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tv   News with Ed  RT  September 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the right questions and demand the right answer. the. question. that is tonight the trump administration on capitol hill lawmakers signaled sanctions on north korea are not tough enough and treasury secretary steve threatens china with sanctions if the country doesn't support the sanctions on north korea and liberals and conservatives alike take aim at hillary clinton for her new tell all book what happened i mitchell's reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r t america. good evening friends we begin tonight once again on the korean peninsula on monday the
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united nations security council passed severe new sanctions on north korea targeting all of its major industries but lawmakers on capitol hill are skeptical the move will have any impact on the north's progress in making a nuclear i.c.b.m. president trump said the sanctions are a very small step and in the short term will judge their impact we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing. not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen for more on the latest in korea we're joined tonight with a live shot from on your part of pill in seoul south korea and you know good evening . good morning here and it's been twenty four hours over twenty four
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hours since the u.n. security council passed the unprecedented and extremely harsh things targeting major north korean industry and while all is still quiet on the northern front is a fellow. braiding the sanctions releasing a statement yesterday after the vote reading quote the latest u.n. resolution represents the international community's renewed commitment not to tolerate the north's nuclear and missile development it also sends a grave warning to the north korean regime that its continued reckless provocations will only end up deepening its economic isolation and diplomatic pressure now as you mentioned president trump has said these sanctions are just a small step if he'd like to take a larger one against the north korean government he may have an opportunity this week because a delegation of opposition lawmakers from seoul is traveling to washington actually in just under an hour they'll be on a flight headed your way and yesterday i attended
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a press conference held by the leader of this opposition party the major opposition party in the national assembly the liberty korea party mr. wu and after his press conference announcing speaking about his trip to washington he granted me an exclusive interview during which i asked him if his mission in washington which is apparently to request tactical nuclear weapons from the trumpet ministration a major step will be receptive. to. president trump and china will get together to achieve the nuclear ization of the korean peninsula senator mccain just suggested to deploy the technical nuclear weapons to the korean peninsula more than seventy percent of the korean people support deployment of the technical nuclear weapons here in korea sixty percent support developing nuclear weapons by yourself. of course what i meant to say there is
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whether or not washington will be receptive to this goal he tells me mr li tells me while he's in washington he plans on meeting with lawmakers as well policy advisors to the trump administration and members from the. conservative think tank the heritage foundation there you heard him bring up senator john mccain who he says he wishes he could meet while in washington unfortunately a meeting couldn't be scheduled because of senator mccain's health problems but since he brought up the senator i asked him just a few days ago senator john mccain made comments to media in the united states saying north korea needs to understand the price of their actions will be extinction which considering the history of the united states here in korea which wiped out up to a third of the north korean population during the war the korean war is very extreme rhetoric i ask mr li if he agreed with making such comments at this time.
