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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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an explosion on the london underground train leaves at least twenty two people injured including police say they are treating the incident as terror related. but just what is. the baby in a car with the mom and i just hate to say this is the fifth terror related incident in britain this year.
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live around the globe this is r t international just after three in the afternoon here in moscow this friday welcome to the program we begin with breaking news from london where the number of people injured in a terror attack at an underground station has been updated to twenty two people police say an explosive device only partly went off the incident took place at parson's green station on the district line in the south west of the city during the morning rush hour. let's see images of train filmed in the immediate aftermath of the instant as you can see there through the window what appears to be a white bucket burning in a plastic supermarket believed to be the bomb can be seen. pictures have appeared showing the emergency services taking injured people away from the scene as you can see one person here unable to walk. appears to have
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burned. this woman has her head bandaged leaving the station two pictures of people have been coming out right through the morning with her burnt other parts of her body as well appearing online while london's metropolitan police have given a statement saying it was an improvised explosive device that went off in a london underground carriage. we now assess that this was a detonation of improvised explosive device. i should have seen the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. the scene current remains cordoned off and the investigation continues this investigation is supported by our colleagues from m i five and bringing their intelligence expertise to bear on the case. finally in terms of the police response i would emphasise that londoners particularly can expect to see it in hands police presence particular across transport system across the day. or speaking to the
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media witnesses of the event. being recall ing chaotic scenes one woman spoke of seeing a baby in the car age where the explosion happened. because that is a lasting memory of the baby in the cabin with the mom and i just hate this area here this is some. sort of minor cuts and bruises i'm sure others clearly through the face or legs. already received some treatment so that interrupting can film but still in a lot of pain i remember is the sound of explosions sound and then i tell you i said how are they to sit next to do tosha in the carriage and turn my head. and i saw my approach towards my side so i literally just said now and meanwhile the lady was screaming crying so i get out i'm fortunate people in front of me fail over so
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i tracked it as well and people on top of me so when i get oh it's very difficult extended out i just suddenly saw lots of people running towards me panicked in panic mode i knew that something that it is it happened and so i stood up the doors were open because we were coming into the station we just arrived and i just die and i dived out myself but not knowing what what i was running away from all artes . is in london following developments for us on this is the overwhelming reaction here seems to be could have been so much worse a muscle of manhunt is of course underway trying to find who planted the money made a homemade device what do we know bring us up to date with the latest development. well that union were of the very close to parsons green tube station where this explosion did take place earlier today at eight twenty am where this homemade
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device had exploded inside the train leaving smoke filling the carriages and as we've been hearing from eyewitnesses who described it as a sort of fireball that flew from a bucket that was being held in some kind of a grocery store bag and it's certainly been quite a hectic scene i can. tell you that we're just in one of those sort of pubs where journalists are gathered to find out more information about what happened this whole area the perimeter around the station is cordoned off so it's very difficult for people including locals to get around this whole area because it has been quite a hectic morning here and as you have said there is currently a massive manhunt under way in london where police and the counter terror unit that is investigating this incident that has been described as a terror incident by officials earlier today are trying to locate the person who was behind this specific explosion that we have to say that they haven't made clear quite yet whether or not there's a specific suspect they have in mind but we do know that a manhunt is under way now in terms of the device they have been telling
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authorities have been saying that it was in fact a homemade device but they haven't really specified what it was made of or where it came from and we have been hearing here that the police believe that by determining where it could have been possibly put together is going to give them some leads but certainly this is in a very early stages this did occur just a couple of hours ago we did see of course all of those commuters this was a during a very busy time obviously friday morning were lots of people were trying to get to work this specific train was headed to central london so there are in fact questions about whether or not the timing of the explosive device going off was actually as intended or whether or not it could have potentially been carried out closer to central london as well as questions about whether or not it had fully. exploded or only partially so all of this really is yet to be determined and we're going to be here throughout the day trying to find out more information on this latest incident of course very overwhelming for the local community here as well as for londoners given this is a fifth such incident in the u.k.
