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islamic state claims it was behind the month just a terror attack by the north front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming isis so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me yeah why don't we do them something. that. you. know all. too well call me that if we. reach out and let them. tackle these he. has got a. look and listen to his show.
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that image was quite controversial some people store as irresponsible some people sort of dangerous threatening whereas other people including you store as a symbol of something very different what was it. powerful. protecting. the people who criticize you want. a right wing lunatic. eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun i witnessed the grim results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms morgues in the confused mass of mass shooting spree. after each new massacre the newspaper. always the side why did it happen here.
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since my book was published in the year two thousand more than half a million americans have been killed by firearms in the us. five hundred twenty seven thousand people dead and many more injured i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago to understand why despite this death toll there is such fierce resistance to even moderate gun control laws in the us. is fear was even on the trigger that's not what the picture is about he's not trying to harm me. he's trying to protect me i'm looking out for myself my family. my neighbors.
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zan. relaxing. the thought that some people would want to take our guns away to me is so ludicrous because the bad guys that bugs the murderers the ripest are always going to have guns and are you would be doing would be to take them away from the good guys from
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the law abiding citizens people in this country handle in their houses and throw the dead poets but i was not succumb to this gown that is apt there. we were at our church last sunday in our sunday school teacher mike asked the class how many people had a gun permits in i would say over two thirds of the members raised their hands. this is a thirty eight taurus and it is so under obama it's a concealed hammer and it is concealed so that way it doesn't get tangled or stuck on anything when you try to pull it out of your pocket or your purse if a bad guy tried to. it to my to my family member is he would have better lock with that better not i think it's a grizzly bear and hardy when i have my babies. close
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so this is going to sit it was just in this neighborhood were our venture a guess everybody in this very odd out of anybody does not have a go. go this is a great sarah's people coming to the level oh absolutely i can promise you that's the reason they're not coming in stay away from me and they were my home and we will have their problems. well this is one of my favorite things to do. myself. with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other we can make this country one nation under god once again in the name of the founding fathers of this great country don't you ever acquiesce don't ever turn your weapons of war and safety don't ever turn those over to your
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government it is the great equalizer if two people have a gun their equal or whoever has the gun they are supreme every time they pass another gun control law they promise a safety do you know who did the same thing adolf hitler now there's already three hundred fifty million guns in america what are you going to do you go to confiscate them all. you're going to make it more difficult for the criminals to get them they already have them they can get them faster than you can the problem with crime in america is recidivism the repeat offender if you want to go after criminals who misuse guns the first time you arrest him give them go after him keep them second make sure that the law abiding citizen is ready capable and prepared to shoot back. you know my motto comes right from the movie
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cinderella last year is my favorite movie really the motto is in a really was have courage and be kind. i want my daughters armed i want my wife armed i want my sons armed and i want them to be able to defend their families we never hurt anybody we don't want to. but it's the same time we're not going to just make ourselves an easy target for those who would. rape robin plunder no no way. i have six machine guns in the house ten thousand rounds of ammunition in a closet with a license i have i could get on
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a phone today and get i could order one hundred machine guns and here in two weeks if i could get anything you know i have a tank you know it is no end you know. to two hundred guns is what i sell the a k forty seven s n e a r fifteen and i got everybody beating time with the prices because i buy so many of the news people come here and i always blame the gun you know de asked me you know when that happened why do you sell guns to kill people. who are you so when i tell them i said all these guns are on the wall last night and i walked in this morning and nobody was dead. you know it's stupid you know gun nuts or killer people look at the people killed were people and they just used a gun to kill people you know use a fork and knife a hammer a screwdriver you know why keep blaming it on the gun or ok just give me just give me forty dollars. just to safety i don't sorry if you started your finger time i spoke with mr griffin yes go on did you hear your theory that.
