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good evening friends we begin tonight in korea were south korea has test fired a taurus missile from an f. fifteen fighter jet for the first time over live fire drills earlier today tested south korea's capability to launch preemptive strike on north korea in the event of a serious crisis as if we're not there yet meanwhile south korean scientists have detected trace amounts of radioactivity in the air as a result of north korea's testing about age bomb last week the tests show that detonated device contained either plutonium or uranium for more on the latest on the korean peninsula we go live tonight to on your part and bill in seoul south korea good evening anya. good morning from seoul. has said it category categorically rejects saying chen's past five united
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nations security council this week meanwhile officials here in seoul are meeting to discuss how exactly to implement those sanctions and are claiming they're committed to applying economic and diplomatic pressure on the government in the north however despite those comments as you mentioned the south korean military took a more provocative step yesterday for the first time ever successfully testing a long range ballistic missile with the capabilities to hit anywhere in north korea it also reportedly it has stealth capabilities meaning it could in theory pass into north korean territory without being detected now this is one of the more overt ways in which south korea demonstrates its ability to use force against the north however for a different perspective i sat down with the former head of the korean cia yesterday to discuss some of the more covert. waves the south seeks to influence the north
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and i first asked mr levy to comment on the obama era strategic patience policy with respect to the government in pyongyang take a listen. you know obama snow of green policy was characterize it in terms of strategic patience. which she was indicative of the desire that north korea will gradually be weakened to its own extinction in due course of time provided that north korea be kept from being resupplied. however. it is sort of a race against time and. we have come to conclude that this table. initiative in terms of teaching
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patience was not working i'm personally very much. aware of what had transpired in poland during the reagan administration era and the reagan. that reagan crusade. in collaboration with the pope. and he he made a lot of investment in bringing some freedom into poland which resulted in the overthrow of the communist three g.m. in one thousand nine hundred one or two which led to the. establishment of a boeing house democratic government which. lose a good before of the dominus of communists communism in europe it sounds like what
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you're describing is a situation in which the united states would encourage some sort of color revolution in order to reunify under the south under a more capitalist and pro western system. that is still hoped for by by the book of the south korean population. you have it there as the former deputy head of the korean cia speaking very candidly about prospects for regime change in the north that's just one of the many interesting comments he made to me which i'll include in a special report filed when i get back to washington back to you ed all right thank you on your on your farm phil reporting live tonight. from seoul south korea for more on this let's turn to former u.s. diplomat jim jasper's jim when you heard the former intel officer from south korea that strategy didn't work it seems like the clock running out what do you make of where we are right now seems like that they've come to some kind of societal
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conclusion that something as big as going to happen you made it was another failed government program here and if that's what's true expectation i mean it is a little bit flabbergasted to hear that they thought there was a parallel to poland where there was a great degree of freedom or you had a powerful church and so forth that somehow you could mobilize that kind of opposition in north korea what were they thinking and this is this is really kind of amazing to hear that that was their strategy here i think they are to juncture right now that the south koreans have to figure out what they want to do next i think their options are a little bit limited in the sense of they want to develop their own not only defense capability but strike capability against north korea where's their space to do that given that north korea already has them in a vulnerable position what about the south showing off its stealth capability that maybe north korea did know about and also their first strike capability will that change anything i don't think so i mean it's not a first strike that could actually it we had these decapitation drills not too long
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ago that could really decapitate the north korean leadership and more importantly get rid of all that massed artillery that could destroy seoul much less get rid of their nuclear weapons which could also destroy it so it seems like president trump has the green light sixty percent of the people in south korea are ok with nuclear capability and in that country they're testing their weapons and what else is on the table i think i think there's a difference between saying that they're looking at capability and okaying the thought that somebody actually might use the capability and i think that's where the real distinction comes in because again i don't know how informed the north of the south korean pop public is about what would happen in test how still these breakout would not be good. an awful lot of south korea ok this is been off the front page very silent on capitol hill i want to bring up syria with you what's going on there is there just really a feeling in washington now that assad is going to stay in power yeah