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over the last several months so obviously certainly very concerning and we do know that the british prime minister to reason may is holding an emergency cobra meeting today to discuss and assess this latest situation so we'll be bringing you the details on that as well just while we have you on the line. one of the things we have been hearing in the media after the out is up there there could be another improvised. explosive device or another attack or that was not verified but does it look to be the area well the court cordoned off people are people able to move freely where you are people of course having to go to work or even to get a ride in the area how are they doing about how are they traveling into london. well i mean traveling into london is not an issue certainly but this particular area where the tube station is there which right now apparently they have just opened up this particular particular space we're actually going to go take a look and see if the others have opened up but throughout this whole morning
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certainly the whole perimeter around the tube station has been closed off and the local community is moving around here but haven't been able to do so throughout these last hours when the station was closed off and it was closed in the whole a section of the district line was also suspended partially and in terms of other devices there have been reports in the media earlier today like you said not verified and this is something that as far as i understand officials have not been confirming but there were some to the some reports about potential second device or even some reports about a bus in central london being stopped by police because of some concerns but again these are not verified so i think the best thing to do is just to wait to hear more from officials as the day unravels and they as they investigate this issue and more importantly who the person or people were behind this particular explosion that did actually occurred today on the situation a live from london live from outside the scene where the cop and funk. well earlier we spoke to country terrorism expert doug weeks by fear incident this is what he had to say. myself clearly intern not
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function in the manner that it was hoped to which was obviously a good thing my understanding at this point approximately eight people have been taken to hospital most men with burns. in the hours to come that you will see a fairly significant police presence at most of the london transport. since from. a science in that bucket would be certainly adequate. and if the need to my sanctuary function as it was intended in. a pocket size one hole and are going to continue considerable damage one has to. question one of them since towing.
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this i think no matter how many police or security personnel that you have to try and protect semi the sides of london things like this aren't going to continue to be able to affect employing a poison when you have a device like this especially if something is obviously identifying at this point in the pocket of the christmas lights and all that will certainly review all the c.c.t.v. and fairly rapidly be able to start the new term and where brought this to myself onto the train and they will start tracking those individuals down i think that is one pat purely from a security point of view. and the government are really struggling to try and get their hands on this to contain it and something that is
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potentially not. not containable at least without some very serious security measures put in place thinking about taxing the long term i think we need to start looking at actually more. solutions rather than some of the nation that mean primarily and one of social nature and where we can hopefully start swinging some of these individuals from carrying out the attacks and you know the problem though is that if you look at the attacks especially those there share. although now that much of what is reported in the media is a concern about potential individuals coming back from you know flying overseas and other her and then carrying out attacks here so far that has not
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really come to. be what we are seeing in terms of news and tax it will be interesting to see what comes out of this attack once they identify who the perpetrators are. is whether or not this was another case of individuals acting for the matter of. being a tall man that's interaction. it should be pointed out that no group has claimed responsibility yet we're still waiting to hear from police about any potential suspects this is live from the scene as you can see the emergency services in full flow there not a lot of people a lot of citizens in the areas being cornered off of course we've been looking out wide shot of the city and you can see what's very unusual for you know a september's friday in london not a lot of people on the streets there are all eerily quiet just in there as well now
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we know that the. chief said that this month there are as many as twenty five rather kill extremists in britain that is more than in any other european country three of them are considered a direct threat to the u.k. by intelligence agency m i five five hundred all of them are under constant surveillance. and it is in the studio we've just been watching those pictures as well really quite a stranger thing when you see such a busy city as london with only police and emergency services on a number of streets there. one of the aspects that we've been talking off camera was the fact that london is seen as the most secure city in terms of c.c.t.v. cameras everywhere in the capital city especially near metro stations you would assume. authorities will have got a picture of who this attack so that's what we're waiting to hear more but it's
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just one of another aspect of what's been a devastating day in the well these are certainly going to be questions that reason may is going to be facing in the often thought this explosion this morning i mean details are still emerging about this blast on the. scotland yard it took them only two hours since those initial emergency calls to declare that this was a terrorist attack which of course makes this the fifth terror attack on u.k. soil since the beginning of this year following in the footsteps of the attacks that westminster london bridge and of course to finsbury park and some thirty six people have lost their lives and i tuck this year thankfully. have been confirmed in this morning's attack but let's take a look back and remind ourselves of some of the more less fortunate.
