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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  August 31, 2017 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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greetings and sal you. prepare yourselves hawk watchers because today i think it's time we upset some safe spaces and dive headlong into a controversy that's been simmering boiling and dominating the streets and campuses and social media conversations here in the united states ever since the tragic clash of protestors in charlottesville took that took the in the life of an innocent young woman and forced two disparate groups and nazi white nationalists once again into the headlines clearly two groups who are on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum clashing with each other is nothing new or controversial but
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what is stirring up all the activists social media outrage are the allegations that despite claiming to stand against fascism and our members of an deep are often using the very same violent tactics of the fascists they seek to overcome this week killer surprise winning journalist i'm no fan of fascism or the corporate state chris hedges has come under fire for his recent article entitled how and mirrors the old right. in his article hedges makes the case that the use of violence by the end of the movement not only gives more power to the corporate state but it also waters down and denigrates their cause edges writes what took place in charlottesville like what took place in february of february one black bloc protesters toward u.c. berkeley attempt to host the crypto fascist million up a list was political theater it was about giving self-styled radicals a stage it was about elevating their self image it was about appearing heroic most
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important it was about the ability to project fear. this newfound power is exciting and intoxicating it is also very dangerous however many activists and progressives don't call this dangerous they call it necessary because they are at war and they are now accusing hedges and anyone else who casts a critical eye on the tactics of anti as dividing the left and playing into the hands of president trump be all right and the white nationalist neo nazis they fight so let's journey into the heart of this great debate as we start watching the hawks. at the bottom. you know that i got. within three.
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weeks. while they were on the watching the hawks i am tired world winter and i'm proud of the law joining us today journalist author and host of on contact chris hedges welcome chris thank you chris you know after publishing this article this week you you've now been accused of dividing the left and essentially helping to promote a false moral equivalency between the violence perpetrated by the neo nazis and violence perpetrated by on t.v. and in the black bloc how i'm curious how do you respond to this criticism over your article. well the left was divided including in and before i wrote this article over whether to employ violence and acts of vandalism or not. that's number one number two it's my job as a writer to as stringently as i can write what i
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see as the truth. and whatever those consequences are. you know we have to live with it. so both of those accusations are kind of a canard and. looking at this it made me think of when were younger we have a different view of all of our ideology and how far we would go to stand up to it and in this instance made me think of william paul who wrote the one nine hundred seventy one book the end sold over two million copies and in it called for a violent insurrection in two thousand and thirteen he actually wrote in a guardian op ed that is anger at the thought of it being drafted in vietnam had quote blinded me to the illogical notion illogical notion that violence can be used to prevent violence i had fallen for the same irrational pattern of thought that led the u.s. military involvement in both vietnam and iraq the irony is not lost on me so chris
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let me ask you this is there a legitimate argument average to be made that violence is acceptable as long as the done in the name of this you know the correct set of beliefs if you're doing it for the right side is it ever acceptable is it ever productive to society. it's always tragic and i spent twenty years as a war correspondent covering conflicts in central america the middle east and was in sarajevo during the war in the former yugoslavia. there are moments when societies are pushed to such an extreme as was true for instance i'm sorry ava where they have to employ violence. in that city which was being shelled by the serbs day and night to. thousand shells a day constant sniper fire forty five dead a day two dozen wounded a day. was protected by trench systems we knew that if the serbs surrounding serve forces broke through those trenches a third of the city would be slaughtered in the rest would be driven into refugee
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and displacement camps and that was wasn't conjecture we were that what happened in vukovar adreno valley and all sorts of other places so at that point you know especially being shelled. nobody was sitting around in a basement arguing over pacifism but that doesn't save you from the poison of violence i think when you look at foreign occupation such as our occupation of iraq israeli occupation of gaza i used to work in algeria and land at the airport i would say welcome to our land of a million martyrs the foreign occupier comes in and only speaks the language of force. and they're only going to be driven out through force but what we're confronting here in the united states is is more akin to a revolution in revolutions are always fundamentally nonviolent no revolutionary movement succeeds unless a significant sectors of the internal security as well as the military either
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refuse to defend a discredited regime or defect and that's been and so what is it that the state the corporate state is seeking to do it wants to demonize the movement to keep it from brain broad based and that's what these figures do remember that the people they're fighting in the streets come out of course defending in any way their repugnant racism and bigotry and. they come from the same economic class largely and. and that plays into the hands of our corporate oligarchy that you know one of the things i also want to kind of get through is is that you know a lot of the you know. and the activists or the you know the progressives are kind of defending the actions that we've seen you know also point to the fact that you know they also do a lot you know they their least they claim that they do a lot more har more good than harm you know like protecting you know dr cornel west and the clergymen in charlottesville from the nationalists who are kind of running
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the lines there you know there's also they're also running a relief aid program in houston. and they say they're getting this kind of bad rap in the media especially given the forces that they're. fighting against you know is their truth is the media kind of stepping in and clouding this issue and kind of you know hyping up the violence in order to kind of paint that picture of the. yes there is no moral equivalency between these right wing white native risk groups and i was very clear about that in my call. the numbers of hate crimes and including home assad's that have been committed by these hate groups we can certainly go back of course to the oklahoma city bombing dwarfs anything that's done by anti phone but i think that when they carry out these tactics they actually squander their moral authority because they have moral authority. and they play into the hands
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of a trumpet ministration at a state that really is frightened of a broad based anti capitalist movement and wants to criminalize all any capitalist organizing and resistance and. groups like the black bloc or and give them the kind of images that they can disseminate to demonize the left and then carry out more draconian forms of control the road from where there were groups were the people movement to me has some others has resembled this idea of the past that to some extent it looks like a slightly less organized version of groups like the weather out there ground the united freedom front and the seventy s. leap liberation army which had certain ideals that were very democratic that were anti-capitalist that were more socialists that were considered the sort of militant progressives yet every one of those groups were heavily infiltrated by the ira they
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were not violent actions not on not actually the under weather underground but yeah most of these were at some point they were steered into violent actions by undercover f.b.i. agents that ultimately the point of their fight was lost because they didn't heed the warnings of people saying look there are people in your group that are pushing you into certain things am i just being paranoid or is there a real threat of that may. that happened in the kids the weather underground is a good example because the weather underground came out of students for democratic society which was the largest antiwar. organization in the country and the members of the weather underground mark rather than bill ayers and others burn adorne became frustrated that they couldn't stop the war especially after the tet offensive and so they decided to carry out this campaign a bomb in which by the way when they spoke to the vietnamese delegates. from north vietnam they employed them not to do it so that when nixon began his bombing of
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cambodia the s.d.s. was destroyed as a movement. and it did all of the things that the nixon administration wanted which was to paint the left as dangerous as and. and violent and and it played totally into the hands of of the state i mean i think we should also acknowledge that violence even when it's carried out in a i don't like the word just but when it becomes inevitable as that was when i covered the war sorry of all or when i covered the war in el salvador it doesn't save you from the poil of poison of violence it elevates those who have a penchant for violence and a capacity for violence. and i think for me that's why violence is always tragic i'm not a pacifist but i think in this case. it's a lot of people who are kind of looking at resistance as
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a form of catharsis and if we're going to topple the corporate state which we must do to save our country and ultimately to save our planet it's not about how we feel it's not about joining a group of. you know one hundred black clad massed figures and projecting fear which is an intoxicated and empowering emotion. that is. you know it's frankly just kind of infant we have to begin to dismantle and attack the structures of the corporate state you know met many people talk about fascism these guys marching through places like charlottesville are not going to achieve power we're not talking about attacking the nazi party the elements of what sheldon will and calls inverted totalitarianism or the corporate totality they already have power and yes figures like trump and people within the corporate state will use
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racism and white nativism and all of that stuff to further their agenda but we do we we we've kind of missed a focus here of the the the forces that we have to confront are not ascendant there are already in control exactly exactly and. we deserve a little bit of a time and you know chris one of the things also that jumps out to me is that one of the reasons you don't use violence as a whole to merely violence isn't going to change the mind of the person you're trying to change you know if you punch or races that's not going to make them less racist. and it in fact it plays totally into their hands i mean people talk about how nobody resisted in germany well that's just to store a clean faults up until nine hundred thirty three when the nazis took power that there were street clashes constantly between the communists even the socialists had their own paramilitary groups and the fascist went and sought it out because in the
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end the capitalist class and the ruling elites are always going to a saw side with the fascists when they feel capitalism is under threat which is precisely. what happened in germany and most germans were sick of what the of the violence that was happening in the streets which they blame. on the left yes it was true that the fascists were the ones who incited it. but that's something that we have to understand that the state is looking for any excuse to shut down all anti capitalist even those of us who are adamantly opposed to most definitely there are errors and this gives them this to give them the opportunity exactly what does i have to thank you for coming on the bay and. being the wonderful spokesman you are for that for this kind of thinking and that ideology thank you so we must understand the new one exactly exactly like you thank you. as we go to break cork
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watchers don't forget to let us know what you think about topics we've covered have a facebook and twitter and see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up sean stone gets to the bottom of the controversial pardon i'm sure joy of horror apparelled high from president donald trump with award winning filmmaker covered both stay true to watching the. the world would you. get it on the old world. according to jess. come along for the ride.
