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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we are definitely a player. greetings and salutation on a crisp night back in november of one thousand nine hundred ninety eight i witnessed first hand in the candidacy of my father jesse ventura that the citizens of the united states will come out in droves and vote for a third party candidate in the presidential elections of two thousand and sixteen we all witnessed the us populace once again coming out in record numbers for the outside shot candidacies of bernie sanders and donald trump while not officially running as third party candidates the donald and bernie ran campaigns with much of
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the same fervor and upsetting the status quo and making the drastic calls for change that are synonymous with many outsider candidates love them or hate them combined sanders and trump pulled in over seventy six million votes during the two thousand and sixteen election season now flash forward to today as donald trump's white house and congress flail about to mediocrity and ineptitude and the lack of true leadership forward thinking and intelligence intelligent governance of the democrat and republican leadership has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the tragedies of hurricane harvey in erbil many are now calling for political change once again and are openly calling for an end to the two party dictatorship. but are we to par going down the two party rabbit hole and who will lead this third party revolution let's find out and start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing. at
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the bottom. that i got. so. well over the watching the hawks i am tyrol been and on top of the wallace joining us today in new york celeste is the former electoral manager with our revolution national political outreach coordinator for bernie two thousand and sixteen clearly a very busy man well we thank you for coming on today thank you tara have it so. i want to kick off right now real quick and say according to gallup polls thirty nine percent of us citizens call themselves independent voters that's compared to thirty one percent to label themselves democrat and twenty eight percent who call
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themselves republicans now you see in this graph right now you know there's been a little bit of a dip down from like forty three percent in independents. but there's still the bigger slice of the american pie you know than dems and republicans why why do you think that is why do we see so many independents people calling themselves independents in the u.s. today they are by far the largest slice the latest figure from last year the averages i think forty five percent and gallup actually says that by twenty twenty it's going to be fifty percent and this is a trend that's a long time coming it's actually been happening for about twelve years. and what's been happening is that both the major parties used to be in the kind of the mid thirty's. party affiliation and over that time it is steadily way before burning steadily dissolved both parties have dissolved into independent status and so now we're at this point where independents are almost half of the country and more than half of the country a majority of americans almost sixty percent are calling for
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a new major new party so why do you think. why do you think there's this new push there's this just amazing dynamic in our country where we call ourselves a democracy and yet we have two major parties neither of which represents the american people on a lot of the issues that are biggest concern to them you know medical bills free public college things like inequality you know there's no party that represents the position that most americans have on all of these issues all the issues that bernie ran on that's why his campaign was just an explosive kind of endeavor you know in just one year so one of the things you're doing this weekend here in d.c. is that you're seeking to draft bernie for an independent run in two thousand and twenty first two questions why do you think bernie is the best option right now for a third party ron and what is the reaction that you've had from people about this
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well bernie sanders the way that we see a draft bernie for people's party is that bernie sanders has already built a new party he's effectively already created it because when you think of well what is a political party you think well it's a it's a fund raising you know operatic bernie sanders you know has this this massive donor you know kind of infrastructure just millions of donors across the country is more than two million donors in the end they gave a quarter of a billion dollars so that exists you think well it's also a volunteer you know infrastructure again just hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country you know ready and dying to work us as our effort has shown you know for. having a party that actually represents them and then on top of that you know it's a message bernie sanders whose campaign popularized the progressive message and it built and what tore a coalition so that campaign affectively built and you party outside of of both of the major parties and the polls showed that if he had gone against trump in the
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general election he would have creamed by an amount that would have doubled obama up what was considered a almost a landslide victory in two thousand and eight and it would have just redrawn redrawing the map with a lot of what you're hearing now because now of course hillary clinton's going out on her book tour and now they're sort of this thing of we're trying all trying to move on and move forward and there seems to be this pull to relive it gave everything and whether it's on hillary's side or on bernie's side there's this idea that we ought to relate again the two thousand and sixteen election over and over and over again i think we'd all like to just. you know forward what do you think was the thing about bernie that sparked it there's something about him because he seems like i mean it's beginning to years ago as like c'mon exactly who is going to vote for a seventy year old social events like a distant memory to people. and now it's just taken for granted that bernie sanders is this incredible figure you know and it was really good two years ago the hillary clinton campaign was celebrating the fact that they were going to run against him
