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tv   Headline News  RT  September 6, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the americans do this. apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. the. president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. the united states largest military base in afghanistan is. explosions the taliban claims responsibility saying it was in retaliation for the fence of leaflets distributed by the u.s. army. also ahead. syrian government forces with russian support retake or to find an area held by islamic state in the city of. paving the way for its liberation it follows the lifting of the terror group's three year long siege there earlier this week. the russian president say's
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munting pressure on young well known soul of the north korean crisis. let's not be driven by emotion and push north korea into a corner. one pm in new york six and me being in london on just after eight pm here in moscow you're with r t international alone welcome we begin with breaking news from afghanistan where a suicide bomber has blown himself up in front of. his main military site in the country now the attack reportedly comes after a leaflet thought to be offensive to muslims was distributed in the area well for more on this i'm joined by our count hi there samir what are we learning about this attack. well
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a suicide bomber detonated explosives at baghran air base in afghanistan u.s. military forces have confirmed a small number of casualties but the exact number remains unknown at the moment the bombing occurred only hours after a senior u.s. commander in afghanistan actually apologized for a highly offensive leaflet that was distributed by u.s. forces in the province the leaflet depicted part of the taliban flag and a passage from the koran on a dog an animal that's considered unclean in islam the taliban responded to the leaflet by saying it showed america's hatred for islam and that it proves the war in the country is a war between islam and unbelief according to news reports this isn't the first time a controversy has struck the area in february of two thousand and twelve u.s. soldiers mistakenly burned korans at the same background base alongside damaged
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books and texts from the airfields library the incident prompted widespread protests and resulted in several deaths and now while fundamentalism is mostly to blame for these incidents it seems like the u.s. and ariel is definitely plays a strong role in providing these terrorists with an actual motive to perpetrate these attacks so one can only wonder at this point if trump's new and expansionist policy on afghanistan will further exacerbate the situation. ok samir a can live from washington d.c. thank you for bringing us up to date with what we know so far well let's get deeper into the story and bring in political commentator muslim sure's from the very welcome. we just saw the picture of all of the leaflet all the screaming the dog with the. how insulting are those leaflets could. for instance such mistakes by the americans fuel more extremists
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you know thought in the country. oh thank you for having me as you are callie say it about the incident which happened today after attack on the back room here bridges which did miss you off into your off ganesan said that two people injured two of the situation are critical in this critical situation of afghanistan was no president. announced the kind officer did you knew assaults you for afghanistan is that we can say a value offensive issue and indeed when you say about the new issue in a background. separating off such sensitive words. the people and also the insurgent groups said about that is a kind of insult of muslim beliefs we can say that in and taliban flag there is a koran the words which it is a kind of advertising that people should believe afghan troops are foreign troops
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helped afghan government to defeat the taliban so in this case i can say it and then never hold off that country and then never hold out the capital of the country is a very sensitive and to play is that the biggest and largest u.s. troops comes bisan there so in this case i can say if they're going to kind of mistake to have should be very cautious about you know u.s. military has been in afghanistan for sixteen years now it's not the first time we've heard complaints of cultural sensitivity etc does this latest incident just show that the u.s. is odd of touch with people enough gallus them. well when we saying such issues in afghanistan as you mentioned last year also we had a witness of that bag roam. one province of afghanistan which regretfully and that often have people. demonstrations which ocular the after dad
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killed and injured soul and discus so we should know that the garrison people are very of respect about all the religious issues especially with the kind of news and solving of their police so when you are asking about the such mistakes as a foreign to us especially us forces apologize about this issue on last year too but we can say the it should be a kind of very cautious especially at the cultural adviser should be very selective they should know that such incidents may provoke people and look at the sign and also that it may be you desire by you to lose i utilised by terrorist groups like taliban and other countries which support the taliban so it should be very cautious especially. on the religious issues and as we know what it briefly as we know such issues i find is that culture of advisors of foreign troops and the spread by local
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language it means that the foreign troops especially american troops should be very cautious about these issues yes another good point. what other eleven thousand troops u.s. troops now in afghanistan president trump has just said i would run a week ago said that reinforcements will be sent there we're not sure how many more thousands but we believe it will be in the thousands will those reinforcements proposed by president trump help in the country the conflict the situation there. while i take data should be a kind of change of it's talk to you kelly not just by troops when you're talking about the afghanis shoes i think they by that it becomes very complicated to did the head off the army of afghanistan with an interview with a t.v. channel saying iran also support the taliban and there's also news of supporting taliban by virus countries and complicated issues inside of the country so in this case. i think there should be obvious should it be a kind of original comes from
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a day inside of afghanistan especially the war issue or peace issue so in discus when you're talking about a war to start these you know there's you know in the recent days there was such attacks on background ones afghan main staff soldiers kill the other attacks ten was for woman stuff afghanistan was killed and the other instance also acute and the newly told it it means that they by the afghan situation is going to. in a very critical situation and you should be a kind of i think bridge you know consolidation bridge you know. piece for for a constellation of so you could dance inside of the country and muslim just give us a sense of where you are the couple of gallus down the nation where you are how in much sway does the taliban have in your country at this stage.