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so after this morning's explosion we know that twenty two people have been received hospital treatment but what this morning would have done is evoked memories of those attacks that also happened on the london chief back in two thousand and five . july the seventh when suicide bombers killed fifty two people in
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a series of coordinated attacks across the transport network fortunately that's not what we're seeing this morning however it could have been a lot worse if that explosion had of been a lot more severe just yesterday the u.k. home office said that the number of terror related arrests in britain has risen by sixty eight percent astonishing statistic that is the june to june from two thousand and sixteen year two thousand and seventeen and so that made us a record high right for the u.k. meaning better suspects are held at a rate of at least one every day now. what one expert told us earlier is that this explosion this device because it was only partially exploded this is going to be a forensic goldmine for police now so they're going to be looking into this and hopefully will get to the bottom of whoever left this device on the train or what group is responsible as soon as possible in the meantime this incident makes it clear that security services in the u.k. are facing an unprecedented threat and of course as to reason may hold this the
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mergence the meeting right now the cobra meeting she is sure to be facing a lot of questions about what more can be done to ensure that people in london across the u.k. are kept safe and indeed more questions about the safety of the london underground or what's going to come out as well i'm just looking at the latest tweet by the london mercer. the parson green ter incident was. quote an attempt by evil and currently individuals one of the questions is no of course going to be whether this is a group attacked by you know wise we have seen by the likes of vice a little or a lone wolf attack perhaps with links to a terrorist group that's what we don't know at this stage the cobra meeting the the . terror the organization headed by the british government they're meeting at the moment so we're waiting to hear what comes out of that as well as we saw with the aerial footage the area has been almost completely cleared
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a lot of people been evacuated from their homes in the vicinity of those helicopters flying above to try to get to the bottom and track down anybody who could be responsible also going to be pouring over that c.c.t.v. footage as you say that it an exploded or partially exploded device like i said forensic goldmine you know the manhunt well under way nikki are and bring this right up to the. residence of parsons green so they have always considered that area in the southwest of london safe there are truly shocked by the. and then we have to run so we'll piles off the chain and just run for our lives we were literally running for our lives and i saw for a second i'm about to die. just so. i've always felt safe because this is such a beautiful safe and that you i will come around feeling so lucky to live heaven not. unsafe and now i'm just reading upset the u.s. president donald trump us reacted to the attack on twitter calling for an online
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crackdown he said the internet is the main recruitment tool for terrorists and he also said a much tougher stance needs to be taken against islamists joining me live on the program is roger great rogers a former london politician police officer always good to have you here what do you make there of statements should you care thora to be cracking down on the internet . well i think i monitor it very closely we've got very very intense and focused intelligence services in this country as a society with all of you internet and the level of communications so very very heavily nowadays you know cracking down on the internet is going to be a massive massive task but you know is that the thing that soley responsible the template for all these things is drawn from there but the communications between these individuals and they're also might be another matter again just about the
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actual details of of what we saw the actual attack roger it seems like the device failed to detonate properly it is reported that it had a timer is quite crude as well so in fairy lights or christmas lights which have a timer that going to christmas tree that that's what would have been a detonating device so far as what we think what kind of lead what this what we know here it gives police in their investigation. well this is what has been termed a partial is in some respects a blessing because it means that more of your ears or dimensions of this device will still be intact and that will give the authorities an opportunity to look at this forensically and to see you know where the components coming from they may even get things as obscure as fingerprints which other was not be burned off it might even get d.n.a. . whereas you know if you're totally detonated now you would be looking at loss of
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life loss of evidence so let's have let's hope in fact it does help to lead back to the instigators of this dreadful event how safe do you think theory is at the moment as usually in the aftermath of such an attack there are fears of. a copycat attack or things happening when police. you know get near where the attack initially happened and then to know. there device goes off a manhunt we know is under way but is it very unlikely that suspects would remain nearby would they leave the area or are what normally happens in such a situation like this. well i would have thought if you know if there was. a sex story a secondary device and there was what sometimes term the third or that people were still around but it would have happened in the moments of panic off to the incident itself normally what they try to do dreadfully is to work out with the point of