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there you. are right that. it's my birthday and i got a gun for my very face so i'm going to shoot it for the first time are today. we've seen just about everything m. sixteen assault rifles a ar fifteen some models hunting rifles with homemade silencers these guns could
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have been used by anyone they could have been use and robbers the message's and also homicides yeah those nineteen years ago those words feel right. since the laws in the state of tennessee of chinese substantially you're allowed to carry guns in parks. guns in bars you know guns in your car so from a police chief's perspective i would definitely say that perla prefer if we do not have guns in bars. i got a for a tin shack gun from santa cause last year. right now our best selling rifle is the better wesson it's just you know finding an issue
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that people just you know go to the range and go shoot. i'm from. yes. really seen federal the honorable no. it doesn't. where being me you know. this as well right here the glock semiautomatic pistol is more of the biggest biggest movie guns ever. hear that they know what they're doing because i saw in the movie. they're dangerous we have to go out there and stop them and i actually hate them on how to handle a firearm or mediately ok one of our most popular self-defense rounds here it is one hundred twenty four grain. jacket whole point is. rapidly
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hitting organic material such as your for a couple of metals or else we also have an a r fifteen with. huge seller there really is. only accurate for a. very long run does that mean it's only section almost definitely for home protection my wife actually has it been only improved by her bed which in some automatic shotgun. was but what is it having done next hill dead what does that do to you all morning that does it does it not make you feel constantly vigilant peden no i mean definitely prepared all the way but i also have a family that i love and care about very much so if you do watch the news you see it all the time home invasion here home invasion there highway shooting i mean it's
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pretty much it can be like the wild west out here so. it's. mostly shootings take place in domestic situations a sizable number of people who kill other people or so-called law abiding citizens the law abiding citizen produces a lot of the fatalities bama stake in aig or are by accident. general years ago there was a trauma surgeon here in memphis who did a study of murders in two different urban areas. saying the presence or absence of guns in our home was a trigger or a protection order and his conclusion was that the presence of the gun was more likely to cause a murder or death by gone than the absence of a gun in
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a home. the international community continues lee emphasize about what iraq or united iraq as a slogan may be an approach to the politicians but in reality on the ground iraqis and the record was united and easy as kurds are not the ones to be blamed what is happening in the rest of iraq and the direct wrong directions that iraq has screwed . prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life. like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had planned. to commit some sight what
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or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was. what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's a. the protest held against the owner a convention took place ten days after columbine. you know what happened to columbine on april twentieth one thousand nine hundred nine was that two two young men who were intent on killing as many students as they could they opened fire on students outside and then went when when confronted with a police presence they went inside the school began shooting there went into the
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library that's where they they they killed and injured the most students and that's that's where my son was then went worse as the day went on. no word from him being asked by the police if we could provide a description of him and what he was wearing at one point asking for dental records and being told at one point that there was one last school bus bringing students. back from columbine. when you're waiting for forty five minutes for a bus that should have only taken a couple minutes i then began to realize that there was no last school bus.
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how old was daniel. fifteen. seventeen years ago when we last met i think it ended in tears for me because i realized again what i what i would do if they came to take my gun that would be the end of it for. this country for sure and i'm not willing to hand that over. no i'm able to do it and i know i would do it.
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protect my rights. the rights of my friends the rights of my loved ones the rights of this country. but you mean all struggle. for i don't think so. are we. i wouldn't let it go easily and probably not while i'm living. i feel like there are a lot of gun owners out there who don't take the responsibility of owning guns carrying guns storing guns i don't think they take it seriously enough why the resistance to regulation. because it leads to more regulation. that's too slippery of a slope we can have laws to protect people from their own stupidity. one hundred eighty degrees backus guys he's a word sexy when they talk about guns i'm not going to but they're all mantic.
