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we're going to do. the boss may be. going to make. margot. you know we're going to be to the bargain we've. been out here. i mean are you do you. think you might as well. just she's going to look into two hundred years ago. my brother he was he when he was i want to stab the knife into my back it was a bone to me that. i thought. mom some money give me
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a bucket of. us are going to make it be ok. to move. their. friends. like you know where your head. is and the real. margin for me. that no one knows them are you have to be gentlemen mr good to be with you we mean you. we're the. business of even if. we should believe all. they're simple with.
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each one of the oldest of the family. the good. eats at least one of those yes. but that a lot of it ain't about time i skip but i'm about the same as art but i was up to the money into the magazine about agony. last night i asked for we need i mean no one doesn't. do anything you want something like this one in court and he doesn't know i. would be the best but it would be. deceased needle. me. enough. i think anyway to believe well i go.
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to be near. him a good leader species yourself in the us some people do still. have lives and you know it's just how to go about. i like my one. but don't we got a lot of us. to similar and his in the family we can both be skinny we're thankful that i'm allowed to know what the girl. had. among them. you know what i mean i'm going to get out who you think you. were just
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you or i do and i don't want to form over time. people ok and he's. going to. use it i hope god will create a man but i'll give you a couple new school little did i get into a piece of. ok no when dad is the bottle you know audio and point out there with oh it will be a pencil are some kasam. it alone ned newton or god is important and i does not follow from that opening up. the motto who am proud near quick on the one on the table yet he could talk his clothes though nyoman some odd. thing lincoln i'm going
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to play go got a full school sums on which and he got a sama. guys up there by scott kind of stuck there. yes all magicks i learned was coke up on a bun got a bit was talking about ways to quit about the new guys and i go come. on this go to those. six authentic emea saw magic pills and i go through. some of those courses are they now know that i'm going to have fun doing that now that you finally get out again that's what i love. you do you got me on that i got me out in. orlando nam. oh i've got one on your head i know how that ended up i know. i know i've never been out of my mind they are no longer. my house oh they just got done is a little don't know that. it's not is
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a go go go go go ahead you know i don't i think it's not going to not tell me nothing then i found. the. company said he was talking about the basics. with. this but did get on with it but the. now see believe that he thought you were talking to this post believe. it you know it's all done.
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so and i would say what i found but i'm in. you'll notice he. said to. pull together the local you're. going to look in his can go look at it but after that it's on its own in the. evil the owner of it on this with it might go to give it me with the. letter but he won't will but i'm going to. really i'm going to do it the day i'm going out of sorts. or should be will just follow my soul's givaudan name. but he does but if it is i don't actually get kind of a thirty million from. the donor by post and i was glad i did. but the film atomic sotto the bones as he bought me what i call the new world of feeling the buying in for the
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intrusion throw together the money to square up and i gave boyd and said to have righted themselves are not seen before so you can move on he talked to both of them on causing an interview to factor in the bond between those community of again reward scandal but i'm going to mean time it went on thought so hard i would hope it isn't to get the audience time at home for dr mabel the other. model but as a panting on newer mark enabled you know i'm an easy. mark on the kids would be on don't know what's a good. i don't know him well not just about the chemical of anybody who would have been going to. say i think you are a little bit of me you're right believe the problems are anyway back to where i. used to talk in a way. that you can. thank you for the it's in this case muslims. or
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nay times the thank you for texan music you can look up the beach where i've been ali. thank you and i cruise on the feeling is not that i would treat them that i used up on the killing is not a professional ardor to criminal i called them no they come from been sequences like they come from baby this back to society they want to secure that act out of the family vest and this dog to demo to rising indian culture that's why cases of premeditation to start in their cost matters inter-caste love affair intercostal listen to start them on out of killing your star honor killing is not response not only that but a son that responsibility is a question of. local mind.
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yes without commanders really gung. ho lee i was like. oh what is. the right. thing to leave all the new family leave the family wife the family and the third one just be. nice enough a child beauty. will be no families made a feature. we take away with a little while all. the way to the age of little money go. to do well in the beginning. should be made by. people most of them from office on the ground. any cute my name is.
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mina. and my by you to name is your mama beachhead law review board part of the world from one of the broadest we have run into god for marriage with even the good wife to go on that obviously. god do you want to get. lost with the way he does believe. me he don't need to except i'm one of them don't know where to. bowl him go live. and learn and there are. dug in there that he is very. ugly i don't know if i had to order their naked body. to move them out i just think it will mark the. roof and then. yelling on. wife because the family members. are given to getting the day you.
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were school maybe. you think that the. road only in love only really going to grow. old that will save all my. school tog it will make them. take a. sneak. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from drum point maryland to smith point virginia chesapeake bay from north beach to drum point and their island chop tank
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river to cambridge maryland and the little chap tank river patches and river to booms island maryland until eleven fifteen pm at nine thirty nine pm severe thunderstorms capable of producing water spouts were located along a line extending from maps narrows bridge to near blackall that point to six not a call miles north of flag harbor moving southeast at fifteen knots hazard waterspouts and wind gusts thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact water spouts can easily overturn boats and create locally hazard these voters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations and pack that include greenwell state chop tank rip tillman and black owned at point solomons island couple creek down creek drum point james island harbor calvert cliffs knapp's narrows bridge brooms island and taylors island move to safe harbor until hazardous weather passes.
