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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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this beary serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this. legal battle is not over for a massacre in iraq a decade of court throws out convictions against guards for the tourists u.s. military contracts or blackwater also dozens of russian speaking children were found strand you know finish in iraq after their parents allegedly died fighting for terrorists we hear their stories. anytime during. the. course of voting irregularities in the u.s. have been swiftly russia but we hear how the problem is more likely closer to home
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. follow that come july from moscow you're watching r.t. international it's good to have you company our top story this hour the legal battle over a massacre in iraq a decade to get was heading back to the u.s. courts judges or did the recent unsing of three operatives from the private u.s. security contract to formally known as blackwater indicating that the sentences were too harsh a fourth faces a complete retrial of the four guards opened fire with machine guns and grenade launchers in baghdad snus or square fourteen unarmed civilians were killed and seventeen others were injured the guards argued that they were under fire from insurgents but no witnesses support that claim the carnage three widespread condemnation raise serious questions about the military's accountability in iraq.
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was it about america or. were dead bodies everywhere. among the dead bodies of those who were. seven years old.
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well blackwater was on the u.s. government payroll learning about three billion dollars security contract bonanza didn't shoot after the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq operating as part of the us occupational authorities blackwater did gain notoriety over its conduct security flaws and also disciplinary problems following the massacre at the company rebranded but it is still operating it seems that scandal has done little to dent the u.s. government's appetite for working with military contractors who are still thriving is. expects. meet erik prince the founder of blackwater a private military company with a controversial reputation with its legacy you might expect prince's career to be over but this cannot be farther from the truth there's no backlash for him no shame the man's gun for hire business is booming what i care about is a tax pays that would last you wasting food sixty five billion dollars a year in afghanistan i don't think it's appropriate to pull out completely with
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all the wars the us is waging abroad times are lucrative for private security firms you'd struggle to find one with an untainted slate dyna court for example for over a decade the u.s. state department was giving almost seventy percent of its funding for afghanistan to this particular firm this company's record features a sex slavery scandal in bosnia a male prostitution scandal in afghanistan and also there a botched seventy million dollar worth construction project were also means big business first sally port global who were paid nearly seven hundred million dollars to secure an iraqi base they allegedly turned a blind eye to alcohol smuggling theft security violations and allegations of sex trafficking and then fired investigators who uncovered wrongdoing that's all according to an associated press investigation the list of controversy goes on yet private security firms are doing just fine and filling their coffers with the spoils of war. r.t. washington d.c. . let's get the thoughts now of. political analysts and joins us now good
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afternoon to you dan what are your thoughts on this latest moves then. you know they'll be re sentencing and also a retrial of one of the men that was convicted original with the degree murder. well i think it's part of a broader move by the west and especially in britain in the usa to really make it absolutely clear to the rest of the world that they have impunity with so recent rulings in british courts that tony blair could not be put on trial for war crimes could not be put on trial for wars of aggression the international criminal court consistently refused to touch anyone from from from europe or north america for their crimes and we're we've seen also the collapse of trials against british army soldiers and overturned similar to the recent case in the us overturning of sentences in convictions of british soldiers for war crimes so i think this is
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really the kind of. like i say a broad a broad trajectory of. proving to the world showing to the world that british us forces have impunity and them and that extends to their mercenaries as well unless it was really interesting this trial in the us is it was from two thousand and seven when the u.s. forced on the iraqi government an agreement that their troops and their mercenaries would not have would not be able to be tried in iraqi courts so they had to make some semblance of some kind of show that they were going to try soldiers in u.s. courts and now even that seems to be being rolled back a very troubling development i think yet dan although we should stress i mean nobody's being acquitted here is going to be a retrial and the sentences are going to be looked at again so i mean you sumption is by many is that they will face a lesser sentence but it's not a case of people being acquitted. sure sure that is the case in
