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sure than the per progress we've made on the environment like i said before i consider myself an environmentalist so rivers have feelings too that's the way the world looks from here this hour to me again in thirty minutes your next global news update from ati international. this is the kaiser report coming to you from the aspen nexus concert with a lot of ordinance thought. i could fail it is so warm up yourself fantastic so glorious so sunny so mountain like and you know what i got to thinking of the people i really miss and none more so than jamie diamond who came twenty years but is about he came walking into walls he came tumbling in public you're proving himself to be an idiot savant but without the
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savant. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corners perforations washington washington post media the media the voters elected a businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. make this manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and we the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room real need is pretty.
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tight. my name is alex i became interested in maker also i am a musician to sway those stories especially interesting to me because it's going next to music right now we're in. bill's c.l.o. are you mexico and this is a very special place now if we were to meet me gil local joes and thanks to me go will be able to find out more about what is going on here. why help in asking you know why i use the computer why is it interesting for you
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personally well one hand and i want to learn more because you know i'm trying to write a good be serious about that history of the market drop the kids you know all that money all the heck i want the world to know what's really happening here i want them i want wanders thin. works. when it is the largest and the richest seedings you know more than half a million people leave. here there are no official statistics showing exactly how many who work in the illegal narcotics business but we do know for sure that many senile or drug cartel members have made click on their home according to the c.i. a it's the world's most powerful drug syndicates. mexican drug gangs gained power after the colombian cartels were overthrown in the
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early ninety's since then the mexicans have controlled the whole drug supply chain from the plantations in south america all the way to mexico's mountains to the dealers on the u.s. streets some say it was the enterprise and spirit of the santa lower drug cartel the turned america into the world's primary kicking and marijuana consumers it's estimated that between them and the mexican cartels make at least twenty to thirty billion dollars a year from the u.s. say. yes you know you. may also. be some in and was just fourteen when he turned to crime and he was wanted for murder so he's grandmother gave him money and he went on the run she joined a drug gang and over many years worked his way up to a senior role that's all in the past now he's asked us not to reveal his real name . into.
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this or this coming. to me. me her. or her will be. both. again stage the fatal accident that killed this man's daughter somehow his wife survived but it was he scar and he was the real target back then he was a self-styled king of the hill he had money influence property and family. now he's alone but things got every day that he is still a life. that's
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great. for more than a century the night of may second has been special and click on the police remain vigilant but there isn't usually any trouble that people have seen l.o.l. say he has a small beer the himself maintains order on this day he's a local saint for his believe verse that evening has a similar filter the night before christmas it's not a birth that they commemorate so enthusiastically but the same is death no one knows his exact date of birth he was around thirty eight when he died well more accurately was executed there is now a chapel in the town center mike in the sport where he died it was funded exclusively by his faithful followers there were almost certainly drug lords among
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them because the law of course didn't see here as a small there the as a saint legend has it that he took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. this is nowhere the is known by several nicknames. the drug scene. that mexico's robin cook dinner is benedict angelo the poor and the guinness you know but was he when there's very little in the historical records to sell for that yes well here that even existed but people believe there are hundreds of thousands of poles here in mexico who come to this temple and they pray and the house help and maybe it's people receive what they need to see what they. come to come from all over the country many leaders say they've experienced miracles and returned to think of the saint and.
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what doesn't mean is that he must be able to listen i. think. that it was a good idea. he told. us well that. this element going to. our product of ok your braverman that you've given there is your family children and if i mean it was really good for me i think about the first for my kids. the film will. receive. and. i was just filming just on that with ross and even though there's more there it is not recognized by catholic church just treated like the same here. and
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it is trying to temple people come with candles you see what there is a cousin a small very late everywhere but at the same time it doesn't feel like a regular temple it's very relaxed it's very free atmosphere with the dogs it just strain. been used to other types of churches and temples i'm confused but the same time i think comfortable. in so relaxed in the chapel even bring the beer at the altar and lean on the virgin mary it's perfectly acceptable here and that isn't just anyone full. she's an elected member of mexico's congress she's been the regular help here for many years. if you assess your looks and know they're there as a member of his family. who will come when you don't. have a yeah i'd rather they go to. the second phase.
