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tv   Headline News  RT  July 27, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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headline stories in germany warns of possible kuntar measures if the u.s. goes ahead with the new sanctions against russia vladimir putin's read between moscow and washington are worsening also. it turned out that russia there are no good guys the russians are liars some strong russian sentiment in the u.s. congress. bill browder testifies as part of the investigation into team trump's meeting with a russian lawyer last year. plus muslims flock to return to a holy site in jerusalem after security measures are lifted by its really authorities but clashes between palestinian worshippers. a temple mount.
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live from moscow to the world this is r.t. international my names you know noni welcome to the program our top story germany's economy minister say there is a possibility the e.u. will use kuntar measures against america's. bill that proposed restrictions are aimed at punishing companies would use to russia's energy sector alyssa's raise fears of disruption to a major russia joint project in north stream two gas pipeline. yes it is bad that the u.s. has left the common line it had with europe for sanctions against russia there is a possibility of counter sanctions against the guinness we've heard from the german
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minister of economy and energy there. but she's not alone in those that have been critical of this latest round of sanctions that's been proposed by the united states we've also heard from the austrian chancellor christine care he posted online saying that these were on acceptable he said that politics and business should not be mixing when it comes to making decisions like this such as putting sanctions in place on another country we've also heard from the unions as well who are concerned about potential impact on their members that work within the energy sector there's been a meeting a conference taking place from the german committee of e.u. economic relations there they've described the sanctions as they're written right now as an acceptable the americans have in mind their own interests and it's written down that do want to export more of their elenchi.
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solve therefore it's not excluded that they all follow that they also follow their economic interests. we don't complain about that unless it does not affect our own interests but right now it really affects our own interest negatively over in the united states we understand that serious players serious big multinational corporations were lobbying representatives before they went into vote to try and convince them not to support this bill that didn't work but the names on the list include of course energy giant such as be an exxon mobil but also other big multinational search is ford and boeing as well so i think it stands. we're going to have to wait to see what the ultimate reaction will be from the european union if the sanctions go ahead as planned could the nuclear option be triggered
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which would be the e.u. placing economic sanctions on the u.s. business it's certainly an option it's still on the table if you take what the german economy minister and energy minister had to say earlier on on thursday we're keeping an eye on this of course something else to point out here is that u.s. sanctions haven't always been effective to north korea for instance last year the u.s. imposed its first standalone restrictions against pyongyang wherever that asian countries economy grew at the fastest pace in nearly two decades and that's according to estimates from south korea's central bank north korea has also boosted its exports and continues to develop its nuclear capabilities and it's not just young now seen a degree of economics excess in spite of the u.s. sanctions iran has been forced to diversify its economy finding new trading partners as a way of coping with the measures well we got reaction from international oil economist dr. he told us that u.s.
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foreign policy is becoming muddled d.c. new section sanctions are illegal because they are based on. claims of russian meddling in the american elections in twenty six we don't pretend that is the biggest economic bloc in the world and they have the economic bow out of behind them and they can it is it. has sanctions on american companies and medicaid interests but i think the that it can. fight him but as he is becoming muddled it is they make it as they go with it day after day we see changes which would not fill it deeply. russian president vladimir putin has given his reaction to the latest round of possible u.s. sanctions on russia through the news of the sanctions are completely illegal they
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go against international law and the rules of the world trade organization with being very patient and very reserved but at some point we will have to respond we can't endlessly tolerate aggressive behavior towards our country these actions can be perceived as aggravation and i would even say exceptional cynicism will the new round of anti russian sanctions come in response to moscow's alleged meddling in the us presidential election an issue that's long been grabbing headlines in the western media as well as possible relations between team trump and the kremlin over the sanctions bill still needs donald trump's approval as president putin ties between moscow and washington are falling victim to america's internal problems which insurance through it's very disappointing that russia u.s. relations are sacrificed while solving internal american issues on your question
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whether we are sorry about it i can say we are because if we had acted together we would so very pressing issues effectively and which concern both russian and american people. now the hedge fund investor william browder who years ago a lot made for the first set of anti russian sanctions known as the bag netsky act has been testifying in u.s. congress it's part of the investigation into moscow's alleged meddling in the u.s. election and he's given his version of the infamous meeting between team trump and russian lawyer tell you have excellent guy. takes up the story. if we were to believe everything we heard from bill browder in his testimony before congress we would think that russia and vladimir putin in particular were almost the source of all evil in the world let's take a listen to what was said before the senate judiciary committee it turned out that in putin's russia there are no good guys no empathy and no morals to threaten me with death they threaten me with kidnapping in the face of evil i don't think
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there's any other way to characterize. putin the russians will do anything they can get away with it even stuff they can't get away with to arrest kidnap torture and kill to take people's properties away the russians are liars so who is bill browder and why is he being considered an expert on russia in testimony to the us congress well bill browder was a hedge fund investor doing lots of big business in russia in the early two thousand this point he's a wanted man charged with tax fraud in russia furthermore he was key in lobbying for the passing of sanctions against russia the magnitsky act put forward in two thousand and thirteen so here's where russian lawyer and italia vessel need sky comes in she met with trump's team last year to discuss these anti russian sanctions the magnitsky act and there are many allegations about that meeting she came up throughout the hearing and was pretty much a central figure in the testimony of the russian lawyers name natalya vessel and it's going to so. then it will this guy. and tom.