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ordinarily presidents wait until the very last weeks their presidency to start doling out pardons and commutations but as with all. this white house does things a little differently and pardons are no except said last friday the president granted maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio go over a supporter of his full pardon and no not for some personal transgression or indiscretion but for refusing to comply with a federal judge that ordered our peo to stop racially profiling hispanics for an inside perspective on the sheriff john stone sat down with kevin both an award winning documentary documentary filmmaker who spent extensive time with the sheriff . giving or start by asking you how did you decide to feature sheriff joe arpaio in
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your documentary american drug war that was made about ten years ago in a well you know when you're trying to when you're investigating the drug war it's easy to find people that want to come on camera and speak against it what's hard to find are people that will come on camera and speak pro drug war and all those people tend to like hide you know behind their offices and you know you know very good these people that come on camera sheriff joe turned out to be the one guy. who not only would come on camera but he would talk loud and proud about it had drug war slogans painted on tanks and you know he was he was totally gung ho on the whole thing and so he just seemed like a perfect characters to fill that niche in the film so if you're a joy admits that about sixty percent of the two million american prison population are there because of drug related offenses how does he justify this in what is his logic for the rational of lucky of these people over drugs i don't know they justifies it i think he just sees himself as like a man and doing the job he's been elected to do and you know he's carved out
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a role he carved out a real niche for him self in phoenix kind of like so most like the perfect place for him if you've been to phoenix or know people who live in phoenix so i love i love all that by the way. but you know it's kind of like a little safe haven in it is crazy because most of all the men that i met intensity were either in there for dui or meth and phoenix has a lot of that and. so you know i didn't see like the big immigration thing when i was there ten years ago so would you characterize sheriff joe is putting on an act or does he actually believe in and presenting as many people as possible. i think it look i think he's a ham for the camera i think i mean he obviously loves media attention he knows how to play it up and i think he has a sense of like being outrageous and knowing that if he's outrageous that he's going to keep getting all this coverage that he gets and the coverage help some keep getting reelected and it's you know he's he's become like learn how to like play the p.r. machine and. and i am pretty sure he's figured out
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a way to profit from all of his prison activities you know a lot of people are claiming everything from like. making money off the old food that they were serving people to making money off the clothes in the pink underwear and and he was even selling you know pink underwear with marigot joe slogans on me when i was there he was he sells postcards with his name on it gets and all the prisoners sign it so it's a it's a weird situation you know i myself of if i was crossing the desert with drugs in my car which i would never do i would avoid maricopa county like the plague we know the economy's you talking about economies you're talking the prison economies and you know obviously that there are full fledged economies that exist for trading and getting goods and services but how much of the share of joy actually control of facilitate the economy that is jail yeah absolutely i mean everything from cutting off pornography i mean i when i was there they cut off men
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a lot they wouldn't allow the men to have catch up you know and so he is really come down so i you know i don't know what's going on with like drugs or cigarettes or all that but. i mean he you controls everything that goes in or out of there i think a lot a lot harder than other jails well he's the tories for running a tough jail he prides himself on it but how much do you think your she believed. corporal punishment yeah i think he said when i asked him why do you treat the men that are still not convicted yet differently and he's like we're not running an airline here we don't have a first class and coach or equal opportunity punishment system here and so i think he looks at the jail as. one you know i don't think many people spend more than maybe one or two years in there i think that's a maximum so he's going to make it as rough as possible did you ever get a sense of racism from sheriff joe the drugs were really like a black latino problem or an immigrant problem how i went in there with the whole
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opinion that it was going to be a very racist type situation but when i got there actually like a majority of the men were white i was surprised i mean there are some spandex and blacks in there but there is a mostly white man that i that i talked to and i think this is before he started his immigration patrols you know i've been watching that unfold but you know i mean you know once again if you know phoenix and like that kind of people that have voted for him over and over again for the last twenty four years you know there's definitely are racist by is there but i kind of look at him as you know i mean you can blame him for the racism but it's almost as if he was just the right man for the right job it seems to me that a lot of this language around the immigrant phobia that we've been seeing has to do with drugs and gangs coming out from latin america but how much do you think this was at the heart of the american drug war. yeah i mean i definitely think you know
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the way keeps getting reelected is to paint this nightmarish picture ca like what trump is don of the border. and yeah he's definitely turned those people into the bogeyman for all the you know the rich are white people of phoenix who want to protect their little kingdom and and so he became the guy that guarded the castle for everybody and. you know and he got all this press out of it he became a hero and you know i think in a way it's almost as horrible as that is he was kind of brilliant in the way he did his p.r. but in the sense it seems he is the personification of the american drug war fears of black people poor people immigrants anyone that basically could go crazy and overthrow the system or harm or social system that has to be controlled you know what i found interesting is when i talked to more and more e. he was first of all his ten years ago he was pro medical marijuana. you know he had
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no problems you know it talked about drugs but he you know if it did become like the crime issue and all that but i think you know to me the most inhumane thing about tent city or the sheriff joe prison was making people who are suffering drug addiction to sit in a place like tent city where they need rehab so you know he was definitely like anti rehab pro punishment as far as people who probably just needed medical help and for those who don't know what is tent city tent city was a share of joe's little private concentration camp that he built in a giant parking lot outside of one of the prison facilities there south of phoenix and he put up a bunch of army tents and you know in the summer get up to be about one hundred thirty degrees in the summer people so their shoes would melt the fans didn't work i mean when it wasn't hot some of the men would prefer and i you know i heard stories of being inside of the jails where our guy used to put toothpaste as yours at night to keep the cockroaches out some really like awful stories from all of it
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so besides the heat i think some of them actually preferred to be out intensity except you know in the dead of summer so but it was in joe you used to like love to tell people that complain about the heat that that our soldiers are in iraq and it's hotter in iraq and you know how dare you complain when they're not complaining and they're fighting for your freedom and that was his logic and this is where he was detaining those presumed illegal immigrants the ones. we've got to process those intensity that's what i've heard yeah that's what i've heard. of the day it seems to me that your job actually beyond getting reelected he really wants to have national attention i mean he made a name for him so we have to obama on the birth certificate issue why does he care so much about this national persona for himself. you know after i was there he had his own reality show i don't know if you ever saw the sheriff joe reality show so i don't know i think he's just like anybody else i think he is a good bit of a ham you know i mean he's he could have been cast on the sopranos you know i mean he's he's like an italian gangster i learned that he died when his mother was born
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here that. you know he talks about eating spaghetti and meatballs all the time and you know. i think he just loves the attention like just anybody else and he found a way to get a lot of attention make him so he made himself famous i mean look how famous he is sitting churchill aside how much is the american drug war really just about corporal punishment and social controls. oh i mean i believe at the end of the day the war on drugs is all about just controlling the profit margins of alcohol tobacco pharmaceutical companies. that's really what it's all about i mean you know first of all the marijuana. the reason they they are really fighting so hard to keep marijuana illegal is because everybody can grow it and it cures just about everything so once that cat gets out of the bag the pharmaceutical tobacco and alcohol companies are going to take a massive hit probably already are and it's obvious because you can see they're
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already aligning themselves to get in the marijuana business so you know what else do you do and so when you're fighting a war you need the soldiers you need the guys who love obedience and hierarchy guys like sheriff joe you know i mean like i said i mean not everybody wanted to have their face out there because they i think deep down inside they know what they're doing is wrong or sheriff joe almost likes being like the tony soprano character he likes being like a lovable psychopathic killer. and he he just filled a perfect niche for the for the places this you know big city right on the border people want to protect the border the whole thing i mean he was like the right man for the right job to do groucho's decision to sheriff joe. i don't know i you know like the end of the day he's eighty five years old and i don't really know how much prison time he actually would have done i think it was the whole thing was more of a symbolic gesture. i don't know i know a lot a lot of worse people have gotten pardoned so you know i don't really have an opinion about that you know i know it's pissed
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a lot of people off i can see why it's pissing lot of people off but i think this whole thing is more symbolic than anything else. students from across the world gathered for a competition held by idea architect human mosque and his latest for aid to futurism the hyperloop a transportation system involving pods an airlift. well those two movies and then surely will get a person comfortably in from washington d.c. to new york city in twenty nine minutes the teams built the pods and must team built must team built the tracks a german team created the winning pod which hit speeds of over two hundred miles an hour breaking hyperloop previous record and if you wonder why this is new is i'll let you answer that the reason i love these things is because it makes me excited to wake up in the morning and you need these things you need these things there's a lot of problems in the world but if we don't have things that inspire us what's the point of living and that's what this is all about. that's so true what is the
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point of limited play there is wonder there is beauty in the world and local people can do when they get together and create something beautiful i mean i am very excited to see where this new technology takes us because i want to you know i want to get across the united states of light by hours without a plan to be incredible i want that new york pizza i can just get a twenty minute b. back if i have an hour i took my i had to. keep up the good fight for technology for beneficial technology beneficial to all right that is our show for you to bear everyone the in this world we are not told that we all loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am i robot inter and i'm topical i keep on watching those hawks never break the body.