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because they thought well we knew we're going to have a left challenger in this guy's never going to get getting traction you know but what bernie's campaign proved and what i think we again a draft bernie for people's party have proved is that the general kind of factors that go into the success for a political endeavor now a party campaign are not the establishment tells you they are the establishment tells you you need money you need name recognition you know you need ads you need you need to be in with the corporate media you need to have a party's approval you need the donor classes approval bernie had none of those things when he ran he had he literally started with not. running against one of the most recognized you know names in the world a household name and yet bernie sanders. effective he effectively won that primary had it not been for the party with healing for him and so when you think well gee what underlies the fact that before the money for the support before
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he became the most popular politician what did he have and he had a revolutionary progressive message that was undying looted and also he took on both establishment parties but was the big question was those who will bernie sanders do you know about is the big question i understand you know you guys went out and got a petition to become a deliberative body but there's a drug we did it we got fifty thousand petitions just an hour ago i was over in his office and we delivered it to them do you think sanders would consider a third party run. if i lose my measure an old or slow democratic ticket you know he wasn't the problem is about something that we could see in twenty twenty but he would really actually. lead a third party charge i think i think it depends i think it's up to us it's a function of whether we show him that that's were ready for and that's what we want you know and i think that's what we have to do it that's our mission that's
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why we created draft bernie for people's party to show him that you know what when . when you campaigned against both establishment parties. you brought out tens of thousands of people no matter where you went across the country and then. flash forward a few months forward when you campaign for hillary clinton you would fill a room so sometimes he would get room two hundred fifty people one hundred people and so it shows that really that's you know that's not the recipe for success but in twenty sixteen we witnessed the most spectacular failure of an attempt to defeat the republicans from a corporate position was very true well and i think that's what you size that you know. just this idea that everybody just fits into one or two groups and you have to you know get in line which is a sign i think we heard a lot during the election that there is this idea of just you know it's great that you have your little ideas in the primaries but then you need to just get out the right thing to do is to do this so one of the things you're going to have to do
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with an independent party any kind of party is bring in the rest of the group so the green party libertarians and is that that outreach how we have a couple minutes like a minute left so what what what do you do it's a rowing and those people has the right kind of isolated right now and so one really important thing to establish is that even with bernie sanders trying his damnedest to bring people in democratic party the democratic party has actually lost people since november losing people like it was decades before and so what that shows is that we're in there and they have trouble on the other side too that should be helping them and so what that shows is that rather the american people are moving into independent status and instead of fighting back on it we should go with we should go with them into independent status and so whether bernie chooses to join us or not this is something that needs to be done because like the example of. the number of people who's turning out at hillary rallies and also be declining democratic party affiliation with that shows is that it's not burning as
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a person it's what he was spoke is what he spoke for what he represents so people it wasn't about him it was about the ideas and new thought and i think that's a really great that he needs to bring these groups together censuring you know from what a crazy idea that you know getting together and working on it all is really good at all but. i want to thank you so much for. talking with us about your approach to drug burgers and will go forward keep up with you all and good luck we need more of this world but if you're coming out of your my pleasure. starting this evening we invite you to get a different perspective on the world former governor filmstar progress led navy seal and now best selling author and jesse ventura host the world according to jesse friday. at seven thirty eastern right here on r.t. america here's a short preview of tonight's very first episode. governor it's been over two years since our last show and now we're here starting the very first episode of this new show kicking it off right here in the nation's capital we're going to be airing
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every week on r t america on fridays at seven thirty pm and ten pm eastern so we'll also be available on you tube and facebook but most importantly for thirty minutes every week our viewers are going to get to see and hear from you completely unscripted and uncensored so tell us how is this show going to be different from everything else on t.v. well first of all bridgette it's going to be dangerous because if they're hearing from me people need to know and especially international people who is jesse ventura who is this guy well i'll give you a quick scenario who i am i graduated from minneapolis roosevelt high school i immediately joining the united states navy i served four active two in the reserves and i am a member of the big bad u.d.t. seal community naval special forces i then went on to a fifteen year career in the world of professional wrestling for all you spanish people it's called a libra and then i went on from there to become the mayor of the sixth largest city