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bissell lynette's guy and i just go and tell you i tried it over lindsey graham's pronunciation they're now in his testimony bill browder described her as an agent of the russian government saying that she worked with the security services had all kinds of connections almost as if she were working directly for president vladimir putin himself now what did she say in response to mr browder while she never had a chance to respond she hasn't gotten to testify now speaking to r t she says she is perfect. willing to go before the committee and present her side of the story she says she has no connection to russian authorities or the russian government security services or anything like that she is simply a lawyer doing her job this is what she had to say when speaking directly to us here at r.t. yes the very as a person who talks about in his statements i'm also ready to testify and prove to anyone in the united states or any other country that mr browder is telling lies
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i'm ready to defend my good name in any court but knowing the negative attitude towards russia and as prevalent among americans today knowing their hatred towards their own president i'm not sure the u.s. is ready to give me that chance if we follow the democratic process that they love so much we will need to have a public hearing and give every side a chance to present their case and surely every participant must be guaranteed safety now as you just heard she doesn't think she'll be given an opportunity to present her views to congress one looks at the recent hearings on russia they all seem to be presenting a specific narrative and her version of events doesn't exactly fit with what congress is trying to present to the public. three people have been killed in venice waylaid during a national strike called by the country's opposition the protest comes in response to president maduro as attempts to redraw off the country's crisis hit constitution .
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my. home in. my . r.t. spoke exclusively with the venezuelan president he told us the opposition there as been attempting to undermine the socialist government for years. i think the opposition has been doing this for eighteen years first against hugo chavez and for the past four years against me there's no other way to resolve
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conflicts in the country than through democracy and elections in may for three and a half weeks i tried to establish direct dialogue with the opposition i wanted to include them in parliament but they refused it's a period of political isolation they drifted into right wing radicalism they were imprisoned by a strategy of violence and ignoring those who voted for them i. thought it would have been as waylays ready for any scenario i think is insane for the extreme right in the us to be talking of a blockade against venezuela in fact they've already started an indirect blockade against our financial system this was the cause the crisis over the past three years but we have economic strength in venezuela always pays what the owners and fulfills its responsibilities in two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and nineteen our country will continue to fulfill them. well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has said she made a promise to the people of venezuela to protect them uncontroversially added that
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president maduro is destroying democracy washington sanction more than a dozen senior venezuelan officials on witness the but in pressure on mature rose pushed to strengthen his power in a vote on sunday we discussed the issue of political on this christian man cierra. it is very clear as we have seen in the past that the opposition won clear and save elections about two years ago where they won the majority in the parliament so there is no reason for him to write a new constitution when in fact there is a constitution there was written by hugo chavez the founder of this socialism over the twenty fourth century i think the majority of the being with us well i have a different opinion what is going on in the country the bending on what social sector they belong to most of the people who have no food who are standing in line to get whatever they need whatever basic need. they have to get in the supermarket
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those people have a different mentality. moving on forty one palestinians have been wounded during clashes with this really police on thursday in jerusalem of muslim worshippers returned to pray at the holy site of temple mount after israel reversed the two week long security lockdown of the compound. latest violence broke out the i.d.f. tried to gain control of a large crowd at the mosque is really set stones were thrown out of its units at the western wall the jewish holy site next to the mosque and officials are bracing for even bigger crowds during friday prayers colas lior is of course the story for us. well clashes have broken out inside the temple mount compound this comes after the move to have to loosen them announced that worshipers could now go into the
