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come along for the. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you pick those up. that's. what your biggest fear was in the bin on the hay ride when the last time read a book you say if you ever met the best quote about. exploring the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now. question more.
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hello i'm tom hartman in portland oregon and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture republicans like lindsey graham say that failing to repeal obamacare will lead to socialism is that really such a bad thing conan just a moment and the equifax hacking scandal just keeps getting worse and worse so should we bring back the corporate death penalty and do away with the security threat once and for all all as coolio rivera and charles sour in tonight's lone liberal rumble. with just a week over to go before their chance to repeal obamacare with a simple majority vote expires center republicans are rushing to pass what could
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end up being one of the most destructive pieces of legislation in modern american history it's called the graham kraehe cassady bill and it's cruel even by republican standards which is saying a lot joining me now to talk about how people are fighting back against this bill i'm joined by larry kohut board chair of our revolution larry welcome back to the program pleasure. a grid larry it's great to see you so just how seriously should we be treating the threat of graham cassidy and for that matter let's you know you want to give us a snapshot of exactly what it is that we're talking about here where they're going to groom graz to be sure so seriously is the answer the first question the last attempt to repeal failed by only one vote john mccain. i think there's a lot to worry about in terms of the senate so my are going to station our revolution and many others are mobilizing for calls into particularly into those republican senators what does it do so it eliminates the individual mandate the
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employer mandate that employers either provide some kind of health decent health care or else pay a penalty and that individuals must sign up for some version of health care and order to avoid what's called a bad risk pool where only the people who know they're going to use it sign up and most seriously it really cuts medicaid and it does it under the guise of saying ok we're going to give the states block grants and they'll decide what to do the problem is number one net they give the states less money and even worse they give more money to states that didn't do medicaid expansion under obamacare meaning make health care available to more low income people. and they give more money to those states that refuse those those medicare expansion like rex it's yes some red states ironically cassidy's bill cassidy's he's from louisiana his state would actually get somewhere around seven or eight billion dollars less i'm not sure he's
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added that up yet but that's what the latest data shows graham lindsey graham with south carolina would get a little bit more texas huge windfall something like twenty five billion more. now i understand under under graeme cassidy and when cast your first to it he also adds in ron johnson and. some other senator you know he's try to throw as many names over the dean heller he calls it the cass the judge has to cram cassidy heller you know what in any case i understand that one of the more bizarre pieces of this is that they want to change the law back to you know what it used to be only actually even worse in that if you or say are insured and let's say that your annual premium is just to pull a number of that have you know five thousand dollars a year whether you're pain or to your employer is. and you're you go to your doctor and your doctor says oh you have cancer and in fact it's already metastasized
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you've got it a couple of different places we can take care of that but you know it's going to cost something that the insurance company can actually add. in addition to your premium you know your normal premiums still your five thousand dollars a year but they can add an addition of up to one hundred and forty thousand dollars a year if you want to maintain your insurance do i have that right i'm not sure exactly but that's definitely the direction they're headed in and you know to them that's market based health care you need more health care you'll pay more for it and to call something else like single payer socialism quite ironic that the idea that when you're sick we all poor resources that's socialism but on the other hand the idea you'll go bankrupt when you're sick oh that's marketplace capitalism that's what we want pretty ironic and we'll see how dean heller in nevada does when he runs for election on that on that platform. yeah and how many nevadans i mean
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you know with the list that i saw you know medicine at a cancer is one hundred forty two thousand regular cancer was seventy thousand that they just add to your not to your hospital bill but to your. insurance bill every year you know things like that so. when when the republicans were previously trying to repeal obamacare and replace it with nothing at all there was something as terrible as this there was an enormous groundswell of activity there were protests all over the united states and national nurses united were doing things your group our revolution were doing things it was getting press coverage was getting substantial press coverage i caught a little bit of bill cassidy this morning on morning joe and i would characterize it is lying through his teeth. or at least let's say being radically disingenuous and i know that campaign is going on but it seems like i'm hearing from you know the political people i know in washington d.c.