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out of the mountain and about to test the stuff to. chose seemed wrong all right old quotes just don't call. me old but yet to shape out this day comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to see what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water use it out. there should. look it up i mean it's up to her. and up to him. but to get yourself a few bottles of interest is one member but of. course i'm to give evildoing i would love to meet a monkey amoco be a mom like me but the market would cause me. to secure a. body in lafayette he would want to put over and over but you know nobody is going to get uppity it might even be a sub in the. thing you. want to. get that walk. well being i didn't want us to shouldn't fight thirty nine i was. then
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sending her to the custody of a book of. her family members family members. access. actually seconded that. but. i think enough to still be forced. to go i get i. see. no one else has a lot of good. or says a while as the man i need to. get together with a. guy who ministration discovery will. not that. i bought up. somebody. now by this and is that she started before the noble court that she wants to stay with her family so she has been is and. staying with her was what among the reasons you
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. know this boy is cleansed was plans that he is been married. but we don't find any. evidence since then. there was they were in the someplace and they were turning or in the same time and their brand their. nothing is their. wrong all their maybes he's cleared and he's on the police report issued by the police officer of police station. that both of them got married i surmise that you know what i witnessed of which is actually a number into anything to do along with the report this is the police report this is not my report how can he be ignorant about it. it was made
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because. you put a little but the. key. is a. higher. degree. also i was gong to get to become a foetus i'm going to give them one hundred thirty via on the what and see if you don't you. did. not. want. to touch the problems with the.
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reading nor did it seem. right although we. begin who lived in a hard. time grieving soul lives. and she's been saying all that because. as you said she is a woman and in him india is. no rich. and poor the things very poor more. this guy has got you know and for us again. most women. i don't would go because i believe there are some she wanted it done and. i really do read to her. and. i get this
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ready chief. bill. lee. they don't know you just never heard of. the cd you're not employed you didn't say it's not meant you can you confirm that this is the one from a he's got four of you that are known to me. and you were using the word in your class so that both of them are right. every time to convey the quote above because did nor him had invention until down seemed to come back or did it because they want to show off to society that the we are demanding our daughter by our own only i used to think that a good education genes a mind of mind set of people but as to when my pan did this to me and now i i don't
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feel the same i was bitten by them really brutally my father he just ordered my had only just hit me into the wall and he just was hitting me really bad he just found it gave so much punches into my stomach and when my father he was asking me to marry some of those guy at the gun point he was like dude i'm going to buy a gun and if you're not mad he bet i'm asking you out then i'll shoot you should blow it off you know it's obviously if i would have made it to someone as i would have loved him for the life i would have sixty five my life. you. need to go down there with. the lead out. good. yes i think they were this was
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a. really good idea that i like. somebody. should pay me to do something completely different because in most of the parts in india the book is to do with. my parents so it's good for me i don't know earlier before anything said in the eye of my parents to show me my buddy put a website and he said this is good for you you such as player not so firstly i make my play for the industry and we discuss everything. and everything is come from and then becomes that it your mother to look at the end of the people who believe it
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was totally and. go to that idea so well there was. a live accounts are going it's going to go ahead i'm a girl. that i don't know what. i don't know what i don't know. i'm going to get. it again diddle forced marriages. are you ready to use. our virginity your the majority force me. not the law which are you to marry we are forced marriage why it's not a bending had used by the region. thank you. thank not coffee.
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not that i believe but just told you if he sees. this i want to type it now it will get in the way i think you see it give you a look at the club because i thought you think i could do you think i'm going to move on and i've got to get a book on you decide to do more if you can you can see you thank you see if you. can decide. if the tank thanked me dinner and i thank you. for your toes to be busted oh thank you. thank you thank you thank
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you. hello and good luck it will be good i'm going to go that. low level of difficulty it comes a little better than a little bit. and you feel like you think yes i know who let you have the ability and the feeling that there's a little bit of the most immediately most vulnerable thank god that. he gone over will only be good at it will not be when i see him lately when. you're great because of a bad defeat of a bad day period nobody's there being no we have become to practice and now that the fundamentalists from division two but we should stay there whose it was they said well disposes here wanted out what did i want to study learn from this area.
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actually believe this we have. a pulse in couples who feel that they were. taken they were here when. then there is always some issue that. they would. have a bad action passed on to the board in a police officer. that they say they don't have to ensure safety and security of the police has. to. be conditioned there is saw all irony that many. in the state police there so i would have. always had to. leave thirty to get. to do good takes me my file has been.
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found there and and this next week she goes to i was being housed then i was relieved to find that any benefits they. don't get a good deal. with. that so. let's not be nothing. more than what it is it was named blanket madness i'm going to say that. you know that you're able to just never get it there's
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a reason i often. i just wanted as it was obvious from the rest of my sort of time in the us from the day i said oh my goodness overnight i've been. there they. gave. me. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick.
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no wonder it's confidential. says since the years old industrial giants reap the benefit ignoring the cools by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't people just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this to. the earth. seemed wrong. to me but yet to shape out does day become agitated and engagement
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equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground.
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ah. one person was killed as a call rams into a crowd during clashes to unite the riot rally in charlottesville virginia a state of emergency declared in charlottesville history classes break out between rival crowds. two young girls reportedly taken to islamic state by their parents are recognized by their grandparents back in russia often al-tikriti visit a baghdad old finish. first. person
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wrote. a letter to her. and families in afghanistan's not the whole province mourned the loss of sixteen people killed in a u.s. airstrike. my father in my mother told. my to. brothers my mother and my sister were killed. you're watching all to international live from all moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program we start with the u.s. state of virginia where one person has been killed and more than a dozen injured at a white nationalist rally after a car plowed into a crowd of counter-demonstrators the driver has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.


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