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tv   News with Ed  RT  September 21, 2017 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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good evening friends we start tonight with an executive order signed by president trump sanctioning north korea's trading partners the president announced a decision during a sideline meeting with the korean and japanese presidents at the united nations general assembly the order enhanced as the treasury department's abilities to target individuals or groups with significant trade relationships with north korea today i'm announcing a new executive order just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that funds north careers efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind.
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the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conduct significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea for more on this list on this executive order let's turn to bart chilton former commissioner of the c f t c bart nice to have you on tonight all right sanctions more sanctions now this executive order but we're running out of options one thing we never see in the means mainstream media is any results from these sanctions take us down this road the current sanctions in place are they having any kind of impact at all. well it's a little bit hard to tell on the ones that were just agreed to on september eleventh but as you said you know we've had sanctions many times and there's been nine different sanctions since two thousand and six on north korea due to their nuclear proliferation program so you know they haven't worked obviously in the
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aggregate whether or not the sanctions that they instituted just a couple of weeks ago that were heavily focused on energy imports and heavily focused on textiles their number one and two areas of commerce remains to be seen we've seen a lot of gas lines in north korea but you know there's some thought that maybe that's just people hoarding gasoline there only about eleven in every one thousand north koreans even owns a car so it may not impact them that much but the sanctions committee which is a subsidiary of the u.n. security council they're the ones that implement and monitor these sanctions and they're due out with the report the next sixty days if not sooner but certainly within sixty days so we'll know a little bit more then to see if it's having an impact all right so they've been dealing with sanctions since two thousand and six they're pretty good cheaters i
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think we can come to that conclusion they know how to get around it are these provisions in this executive order so stringent that they're not going to be able to change or do you think. i think they will be less likely to cheat and the important part is their trading partners will be less likely to cheat that is really is a ratcheting down i think is how people can look at it i mean we've seen circumstances just we're talking about oil with oil where you know a ship leaves one port there was a one in vladivostok that left that said it was going someplace else and it up in north korea same with a couple of singapore flagged vessels leaving say they're going someplace else end up in north korea and the treasury department the office of foreign asset control fact has put them on a blacklist and that's what's going to happen under this new executive order announced today by the president and secretary minucci that there will be this blacklist and anybody who does business with north korea in particular financial
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institutions and the largest of the large banks in the world are housed in china by the way so if you do business with north korea you'll be blacklisted and not allowed to do commerce with the united states so that's a big hairy deal and i think it will ratchet it down and i think ultimately it's going to have some impact and let's cross our fingers and hope so hard children always a pleasure great to have you with us tonight thanks part thanks president trump praise china's decision to restrict the country's banks from doing business with north korea during a meeting with japan's since you say you heard about china you heard what china was doing today in terms of the banking system it was a tremendous move and we have great respect and we also would like to thank president xi of china say it was a great thing is today thank you very much for more on what this means for china
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and its relationship with north koreans we go to see rob good day he is with us tonight policy specialist and institute for the china america studies nice to have you with us again. tonight what does this mean for china what are they doing what it is intended to do is basically cut off some degree of financing for north korea what the chinese have. decided to do and are doing going to good do henceforth is to not take any further deposits from north korean customers or and gradually cut down on the amount of loans that they disburse they anyway don't transact with dubious small country north korean companies which are in the sector this is for the in the broader economy china is just going to be at be at a kind of an arm's length from transacting with north korea and so how does this business get monitor going to be verified to the extent to that this is done
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through international global interbank floors and china china's major banks are connected to that one can get a sense of what the degree of business the them may have with north korea which i which i suspect is actually very very little but there are maybe smaller banks in the area very close to the north korean border which might be doing some sort of financing activities but really don't depend on dollar interbank market for any of their financing so those people you know i don't know how you monitor this is new territory for china will it work. and china will impose these but it's not really going to make an effect in north korea are a lot of north korean export activity is anyway a sanction and north korea does not only export revenues. any henceforth ninety percent of that there is some degree of payment that north korea will feel from these sanctions but ultimately the real sanctions that have to be imposed for though are going need to be oil sanctions and that is
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a nucleus ancient is ok kim jong said this about donald trump he says reaction to these sanctions i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged us don't tarred with fire. take that as you bay this is basically. heavy handed leaders saying i'm not going to change anything this guy is not intimidating me so what's the endgame here. the endgame mountaineer is unless also changes path and keeps the door open to a negotiated solution we're just going to drift towards war there's no question about it it's not just going to be about deterrence we will drift towards war one has to be very clear in this last round of u.n. sanctions for the first time we have what i would say our contact sanctions it's going to be interdiction off north korean commercial private commercial my private commercial vessels on the high seas it's not north korean military vessels but you