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a regime change in syria another failed government program yes how many years now under obama i don't think under this administration but under obama was it predicated that assad will be gone next month two months from now six months from now he'll be gone well that isn't going to happen he is going to stay the syrian government the syrian army with russian the iranian hezbollah support is winning this war there are a lot of other things that have to fall in place you have the problems with the kurds in the north you have a lot of israeli an ease about the presence of hezbollah and iran near their border on golan there are other things to worry about in terms of the general direction of this war the syrian government is winning him jet or a scrape to have it within him thanks so much turning to politics and i was more like an audition for bernie sanders support and making his supporters aware and in the know that they are in the fight that he's been in for years universal health care medicare for all legislation seventeen democratic senators including sanders
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took to the stage to personally plea to americans that this is the direction the country needs to take it was all happening on capitol hill today in manila chan was there when bernie sanders unveiled this medicare for all bill this was more like a sanders rally wasn't. what i mean about this i mean you already know you've been to some of these yourself not only did he have an unprecedented number of senators sponsoring the bill who were there but bernie sanders drew crowds of supporters by the hundreds and they were all lined up out of that hearing room just waiting for a chance to get in and hear him speak on such an important topic it felt so much like some of those campaign rallies that i covered back in twenty fifteen and sixteen but that just the. to the level of support that bernie sanders has on this medicare for all bill lots of nurses and doctors from around the country and the world really are all there for the cause of getting lawmakers to see health care as a human right to go through what bernie sanders had to say about this itself. the
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crisis we are discussing today is not really about health care crisis we are discussing today is a political crisis which speaks to the incredible power all of the insurance companies the drug companies and all those who make billions of dollars off of the current system over the years these entities have done everything that they possibly can to prevent us from the housing lower priced prescription drugs and universal health care and i actually spoke to one of those nurses who spoke today alongside senator sanders and she told me about one of the major problems of overcrowding in emergency rooms something quite ironic raising take within that time times we delay discharges just because a medication isn't paid for by the insurance company and so that person is taking
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up a hospital bed that could be somebody else and it's all because we're having to deal with wrangling the insurance company and it's a huge barrier really to getting more people in and getting care. and senator sanders medicare for all bill is not only looking to cover virtually every man woman and child in america but in a single payer format but will initially start by filling the gaps that obamacare has left out like allowing some states to not expand medicare and medicaid. ality is that in the united states you are already spending more than any other developed country in the world on health care so we're rapidly of approaching a fifth of your economy in spending on health care almost ten thousand dollars u.s. per person per year on health care services and yet you're you're failing to cover everybody you look at other countries across the developed world not just canada but europe australia new zealand cetera all of these countries manage to cover
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their entire population at a much much lower cost ok so no more states choice in joining this program that's gone that's out here the sanders bill will closely model methods used by our neighbors to the north and canada who you just heard speak there she joined bernie sanders at the lectern she herself is a doctor from canada. she said that americans are needlessly spending more money and getting less from health care but take a listen to what one of the doctors here in the u.s. had to say about the gaps that are not filled by obamacare right so right now we don't really have a great system where we can honestly tell every american to matter where you live you have a right to health care and we can overcome that with a program like medicare for all so ed you saw and heard it there there were some big names from capitol hill who all stood and spoke behind with bernie sanders folks like the lizbeth warren cory booker kiersten gerald joe rand
