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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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north korea says american pressure is getting in the way of peace in the asian penciler as key parties to the conflict gather at a forum in russian. protesters in south korea clash with thousands of police officers overseeing the deployment of a u.s. missile defense system to counter the nuclear threat of pyongyang. i am . receives a hostile reception on her election campaign trail as demonstrators in germany jeer
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and throw tomatoes during her latest rallies. and r.t. speaks to a russian bitcoin trader detained in a greek prison and wanted by the us to open money laundering charges. i am. pleased to. hello there this is r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital i'm neki arun good to have you with us now in a rare interview to international media seanie a north korean official has said that america's pressure on pyongyang goes against the idea of peace in the peninsula. i hope the u.s. neglects the international community's will to establish peace on the korean peninsula pyongyang will retaliate against attempts to impose sanctions and pressure from washington with powerful countermeasures we deeply condemn the leaders of south korea and japan for use in their eastern economic forum for their
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unclean political purposes their attacks on our self-defense of means all our strength in the hardened capabilities of north korea will clearly diverged from the goals of the four years where we discussed the topics of economic corporation. well speaking that was the head of the north korean delegation at the eastern economic forum that's currently taking place in russia's far east the new hawkins' is that for us. korean delegation the riving giving a speech just in the central hall to my left was very much something people waiting for those a big media scramble to hear what they had to say quite predictably taking a strong uncompromising position saying their development of the nuclear program was something that was not up for discussion in the meantime in the hall just next door the leaders of russia south korea japan and mongolia were discussing also what to do about this crisis the world has been watching for some time and although
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there are differences in how to resolve the crisis they also do have it seems some things in common take a listen. to the final goal of these measures and steps is a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the crisis and they'd like to emphasize that there will be no war on the korean peninsula i am certain of that. those are good i just like my south korean colleague i'm sure that a large scale conflict much especially one with weapons of mass destruction will not happen when all of the opposing sides have the same sense of understanding of commitment to their people who live in the region when you and we will solve this problem by diplomatic means all sides involved in the talks here today are directly affected japan south korea russia they all share land or maritime borders with north korea and as you heard there would really suffer in the event of a military escalation of this crisis so they do share those calls to dialogue to negotiation just perhaps have slightly ways of getting there japan and korea agree
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that sanctions are needed a harsh inning of sanctions by the u.n. targeting in particular the north korean all in the street but they also say that these need to be done in conjunction with discussions with russia as well take a listen. referred to the need for tighter sanctions and belief in the china and russia are sticking to the same position but what concrete measures. need to be taken is something we must discuss this is in stark contrast to the position of the united states that's been very one sided these last few days and weeks we can all remember nikki haley donald trump saying that time is running out patience is running out and of course trumps the now infamous fire and fuel requirements all really serving to ramp up the rhetoric and increase economic pressure on north korea to isolate the country even more something that is of approach that perhaps isn't so favored here rather hostile well meanwhile an antiwar protest in south
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korea has seen dozens of people injured in clashes with police and many more arrested demonstrators were trying to block a convoy of rocket launches for a controversial u.s. anti missile system known as start. to begin. to god god. god. god god god really four hundred peace activists turned out for the rally as the u.s. at the u.s. military base in songy which this move falling farming village they were met by eight thousand security officers sent to oversee the convoys arrival despite the
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clashes the systems components have now laurie. fart or terminal high altitude area defense is designed to destroy ballistic missiles it targets short to medium range weapons and is being supplied to south korea by washington antiwar activist medea benjamin recently visited the sites in south korea and told us why the deployment is causing so much anger. well know and one has to wonder why hundreds and hundreds of people would come out to protest a system that is supposedly going to make them so safe for i was in that village just a few weeks ago and it's a very conservative village and these protests are being led mostly by the elders of the village who say we don't want to be in the eye of the storm we know that president trump has just said he's going to allow more highly sophisticated weaponry to go to south korea taking billions of dollars of people's money there
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this is a cycle of militarism that is extremely dangerous and the opposite of what people on the plane peninsula need and want with confusion and fear hanging over the crisis in the korean peninsula president trump is holding his cards close to his chest when it comes to washington's next move. but. however as ducking the reports the u.s. could make billions of dollars selling arms to south korea japan and other parts of the region. the north korean threat is something we hear on a daily basis from u.s. officials with the statement supporting. and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. they will be met with fire and fury the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now this may not get away with what he's