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i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america into the greater media landscape is not all right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world artsy americans in the spotlight now frankly i have no idea how to classify as and it actually took me way more time than i care to admit there's a real irony going. up thinking that it responsible points new people and that's always well that's what i think that's always been something. that ordinary no wholesale surveillance you feel you have all meanwhile as you mentioned. has used to sell you always on let's. it's gone real.
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he's a surgeon turned satirists who risked prison and worse to joke about powerful military leaders and religious fundamentalists boss a muse that known to many as the jon stewart of egypt is back and he's my guest on this edition of politic. politicking on larry king it's a return visit for my guests this evening boss m. yousef he's the cardiac surgeon turned political satirist don't know many have done that who for a time had the highest rated show on television in his native egypt he was forced to shut it down under authoritarian rule he's in america now and he's on set with
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me for the next thirty minutes we'll get his scalp was sharp assessment of trump's presidency so far and find out why he's pitching a morning after kit for muslims in america he's also author of the revolution for dummies laughing through the arab spring and he's the focus of the documentary tickling giants welcome back oh that nice to be back the washington times recently described donald trump as a gift from the comedy gods to professional you morris you agree absolutely i mean look at the ratings of s n l and daily show i think a lot of people has survived in the comedy fear and even been added to the comedy because of the donald trump's little trump is great for comedy horrible for america you think it was one of his roasters at a famous comedy central roast of government terror. are that do you think and i know moai i'm not sure if he has
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a sense of humor do you think he does know it's not just about the sense of humor i think he doesn't have the sense of being a public servant if you see how he reacts to criticism in general i mean specifically to humor and satire but he doesn't understand the idea that if you are running for office or you are in a public office it is part of the job of being criticized i mean if you look at him for example in his. press conferences oh does anybody have a good question for me does anybody playing nice can you it can you be nice to just begging people or asking people to be nice it's not people's job to be nice and when he canceled is it perience in the corresponding dinner that was a big thing that was a big it was the first president ever i mean reagan missed it because he was shot it does whether you do you more comedy writers write all their shots actually and he said no i'm not going to take this because i'm above criticism and he doesn't
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understand the idea of being a public servant and that reminds me a lot of what i saw in the middle east people people who are in any kind with or i'm not in you even have to go all the way up to the president or the king talking to anybody like a minister or some public official they consider making fun or even criticizing someone in a political position a sign of lack of respect we're very big about lack of respect and i think i see a lot of various ways you know from doing that what do you think of his using twitter. i mean just. well. we can joke about him using twitter old you want but what he's doing is a part of cutting they undermining the media don't isn't an immediate listen to me and he is late to this while you do like feet news media so i speak to a lot of trump supporters and it doesn't matter how many facts how many pieces of
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information you tell them oh the media are by you who are guests in july of twenty six didn't have to do this to you busson before doll trump became the g.o.p. nominee we talked about his campaign rhetoric rhetoric and america's democratic process we will play this for you now observe all right you're looking at democracy you're a doctor is your prognosis that american democracy is that no i think that american democracy will be able to be healing itself because used to you have institutions and constitution in place that will will actually make sure this will happen the thing is i know that you guys are very worried about for a long donald trump being you know xenophobic creases whatever back in the middle east that's monday we are used to that but here's the here's the difference i think it's not going to be the worst thing to have these people rise those kind of hatred
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because people will come to understand that people running on empty rhetoric is not enough it's all of this fake patriotism all of this hate all of it will fall nothing what if he wins so what i mean people lose so was so would that mean like the you know it's not going to be like and improve our again great dictator people will understand that this kind of rhetoric if i mean it will be painful i mean it's not going to be an easy right but even if he wins eat people will understand that their problems among going to be solved by empty rhetoric their problems not going to be sold by just saying let's make america great again i lay amazing in suspenders. when president two hundred twenty five days yes better or worse than you expected i think it's the exact exact legs not surprised by it and no surprise it's just it's the arc of the whole empty rhetoric that they built up to support anything do i support anything that he's done i can't
6:36 pm
see anything that he has done he allowed those i mean just to be fair he kind of lake interfered to allow these eight of again niggers to come in and compete in a computer or in the competition that's the only thing that i remember. i want to see pronounce his name all c.c. . the head of egypt a fantastic guy and say he's done a tremendous job under trying circumstances. what do you make of that well. it is no surprise these are peas in a pod these are lake authoritarian people who somehow find each other it's the same thing if you look at the between. each other and i think deep down. he says how are you all these people in gee how are you passing all of these. people being on your back and i think he envies
6:37 pm
him as if this is maybe the first time in history that an american president look up to an egyptian prison hoping that he'll have his place the only difference is putin has a sense of humor he is from france i've been with him he's funny he's. good i mean . putin is kind of. is a dictator that he knows what he's doing. ok you recently teamed up with the entertainment side café yes to pitch a morning after kid for muslims in america watch this folks. i'm here to tell you that terrorism sucks right but there's this other aspect to it that we usual overlook. that day after. this is a day where people who have nothing to do with the incident get treated as if they were actually did it but this ends today introducing the muslim morning
6:38 pm
after the morning after you can to protect you from anyone who may want to hurt you because they think you. know i don't know because i'm. going to stop you every day they get from targeting us why don't you open it and see for yourself the muslim. american flags over your house and everything. to remind people that the c.p.u. of the ball or something like a white person. a framed picture of you and. music . she knows. especially true back to the simple. now i can go to any library i want and if you order now we throw in a key chain with your recording to help you get out of. town i hereby condemn yesterday's attack. by that will do for now.