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a dozen more of course as you know sponsoring this very important bill they know that they have a long road ahead of them to get this through congress but they seem confident that the failure of the two previous republican bills. prior to getting this one out will help them at least move the conversation in their direction get the ball moving in their court and the way sanders is presenting this this will be implemented over time that we were around us we'll be right away for a year slow switchover to cover those like i said the gaps in obamacare before everybody will get covered ok thanks manila in an interview on wednesday hillary clinton made disparaging remarks about bernie sanders as universal health care pitch saying that the senator didn't understand the details of his own bill for more on this we go to former congressman alan grayson who has been on the forefront for years for universal health care allan nice to have you with us tonight this was your mission universal health care how far is this going to go i almost feel like
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we've come a long way baby when you've got seventeen senators up there are now saying you know what this is where we've got to go what do you make of this agree it i think that obamacare is the purpose was to see if we're giving one last chance to the insurance companies would work and the results so far are mixed i think we've reached the point where we have comprehensive health care in other words health care is there when you need to means it covers people with preexisting conditions and so on and it covers across the board but we don't have yet as a result of care is affordable care for everybody and that's what the bernie sanders bill would do it makes it clear that we no longer tens of millions of americans without having coverage the second thing that that's important an improvement over the current system is that it eliminates the conflict of interest that you have with your insurance company your insurance company makes money by denying you care and that's true in any system that's driven by the profit motive when you have an insurance company in the middle between the doctors and the
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patients so what do you think of these senators all of a sudden they see the power and they see the movement of bernie sanders in his support i think today might have been an anointment that he's the most powerful democrat in the country certainly the most powerful progressive in washington people are following him this is this is a big political move isn't it. well in four years he's gone from zero co-sponsors to sixteen co-sponsors i had almost two hundred co-sponsors for my bill to expand medicare to cover our eyes ears and teeth and i was very gratified to see the sanders bill includes that all right where is the democratic leadership nancy pelosi says she's not there yet chuck schumer is silent why can't they get on board are they afraid that this is too far left. you know it's a puzzle to me the polls show that sixty percent of the american people want this it's obviously a political winner it's just that what they're what they're hearing from members of
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their caucus blue dogs so-called moderates is that they don't want to sign on and they don't want to get ahead of that element of the cautious but if you let those people decide things nothing would ever get done now there were senators on that stage today that have been rumored to be interested in running for the nomination is this also a political admission you can't get bernie's supporters unless you take on this issue the way they passed candidate did what do you make of that no i think it's a little different from that i don't think it's a pitch to bring supporters in the basis of porting a bernie bill what it is that it's a pitch for a substantive alternative to the republican agenda and i think that people now recognize that you're not going to get the democratic nomination much be elected president unless you stand for something and standing for universal health care is a good thing to stand for in this country is that a campaign platform. yeah it's part of one i mean that's not the only problem this country has but as your prior guest said we spend more on health care than any
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other country seventeen percent of our g.n.p. no one else spends more than thirteen percent we still have tens of millions of americans who are not covered at all for health insurance and we are fiftieth in the world in life expectancy the japanese live four years longer than the americans do now alan grayson always great to have you with us on the news thanks so much thank you as you that the president met with moderate members of congress from both parties today to work out a deal on taxes and jobs for the middle class in an unexpected move president trump says the rich will most likely not be getting a tax cut. but this legislation ever passed it was done in a bipartisan manner and so that's what we're going to give it a shot and the sooner we can do it if it works out great and if it doesn't work out great hopefully we'll be able to do it anyway as republicans ok and the rich will not be getting it all with this plan would not look well good for the middle class
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and we're looking for jobs jobs created companies so we're looking to the middle class that will look at the jobs. i think the wealthy will be pretty much where they are. pretty much where they are we could do that we'd like to have to go to the right we're looking at the middle class that we're looking to just. for more on this we go to our political panel the same thing heidi harris conservative talk show host out of all special guests and also been kissel political commentator and radio host great to have both of you with us tonight heidi let me start with you i mean there's a new doctor of bipartisanship in town it's donald trump what what what what's going on here i mean i think we could agree that this really is what the country once they want least an effort of bipartisanship what do you make of it well i think it's funny because the republicans you know they're consternation is kind of hilarious to me because they haven't worked with him and if they'd work with him on anything they could actually get something done we've all been in that situation where you have a coworker or