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doing believe and the urgency is so strong the u.s. is rolling out a range of american made weapons to save the day on offer for remaining rocket launchers for the u.s. missile defense system for south korea also increased amounts of highly sophisticated military equipment which trump this kindly allowing both south korea and japan to purchase and the infamously troubled f. thirty five fighter jets also be added to that package a kind of bonus but not free of course but look forget that north korea is by no means the only threat to global security in america for decades iran has fuel the fire is of sectarian conflict and threatening the region and causing so much by a lintz all nations of conscience most work together to isolate her and all of those attacks are music to the ears of saudi arabia an american ally and fellow detractor of iran so of course riyadh was all too ready to sign a one hundred ten billion dollar defense deal with from neighboring qatar also
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agreed to buy over twenty one billion dollars worth of american military hardware now trump's approach to conflict is definitely pragmatic make a quick buck if you can right and clearly this guy can sell anything even managed to find a way to spin continuing america's sixteen year long war in afghanistan as the prime minister of. and the stand has promised we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us if you can't solve the problem see if you can at least turn a healthy profit instead i'm a businessman that's what i'm supposed to do that's what i'm supposed to do i think a lot of people project on the behavior of the united states maybe of other countries that it's all about business it's all about making money for the arms manufacturers of the plane manufacturers and so forth the people who make missiles the militarization of the policy of using military threats and military force is
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the only item in our tool kit his son to hell become so ingrained in their mentality they really don't consider other alternatives you have people who believe that the united states is and must be the global head of mine that every solution must be solved by a dick taught from washington and whatever force and threats are necessary to achieve that end will be employed. now the german chancellor angela merkel has been facing a tough week both in and out of parliament and she continues on her campaign trail before this month's election and she was given a hostile reception in parts of the country i. was did and booed by demonstrators during a rally in finn's to valda yesterday while on cheers day a protest after tomatoes that are going to vent and just before that time to america was interrupted by the main opposition party one addressing parliament
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taking credit for their work eventually chancellor merkel how to remind them who's in charge. that's with you but i think sounding unfair you've been in the ceilings . you know. so yeah this evening it has. thank you yes. it is he was a group you know. that when you want to win when he's in parliament if. that's where it was with. bringing you the latest pictures from syria now where government troops are being put through their paces before an operation to storm i still controlled areas of the city of dia and choose day the syrian army backed by russia reached the city breaking
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a three year long see here on the map you can see islamic state territorial losses in syria over the past four months moving towards the errors of the syrian army gained around eight kilometers per day they eventually united with one of its brigades trapped inside the city and the most prominent figure of the dia as the army is already known as the lion of the republican guard he is a garrison commander who had been trapped in the besieged city for the full three years already and has a long record of military service and fought on several fronts during the syrian civil war we managed to talk to him right after the siege was broken. but it was more during the siege we were like an island in the middle of an ocean totally isolated the closest city is homes which is more than two hundred fifty kilometers away despite the siege by us or the scarcity of all means of survival. electricity food the army and the friendly forces persevered and befriending
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villages or professor side mohammad marandi from the university of two wrongs ses i saw his ideology still poses a global threat despite the victories over the terror group. we are entering the final stages of i saw or isis having a presence in syria in the sense that it it holds territory that does seem to be coming to an end but the ideology continue seeing exist and therefore the terrorism the extremism that isis represents can continue to be a menace to the rest of the world and of course it's not only isis we have al qaeda and al qaeda affiliates in syria such as the nostra front. all of these different groups jaisha this flom they too have the same wahhabi ideology and they continue to hold territory so even after isis is dealt with and the territory is taken the
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syrian army is going to have to deal with them as well after they finish with isis . after the break a russian bitcoin trader is wanted by the u.s. they have a legit money laundering state change so that. america has no desire. to occupy north korea. to go when they're in to take out the president of north korea the difference is that both china and russia are willing to stand by and see doors korea develop a nuclear weapon and then try to contain it were as were as the rest of the world and. really does a really see those the best strategy. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around quite
