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no one's going to remember that they did i think that with trumpet in office actually women are really feeling the need to empower themselves and in that way a lot of interesting work is being created good morning why women yes i think wonder woman is a great example of this is a rectifiable and strong woman with a great message for women and that's exciting plus with me. keep it up. server is enjoying it are you enjoying it. all next on larry king mel. we're going to larry king our guest today is actor allison breed known for her roles on community and mad men allison stars in the highly anticipated new netflix series glow about a female wrestling league as well as the movie the little hours about a group of misbehaving nuns flow premier it on netflix june twenty third and the
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little hours hits theaters june thirtieth wrestlers and this is your life in really branching out so i just want to either side of the spectrum of what's cool about glo is based on an actual show from the eighty's called glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling and our show is sort of a look at the behind the scenes of the making of this women's wrestling television shows if i was a television show it was a television show it was on for four or five years it really highly was shot in one thousand eight hundred five what network it was and you know what aired right after dr scott so would have been on one of these weird kind of do you remember dr scott he's a televangelist who actually used to wait on when i was a waitress at the pool bar at the ritz carlton in pasadena so i kind of like the symmetry there so the show was about it was about women's wrestling but it was really a crazy variety show. so there's nothing more than the original glow there their
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outfits are outrageous they're a neon clothes their characters are over the top it's all women they do sketch comedy they rap wrestle and our show follows my character ruth wilder into this world she's an out of work actress and is really hanging on to the bottom rung and asking her parents for money and you know can't get a job to say i'm not a wrestler she is not a wrestler and she gets an opportunity to audition for this women's wrestling show and it sort of her last ditch effort at you know success in what she thought she would do as a performer so the show is about the show it's a show within a show it's about the making of the show and jenji kohan created it right jenji kohan executive produces it and liz flay hiving carly mensch created it is the new but yeah let's see a clip from glo watch so i've been working on these opening moves called the hammer
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and sickle. punch. so it's the camera start with a body slam and get back up but then i think oh your feet so you. and then i did you got to eat it up. you carried out you turn it around on me you walk really up and you think you got me but then i come back with these soon to be famous. and then you know what i was i'd had your good oh i'm winning. oh oh oh oh get. your hair are. your love ripest wow entertainment weekly described glos as silly smart. masterpiece unlike any show we've ever seem
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to work makes it's obviously it's different makes it so different i think the topic itself is very unique women's wrestling has never been explored it was part of they have it on the sometimes on the monday night usa they have actual women's wrestling on but i think because this is sort of getting into what motivates people to want to wrestle and really it's much more about the characters and their lives and that makes it really interesting it's sort of toes the line between comedy and drama so you're it's not easy to put it into a box they teach you how to wrestle they absolutely did you good i thought i was good and then when i watch the show i'm like well we're ok. to women pretty good russell was and yeah they were the original women of glo were just like us so they were all actresses they were not wrestlers when they got cast on the show and then they got trained to wrestle just like we did in your show or their wrestlers yes
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there is one professional wrestler kiya stevens who plays ten may on our show who is basically a fun housewife who doesn't know how to wrestle and then she learns to as well so her wrestling is pretty great on the show but we all do our own stunts and we train for a month before we started shooting the show with child guerrero jr pro wrestler and his weekly it no it drops all the same time. ten you see in the message you get all like. you can watch them all in a row netflix is the new that's the new black. i love it i love netflix i have another show on netflix called course and that's an animated show and we're about. i think our fourth season should be released later this year and i love it i watch a ton of netflix i love being able to do what it all now you're another project to see the movie movie right yet cold the little hour. yeah i'm up with this
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because cio it's based on the decameron from the fourteenth century which is humorous it's sort of like the canterbury tales but about italian nuns and priests and their bad behavior so there's this sort of true oh it's not true but our director jeff sort of took that source material. and then we speak very contemporarily in the movie and it's just a look there are true aspects to it in the fact that women in the fourteenth century didn't become nuns because they were especially religious it was much more about social standing and you know. if they were unwed or if their family didn't have money it was things about like that so this sort of explores the idea that all these women are stuck at this convent but they still have sexual desires they still you know they still have anger and resentment your husband is in that right he is
