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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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headlines. u.s. security. warning. threat to the safety of. the way. children. speak. is trying to reunite with.
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the international. u.s. security services are reported to be planning to the russian consulate in san francisco which was closed. as part of the diplomatic route between the two countries. ministry says such searches threaten the security. and diplomatic stuff. the u.s. security service intends to raise the general consulates in san francisco on the second of september including the flats of stuff members residing in the same
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building who possess immunity from being set we are talking about invasion of the consular offices in the apartments of diplomatic staff with the latter being asked to leave not to stand in the way of the f.b.i. the news of these searches is really an unexpected and forceful further escalation on america's part now russian russia's foreign ministry spokesperson maria zahar of a said that this order poses a direct threat to the security of russian citizens because the searches will not be limited to the consulate itself but will also include the apartments of the russian diplomats where they and their families live and all of whom of course have diplomatic immunity now on saturday staff members and their families including children will have to leave their homes for up to twelve hours understandably causing outrage on russia's part now the closure of the consulate in tune francisco that contains the departments of the diplomats was only announced on thursday around noon meaning that the staff members and their families including children were given only around thirty six hours to leave their homes and the state
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department spokesperson has said that the facilities will be closed and entry or access to the properties will only be granted with the permission of the department of state this diplomatic back and forth has been unfolding between moscow and washington for a while now but i see a disturbing uptick in the blasts just a few days really now russia's foreign minister believes he knows the motives behind the decision coming from the u.s. and says the spot was not started by moscow the sanctions to the story was not by russia it was stilted by the u.s. administrator with the only purpose of the us russian relations and its latest statement the russian foreign ministry stated that this conflict was forced upon them by washington's decisions and while d.c. continues to up the ante both sides still call for bettering relationships but with this latest development which russia described as d.c. ignoring international laws. it's unclear what the future will hold moscow did however add today that russia reserves the right to react. u.s.
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diplomats we talked to believe the plan to search the consulate would be pointless . what are people going to do in your investors apartments or in the consulate and sentence just go look for illegal recipes for abortion and of course you're going to have to respond you're going to have to go into our crossing live in st petersburg looking for well perhaps too many copies of. the embassy a library this happens that happens usually at a lower level this time however it perhaps is more serious because it seems to be no. contest between mr putin and mr trump and there's not going to be anything left of interest to find quite frankly if there ever was anything other than confidential diplomatic materials which they're supposed to have there but the thing generally tends to be very tough finely tuned and balanced so that not too much offense is given because frankly things are already far too tense
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between the two countries already so there has to be great care taken when making gestures like this and to me again that means that anyone who's actually planning on raiding diplomatic premises in san francisco has lost their mind. black smoke was seen on friday pouring from a chimney at the consulate was to not go unnoticed by social media. a search is underway for the families of two new arrivals at
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a baghdad orphanage howdy john mohammad were abandoned by their parents who were traveled to iraq to become i still fight as the two children are so traumatized by their experience they're unwilling to speak. the. moment keeping them honest. tonight the good. ones.
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i did and mohamed are among dozens of orphans at a shelter where he has been trying to reunite children with any family members back home. but i guess the ever falls from iraq. we don't yet know deja and mohammed's full stories but whatever they've been through the word tragic likely doesn't do it justice the kids refused to speak their words absolute shock they were found by the iraqi military and they decided to take them to a new orphanage in baghdad they believed to be cousins and believed to be from chechnya but the kids themselves whatever they've been through must have been horrendous we have rarely seen kids in a state of shock is as bad as this but there are only two among dozens perhaps
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hundreds of children here in iraq in iraq who are suspected to be orphans the children of isis aligned parents and i've gotta say that they're not safe here not safe at all isis spilled a lot of blood they caused a lot of suffering and there are people who would see these children come to harm it is incredibly important to get these children out of here to their biological relatives outside there have been happy endings earlier we found five children from russia five children in a baghdad orphanage and see health tracked down their parents i visited the republic of dagestan where we found the grandfather and grandmother of two girls two little girls one four one three and we managed to reunite them.