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the so-called insiders the people that i you know you know you trust their instincts and i'm hearing that there's actually a good chance this thing could pass and and i'm just astonished that there's not the. really intense level of scrutiny of this i mean it hasn't even been scored by the by the congressional budget office for goodness sakes but particularly in the media there is there seems to be no i mean obviously you know they're doing they're doing disaster porn right now with the hurricanes but still there's there's there's like no media coverage of this or am i missing something here no you're not missing it and that's why they're doing it the way they're doing it so you know they only have a week or so to do it and so this is called ram it through before anybody wakes up and the key really is the targeted mobilization as well as the general kind of you know try to get the media to pick up the story so places like the hell are nevada but that'll be key. and you know some of the other swing states susan collins in
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maine lose america at least how well they voted last time but hopefully they will hold their vote and then mccain himself. very interesting lindsey graham had something to say during a press conference about this check this out it's pretty well clear to me where the country's going under obamacare and bernie care is going into further bankruptcy is more decisions further away from where you live so here's the choice for america socialism or federalism when it comes to your health care. it seems a like a disingenuous false choice but to be the status quo is untenable your thoughts yeah exactly so you know america spends over four trillion dollars a year on health care and a huge chunk of that is already medicaid medicare v.a. benefits state funding the key is you know how do we want to spend it and what
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lindsey graham wants us to believe is we're all better off with market based health care even though it costs per capita twice as much as what any other democracy spends on health care but we're better off because it's market based we're better off even though no one i know can understand an insurance bill when it comes after you've had any kind of treatment whatsoever they're inscrutable but we're better off because it's not government regulated the way medicare is and the people who have medicare and the people have parents that have medicare that actually is way simpler to understand what you're going to pay and you pay way less so the whole idea of bernie's bill medicare for all with amazingly sixteen senators jumping on as cosigners is that you know we actually don't have to increase the funding for health care we just have to repackage it so that employers continue to pay as low as well as the governor as well as the government and actually individuals can pay less than they pay now but the way to scare people is to say oh that's socialism
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and of course all it is is common sense health care medicare for all. yeah i mean it's socialism the same way your local fire department is socialism and it would spoil the you know it's the slap in a label on something easier the head of our revolution or on the board chair of our revolution you know nina is the is the president now what are you all doing to fight this well so we are doing mass mobilization with massive calls into senate offices we started out immediately that's continuing as i said will now target state by state with you know into those key states and at the same time we're also trying to continue to build support for real alternative because people do realize that obamacare comes up short so at the same time organizing and doing education around the medicare for all bill to say to people look we want to fix obamacare this is the way to fix it and amazingly seventeen senators get that already and a majority of the house has signed up for
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a very similar bill from john conyers who's been at this for decades so you know that's what we're trying to do on the one hand here's a good way to fix it on the other hand here's a really bad way to fix it it actually doesn't fix it it misses it makes us miserable particularly if we happen to get sick. you know in the meantime paul feeney one of the one of the folks the revolution your group endorsed won his primary last night massachusetts another one of those stories of seems to have vanished off the radar because it wasn't about you know a victory by the tea party can you tell us more about paul and what he and our revolution are trying to do you have paul's amazing i've known him for years he's a technician it arrives in what i'd call working class hero he took a leave of absence he was the director of bernie's campaign in massachusetts but the really amazing and he's a key leader in our revolution massachusetts which is about twenty groups all over the state banded together to work on issues like decent health care to work for decent candidates like paul ballot measures last year rejecting an increase in
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charter schools and to change the democratic party but the amazing thing about paul is he ran a campaign straight out with that kind of messaging about health care about education about opportunity he didn't bat an eye and he beat essential traditional democrat by fifteen points came from behind to do it couldn't be more excited this is somebody who spent his whole adult life fighting for the things that working people care about. isn't that sort of the lesson that bernie taught us and you know a few other schama so on and others who you know almost regardless of party label but it will if you focus on the issues and and you give americans you know a clear understanding of the issues you know they go in the f.d.r. direction pretty much every single time as opposed to the you know the rand paul
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crazy train or mitch mcconnell or whatever you want to call it yeah exactly you know there is a huge problem in the united states about the democracy voting rights you know again closing in on how bad they were fifty years ago before the voting rights act and also big money in politics worst ever no other democracy in the world approaches it but an election like this one in massachusetts basically suburban boston shows that even in what's not a hardcore democratic district that you can a suburban district you can elect people like paul feeney exactly as you said when you're willing to go door to door when hundreds of people will jump on the phones will text their neighbors about showing up to vote and that kind of special election that he still has to win in general election we're optimistic he'll do it and you know there's dozens of people like paul showing that it's not just about bernie sanders running for president that we can do it when we stick together and when we talk honestly about the issues and help inform people which are media you
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know which would rather focus on the sofa a soap opera dramas of who's up and who's down or the sports drama of who's ahead and who's behind they they completely lose the issues and and when democrats focus on them it seems like they always win larry great having you with us tonight thanks so much for dropping always a pleasure thank you. coming up as the company's hacking scandal deep ins is a time to execute equifax allows coulier of aaron charles sour and tonight's lone liberal rumble right after this break. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voices that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's
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where i come in. i'm a troll on r t america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important
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that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. that. was. close. was the force of.