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senator mccain is really a war expert proper and appropriate in the situation we tried to have a meeting with him but there was no reply it is regrettable that we do not have as . china would certainly see the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons as a major aggression and chinese media is already accusing the united states of ramping up an arms race in the region ed so things are not cooling down here anytime soon it seems all right on your part to live tonight from seoul south korea and today it was tough talk on china from treasury secretary steve he warned the united states will play sanctions on china if beijing does not abide by tough new u.n. sanctions against north korea manilla chant has been following this story and joins us for more this is serious talk is that a blow for what do you think so far all the experts i've spoken with think it's all bluster add more bluster than real talk coming out of the treasury secretary china
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just got a pat on the back the other day for standing up to the d.p. r. k. and now today we're hearing the secretary borrow language right out of president donald trump now as i said the experts. and i've talked to said many times over that china need kim jong un and north korea to play a certain role in the region they act as the neighborhood tough guy but it's really china pulling the strings in that area and according to former pentagon official michael maloof china is playing ball with the u.s. and that the trumpet ministration should be more consistent in their rhetoric at the pertains to china a more diplomatic using more of the carrot rather than the stick method i think that china is on board to the point that they want to show their disappointment in north korea's behavior but as i said they're not going to go so far and or implement sanctions to the point that it's going to bring the regime to its knees that will be then then you're going to see kim jong un lash out and possibly use
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the very weapons that we're trying to avoid him using and certainly if we could get them to sit down and talk there's no guarantee that he's going to dismantle those programs and earlier today r.t. spoke with renowned australian journalist and filmmaker john pilger who says the international community is actually less concerned about north korea then they are about the u.s. actions around the world china is mostly lom by the not in space not by north korea it's always been rather a worry that north korea might provoke the united states but even these sanctions that have gone through the security council the united nations sanctions. china has old ways of getting around them but use chinese car and see chinese so they don't really work anyway trying to as much my china's main concern is that pyongyang will provoke the united states and that's
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always historically that's always been china's concern so as you heard right there the global community is concerned right now with how the u.s. is moving the chess pieces. across the board and this is not about trump specifically john pilger and michael maloof have both said that this has gone back multiple presidency is the takeaway here really is that china is really ultimately the key player here and well it would seem to me that the trump of ministration doesn't want to be bluffed i mean these sanctions are going to have to mean something what do you think the same sions are have already been softened by by china and russia and further speaking with mr maloof he also said that we really the u.s. we've the u.s. need to bring in china and russia to both a put put a little bit more play pressure on china to speak with north korea and have them do the power brokering because right now it doesn't seem like the trump administration is going to allow that much rope ok thanks manila turning to politics and steve
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bannon warned of a growing civil war in the republican party over the weekend democrats are facing rising discontent in their own ranks progressive's organized a conference recently called the people's convergence featuring cornel west and because seamus won it and on monday a group called draft bernie for a people's party gathered in washington to deliver a draft to bernie sanders signed by fifty thousand supporters the group resurging sanders to lead a new people's party for on this we go to the organizer the founder nick brand of a draft bernie people's party nick great to have you with us tonight what's the mission here the big mission. well it is first and foremost the first part of our name our name consistent two things draft bernie and secondly for a people's party and so the ultimate goal is creating a people's party party that actually stands for all of the things that bernie
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sanders ran on as opposed to the democratic and republican parties drafting bernie we feel is the best way to do that because bernie virtually created a new party essentially during the two thousand and sixteen primaries so you want to run again we would like him to create a new party and then if he chooses to run again in that party we think it would be great but first and foremost we think that he has a historic opportunity here having built this coalition during the primaries to start a new party so the backdrop of this is hillary clinton saying what happened in an explanation which is being done as did bernie sanders over gathering senators to get on universal health care medicare for all who is going to win this one who gets the attention that's right that's right it is very conveniently timed at a time hillary's book released in these attacks on bernie sanders at the time just at the time when bernie sanders is trying to build support for medicare for all we spoke earlier today on your radio show and what i mentioned is when democrats get