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yes and he gets he's he gets physical with a lot of women but is going to say here i got to be romantic and then he also gets to be romantic with every other girl in the movie. those who know the movie with the husband the disaster orders yes directed by his brother james franco yes you're very busy yeah well you know i was very busy. like six months ago and now everything is coming out at the same time so i'm busy again and that's always a great feeling so james franco's your husband's older brother yes your brother will yes how good a directors he's a great director he's. i think he really gives the actors room to kind of do their thing and put a lot of trust into the people he's working with which feels good and very few feels like a very instinctual director although it was bizarre shooting this with him because he plays the lead character tommy was so this is based on
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a true story and so for the duration of shooting he had this long black wig and he has facial prosthetics on and he's doing a weird may be you know. i don't know just like a weird eastern european accent and he would sort of stay in character while directing so is this a direct. experience with directed by and he's the european yeah. now you recently were in the news. to share your story about being asked to wear a bikini he draws you edition what was that about well i think that it was sort of an offhand story that got wildly misconstrued because i was sort of misquoted and the perception was that i was maybe asked to get totally topless in an audition which was not the case the question i had been asked to was about auditioning and my character has a tough time auditioning in glo and is auditioning as hard you know how does
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auditioning now compare to the one nine hundred eighty s. and i was sort of trying to point out that in a lot of ways it's not very different when you're an actor starting out there are mild humiliations that you suffer all the time i was i was there are producers. i mean isn't there always no i think i can in terms of this show in particular entourage you know i knew that i was going in to audition for bikini girl number three i just wanted to point out you know i don't i wasn't out on a crusade about sexual harassment against those guys i just was pointing out as there are a lot of discrimination in the hollywood i think it ebbs and flows i think that shows like glo and orange is the new black and people like jenji cohen and jen used in our casting director are making great strides in not only creating. deep in interesting roles for
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a variety of types of women but are also giving first time actors a chance they're looking for fresh faces and they create a really warm and inviting atmosphere in the audition room there are a lot of casting directors who i know who are warm and lovely and make it great at the same time i think when you're starting out you're always going to you're going to go to dish and this is the name of the game you've got to start somewhere so you have to do what you had to do with yeah oh but isn't there a lot of hypocrisy when they decide to me is going on in hollywood is so empty trump. yeah i mean. it's an interesting time i think that with trump in office actually women are really feeling the need to empower themselves and in that way a lot of interesting work is being created for and why women yes i think wonder woman is a great example of this directive by a woman starring a woman with a great message for women and that's exciting you're going to be in steven
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spielberg's movie about the pentagon papers and your you interviewed all the people involved know that while i said you know what it will lead to if you're going to play i play lally weymouth katharine graham's daughter knew her well and know how to look up some groom or oh my gosh i should never pressure was with lovely women five or six new year's eve parties that katharine graham's whole show wow i heard they were great party is the best. they would have best dance with colin powell oh my god. what would you addition for steven i did that yes i went in for an amazing casting director ellen lewis in new york well so i did not directly for steven i auditioned for ellen lewis on tape and she couldn't have been lovelier i read for two different roles in the film and a week later i got a call that i had a meeting set with steven spielberg which was a very unreal call sort of
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a dream experience and then i went in and met with steven and he couldn't have been lovelier i was very nervous to lollywood both play a significant part in the pentagon papers we know you know i think she was a source of support and encouragement for her mother at the time and that is what's reflected in the film who plays golf from groom knows streep yeah. well and who does tom hanks play he plays ben bradley the editor and my closest friends while wow where they shooting were shooting in new york not in washington. all because it's a lot of interiors i'm sure they'll shoot some exteriors in washington it's not a movie magic i'm sure a great it's going to call the pentagon papers it's called the papers up next alson on strange job seeker talents and the perks of celebrity she's in the low the little hours spielberg's the papers she's in everything but we'll be right back with alison brie who but all this has been done you still or you haven't shot the
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papers yet no no we'll be right back. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around core. preparations from washington the washington post media the media and the. voters elect a businessman to run this country business equals power. bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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please i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of the world in the. corporate media everything uses to talk about these foreigners coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool corporate conduct has become a model these are stories that you know in no uncertain terms my pepto your host of american. question. the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. keep the new socks for the tell you that it's not because of the tabloids but also the most important news that day. off the bad guys i'm telling you on the cool enough to buy their products. these are the hawks that we along with our we'll watch. it.