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some recent cases in britain. but you know them it's very significant twenty eleven maliki that the ruler of iraq the president of iraq at the time actually refused to sign this deal that would grant us troops and must raise and so on immunity and that was that was a big cause of friction between the u.s. and iraq at the time so you know this is this is a this is a may just get the business scandals of private contractors in afghanistan running private torture dungeons and this kind of thing and that you mentioned in your poor really significant that this is a huge growth industry and an era of overproduction an ongoing stagnation and recession and so on it's really and it's really important to see that what the west is doing is creating one failed state after another and that's actually creating new markets for private security because it's creating a situation in which you're destroying the states that can provide security for people and you're basically saying anyone with the money is going to have to pay
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a private security funds to deliver these things sort of so this is really a growth industry it's led by britain the u.s. and israel g four s. for example which is been mired in scandals list as long as your arm biggest employer in europe has got more nor more people working for g four s. private security than the british and french armies combined six hundred thousand employees so this is a huge growth growth industry and it goes hand in hand with the western strategy of creating failed states which create the markets for these but as you say in europe or you know the kind of conditions that they're facilitating it's disgusting sex slavery you know smuggling rackets and so on and so forth so very very troubling development sure ok dental care we've been at it and i have to wrap it up there but good to talk she was always that was down glazebrook political analyst and writer thank you. while forty eight russian speaking children are currently stranded in an orphanage in iran. after they were rescued during the battle to
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liberate the city of mosul from islamic state an r.c. crew has been to the shelter to visit them. to work on. this list for the final. order of the court and move caucasoids. who's been. pretty sure that some of the children do appear to be unsure of their own names and how old it is believed they were taken to iraq by that parents who joined islamic state and who are now presumed dead russia iraq and jordan are working to track down other family members some of the children have been describing the deals they insured and they are assessing now since it. was a time that the. families. just lived one is still
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a little boy don't need a mom it's a good. one none of us. are going to you know salute and list for a fraction of. what does just looked up which. like i mean you have a list. she. wasn't of each kid. i need to. know on a lot more than me only. not coming in it only of. your mom only a buck. on it one. was like well. he's somewhat well for sure but in a good school just to find someone willing as a. little money. we know that there are.
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some very sad accounts i want to direct to to has details of more heartbreaking stories which have emerged. there are two stories that have come to light in particular that really paint the horrors of what's happened and how innocent victims particularly children in our band and in a foreign country without those identification papers what will happen to them they've got no support of anybody no adults the first story i actually came across has a happy ending it involved two years of hell for the mother and her husband a native czech and call her cousin target of he went to fight alongside islamic state. and basically he first went to syria and then to iraq and he actually kidnapped their son and took the son along with him that was back in october twenty fifth in their four year old mother had not seen him for two years so you can imagine the trauma that she's gone through she had no idea whether he was dead or
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alive and actually she coincidentally saw you tube video with her son on it and she contacted the russian authorities and you actually have the is the end of this man the shares still work. there's a slab a good look at their list there's got rich is there but so much that. can you do. afterward yashpal. enough that beast. well you know. the russian authorities are now seeking to cooperate in trying to repatriate a lot of those children there are dozens of them apparently there who are russian speaking whose parents decided to join isis and so you know at least something is going on and happening hopefully some of those children will also be saved now the second story is equally harrowing it doesn't have such a happy ending it's about
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a girl called my mom howie she got married in two thousand and nine and six years later her husband decided to move to turkey they had three children at the time and then later michael contacted her parents so the children grow. parents and told that told them they were moving to iraq she gave birth to a fourth child there and she apparently cried when she contacted her parents and said that her husband threatened to take the children away from her which is why she went to iraq she then stopped calling her parents so they didn't hear from her after that and apparently her husband was recruited by ice or he had a month's training and he was sent off to fight and then michael was told that he was killed in action now the grandparents have contacted the russian authorities playing for their help now that they want to find their daughter and grandchildren they know nothing about her they don't know where she is would serve some. is that i knew. that this was. a moment.