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full control even really their promises when they sign on to medicare for all it's empty it's hollow because if you look at the states you look at the areas of the country where they do have full control of the legislature and they actually don't support it they don't pass it on harris for example why doesn't she support that she's so she just signed on in a very public way to bernie sanders medicare for all bill but why doesn't she supported california in the state as roseanne tomorrow has pointed out where it could actually pass so is this what's not being served this issue and is it a big enough issue to run as a platform. it is the leading issue now it is certainly the leading issue for progressive cities where progressives are putting a lot of their energy into doing that but our point as draft running for a people's party and what we discussed at the convergence conference is that there is no path to medicare for all without a new party in the last election there was a voting block that was missed by the democrats i had to sit down with leo gerard
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and he talked about how a lot of wage earners in this country went to donald trump president candidate trump your workers got a lot of our workers and that's because for thirty years since nafta since bill clinton gave us nafta for thirty years workers were promised the good times are coming and all that came were bad times the erosion of them industrial manufacturing right and trade deals with a lot employers to say well look at i'm not moving to mexico but we've got to compete with mexico so you've got to take less. workers they go to work on monday secure they won't have a job come friday and use that fear to keep their pressure the wages down. so the president candidate trump said the things that workers want to believe he was the first person is one person told me and billy had agreed to the guys who knew me well he said leo i don't want that i said roy he says i'm going to vote for trump i surely don't trump not tell you what he's really going to do he said yeah but he's
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the only one that's been talking about it for years nick brenna does the people's party in a visionary way get that voting block back is that we target it is a lot of people make this point that you're going to divide the progressive vote if you create another party but what i say to that what we say is draft burning is that the progressive vote is already divided the left vote is already divided because polls show one after the other that americans are progressive two to one they support medicare for all two to one they support free public colleges nine to one they support getting money out of out of politics and yet that super majority of americans that believes in those progressive issues bernie sanders platform doesn't come out to vote for hillary clinton because hillary clinton to them represents what the corporate democrats do is the same establishment that drove them to vote for donald trump in the first place so what we're saying is the antidote is not more of what is causing the problem all right good luck to you
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thanks so much bernie definitely going to be the playbook. more democratic senators are getting on board with single payer health care senator al franken has now number six to co-sponsor the medicare for all health care bill the bill was proposed by bernie sanders that is also co-sponsored by elizabeth warren camilla harris cory booker in person to general brand from new york support among americans for government funded health care has grown in recent years a pew poll from january shows that sixty percent of americans say that the federal . government has a responsibility to ensure health care coverage and that number is up from fifty one percent from a year ago hillary clinton's book titled what happened was released today clinton says she's convinced the trump campaign colluded with the russians to defeat her although she offers no evidence to support the accusation clinton surrogates have been barking the same narrative quoting nameless former u.s.
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intelligence officials for months richard asco wrote in the progressive breakfast this morning what matters is what happens next not what happened he writes it's unproductive to argue about her personal merits a fight over what values will drive the democratic party into the future is well worth having liberals seem to be shunning from clinton's book after she took shots at bernie sanders and joe biden the white house responded to the book today at the press briefing i think it's sad that after hillary clinton ran one of the most negative campaigns in history and lost and the last chapter of her public life is going to be now defined by propping up the book sells with false and reckless attacks and i think that that's a sad way for her to continue this interview for more on the clinton book tonight the impact it might have on the political scene we're joined tonight in our political panel brian keene president of smart power rory reilly hopping conservative commentator the hill contributor as well and holland cook media
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consultant great to have all of you with us we got a lot to unpack here tonight brian i'll start with you what's her mission here what does what does this serve well i'll start by saying they have not read the book and i'm sure sarah huckabee sanders has read the book because she seemed to have a lot to say about it but truthfully when you run for office and if you've been involved in enough campaigns there are two reasons why candidates lose because of the candidate and because of everything else and from what i read about the book it sounds like that's what hillary clinton saying she lost for two reasons the candidate and everything else were how does this help the progressive movement or does the divide. there are still clinton loyalists out there that may have a broken nose over all of this and not get over it yes i think there are still some clinton loyalists and i don't know that that's a good thing for the progressive party as you talked about in your previous panel there's already a divide or there might be a greater divide as people continue to talk about drafting bernie i think they should be focused on how to unify the left side of the political spectrum not how to further divide it well some brian have already called it unproductive on the