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a boss or somebody you may not like them but you've got to get in the boat row anyway to try to accomplish something and the republicans haven't done that with trump so now he's turning to other folks to try to get something done and i do my concern with the democrats is they're leading trump into a trap and i don't know that he even sees it but that's another issue it would be and he's giving the democrats no tax cuts for the wealthy i mean that's red meat that's red meat to the liberals what how they're going to respond to that. well i mean we want to think it's a bipartisan situation going on right now with donald trump and his administration at the end of the day it's quite partisan and the victors of that partisanship or the democratic party if you listen to what steve benen said to charlie rose over this past weekend there is a war with the trump administration involving the g.o.p. there is no love lost between paul ryan mitch mcconnell and trump and his and his administration so right now this is a partisan choice that donald trump is making and let's be clear he has said since
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day one that he would raise taxes on the wealthy he constantly references bob kraft the owner of the new england patriots i'm a green bay packer fan not a patriots fan however he constantly talks about how bob kraft says and suggests that he can deal with a bit of a tax hike so this really isn't out of the norm for donald trump if you followed him over the past two years oh all right trump in my opinion is really talking to middle america when he talks about middle class when he talks about tax cuts and jobs that's what they want to hear but he's also pushing for the corporate tax rate idea fifteen percent if the democrats do you think schumer and palosi are willing to trade on this and get him some votes if they don't tat if they don't cut the taxes on the wealthy can they get the fifteen percent corporate rate. you know what i think the problem is with washington is no side wants donald trump to when the dems are leading him into a trap they don't really want him to get a win they only want themselves to get a win and the republicans don't want to get a win and when donald trump talking about the middle class versus the people who are you know the rich the rich for the plans you employ all of us that's the whole
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point and if you keep sticking to the rich there are going to be fewer jobs trump should know that as a job owner i don't i don't know that or is a job but you know he's shifting i don't know it's not necessarily true there's a lot of small business owners that support the vast majority of people in their communities that are not enormously wealthy whatsoever so of course you're large corporations that have c.e.o.'s with you know with a with massive bank accounts they exist but for the most part people who are employed by individuals who are relatively you know making ends meet like everybody else what about that well i know i understand that in nevada for example ninety percent of the businesses here employ less than one hundred people so i totally get to that point that it's true in many cases but the wealthy people are still going to be looking at this and if there are tax cuts for them they're going to be concerned and they may not provide jobs coming up that you know even the small people are worried about it and i don't think you're going to get the fifteen percent i think trying to say winner on the effort here i mean i think this is what the young tree once they want an effort to bring the two sides together heidi
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harris and i didn't kill seoul the great to have a would be with us tonight thanks a much. turning to our coverage in florida at least eight nursing home residents have died in hollywood florida in the wake of hurricane irma the rehabilitation center of hollywood hills lost power authorities believe the air conditioning was not turned on despite having a backup generator the hollywood police are conducting now a criminal investigation are examining all possibilities you know so on in a case like this i'm not going to speculate but obviously there are many others as you heard some of your colleagues question there are many factors that could influence you know which way the crime of s. the geisha in this loop is going to go but it. concentrates on what was the cause of death governor rick scott has vowed to get to the bottom of this tragic event meanwhile hollywood mayor is sending out a call to all florida mare's and residents to check on the elderly in assisted
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living facilities calling all my fellow mayors we're learning through the florida league of cities and through different associations to make a widespread effort for neighbors and residents and governments across the state to conduct a welfare check on. elderly residents that you might know either in your neighborhood on a power or local. assisted living facilities or condominiums where you know there's a large concentration of elderly people for more on this we go to our contributor in florida and that is former party chair of the democrats mitch cesar mitch also an attorney mitch i just have to bring this up i think there's a lot of people watching that are just horrified by this but also asking the question how stupid could authorities be here i mean how could you not know after all these warnings that something really bad could leave the elderly vulnerable. obviously these types of facilities have to be held to
