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so in terms of how many people actually got injured in this incident that took place today earlier in twenty am local time again a very busy time of the this is rush hour so this is the time of day when train their pocket and we do know that this particular chamber headed towards central london so we're also obviously going to wait and see why this explosion occurred in that particular location you know whether or not it was intended to potentially have been carried out somewhere closer to punch of london but all of them there are questions yet to be found out obviously but now that we do know that. counterterrorism commander investigating obviously this is going to be treated humanely seriously and question given the timing of this obviously in the understand given that you know this wave that we have seen throughout weeks and months of terrorist attacks here in london as well throughout europe so certainly i'm hoping to make it a call to possible to i can tell you know there's a hundred meter cordon around that station at the moment the police is saying.
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you're not going to get close because looking at some witness reports as well i mean it could have being what these people have been through this morning on my commute to work is extremely unpleasant but it could have been i suppose so much worse we've seen bombs go off even here in moscow in the past you know the devastation blown the roofs of metro carriages blown the doors the damage initially that we heard about the initial fireball the went through this love. it could have been so much worth but not withstanding it's still a horror horrifying thing to go through and one witness saying i saw women crying there's lotsa shouting and screaming there was a bit of a crush on the stage other witnesses say it was a lot more than some people got pushed over and trampled on he said they saw two women being treated by ambulance crews we saw pictures just now and that's what you were talking of commuters being led out of those electrified trucks to some safety off that carol. just looking now. chopper pictures going overhead of. very
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train i do believe that we're looking at two at the moment but certainly the one yes is that one in the in the forefront there in the foreground you can see the carriage door open if you look closely that's a real picture of something that obviously certainly looks so homemade a what looks like a plastic spoon described as a big tub of mayonnaise or something something like that or a big paint can in a plastic bag with something that looks like it's awful to set like cartoon was almost sticking out the top absolutely all made absolutely amazing. quite curious because what we've seen with these targets. and that's why initially when it was reported that some kind of bucket was involved you know people didn't necessarily assume it would be a serious incident such as what's now being described as the major incident and the terrorist attack now being investigated by the command it's just really frightening
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to people to hear a little then raised over and over again with that whatever a new tag it's so simple really and you know this is why it's become increasingly. worrisome really that we can call a method are now used to carry out. your nurse as you speaking or other reports these are just reports not confirmed the. who's reporting this daily telegraph correspondent not confirmed from us of potentially a second bomb having been found a parson's green sheep station found or maybe some call to say some telegin is to say that it could be something else there in west london no i read more apparently a second bomb has been deactivated by bomb squad experts says a correspondent from the telegraph at the scene can't be confirmed yet the police of mentioning about it. but it's another twist to this. this morning all right well
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kevin i'm going to catch up with new in a few minutes they told them you're going to walk over now we're here at the area and it's really very wide cordoned. if you're saying now they were warning that a second. well. it goes to a great a very huge part of around that you. know very heavy traffic and people trying to you're going to get through the area yeah all right we'll let you get on will come but you very shortly we're going to go a full hour when it is the details come through so come boxer's very shortly premature on the scene there or as close to it as you can be hearing to talk to but the reason. i'm having regular updates on what's happened this morning seems to be to be more sinister as time goes on initial thoughts maybe it could have been just some chemicals that sometimes come into work maybe a builder something like that then you see the wires taken out of the bag and you see this tub smoldering and the way the prime minister tree's a may is to cheer a meeting of the government's cobra emergency committee this afternoon to discuss
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what is now being described as a terrorist incident this morning but eight twenty local time height of the rush in west london on the district line at the parson's green station first just came out from the street what else we got in metropolitan police deputy assistant commissioner. confirming as a terrorist incident got more that statement think actually we can bring you the. clip of the officer from the met speaking earlier on we're going to turn that i'm just waiting to hear when it's ready i really like this go to that now guys let's see we have to say let's listen in. the matter has been declared a county terrorist related incident and will be managed and controlled by the metropolitan police counterterrorist going on clearly we are investigating a critical an extremely serious incident this morning at around eight twenty the emergency services were called to parsons green to deal with what looked like an
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item makes loading to a small degree on a tube train there have been a number of people injured and we are still assessing the extent of those injuries so late still in the police hunting for they say whoever the person persons behind what the describing is crudely made bucket bomb the smalling a maybe reports of a second bomb to parsons green chub station as well in westland that evidently if it is there didn't go off this has been confirmed yet a newspaper correspondent is initially reporting that saying a second device is being deactivated by bomb squad experts and obviously there's. some good reason why they're saying that we're trying to get a handle on our correspondent and this is it churkin who is heading to the scene the police service said just now put up a hundred meter cordon at least maybe it will widen that in view of the. there are
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two potential for this one potential device that the still is hasn't gone off and is being deactivated in a statement threesome a note saying my thoughts are with those injured at parsons green and the emergency services who once again are responding swiftly and bravely to a suspected terrorist incident this being the fifth terror incident in the u.k. since summer this year.