6:39 pm
how do you come up with this. article i see yes. it will be available on amazon soon. with i have always talked about. what does it look like for people like us in the morning after. because i'm really scared i mean i was in. a restaurant with friends of mine when the chelsea bombing happened and all of my friends their reaction was a human reaction it's like is everybody ok i mean is anybody hurt and my reaction was who did it what's his name is his name mohamed are we screwed i mean this is like our reaction every time we find ourselves being apologetic every time this happens we go oh we ought to peace loving people islam is the peaceful first of all don't do it because we don't owe anybody an apology and second nobody will ever
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believe us in this x. and so we i don't and doesn't just affect us it affects people who look like us who by the way a huge a portion of the word you know latino. african-american who look a little bit like us you have christian arabs who exist you have jewish persian who by the way were one of the people who were affected by the travel ban because somebody in the eighty's and mr understand that there's a lot of jews also in iran so we came up with this idea so of course like there's the t. shirt there's the flag there is that so you can so you can tell everybody that your bag is safe there is a framed picture with toby keith this is how to. speak like an american i like this because this is going to look it's on an automated condemning device i hereby condemn that there's that but i also like this because this is like a special kit. for them looking muslim so and this
6:41 pm
only has one t. shirt would say. i am not a muslim so that would be enough so late just like get out of my hair and wonder if you had this for real whether it was i think it would i mean well i think we should start accepting modems where it is gehrig's yeah and non muslims were as gigs you had to do something to put this together oh yeah i mean the people look at phoebe. brian carmel and blake and we're going to like that one of your dog well kathy is a new platform and they are actually getting into the used to platform and they are their own part of their products is also scary and they came up with this and by the way brian carmel who is the a drive through he's jewish where the way so was it off and he is one of the funniest people i've worked with and he me and him we come up with this ideas about like how to bring people together through humor. and the
6:42 pm
team and caffie every one of them just like wonderful people read idea yet one don't call in. it's not twenty nine ninety five problem i think you know what i think it was so. awesome stay right there we'll be right back with more politicking after this the muslim morning after. the bachelor sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last wrong turn. your act caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry . so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each pair. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc. and i secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave
6:43 pm
a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one. i speak to you as there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. all the feel we go through. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old world. the world according to just. welcome to my world come along for the ride. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big
6:44 pm
money corporate interests that's drowned out a lot of voice that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our t. america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable. terms and this is why we're pleased to announce the debut the big looking morning after kid. for anyone who looks a little bit muslim in. other. words would be. just. might think. this is a little bit about the. oh my god i'm so sorry it's
6:45 pm
just i don't know why happens all the time. but go back to taking that was a clip from cafe dot com starring my guest. pitching his morning after can't for muslims in america. he's also the author of the revolution for dummies laughing for spring and the focus of the documentary tickling giants in the united states he's often called the jon stewart of egypt have you met john yet i mean i met him a couple of times at the retired he he looks really good leafed he's having this he'd be having a great time and we will have in the having a great time but like i understand you've been he's been doing this lake lake. seventeen years to be that sharp every night yes yes yes he's ok what did you think oh charlotte smith. that was. that was heartbreaking to see all of these people coming on one message of faith how they were in power and
6:46 pm
powered and thing that they can this would not have been. happening a couple of years ago it is just the manifestation of giving voice to these people when somebody sees a president as a bully or as a racist and he gets away with it a lot of people are encouraged to follow suit but what is heartwarming is that just a few days after what happened in boston they were reduced to a cubicle in the praise of the boston protest you know. what i. moma long time do you really think that he thinks that the protesters against white supremacy and naziism world will be the other hand well i here's with a theory is no other and here's what i think i would like from i think he doesn't care about what you and me or people who look at these people as received think he's speaking to his base i mean for his for his base for his supporters or what
6:47 pm
they see are a bunch of liberals crying and screaming over how a president could do that and i would like to quote something that van jones said c.n.n. contributor and host and he's been here is a wonderful and very eloquent person he said tonal trump for many of his supporters are for lakewood you symptoms for many black people they know that people knew that you simpson was was pretty much in will the what happened maybe he was guilty but he had the right any. and donald trump for them he had the right enemy he just like trolling the liberals trolling the progressives and they hated the little mite does it hurt you that the political morning console poll done last once showed a majority of americans support the administration's muslim travel ban does that hurt you. it doesn't hurt me personally but it kind of it just
6:48 pm
shows that fear works fear is a is a wonder is it is a very powerful tool and he that when they do that if we we don't mean all muslims but as a matter of fact they do i have been in political and in other places where i've met a lot of supporters and they believe that anybody who belongs to that religion is anti american they don't see. the difference between someone who is radical or someone who's just you know porn after nine eleven. george bush spoke to honoring muslim citizens because he at the conspiracy what you want about george w. but in death moment he knew that he is president for all americans and he would have he made of it and many muslims serve in the army and there are many people who are part of the citee and because they hate was getting out of hand over nine eleven as
6:49 pm
a matter of fact one of the very first victims of hate crimes after nine eleven with an end egyptian christian he was not even a muslim he was like an owner over there lee and he was killed in his shop and he was christian and a couple of indian seeds were killed to the problem with he does not like when you say like the muslim but it goes far beyond the muslim men when you have like the three in the indian descent that were killed or eleven used christian were killed on his porch and that's why we we had this idea of like well to muslims like you know like stay off our back it's when when when discrimination arrives it doesn't discriminate personally the president some are more job creation and has been put in charge of solving the middle east from oh that would be lovely oh my god question or oh he will do a great job i mean i thought of that i think he looked at the middle east it's already a mess how how bad can he get it get so given question or. why
6:50 pm
is that insoluble. bill clinton i don't like to drop names but he told me that the british irish was a piece of work piece of peace a party to the middle east. or it. first of all every american president he comes of for years he he to do something that would actually matter in the middle east he would have to do radical changes that could actually affect his chance to be reelected for nobody wants to touch that file until the last year or two terms which is not enough second you have basically two nations to ethnic groups and you have lay people from lake the jewish people from all over the world to settle there you had people who lets a bear from palestinian people over eighty there they have been lent they can they're being settlements how can you solve that but it's been haitians yeah. i
6:51 pm
think about it the same food actually well i don't depose them in the home the like i feel like i'm in a jewish holy exactly the sheer deceived food but at the end of the day i think the land is is the number one cause for all for feud and for conflicts all over and do so let's look problem of land but how can you solve i mean look i would be a little bit bice because i'm an arab and because my my my wife has a palace to come from over half palestinian but you cannot solve the problem while you are building settlements and you are denying them can the united states solve the problem. the united states has solved many conflicts or helpful the many conflicts during sentries during the years by putting pressure on the players i don't think they united states would like to put pressure on the israeli government as much as they want to put it on the palestinians because at the end of the day israel knows how to market itself
6:52 pm
and they have they're pretty much powerful beyond the president they have people in congress and the senate and the lobbies so i think it's going to be very pressured very very difficult to pressure at blick an israeli government that does not want to have these. or do you think of fake news fake news you were may go living with a fake news you want to look at fake news you come to my country and we can show you what for you can use it as a matter of fact one of the very repeated cycles of faith to news that we had piece of news that we have actually captured the commander of the american six fleet when america tried to interfere and for many people he's still a prisoner in egypt and people believe that. you want to talk about usenet speak the army in egypt has and she claimed that they have found a cure for aids people believe that at we like i mean when when she was a fake news and i'm not impressed you come to my country. news in
6:53 pm
a moment oh absolutely i mean they just like a couple of days ago from fox news the guy who did this leg. videos mocking the chinese people in chinatown new york he had i saw a shark in texas and he was talking about like a fake picture that is circulated many times before anybody would like a simple google. search know that this is fake they deal with fake news as facts and. then of course one of the most circulated piece of news is like how obama is a secret muslim how he co-founded ice's we've been having this lake three years before you guys got it so for once know it we were ahead of you guys you have a fox news in egypt pope the whole media is fox news the only difference is it is state sponsored so all of the news outlets is owned by the state whether directly or through businessmen and it is fox news twenty four hours. i mean it's even even
6:54 pm
late now the state is interfering intertainment and drama and comedy they basically they are owning all of the outlets so there is absolutely no way to go outside of that control you are often heckled aren't your performances you know that happened a couple of times by people who were sent by the egyptian council but that didn't happen again thank god you can visit your use the generals running a country yes what do you make of generals in this administration some people think that in these particular gen particular generals we're better off well just a couple of days ago who was it say very defense yet the secretary said he actually like he didn't. agree with donald trump all of the transgender soldiers up yet so he's kind of like he stopped that so i think this is good i mean this is this is the i mean you can say whatever you want to with america but the the biggest thing
6:55 pm
that and that's why when that told you it you could have trouble but the foundation is good you will not have a general coming up with troops taking over power or forcing the prison to do what ever if he's a bad president we just leave it out but the worst thing is to bring a tank or a gun into a conflict of ideas because you would have no conflict you just have the gun you just have to think. and this is this is what you what i respect about like what's happening in europe and what's happening in america it doesn't matter how bad it is you know going to have the president being overthrown no matter how bad he is overthrown by don't we know the thirty four percent of americans support him. does the egyptian leader have that kind of support. well here is. all they do there i don't know how how on is the polls are but the problem with egypt in the middle east in general that people look at the army as the most
6:56 pm
horribly thing ever there it's morse the army is more sacred than religion and many people supports the army or whoever is representing the army out to fear of chaos because they look at syria they look at libya look at erratic and we don't want to be this so we're better off having a dictated it keeps things together other than just fall into complete chaos and this is the kind of narrative that dictators in the middle east have proving it to for many years it isn't me or chaos and and syria was a perfect example when bashar assad found that his position was threatened he destroyed the whole country so i either continue ruling the country or you would have no country. so you're saying that the three percent is swayed by things like that yet and i think if you would have lake of a similar poll in egypt to be much harder than thirty three percent because they are not just thinking of him as