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in the state of minnesota brooklyn park beyond bad i served one term i then became the thirty eighth governor of minnesota but the key to jesse ventura's this i am not a democrat i am not a republican i am an independent i don't belong to either one of these gangs i despise them both equally so when you hear me talk about democrats and republicans you will always know you're getting the truth for me because i owed them nothing in fact bridgette of a fear me they fear if i would come back in that political arena again to an ole they've never be. yet. so that's who jesse ventura is i'm also worldly i'm a one percenter yet explain that to us well a real one percenter doesn't mean you're some rich guy from wall street a real one percenter means you are
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a outlaw biker and jesse ventura also has that on his resume so what i bring forward is worldly experience on the job training but yet i've held office governor and mayor most of these talking heads you run into they've never held political office bridgette they haven't been on both sides i have i know the democrats and republicans and let me say this i love my country but i believe like thomas jefferson said you have to be vigilant you have to hold your government's feet to the fire to have a good government that's what i do i despise high park received and on this show bruges we're going to show a lot of hype ocracy because i will make you uncomfortable people i will take you out of your comfort zone you may not like that but you will need it you need to be out of your comfort zone so that you can understand what mainstream media is
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shoving down your throat today. and you need to watch the purveyor of the world according to say tonight at seven thirty pm and ten thirty eastern on our america as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are dot com coming up sean stone talks the united states is obsession over ukraine with political writer and journalist diana johnstone then we preview this week's new episode of er back to the night with naomi kara bonnie and that will be the gil stay tuned for watching the. it's called the fear we know something. every in the world should experience phillida and you'll get your role in. the world according to cheshire. welcome to my world come along for the ride.
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the three year old conflict in ukraine is so obvious created by mainstream media that it's often hard to see its real shape roll the smallest of lives to an average consumer of cable there was the conflict is about promoting democracy and human rights a more nuanced political might consider it a battle for oil and gas pipelines but sean stone asked political writer diana johnstone for some insight into the conflict in the true story appears to be deeply rooted in geo political history of the western europeans are not at all interested in getting involved in this or to create ukraine situation but i think what is behind this more than oil is it's big begins his famous policy to
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keep western europe and russia divided to to prevent normal trade relations between western europe and russia in order to ensure the permanence of unit united states world head to my own i mean bridges keep spelled out very clearly clearly now twenty years ago and that is to me the oil yes the oil is a factor especially middle eastern because of the petro dollars but i think i think in the case of russia here you have a very important day a political interest in in building a new. wall between russia and and the western allies in order to keep them the western allies firmly under u.s. control indeed so would you say that the that the rhetoric around the danger of
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putin's russia the rhetoric that essentially putin is that is a tremendous threat to the west. in the world would you say this is ultimately just rhetoric coming from our record do you think that there is any threat posed to western europe and the united states well i think this is a total fiction and what it what is absolutely astounding to me and to number of other people is how you never missed this story is being managed is being protected the whole the entire. us media followed. by my german media. the french are a little more skeptical but the the this this and the french private they don't believe it for two minutes. and the german business class doesn't believe this either you have you have the dominant class which is the media and
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certain interests that are very very close to the united states i mean a lot of us western leadership is chosen by the they have instituted the young leaders the atlanta book and they they choose the the top journalists the political leaders they give them a little program to learn about the u.s. and so on and and the this but but they do not represent the public opinion including the opinion of a lot of experts in france i would say diplomats and military military people who really most of that don't believe for a minute in this russian threat this. but the u.s. what is astonishing i like very much what stephen cohen says and i was just appalled that the nation magazine which is sort of related to stephen cohen came out with it with an article which is that attacks him. directly for his very
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sensible views the fact is anybody who knows anything about this knows perfectly well that the. i mean crisis was created by the united states quite deliberately created by the united states that russia reacted quite mildly. in fact it's a reaction it has it could have i mean the russian army could have conquered you. just like that they did not do any such thing they allowed the citizens of of crimea who feel russian who wanted to be russian all alone to vote a referendum to come back to russia. and this this is this is presented to the world as a russian invasion which is totally false and then they say always you can change lowndes but of course the united states bombed serbia in order to detach cut kosovo from serbia i mean then that was the military real military occupation by nato