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alison brie is our guest she's an everything you miss community. it was fun it was really fun you can't put you in any kind of role model right you can't typecast you which is very good and that's the goal i hope so so when it would all loose you don't worry about your next gig or you like henry fonda who says if this most script in his hand is worth of one hundred percent why has you just never know i think also there's that self-doubt that lives in you all the time i feel like performers are the duality of being a performer is that like all the time you're feeling very confident and you deserve the pardon at the same time you just feel like you're at an invisible piece no one's going to remember that thing you did months are going by it's a terrible feeling who plays daniel ellsberg in the pen he's the he's the star of the piece you're right but i can't think of who plays him right now and you that
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are you can have to wait and see that was he would be the feature that he steals them well you don't know overheating about our movie you can't do the movie without daniel ellsberg we'll see about ok allison maybe you make them a wrestler it's a movie everything's ok we put a little game of if you only knew ok ok just so it's not a court you know what's. good so i'm really crushed. i know i liked joseph gordon levitt he was on that show third rock from the sun that sitcom where he played an alien and he had the hair down to his shoulders. but i was really into it and also jonathan taylor thomas was a big one for me so i was a kid j t t we would say j t t h o t. would you go up a group in south pasadena california talent. sleeping can sleep anywhere and great at it you like to sleep love it person you'd trade places with for
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a day. maybe meryl streep because you know just getting to watch her work for a minute i think god how come so naturally the depth there like what i just want to see how that mind works creative she does it the. stranger's job you've ever heard well i did work as a clown and characters for children's parties for a summer when i was getting on my school in college was seventeen are you good i was pretty good clone guilty pleasure i don't know i mean. in what way how do you alison you get any type of thing like guilty pleasure television show i mean i watch keeping up with the card actions if that's what you're asking me larry king why do you watch that. course of their talent. their talent i'm just trying to learn from them they could teach you a lot what never fails to make you laugh. oh all.
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i mean my husband is for me it's very funny when i have children no you don't have the what would you like to have a superpower i guess flying i take flying over invisibility i like him as would you do. otherwise why all around the world when i mean that i see stuff i guess come fly with me indeed this piece of advice you ever got. i don't have been saw high on. her let's go on what's the biggest perk of being a celebrity biggest perk of being a celebrity. i celebrity i guess i would say getting to work with amazing people
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you know when the more work you do and when that work gets recognized and you get to work with better people in theory and it's very exciting about being married to a celebrity the biggest perk of being married to his leverage off i don't think i would ever just like go out of my way to choose to be married to a celebrity but i am just married to an amazing how did you meet him we met at mardi gras in new orleans five years ago i was the king of buck there's no way was he rode on a float i had my message to float one hold my court got a crown i had a chrome i still have the outfit babe a cute outfit for the venue and me. don't tell me don't do this allison don't do this we're so close. to like you know when that one of paltrow and sliding doors. alison what was your craziest fan encounter. craziest fan encounter i will say
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i actually have not had too many bad ones community fans mad men fans are so sweet and lovely and really kind of keep a distance i feel like they're very. very nice in that way but dave's fans are ninety i've had girls push me out of the way to get a photo with him and i'm like i'll take the photo i there's really no need for violence. taught me something that we don't know about you oh that's such a tough one i know now and i snore really loud i'm a terrible mr but i mean i know you snore my husband has told me he was like are you just going to snore all the time now and i was like i don't know do you like to sleep i love sleeping you can't stop me from the i want to not sleep groove you sleep on airplanes yes i can sleep just fully sitting up just like this you know bill clinton could sleep standing up on a plane i bet i could do the same to get a bun you told me get up on air force one talk to before sleep standing up i bet i
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could do it but you could before we get into i'm social media questions several people tweeted marriage proposals thoughts is that have you had many knowledgeable poses in your life and no i mean really only one and only one real one and i guess millions of fake ones. you must have had some serious relationships yes definitely wars definitely were marriage was discussed but i've never had someone get down on one knee and said no to them that franco get down a woman definitely he really did we're in big sur california nice things did you answer yes right away. no not right away i was so shocked that i actually burst out laughing and asked him a number of times if he was being serious before sticking as it's sort of. ok we have some questions yes my bros of tuthill as simply six seasons