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or well i think when you are talking about the taleban for the house i mentioned as the international community knew about that day by day the situation is going to become very critical. of the capital kabul not just in power on. and since sick and thence in logar and the neighbor to hold off it might on my back even we can say in some districts of kabul of the capital of afghanistan as afghan government's going to end up so in discus regretfully and in the recent years especially in the last year there have been civilian casualties and also terrorist attacks and it will come through especially in the capital afghanistan is very critical the situation is not good at all in this case the new south you see the as a kind of hope inside of the afghan people mind that while there be at end of the war but this is a very big question. muslim political commentator speaking at. to us from
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kabul in afghanistan. or a base thank you very much this hour. well syrian government forces bacque by russia have recaptured a large fortified area held by islamic state in the city of dare resort. well after retaking the position syrian troops fund a network of tunnels containing weapons medical supplies and food it's also emerged that the urea was mainly defended by terrorists from central asian nations and
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russia on tuesday i russian warship targeted the militants there helping the syrian army stormed the fortress. the latest operation as part of a larger campaign to totally force eisel fighters art of terrorism work which has largely been occupied by the terror group for the past three years during that period it's become one of the largest pockets of extremist forces in syria. so these are pictures of two government army brigades reuniting after the siege on the city was finally lifted one of those brigades were there for three years one as we said trapped for all the time it has more now and then liberation comes. the people of their resort won't have to pray for these to appear in the skies anymore
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for three years air drops with their only lifeline and they prayed for what was really just a handful of syrian soldiers to never let the city fall completely to islamic state while i still these any means absolutely. anything to take their resort it's all over now but nearly nine months ago a sea of eisel all around the city and beyond the country and black as you can see on this map since that point it's only been shrinking two thousand and seventeen so far and nightmare for islamic state in syria i'll break down the milestones for you number one palmira. the city with more than three thousand years of history had really been caught in a tug of war before march when the syrian army with russian air support took full
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control number two the city of rock the one known as the capital of the self-proclaimed caliphate. no more capital in iraq looks like the terrorist commanders ran from there and thanks to the efforts of the kurdish units and other u.s. led coalition fighters the hottest in the city are fully surrounded number three breaking the siege of the errors or. this was one last chance all the remaining war might be had to offer off it went to dare resort according to russian army intelligence crossing islamic state in this area is the next step time to check up on the map now that's progress three black
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traces left the rooms of the self-proclaimed caliphate. well there's another big aspect to all this of course international affairs commentator jonathan steele sais i still poses a very real threat as foreign fighters may start heading back to their countries war is long way from being over i mean the isis fighters particularly one so far and gradually if they've not been captured filter back to their home countries and of course they may start doing terrorist activities in places like britain where we've had three days of summer in barcelona or in berlin or in france the threat is still very much alive this is losing territory in syria it's not losing all its manpower. to every headline stories this hour the russian president say sanctions and mounting pressure will not solve the north korea crisis. fields it's been
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backed into a corner lot of near putin made the comments after speaking with site korea's leader at the eastern economic forum in the russian city of stock daniel hawkins is there for us this foremost primarily a place for business and trade interests to find common ground but as you say there's only one thing really hanging over the forum one key thing on the agenda and that's been the korean crisis the crisis on the korean peninsula and president putin of south korea half an hour concluded the talks they've done a joint press conference with putin again as russia's position has been over the last weeks and months but diplomacy negotiation was the only way long term to solve this crisis take a listen. it's obvious that the korean peninsula problem can't just be solved using sanctions and pressure it's impossible let's not be driven by emotion and push north korea into a corner. now it's evident that there are some differences between the south korean
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and the russian position here the south korean government of course do favor a strengthening of u.n. sanctions against north korea put it. really targeting the oil sector something that will very much as an escalation in this crisis the russians of course how favre deployed we should long term and that still seems to be the case aside from that it's very much business as usual here for quite literally there's delegations here from over fifty countries several thousand people in attendance here hoping to sign trade and business deals last year that equal about thirty two billion dollars so very much significance in the asia pacific region where russia and china offered their solution to the standoff over north korea and an emergency u.n. security council meet on monday moscow on beijing proposed what's being called a double freeze initiative on the plan north korea would stop its nuclear and ballistic missile tests then return the u.s.