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i've it's uplifting to know that in the ashes of this terrible terror. war amidst all the suffering and all the anguish there is still room for hope for joy for relatives who never thought they'd see each other again for them to reunite and we will continue looking for these last child running for family members to reunite them with their families abroad and at least let their relatives know that they're alive. the u.s. led coalition against islamic state has another sixty one civilian deaths are likely to have been caused by its air and artillery strikes in both iraq and syria
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in the month of july the coalition completed the assessment of thirty seven reports resulting in sixty one unintentional civilian deaths the coalition assesses that it is more likely than not at least six hundred and eighty five civilians have been unintentionally killed by coalition strikes since the start of operation inherent resolve. meanwhile active military operations either back door carried out by the us continue in both countries or humanitarian organizations have been raising the alarm over the impact on innocent lives but america's defense secretary believes locals understand the reason they're fighting that we are the good guys munition people on a battlefield know the difference. i saw with my own eyes three houses destroyed and they're striking isis fighters first went there and run away then the jets bombed where they were seventeen civilians were clear of what they would go on the roofs of people's houses and
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start shooting they wouldn't let people live in this later. this week with all of the civilians still inside. that's what. we ran from the shelling from they call the sion we left and the people from islamic state if we were directly targeted by the coalition it was very clear that they would no insurgents in the area there were children playing in the streets and we were carrying water from a tap on house and civilly in homes were directly targeted. the planes bombed us heavily this happened in downtown misled and around isobel slaughtering people many were killed and houses were destroyed. coalition shelling targets civilians hit civilians four story houses full of people were bombed all over the neighborhood certainly many have been killed among the my cousin he died in iraq in an airstrike. the situation in the syrian city of raka mentioned has
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been of particular concern to the u.n. with thousands trapped there made numerous coalition air strikes in the area or nicholas j.s. davies who's written on the u.s. military invasion of iraq suggests civilian suffering and in neighboring syria is likely much worse. what is coming from the coalition are not in fact estimates of total civilian casualties what they are is a very limited number of individual incidents that have been reported and so therefore the u.s.o. authorities have had to address them and conduct some sort of investigation and this is this is very very limited this is the way the u.s. has conducted warfare throughout its so-called war on terror and it is relied on the media to accept these completely absurd. numbers that it puts out as
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a serious estimate of the numbers of civilians being killed this is you know. this is absurd. with just three weeks to go before germany heads to the polls they're both already used to looking at potential threats to the democratic process there's little surprise that russia once again finds itself in the spotlight has played a role. comfortably ahead in the polls but this election campaign hasn't been a walk in the park for an age. the kids i'm sure they know i know. i'm glad merkel remains around fifteen points ahead in the polls but that hasn't stopped the security officials from looking for a bogeyman in this election we believe russia is capable of starting descent from
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asian campaigns in connection with the elections to the bundestag yes we heard about the us election we heard about the french election now it's. his claims are being made that russia is out to influence the vote but this isn't the first time that we've heard these type of comments from. the instant of the american intelligence services are convinced that most likely russian intelligence services are behind the attack we have no evidence of course but it is obvious that a similar scenario was possible in germany too and he's not the only one banging that particular drum. we have seen the alleged influence in the us elections the french elections as well as clear evidence to suggest that these attacks came from russia. there's a crucial hole in claims that russia is attempting to influence the outcome of this year's election in fact we heard the head of germany's interior security service
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talk about it just a few seconds ago that is there's no evidence no evidence that hacks took place in the past or that there's the intention to carry out hikes in the future in fact the german government has had to come out and admit this. they sent i don't have any information that these kinds of food can be proved and they have no knowledge of them. germany has been the victim of high profile cyber attack in the past back in twenty fifteen the bundestag systems were the victim of a cyber attack and the finger of blame for that one remains pointed at russia russia was initially blamed for the deutsche telekom at the end of last year and that has nearly a million people offline across germany in fact though it was the work of a twenty nine year old british man who was doing it at the order of a liberian company in exchange for cash russian president vladimir putin was put on the spot about meddling in elections during the g twenty and homburg. we did not
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interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we create any problems here we have good relations with germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe i'm glad merkel looks almost nailed to be returned as the chancellor of germany but almost hala full of germans say they still don't know who they're going to vote for so the next couple of weeks could well prove to be crucial and being able to patrol yourself as the defend against foreign meddling could well be a vote grabber come september the twenty fourth piece for all of our. lives are sharing your saturday morning with us here on our team now about quarter past nine here in moscow britain has the most is the most extremists in the e.u. that's according to a shocking new claim that story in the mix of your headlines in just a moment. when
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lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. can be taken into the afterlife that's a lot of people from the future are now arriving in the present like he's able to pay for his very into the present using but he doesn't talk about it much because he's already considered to be quite a strange man but you know that's the truth. so
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good to have you with us today for your new years the u.k. is home to more islamist extremists than any other e.u. country that is according to the blocs counter-terror coordinator and also warned that future terror attacks in europe are inevitable. and i see a church has been looking at why britain tops the list. god. was both back was right was a. recurring terrorist attacks in europe and the u.k.