6:57 pm
a person they're thinking of safety if he's there if the army is there it's safety they cannot they don't understand that you can separate the army from the state the army is the state is stability you cannot separate the three are you a pessimist you know. looking at what happened to me i think i'm doing pretty well . thank you for coming back thank you so much raising you thank you so it's there i like to buy the first get of course. awesome we thank you for your time today and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me of kings things and don't forget use the politicking ash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking order your kids. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to us we all knew it would i
6:58 pm
tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some marshawn to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
6:59 pm
rejected tonight is a common goal that not defect by the corporate. which you go after the corporations but just more your life profit over people at every turn. protect it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer to all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is
7:00 pm
a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's a. little . long. but i'm tom hartman at washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture donald trump is waging an
7:01 pm
undeclared war on immigrant communities all across the country is this about wall and order or about making america white again i'll ask amy good in just a moment and with net neutrality on the chopping block are we in the last days of a truly free and open internet. rear and valerie urban incidence rumble later on in the program. with his one hundredth day in office almost in the books donald trump doesn't have much to show for himself when it comes to legislation he has however managed to orchestrate a massive in some cases brutal crackdown on immigrant communities all across our country they're living in fear like never before but now some are fighting back just in time from a day for more on this i'm joined now by amy goodman a journalist and host of democracy now welcome back it's great to be with you tom great to see you and by the way congratulations you've got
7:02 pm
a new book out democracy now twenty years covering the movements change in america and it is absolutely spectacular as well saying it's time yeah that's what is happening in this city this weekend it's the movement's changing america on every level from immigration to climate and a fine thing it is so give us a picture of what's going on here with regard to trump's immigration policy what's your sense of what's going on as you know it's interesting we're on a fifty city tour around the country last night i was speaking in burlington at the unitarian church and their two young mexican immigrants silly plastic posts and. our. came to the church and they were just in jail held for almost two weeks their major immigrant rights activists have been for a long time they work with a group called migrant justice and they were picked up and it was only because of the mass outcry that nearly two weeks later they were released now as we were
7:03 pm
coming into vermont i got word that in denver. a man who had taken refuge in a unitarian church named arturo hernandez garcia two years ago and i visited him in the church in denver colorado was picked up as well despite the fact that he had a letter from the obama department of homeland security that said he was not a priority for deportation when the activists from groups like the american friends service committee called ice and said what are you doing with our tour oh he's been here for is like fourteen years in the united states is married has two kids i said we no longer have priorities i thought that was an interesting way to put it because the letter had said he was not a priority and i had just been in that church because jeannette does geta who's also a mexican immigrant has lived here for more than twenty years has just taken refuge there since trump came into office because she's concerned she'll be deported she
7:04 pm
has little kids i talked to her ten year old roberto. his son roberto and he said to me my mother cannot step outside i am my mother's voice and what's interesting is time magazine just last week announced the hundred most important people on the list jeanette this get the mexican immigrant taking refuge in the unitarian church i mean churches and even whole cities are declaring themselves sanctuaries and that's really important in fact california is considering becoming a cow a sanctuary state the movement to protect people just what's best in america that feeling that we are a nation of immigrants that we came from somewhere as well and when we see someone who has been threatened i mean that's what we document and democracy now we're documenting these growing movements this mass outcry each time and turo or
7:05 pm
similarly or a key k. is picked up it sends shock waves through newly. in the communities across the country because they're afraid that they could be next you know president obama deported more people than any president before him my recollection is correct he was referred to as the deporter in chief. how is the trumpet ministration qualitatively and quantitatively different from the obama administration i mean i get how different they are in their rhetoric and and rhetoric could be terrifying in or of itself but in actual action well that's a very important question yes even his allies called him the deporter in chief he deported millions of people and he laid a foundation as in many other cases when it comes to the drone war he expanded it and trumpets continuing at the expansion of wars in the middle east he expanded that and trump is expanding it but right now right in the beginning in the first weeks of the administration this first one hundred days i mean what donald trump
7:06 pm
has laid out is he wants to deport all people who are undocumented so people are deeply concerned this is just the beginning. and the vaio language he uses to talk about people who have worked in this country for decades jeanette this getta when she stood at that church when she was named one of the most one hundred most important people in the world by time magazine she held up her two thousand and sixteen tax returns and she said i'll show you mine now the president trump should show you his she's paid taxes for years and that's a really important misconception many people have is that people who are undocumented in this country don't pay taxes they do and that is something that has to be conveyed by the media all over and the level of support she's gotten
7:07 pm
so many death threats as she sits in the streets but she doesn't just sit there she organizes from morning till night to protect others. and i asked her what gives you hope and shit will because i get so many more letters and emails of support that denver police chief came to her to say i will protect you tell me when you get a death threat the mayor of denver the congressman we are seeing a level of organizing that isn't just the very noble activists in the streets i went to a meeting in new york it was packed with hundreds of people they were city council members from across the country they were state legislators they were mayors and they too are saying how do we protect our citizens documented and undocumented alike how do we provide sanctuary one of the things that we know about undocumented people in the united states is that they're not all from mexico in fact they're not even all from south of the border and in fact donald trump imports people into mara lago because he thinks it's very elegant and people european x.
7:08 pm
white people with european accents and maybe some of them stayed after their visas expired who knows but there's a lot of undocumented irish in this country there's a lot of to undocumented germans in this country there's to the best of my knowledge i'm not seen any evidence that this administration has any interest in going after anybody who has skin the color of yours and mine that this is that and when jeff sessions went down to the border and in his prepared remarks he didn't use the word when he spoke but in his prepared remarks referred to people he was to give him credit he was speaking of the drug gangs you know but he referred to people coming across the border as filth. this see it seems to me like there's just a huge racial subtext here am i imagining oh i mean not at all look at the people i've just named hardworking people in this country they're not part of the drug gangs they're part of what makes us proud to live in this country he is sending
7:09 pm
a message to all emigrants and i mean i think your opening where you talked about make america white again is so important there's a reason why the ku klux klan endorsed donald trump for president why david duke endorsed. donald trump for president we have seen this back to when he was one of the leaders of the bertha movement rate president obama the first african-american president the united states and he continually year after year trump wasn't even running for president then trying to deal with him i said and saying he could have been born in the united states i mean you know when he accuses others of fake news it takes one to know one he's the father of it. here's a clip from president trump today i'm not i can't say that from donald trump today at the n.r.a. here it is. we've done so unbelievably at the borders already they tried to use it against us but you need that wall to stop the human trafficking to stop the drugs
7:10 pm
to stop the wrong people you need to all but listen to this we've already see a seventy three percent decrease never happened before in illegal immigration on the southern border sits byelection my understanding is in right after two thousand and eight right after the through the great crash essentially when so many people were being thrown out of work that. the flow of undocumented people united states and south of the border actually reversed that it went it didn't go down seventy three percent it went into negative numbers so is the story another law i am in and does he i mean i don't know the exact figures but the figures have been going way down and make no mistake about it people don't leave their country because they just want to be in the united states they leave because of enormous pressure women perhaps because of sexual violence because well i mean look at nafta that's great
7:11 pm
sucking sound to people who are being forced from their land looking for where the jobs are and we have to take responsibility for this people want to stay at home. but when they cannot survive they move on and many have come to the united states and we have to look at the structural issues that make that happen not to mention the legacy of the reagan negroponte activities in yours and salvador honduras guatemala non-corrupt where in fact the thirtieth anniversary of the death of then lindner who was killed in nicaragua by the contras an engineer who went to help the nicaraguan. simply to build a democracy now trump has also started this program within the department of homeland security where you can call and read out your neighbors i remember when i was living in germany and reading the rise and fall of the third reich by william sure and early on in like thirty three thirty four hitler start
7:12 pm
a very similar program you could read out your neighbors and people would call it a radio stations and do what was called denunciations talk about their neighbors were not loyal or maybe they were jewish or gay or something and people get picked up it's kind of funny in a way that over the last twenty four hours a lot of people been calling the illegal alien hotline and talking about well i think i almost got abducted abducted last week. but i thought and alien right bought an extra to read write and they've been they've been you know punk and d.h. has been the minute we have left i'm curious your thoughts on the deeper meaning of this i'm really troubled by this in a historical context we're not the first country to adonis i mean the fact of the matter is we are an amalgam we're a country of many different peoples and president trump has repeatedly reiterated that he does want to make this country wants to what in a sense you could say in his view of things to make the country lighter and
7:13 pm
lighter and it is a strong message that's being sent to his base and i think it's very important you know we're leading up to may day and they're going to be thousands perhaps tens hundreds of thousands of people in the streets all over country this. tree demanding fair treatment for immigrants who are hardworking who have helped to build this country just as we're going to see in the streets tomorrow april twenty ninth this major climate march i mean the organizing is non stop. well the the issues are nonstop amy goodman the new book democracy now amy thanks so much trying so much to have. growing up if donald trump were really serious about tax reform would the roll back the reagan tax cuts that are more that i've always got greer and valerie urban right up to this point.
7:14 pm
called the future we don't know are you going to. everyone in the world should experience flamingo and you'll get it on the old role in. the old according to just. look at the modern world come along for the ride to. the mission of newsworthy is to go to the people tell their side of the story our
7:15 pm
stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i mean average viewer knows that our to america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of our t.v. america. we get closer. and we question more. not letting anything get to bring it home to the american people.