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left well. if we can talk about dividing parties we should talk about president trump who is actually dividing his own party that's kind of the more amusing and rages division that's happening hillary clinton writing a book is hillary clinton writing a book and i mean is it necessary to take a shot of bernie sanders or a competitor who raised twenty seven million dollars a month each month but is it necessary to go after joe biden words the upside i want to look at it only because i actually think this is the time she actually has beaten donald trump in his game she's actually selling books she's got fox news selling her book this is how she's actually beat donald trump she learned from donald trump to sell books the media into this this is raw meat for the talkers she's everywhere she's everywhere and mathematically she did win the popular vote this will be closure for her peeps of course like brian i have not read the book although i feel as though i have she productize this with a rolling disclosure of sound bites from the audio version and press releases she's
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all over all of cable news this week and at the end of the day it's a rorschach test no opinions will be changed if feel like you know like her if you didn't you won't are you were talking about the division with trump guess who's coming to dinner tonight at the white house he's trying to put together a coalition on tax reform there are six senators who are going to be at dinner for the white house probably at this hour heidi heitkamp joe mansion mr donnelly from indiana i find this interesting are they really going to do. or they go in for political survival because they can't win in their states of indiana north dakota they have help you guys there ted cruz but we'll stay away from ted cruz for the moment because there's too much anthony wiener stuff going on there but i do think what trump is trying to do is divide the dems or republicans so that he can actually try to get something done and i don't think it's actually a bad idea he's trying to get something done so he's dividing his own party if i
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were in his party i would be very upset but quite frankly democrats see an opening they're probably going to try to take an already who's helping who here well i think that that's hard to say trump is definitely trying to get something done i think ultimately trump wants to help himself and we've seen with the c.r. deal that was cut last week he's not a loyalist to either party when it comes to his agenda he just wants to accomplish what he set out to accomplish and he will work with whoever will let him get there joe donnelly and also heidi heitkamp we're going to tell the president let me tell you what the farmers one we want right all this and we want business breaks and we want disaster relief but if you can do that and i'm sure they're going to say that farmers love the last guy who gave them that's right that is exactly right and they don't forget it going you know they don't get it with this is steve bannon saying that he's going to go after republicans who are loyal to the president they're not going to help you unless they're put on notice to be held accountable if they do
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not support the president states right now there's no accountability they have totally they do not support the president's program it's an open seat in the capitol hill everybody in the city knows it and so is there for now that you're out of the white house you go into war with absolutely glory what kind of impact is he going to have i'm hoping a minimal impact i think steve bannon has such a polarizing personality and it's ironic that we seem to be hearing more from him now that he's outside of the white house than when he was inside the white house i don't necessarily support the comments that he made on sixty minutes but the president hasn't met. with him since he left outside the white house and i think it's just trying to muddy the waters you guys on the left can't get enough for them so it's ironic i mean maybe they agree they have not met but ben and selves they talk every other day it's like unbelievable and then he even says now he's going to republicans but then he says oh and by the way the mother investigation is serious business is going to bring an avalanche of money on you know radio talkers who are going to talk to millions of people i'm looking for that second agenda because
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brandon can avoid the mistake that kellyanne conway made the minute i got elected she shouldn't danced off stage and on to the rubber chicken circuit for the big bucks now she is a government employee he will never be hotter than he is right now hala rory and brian great to have you with there thanks so much residents in florida are slowly starting to return to their homes the florida keys were by far the worst hit bridges linking the florida keys escaped serious damage but inspectors there have not yet declared them safe hurricane irma has claimed forty three lives in the caribbean and at least twelve across florida georgia and south carolina artie's marina portnoy joins us live this evening from miami for the latest marina. ed as you mentioned residents from the upper keys as well as miami beach finally returned home this morning but for many it will take a long time for things to return to normal federal officials estimate twenty five percent of all homes in the keys were made landfall were destroyed while another
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sixty five percent suffered damages officials say the full extent of the death and destruction there is unknown because communications and access are cut off in places miami beach meanwhile remains littered with downed trees and street signs while many businesses this afternoon remain shuttered or boarded up now while the barrier island escaped major structural damage many homes and businesses like much of miami dade county remain without power one resident i spoke with says south florida dodged a bullet when irma shifted west this is my seventh hurricane so. this was good for me because it. can do something devastating. now fema is continuing to monitor the record flooding and power outages in jacksonville where more than three hundred fifty people have reportedly been rescued lack of electricity remains