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going up as the oh excuse me don't believe the republican lies the grand cassady bill that they're trying to force through congress without so much as a hearing is the cruelest attempt at repealing obamacare yet it's also a complete repudiation of our nation's founding values let's rumble. joining me for tonight's along liberal are julio rivera editorial director of the wright reactionary times and charles sauer economist and president of the market institute guys thanks for joining us tonight thanks for having me thank you so much tony. it's great to have you so trump care three point zero aka the graham cassidy bill is a remarkably cruel even by republican standards piece a legislation for starters it phases out obamacare is medicaid expansion and it
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also phases out medicaid itself as a whole in its entirety at the end of ten years no more medicaid graham cassady also slashes federal funding health care funding by billions of dollars and then turns it into block grants the states can do whatever they want with them and i'm literally mean whatever they want they don't have to use it to pay for people's health care and as if that wasn't bad enough gramm casti also allows insurers to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions and if it gets signed into law you're a forty year old with a preexisting condition like say asthma insurers can slap you with a four thousand dollars premium surcharge if you've got a heart disease that surcharge could be as high as eighteen thousand dollars this is part of your insurance premium that's added on and if you've got cancer the insurers could make you pay as much as an extra one hundred forty thousand dollars a year to the insurance company just to keep your insurance whatever happened to
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the general welfare of the people which is mentioned in the preamble of the constitution the opening of article one section eight and the end of article one section eight julio. well listen that has nothing to do with a private service listen the medical insurance industry and medical care is not a free service it's not something that you can expect your fellow citizen to kind of offset the costs for anyone else and it makes perfect sense to have on our premium if you have a preexisting condition because it costs more this is just basic economics what part of that don't you understand if they talk about these essential services. they're still trying to strip away these are all the mandatory minimum services that many people don't even use or want to do being forced to pay for look when you go to the i.r.s. when you go to the grocery store you can buy a can i have to say and charles let me at let me let me respond to julio if i may.
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you know you asked why don't i understand or something words to that effect about you know yes it's more expensive if you're sick than if you're not. if your house is worth five hundred thousand dollars and catches on fire in the fire department comes out and puts out your house and your neighbor's house is worth one hundred thousand dollars and catches on fire in the fire department comes out and puts out their house it's probably going to cost the fire department more to put out the the big house than the little house but all of us pay the exact same amount of taxes because what we do is we spread the risk over the entire society so regardless of the size of your house when the fire department puts out the fire you know that it's lost to anyone and while x. is a flaw and we are living in fear because in theory no way are we but we want to participate in the holy i was stopped for a second julio control yourself take take your ritalin hold up so so if if if we're doing this with you know fire departments when our houses are on fire why why
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shouldn't the exact same principle apply when your body is metaphorically on fire from cancer or heart disease julio ok because that's only if you want to participate in health care fire. the fire department has bigger implications because your neighbor's house can burn down it one house can trigger a fire that burns down the entire neighborhood if i get. this is spread everybody around me and charles was going in a right i know where charles was going with it before you cut him off if you want to buy certain products they can't force you to buy products that you don't want to buy it's like if you go to the grocery store and you just want to buy health food and they're forcing you to buy chocolate if you don't want to buy it why should you be forced to do it and even more than that if you need to put on your thinking cap tom because they aren't paying the same taxes people pay different taxes based on their property values that is an exuberant tax so instead of telling julio to be quiet we need to put on our thinking caps and get the policies right and also
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before they pass this bill they're going to have a hearing next week it's already up on the finance committees website you can go to it and see it for yourself but they're going to have a hearing the reason why the last effort failed was no hearings they didn't talk about it they didn't get that out in the public so before gramm cassady heller johnson passes they're going to have a hearing and also we need to talk about the actual provisions in the bill because if you have insurance you can base these up charges so let's get our facts right so we talk about these really important issues that are life and death for people before trying to. exact i don't take little as you're absolutely right and i stand and i stand corrected if you've got a half million dollar house you pay more in taxes than one hundred thousand dollars house so you guys are both right rich people should pay more into the pool to protect all of us both from fires in our houses and from from our bodies what they'll do whether they was you know you do with their and say here's a risk we're going to see i'm all in favor of that too. so let's move along to
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single payer as your public and the and you don't need additional services you shouldn't have to pay for services you don't want that's the premise and it's a pay that remember one you never know if you're healthy. i mean you know it can create can creep up on you any day and number two he's the healthiest person in the world of a boss it's you it doesn't care i know but there is still going to the hospital assessment and some people are of better risk in therefore they should pay less in insurance and the studies suggest when you have a health savings account when you take that risk on yourself people are more likely to use health services they're more likely to have preventive care so you're exactly right let's let people have their money people will get it because if you have a health savings account you're probably making over ninety thousand dollars a year very few people who make under sixty thousand dollars a year have a health that you're looking at said. says roll them out and they use that that's where the studies come from tom how what's the average person in whole foods making ninety they are we need to get our people are involuntarily having that money taken