7:16 pm
to trust administration can't say whether or not it's tax reform will help the middle class for once at least they're being honest as it stands right now the trump tax reform is really just glorified socialism for the rich let's rubble. with me for tonight's from our sky greer deputy editor at the daily caller and valerie irvin senior advisor to the working families party thank you both for being with us and i could use the details are still fuzzy but according to an analysis of
7:17 pm
the new york times donald trump's tax reform plan is essentially a wealth redistribution plan times interviewed a number of tax experts and found that trump's plan amounts to a multi trillion dollar shift of wealth from federal coffers to america's richest families and their errors republicans it seems have literally one idea cut taxes for the rich and it never ever works if we really want to reform the tax code why don't we just roll back the reagan tax cuts we had three decades of the fifty's the sixty's and the. seventy's where we were for an entire decade each one of them we had over three percent annual g.d.p. growth and then reagan came along and we have not hit a decade of three percent g.d.p. growth since then why don't we just go back to the tax policies we had before reagan screwed everything up well i think the main problem with trump's tax reform plan is there's no underlying vision or problem that it's aiming to resolve it's like we're doing all these minor changes were overhauling the system we're passing this big legislation and all it does is slightly lower taxes for rich people and
7:18 pm
for the for corporations you know the corporation tax rate goes from thirty five percent to fifteen percent that's basically the most dramatic overhaul that's in this plan there's no really under a lot what is the problem there was also no plan it was a one page bullet points which they said they'll get to later. but this is no surprise to me that this president would go as far as he's going to cut taxes for the very richest in the country and i think it's in line with him being anti-government he's the president of the united states he's cutting enormous tax taxes for the richest of all of us which is going to have impact on services and how we actually run the government so it's all like connected this is what the grand plan when he came into office so this was not a surprise but for his people out there in the world that the people who believe that he was going to you know stand up for work for working class people he just
7:19 pm
you know threw him a you know a rotten tomato it seems scott i don't understand why conservatives are freaked out i mean the the tentative scoring on this from conservative organizations is that it's going to add two to five trillion dollars to the deficit but you've got some progressive organizations that are close to and it could be twenty trillion dollars over a decade i think that's probably a high number but i thought the conservatives were all about trying to reduce the budget deficit not raise it although it seems that every republic. can president since nixon has raised the debt and every democrat then jimmy carter had a balanced budget bill clinton had a bill it balance balanced budget but you know nixon reagan bush and bush all blew the budget i mean it just ticks totally expanded the debt well i would say this for conservatives tax cuts care matter much more than the desperately needed i don't really to be honest of both sides want to be honest we only care about the debt and deficit when the opposition parties in power we only care about it we're like well
7:20 pm
why are they cutting the debt more i think republicans and democrats are just as guilty about this we only care about those when it's an issue we can use against the opposition that is in power of them about is the guy there is always going to get certain that this is how we're paying for this tax explain that we have so much job growth we're going to have so much growth in the economy that that's going to pay for itself well we're not quite sure about that and there's all these other plans that he wants to implement that he might not have the funding for it might add exponentially to the current deficit we have so there's so there's too many that you can't call for the expansion of all these government agencies at the same time working with this tax bill that nobody really feels very emotional about i've been seeing this from the service side most people are just you know they're not very upset about it like they were with the health care bill they're just saying it is like there's not an underlying drive for what is the what is the big problem that this is solving i'm sorry i was going to say they're right really beat the drum for the deficit during the election cycle and so here we are with
7:21 pm
a plan that's going to quadruple the deficit we don't know what it's going to do to that right but it's not going to make it better and so i'm not hearing the voices coming from the right about why this is such a bad idea it seems you know some years ago donald trump was asked what his favorite book was and he said p.t. barnum's the art of making money and i don't think that was i think that was a moment of that great honesty. p.t. barnum was of the opinion that it really didn't matter what was happening what mattered was what people thought was happening that perception was more important than reality and in the art of the deal trump basically echoes that on multiple occasions you know talking about how to kind of flim flam people how to get the publicity all this kind of stuff so it seems to me like this tax. plan which is literally one sheet of paper with some bullet points i mean this is not legislation this is not a serious proposal it's insane that it's even being treated like such by by people in congress and by the press frankly it seems to me that this is just p.r.
7:22 pm
this is just for his base of and by his base i'm talking about his donor base in the in the coax and the other billionaires who support him and who support of the republicans absolutely he's doing what he said he was going to do and so much as well which is the take care of his take really well being fred. i mean that's why i said earlier it's not a surprise so like he keeps check checking the boxes he's going down his list check check check check you know my first hundred days he's got to say that he's made some you know accomplishments he's got to talk to his base and tell them that he's doing everything he said he was the one that saw. him fulfilling as all the base i think is betraying the real base that got him elected by going into these measures not so much with the tax reform but i think definitely with his health care plan that was promising to kick off millions of his own supporters from their health insurance i think with this matter he just needs a legislative achievement and it looks on paper it doesn't look as offensive as the health care bill and most republicans are who are going to support it there's not
7:23 pm
going to this huge battle as there is over health care and there's not going to be a deal like toral consequences that would happen if there will be there will be a huge battle when they translate the bullet points into legislation then you're going to defer to republicans and democrats yes but within the republican party i don't see the type of battle that we see over health care old find out republicans have failed once again to make any progress on repealing and replacing obamacare on thursday night an effort to bring a new health care bill to the floor failed after g.o.p. leadership discovered they didn't have the votes to pass a new bill would have repealed important protections that obamacare put in place for people with preexisting conditions so the republican failure mccain machine keeps on chugging seems like the more they try to placate the co. caucus the freedom caucus the more their health care plan becomes unacceptable to the rest of the country at what point are they going to read the writing on the wall and start pitching single payer something that people actually want well you would get out so i'll go. at the democrats pushing they are you know
7:24 pm
a player who is they are its stance you close it for opposing it this yes is yes when. there's actually a bill it's called h.r. six seven six that john conyers has been reintroducing year after year after year was it was a democratic a solution endorsing it or it has one hundred ten sponsors and i was represented so then why isn't that why did that go through during the obama administration it would have said that's a whole nother issue but to go back to health care with a rebuttal democrats are promoting is just that it gets absolutely no publicity because the you know network television america is totally fascinated with republicans and has no interest in the democrat but of what i think something really interesting is happening and it happen started happening in the town hall meetings when republicans were going home to face their district residents and people were saying there is no way that we're going to agree to you know throwing obamacare out the window we like it they didn't know how much they liked it until they the prospect of it getting taken away was just like looming i think
7:25 pm
republicans are saying that on the ground in their districts this is a very popular still and very needed and i think the single payer issue sort of came up out of of the republicans trying to shove down the throats of the american people this you know let's throw obamacare out and give you something very par plus people in people who plan around here is really irrational alternative it's why every other developed country in the world has adopted that or some variation comments are now open on the f.c.c. is website for a new plan to gut net neutrality plan which trumps f.c.c. chair hi announced earlier this week would rip. peel the groundbreaking open internet rules put into place by the obama administration back in two thousand and fifteen those rules ban internet service providers like comcast or a t n t from key creating pay to play fast lanes and they also ban them from blocking content that might compete with them or that they don't like the american
7:26 pm
internet is now going to look a lot like china's but instead of the government blocking websites it'll be corporations and they'll be doing it for profit how are republicans really going to defend that so they're going to kind of ignore the issue like the. when they want to sell off your private your internet history to eyes you know eyes to providers with the same thing i do i'm very skeptical about this maneuver because we want to keep good net internet open and neutral we don't want to have corporations aside in this matter because they could be handed over to activist groups are and anybody they complain some website is over the both the right and left can use this to silence political speech in a whole host of other about your so it's not just going to be making a profit off of off your internet history or anything like that it also has the potential to suppress speech just because people are upset about it which hurts the first moment which america is great because we are the last bastion of free speech don't you for being honest if i was going to say i liked everything that he just said i think a lot of people who have not been paying attention to this issue are now tuning
7:27 pm
into it especially because of what trump just recently did about like making all of our information available on line and people got really like nervous about that so i think this net neutrality was an issue that a lot of people sort of like ignored or they didn't get it but i think people are tuning into it like this is this is like around our first amendment rights and like what one of the corporations doing controlling who gets access well and some of the biggest piece in the country time warner and comcast own the two biggest cable television networks you know sort of fox and they're not talking about it on here it's all it's like there's just this complete you know nobody will this is. i dispute thing that was internet drawing movement that came from twitter and social media when people learned that their whole internet search history might be available for corporations to sell it off people were livid about of their wasn't driven by the cable news networks is german by average people who found out about
7:28 pm
this issue or that it was an instance but wasn't even discussed on corporate mansour it's really a tragedy scott valerie great having you with us thank you so much and now the big picture fact of the day it turns out that all that worrying might do you some good after all a new study out of the university of california riverside has found that worriers do better at work in school and are more skilled a problem solving than their calmer colleagues and that's the way it is tonight don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active tag your. car . all the food we took. every the world should experience.