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a higher standard i can't tell you specifically what the standards are in florida but if they even met them this facility they obviously have other issues this facility was just down the block from a major hospital what i find concerning from a liability question a common sense question is the fact that f.p. and l. the main provider here in south florida florida power and light did not have that facility on a priority list it's an a c o f how does that happen they have very exposed from a legal perspective but more importantly from a human perspective there was a total lack of common sense they had all these folks who range in age from seventy one to ninety nine many of them on the second floor in an enclosed high bill. as we're doing is broadcast right now in fort lauderdale it's about eighty five degrees which means with humidity index it's about ninety three how would you like to be in a second floor close facility be ninety five years old with ninety three degrees
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what is the aftermath of this going to be like i'm sure the community is absolutely horrified and with all of the warnings that went up and all of the concerns of the storm i just this is gross negligence beyond isn't it. i totally agree i think the legislature is going to have to go through the standards and see where there are an adequate and we're not sure whether those standards were met by this facility or not but if they were then they are clearly inadequate you know i as a family member have a cousin who lives in a facility in my county and broward county which is the same as this situation and i thought about bringing her to my house but i knew the level of care in this facility was so high she was better off than she would be with me that's the same mindset every road to folks in that terrible facility in hollywood went through but thought there was adequate work i think this is a possible there's a criminal investigation which could lead to elder abuse obviously there's going to
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be civil suits but a human cost is so ridiculous one of the things i heard was that the generator the other generator you referenced could provide other parts but not the air conditioning why wouldn't you move people out why when you call e.m.'s why would you try to get them to the hospital down the block and that all raises the question of liability foreseeability level of care i think this is a tragedy at least at this moment that would like it could have been averted but remember these people were not killed by storm surge they were not killed by wind they may have been killed by human error will happen to sea but it's a tragedy irrespective nonetheless caesar's. thanks for joining us tonight on this tragic story. historians have long wondered how the vikings navigated their way through the sea and now thanks to a team of researchers in hungary the mystery may be solved artie's trinity chavez
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has more. whether it's cloudy or overcast no matter what the weather conditions the vikings are thought to have navigated across the vast atlantic ocean and to the north sea and for over a half a century historians have long wondered how viking sailors did it now hungary and researchers may have shed new light literally on how they may have achieved this using special crystals called sun stones. the researchers believe the crystals are made of calcite quarter rate or tourmaline which work as polarizing crystals which can help determine the position of the sun when it's cloudy or overcast if the crystal was positioned a certain way which is known as the skylight polarisation method and a series of studies published by the royal society a team of physicists have tested to see exactly how accurate the method was in bad weather conditions the researchers about you weighed one thousand eight different sky conditions throughout the year and attempted to use the navigation method in each of them in most cases the sun was hidden by clouds and the finding showed the
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skylight paralyzation method to be most effective when skies were clear or less cloudy but when skies were overcast the method only worked at the sun was low in the sky this summer solstice and spring equinox were found to be preferred times of year to navigate this way as the angle of the sun remained at less than thirty five degrees although the hypothesis has many supporters there are still those who say the study lacks hard evidence or in other words still a bit shady reporting in new york trying to be each other as r.t. fascinating story but i'll stick as it is tonight we see right there the next. people are going to know whether or not their president should work and people deserve to know your difference at this point does it mean to guard against the military industrial i'm sure we're all going to gold.
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yes we do. future. your writer director lake. i was an actress who was
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a closet writer who aspired to be a director so then we all. four years ago you said i don't find it hard to make a film because i am a woman if you happen to have a vagina that's ok. you said that you say it better than. before i had kids i would be like i'm all work all the time but now my biggest challenge is managing being. not just a mom but like. ok so only the. father. yeah i've never like i can say like that like i don't really know what it means all next on larry. king.


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