen and got into this mess at fourteen and fourteen and a half via the internet so whatever i think she should return everyone has the right to make a mistake and everyone should get their second chance. if you generalise the case of linda you have to admit that young people in our country are not capable of defending themselves against extremist ideology because of a lack of identity and education leading to a situation where a fifteen year old is ready to fight in a so-called holy war. well as you heard locals are willing to give linda a second chance but other fighters have not been accepted back in the same way one case a petition was launched in the u.k. to keep an eye so recruiter out of the country that hawkins reports on how europeans are reacting to the how these soldiers coming home. i saw is crumbling in syria and iraq rapidly losing territory strongholds and most importantly followers an estimated five thousand fighters traveled to the middle east from europe twenty
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to thirty percent are said to be returning the specter of returning jihadi is wrecking havoc on european streets has haunted governments for a while but tackling this growing threat has proved problematic weeding out extremists who pose the biggest risk is the greatest challenge with many seemingly slipping through the net all willing to fight to european lauren justice on their own terms. i do no one to come back permanently my return will be purely for the lawsuit i know i have no future in the neverland's a big stamp has been printed on me your return you've joined the battle in syria and i want to defend myself the netherlands respect the rule of law so which suspect must have the right to defend himself in a court i think the charge against me was in fear the biggest obstacle is the lack of a cohesive pan-european policy on returning fighters some seem to show remorse about
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traveling to join the caliphate like this jihadi broad from kent the public though show little sympathy over seventeen thousand people signed a petition just to stop her returning the british government though has now started using so-called temporary exclusion orders to control the movements of terror suspects but even this policy lacks a fully united front in engaging with intelligence services and with the police and with border force we make sure that they have the tools to track them and keep them out where we can the british government's response has been to try to make it impossible for them to travels restrict their ability to travel to take upon themselves the ability to remove passports and strangely to deny people the right of return which is legally a very questionable decision by the british government. picture is even more mixed across the channel countries such as germany the netherlands and then ma they offer rehabilitation programs even with counseling employment and education sweden takes
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things a step further in fact one suspected sweetest the hardest was arrest that heathrow airport now swedish authorities refused to fully cooperate with the investigation of the british security services which contributed to the ultimate collapse of the trial according to sources he is now back in scandinavia under a new identity assigned by the swedish government is not also simple though the u.k. has taken a polar opposite take on citizens joining jihadi groups being one of the few countries to actively participate in actually hunting down and eliminating its own national suspected of being a threat to national security i know this is a common. issue these very much. really also there are many countries that haven't really given any serious consideration yet so it's very much devoid of consensus as to what's actually could be done with these with the european freedom of movement returning terror suspects
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or we seem to be one step ahead of the security services and with such wildly differing approaches in tackling a growing threat it's no wonder corporation intelligence sharing and coordinated policies are still heavily lacking we asked the muslim rights campaigner and also a member of the english democrat party for their views on jihadist returning home from overseas. people those involved in terrorism who made a deliberate choice to go out there chose to go out there so i don't see how we can welcome them back i think is slightly different for the women and the children whatever reasons why they were and if we can get them back and wanted to them and we educate them put them on extremism courses radicalized them then i think they have an opportunity most of all that should be no difference whether it's a man woman or child their way in which to say if we're going to try and look at the education then it has to be gone abroad it cannot be done in this culture because they will be a burden and a national threats we have to make sure that these people. can not get anywhere in
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this country well i think most of them haven't you know been involved in criminality and in terms of terrorism again you know the security agencies are going to have to the police are going after those individuals cannot have our security service which overstretched at the minute having to worry about more people and we've got thousands of jihadists already roaming our streets which has been put out by the government why do we need more on one point must disagree or cause at the moment one of the things that's in the media is about this jihadi jane . all knew she was promoting the killings of western people now under the rule she's female she would be allowed in my rules no she would not be allowed it actually i think it would be really strong for our intelligence agencies and the police in terms of the battle against terrorism to actually you know bring it back to interrogated to put on trial in this country so we were able to get over the intelligence from her about how she had been you don't have to when
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you go around the world i just think it's a good thing. they go to help fight against our values they want to kill they want to destroy the culture and democracy that we have if we need to look at. these people the nut should be doing in all the countries where they. in iraq north africa should not be brought to they are going to be a drain on the taxpayer they are threat to our national security there are many people who i've spoken to and i have a relationship with who were former extremist who were brainwashed by the terrorists. and. by the you know through concerted. work over many many years we were able to change those minds. ballance has flared up again in jerusalem over heightened security measures at a revered mosque we'll have that story and live reaction after the break.