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to. mature new deal and. i'm used to new laws in accord with me because no one and not just me. most of the prepared it was most to do. so as you can see there that's an example of a not so lucky family and now i would imagine there are lots of families like that dealing with this situation who knows what the outcome will be just an example of how horrendous the situation is right now. well we got in touch with iraq's child welfare commission which says it regards the children of parents as victims. i don't give you some children have broken legs or hands this is because they were abandoned by their parents and for a long time has stayed without any further care and man them there are the iraqi children are busy the mothers the right chechen children chinese there is one friend child all these children have been placed in the shelters they're treated
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with care and attention there is no difference between them and the others our aim is to guarantee them a safe environment we consider them to be victims they are not guilty of anything if the child's father is from i so of course the child is not to blame. germany set regime sending asylum seekers back to greece ending its six year moratorium it's returning nearly four hundred newcomers and the e.u. rules which dictate where immigrants should be processed the move comes a little over a month before germany's general election we can go live to berlin and get more from our europe correspondent peter all over the pages so just talk us through then germany's latest plans. well this is a turnaround by germany on what they'd originally decided back in twenty eleven it was ruled by germany's constitutional court that the country didn't have to adhere to what's known as the dublin convention which should mean that asylum applicants
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are sent back to the first e.u. country they arrive in for processing that was done away with in twenty eleven changing it now the big thing we don't have is why this is happening it has been touted that this may have something to do with it being just a month ahead or just over a month ahead of a general election here in germany but that hasn't been confirmed that this would be happening though was confirmed by the greek migration minister while he was speaking on german television we accept there was pressure from several you countries on greece to resume returns i understand that e.u. governments want to show some results to their voters. well the interior ministry here in germany has confirmed that three hundred and ninety two asylum applicants will be sent back to greece for processing under the dublin convention it will only affect those to the right here in germany from mid march of this year but if we
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look back greece was the key link in that so-called balkan route into the heartlands of europe by refugees and migrants particularly between twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen now it started to taper off last year and a lot of that was put down to the e.u. migrant deal between turkey and the european union where a lot of onus was put on turkey to stop people jumping into boats and making not crossing across the aegean into the greek islands there however that deal with turkey it lies in tatters and pretty much only exists on paper right now italy and greece have been the. main hot spots for the my current crisis it's where most people have arrived and we've actually seen an uptick in the amount of people crossing the mediterranean from north africa into italy in twenty seventeen and what we haven't seen is no hair really of the promise from the european union that
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one hundred and sixty thousand people that were that had applied for asylum in greece and italy would be spread out throughout of the e.u. member states that's been held up also there's opposition from the likes of hungary poland other eastern european states to that happening at all but this is what we're seeing now coming from germany there will be returns of refugees in the silent applicants from germany to greece with no no word exactly why they've made this decision but as i say it does come just well a little over a month ahead of germans going to the polls here to elect who will be the next chancellor of the country. that was peter over there for us in berlin. now meanwhile there is something not right with america's voting system will tell you about the claims and who might be to blame after the break.
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the world.