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exit where people are going to flee and then second or a device to try to strike at that crowd we haven't seen that here on the time scales now as such so i don't think there's any more immediate threat of a device in the area now than there would be beforehand but the level of threat generally still hoeing how do you think british authorities in general are coping with the heightened threat at the moment you know this year alone roger five terror attacks that's more than since the start of the decade although seven years there have been more this year alone how do you think they're facing up. but i think the facing up to mentally. ill or i had of phrase you don't know what we'd see if you know we only have to be lucky one to have to be lucky all of the toy and that that mantra still remains i think it's a little bit in terms of what you see sorry in terms of security in the capital do you think the reason enough. well that's to fall into i mean you can't put
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a place on every corner you have on placement absolutely everywhere and we have got a far more intense situation than the server experienced before. you know will travel through the streets of london as i just haven't seen the amount of armed offices. as a police officer in london you know where we go and you never ever have saved as many of us as you see now let alone carrying forum so you know a great deal of effort has been. channelled into trying to hit the source they go off bodies to some extent as an analogy is a bit like trying to nail water to the wall you know you can only do so much and then beyond that the public of the best is the best prevention we have intelligence and information given what a public can make so much difference and you're hoping to not be the resources but in the right area as well don't you roger gray rodgers a former police officer and it's always a pleasure to have you on the program thanks roger. so it's not show you images of
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the train filmed in the immediate aftermath of the incident fact if you're just joining us welcome to r.t. internationalists is our sole news story this hour what appears to be a white bucket burning and plus that supermarket bike believed to be the bomb can be seen here through the window of the train a lot of bikes there nearby open purses well and pictures of old show i'm feared showing the emergency services taking injured people away from the scene we believe there are no at twenty two people in hospital is one personal able to walk also a woman here with her head bondage and we also saw other people with all kinds of injuries and burns on the exposed pieces of skin. indeed more and more people have been sharing their experiences online from the at london underground explosion this morning we should just reiterate it happened at eight twenty am i was rush hour in the london capital. i was in paulson's green
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train a mass of people came rushing out to us off the explosion. surreal moment adrenaline pumping. i'm seething just had to run for my life at parson's green station huge stampede loss engine not sure why fire and explosion mentioned. i saw people jumping not caring where they landed or whether they broke bones they would leaping over the barrier. there was lots of shouting and screaming it was a bit of a crush on the stairs going down to the streets some people who pushed over and trampled on. i saw people with minor injuries burns to deface arms legs multiple casualties in that way people were helping each other. so just to reiterate what we know nas some hours after the attack it happened when see a local time parsons green metro station the cheap station there in the scythe at west of london must have manhunt is underway for whoever possible group the
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individual who planted the homemade device. chub cartage twenty two people in trees no casualties have been reported. detectives we know are also examining c.c.t.v. from at the london underground as we are well aware that it is one of the most. c.c.t.v. riven areas of the of the world london so we're hoping that some information will come from the scythe through pictures are coming from the cameras in the chub station investigation of course led by scotland yard is involving m i five so it is a very sizable investigation here a lot of streets closed off near the target station there had been reports earlier in the day that there were fears of a second improvised device at possible second the takur there but none of that has
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been we're still waiting to hear on the initial attack whoever planted the device which authorities have said was terrorism but the device itself did not go off as the terrorist had hoped if it had gone it was quite sizable the was quite a lot of firepower and that it could have been a lot worse for people in the tube station and. indeed one of the aspects why it did not fully detonate is going to give clues to the investigation authorities have said we're going to keep a close watch on this right throughout the day as more details more reaction and more people coming in with testimony a lot of people of course going to work people going to school. train station as well were collecting all the information now we'll bring it to you here the channel as soon as it comes in you're with r t international live from moscow my name's you know.
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