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they're emotional. you know when. you know when you don't know you. know one of them. you don't know. you don't know are you in. a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state comma the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. the second amendment in every state constitution guarantees my right to keep and bear arms why for my personal safety and to preserve liberty that's why. it's called america. around with swordfish american sex symbol i think there's somebody shooting in here. in america
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have become almost commonplace but the sandy hook school massacre was six and seven year olds were targeted by gunman reached a new level of horror and cops the rule of the american gun debate. today cause me to want to strengthen gun absolutely not i think if one of those teachers the principal had ever had had a gun that young man possibly would not have killed anyone or. with its own life i think a properly trained teacher. can and adjust to the need to deal with i think is friggin fantastic school districts are trying their teachers so they can carry a weapon. and school. and
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we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see how fast we get on the buses how fast we do this who actually got hit by a paint ball gun. straight cool but pretty. scary to the swat team comes in our room and they're like ok everybody out you know put your hands up and we're all put our hands up we're terrified and takes us out. yet a small town we had as thought to be assertive. yes this is a middle school. so if we could do. this possibility of oh yeah we could be prepared. what do every single mass shooting have in common gun free zone. i mean there was i think
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it was a colorblind. from my cold dead. you know i think that part of the problem is that that the gun lobby has been very successful in getting their message out much more so than those who want to see reasonable gun laws they control the narrative that you're either for the second amendment or against it you're either for freedom or against freedom there's surest way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good way that guy. is. here after these mass shootings gun sales do tend to go up just because people start getting freaked out people think that the government is gonna take our guns i mean
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i hate seeing the shootings happen but it is definitely as good for business. this is a smith and wesson n p fifteen it is our best selling weapon right now and it pretty tough. here. and. as. a sole weapon seem to control the city. what is that this is a semiautomatic rifle. is it is in all an assault weapon no one else. semiautomatic one pull the trigger one shot and that is what differentiates is it in your eyes the fight the ones fully automatic and the other isn't right while they call it survivor so that. because the media and the left wing politicians one
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meg bogeyman ictus out of a tool. plesiosaur was let me says it by even about what it is i know i know and i should even call him an assault rifle we're going to it's a military style weapon that's what they want me to say a sporting gun you know you know different names but it's the same thing it's a military style weapon. the reason to buy an assault rifle is if you're going to make an assault on an enemy position then you need a lot of bullets because you've got a lot of people in the position you're attacking the assault rifle was mere barn solves it seems to me you don't need an assault rifle to kill a deer this this ongoing debates that some people have about whether. things like the a k forty seven and they are fifteen are so weapons are not that whole discussion is absurd that the s.t. greatest friend of a mass shooter could have. been heading out one. day
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on a. right up. to two killers. went out in search of guns they were under eighteen they got an eighteen year old to go to the gun show to a gun show with them to make the purchase they purposely sought out a private seller that's the so-called gun show loophole where you can go to a gun show and a one table for the licensed dealer you have to go through a background check table of a private seller no background check. his guns that i sold and everybody sells every gun dealer that a found all around the united states in crimes they should have you know mandatory registration nationwide everybody owns a gun it should be registered and i am and they're responsible for that weapon why
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should you let some kid walk into a gun store buy fifteen guns and be able to give them to fifteen of his friends with no receipt even sold them and everything's legal that means guns could be shipped in from the east coast in the west coast and sold in a newspaper to it to anybody that kicked the can testify crown check that's how the criminals get guns. about forty percent. of all gun sales are private sales they don't go through a background check and these are not going through a licensed dealer imagine going to an airport and have to go through security and they said ok we're in have sixty percent of the people go through security and forty percent can bypass it when you get onto that airplane. i think. i can take you right now thirty three miles from here and buy you anything you want
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on the side of the road in the black market dealers it's other facebook for example you can buy guns although. you know but just prior to the product that that is still legal in tennessee you can as of now you can still be product sales in tennessee blood without without a background check you can't so you can so that any one yes so to sort of introduce the law. that shouldn't be. without a background check. surely shouldn't be allowed. you know also after her not so well there needs to be some things done to people where they're back to working again and not being given money by the government to run around to do whatever they will. there's a lot of things we could to dress maybe that's not the only problem could be some mental health issues could be drugs cause of this problem i don't know that but we
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are not for all. eternity. should anything be done. now. the natural selection take its course. young no. no no no no no. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around cooperation preparations from washington to washington controls the media the media
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the voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . well nobody got a lot of muscle in the. islamic states claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the militant fraud circle the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming to go ice is so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me was like yeah why don't we do something. that. is the. result of number. one to that effect that if.
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you challenge the check if these chinese hafiz only hope you sound good has got a good clambers gun through the hole you kill innocent. backs geysers financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh
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. in the story of the week britain's fifth terror attack thirty people injured in a bomb blast stormalong along the ground the second man is now under arrest. finds a ballistic missile over japan the international community hits north korea with sanctions. and the french president's proposed labor reforms triggered violent protests and nationwide strikes they've been described as a declaration of war against workers' rights.


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