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and a movie. lives or i'm sure they'll be a community movie yes. i wish i knew if i don't know i think it's t.b.d. chris nine sixty five sixty one have you developed an interest in wrestling as a fan after taking on the role of ruth definitely microsleep yes i know i have such a deep respect for it now i think knowing everything that goes into it. michael did you learn how to german so plex on the set of glo and which w w e wrestlers do you have crushes on oh wow i mean i learned how to regular suplex i don't know what the german suplex is so maybe i've not gotten there yet even though what a super a say are you fit. i don't have i can't say i don't i'm not familiar enough with the current. roster to say crushes on maurice the eighth when
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donald glover became childish gambino did you think he was predicting you know not at all when donald would play his music for us on set we were all blown away. eighty eight what do you miss most about community oh and just seeing those guys every day that whole group and goofing around on the left who falls constant laughs they're so funny and we stay in touch and we text each other all the time we keep our group chain going but it's tricky who's sexier ryan reynolds or ryan gosling ryan gosling. you know them oh i know them personally no i do not know them no i don't know them they're both very sad austin's a great guy i guess i go for gosling but reynolds is a close second i'm easy on what made you want to start acting it must have been an innate thing i've been doing i think i came out of the womb just like performing
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and when i was a kid i always played must have started with attention because all i wanted to do was perform for my neighbors and sing for them and dance around and put costumes on at home and my parents got me into theater community theater very early when i was a kid i think probably just to get that behavior out of the house you are treating person. ryan sixty four do you miss working on mad men. yeah i mean the material was so incredible but i always really respect it's so nice when a show you know a show runner can decide when a show is going to and a network kind of collectively and then the show gets to have its ending the way it's intended rather than something getting canceled out of nowhere or going on and on and on until you start to sort of get tired of it i think i love that i you know that we have yeah and it in its prime. box have you ever been courted by the marvel cinematic universe would you consider working behind the camera these are two very
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different questions yes. i have mildly i've auditioned for a marvel movie before i would love to do a marvel movie i love is it a good one the woman thank you i thought gallagher was great but yeah i would love i would love to do that interested in directing i kind of waiver on this and sometimes i think i would like to i campaigned for a while to be able to direct a community episode but that never happened and. i don't know it's all about sort of finding something i would be actually very passionate about to direct i think pete's a crude wants to know what's your favorite she. well we all know the obvious answer it is a great cheese but i'm a loser gal before we go. is there a wrestling move you want to hit me with oh i'm hitting you with something come on baby you're going to get over what you stay there i'll get here's what i'm going to
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do whatever you what i'm going to put you in a simple headlock. you're going to stay where you are and going to stay here and just cradle your face right in my elbow just like so and basically and now you have to make a face like you're getting hurt or oh you to stop with trolling these strawbridge keep it up keep it up keep servers enjoying it you're enjoying it oh i am. all sweet mystery of life. and you know i'm stuck here. what if i'll sit. here you know married i am and. you are we went to a motel they go and the club said are you married we can both say yes i love you alice songs to wait maybe you. thanks to my guest alison brie.
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hopeful with last call is available on netflix in the little hours is in theaters now and as always you imply me on twitter at kings things i'll see you next time.
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if. rejected tonight comedy gold and not. by the corporate. you go after the corporations it's just more your life profit over people. or death it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is a show where. you can go to thrive from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at .
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i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.
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to the. white house communications there are trends i mean scaramucci is out so less than two weeks off to getting a child. in the sanctions venezuelan president nicolas maduro tossing his private assets but reportedly refusing to go off the country's oil sector. soft brush protests rocks the venezuelan gavel for a second day following sunday's controversial election. will be here next hour with the latest stories next on all the international a cross-talk looks at the implications of the new sanctions bill now on trump's their six.


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