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can never know if this interdiction takes place how north korea might react to a north korean flag vessel being interdicted taken to a port and it's a trendsetter and we can literally see from that point on words. attempting some sort of for a little skirmish somewhere in the waters perhaps as he did for a couple of years speculate sank a south korean frigate in and these things are going to school it was ok. thank you for joining us tonight i think we should very much strong words today from russian foreign minister sergey lavrov at the u.n. general assembly condemning united states rhetoric towards iran manila chan is following the story tonight she has more on it this is language we really haven't heard before yet we as you know all the key players are there in new york this week and today we did hear from stargate lavrov who expressed concern over the words that president trump and his cabinet chose when discussing iran and north korea
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listen to part of his address. unfortunately the toolbox of many western countries is often dominated by brutal pressure instead of the promus e imposing unilateral sanctions in addition to those imposed by the un security council is unlawful and undermines the collective nature of international efforts. the russian foreign minister said that unilateral sanctions led by the u.s. on iran undermine the iran nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration he also expressed his dismay at president trump threat to quote totally destroy north korea if the u.s. had to defend itself or its allies the lab didn't go into detail on what he thought might be the remedy to north korea's missile program he did say that he believes negotiations and diplomacy are the only way to a lasting resolution with north korea but that wasn't the end of his criticisms he went on to rebuke the u.s. for a possible violation of
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a nine hundred eighty seven arms control treaty that bans american and russian intermediate range missiles on land known as the i.n.f. treaty lab said it looks like washington is in the midst of a trillion dollar thirty year modernization program of its aging ballistic missile submarines bombers and land missiles so at right now it's for about tit for tat between russian officials and trump cabinet members but it's it's all not entirely lost between the u.s. and russia on diplomacy because believe it or not the u.s. and russia are actually still working together at least coordinating in syria in order to not have any mishaps so a bit of hope on the diplomatic and there that relations are not at a complete standstill ok thanks manila and of course needless to say relations between the united states and russia have been strained for months on end the current investigations taking place here in the united states and given the mainstream media plenty of but tiriel to blame russia for just about everything
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national security advisor h.r. mcmaster says his team has presented a plan to the president going forward in dealing with russia. essentially what we have to do with russia is three things we have to confront their destabilizing behavior the president's going to meet with president poroshenko of ukraine today whose sovereignty has been threatened and is under threat today from from russia the second thing that we have to do is all we wanted to turkey with russia right this is a nuclear armed nation you know we had the long cold war with the soviet union we want to deter further conflicts in areas where we are interacting with with russia we have to make sure that we keep that in mind as well but the third thing we want to do is find areas of cooperation where we can work together in our mutual interests what we've seen in recent years is as russia does reflexive lee anything they can to disrupt the united states' interest to disrupt the interest of our allies lieutenant general age our mcmaster has a standing invitation to appear here on r.t.
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for an interview president trump met with the leaders of several nations at the u.n. general assembly today are to use trinity chavez has the details of those meetings today as president final day at the u.n. and all eyes have been on him all day as he participates in the remaining meetings on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly today during a bilateral meeting with afghan president. he said that joint afghan and u.s. forces were making headway against their opposition quote hitting them hard and hitting them effectively a military is as you know. over there right now and doing really an incredible job more of leadership than fighting we're leading a lot of wonderful afghan troops who are fighting very hard ghani also praised strunk's decision to strengthen the u.s. forces by standing up to thirty nine hundred more troops on top of the roughly eighty four hundred americans currently there i want to thank you on behalf of the people of understand that government for making
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a decision that is the story. you asked very fundamental questions you made this decision. on that basis courage and determination we salute you and another meeting with ukrainian president petro poroshenko he said ukraine is coming along pretty well and express the two countries are working together on both security and economic matters we spent some time recently in the white house and i know you've made good progress since then a lot of progress actually. and i would say it's the easiest place right now to live but you're making it better and better on a daily basis meanwhile the president of yemen told the united nations today that iran into quote destabilize the region and said his government hopes for peace with the shiite who the rebels but emphasize the problem in yemen is quote not a political difference that cannot be managed around negotiation tables alone and then iraq could i emphasize from here i would renew it willingness to stop the war on achieve peace we are not war mongers we desire for peace and i was and will
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remain extending my hand for sustained and responsibility for all citizens of the m.m. states and other news the united nations security council unanimously passed a resolution to investigate isis crimes in iraq the council's resolution specifies that u.n. secretary general antonio give terrorists just allison best a gate of team to help iraq's authorities investigate those crimes and bring isis militants to justice and the news for ed schultz trinity chavez r.t. in mexico rescuers continue to struggle to find survivors trapped under collapsed buildings president enrique pena nieto declared three days of mourning fifty two people have been rescued alive since the quake buildings across central mexico were damaged in the aftermath of the disaster killing at least two hundred and forty five people in injuring over two thousand hurricane maria has left puerto rico in ruins the island has been left in her early powerless and may remain so for months
