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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the world today on the u.s. led sanctions against north korea will go in depth on the other helpline it'll take to get the resolution passed. that hurricane or man has come and gone but the cleanup is far from over or live from miami with the latest. plus we're chatting with the organizer of the people's convergence a large group of progress that are trying to start a new political party find out why they say it's time for major reform. it's monday september eleventh four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm natasha sweeps and you're watching our america well the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a resolution the u.s. drafted imposing even tougher sanctions on north korea following its latest nuclear test artie's killed moppin looks at what it would take for washington to carry out its economic threats i want of a loud and angry noises are coming from washington directed against their long time flows in pyongyang u.s. leaders are now even discussing an oil embargo economically punishing those who do business with north korea the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and it's not just bombast the trump administration is actively planning to block all trade with d p r k i have been executive order prepared it's ready to go to the president it will authorize me to stop doing trade and put sanctions from that anybody does try. north korea the president will consider that at the appropriate
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time once he gives the u.n. time to act so what country does trump have in mind well it's no secret that ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china so is the usa ready to target beijing that's a little bit easier said than done at this point there's huge business interests that are at play and over trillion dollars in u.s. debt that's held by china the usa is currently pressuring russia and china to vote with them at the united nations in order to put sanctions on north korea we believe that the policy if maximizing pressure on north korea including through sanctions has been exhausted as we have said that repeatedly we stress that the russians chinese too into an issue to have namely the range map for korean settlements is a new proposals and additions saying no alternative has been presented now there are many other issues that are also at play here according to the government of south korea over eighty different countries currently do business with the north
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it's not just a longtime foes of the u.s. on the global stage but longtime u.s. allies countries like singapore the philippines and even nato countries germany and france so would the punishment apply equally to everyone is the usa ready to put sanctions on eighty different countries it would mop and archie new york the tensions in the korean peninsula has some south korean politicians considering the idea of bringing american nuclear weapons to their soil all not everyone in the country is on board this one of the first time u.s. nukes were deployed in south korea hell of it is a rant to with more so our backs up until my twenty one south korea had a sizable cache of u.s. nuclear weapons on its soil what can you tell us about that. cybil sizable cash indeed i mean check out this chart of basically tells you everything at the height said brown with the cold war the korean war itself we're looking at our boat nine hundred and fifty warheads of all types and sizes in south korea and that was
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because of the that was going on around that time so president truman himself he was considering using nukes against the chinese during the korean war so much so that he actually sent warheads to okinawa and sent some nuclear ready bombers in that direction as well so this is nothing new when it comes to the korean peninsula now after this time a lot of the weapons were removed and we're talking about the missiles as we're talking about the cruise missiles the surface to surface but tons were left behind and that's what we call today probably tactical nukes i mean that's the more common term now these things could be launches something as simple as a howitzer they had a cool names like davy crockett and on it's john and matador but these weapons are obviously nuclear weapons and are very lethal a howitzer in fact could shoot out a weapon that had read the same megaton loads around fifteen megatons as what we saw in hiroshima so this is no small payload when you're thinking about it to take
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out troop formations now the range was about five miles to about fifteen miles and then of course you got the planes i could come in and they could bomb those bombs obviously were much bigger we're talking about two hundred kilo tons with a seventy mile range of we're talking about missiles shot from south korea to north korea or any of the offending areas now in nine hundred seventy thousand where most of the stuff got phased out and they were just left behind with those tactical nukes and then in one thousand nine hundred one because of the nonproliferation agreement of pushing it forward the united states decided to pull all their nuclear weapons out of the korean peninsula and so south korea admits that it had a covert nuclear weapons program for years how far to get and developing a very worrisome program especially for. the united states so we know that during that time it was a dictator who ran that country south korea so military dictatorship is not some place that you would like to seeing uclear weapons so they actually were moving
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along developing the nuclear weapons until the nonproliferation treaty agreement which candidate in the u.s. pushed korea basically to step back and stop trying to create nuclear weapons and there's a lot of talk that even after that agreement was signed the nuclear weapons program continued in south korea that in fact today because of the knowledge that they have within eighteen months they could turn around and build a nuclear bomb so surprisingly a lot of koreans actually support that poll after poll and year after year up to now and we're seeing that there's a sixty percent support rate amongst south koreans to have what they're calling a peaceful nuclear bombs to use as a deterrent against the north never heard of a peaceful nuclear bomb but that's what they're calling it and so this program according to officials does not exist anymore but that type of turn around time says that south korea is pretty advanced when it comes to nuclear weapons and what's currently happening in south korea land hand to the nuclear weapon has to be . well and it
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a debate indeed and then not only from politicians but down to the street and the fact we're with with politicians we're hearing that even general mattis has talked to some politicians within their officials within korea or south korea i should say about this idea of bringing nukes in into that direction but if you hear from the foreign minister and here is a quick quote from her very different ideas she says we have not discussed the issue with the u.s. it is difficult to talk about a hypothetical situation but south korea and the u.s. have been closely cooperating in all matters and we will continue to do so in the future now surprise surprise in the united states you have people like john mccain say hey this might be a good idea to send weapons that way but as it stands right now there is absolutely nothing official to the extent that we know how south korea is protected when it comes to nuclear weapons it is still under the u.s. so-called umbrella of nuclear protection so there are weapons and in the right direction if south korea does get hit the u.s.