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compound and pray inside the al aqsa mosque this follows a two week stay away because of israel's additional security measures itchy introduced to the sides there seems to be a dispute that broke out amongst worshippers when they arrived and realized that the israelis were still keeping some of the entrances to the al aqsa mosque closed now the israeli police say that the protesters some youngsters started throwing rocks and stones at them and they responded with riot control dispersal measures nonetheless they did use stun grenades next to the dome of the rock to disperse the crowd now at this stage we understand that all interest as to the temple mount are closed there are also some entrances into the old city of jerusalem that have been closed and we know that youngsters also managed to climb onto the al aqsa mosque and wave palestinian flags from there they were has also been some violence reported in at least one east jerusalem arab neighborhood the neighborhood of baba huta all of this coming ahead of tomorrow's so-called day of rage that has been
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called for by both the mass and the fatah palestinian rival faction now the israeli police are not taking any chances they have been erecting concrete fame says concrete road blocks mounds of dirt not only in jerusalem but also in the west bank afraid that the violence from jerusalem will spread else ways certainly while both sides at least in the leadership level seem to be trying to make efforts to calm the situation on the ground the tensions of course still run the risk of blowing up come friday. temple mount or a refund it's known to muslims as one of the most contested religious sites in the world for jews it's believed to have been the site of two biblical temples on the mosque which is also located there islams third holiest site but as security was increased there the site in the last week or so violent scenes took place between police and worshippers. was was
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was. not was was was was a were was was. the was leaving that was it was. that made up. a suspected mastermind behind illegal operations with the virtual currency because one has been arrested in greece on a us warrant artie's done evil hawkins breaks down the story. well this really is
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a very serious set of allegations vinick a thirty year old russian national has been charged with lording over four billion dollars over the course of around half a decade he's been charged with twenty one different counts by the u.s. attorney in california for which if he's of course put on trial and found guilty they could face up to twenty years in prison. no one expected to list them all daniel but in a nutshell what's he charged with well the accusation is that he's been the mastermind the criminal brain behind a whole host of money laundering operation laundering money for various groups involved in hacking trafficking identity theft fraud a whole range of issues and he has been the as we said the brains behind the whole operation here how is he supposed to do this amount of money well very simply using . corners of course a crypto currency it's all traded on lines it's not really controlled by any sort of government it's very hard to track now there's a number of online exchanges where people can buy and sell this crypto currency and
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vinick is accused of being involved in one of the largest changes called b t c e now this particular exchange actually been banned in russia since last year very little is known about it structure what we do know though is that it released a statement just a couple of days back on its twitter page basically saying that the site is currently down for maintenance it's not accessible but they will be back in five to ten days now whether that's anything to do with the next arrest we can't confirm other. actually comment on this case but it may well be the case now we understand from greek police that they're beginning the with the u.s. about make sure to vinick to face those charges they have described him as an internationally sought mastermind of a crime organization now of course the money itself four billion is going to be little harder to track down because it virtually quite literally can be anywhere so . how complex of us to go should take place here. another story we're closely
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following today a report from a human rights group says u.s. led coalition air strikes have killed twenty nine civilians in syria's rock which is the fucked up capital the report from the syrian observatory for human rights has not been confirmed but it is believed that eight children could be among the did it comes as the syrian democratic forces backed by u.s. strikes are waging an offensive against the terrorists there tens of thousands of people have fled the violence in recent months according to unicef about half of them are children earlier we discussed the situation with. a representative for unicef in syria i myself will visit that one of the camps in an ethos and i cannot imagine a harsher environment than that especially in the summer months where the heat wave is really really. suffering on this children who has been traveling for
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weeks the stories that they share where very hard i mean most of them traveled for weeks or weeks six weeks and then they are arriving every weekend to hydrate in the camps and some of them are returning. areas because they don't want to be far away from their homes so that they can go back quickly when the area. so they are in they out of needs and we also know that the coming weeks more people could be displaced because they're fighting the fighting intensified by a day well what we know is that the u.s. forces have managed to retake half of the city but months into the rock offensive the situation there remains grave for civilians.
