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intensive schooling. their reps. and very safe lives. as long as you run support still the intel international community should say to run this is not acceptable you should stop financing still from our perspective baseless ballots hamas saw this is will they do in other places but this is something that i believe israel should see too good there with russia of course with the united states and with other states and to say ok it's not just you know a small israeli problem.
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dubrovnik deceptively peaceful. venice it's peaceful hours are numbered. bossa luna is also steeling itself in the early morning. up three unique cities in europe with one problem that's getting worse all the time. every now but yet you know what i bet they will. there's no any good that people even yet. i did a city did to the courts but could play in fifty two with colds of tourists every day the whole year round. the peak season in some cities in europe results in the
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state of emergency. but all the chicken pulled out of the past have became nash got out because there is a loss of chalk on the share of national guard and i will. say something. local residents suffer from the mass of this it is they feel pushed out robbed of their own city how worried by noise and simply swamped by phone too many visitors. and. tourism is going beyond all doubt it's not just in venice but the locals are not giving up without a fight. there for the. moment. to show us how god made me feel. the.
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city tourism in europe is booming there's never been fool fueled by aggressive price dumping budget flights and the sharing economy trend which offer this cheap accommodation worldwide. all the authorities dealing with the onslaught in one post so i could not really could i would even find you have a kosher meal and these are going to nationals get from place the combining claim of fitness fish as the only choice of the fifty fish should the rest proceed to the city as an expanding business model with customers instead of this it to us but how many tourists can the travel destination cope with without losing its identity its all thing to city and does the enterprise end up in profit. that the cat outlook on our clothes and all that. change will mean. only the end of the
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day the. empty city coffers despite must tourism so what happens to all the money brought by the millions of visitors one hundred is embodied by man until that one out there that is the guy that's sort of an ad that sincerely that adds up or break the sense that we're ourselves when we get out when i see oh yes. it went yes but what i see oh isn't that i never went back as a. tourism in europe generates four hundred billion euros a year of the ratios market and the whole point of shady business of roads and gamblers of gambling with few winners and many lose as. the boss alone they to district one swarm of boss alone is poorest in shabbiest areas the photographer he sends for now knew the place when it was still home to three thousand fishermen. bustling nato was always a workers' district which attracted people from outside looking for work so
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strangers are actually nothing new but in the meantime things have gone too far for the fifteen thousand inhabitants of bustling mehta he sends for understands his neighbors concern. better i'm not out for a festival offer for a good marriage no more name and to stash kelly in the morning there. in iran i need a good example to tear up high traffic. i mean i don't know if that's good bad or good battery acid i'm back here and now you would think yes i'll never use one i did not tell anyone or anything out. but mass tourism has not come about by chance a lot of people have lived in basile anetta old their lives now they're worried about their district which for a long time was not touched by tourism in the last fifteen years though bustling nato has developed into a magnet for tourists because it's a. combination of city and sea since the beach were remodeled.
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has become a favorite destination and not just for the local population young people and particularly often come for a weekend trip to party. their lines over flights to bos aluna for less than twenty euros online websites like the provide cheap overnights in private homes the slogan welcome home. photos by the sense for now document the changes in his district. a couple of years ago one of his photos made him famous overnight. a group of male tourists fooling around. the photo when global as far as australia the problems of mass tourism in the mediterranean city were brought into
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sharp focus in bustling nitta the picture spot and outcry the last straw for the locals. from. you know the medici. i don't know but. the graffitti send a clear signal tourists are destroying the neighborhood they should respect the district or else. the locals on the ticket. eulalie angry the. song turning into holiday apartments
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and that's pushing up rents the ban is cool and visitors to stay in hotels and leave the flaps for the locals. are. better what are yours are all about out there in the area but i'm just going through my old man become a regular good if i did what he or i are you wrote up a little bit oh yeah but i don't call your dad i try that and then i don't but i can read to him and share my thumb allows actually to where america is. most inhabitants of boss of an aid awarded that they'll soon no longer be able to afford their own district a justified concern since in other districts a bus alone a single homes are provided to one is for tourists as in the old quarter for example in derry go to one outspoken critic of the situation has been an activist and is now the new mayor of boss alone i guess that we're going to put him back
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make that not get caught up with him accept that massive that it's better than i say that i'm more than that what he's much of a but he's my civic that when his mother said that. meant i may address on another as he at least think i see no i say not facts but i was pushing that caused by him somebody yes you talk as if we don't as my colleagues at school my days are better than i think i'm going to be was an enormous school visit us. venice theme park the fears of other callao meet with incomprehension from venice is man. they took it kept his cool and i joined this into their butts alone a primate that i thought i could lay for about a mile for shiva to get out of but these are the men you. complained as it was shoulder then stylish it was you know that is polish you know what about your national. that all that the we. asked if i create and if actually they want to bet
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us that she thought she called the mandate by the out of the. book they don't follow ship i'll go away. but does the man know his own city he's been in office for a year he's an entrepreneur and then is his first man who doesn't live in the historic center but on the mainland. venice is way beyond the phase basile in there is currently undergoing the number of people living in the historic center has steadily declined since nine hundred fifty from one hundred seventy five thousand back then to just fifty five thousand today the swamped by the stream of visitors how many actually come nobody knows for sure the city only counts overnight stays snow day visitors. have meant about going into i said that i didn't get up to suggest i smell you until i get a c.
