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tv   Headline News  RT  September 29, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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let's. turn to luke. coming up on r t social media giants are on capitol hill claiming they have evidence of alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election. and the u.s. state department pulls over half of their staff out of cuba after a string of attacks against nearly two dozen americans. it's friday september twenty ninth four pm in washington d.c. i'm manila chan you're watching our team america. twitter has a new report on how it says it battled alleged russian meddling in the twenty six
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thousand presidential election and this network r.t. came up in that report and twitter revealed to congress that r.t.e. promote itself through tweets and social media posts to the united states just like any other news outlet go figure r.t. and daniel hawkins have that story just when you thought the russian presidential election hacking saugor was coming to a finish a new chapter emerges and this time it's what about social media twitter have released a report to the senate which was investigating those russian on the day sions in the document they talk about troll accounts blogs accounts that were described as malicious much money that accounts and spam now they found out of the hundreds of millions accounts that do exist in the twitter sphere they've identified several hundred which they have now given the title of the report which is russian interference in the do a selection of books and misinformation you would think that there would be solid proof solid evidence linking them somehow to russia but themselves say they were
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unable to verify any specific concrete russian connection. at. all it seems also given all marie made sure roy it's up there amongst the votes of the trolls in the militias which have revealed exactly how much the shuttle strains on the marketing world social media platforms which is what a mobile crisis for many global news organizations and given there's no specific allegation of any wrongdoing against all t.v. which have been staging a document it's raised a few questions as to why autumn is mentioned no now this social media scandal of course goes back a few weeks to the case of facebook facebook the let's go down to fight one hundred thousand dollars worth of spending on up to three thousand votes posted between twenty fifteen to twenty seventeen now they allege they would connect to russian both accounts russian troll but treats. in the grand scheme of things that question does have to be off one hundred thousand dollars may be
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a lot of money of course but over two year period that's fifty thousand dollars per year to put that into perspective over twenty fifteen twenty sixteen according at least to federal election commission numbers all the campaign qualities in america paid facebook eleven point three million dollars for that advertising one hundred thousand dollars figure equates to less than one percent of that and compared to the overall revenue facebook got maybe from advertising which was twenty eight million not simply a drop in the ocean will let the views decide if they think that was enough to decisively sway the election one way or another and what's the reaction from capitol hill gold trouble to u.s. president seems less than convinced that this facebook russia scandal has any proof behind it according to some the head of the kremlin has a firm grip on the u.s. elections but sort american society over rule of affecting key issues such as gun control and you tube writes even though the black gloves mounted with ads that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was
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a black live matter ad that was targeted specifically to the cities of baltimore and ferguson missouri and this is based on my conversation my sources is that the goal here was really about creating chaos. as you heard that from not pundits on that c.n.n. this conversation says sources many of these allegations come from officials from the media speculation from these latest reports have relied on sources which have been verified not been made public and not revealed to anyone so how questionable are these allegations a lot of these claims of course have been made why fisheries there have been numerous investigations launched by washington one of the latest ones from the department of homeland security they've for officially contacted as many as twenty one states the let them know they been the victims all russian election and hacking but it's not one so straightforward as many as three states have come back and said i'm going to make this isn't actually the case in texas for example and i quote
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here the fact the secretary of state roland problems sent you just a letter saying that his office has the time and conclusively these agencies reps it was not told if in and furthermore the futurists that were i don't interrupt commission so i know how to allegedly took place the wisconsin another one they've said that the there was a hacking attempt of some sort but it was the state's department of workforce development which was thought it's a department that deals with overseas which every season job training a woman but if it's something holland of great interest that probably to come in california the secretary of state that said the target system was the states the problem with dr lawrence he was the state says it doesn't even use or it's like two services so how credible are the hyping allegations that it seems whenever a russian has hit the headlines it's worth news it's hot off the press it's top of the news hour but when all of these allegations are to bunt or question people suddenly don't seem so interested anymore. and while western media and twitter have