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and south korea would halt there are joint military exercises however the u.s. this miss the proposal insulting. washington has said it will continue to deploy troops and weapons to the korean peninsula one top u.s. army official sais that's to address beyond young's self destructive actions that's a quote america's the point of hardware includes aircraft carrier strike groups and to missile ships as well as fighter jets and helicopters and washington and seoul are reportedly preparing to hold more military drills so i create may also ask the u.s. to redeploy its nuclear weapons to the peninsula as jacqueline bouvier reports. south korea is currently eyeing a possible redeployment of u.s. nuclear weapons on its territory which if approved would bring the military buildup around north korea to the highest level. we would need to find realistic countermeasures by reviewing all the political military options in
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a serious security situation with north korea's nuclear and missile threats but the question is will this drastic move have the desired effect of making north korea back down well if the past few months have taught us anything no but can yang and washington are nowhere near to dialing their saber rattling back only raising the stakes higher and higher kim jong un shows no such understanding his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war any threat to the united states or territories including. or our allies will be met with a massive military response. president reaffirmed the commitment of the united states to defending our homeland territories and he's using the full range of diplomatic conventional and you can you capabilities so disposal so as a nuclear option the next step would trump make that call looking back trump has always had a rather shall we say unconventional approach to nuclear weapons during his iconic
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one thousand nine hundred interview with playboy he confessed nuclear war was on his mind and it seems the idea hasn't exactly gone away for so you don't want to say take everything off the table just you know there you go shoot if you do this nuclear weapon nuclear should be off the table but with be a time when it could be used possibly the trouble is when you said earlier even america's oldest allies can't count themselves one hundred percent safe can you tell the middle east why not use the nuclear weapon and never say that i would never take any of my cards off the table but europe we won't use and you're not going to take it off the day you might use it in europe you know and surprisingly trump wants the u.s. to expand its nuclear arsenal because apparently if you're going to have nukes you better have more than everybody else it would be wonderful the green would be that no country would have no. but if countries are going to have nukes we're going to be. at the top of the pack yes for every major world leader at the option is always on the table and to be fair trump has said that it's highly highly highly highly
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unlikely he would resort to a nuclear option and prefers a world without nukes but even if it's just about scaring the enemy when nukes are dominating the thought processes of kim and trump the rest of the world would appreciate more predictability and transparency in the thought process. r.t. washington d.c. with hillary clinton's new book on why her election campaign ended in disaster set to be released next week we'll tell you what's know about it so far we go live to our correspondents lots more stories after the. the feeling. every the world experience. and you get. the old according to josh.