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and i need to come here one day in the c.n.n. sunday commando and made your point and i. think you're done had an issue about kind of last minute they needed to find them and i need a massive. damage. on displaying vids of us about. the figure is confirmed by the nature conservation organization italian nostra the millions of visitors don't bring in much to the city's coffers the mainly daytrippers who don't pay tourist tax that's only due for stays above twelve hours but the private sector has a massive turnover one point eight billion euros a year and that's official. venice is always been a popular destination but it was the advent of mass tourism and changed the city forever the foundation for this was laid by men. one thousand. ninety
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he propagated privatization as a way of relieving the city's strained finances venice opened its doors to global capital that. petra risky is a german journalist and although who's lived in venice for twenty five years she's witnessed how the city has sold off its palazzi prada properties chinese investments benetton and many others. in benetton. and. beyond yet still. conduct research into mafia circles into the quagmire of political corruption. she knows the tricks investors used to turn to the updated houses and. protected
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buildings in venice into gold mines the magic phrases change in designated use but this requires political approval. had to kind of vet things in it. and then much what's in the going on and specialise when this. stuff dad is a nuisance but doing and not. the chef demanding the name of the law relating to change in use councils the protected building provision it doesn't regulate what can be sold in the venerable building so the world heritage site is choked with stuff. even. legal.
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it will make. me again but maybe you have to i would love. to maybe naive then. and one of them might try to make their own name i want to ask them to riyadh on them as well as for us to loudly love the. jihadist body of the almost laughable give us body it will point the love up is the idea but instead of that i just feel full keyboard it didn't keep being mostly equal. to hugo. organized pork barrel so eager to see and to free money everybody smoked iscar c.c. want to implement all that but it's one. of the your yes your repeated in the above is a biggie about middle management for more people and. suicide
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much kids try to get to some muscle fischer's a means to do so little. businesses to do so. the city's direction seems to have been decided by all this despite negative headlines. for years and vironment activist thomaso cut charlie who lives in venice has been consumed with the negative consequence scrooges tourism has for his city. and i mean they're going to.
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get an all. good done and all i'm doing. a lot of. watching c.n.n. ok though i mean. we mad so spalls don't know my body. part of the sound though the train that she made to be doc why depended on. giving little spin control that should. be going to relieve your biological drive from them into it believing going on a national. level that. the vast wash stirs up the muddy seabed undermining again and again the foundations of the city is built on piles. and the city itself is not the main profit maker from cruise tourism that's the v t p come when it's. a private offshoot
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of the public pool to authority. that. is three percent of the stop the oil drilling is the infinity and see me through this then i just can not even except for the little bit shit of you know what you. see is being down . on the switch it up and i see only what i think there. is. a valid but all of it for but she didn't say a vague. idea that the. but i can also watch it in one thing that's anally finance the idea of kate grace to switch it up that's the only but i'm going to be a widow. better. get a. job. the precise to know is kept dark the portal thora to you chose not to comment. is hardly surprised since he too gets no information from them that's why he's helped set up an action group in venice. its slogan. a new crew ships
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that demonstrating on the banks of the g. decker come out which is passed through up to twenty times a day by ocean going giant is entering and leaving the pull the protesters want to stop the huge ships sailing through the lagoon all together they should use an alternative route and outside the city today the activists are planning a secret rather precarious operation but i love the channel well mary back up there on the west they now have the. independent authentic thing now be settled down the better when it's the uk but they're not all bad so no if true going on at all thank god i think all three made me feel enough to fill me the rest then now be so knocked up i'll get out on the green i looked it up when you wanted to quit but now be. they need to be so didio disobedient to make what the to be to me don't belong
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be equipped to now be demonstrators intend to block the canal and prevent three cruise ships leaving. it's not only in venice the cruise tourism is seriously damaging the environment german is nature conservation union has criticised the lack of exhaust purification on the ships worldwide the fuel by heavy oil which emits a hundred times the polluted. it's of standard truck diesel. they get a fairly good dinner at a mob. they don't jordan i've been opened by. me yes and if. they were definitely finance the idea that i mean. that if we think that the. news isn't alone in choosing a private sector to structure for its poor. pull out europe's biggest for cruise ships is also partially privatized the city was not always so attractive to
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tourists the turning point was the one thousand nine hundred two olympic games around two billion was invested in road building hotels and remodelling the coast. with twelve international concerns the city undertook the biggest marketing program in its history. it was not long before property prices rocketed. one example in one thousand nine hundred four the ritz carlton group opened a luxury hotel the building cost one hundred thirty eight million euros twelve years later it was sold to a single pull based international consortium for four hundred seventeen million euros over three times as much but has meant that counsel be resigned to my leave i live to see only a phenomenon that i robot had to see oh i'm going to split because it was the last democrat the girls come but when asked i want to split us finances
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a couple of deals. that rescued us cannot deny look at it and i said empty so no i didn't get any investment anastasio that it got better that i stress here that we know as the what about a man's kindness and his son and all the while i see it that the couple doesn't then and i think that's not a couple even if it said once again is that the that just popped out at the others . in the meantime property prices. have also risen in other districts of boss alone the result of gentrification as in every major city districts change the character new restaurants open up and the place is suddenly cool. if in addition the city is this popular tourist destination as bus aluna the tourism intensifies the effect.