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ok let's bring in doug weeks now he's a terrorism expert are you live on the line of a chance to say i haven't i would you talking to you live and out internationally this. ok we're going to doug in a minute or i'm just a reminder as well you know looking back at the events awful events that have happened back in two thousand and five fifty two killed when four british islam is carried out suicide bomb attacks on three london underground trains and a bus number that britain suffered four attacks blamed on terrorists so far this year which has killed thirty six people and so far this morning no reports of any fatalities thankfully but certainly reports of initial injuries albeit we think
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reasonably minor if you're just joining us let me recap as far as we're getting what's happened this morning looking at live pictures there now coming through both on the ground near the station the district line station in west london in the u.k. and from the air payton lee of the actual train involved around about eight twenty this morning a london bound metro train at the passons green station it was just pulling in there i believe. was the subject of a terrorist attack which is now be confirmed in the last fifty minutes or so by the met police it seems in one of those carriages something looking like a paint marjorie turban a little plastic bag with some why is sticking out of it. exploded it doesn't look like it was a major explosion as such are enough to cause substantial damage from what we can see anyway to that train but that's not important the important thing is the people
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the commuters that were traveling on that train to london trying to get on with their day again. and a number of them we're hearing have been her a number of them have suffered from superficial burns or several people have been taken to hospitals around that area passengers reported seeing a device on that train hearing a bang during friday morning rush british transport police has declared a major incident. we saw pictures of that thing that plastic tubs smoldering all. so hearing in the last half hour as well that indeed maybe there could be a second device there that's been reported by a newspaper correspondent that is currently being defused. we don't know the nature of that was a similar kind of device certainly police talking about the device that went off train as being one that's very crudely made indeed when you look at it you can see that was certainly the case but of course of terrorists they don't need as we've
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seen as we saw a nice when all you got to do is get hold of a lorry much bodo. area and kill lots of people with a thing as simple as a truck or maybe a minivan maybe a knife maybe we don't know what this thing was constructed of but it looks like some chemicals in a pot with a couple of root of mental fuses in it doesn't take much does it get to get some more comment coming up shortly as correspondent is at the scene there trying to get a bit closer to get a handle on what's happening armed officers are attending the scene along with the london ambulance service along with the london fire brigade the other official statements really haven't said much about it yet we heard earlier on that a special unit that snorri drafted in when terror is suspected was quite soon on the case here trying to get a handle on what was happening about guests who had been the indicator that sooner or later the police would say that it was a terror attack but don't forget easy to jump to conclusions here and as one
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commuter said the smaller a it could have just simply be a builder or a decorator heading into work at all this stuff maybe some chemicals mixed in a pot bang it when up but it did look peculiar when you saw the wires sticking out of this thing homemade a crude explosive device but it could have caused so much worse damage by the looks of it this morning london on alert than police if you see anything suspicious contact a lot of. disruption on the busy old line the district line. little after russia and of course what terms are coming up to twenty two eleven in the morn this hundred twenty past eight in the morning the very height of rush we haven't heard of the fatalities just to recap again but certainly there's a lot of panic lot of people shouting lot of people screaming they describe seeing a flash and a bang so they thought obviously something had gone off you just never know do you because you or those in the back here head as of such as so many times and talked
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about this kind of thing you have to get on with your life it's in the buckie head that maybe when you get in a train you're at an airport you're. in a town or whatever whatever that this kind of thing even of a pop concert this kind of thing can happen but you never quite expected to and as we've heard time and again it takes you just a moment to think what is this i know it's wrong a need to flee how severe is it what is this and that must have gone through everyone's mind this morning just panic off thing to go through on your way to work hey nikki here we are again talking about more atrocities happening as i say the police join us now in the studio looking on or on to the correspondence of the high this all started a twenty in the morning in by the looks of it thing to say but it could have been so much worse the destruction of that carriage that we've seen doesn't look too bad it looks like whatever for whatever reason this thing didn't go off as it was expected to although there was an explosion and it did cause a fireball which has injured some people