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. perforations from washington to washington the media the media the voters elected business to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . welcome back now russia's foreign ministry has called the searches of its diplomatic premises in the us in legal. joins me live now with the details easy to see you know strong response over the seizure of russia's buildings one day what was said exactly today. again well if you read through the latest statements by the wasin foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as a horrible you realize that the russian officials are more than disappointed in
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fact disappointed is not the right word here they are purely outraged by what they call the attempts to whitewash the seizure and the raids of russian diplomatic missions in the u.s. just to remind you last week the u.s. state department ordered to shut down the russian consulate in san francisco and also to mission addicks is in washington d.c. and new york here's more from barry is a harvest late a statement on the issue of. what the u.s. state department calls inspections are in fact the legal seizure of russian diplomatic premises including searches from basement to addicks would like to emphasize the buildings that at the property of our government were not just sealed but ceased plainclothes american officials are in the building and armed policemen are guarding the primitive this raises the question does washington consider us to
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have the same right to inspect the buildings of the u.s. diplomatic and consular missions in russia in the meantime as he was taken part in the eastern economic forum in russia the president of this country said that he thinks there are serious issues with this diplomatic for this diplomatic war but he says still russia and the u.s. can keep up with the trade and economic ties and as an example he gave x. and mobile the all giant which is of course rex tillerson previous job. but you smile today on the. despite all our current diplomatic differences we continue to have contacts with american firms including vast energy companies such as exxon mobil to which rex tillerson used to head up and despite the fact that he is organizing searches in all diplomatic mission and has been a resolving ongoing crisis situation. which we also gave to listen
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a medal well this is what he seems to have ended up in a bad company and he's headed in the wrong direction so you but i hope that the cooperation and friendship to lead him back on the right policy. when you were a member of that right after washington ordered to shut down these diplomatic missions russia promised to retaliate we haven't heard exactly what this retaliation is going to be but we also remember that vladimir putin promised to sue washington over this so of course we'll keep on hearing about this story in the near future nic. ok that's i think they were trying to with the latest on that thanks celia well let's discuss this further now and bring in yes i'm joined by international affairs commentator marco mistake as a thank you for joining us on the program now as we've just heard russia's foreign minister has called these thirty's these searches illegal i know you told me you're not
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a no expert but if i'm something you might agree with. well they're clearly illegal i'm sure the vienna convention on the law treaties has got a lot to say about this kind of cavalier behavior of other people's diplomatic establishments but that's not stopped the us before it once again and it's not even about searches this is quite possibly the placing of advanced bugging equipment in the heart of the the brick structure of the building these buildings will be in terms of security and confidentiality presumably absolutely unsafe once these plain clothes americans specials have gone through them now president putin announced that that cooperation will continue despite these sour relations is that a positive sign from moscow and do you think we should expect this same kind of response from washington well the president putin has always been keen on cooperation and it's the endemic raso phobia in the american deep state system that
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make sure that cooperation doesn't reach the proper level it should be at its counterproductive for the u.s. as well because really it's driving rusher away in many ways both financially and militarily and in terms of all kinds of cooperation in all spheres it will probably in the long run do more damage to the u.s. than it will to russia on wednesday president putin suggested that russia could take the u.s. to court so even at this diplomatic properties it disputes is this an unprecedented move. well it's certainly something that russia is entitle to do but it's something that i would guess it probably would do on this list more escalation follows from the u.s. i think what really. president putin the russian elite are saying is we can escalate the stakes if you do as well we can also play hardball do you want us to really is a question being posed by all the americans and forty of the moment american seem
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to want to play hardball is endemic raso phobia as i say they're very good the system is being phased out through the liberal chattering classes to believe and swallow without any evidence or claims of being made at the expense of russia within america it's the bogey state to justify the military industrial complex getting its money in so i don't see that changing to sort of i feel like we've been saying so many times over the past year or so that how us from russia relations have hit a new low and here we are at it a new low in relations how can they develop for the better after this. well there are those relations as i say the betterment of those relations is really about whether the american state that is under control or not on fortunately at the moment it's not president trump has been turned into a puppet of the of the neo con establishment which will be running affairs in the