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that i see with that house but it's misandry if i didn't blather quota is that they don't have a sample that i'm blessed with that i'm as i don't go out and about him cafes i cannot afford that only ask and i am old i me that will. last is a classic i don't buy that story steve a most but i was cut he seems pretty he was put out by his that i see it that easy i'm glad he's gotten back at the assets by now you cannot that i have able to get out less he laid out there that last a valley muck it up enough to get i mean i think the i am that i don't know but not that at least not. for a couple that matter what but definitely i meant no hissing ghettoes yesterday steps that i don't believe i'm going to see it that same by the very same but i'm up lot of the don imus who is right if i'm able to use this stuff. the catalan architect daveed bravo still regularly comes to the boulevard oh my this them are all that unless. i just sing enough and say oh this morning just people get up and
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say well nails done all i could ask for lemme see of conflict that is so that must be then. i got there also and i guess i must because of the respect i showed up and . people were laughing that in all at is an extreme of the reason i must because it. the number of visitors to barcelona just keeps on rising in the year two thousand and three million and twenty seventeen the city is expecting ten million tourists. an additional problem is that the tourists tend to keep to a small area they stay in the old center stroll up and down the rumble us and visit the famous market nearby for tourists it reflects everything they expect from an
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authentic mediterranean place but they rarely come to buy vegetables meat all fish for the week. and. a lot of stallholders have already adjusted their range of goods you can only survive here if you adapt to the needs of the tourists. that. whole hampshire next are often just for decoration and photo ops some traders though are resisting the trend especially those who still remember how the market used to be. like i said that. opened in eighteen forty three it wasn't too recent is the main market for the
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inhabitants of boss alone that dotted bravo like shopping in the market hold steeped in tradition nowadays he only comes to conduct studies. i am in a kind of body i made myself arafat but i get that whatever the. one man's hand if i want to. ask but i will. say that i'm a product that. you know is all coming. out and. i want to. say that i want to say oh. one public space is increasingly respected and globalised cities lose an important cultural resource and ultimately then i teach you to life. saturday morning in the historic center of dubrovnik only
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a thousand people live twenty years ago it was five times as many. one of the few people to have lived abroad and returned to their home city is cultural anthropologist to haleigh. she's interested in the effect of mass tourism has on the cultural identity of cities and represents to both make in the european cultural parliament at the weekend she likes to get to know the market traders personally for us they always have fair prices that the bahamas the tourists in the south what they sell it they sell think i wonder whether they give me food though that i don't like the wrong side of. like parts of. venice the old quarter of. the city wools is a willed cultural heritage site the city was already a popular tourist destination before nine hundred ninety since the end of the croatian war it's rapidly developed into
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a magnet for visitors april to october sees an average of one point seven million tourists up to fifteen thousand on some days most arriving on cruise ships. would only cause me some that for example should not get out on their cars the substrate. putting out because i just don't only. see it come back amazing that. i miss it a stunningly it doesn't. just called it in the moment only couple of us on this national get out of. the sun was. coming. in africa. that acma be all going to change their question not just the diagram on it how it was facing but it's. not really. what i was really sad to go to bed to go to some of those real emotional induced
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through sleeman i feel more you only can i would she feel. it in the most she it the much of this will be able to. see me this will start of course it was all to all some little me but to be the epitome of a i'm not a new good in aerobic would never pick up too easily put to sleep in the present should normally be. the surface was of to roast it was. not coming from a trumpet ministration which is being victimized by this leave the imaginary hobgoblin of russian collusion with the trump campaign is being used by trump and the means and the adversaries to deal with him and his presidency. years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if
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a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are and hurting one of my my babies since my book was published in the year two thousand more than half a million americans have been killed by phones in the us. this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see. him. to try.
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