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a house calls some burning to them we heard a passenger with the hair alive but we don't know the severity that we still wait to hear but obviously people hospitalized but no fatalities thankfully no three tiny thankfully and clearly this could have been so much worse than it than it has been and there are reports of a second bomb as you say this has not been confirmed but for now let's be thankful that this crudely made bomb or so it seemed didn't work to the full extent that it it's full capacity as it could off as you were saying though we do. we are living in an atmosphere were very nervous energy because this isn't the first a terror attack to hit the capitol this year and so people are understandably on edge any bangalore any strange noise that thoughts are going directly to you know what what is this is this a terror attack over we going see what's going to happen here and unfortunately this morning what happened here does seem to seem to be a very sinister. occurrence this was an innocent leave left
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plastic bag carrier bag with someone shopping and so let's just be thankful it wasn't any worse than what it was but we're still in those pictures this just recap what we know so far and you see those live pictures just joined us this is our international is kevin owen nicky erin with years quarter to one in the afternoon here in moscow this friday it's quarter to. eleven in the morning now of course in london the rush hour over but the round cations of what happened during the rush hour this morning at this particular station on this street line of the london tube parsons green still ongoing and unfolding you can see shops looking at the screen there now an aerial shot to police near the carriage where this explosive device from office morning and also you can see the camera looked off very close to the to blow in as well what happened this morning is not be described as
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a terrorist incident declared a parson's green underground station after reports initially of an explosion at the met police the metropolitan police and british transport police including armed officers are at the scene along with the london ambulance service though. no one was in the immediately able to give us any further details that we've just heard the police representative come out from the met about half an hour ago when they called the end of it saying don't panic but just after that we got the official line the what we've missed that it is being declared. as a terrorist incident counterterrorism commands call there so fifteen is taken the lead here in this investigation and that was an early indication indeed that it was going to be treated as a terrorist incident caused by the prime minister to ease the nation is being informed of all the latest developments as well so we'll have to wait to see if we do hear from those and those who are meeting later this afternoon reports of initial injuries people commuters the this morning sustaining burn injuries
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pleasant one witness saying people literally falling over themselves as they tried to get out of the station another passenger saying you heard a loud explosion they say they looked back and appeared to be a bag of some kind of we've seen it is all disney and you only imagine the absolute panic and the stampede that would ensue after this explosion there are some pictures there clayton online and in the media as well live there some people with their heads this thin stands at one lady sitting on the cheap is being wrapped in this film obviously this is their stuff it's some kind of. legs and arms. that you know it says comes just looking at some start seeing just yes the home office revealed a record number of people have been arrested for terrorism related offenses as in twenty seven up to june so the first six months of this year record number of people. arrested for what we haven't seen so much goes on behind the scenes here we
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had so many potential terrorist attacks for oil we hear him time and time again the police the security services in britain like the rest of europe to really feeling the pressure here because every now and again somebody gets through something gets through how do you stop somebody buying we don't know what these chemicals were but this is pretty basic stuff a plastic mayonnaise. bucket some electrical stuff some chemicals with what they were maybe the stuff you can buy over the counter i guess questions will be asked about that when the investigation continues but what we. same here that caused this explosion but you know there's plenty of stuff you can only going to do is a bang up it goes the headlines of running with this crude remain made bellamy feel like this device was made using a bucket and fairy lights which expose a saying failed significantly that hasn't been confirmed at this point of course the main focus right now we speak is going to be trying to find who has left baseball on the cheap and police are going to be searching through c.c.t.v.