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states for ever since the end of the cold war so we have a serial war serial bobbing by the neo-con establishment and i don't see that it's going to be out of power as i say anytime soon so i have to be realistic i have to say i don't see an improvement yet of any significant nature not until the american population take away the power from the neo cons which the unelected your calls have given themselves and are activated throughout american foreign policy to we've gone republicans and democrats in the united states that elected parties but the real party there is never elected it's the system the neocon system and it's the one that runs things regardless of who people vote for ok mr marko jaric international affairs commentator thank you for your time. now the u.s. is pushing for the extradition of a russian national accused of cyber crimes and a money laundering alexander vinick was arrested in greece back in july at the request of the u.s. justice department he's accused of laundering four billion dollars through his
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crypto currency exchange website greek or thirty's are currently considering the extradition request because they've been exposed to his by phone through his lawyer from prison and his first interview since his arrest. you know what i worked for the company carried out my treatments and it's not right to blame me for that i only find out what the accusations were a month after i was arrested my russian lawyer told me about them kicked. i would say the i'm mistaken i don't have any planes your answer any of the luxury possessions to get to. first because i haven't done anything illegal second i don't understand what the us has to do with me and why they should be judging the russian citizen the russian foreign ministry has that it's closely monitoring the situation to ensure that the suspects rights are
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being respected midst of an ex-wife alexander also spoke to r.t. giving further details about her husband's detention. i turned around and saw that my husband was surrounded by around twenty men twenty men wearing t. shirts and some glasses took part in his arrest he was handcart our children there at the time when these men walked him away we also took me while phones and the key to our hotel room from my bag as far as i know they searched the room that me and my children were kept on the beach from eleven there's a morning until seven pm under the supervision of three men we couldn't leave the children didn't get anything to you to taller as far as i know from the documents i'm from the us the biggest cizik to it is were against the law there the document says the members knew they were creating a platform one laundering because it wasn't registered it didn't have a license and because such business models allow criminals to use the exchange all
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the charges are being made based on the statements by this way of thinking you could make the manufacturers of frying pans for example guilty because wives hid their husbands with them is the same thing obviously his return to russia is my main goal my husband agrees to be extradited only to russia and no other country he wants to come home to his family or his children. to syrian soldiers have been killed after an israeli aircraft targeted a government military facility in the east of syria r.t. the middle east correspondent has been following the story and joins us live now paula good to see what more do we know about the strike at this point. well as you say the syrian military has confirmed that israeli warplanes carried out a strike that targeted military facilities in the hama countryside causing damage and killing two of a serviceman now the target is in eastern syria it's not far from the mediterranean
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sea where there are two russian bases as of yet israel has still to come. ford and either confirm or deny that it carried out the strike but certainly the israeli official policy when it comes to activities in syria is keeping mum and quiet on the topic it does always i have a record of carrying out strikes in syria back in april they were three people who were killed when israeli warplanes targeted a camp for government forces and then two people were killed in june this year when the israelis struck in the disputed territory of the golan heights now this latest incident no doubt only fuels tensions in this war stricken country. ok thanks for that paula slater there with the latest on the situation thank you very much. ok well do you get in touch and your views on today's stories by following us on facebook and twitter that follow will be with you at the top of the
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hour with the latest headlines join us then. here's what people have been saying about rejected in. the long haul the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really oh yeah john oliver of our three america is going to say we are apparently better than. a c. people you've never heard of love for the next president of the world bank so very . briefly send us an e-mail.
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the city has a hollywood backdrop the glamour is attracting more tourists they may well bring in more money than cruise passengers who might buy an ice cream before scooting back to the ship and that all inclusive accommodations this sort of tourism in particular makes it difficult for cities to develop alternative concepts and as a village well knows she's researched the issue in other european cities as well. honestly i mention it out of a question but it's a problem on muslims to raise my. sentiments from and yet. on implemented
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only come in there was a want us to do. to solve them a vision. probably globally thought coffee cup the norm in the bush was up her own sobs and suppose it to mean that to toss me still young i mean is that send them of their own interest as only one language can govern and some that was sufficient of a management of almost finished month regret comic account organiser to skip post on the again these are. neck and neck of stars in the us and in the on the other. but what if the city no longer exists as a communal place for its inhabitants if it increasingly becomes a travel destination with global marketing potential what sort of inhabitants would the city then. either i'm going to ask mr temple something valuable probably a cultist and not sell something about the.


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