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according. to. the united states in california alone several times these have been found to have substantially more registered. citizens more haze. voter fraud a subject that seen fierce debate in recent u.s. politics but the current president and his opponent's trading barbs over claims and counterclaims flying back and forth every time voter fraud occurs it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy can't let that happen the fiction that millions of illegal votes were cast in the two thousand and sixteen election it is in pure glee stunning allegation for which the white house is providing no evidence to the people registered in two states that registered in new york and in new
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jersey they vote you mean voter fraud california allows i believe there was motive for a new report suggests that it's an issue that does need to be looked into the activist group judicial watch sent a letter to california for eighty's warning out a discrepancy between the number of people registered to vote in the state and the total population of eligible voters it is urging that california to take reasonable steps to clean up its rules we will show you if state officials failed to act the greatest discrepancy was in the los angeles county coroner the report there forty four percent more people registered to vote than eligible citizens living in the county and that amounts to roughly one million people now california isn't the only state facing these kinds of problems according to the report that was released back in april over eleven different states have counties with similar discrepancies if california doesn't get a grip on things it could soon be facing a lawsuit as it stands the elections of the united states and their integrity are
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now in question but not because of some allusive russian hackers the problem appears to be much closer to home able to mop and artsy new york the u.s. state senator we spoke to also says the program spreads beyond california. this is a stunning number first of all your dish your watches are highly respected organization and they have compared the voting record with the number of voting age medicines or there are far more people voting then there are people who are eligible to vote and so the system is all of us great corrupt it's got a combination some of them are people who have died some of them are non set aside and some of them are legal there's some way you know illegal immigrants were being permitted to vote president trump has made the statement that he believes that literally a couple of million people cast. votes i tend to agree with him even in
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virginia now virginia is better than some states and yet i know for a fact that there is a great deal of voter fraud. the syrian army is clearing the eastern side of ice or terrorists it was captured by government troops that weekend in spain with god it is one of them a significant victories in recent months we spoke to the syrian army's information chief. military units of encircled in the suburbs mira nair advancing in the last stronghold of the. terrorists as usual leaving behind land mines and unexploded shell making it difficult for the syrian army to move through out troops and monitoring the city and tracking every movement the ice and snipers in fights the syrian military is quite lost by some terrorists from the city as soon as your permission to wipe out the militants is going to. be declared a liberation city. video news agency has filmed exclusive video from inside the
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time. is the last islamic state stronghold in homs province the retaking time is about fifty kilometers from the border with the province which is still mostly under control. explains the importance of syrian war geography the south east is where the color coded key is least complicated government controlled red vs i still held the black divided by won't long desert front line and it's just shifted to the right of a town called i know. there's plenty to so great for these troops their commanders saving. edges them closer to their ultimate goal in this part of syria dare as zoar where one to two hundred thousand people are completely surrounded by islamic state and
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a few more months the siege will have been ongoing for three years in strategic terms is the last stop on the way to dare as providence taking control of this province will mean wiping out impromptu or production no more cash for the terrorists from. the government troops can also push to the north and if they can reunite with fellow soldiers. the rock a province i suppose forces will end up cattle in the geographical heart of syria. is definitely the beginning of the absolute end of isis in syria where there are definitely two potentiality of superman is only fifty kilometers away from that is or retaking the take of the city is of vital importance to the reopening of the route on the road to the resort now the other option is to actually link up with the forces coming in from the northwest now that would create
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a huge pocket of remaining isis forces i think the army would potentially link up with what's left of the horses at the same time they would push for their vote in the quickest form possible we've seen the syrian army gaining ground and then relinquishing some tough lessons in war geography have been learned those trapped in the arizona or can breeze momentarily with relief but there's still a long way to go with a zillion mentioned there has been under siege for years and locals told us about the dye conditions they've been facing living in the shadow of isis. as you know i learned very late in the navy as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i hid her in a water tank so that the terrorists didn't take her as a slave terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis
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militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them as suicide bombers to villian don't have access to regular good the commodities to services planes aren't always able to reach their iraqi power through the equipment or the food which is needed it is already on the outskirts is one large front line you've got thousands of syrian forces fighting i think on a day to day basis they're in constant need of resupply and that brings you up to date we'll be back with more news in just over half an. a line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express entry.
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into going to be it's one of the for. people. interested always in the water. sitting. there. so. you know just i mean. i mean. if it up as i must.
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but those. my body and we've. already been. in the. i am a scholar this is the kaiser in one of the themes explore on the show office of the crimes of wall street repeat themselves under different names now i'm going to talk to you about the clatter lies debt obligations remember those c.d.o. those while they've been reinvented as the same scam but they've got a new name we're going to talk about that in a moment but first late breaking knows about some german one.


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