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footage to find anybody carrying a bag that looks similar to that you know as the train came into the station but we don't know how long you've been there you kind of wouldn't notice it was on the corner would you. be looking at the time not because we do live in an atmosphere where you are suspicious about packages left on trains on the bus is non-u. that you know maybe who knows how long. but maybe not something in a car you don't know. who's trying to make a way to the station and. she's got close to the police have obviously put up a security cordon keeping everyone for their own safety that was at one hundred meters nasty on the lawn that could i want to get around. now i guess definitely some of now it is certainly a very large area cordoned off in a quite chaotic here where i have before me and large areas around the station have been quote. certainly following that they did and we were like you guys were just
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the thing that i would have been saying that there are sort of people were trying to leave the engine following. very early in the morning at eight twenty in the morning when lots of commuters are trying to get to work here in london this was a train that was headed to london and the device to go off. really. with chronic obviously the people who were on that train with you know that i wouldn't think that the carriages filled with smoke and herded by people with things you know of burn injuries so certainly. just looking at some says since march twenty seventh seen at least three attacks been blamed we don't know that there's any islam is motivation behind this at the moment it could be anyone with a grudge you don't know but since march twenty seventh least three attacks been blamed on islamist motivation it's claimed britain said just the u.k. terrorism threat is that severe meaning in fact that it is highly likely was highly
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likely that what happened this morning. although extremely serious extremely terrifying could of been as we know so much worse you look at the damage inside the carriage it looks pretty minimal i suppose whoever perpetrated this car if it wanted a lot more damage. wanted to create a lot more panic than actually happened here we don't know much about the second device nothing's come out about it no no it could just be speculation could spin room out of bed of course we'll be keeping over across the all of these details coming out and any confirmations that we hear as well it will be interesting to see if i still do claim responsibility for this later in the day we will be hearing from trees but really early days when i could you don't know this could have been anyone with a grudge could it be absolutely no no no there's been nothing saying there's any and a connection to the of the moment is there but yet to the ground or it will shortly after the explosion the london metropolitan police made this statement. the
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matter has been declared a count terrorist related incident and will be managed and controlled by the metropolitan police counterterrorist kemal clearly we are investigating a critical and extremely serious incident this morning at around eight twenty the emergency services we call to paulson's green to deal with what looked like an item makes loading to a small degree on a tube train there have been a number of people injured and we are still assessing the extent of those injuries . ok right she's joined this let me take you through the main story that developed over the past couple of see these live pictures there from west london the district line there's been an explosion on a chub metro. passings green underground station in west london.
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the police in the last hour of command said it was a terrorist incident commuters on that train this morning reported hearing a bang they said there was a fireball flying there and that courage is middle of friday morning rush hour eight twenty in the morning pictures and video plenty of it came out pretty soon because i was got phones these days important to be from that courage. seeing flames coming out of a carrier bag in a plastic pot like a big paint pot a big one kmita described as a pot of mayonnaise type of thing initially people not sure what it was there was this bang that it was smoldering but almost. comically is not the right word but you get the drift it's just so crude this thing bucket with some why is sticking out of it it's almost like sort of a cartoon explosive device but still cartoon or not x. crude or not cause a heck of a lot of terror attack a lot of fear this morning there are reports of injuries of a number of commuters there would have been a busy old train i guess eight twenty in the morning but as we've been saying the
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saving grace thus far is that it could have been better look. so much worse and of course. while we're saying dozens of people a moment we don't have a confirmation on the exact number of people who have been injured by this explosion on the train and it's been reported that passengers within the vicinity suffered facial burns and burns to other regions of the body and a lot of people also hurt in the subsequent stampede there as people you know rushed to get away from whatever this explosion was i thought i was saying earlier we're living times when any strange noises or explosions just cause panic because this isn't the first terror attack this year in london this isn't the first this is it the first terror attack in europe you know we've been living in a climate where people have become quite accustomed to the fear and anxiety that a terror attack could occur in crowded places so yeah we're still waiting for
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confirmation on the number of people injured how severe their injuries are thankfully no fatal it is have been recorded this incident could have been a whole lot worse than what it was. in pictures a lot of ambulances there people one commuters say for a run for the life of persons green station this morning huge lot not sure why a fiery explosion mention it was about an hour ago police. also told people not to panic but to be aware to be vigilant smalling because. you go on this high. there was a warning that something could fall through the net looks like it's happened this morning stop some of this as we said many many times before i'm sure we're going to get a lot of comment on this. stops as crude as this appears to be some homemade