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to come meanwhile maria continues north pouring rain into the dominican republic for more we go to marina she is live tonight in miami marina. and officials in puerto rico say the island has been absolutely devastated by hurricane maria rescue crew crews fanned out across the island today but it's impossible to know the full impact of the storm given the entire power grid and more than ninety five percent of the island's wireless cell sites were taken out by that category four hurricane officials say it may take four to six months before three point four million americans living in puerto rico get their electricity back the eye of the hurricane tore through the u.s. territory wednesday crushing concrete balconies ripping roofs off homes and paralyzing the island with landslides and flooding down trees and power lines on streets have made travel virtually impossible i've dusk to dawn curfew has been
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imposed imposed on the island the airport in san juan though will reopen two airlines tomorrow offering hurricane victims a chance to flee president trump has declared puerto rico a major disaster zone making federal funding available to dozens of meanness polities in the u.s. territory mr president trump says he plans on visiting puerto rico in the future but has given no specific date. thanks marina reshoot it. late night talk show host jimmy kimmel has been on the offensive criticizing the graham cast of the health care bill on tuesday and wednesday night kimmel who's receiving widespread attention for pointing out flaws in the g.o.p. plan and openly calling senator cassidy of louisiana a liar oh i get it i don't understand because i'm a talk show host right well then help me out which part don't i understand is the part where you cut two hundred forty three billion dollars from federal health care assistance and mine on understanding the part we're states would be allowed to live
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insurance companies price you out of coverage for having preexisting conditions maybe i don't understand the part of your bill in which federal funding disappears completely after two thousand and twenty six or maybe it was the part were the plans are no longer required to pay. for essential health benefits like maternity care or pediatric visits or the part with the american americal sociate the american college of physicians the american academy of pediatrics the american hospital association the american cancer society the americans diabetes association the american heart association lung association arthritis foundation cystic fibrosis ls the national multiple sclerosis society and the march of dimes among many others all vehemently oppose your bill which part of that mit non-understanding. for more on the backlash to the graham cassidy bill we're joined tonight former congressman alan grayson allen nice to have you with us always you were always a big fighter for single payer and making this subject paramount as you served in
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congress what kind of an impact can jimmy kimmel have i mean he's real he's speaking the truth there are very few if any people in the mainstream media that take the time to speak with the passion that he has been speaking with the last several nights what do you make of it i make the same thing i've made of you you've been an inspiration to many many people in talking about your wife's condition and how she suffered for having a preexisting condition and i think what's necessary is for people to understand that this is all tethered to reality this is how people live this is people die and i think that what he's done and what you've done make that clear well he's clearly using his platform and getting people aware of exactly what's going on i mean it's commentary we're not getting in the mainstream media no question about that it's almost as if i don't want to say they don't care but there may be other stories that rate a little bit better do you think the democrats are going to go are going to get the
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momentum off of what kimmel is doing. yes i think so the one thing that seems to work with republicans is embarrassing them in front of large numbers of people they're shameless themselves in fact this bill is shameless and utterly indefensible but when there's a big hubbub of then they can pass things in secret the way that they would like to steal healthcare away from millions of people this is a tax on blue this bill is a tax on democrats most states now have accepted the money the federal government offered to them some states in the grip of right wing ideologues and lunatics like for instance my state have turned down that money seventy billion dollars and counting in the case of florida and we have one million people are not covered because of their decision what this bill does that takes the money away from the rational states and dumps that money into republican controlled states which is shocking and irresponsible they keep saying it's washington vs the local control and they've spent the day trying to explain preexisting conditions i want you to
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give us your take who's telling the truth on this oh no question the republicans are lying about this is they've been lying for the past nine years now the republican health care plan remains very clear don't get sick and if you do get sick die quickly this bill says. under the federal plan people will be remain covered for preexisting conditions and any state can opt out. look what's happened with medicare expand medicaid expansion that's exactly what texas done twenty five million people but florida's done almost twenty million people over and over again they look for ways to put in loopholes to cheat people out of the health care they need to stay alive alan grayson always great to have you with us on that is thanks for your time. facebook will provide information on over three thousand ads to congress relating to alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg announced facebook's decision today. we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts link to russian link to russia running ads and when we recently uncovered this activity we provided that information to the special counsel we also briefed congress and this morning i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well. for more on this let's go to our political panel tonight for the c.b. and we've got roy riley hopping conservative commentator and larry cohen board chair of our revolution great to have both of you with us tonight i don't think social media thought that they were going to be squeezed in a congressional investigation is that this the free market does this take us into new territory of disclosure well i think it is the free market and i always hesitate when people say that more regulations are the answer i think in mr