7:29 pm
and you'll get it out of the old world. according to. your launching an arts council report and. that's. basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be on the line saying. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. if there's any. situation.
7:30 pm
welcome to redacted in i'd be ip camp tonight's entire episode deals with various aspects of climate change and the fight for our survival as a species in the first half i talked with ed fallon a climate activist and the director of bold iowa which is being sued along with
7:31 pm
other organizations for hundreds of millions of dollars by energy transfer partners the oil and gas giant responsible for such family fun projects says the. blind and hiring mercenary army tiger swan to go after peaceful activists fun for the whole family now they're also suing the people who stand for our future for clean water and for a livable world in the second half i'll go through how exactly the horrible flooding in houston proves that unfettered capitalism is eating us alive but first here's my conversation with ed fallon hey ed thanks for joining me. good to be here so. i don't for many years and you're always on the ground fighting the corporate just drugs out of our country and the world how are our spirits out there admiral oh morales ok you know we got donald trump to deal with on top of all that but you
7:32 pm
know we keep fighting we're disappointed they started running oil through the dakota axes pipeline but we still got a big court case here and that was our way it would stop the flow of oil so over there that pans out there will be then early next year that we're in the media that would as is yeah that would obviously be here reviewed but i want to get into the laws so that they're polling against you you along with many others are fighting against it or go to access pipeline which you just mentioned which is not just in north dakota cutting across your homeland of iowa well first let me ask you what's so important about stopping this pipeline do you know it's just it's just oil infrastructure right what's the problem oh good point you convince me. you know it's there or there's the potential for five hundred seventy thousand barrels of oil per day running through this pipeline and if you just look at the carbon emissions from the oil in the dakota houses pipeline that's the equivalent of six
7:33 pm
to sixteen i believe in new coal fired power plants you know one week you know i mean look at houston we can't continue me i don't know who i don't know who's still out there who doesn't get it but apparently there's plenty who do and they're refusing to move forward on the policy change we need but but this is pretty critical you know we thought we had a start and then along came donald trump reissued it and now we can stop it in the courts well i hope until we do this it's a person of some of these other battles some of these other played lines yeah and it seem like obama just wanted to just held it up to kick the can down the road because it's not like he was against pipelines he bragged about langmore oil pipeline then anybody by. but anyway to get into this lawsuit energy transfer partners the evil villains behind the pipeline are now suing earth first greenpeace other organizations including gold on which you're the director of can you talk a little about the lawsuit. well the big basically they want their wanting
7:34 pm
a billion dollars from us and i hope they've been studying on how to squeeze squeeze blood from a turnip i mean they can take my one dollar car they want i be happy to sell my chickens given the proceeds from that and maybe i even get my cat involved in some kind of a i and i were invited grads there to steal your check and honestly about. to get these yes no so out the bottom line is we've hurt them pretty bad between the the protest movement that cost them a lot of money and the best new campaign we started seeing banks and other financial his divisions pulling out of financing part of the projects we were pretty dead and that's what we wanted to do because we believe we've got to stop this fossil fuel infrastructure from expanding and so their response of course is not to try to find a way to move beyond fossil fuels but as the sewers is the shoot the shoot the messenger who saying that we've got to change and what are you what exactly are
7:35 pm
they claiming you did that was wrong or illegal they're calling it racketeering which is fascinating to me i've never thought of myself as in the same league as they are the poll that is kind of cool to be there. so they're alleging that we we misrepresented the facts that he described then in terms of they were unflattering and and untrue we misrepresented the new reality that they they claim that this pipeline this is amazing they actually claim that the pipeline is going to reduce climate change which is incredible but they're saying we misrepresent the facts and based on that we use that information to fire up people to donate to our causes which they claim is racketeering so i think is a pretty weak argument but they've got a lot of money and the same lawyer the defense trump and a lot of his lawsuits is the guy that energy transfer has doing this lawsuit for them yeah it seems very similar to what trump likes to do what. just drown his
7:36 pm
opponents or people he doesn't like in lawsuits hoping they'll take a saddle manner back out or whatever but this lawsuit is is not just harmful to you it's also dangerous for the precedent it would set if if energy transfer partners were to win this it will mean that peaceful protesters can be financially destroyed in court even if they aren't already brutalized by police by the police states. or. talk a little about that. you know this is a huge attempt to silence the right to speak out in opposition to policies and
7:37 pm
practices that you believe iran and it cuts across the political spectrum their case i mean it does good just as well i mean if this silences the freedom of you know pipeline dividers to speak out you know it's going to apply across the board and you know we see this happening in state legislatures at the federal level even sometimes in local local or jurisdictions where they're trying to find more and more ways of keeping us quiet while in and out here in iowa or in the pipeline fight there was one county that increase the fine for civil disobedience leading arrested from three hundred bucks to two thousand bucks and all over the country you see in those kinds of initiatives and so this one is the mother of all anti speech initiatives because you know if they're successful it could absolutely silence we would bankrupt a couple organizations maybe a handful maybe a law and it will also silence a lot of people who would then be really afraid to speak out but i you know i am
7:38 pm
and i'm optimistic we can win or. yeah i mean i'm obviously you have freedom of speech on your side but also there is other good news and that is that this shows what a huge impact a small number of activists have had on this corporation or these corporations that are putting in these pipelines i mean i mean they're sending us down a suicide path and fossil fuel extinction and you guys have at least you know shot a couple arrows in them for anybody out there wondering whether one person or only a few people can have an impact against these monsters this is kind of proof don't you think oh yeah this is a this system is extremely encouraging because there's no way they would be wasting their money filing this lawsuit if we hadn't had any. and i you know i'm i really want i'd love to be a fly on the wall of energy transfer partners corporate boardroom because i wonder if they really think they're going to win this or they're just trying to send
7:39 pm
a message trying to find a way to silence us to scare us i don't you know i get it and i don't think our country has come far enough down the wrong road where they're going to win this but they could take it far enough where they drain resources from organizations that have lawyers that can afford lawyers i was not one of them so you know it's not going to doing us in that way if it keeps girliest vote is possible that i could get subpoenaed i could i could have to travel to washington d.c. or new york i think the key of the case might be heard in new york and if i do that i'd love to love to visit with uli but. you know i don't i don't see myself doing jail time over this i don't see myself losing my flock of chickens but. i see it as just being a way to drain resources but again i think the main point is we're having need that we can pretty hard we need to the armor of this beast and that's one of the common employers and this is not your first time in court with energy transfer partners
7:40 pm
you there is a they seem to see suing you and other activists is kind of a hobby of their. well it is an interval and specifically in the month of august that because it was last august that they sued both iowa and i were citizens for community improvement and by name myself and had a nice and they sued us and the goal was to get the court to issue an injunction to prevent us from engaging in any kind of protest that might lead to civil disobedience now in that case the judge threw it out of court but not till you know we dropped a few thousand dollars trying to you know phone back against it so again as part of the goal not just a silent speech but to you know take your take away limited finances because these guys said they were a bottomless well of money we have limited resources so i don't know that they are going to win some of them and so they want you and i want to hear your resources and like you just said they also are hoping to win some sort of decision where you
7:41 pm
and other. activists leaders are allowed to be involved in protesting at least if they can just got some of the the leaders then they figure they can you know get away with their pillaging of the world a little more easily yet you also served in the in the iowa legislature for fourteen years so you're one of the few people who's tried to make change both on the inside of the state government and outside on the streets do you feel why it is more a factor than the other what it what did your experienced teacher about that oh they're both really really important i mean think about the civil rights struggle you know the the passage of the voting rights act the civil rights act i mean that that really is what changed the change the improve the situation immensely for blacks living in the cell but none of that would have happened without protests civil disobedience the marches the rallies all that so important so you know i think more good people should run for office and more people who have people who vote should be really really meticulous about making sure they're not voting for some social
7:42 pm
market just getting in there to benefit their own nest and that's hard because you . sometimes these politicians of commands with a nice big smile are in the glitzy brochure that lives i didn't pull before but you know if you get in if you're the right kind of person with the you know a clear head and a good heart you can do some really important stuff and so i would love to see more people running you know i think one thing is coming more and more clearly is that and i mean the republican party is is so far gone it's not even worth talking about some levels even though they hold sway but the democratic party just more and more shows how incompetent and ineffective and actually out of touch it is and i you know right now i think it's even odds as to whether the democratic party can be saved or whether it just needs to be replaced and leaning toward the latter up but again i think it's important to have people doing good work on the inside and on the outside yeah i think it takes there are little of both and it is amazing to
7:43 pm