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protective pan as well and all of its allies in that region but as it stands right now so the korea officially has no nuclear weapons on its soil but as we can see that could change very very quickly if not for her of its own trying to for us thank you thank you. and coming up on r t we're live from miami with an update on the damage inflicted by hurricane arma.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in the order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when it's for peroration makes a pharmaceutical big chill speech when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses and they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't so big picture.
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here. and when question finally you're looking to see. we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those up. to do on like your name and what your biggest fear is that a bit of the hate the so let's talk a little bit old you say if you ever met. the. one topic those are. now i didn't use you to question.
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after making landfall in the state of florida has weakened to a tropical storm as of this morning authorities warn it's still dangerous millions of homes and businesses have lost power and at least four people have died in florida at least one in georgia for more on this we go live now to marina in miami so you were in miami over the weekend marina tell us more about what happened and how residents are dealing with the aftermath. well the destruction fell short of the initial forecast but nonetheless hurricane irma unleashed significant damage and flooding on the state of florida and now the hurricane touched ground in the florida keys as a category four but then it shifted to the west coast of the state meaning the i didn't make landfall in miami dade like what was initially predicted predict predicted but nonetheless miami and much of the east coast felt irma's winds that
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came in around one hundred twenty five miles per hour in some areas due to that we saw trees up rooted falling on the street in some cases falling on the houses so flooding in some parts of miami was really unprecedented in my neighborhood where i live in brickell brickell avenue honestly turned into a river the water was pushed up from the nearby bay and we just saw rivers forming throughout downtown miami three construction cranes according to reports three construction cranes in south florida collapsed and fell obviously a very dangerous scenario i had to evacuate brickell and fortunately found a safe house that was surrounded by cement the metal shutters were put on the windows and as safe as that house was ife i heard the winds i mean they were very
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fierce very strong you heard the trees falling outside that is why miami imposed a curfew to get everyone off the road but many people felt that here in miami you know residents dodged a bullet because it was to put the eye of the storm was supposed to hit this county six hundred sixty thousand people were evacuated from miami dade the largest evacuation this county has ever seen for those who state that those who returned to their homes they were very grateful that the damage wasn't worse take a listen. there was a little bit more damage based on their trajectory of the storm as we were told the storm is going up that far west but. a large. amount. of rain in pretty bad weather it feels like it could have been worse than this.