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been busy looking for russian fingerprints around the u.s. election wiki leaks pointed out that a social network giant even tried to back one side of the presidential campaign the whistleblower published an e-mail in. which facebook's chief operating officer proposes helping hillary clinton's campaign chief shell samberg added that she was quote thrilled about the progress hillary was making the e-mail exchange dates back to the u.s. presidential campaign in two thousand and sixteen parties probably boyko has more from london wiki leaks says we've put this into perspective because on the one hand you've got the u.s. senate struggling to find that clear link between the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. elections and the kremlin and on the other hand you've got what julian asuncion is just sort of brought back to the surface from the trove of leaked predestiny emails and that's that we have clear evidence in these e-mails that facebook expressed an
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overt preference for hillary clinton in the run up to the twenty sixteen election in the u.s. i still want hillary rodham clinton to win badly i'm still here to help as i can i'm thrilled at the progress hillary's making. and supports you can see it to working with you to let the first woman president of the united states well these e-mails beg the question is the u.s. senate intelligence committee going to be as interested in hillary clinton's campaign manager working with facebook to elect clinton as they are in russia allegedly hacking the u.s. elections and does the u.s. senate know for example also from these leaked e-mails that mark zuckerberg facebook c.e.o. wrote a personal e-mail to protest back in august twenty fifty saying that he enjoyed spending time with podesta and that their conversation gave zaka bug quote
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a lot to think about now infer what you will from that but that will read like textbook lobbying to a lot of people. i think it's safe to assume that the silicon valley or the giant tech companies that were all gunning for hillary in the run up to the us elections. many viewers will remember was accused of calibrating best search results in favor of hillary clinton's campaign. and subsequently leaks have revealed but eric schmidt who's the chairman of alphabet that is the parent company of google he had close personal ties with the clinton campaign take a listen to a memo written about schmidt by clinton's digital strategist i have been kept apprised of the work being done by eric schmidt's group and others working
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directly and indirectly with your team on the whole i am comfortable with where we stand and confident in our roadmap to launch day and beyond. thank. you want to be interesting to some is that no one appears to care about the links between these giant tech companies and the clinton campaign these are large companies that control future players of information but no one seems to have taken any notice of this clear preference that they've had for the hillary clinton campaign rest assured by anyone who is concerned we have caught in touch with facebook and we are asking them if they're going to be reporting themselves to the u.s. senate intelligence committee for their alleged links to hillary clinton's campaign . well between facebook and twitter so called exposing of russian linked accounts it won't be long before this very network would be brought into the fray so joining
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me now to discuss all of this friend of the show legal media analyst lionel a little media line my friend. i can't i don't know what to do with this can you make any sense of any of this. that says it perfectly i was you i don't get it ok first. number one who are the russians russian government right no i'm serious russian people russian speaking i'm not kidding nobody has told me no for somebody from the russian army or know somebody from the from the kremlin or no for no they're just russians second dog whistle you a russian and the they just is it doesn't matter it does we don't need everything goes ok number two explain this to me i'm a russian so what i want to do is i put it ad i'd buy an ad for black lives
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matter white black lives matter does like a lot of people do but but when you're and i didn't do it as a russian i do it to cause chaos now does this now let me go step further so does this help does a does a black lives matter add help donald trump i have i guess or does it cause chaos then and anti fracking they actually said this anti fracking ads is frankie is that going to help trump we don't know next this is a part of the kills me we have with all due respect we had our president our president and the american president as high as you can get actually involve himself directly with bragg's or with scottish independence israeli elections i mean directly not some american bought but directly that's ok
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then we have facebook working with hillary clinton that's ok why well because it is because god not russian why are we so we were opposed to rule out any any and like you said who are the russians exactly and if you're russian don't buy any. ads on social media. but it gets better then they said r t did you buy an ad yeah did you spread money and revenue and give people jobs in the airports and even on c.n.n. this stuff yeah how dare you know what sectors are going to get i am still. i'm still waiting to hear something i've been saying this is the point where i think where are the mainstream media where is somebody like oh i don't know c.n.n. washington post say hey look guys wait a bit hold it to be fair i have this deadline and i got to write this story that supposedly connects r.t.