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kind of explosive device but also this. stories well being reported by at least one newspaper initially. the. voice be. made safe at the same station we haven't heard the police talk whether or no the lines of the one that came through. said something else if that was the case but i can see they were still across it. experts saying that if this was intended to be a bomb that caused a significant damage then the booster or detonated didn't it effectively go off so where experts are saying at the moment we should keep an open mind as to what this was of course it could have contained some kind of chemicals this target or it could have been a homemade device intended to cause some devastation. of course we have these images of what looks like to be as you said i'm a and e.'s jar of paint bucket
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inside this carrier bag in some kind of light hanging out of the black cloth so a lot of people looking into this image there this morning and trying to speculate or discover what more about what it was meant to be people are saying or some reports this thing that these wires sticking out of the back it looks a lot light a lot like fairy lights and recalling back in may this year when radicalize former dallman was found to have built an explosive device in his bedroom using fairy lights and shrapnel and a pressure cooker so you know it's not entirely impossible that this could be a homemade bomb that we're looking at here in these images reports of passengers of the train behind from the news agency describe what they saw as you see two trains have stopped. a good will see it passengers on the train. sort terrified person just sprint to the way of the trucks that train then the one they
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were in was held for over an. before those guys were allowed to get off on to the trucks themselves that came from one witness twenty nine year old ship we saw people running down the tracks by the thirty or forty people at the time she said they were running out so the whole train was absolutely terrifying running on the tracks is the last thing you want to do because of course these trucks are electrified as well aren't they i guess the authorities with the power of quickly but it was going through so that people saw the road what the heck's going on after about an hour or so they were on the train for an hour behind that one from the explosion that must be really scary when you know something's going on there you think i'm stuck here as well can't get off obviously the thought is do the best the you know the they do the right thing for people scotland yard's counterterrorism command says fifteen those taken the lead in this investigation they're involved in terrorism is involved the police saying it to is now being treated as
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a major incident so the british transport police to deal with this kind of thing when transports involved as well as of course the ordinary police like us are dealing with all the emergency authorities of the war witnesses heard a boom looked up or saw the flames all decent people started to run who were lucky to be lucky to be stopping a pass on the screen as the door started to open as was said record number of people arrested for terrorism related offenses so far this year really scary but scary to think as well what's been averted what we haven't witnessed because of the authorities doing such a good job trying to keep a handle on this nickie but what this has been successful in doing is another hit to the confidence of londoners to the confidence of people around the country this is a country on high alert this is a continent on high alert and yet and not their terrorist has slipped through the net a man or a woman intent on causing panic and causing mayhem and causing terror striking fear
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in in the. hearts of people in the london after incidents like londoners always come forward and say you know you will not break our spirit we saw the same thing after the westminster red tags and they're everything else that's occurred in the capital. and mornings like this it's a scary time we got something new and make us go to these pictures appearing to show a thing let's see it first time for me first time for a view is oh you've got the young guys motion see services taken away some of the injured from the sea their latest pictures to turn that around again goes or maybe i'm going on a loop we go back to the live pictures again a lot of crew around there some of the wheelchair being taken away that was just passed by somebody involved in it this morning are there we go indeed. chop there are think it's a guy maybe a lady i can't tell quite but you could see certainly some skin burns. absolutely
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and severe enough for him not to be able to walk away absolutely. no word on the actual number of casualties those four that might see by now the london ambulance service may be. giving some some figures but haven't seen it more witnesses potentially coming through here one guy twenty four hour fitness instructors saying you join the district going cheap on the way to work you set up my headphones on listening to music the train got to pass and screamed some people or got off somewhat got on to look to my left on the saw hundreds of people running up. i heard shouting and screaming i ran out as well he said it was really tightly packed as a rule trying to get out of that station at the same time people pushing each other falling on the floor there were school kids there as well absolutely terrifying images there circulating online as well as from you know what he says to us who have taken pictures on that. very quick to come up with a picture of this smoldering thing.


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