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the detached the province of course of over in syria there was no but here you had a referendum of the people the russian people in crimea who wanted to return to russia of from whence they had come the story. there is a funny show on r.t.e. it is hosted by a camp named believe with not only naomi and john who are feel as to be political pawns their own brand of satire cuts to the bone whether scaring the feds or those tapping our phones even though you will laugh the info is not tripe so let's find out what's on this week's redacted tonight because it's happening now this isn't a drill welcome they only care of ani and natalie mchale. all right. well i can accept beams on how. this guy was so for me. it was time for a lever act that's what it's always good for larry so mail me right off the top
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u.n. tough sort of target. little bit about how the f.b.i. still hasn't stopped like making people into terrorists. or they will resent it now in prime. so just give me about three days. so yeah it is an old story that the f.b.i. has been creating these terror plots. they hired about fifteen thousand and formants who actually rip route would be terrorist so people like. mine or something and then they pressure them into attempting some kind of attack or bomb plot and then they're arrested and they get hefty sentences sometimes there was a man recently who got a life sentence for a bomb and he never would have done it if it wasn't for the f.b.i. pressuring him into it and pretending to be terrorists his terrorist friends so the
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informants take on this job of like be friending these lonely desperate usually poor people oh what course they're born why wouldn't a. press release a robot you're not. right but i can't believe that there is not a bigger outcry especially about some of the cases that we saw recently so there is some new evidence we have f.b.i. surveillance tapes about the relationship or of the relationship between the informant and the accused terrorists and that's what i mainly covered in my segment so let's take a close to the war f.b.i. informant who really developed a relationship with her as a twenty three year old cuban man who was busted for a key west bomb plot listen to this actual recording of the informant talking you really see the connection. you're through.
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you know i mean i think you know we've. this is a two steamy for t.v. scene from moonlight this is. personally. he misses you also have to watch suarez's. food. needs not bad. you know with the little encouragement from the f.b.i. yes a lot of potential. never really it. was only for twenty four images like the last twenty four hour. arab or american. very much so here we had
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a letter to. america's got terrorists. probably . most harmful to. your page can obviously kill small business but. these business owners are to exactly kind of you know letting that neutrality get the best of them about a fight so. well yes yes yes there are over five hundred businesses that signed on to a letter to f.c.c. chair in congress urging them not to go rules. for people who are interested keep the web for business dot com it's a little long. but yeah so for the future is in the campaign and you might be familiar with their advocacy work around the net neutrality day of action on july twelfth where they did the whole blackout of websites and just kind of give you an
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idea of how transparent. the f.c.c. is being about this whole process. so the national hispanic media coalition for requests for thirteen thousand pages of debt neutrality complaints about blocking the websites and privacy issues and the f.c.c. only honored this request one day before the deadline to publicly comment. about revealing that neutrality is just course just. like a company picnic or something. that's a group of really blows one more of us. i really know it doesn't keep us in business i guess you know i got to be like no why am i surprised by this i mean one. thing that always gets rebuilt. as well.
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you know it's going to have more of the f.b.i. in trapping people or internet. mr lawrence as a resident. drives it was it was like it was a story that i wanted my stories more heart wrenching i just. want to look for about as the state of the country that we're in you know it's going to look here we're going to you know kill like these people's ability to learn information online throughout the trial they have and we're going to also you know probably literally put a little bit because we've been trapped them because they didn't know any better at the end of the day and otherwise never would have done a crime in the first place as well point until a well all of us knew we would make people at home ask me again oh is this we going to start think about all the good things and that people are fighting that stuff and then we all are to have a little good job numbers redacted some by richard every friday and i do very good we're back to the rich pictures exclusive interviews and panels every thursday on
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our t.v. america they always want to not only go thank you so much good not to like them all right that is our show for you to day remember everyone in this world were not told would love to tell you all of you i am tyrone but to. keep on watching those hawks another great day and night. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around quite recent operations from washington to washington the media the media the. voters elect. to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before .
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i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims. i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming interesting.


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