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a major problem statewide utility officials say they've restored power to two million locations however four point seven million customers remain in the dark florida power and light says most of the east coast will have power restored by sunday evening the west coast could take another ten days to repair lack of electricity and air conditioning is extremely difficult to endure let me tell you in ninety five degree temperatures the widespread lack of electricity is also prompted public schools in many counties to remain closed until further notice president trump and the first lady are expected to visit florida on thursday to survey the damage caused by hurricane irma this would mark mr trump's third trip related to hurricanes in two weeks he made two visits to texas last month following her hurricane harvey all right thank you marina marina portnoy reporting live tonight from miami while floridians are escaping the flooding in florida no doubt
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california residents are feeling the heat on the other side of the country this week alone thousands of lightning bolts lit up the sky in the southern part of the state sparking more fires this as many cities across california are dealing with triple digit temperatures. santos says the story tonight more than forty thousand lightning bolts have flashed across the southern california sky this week all within a twenty four hour period people have reported flashes in los angeles santa barbara family with abyss though and in turn counties rain hail and strong winds have also been reported by the national weather service along the northern california coast a lightning strikes sparked a fire on santa cruz island in response the local forest service sent parachute. down to put out the flames tuesday morning the national weather service reported twelve hundred cloud to ground strikes and fifty eight hundred in cloud strikes in
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the san francisco bay area all the activity has californians bracing for the worst however the ensuing rainfall so far has totaled less than one inch in most places a marine layer is now heading in a nice reprieve from the raging wildfires that burned across the state earlier this month including the latina fire which is the largest los angeles has ever seen the golden state has been in the middle of a record breaking heat wave leaving climate scientists scratching their heads and wondering if cooler weather will come this year in los angeles brigitta santos r.t. . turkey has signed an estimated one billion dollar deal to buy russia's advanced s. four hundred missile system turkish president says he's already paid a deposit on the deal or to use kate partridge has the details the as four hundred missile system deal has already been signed by officials as far as i know the first installment was also transferred this process will continue between turkey and russia well the delivery of this particular system is
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a russian s four hundred system which is surface to air missiles and what we're looking at here is the first installment the first payment on a deal that we estimate is was around two point five billion u.s. dollars and russia's new system is the next generation edge of fence system and we're looking at a range of targets aerial targets ranging from aircraft and also non monda craft drones and also very in types of missiles and to take those targets down we're looking at a system that deploys three different types of missiles this new system is apparently twice as good as the old one so let's look further at some of the capabilities of this particular system it can engage up to eighty targets all at the same time it has a maximum target range of four hundred kilometers and a maximum target speed of four point eight kilometers per second so powerful stuff we're looking in terms of those who've bought as we say we're talking about the deal china have already requested it and also it looks like india that they're interested in this particular deal as well and it's also being deployed in syria so
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that is that's the particular dale that's what the system can do but also one of the why do implications because we know turkey is a member of nato which has the second largest army amongst the allies there and washington has already voiced some concerns there have been some so worrying moments from the pentagon about this deal going forward which is now of course it's going through and in the meantime there's been a decline in relations between anchor and washington or is it the same time we've seen an improvement between ankara and wasco also at the same time when pressed the president to announce this particular deal he said that all of. one says with russia overall in the past and particularly any control this is that they might have had well in their dealings about syria. and a final note tonight we're pleased to announce that our to america is now carried and can be viewed on direct t.v. channel three two one that's direct t.v. channel three twenty one it's now put just in seventy seven countries around the world thanks for watching i'm a board tonight from washington hope to see you back here tomorrow night.
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on larry king you are watching our america supports join the war. called the feature we go from there you go to. everyone in the world should experience flu go and you'll get it on the old the old. the
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old according to just. lock up the modern world cup i'm walking for the ride. of. a bachelor sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on. each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different as i speak to you now because there are.


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