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zuckerberg address he said that he was going to internally promote more transparency and i think that's the free market element that a lot of people want to see there's dark money in politics they don't want they don't want to be dark ads anymore i guess right now would be a big step forward so as you know somewhat political himself what his future is i think he's reading the tea leaves but any move towards disclosure is a big deal disclosure should be part of our what a democracy means rather than people hiding behind phony names on ads that would be a big positive step larry is this going to set up some federal regulations possibly . i wouldn't hold my breath with this congress but if it leads to let's do what facebook is doing that would be a big deal and if groups like ours particularly democracy initiative can put pressure on corporations to say we're going to have disclosure as part of what we do because otherwise we fall into traps like this how do you feel about disclosure i mean we've got dark money in politics with follow what's happening here well i
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think some of what we're seeing is a common sense mr secretary of state that they would put disclosures that are similar to what we see on television ads right now in terms of who paid for it's a narrow line at the bottom i don't necessarily think that that's new territory i think it's unintended consequences for the growth of social media as you acknowledged i don't necessarily think they thought they would be in this position so quickly but here they are and following the lead of television i don't necessarily think that that's new territory ok this ploy. the john row of fake news ok so. russia can't be the only. you know they're accused of doing it nothing's been proven yet but who's to say that there are political operatives out there that put out stories absolute trip up a candidate i mean this this i think this takes us into a whole new conversation of political organizations in this country now we're going to run a country what do you think i think that's perfect and i think that definitely
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happened we believe that happened in the bernie campaign obviously and you don't know who these people are that you don't know who's really paying for it and i think the american people would say hey it's fair to know who is behind these ads and who is paying for them you think the republican congress would do anything about that probably not but again i think there's other strategies you know outside of that kind of regulation i would favor that regulation the disclose act has been there for years but i do think that the pressure on the individual giant you know companies like facebook and google they're they're already under pressure to say to them hey do the right thing or you know you're going to hear from millions of people is this a slippery slope i mean privacy is important to the american people and of course a lot of americans now say well there is no privacy well i think two things on that and the first is i think we have to acknowledge that some of these issues about fake accounts and where they stem from is an issue that goes beyond politics we've seen this with children in bullying and so this isn't just a political issue this is something that affects the american people no matter what
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realm they're in and second of all. the american people do value privacy and i think that the internal transparency that mark zuckerberg discussed on his live video today i think that that covers the bases in terms of what would be acceptable so i don't know necessarily think we have to go beyond what he said to facebook can deliver on that ok i don't want either one of you to leave until you give me a comment on health care will the republicans get their votes on this gramm cassady bill. at this point i healthy dose of skepticism i think that this bill has a. more promising future than the republicans previous efforts as senator cassidy is probably the smartest senator in congress right now when it comes to medicaid and. we still have seen that anything is possible in this congress federal money will be gone in twenty twenty six i don't know if the american people are on board with that it comes down to john mccain doesn't it become sam and john mccain again
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voted no i believe it will come down to him again and what do you think you'll do vote no so you don't think they're going to have the votes to do this now and you know my organization our revolution will mobilize in arizona nevada in the states where it's possible to move some of the some republicans who could be moved what about the governor of arizona he's very much in favor of all of this is going to have an impact well i will be interesting to see i don't i don't know the answer honestly i don't get it and i think really ok john mccain you voted no this is not very different why would you vote yes this time. well there's going to be some horse trading going on and i'm sure he horse traded the last time with democrats but but he doesn't like trump and trump took a lot of shots previously i think it was shot do you think that plays into it i don't know honestly but i do think that this is not health care for the american people larry cohen rory reilly topping great to have you with us tonight and then a final note we're pleased to tell you again that our two americas now carried and can be seen on direct t.v. channel three two one that's direct t.v.
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channel three twenty one thanks for watching i'm reporting from washington d.c. back here on monday. in case you're new to the game this. economy is built around. washington. washington media the media over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not
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provide credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edwards he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate has once again proved to be an ethical government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming interesting. donald trump teases about the fate of the iran nuclear deal while iran promises they have neither states will pay a high cost for walking away from the agreement the latest on this edition of all
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the. politicking on larry king before we begin we wish you a happy new year it to all of our friends of the jewish faith myself included so happy new year to myself and all of our viewers on wednesday president trump told reporters that he's made a decision about the future of the iran nuclear agreement but he declined to say what that decision is i'll let you know is all he said to reporters who as for details in his speech before the u.n. general assembly on tuesday mr trump blasts of the iran deal as an embarrassment for the united states iran's president responded by saying the united states will pay a high cost if it walks away from the deal which was negotiated by the obama administration .


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