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of this when a few. of you all. of us will be that. voting. say what i'm telling you. i can feel for the last part of the. game. who. were. very. hard to.
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kill. or executed i believe this is a personal opinion. many times a family no or this relative wife's on what do you want to name it. into. and they do nothing. you just nothing. and that's why this psychologist told me the biggest the bigger the tomb the bigger the guilt. i mean listen this is huge you see deal arms sign over the house or conditioner. bulletproof glass you know any family that is capable of building this kind of tomb they do happen and
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they do have. what's the use of the parking lot yeah that's the parking lot and if you own cities great for a few. hours it's on. and you get in you can feed easily at least so what think cars here. then cars. maybe while let's say cars here so that gives you an idea. now do you know how much east each load so you can be a year old once like a lotus like the tiny thing. it's about seven thousand dollars more or less. each one of those just a lot just one single space like you see that when you think one space so. close it was about seven thousand dollars just very sound to me.
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like one of those just one you see that that's like let's say let's say let's say six thousand six thousand six thousand so try to picture how many spaces like these they have to buy to have this you know the whole property. you know do the math. you're almost work reflects the. drug culture he writes and sings ballads called. here's his latest. capitol of contraband. put on. the wood and i got people on the i'm going to. say oh no they don't it good . lord knows. a little
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something kept what i got out of the year. and it had rolled out of. your acquittal. and i never will see you. i mean that if i didn't. see a moment that it's all. ok yes that's what i mean to be feasible yeah. just get the insanity. out of the. cello get out of. its traditional among local drug dealers the commission and personal courage to the sun and celebrations good friends they can be sun and funerals too to commemorate
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the subjects achievements which might even be embellished a little habits that narco curry does actually encourages. people use to be. i mean the in the report was a. single law we need all of it and damn it we're going to sit it out a little thought of what i was made to me don't. cost fifty dollars. she went. a little hat on there were. only two words there but i don't know. what politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so if you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be press it's like the full story of the people. i'm interested in the white house. this should be. the kurdish language has many proverbs one of them has been cited frequently better a cast of one's own then a jointly own. closer the iraqi kurds to being their own shepherd. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks
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forcing you to fight the battles of. the new socks for the tell you that because of the public less supporters today. doesn't tell you on the cool enough to fight. all the hawks that we along. with watching. the young man cool and this extravagant most ileum would probably have afforded several songs about them and then these julissa lead says she doesn't have much time for america curry dos but admits that they are popular. the family takes it in turns to tend to the mole julian julissa stunt today do you think that. money like me people or. do. you need to know my head and you don't. owe me one but.
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he asked me what on my deal yes a momentous on one side and yes and we. know you know what i am going to do. there is always something being built here at the garden is still in my cemetery like in a small city new blocks at b. a constantly there is plenty of work for the laborers here even if they do complain about low wages video and think about becoming a drug lord yourself or being a golden drug doctor because business probably you can get much more money than just doing construction work here it's just building graves for those. drug lords look for the two humanity. how much. i don't know yet. even for a movie at the gate. i am a. grand yeah and
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a little up with no no no what i do you. know and what the. neighborhood to scold must be knows defiance. and this is what i was braced. and this is the house where i was born. yet we simply soaker. against the kid from the old the street which is still number twelve this is. number thirteen and one of the kids that i used to play itself against. was became a drug lord it's very high running. joke for two months i became a journalist among a filmmaker and he became a drug lord i mean how ironic if we only knew when you were
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a kid if you only knew what it's going to be your life then when he was i'm one of the most wanted men in the war. or a woman eight. months that followed it when i did that for me to let me know that he's been doing the. pain you know the blue line it's you know because i have a family that could lead me in the right direction p.d. having the pint he says she's his father was a deal when he was thirteen years old so he nor fun and you know there was snow on the left. and that's what happened. in the cartels or as well called how young do they start it's real dad sometimes
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when they are thirteen fourteen years old they start off just from which means the washington scene although not just one single spot. washington is the one emerging market as the soldiers just pass by the day when will you know that there are the ladies going in that direction so it does it's usually when they're stalling to smooth they move a set of the stiletto see. which is like a gunman and then they a star your new movie is rock so it's different steps in the charts of deals and. you know. we don't know how this boy died but he was only sixteen. cardenas still to maya is known locally as the narco cemetery it's where a lot of very young men are buried and that's no surprise to anyone around here about five hundred people
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a year interred in this prestigious cemetery illegal for many drug trafficking was then lena q patient but nobody talks about that openly it's illegal after all if the deceased had a drug trafficking connection occurring those belled is one way to share his story regardless of criminal activity. many sons can been written about his their. logically what made him a folk hero comparable to robin hood locals often turn to kansas mall there and then when they want to pray for anyone still life but involved in the drugs business the legend says he'll help anyone who believes no matter what they do for a living that is why mexicans adore him as a small there. is no very easy believing. he's. better miller said so. it's.