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come along for the ride. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly it's a long. the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank so they. really. seriously send us an e-mail. your back door to international two men have been arrested in
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a suburb on suspicion of plotting a terror attack the news comes just hours after it was revealed that spawn a shame moroccan authorities detained six people with alleged ties and links charlotte toobin has been following events. two men have been arrested and will be charged with terrorism offenses the men were arrested in an apartment in the south suburb of paris school view zhou if now what we understand is that a maintenance worker or plumber had been in the apartment fixing a problem then had to looted the authorities two suspicious materials in that apartment now when the police raided that apartment they found materials that could be used to make explosives and bombs such as gas canisters and wires now. the situation becomes even trickier when we understand that one of the men arrested apparently has admitted during his questioning in custody that he had been selling bullet proof vests to another man who is a suspect in
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a murder case here in france and he is also under suspicion of planning terror activities against churches here in france that's the latest on the situation here in france meanwhile spanish forces have arrested six people who are alleged to have links with eisel all islamic state we understand that one of those arrests took place in a city which is in this banished territory next to morocco and the other arrests took place in morocco all of those six suspects are moroccans and one is said to be a spaniard and what we understand is those individuals were arrested today suspected of being involved with. islamic state and we understand from police sources that the suspects had been holding nightly meetings including holding terror training sessions in which they were simulating assassinations that come from police sources but we have also heard from the police that no apparent links
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between this alleged terrorist cell in the city of millia and the terrorist cell that carried out those attacks just a few weeks ago in barcelona and income on the mainland of spain. in her latest memoirs sounding indignant hillary clinton explores what went wrong in her roller coaster a presidential campaign on the head of the book's release next week it's emerged she has some harsh words for both bernie sanders her democrat opponent before she got the nod for the candidacy donald trump let's cross live to callup for more i'm not sure if you've been able to have an advance look or anything like that but what else do we know has been revealed in this book. well the anticipation around the book has only increased now that a section of the book is available to the public and it looks like according to hillary clinton's new memoir it wasn't the hacked e-mails it wasn't the scandals
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throughout her campaign that caused her to lose the election but rather it was bernie sanders and the sections of the memoir that are now available she says that bernie sanders had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character she went on to say that president obama had urged her to quote grit my teeth and layoff bernie as much as i could i felt like i was in a straitjacket now furthermore she goes on to say that bernie sanders caused the last lasting damage to her campaign and that she was unable to unify progressives and that essentially she says that bernie sanders quote was paving the way for trump's crooked hillary campaign now it's not only bernie sanders who has lashed out at in these sections of the book that are now available to the public she also talks not surprisingly against the commander in chief donald trump she
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talked about how it was stressful to interact with him and how she wasn't sure what approach to use when debating donald trump she said do you stay calm and keep smiling and carry on as if you weren't repeatedly invading your space or you do you turn look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly back up you creep get away from me i know you love to intimidate women but you can't intimidate me so back up so according to the memoir hillary clinton is doubting whether her strategy for dealing with donald trump was correct now it's important to keep in mind that this memoir that is about to be released is actually five hundred twelve pages long and only a small section of it is available to the public but it's already creating a stir many people that are supporters of donald trump as well as many people. supporters of bernie sanders are taking offense now simon and schuster one of the top publishing companies in the united states is set to release this memoir on the twelfth of september and already there is huge amounts of anticipation and outcry
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a huge hubbub of anticipation many people surprised that hillary clinton seems to be blaming everyone but herself for the defeat in november did i'm open are to correspond thank you very much for that. there are reports today from the u.n. accuses the syrian government of using chemical weapons against civilians it also blames it for a certain gas attack back in april in the province with more your supposedly. the united nations syria commission has issued a report in which it found that there was a chemical attack that was carried out back in april in live and that those responsible were government forces using sarin gas against the civilian population they based their contributions first and foremost on interviews with eyewitnesses victims and medical workers they also used videos and photographs but what is important is that the investigators themselves did not travel to the scene of this
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attack and not at the investigators of a previous report that was conducted by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w and the findings of the o.p.c. w. report also used by the u.n. commission as of this time around but what is also important here is that the o.p.c. w. reported not assign blame it really was investigating whether or not this attack took place so what this means is that the question of who is to blame who is responsible is still open now the united nations reported not only focus on this alleged chemical strike it also looked at the question of civilian casualties due to the coalition air strikes in syria and what is not clear is why they mixed these two topics together particularly because the coalition civilian deaths constitute an important part of the report and they are based on solid evidence not least
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because that evidence is coming from the coalition forces themselves they have a detailed look at civil cases that are confirmed by the coalition forces and you have the coalition as meting to killing more than six hundred civilians although activists say that that number goes into the thousands now a huge chunk of those you report is devoted to this question of civilian deaths caused by the coalition forces and only right at the end of the report. is they mention about this chemical attack and yet despite this on twitter the united nations has called those a report into the use of chemical weapons in han shai couldn't and not a report into civilian casualties that were caused by the coalition forces in syria where this report there was a number of issues arguably the majority of the report the main emphasis of the report is on the what it suggests are unnecessary or excessive civilian casualties caused it.


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