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have become an unnerving fixture for europe's major cities as it turns out britain is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the number of extremists here there is many as twenty five thousand just llamas fanatics in britain more than any country in europe that's according to the news anti-terrorist chief three thousand are considered a direct threat by m i five and five hundred under constant surveillance to compare france with six terrorist attacks in the last two years is said to have seventeen thousand radicals spain the most recent victim of a major terror attack in europe just over five thousand so why is britain europe sixty missed capital where the fight to bring the supposedly good and the highest number of jihadi some twenty five thousand does surprise me a bit because i would have expected france or proportion of belgium to. number given particular the alienation of the muslim communities in both those countries were no one i'm not surprised that young muslims are quite alienated from her
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society and that's growing of research the impact of what britain itself has done and we should remember britain has been next the united states the main program for satanists in various wars we have seen around the middle east the thirty five deaths caused by terrorist attacks in britain this year in westminster manchester and london bridge were carried out by perpetrators on the radar of the security services yet despite that awareness those terrorist attacks were to avoided and more are expected to happen. we are going to suffer more attacks the group's propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the caliphate but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence even on a small scale with homemade weapons across europe while some perpetrators were known to the authorities others appeared to be leading ordinary lives and were even described as good guys this raises the question of just how many so-called good guys are totally off the radar or are currently in the process of being radicalized twenty five thousand people the security services can monitor that number of people
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every twenty four hours some of those attacks we've seen have been one wolf for tanks it's very difficult if an individual or even two three small number of people plan something that was just simply wanted to get a hold of a vehicle getting hold of naives it's very difficult to pick that up so if the security services can't guarantee the safety of citizens who can the u.s. extended a european travel alert for americans this week making it clear that europe and britain are not the safest places to go and if this is you're going to r.t. london. you spoke to an expert on the financing of terrorism loretta napoleoni she believes europe's open borders means that it's impossible to know just who's going where. it is impossible to probe tag any european regional or state one hundred percent because that is the nature of you know the challenge that we're facing though in europe there are no border there are some people can
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move and work freely from one country to another there is not a system in place where you actually can check the references so that you can make sure there were people are telling you what you read in their c.v. is actually real i mean we're talking about half a continent here there are you know so many of you but we're talking about four. million peebles leaving you know within the european continent it is easy to sleep through the bureaucracy if you know how to do it we need an approach which is a long term approach or. the united kingdom is no higher risk than any other of the european countries we need this positive and positive approach and corporation that really will win it which we don't have at the
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european level at all. venezuela's newly created constituent assembly is demanding a probe into the country's opposition over its alleged lobbying for u.s. sanctions against president murder his government the country has been rocked by a wave of pro and anti-government protests throughout the year the opposition branding my daughter a dictator meanwhile the government warns those who act against iran as well as national interests will be labeled as traitors in an exclusive interview the head of venezuela's constituent assembly told us the opposition's backing quote criminal behavior. even a solicitor midfield when it is a loose one has become for the you are so kind of an obsession. and it's not the first time the same happened during bush's tenure and back then the usa got no where it was the same during obama's time and they got nowhere again and now sadly president trump has not paid attention to present randomness to cooperate by
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diplomatic means such corporation would respect the sovereignty of both countries but i meant they were not less important political forces that call for military intervention into the domestic affairs of their own country must be condemned their actions are actually criminal those are put forward such demands betray their country political forces that demand of located of their country that would affect all its citizens betray the values of the republic i open posed the question imagine that the opposition party in any european country see friends called for the usa for her example spain or germany to intervene militarily in the times to overthrow the government in office or likewise imagine to us opposition to the administration of donald trump the leader of the empire asked for military intervention into the domestic affairs of the country in any country of the world this would be perceived as a treasonous crime to. us media are changing the tone in the coverage of the key left wing group. in the wake of its recent violent clashes with the far right
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organizations it's all star in debate over rising politically motivated violence in america as reports. after charlottesville mainstream media portrayed them as brave counter protesters challenging the fascist state and terror both sides today became violent we see it on the menu i'm sure you know now but answer for our people who go in they try to push back on these guys they were there protesting in america. but now it seems that mainstream media has discovered that they too are capable of violence and members of the far left are using violence to take your mask off because you have a history of beating people and hiding behind that mask in their midst was
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a sometimes very violent group of protesters that call themselves they were up to no good i can tell you they were simply here looking for a fight they were castigating donald trump were talking about both sides in charlottesville and now they are talking about both sides themselves very intentionally chose to be ambiguous by mr president when you were to begin you might as well start with the president painting these white nationalist protesters as a real victims of a violent left wing movement this was not many sides this is one side it is white supremacy so what happened here did and suddenly transform itself from being an innocent group of anti racists to becoming a violent group of free speech crushers mainstream media had its its marching orders resist heard. it's all about trump whatever they whatever however you can phrase this well eventually they're realizing that as you say the south that dog heard that that is what it would work so they had to realize it had to say
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something eventually that no but this was not spontaneous this was not right this was deliberate and this is organized and choreographed by this group that we now finally it's gone from hash tag status to media recognized that this isn't. one member wearing a mosque to conceal her identity told us that their bad reputation is by design. well i think decompose of what is in the people who who populate and he says just resistance they have to they have to clean day and they get his image oh it's to maintain ratings and to continue to project to start a school to make sure the state don't remove the comfort of their viewers on because when they lose that they lose money of course in a cap and suddenly when things money there's always problem i see joining us so far here on our to international today nearly half past nine saturday morning we're back in about half an hour.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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thank you thank god thank you are you there's a guy thank you thank you as you know houston is under water but i have no fear in order to deal with it are billionaire billionaire manchild president has been busy tweeting with mexico being one of the highest crime nations in the world we must have the wall mexico will pay for it yeah while houston drowns you cannot forget them mexicans. i just got to tell you the number one thing nobody is thinking.


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