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you can see this is so much better. if for these so long my vision never was amiss i was. almost korea like. the other one. six six six. to keep. the main celebration of kids isn't all there there is on the make some start to worship him early in the morning just after the night's prayers and festivities
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after never been for an hour or two ready to carry on. the streets around in his mulberry this temple including effect with thousands and a celebratory procession to one of the saints begins. to back up that everyone had the right to be happy and whatever makes you feel that's fine with their they feel like i drink whisky you see that's absolutely. right. i'm.
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also makes many people feel good but that doesn't mean that everyone here is somehow connected narcotrafficking director because i know despite a local culture traditionally there that gets the first it's an important local ritual murder one isn't legal in sin or yet but no one is jailed for possessing a small quantity especially in public holiday police still on the theory and saints day and little we want to hear is like a show to run to a season sale or a small gesture of affinity with those who believe in bed with cards. this is very near. where i was that what you call. them. the style of the approach that it is called this. morning. fair enough.
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they were supposed to meet on the break you were covering. this is a little billet just felt side kliptown going into the mountains and it's very well controlled area. we work as you know bill a lot of people live here. and. i'm just going to say hi to to them in the little. store.
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it's a grocery store. so i'm just going to say hi just to see if we are just staying inside the car they're going out you know these people express suspicious still come after us and ask questions. we've been asked not to reveal where we're going next or even mention the village where this man leaves by local standards it's a large and affluent settlement the village has electricity and nearby school you can only get further into the mountains in this serious. and there is no legal reason. to be found anywhere. almost no legal jobs here so growing marijuana is normal. was first produced in the late nineteenth century it was legal and supply the same market that it does now.
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it's just to get. these people a car. and motorcycle and many other things that regular farmers can really afford . just. looking for because she's going to go through this phase to go. on just lease family like many others nearby because grown marijuana for more than a decade. produces literally thousands of illegal drugs each year.
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we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area where. you know to grow. on the skin of a human being for computer technology. in a general way or any other technology because it's driven by human curiosities. for coming here from the aspen nexus concert with a lot more than. i can fill it is so warm up yourself fantastic so glorious so sunny so mountain like and you know i got to thinking of the people i really hate and none more so than jamie
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diamond who gave twenty s. but as malik he came walking into walls he came tumbling and pummeling him proving himself to be an idiot savant but without the savant. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank hate. me seriously send us an e-mail in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. study so hard it requires trust to. go you through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death
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sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. exclusive video from serious dear old soul correspondent takes you to the heart of the decisive battle for the country's future amid claims that some forces are exploiting the gains plus. in catalonia protests as pressure mounts on the government for trying to quash sunday's independence referendum while the region's president turns on the e.u. . u.s. officials backtrack complains the russian hackers targeted voting systems in the state of wisconsin admitting that there's no evidence.


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