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or russia was something i don't have anything here can somebody please if you don't need anything all we need is a head why did you see this fellow from i don't know what it was you showed the photo he says and it's starting to cause chaos they buy these ads these box they bar these ads and it causes chaos and chan there's no there there there's nothing you or i don't press taking incoherence that's why you're here to straighten it all out for us and knock some sense into people straight that out i well at least we can try thinking so much for always coming and straight i thank you all out line all of my own media thank you. me ongoing media campaign against russia known as russia gate is based on the claim that russian hackers gave the democratic national committee documents to wiki leaks and hacked voter databases supposedly supposedly in twenty one states now prominent
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democrats are calling it the discredited accusations of political pearl harbor claiming that the u.s. is quote at war with russia all the numerous intelligence community veterans including former n.s.a. technical director bill binney have already concluded that there is no solid evidence that russians hacked the d.n.c. democrats continue to aggressively promote russia gate to discuss why we're being joined now by professor economist and former assistant secretary of the u.s. treasury mr paul craig roberts good to see you paul thanks for being with us today so tell me what in your opinion are the main driving factors behind russia gate and who benefits the most from pushing this narrative where the cia started what's called russia gate in order to to present trump for being able to normalize relations with russia the cia and the military security complex need an enemy
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in order to justify their huge budgets and their unaccountable power and russia has been assigned that role. so when trump said he was going to normalize relations with russia this was a direct threat to the material interests of the mill just your complex now the democrats joy again the russian. saying as a way of attacking trump i don't think the democrats have considered the consequence of sort of worsening relations between the united states and russia. and paul you also write that the the neo con ideology controls washington and and makes it impossible to think peace with russia could that explain why president trump who obviously is accused of being pro russian has been unable to to
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really actually move on us russian relations. well as yes let's keep in mind that public russia bashing it predates president truck has been going on privately in neo conservative circles for many years it appeared publicly during their boller regime when russia blocked weiss's plans to invade syria and to bomb iran. and then russian bashing became more and to us where washington's in ukraine's trade able to deliver a premier because weisser had intended for the new u.k. ukrainian regime. to dig the russians and their naval base in the black sea now the quiet well the new conservative idiology us world heads in many that requires that the principal goal of your response to foreign policy. to be to
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prevent the rise of other countries that can serve as a restraint on us you know literalism so this is the main basis for the hostility of u.s. foreign policy toward russia and of course it's also the material interests of the military security complex so them in your opinion what is the the real danger of russia in terms of global security or even national security. well the real danger of course is conflict. you know the russian government has been watching for a number of years actually ever sense ever since his serbian lapse that united states breaks all the agreements moves nato to their borders puts missiles will never borders. interfere is a need to message the fair's of former
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a soviet provinces and now it has since a bomb and has been issuing constant threats or accusations. the russians know the accusations of false they also know that washington knows the accusations faults or washington doesn't believe us a word of this russian. they know it's false and know there was no hacking. there's no doubt about it what's happening is they're they're using the accusation to advance their own agenda it bass's the agenda of the military security complex because it keeps the russian enemy in place the grapes it in the public mind that russia is an enemy that's important for their budget in the near constant servers near go ahead jimi you know eating ak russian or janice and lisa and things that
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are going off sound like washington filmy of the bogeyman and they found it here thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise with us former assistant secretary of the treasury paul craig roberts. the truck administration is issuing a travel warning for cuba after ordering sixty percent of the u.s. embassy staff in havana to leave the island the state department announced the measures following a string of mysterious and specific attacks against u.s. diplomats for more let's go live now to our g.'s man upon my who is in miami for us this development deals a huge blow to the already delicate ties between between the u.s. and cuba how is the state department justifying the decision to pull more diplomats out of the country. well manila the state department says twenty one americans associated with the u.s. embassy in havana have experienced a host of unexplained health problems ranging from hearing loss and visual problems
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to headaches and cognitive issues this all caused allegedly by mysterious attacks first revealed by u.s. officials in august some experts speculate the injuries are result of sonic attacks or surveillance operation operation gone wrong but f.b.i. investigators have failed to find the cause and perpetrators the state department released a statement saying quote the decision to reduce our diplomatic presence in havana was made to ensure the safety of our personnel the u.s. says it will maintain diplomatic relations with cuba as the countries work together investigating the attacks now the department also issued an advisory warning americans against traveling to cuba in light of the unexplained incidents there are no reports of private u.s. citizens targeted by the attacks which officials say have occurred in hotels frequented by u.s. tourists as well as the u.s. embassy in havana now all non-emergency personnel assigned to the u.s. embassy in havana as well as family members have been ordered to depart cuba
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routine these operations are suspended indefinitely the decision is not being described as a retaliatory measure against cuba the state department says it's about ensuring the safety of personnel are right in the trump administration though has still accused cuba of failing to protect u.s. diplomats as required under the vienna convention is the castro government still being blamed in some way. well the state department expelled two cuban diplomats from washington in august when the attacks first made headlines but as the investigation has moved along u.s. fingerpointing appears to have seized according to reports u.s. officials do not believe the cuban government is behind the attacks today the state department said it has not ruled out the possibility of a third country carrying out the attacks but right now no one appears to have a definitive answers on the cause or source or ways to mitigate exposure the cuban government has denied it harmed diplomats and it is cooperating with the f.b.i.