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seem. just. yet to seep out. and it.
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find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. clashes broke out in jerusalem again on tuesday as a standoff continues between muslim worshipers and israeli police the unrest started over a decision by israeli authorities to install metal detectors at temple mount which is known to muslims as shareef they were put up after gunmen killed two israeli gods earlier this month at the holy site the metal detectors have since been removed but security cameras do remain in place.
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a middle east correspondent has the latest on the unrest in jerusalem. the situation here at lion's gate one of the entrances to al aqsa mosque is tense as you can see a strong police presence behind me now this is the third as they letting us go it follows overnight again heavy clashes between israeli security officers throwing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who were hurling rocks and stones at them this is nearly two weeks of violence that has left some six people killed in the latest measures to try and calm the situation israel says it will remove metal detectors that will put up after two security guards were killed two fridays ago but the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says this is not enough and he insists it is well returns to the way the status quo was before that incident there have so
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far been two meetings by the united nations security council where both israelis and palestinians have been trading barbs and accusing each other of the latest flare up in violence well if they know their radical are you and encouraged to kill innocent israelis in cold blood is a occupying power or presses forth with its the reckless and destructive agenda they teach hate they invest there were is the openly and shamelessly pursues discriminatory plans stop abusing international. that using foreign funds to promote ill peaceful demonstrations are being met with violent repression the palestinians top priority if to ignite violence the palestinian people in the city face discrimination and violence is also say to introduce some kind of security cameras this will unfold over the next few months but in the meantime palestinian protesters say they'll continue to go to the streets and we are expecting friday to
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be a major day of clashes certainly the mood on the ground extremely tense and the police behind me bracing for further conflict policia r.t. jerusalem. let's discuss this now with amir oren he's a senior correspondent columnist for the haaretz newspaper good to see you again thanks for coming on the program we heard paula say there that the security forces are braced for more protests on friday that will be two weeks of unrest now how fast this likely to go. well tensions are still high and the protesters have an innovative tactic you may call it pray in they refused to go into the mosque or the compound around the mosque and they're praying outside and by there are very refusal they are keeping the matter a lie even though israel has relented and has taken down the metal
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detectors so it's up for israel to come up with some proposal that will appeal is the religious authorities the song called the walk in order for them to give the protesters the believers the go ahead to come back into the mosque and friday morning is now d.-day we will see whether there will be more demonstrations because thousands upon thousands are coming to pray on fridays the holy as there. for muslims of course and test will be whether some formula can be found before. could not be though because on the face of it what you've just outlined sounds like quite a catch twenty two if they keep up with the security measures that will inflame anger but if people are allowed greater access at a time when they know there are likely to be quite angry protests as well what is
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it that israel can do that well the the security measures are not supposed to hinder any movement there now only security cameras are there in order to recode whoever is trying. to bring explosives in or out as was the case in the shooting of the two police officers however the palestinians and the jordanians who have a hand in these walks and ministration they insist that israel will take down whatever. after july the fourteenth after that friday where it's all started doing don't want to see any remnant of israel impinging on their sovereignty the way they seat so israel apparently will have to give them something in order for dan to declare that the status quo is back to where it was friday july the fourteenth and
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just quickly i mean this goes beyond jerusalem doesn't it because also abroad to muslims died at the israeli embassy in jordan prompting massive protests on the streets there is this trouble in jerusalem likely to spawn borders. what happened in amman jordan strangely enough to help solve part of the problem in jerusalem because it was a pretext for benjamin netanyahu israel's prime minister to take the metal detectors in order to appease de jordanians this incident in the israeli embassy compound between an israeli security guard and a carpenter and the apartment owner is still under investigation it's still unclear what happened but yes jordanians or palestinians living in jordan and others are very angry at what has happened on temple mount or problems for brief and the israeli military has won't the t.
