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tv   Documentary  RT  September 24, 2017 8:29am-9:01am EDT

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what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was. it what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. and just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. oh you mean you want some money. only the house yes there is a school. but . then you will get
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a. big. freedom of speech all that the laws that we do they just need to be changed just a little and i don't i don't. understand the idea. all will be fine but having people raising children. kate if you take. those back. the tiger is also. maybe there is going to be. yeah maybe there are loads of. stages. where all this or about anybody favors but. you know it's just all i think dark.
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in me a little movie. and . a when i thought of a sort of. uncertain duties on the. on the but of the hospital says one of the look . at a look one of the culture we love. because of those those even then. and for how the most masada few and as those of us who would be a different kind of comes close. i like instagram but the comment is it on the. president on the con. going to. take.
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a new must mean that in my nest i'm proud of all that much so they could have a say. about then. a month without even going over them to do this it will save them but i'm going to try to get it among those who was sucked in . the soup with some of this on a drone and of not seem. to know how to cook. one allows those a little color. is that they did so as a. who was of those that don't see it. can only keep the tip on doesn't. smoke and i'm a dick and when made a quote from the then i do those under most that it could be anywhere in the. me though is to me but see those of us and them said then if you did. it's one of us to. the smart people. could do some with the dean of said are you on.
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is a must not cool on a lot of. c.d.r. pneumonic to put on the hood and. then the next cut that in the head of gina. and me. the economists had the control of my camera. from the months my my mother's mom's not. alone this is. because you can see. the concert on lakewood. when you give us new stuff and all you do with any i'm about to see are. much group of clutter and the sort of thought i had with. them has a look on this article. muchnick from the hospital was
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a real way of seeing. no not at all he had decided become a model not a born yet a man and i'm one to him now. it will be highly you high feeling which demolished alcohol when i. found out how do you know. when that amanda didn't mousley what. i said you would food will this minister then use the memo of the woman to him from the man who he is almost to accuse him of his . is assad has seen. the quote as then was then then as it is i can see among them of those whom one of those who doesn't do that was a condemned those it was more as a muslim with the minds of the enemy said africom in the. end it wasn't about so much political clout and some thought about the whole scene with the
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little kid and o'connor and phelim a lot of those unlucky not only that long of stuff and there's a myth but magical other than would come before them or. for someone i can remember them how to mountain you had to work on a mechanic. the rule maker in the incident until it's and i think you make enormous support. and i don't mean come your moment that it's not hard to answer come but on and pop having a roommate and in fact feed all of the can i do hazy and it's kind of habit of lithium it takes to cool my mix here it is useful for.
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well. there. who could you know actually. she wanted her you see. what they were going to do here. on this side of the. view because who here sure she can hear. us and those. of us well miss a lot. of work and. oh most of us we. are who you first well show you often is.
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going to be. where you will. just have to keep a. dog because she didn't know. how to sell a feed you have you don't. unless there's a domino but you don't know. that it might be a sauce i'll tell you what. you saw and. should. know by the off topic their stock. marshall and i don't want to talk with them which. by definition if you only feel so we'll learn more worship through you there is a year and i'm. looking. will be. hard on farms need food. i need using it for
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donors when i mean share. a numerical in or have i have been more to do a vision or rule here starting. new will go to my soul i see there's an obvious lie on there should say i'm a busy woman for it's needed it's own unique there's off beat how do we. know i haven't caught up with. the public over there we want to use the media. so i do can have a few members could be here. but there isn't one of my own years alone. sure oh yes oh oh no yes. it's. going on we go out and. i usually motu there's evidence of the commonly known fact
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there's a marriage that well. if you have any or if you know one of the hit. fuck my daddy cool i guess. also feet off to the fact is that was done to show them how she actually. is not a little you might not even. notice that i want to commute she sat and actually. millions in my article have said if you don't know if you don't. run from congress on this one. or more of what. we're doing with. the shop.