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and in your opinion or or from what we know how do you think this is going to affect u.s. cuba relations well the trump administration has already reversed crucial pieces of the deal struck between cuba and the obama administration by reinstating travel and commercial restrictions on the other things but it appears the u.s. leader is not willing to entirely undo the historic reconciliation between you know and washington now hardliners on capitol hill have pushed for the white house to expel all cuban diplomats and even close the american embassy in havana to measures the president hasn't appeared ready to act on just yet now the foreign ministry in cuba for their part they say that today's decision announced by the state department is hasty and they say it will have an effect on bilateral relations between the countries so we will have to wait and see how how this unfolds
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definitely still mysterious about their health conditions thanks so much for that our to correspond a marine a fortnight in miami thank you. it's a tale of two puerto rico's according to the trump administration and to san juans mayor carmen cruz trump's acting homeland secretary elaine duke described a more positive situation on the storm tore island yesterday not so far with the federal response are you comfortable with what this government is i am very satisfied it is really a good news story later crews are sponsored with what she felt was a more apt description of the situation in puerto rico saying quote it's a people are dying story what is certain is thousands on the island are struggling with a severe lack of supplies food and even just plain running water and it's not just native puerto ricans who want out we've been in this line for and. it's
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hard. i mean you go back anything you're back in my life. and there's no water no electricity you don't see anything coming anytime soon it's bad . even though truck temporarily suspended shipping laws allowing for more aid to reach puerto rico people aren't getting those supplies they're just sitting idly by at san juans port because really there's no fuel to to get the supplies out of the ports the situation growing even more dire as leaving many puerto ricans asking when and how are they going to get help. all right that's going to appear now for more on the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america check out our website to r.t. dot com for flash america you can also follow me on twitter at manila chad remember question while you back here by.
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car got to. your. drivel. i've lived in new york city for more than a quarter of a century i've worked here for decades ad agencies c.n.n. n.b.c. fox you name it so i've been exposed to all sorts of people and working environments here in new york and to me it is very clear that the coastal elite bubble is very real but not everyone in the bubble like me can actually see the bubble and one of those bubble deniers is george clooney george has a new movie coming out so he's doing the interview circuit going around and saying things to make headlines so that people will learn about his movie and go buy
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tickets and one interview he just gave was to the daily beast and the daily beast interviewed the writer gushes about how much charm george has and all the usual but kissing that goes on inside the bubble and clooney waxes verb oh son lots of different topics including why he thinks hillary lost and racism and all the other hot topics that will generate headlines right this moment to promote his movie and so of course he bashes president trump because that's sure to get you views these days and while he's talking about trump george actually ends up saying that quote this idea of coastal elites living in a bubble is good. keyless and that's the point where i start wanting to tear out my hair clooney defend the idea that the bubble doesn't exist because lots of people move from the midwest to l.a. and new york and in fact he's from kentucky so he thinks that the idea of the coastal elite bubble of course he doesn't mention that his aunt was
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a famous thing or which probably helped him when he got to hollywood he also doesn't mention his seventy three hundred square foot home in l.a. or his swank italian home on lake como or his home in los cabos mexico or his ten million dollar home on the river thames in england he doesn't mention that he just got a ton of press for flying his newborn twins around the globe in his private jet he there nope he just says he's from kentucky so the idea of the coastal elite mobile is ridiculous. listen i love living in new york in my neighborhood i live among muslims hispanics gays straights trans eastern europe as you name it it is a global village and i love it but i see the bubble for what it is around me it does exist and all of the microphones are inside that mobile all of our movies and news and media it all comes from inside the bubble i'm not going to try to deny it
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even though i don't like it and until people like clooney see it too it's going to keep on suffocating them completely and the backlash will continue until eventually the bubble is bound to come up. global war hawks telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles are going. to do socks credit tell you that every gossip and public by file for the most important news today. off of advertising tells me you are not cool enough and let's go by their product. feelings all the hawks that we along with all the walks.
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of. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. will somehow want to. let you go on to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters and look out. for sydney.


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