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out of their taken out of their paychecks that's not a reasonable example but i'd like to have as a lawyer it wasn't me say it would help here let's talk about single payer as republicans try to force through their disasters graham cast a bill without so much as a hearing the american people are warming up to medicare for all according to a new political morning consult poll a plurality of voters forty nine percent of americans now support single payer health care thirty five percent oppose the idea seventeen percent have no opinion i don't understand the public in opposition to single later geisel ozomatli let me just let me finish my question here if i may please you guys supposedly hate bureaucracy and waste so why should you support single parent a recent paper published in the annals of internal medicine found that single payer reform could save the united states of america which means you julio in your taxes you charles and your taxes could save single payer would save the united states of america five hundred four billion dollars
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a year just on bureaucracy i thought you guys hated waste of money and hated bureaucracy in this case obviously it's the bureaucracy of the big health insurance companies one of my misses. i'll tell you what you're missing first of all that poll is skewed it's. was done by political i'm sure that the majority of people that were actually screened on that poll were probably democrats if people really wanted single payer why didn't bernie sanders win the presidency why did we reject obamacare in electing the tea party in twenty tend to win the house in twenty fourteen taking back you know the senate for the republicans and donald trump winning the single biggest premise that they ran behind was repealing obamacare people don't want government health care they want choices look when you ask somebody if. a majority of the idol are you going to say. it's just one of those things if they're democrats they scott back and i argue that i mean this is understand that this is free that's going to say that this is not the annals of
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internal medicine is not a liberal publication it's a publication of by and for physicians and people in the medical industry they concluded that we would save five hundred four billion dollars a year by hospitals not having entire floor of billing like we do in the united states but having one office with two people in it like they do in canada and in fact in scotland and canada which both have single payer they have both kept hospital administrative. administrative costs to twelve percent of revenue as opposed to twenty five point three percent the u.s. does a lot of it was going to. get insurance how that's paid is completely different than if you're taxing everybody i'm talking about in the last payer system it's a completely different thing yeah well because i feel like. they have less m.r.i. machines and they're in their private system than they do in their veterinarian system i know the doctor here that actually used to decide who went first in that order and it's a really sad story of
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a doctor that's actually playing god in the in this line we don't want that system here we want people competing because actually there's a stroke where i did it as a colony of you can go down the street and the price is chain. from a couple hundred dollars for an hour i want to get a doesn't have as if i got a modular some of them are the machines out there marketing them to people and this is sara lee but they have people who kill people like kenny and love their system and no i don't and they don't know what i do they let me hear free healthcare why do they come here to get they don't they go they don't i lived on pillar of her mind every saturday two buses used to pull up to the middle of downtown and everybody would get on to drive up to montreal to buy their pharmaceuticals and you know they are american the united states gold or health care for closely going to a kid to mexico for dental care and to thailand and other countries for orthopedic care more americans leave the united states for medical care than foreigners come to the united states go to thailand there as if they want to go to brazil for
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a boob job but not for important things like cancer and they like here because we are the best when they go to thailand they're going because their brain a cash price they can also go to oklahoma they can go to florida and they can go to virginia and that's where the people from canada come it's own guys the only guys should get out of the united states and see some of these other countries anyhow charles and julio great having you with us thanks for dropping by tonight you know and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport it requires you get out there get active tag your. all the feelings of. every the experience.
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that you get out of the old world. according to a gesture. welcome our moral come along for the rock. there's a real irony going. to let them think that it responsible points in the people and there is always. the question always. seems you know little more area now wholesale surveillance you feel you have already while those who and who do so as not to entrap has used the social media while it always on the story goes it's garbage in real. quick you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put the faces your wife or. donkey like to put your biggest fear little bit on the hay ride with the let's talk
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a little bit bored you say if you ever. since the best quarterback. expert on the topic doesn't belong here now i did did you do to question more. on the news tonight president trump meets with middle eastern leaders today at the u.n. as a rainy and president rouhani response to threats against his nation and the russian military strikes terrorist positions in syria taking out a reported eight hundred fifty enemy combatants and category four hurricane maria strikes puerto rico with over one hundred mile an hour per hour winds leaving the entire island without electricity i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america.
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good evening friends we start tonight at the u.n. general assembly and the ripple effect of the trump speech president trump kept a busy schedule meeting with leaders from the middle east and africa meanwhile iran's president rouhani spoke to the gathered assembly today directly responding to threats to withdraw from the iranian nuclear deal hanum all yon i declare before you that the islamic republic of iran will not be the first country to violate the israel but it will respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any party which it will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world will have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behavior will never repeat iran's course of progress and advancement president trumps harsh language on north korea on tuesday has been met with bo.


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