watch the that the corporate democrats have done no self reflection over the past two years they seem to have not realized at all why they lost to someone as horrific as donald trump yeah i just they seem to say oh no change one more thing i want to get to before we wrap up you were also filed followed by tiger swan the mercenary army that was hired by energy transfer partners talk a little about about tiger swan and what you know about the. well times one yeah they they've got they cut their teeth apparently over in the in the mideast you know doing doing doing anti-terrorist work and they've actually referred to us as a jihad like movement they refer to us as you go terrorist it seems that they can't get the terrorist thing off their brain but they didn't you know they operated i without a license they finally got one but well after that already you know been following
7:44 pm
us there are there are water protectors appears in for example has been you know she's she's been followed her residence has been sort of you know under surveillance maybe mine has too but i'm in the city in the so many cars out here i don't know which ones block the tires one but it was a nice black one without the license plates i don't know but. they've done a lot of things that are really questionable and that offend most americans and i'm really glad that they're they're being exposed by the series of articles by the intercept and you know the bottom line is they're going to keep their word they want to keep just go and they're trying to make it isn't it does look as look as bad as possible so they can keep keep working for energy transfer partners and other companies but you know the only security firm doing this stuff again we were a nation right now where this kind of covert operation isn't just something happens overseas is it happens right here and you know red are all small towns and big
7:45 pm
cities even if it's happening and we've got to be aware of it and push back against it without being afraid there's no point in being afraid you're afraid then they went wow thank you so much for being one of the good guys out there fighting as this continues down fall and how can people are keep up with all your work. what is really content contact us boulder. dot com is my e-mail address we're actually just in the process of retooling our website and facebook page but there will be up and running probably within the next week or so so look for us there and keep in touch we're we love getting cards letters and boxes of candy and fallon thank you so much keep trying thank you. if you go to a quick break but if you don't have time to catch every redacted tonight then check out the free pod cast you can listen to it on your on your on your drive to work when you're shopping for groceries all the times you can listen it's called moment of clarity it's free on i tunes and stitcher and it has everything we do here
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redacted the night i'll be right back with more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voices that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm michel. martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't
7:47 pm
tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. welcome back i'd like to take a minute to politicize the catastrophe in houston. i want to take the
7:48 pm
suffering of the people there and use it to make a political point not really i mean i do but i'm going to but is that it's all my fault the problem is any event already has the politics that is used begged into it some of the takes us a while to put our thoughts together on a tragedy but that doesn't mean the politics weren't there from the beginning furthermore as naomi klein points out this week in the intercept if we sit around with our thumbs up our bloods for two wigs and only then explain the politics of the situation it'll be too late and the powers that be will already have exploited the situation for their own hands naomi klein didn't use that wording i don't think she said bombs up above she said in an ideal world we'd all be able to put politics on hold until the immediate emergency has passed then when everyone was safe we'd
7:49 pm
have a long thoughtful informed public debate about the policy implications of the crisis but we can't do that because we don't have the time or the news cycles in one week or less are incompetent virulent our bill and truculent fly actual into mainstream media will have moved on to bickering about donald trump's tweets furthermore even the people saying don't politicize this are politicizing it if you listen to them they go do not politicize it you goddamn liberals are always politicizing catastrophes how dare you say more french jack's a dog politicize this flooding and it's the gays to go they gave that. you can claim we shouldn't politicize moments like this but life is political life is philosophical and only when things are truly dire do we tend to see what
7:50 pm
actually matters but when things are not dire not urgent we filter our actions through the stupid and hateful political ideas if those you know the viral image of the people in the nursing on elderly people in the floodwaters not getting any help needing help if those elderly people were dying not from a flood of water but instead were obvious there next in debt and therefore lacked the money for health care would we go running to their aid with that image have gone viral or would some of us. for not having enough money so now that we can all understand the don't politicize this means nothing as in fact kind of dangerous let's get past the elephant in the room of course the houston flooding is at least partially due to climate change even if you don't believe that you still believe that deep down deep down you know the
7:51 pm
records being broken year after year whether the drought storm surges wildfires or just heat are happening because the planet is markedly warmer than it has been since record keeping began these record setting events are happening more and more frequently we're in a hundred year we're having a hundred year floods every on the dam and sit near going oh there's something a little unusual going on. but beyond the obvious points about climate change there's much more to be learned from this very sad event think of everything positive you've heard you've heard or seen in houston during this catastrophe think of neighbors helping neighbors think of the strangers saving people's lives think of people picking up dogs that they have to don't even know who they were they belong to this and put them in a boat bring them to safety think of the viral moments of the storm and flooding
7:52 pm
think of that nursing home they desperately needed help and soon got it ok do you have those thoughts in your head all the positives now nothing about this all of those moments are outside of capitalism they are outside of the market economy nobody asked for money to rescue a person nobody said how much will you pay me to go save those elderly people in a flooded nursing home no one said well i'll save the americans but a very bad is undocumented come because boats going to keep all right show me your papers before you go on about even if your papers are also r.v. no one said that no one sent i found three dogs or they belonged to but i picked them up because i'm pretty sure i can sell them or cook them up and do a nice dog stew no one said that and if they did they were met with near universal revulsion they were pulse of people who are making money off of this. all of the
7:53 pm
beautiful and caring acts we see in moments like this in true catastrophe is because it enables us to see outside of capitalism outside of the market economy we see our shared humanity we see what really matters in our tiny transitory existence there is no time for the nonsense during a natural disaster with no time to that no one is shopping for pants or crockpots or their third t.v. for their fourth bedroom where they have one or obscene the waste no one's buying crap you know i did not add new devices to help you put on your socks when their house is flooded in you just use your so far away just bending over to put out your socks in full every day. introducing searchlight or green to bed overweight or go. every day just place your sock on the cradle lower the cradle
7:54 pm
to the floor it's like you're putting it that easy search light or put the socks on for you so bending over is a big you'd never have to do the secret is the cradle design that expands the sock opening and places it in the perfect position so all you have to do is like your good gear then when you want to take them off the socks lighter makes that easy to somehow everyone gets their socks on during a flood even though they're sucked of ice floated away they said who knows it somehow everyone's got on i don't know how it happens but it does. because we don't time for the crap ok now think about some of the awful things in a hurricane harvey in the flooding in houston i'm sure the some people are price gouging i'm sure that's going on there is the fact that poor people are far more likely to be devastated by this flooding there is our incompetent president tweeting nonsense during the storm there is oil and gas refineries releasing
7:55 pm
chemicals into the air in the water because they haven't been well regulated at all and didn't prepare for this nearly everything discussed doing or morally repulsive you can think of in this event has its root in materialism consumerism and unfettered capitalism. that. the profit motive who we are and what we should really care about it takes the best and purist elements of our being and turns them on their head and as these floodwaters recede the corporate monsters will rise up and exploit this tragedy for worth they will milk it they will do all they can they will take over lands they didn't have access to before. and in new orleans they will did not. know you then you have the date properly right there so we're not covering your house they will they will reprocess homes and cars they were condemned public housing they were trying to even replace
7:56 pm
flooded public schools with charter schools privatized education here here's a video of george w. bush dancing at borat charter school in new orleans to celebrate how great it was to use hurricane katrina to public education. of our society by way of natural disaster is ugly is that dance which
7:57 pm
should be labeled a hate crime let's be honest climate catastrophe will continue to tear apart our society as we saw in new orleans as we're seeing in houston and as naomi klein said in the shock doctrine the neo cons and neo liberals would use these moments to push forward disaster capitalism but if we look closely these disasters show us the past and humanity for profit is factored into the equation. that's all the time i have but we have live shows coming up in philadelphia and washington d.c. and other cities for details and to vote for your city go to redacted tor dot com also our you can check out baseball dot com slash redacted tonight we've all kinds of content there good night good fun.
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all the food we know. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it on the you'll roll. according to josh. woke up moral problem walking for the ride. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media. voters elected businessman to run this country business equals power. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play r.t. america offers more american personal m. in many ways news landscape just like the real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never your all. so the park and all the world's a stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in. to stand
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losers and you just leave the right questions to the right answer. question. on the you tonight harvey is downgraded to a profitable depression after dumping twenty five trillion gallons of water on texas. explosions rock a chemical plant in profit tax that and the pentagon confirms the actual number of troops stationed in afghanistan as more troops prepare to arrive in the country and the iraqi city of kirkuk both go ahead with a referendum vote late next month on kurdish independence a military man thing and here in washington d.c. you're watching our team america.


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