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i came from russia nothing is left in iraq except for destruction because of the coalition and i still say but the strength of the coalition will worst some villages were wiped out some neighborhoods were demolished houses families children women all were headed by the random strikes. i left my neighbors at home in the evening and went to sleep outside i came back in the morning just to find twelve of the date the children the mother and the man i buried them they died because of the shelling and i can add that just suffering i studied it was great but kalish walkley still lessons in a team they carried out in their strike on my school and killed a lot of people as they were refugees from aleppo obviously this time. out of there to coalition targeted everyone just the same it kills one person from ourself and everyone else around.
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the massacres in iraq are committed by isis and the coalition warplanes together what can i say the streets are full of the bodies. now and consultant and aide to some of the most high profile congressional democrats in america has been arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to leave the country and around one worked for high stem across for over a decade with dozens of officials he reportedly had access to some of the d.n.c. chairs personal devices r.t.c. injecting it's a closer look at the case. a former congress i.t. aide was arrested by the f.b.i. on monday when trying to board a flight abroad that was for alleged bank fraud and well possible bank fraud in fleeing the country doesn't look good for him on the one his case gets more interesting the deeper you look i.
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i . i . mean one family has a few skeletons in their closets back in february they were accused of charging congress workers double the actual cost for i.t. equipment and pocketing the profits and other reports suggest that they have been stealing and exposing sensitive data to outside sources and some people on the hill fear that the group may have been blackmailing house members i don't know what they have but they have something on someone something is wrong then mark interestingly
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enough they remain on washington's payroll and despite the accusations the ones enjoyed an unusual amount of loyalty from congressman one even saying the claims were based on this law phobia i wanted to be sure individuals not being singled out because the nationalities of the religion they provided great service for me and there were certain times in which they had permission by me to access some of my dates among the family patrons was debbie wassermann schultz including when she was still democratic national committee chair she gave them wrong a one direct access to her i pad which contain e-mails which infamously appeared in the d.n.c. leak schultz also reacted badly when capitol police attempted to search one of her laptops is a member loses the equipment is free and it is found by the. we saw your stand and it is identified as that number members apartment it is supposed to be returned yes or no zones for. under my understanding the capitol police is not able to confiscate members equipment when the member is not under investigation i think you are violating the rules when you conduct your business that way. interesting that
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there would be consequences surely that warrants a bit of attention however the story never made it to the headlines of any major outlets in theory this story should be huge it's up all the right ingredients politics hacks sensitive data leaks and even blackmailing but of course it's missing one very popular trend a finger pointing at the kremlin. r.t. washington d.c. we spoke to john howard are from the u.s. middle east alliance he say's stories like that are reported on with political bias . mainstream media are in cahoots with the d.n.c. you know they they have just turned a blind eye it just seems that the mainstream media is intent on doing the bidding of the democratic national committee i've never thought that that journalism in this country did reach such a low as to be so you know unfair in their analysis to be so
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politically motivated in the way the cover they cover cases there's so many question so i hope it doesn't go away and i think it's important for the non-mainstream media to keep to the beat this drum so that it gets the coverage it deserves and that consequently there are consequences for any illegal activities that could may have taken place. a new study claims that many german media outlets are failing to pay attention to the public's concerns over the ongoing migrant crisis while constantly putting a positive spin on the influx it fun the coverage has overwhelmingly ignored many of the problems caused by such a high number of people arriving in a relatively short space of time up and to late autumn twenty fifteen
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hardly any editorials dealt with the concerns fears a new so resistant to the growing parts of the population well the report also reveals that on average news sources carried seventeen articles a day on the migrant crisis during the summer of twenty fifteen and many promoting success stories of those who came and settled it also states that the scenting forces were excluded from the discussion echoing the message from the authorities. it's come down off and it's important for us not to follow those who would call a hatred in the heart sick to exclude others while claiming german their identity for themselves a considerable part of the population believes that journalism is apparently forced to manipulate information the recent poll has shown that over half of germans feel that they're being lied to by the media and around a quarter say they believe the government works with the press to manipulate public opinion political scientists verner part celt told us he believes biased reporting
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is a routing the country's fate in traditional news outlets germans usually trust the media and fear for it was quite an exception that they felt that there was a split between what they were observing and what the read in the newspaper during his month or so great influx of immigrants the media said well we have an educational function we really have to show germans that things are different than both think but actually the media carrying their point too far and this came as a deception for many months and we could measure in the part of the clyde in trust to the media is a reaction on the side of the media journalists started to apologize for having not properly fulfilled their professional duty is during this migration crisis after news for now but i'm happy to say former u.s. presidential candidate ron paul.


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