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should find a solution or halle's we could see a conflagration on many other fronts to this two days to find a solution meantime ok water on it for now there was appreciate your insights on this i mean oren from the israeli newspaper ha'aretz thanks for your time thank you . max u.s. agents posing as policemen have received gear worth more than one point two million dollars from the pentagon the undercover operation by the government accountability office was to test weaknesses and give away programs and jackley booga reports it's not the first time that military equipment has gone astray. the pentagon is the home of america's department of defense the body that has a budget of over five hundred billion dollars a year and is tasked with protecting the national security of the united states and yet they were duped by a completely phony outfit into selling one point two million dollars of weapons the government accountability office whose job it is to audit other federal agencies set up an undercover operation to determine whether the d.o.d.
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would sell military grade weapons to an unauthorized buyer and they did the g.a.o. created a fake law enforcement agency put up a bogus website use an address that led to an empty parking lot and put it in order for some potentially deadly kit less than a week later the sham agency was the proud owner of one point two million dollars worth of night fishing goggles simulated m. sixteen a two rifles and pipe bomb equipment they never d. and the verification like these it will occasion a most was by email it was like getting stuff of eve and that's one of the most recent example of the pentagon's faulty bureaucracy earlier this year it was revealed that the u.s. army failed to properly track over a billion dollars worth of weapons and equipment and iraq and kuwait lax controls and record keeping such as this has reportedly resulted in u.s. manufactured arms and then up in the hands of terrorist groups such as i sold this means the u.s. is shipping out weapons without being sure where they end up and just this week the
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pentagon was criticized for wasting as much as twenty eight million dollars by selecting forest camouflage pattern uniforms for afghan national army soldiers for a sprint in afghanistan only two point one percent of the country is covered by forest the u.s. defense secretary slammed the pentagon for the waste of taxpayer dollars and called for reform rather than minimize this report or excuse wasteful decisions and expect all department of defense organizations to use this area as a counselor to bring to light wasteful practices and take aggressive steps to end waste which is all. well and good but this is not a new problem two years ago were port service that the pentagon buried an internal study that exposed one hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of administrative waste that was allegedly hidden amid fears that congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget and maybe that's exactly what should happen perhaps if the department wasn't blindly awarded hundreds of billions of dollars
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every year it wouldn't be quite so comfortable throwing it into the wind r.t. washington d.c. . with just two days left until the international space station welcomes new crew members artie's been taking in the final preparations at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan before the big launch. the crew set to spend the space include. from russia and italian veteran. europe's oldest astronauts sixty years old the space race began in the. one nine hundred fifty seven that. was launched by the soviet union. that's the way the news looks in this hour and
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just over thirty minutes time. they all. hit the wall this is how the.
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the france is abuzz broadcasting around the world in washington d.c. tonight is it a cartel that's what german investigators want to know as a string of car manufacturing giant in the country are caught participating in very
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similar diesel emissions scandals and a labor shortage remedied by robots we hear that all the time but now we had to california to find out how this affects farming there and my guest takes us deep into the dark web he investigates it for a living and he shines a light on what actually goes on there and what is ahead. you must start right. european central bank is pushing to boost inflation and it's doing it by keeping bond yields low and governments are liking what they see and since two thousand and eight euro area governments have scooped up one point six trillion dollars in interest payments but germany's central bank is warning heavily that interest rates will rise among the one nine hundred eighteen bloc and they better make arrangements for that rise italy just.


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