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could have been. i mean i should go what that last person just said it really could have been a lot worse because we got the outer bands of this hurricane and so much damage was caused but as i mentioned this this this hurricane shifted west last minute going up the west coast it made landfall in marco island as a category three and as soon as officials saw that the trajectory of this hurricane changed path seven hundred thousand people from the west coast of florida were immediately evacuated or put under mandatory evacuation so we saw between six and seven million people in the state of florida told to leave their homes because of this hurricane we're so glad that you're ok rina and now that the storm is heading toward alabama georgia and tennessee what are officials saying in terms of emergency management and also recovery. well officials are asking everyone in
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florida and the northern states to be patient we know as of nine am this morning two thirds of florida residents woke up without power we are told that roughly seven million customers between florida and georgia are without power most of those customers are in florida some people will have their power restored in a matter of days others will have their power is restored in a matter of weeks it really depends on the surrounding damage of each neighborhood in florida and the surrounding states but we heard from fema officials who are asking all those in florida and the other states that are going to be suffering the brunt of hurricane erm are now tropical storm irma to please be patient take a listen to the recent comments from a theme official requests that went into the president today that will have three components public assistance which will assist. governments at all different levels state local will assist charitable organizations. the minas bill and clatter of
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utilities that's going to be more some of the will have an immediate assistance in terms of debris removal and emergency action some of it's going to be the longer term rebuilding of infrastructure now there's still a curfew in effect for miami seven pm all cars off the road and that is so officials could could move in and and continue removing all the trees that have fallen onto the streets and to the homes a lot of cleanup we can only imagine rain important live in miami for us thank you so much. thank you and a new study by archaeologist dr david wright from seoul national university in south korea explains why hurricanes are manmade disasters originating thousands of years ago according to dr wright the storms we see today happening are a result of mismanagement of agriculture that led to the destruction of the river and water system in the sahara desert were fessor right sat down for an interview
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with our correspondent on your partner pill in seoul south korea here's a sneak peek with the full interview coming in the next hour i think if there was more vegetation. that it is. it is is likely that there would be fewer hurricanes hitting the east coast of the united states and mexico. well a group of progressives met this weekend in d.c. hoping to create a new political party the people's convergence invited senator bernie sanders to lead the creation however he was a no show to the events their group calling itself a draft bernie for a people's party gathered some fifty thousand signatures for support of the new party with or without sanders you may recall senator sanders who ran for president in the twenty sixteen election but lost to hillary clinton for the democratic nominee we're joined live by draft bernie founder nick brand i thank you so much
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for joining us today it's great to be here and so nick i mean you created this group after working on sanders twenty sixteen presidential campaign when did you decide to make up this group was it during his campaign you know it was afterwards actually seeing in the way in which the democratic party was responding having worked with the superdelegates on the campaign i was a national political outreach coordinator during the campaign so i worked closely with the superdelegates it was my job to lobby the party elites to support bernie sanders and did you see him as a true democrat during that time no not at all he was an independent is independent in spirit and his policies are always going against the grain inside the democratic party which is exactly why we're asking him to be consistent to that message and to that history that legacy and start a new party that genuinely represents people in a way that neither major party does today are you surprised at him not responding and not showing up. it was disappointing unfortunately that bernie sanders would
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not be able to come and sit down or even greet accept the signatures fifty thousand signatures that we were presenting him people worked very hard in order to gather these signatures these are fifty thousand working people we're calling bernie sanders to a conversation about what we're going to do given that the democratic party is not adopting the progressive platforms. that he and all of us have worked so hard to to advance and we know that you know the term progressive is nothing new it was you know there in the early one nine hundred so what makes you think it's going to be different this time around and right now we're basically at a two party system what makes you think a third party will get any kind of attention it is this is not an effort to create a third party necessarily our system only permits two parties this is an effort rather to replace the party the democratic party with a party that actually represents the progressive populous left you go down the
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issues medicare for all single payer getting money out of politics and there is a super majority of americans sixty percent or more that are on board with all those issues that bernie ran on and yet there is no major party that represents them including the democratic party and so this is an effort to say it's time to retire one of the two parties and replace it with a party that does represent people on the left well it's interesting you say that because there's a lot of people both within the democratic party and also those looking outside maybe the republicans that have criticized the party what it comes down to i mean does nancy pelosi and maxine waters do they represent your views being on the left it's not even close not even close we don't even consider them part of the left i mean the democrats and republicans really when you talk about them you're just talking about two different wings of the billionaire spectrum because they're both funded by the same corporations the same billionaires both parties and so it's no surprise really when you get two parties that represent the republicans being the