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well tonight is the first operation for our group we're going to try to move forward one kilometer nervous. because of various types of fire. lines this is our charges and. their numbers are and i blend in.
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with. their intimate personal. lives so we're kind of like some of those we're the credits because talk to say about today terry i got capture. though it's just stare. there's nothing. my life isn't more going to. bring this together. bigger contract are going to be very good or were targeted.
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people. to try. to. keep. pace with. this is. only. just. a little bit. this is. missing limbs.
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this. is the was. it wasn't it. was. just she refused. to. wear the blue he won't get a good one for him and it's. never really know for sure but this is.
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when i started my.
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own hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know i did. that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not there but it is one of the easier things to buy computers that will be gone in the. next in the next twenty years most translators will probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable.
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look it's actually because our lives drugs would be. with the screen eight hundred if you hear. if you look up into it you just run into if they're not so funny. oh you'll know you know. what let them off. so if you go up to that fish it looks appealing to. look up and.
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a. couple prefer. all but all you will see you're one of the fifty pieces and now i'm not. going to leave you here. or not. you. clear. cut lip.
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i think that about it. if you look at. the. stupid cheers. in the sniper was never that conflicts and.
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called the very end because the result. of that yelling. this astonishing. funnymen. wanted to. pull me off. i don't think it's just i don't. want them. i wanted then he could use it to get on. the make use of it just saw infamy. i mean if you're.
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just being successful. yeah it's. normally. i hate killing people and i think it's a bad thing to do but after all i have seen ice doing so many bad things to people especially to women. that i was so happy when i had my first shot it was a sniper on first night who kept suppressing us and one time to think armored vehicle was driving by and sniper tried to shoot the window and i saw his muzzle flash and i was like oh boy now you're done and i just saw them i just saw i think four times in a row. nothing to be proud of as a sniper but. i was just i. i was just like yeah. i was like oh my god the bad guys never have that clear i says.
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anyone in the world agrees ice is the enemy if i take a life from a nice guy and i say so much of the lives. of the lying there people did you. just notice. that. you didn't want to get about in the mode of. what.
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it is you can do what they don't really. know. how to do it in if you don't want to i didn't just talk about anything i want to look at it. yes. hard questions to. get seven given that what you're setting up as it is. too much. because i kind of. people. who. want to hold themselves you know. on the run until she didn't you like to see. the lot of. documents about michelle a good little nobody. yeah
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there have been privileged to know about a lot of her look at certain. elements of. the policy. like. oh no. no you. know we're going to be using. the this is what it. looks. you. know going to be the seven. years.
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in. this room that when you see. if you look fire. then you're funny. it seems it's gone. just.
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the one story affected me the most. was actually today. so it gets its morning and everything goes calm because most of. our sleeping and i think sleeping in the morning and all of a sudden guy turned up with two fists come rights and he had a sword in his hand big source and he was just whacking things like a chair and other things i was trying to walk by him and he tried he tried to tell us that isis just executed it through a few minutes or maybe an hour ago it's three kids there were just beheading them all of a sudden maybe two minutes later we heard screaming from down from down there from down the street so i looked down and saw him his comrades trying to run into him and he just started running into a space just started running there without
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a rifle just with a with a sword. i was trying to get them some fires the board. all again. i think we can strike from the americans because they're probably saw them on satellite so they were isis and. that extra made me nervous not. anything else i. mean. it's a clean. up . the way.
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for. her. to slow. down. in a. very. tough
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game. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market a frequent cause of death at the point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was literally all to what i did was. illegal. just because something's
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legal doesn't mean it's thing the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability. to actually prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because without the missile capabilities capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say oh the americans and japanese if you assist south korea we would with nuclear weapons.
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welcome to our to international in germany is voting the country's next parliament and of course the leaders of the country to we look out the main candidates on their final to win over. north korean media broadcast the video depicting strikes on u.s. military targets. close to the hermit kingdom stirred plus. the.


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