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right wing of the billionaire spectrum the democrats being the left wing of the billionaires spectrum meanwhile there is a massive l a toral chasm with out representation major party representation in the united states and that's progressive populism those are the issues that bernie ran on and if the democratic party is not going to adopt them as it has shown that it has no intention to then it is our imperative and i think our responsibility to begin a party to. will and speaking of the democratic party talking about hillary clinton she has gone on a so-called blaming tor you know kind of just. showing her book and everything else and blaming basically every one in everything except herself even blames bernie let's take a listen to what an associated press reporter said. critical times of bernie sanders who she feels like has sort of as she said of the campaign sort of had these big pledges vague promises of things that he could deliver for voters without ever really filling in the specifics of how to get those things done so what say
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you nick. that's exactly why it's so important to bring together progressives in order to basically converge around this consensus that number one the democratic party is not reforming and number two people are the effort to bring people into the democratic party bernie has been trying his damnedest to do that for the past several for the past year and many years before that in fact and yet we see that democratic party affiliation has declined since november has continued to decline as it has for the past decade and so americans are not looking for that americans consider this effort to reform the democratic party as the incrementalism that they themselves rejected during the burnie campaign and so that's why this weekend represented so much progress in bringing together hundreds of progressive dozens of organizations to the table to actually discuss how we create a new party together as a coalition and out of time but if you just enter this in ten seconds we see that president trying. similar they were your typical politicians but bernie sanders
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obviously did not win why do you think he didn't win do you think he was too much of a socialist for the middle america you know that wasn't the issue whatsoever in fact bernie sanders again unlike hillary clinton he had no money he had no name recognition he had the media was completely against some of the corporate media he had an anointed candidate he had everything against him only things he had going for him or his revolutionary progressive message and his integrity and that is a currency in our politics today that is more valuable than all those establishment factors and that's exactly what we want to base this new party on the right we have to leave it there thank you so much for your time that is nick brandt the founder of draft bernie thank you and that does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our website r.t. dot com forward slash america and of course you can follow me on twitter at it this
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week and a quick reminder r.t. can now be found on directv and. in all three twenty one question mark. all the worlds. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are anti american playing party america off much more r t america. many ways. just like the real news a good actor bad actor and in the end you could never hear all. the park in the world the world all the world's a stage we are. for decades the american middle class so it's been railroaded by washington politics.
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big body. has thrown out a lot of boys that's how what is the culture in this country now that's we're economy. i mean it's still on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to. a lot of people are saying that it's time we stopped talking about hillary clinton and i remember after the election being like great i can finally stop talking about her too but the thing is she won't stop talking about herself and trying to stay in the limelight and the more she keeps talking the more she keeps proving what a hypocrite she is right now she's promoting her new book about the twenty six
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thousand election what happened and to promote it she's going. a million t.v. shows dropping quotes to media outlets her p.r. team is releasing snippets to draw to get people to buy it and so once again we're being inundated with her messaging which is annoying a lot of people and that's making them remember when she went around selling her old book hard choices back in two thousand and fourteen and here comes the hypocrisy because back then she did an interview on c.n.n. with christiane amanpour and they got on the topic of children who were brought here illegally by their parents as in the dreamers which is one of the latest episodes of the big stupid show going on right now everyone is so angry that the president is threatening to kick kids out of the country when their parents are the ones who brought them across the border illegally as that controversy is swirling right now of course clinton is going to go around talking about it and now she's saying we must save the dreamers and that trump is just awful for wanting to kick them out she tweeted we had to fight with everything we got to save the kid but
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in the twenty fourteen interview with amanpour she had something very different to say about dreamers entirely back then she said quote they should be sent back and that we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay so we don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that journey so in twenty fourteen while selling hard choices clinton said in no uncertain terms that dreamers should be sent back now while selling what happened she's joining the anti trump circus saying it's evil to send back the kids and that we must do everything in our power to help them stay now it's just another example of clinton being such a ridiculous hypocrite and she's not even fighting for a cause or anything she's just selling another stupid book trust me i met with the
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hordes of people who just want to stop talking about or within the. she insists on staying in the limelight herself she's going to have to keep taking the heat because of her capacity is just too outrageous to let slide. it's. called the feeling hopeless nearly. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it all the you know. the old according to just. come along for the ride.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. for something i want to be absolutely certain that the two going to be prosperous like them before three of them or ten people that i'm interested in always in the waters of our. first city more. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't tell.


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