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tv   Headline News  RT  September 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in the new culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still i phone or to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to the elite. coming up on our team social media giants are on capitol hill claiming they have evidence of alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election. and remembering up radical moment in u.s. history sixty years that's the little rock nine and now a lesson learned. then you should think twice before signing up for that dating app will tell you one woman's experience later in the show don't miss it. it's friday september twenty ninth five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm an election and you're watching our team america. well twitter has a new report on how it says it battled alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election and this very network came up in that report and twitter revealed to congress that our team promoted itself through tweets and social media posts to the u.s. just like oh you know any other news outlet what daniel hawkins has that story just when you thought the russian presidential election hacking saw that was coming to a finish and you shout emerges and this time it's we're about social media twitter have released a report to the senate which was investigating those russian hacking on the day sions in the document they talk about troll accounts. accounts that were described as malicious much money that accounts and spam now they found out of the hundreds of millions accounts that do exist in the twitter sphere they've identified several hundred which they have now given the title of the report which is russia to fear it's going to do a selection of books and misinformation you would think that there would be solid
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proof solid evidence linking them somehow to russia but twitter themselves say they were unable to verify any specific concrete russian connection. at. all it seems also given all marie make sure roads up there amongst the boats and the trolls and the militias which have revealed exactly how much the shuttle strains on the marketing world social media platforms which is what a mobile crisis for many global news organizations and given there's no specific allegation of any wrongdoing against all t.v. which of them states in the document it's raised a few questions as to why our team is mentioned now this social media scandal of course goes back a few weeks to the case of facebook facebook the let's go down to fight one hundred thousand dollars worth of spending on up to three thousand votes posted between june twenty fifteen to twenty seven to now they allege they would connect to russian both accounts russian troll but treats in the grand scheme. the question
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does have to be one hundred thousand dollars may be a lot of money of course but over a two year period that's fifty thousand dollars per year to put that into perspective over twenty years being twenty sixteen according at least to federal election commission numbers all the time playing politics in america paid facebook eleven point three million dollars for that advertising one hundred thousand dollars figure equates to less than one percent of that and compared to the over rule revenue place forgot many of them emphasizing which was twenty eight million not simply a drop in the ocean will let the viewers decide if they think that was enough to sponsor me sway the election one way or another the reaction from capitol hill billies from the u.s. president seems less than convinced this facebook russia has any proof behind it according to some the head of the kremlin has a grip not only on the us elections but on american society over rule of affecting key issues which is going to introduce you to you right even though the black lab
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mice and add that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black live matter ad that was targeted specifically to the cities of baltimore and ferguson missouri and they thought my conversation my sources is that the goal here was really about creating chaos. now as you heard that from now on the format c.n.n. this conversation says sources many of these allegations come from officials from the media speculation from these latest reports have relied on sources which have been verified not been made public and not revealed to anyone so how questionable are these allegations a lot of these claims of course have been made why fisheries there's been numerous investigations launched by washington one of the latest ones from the department of homeland security they've for officially contacted as many as twenty one states to let them own they've been the victims of the russian election and hacking but it's
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not week so straightforward as many as three states have come back and said i'm going to meet this isn't actually became texas for example and i quote here the fact the secretary of state roland problems sent you just a letter saying that his office has the time and conclusively these agencies rep so it was not told if in and furthermore the futurists had relied on interactive commissions and know how to allegedly took place the wisconsin another one they've said that the there was a hacking attempt of some sort but it was the state's the property of workforce development which was targeted to the top of that deals with it was seas which every season job training a woman but if it's something whole of great interest that probably to the crime of california the secretary of state that said the target system was the state department dr knology was the state says it doesn't even use for its mighty services so how credible are the hyping allegations that it seems whenever russian hackers hit the headlines it's worth the news it's hot off the press it's top of
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the news hour but when a lot of these allegations are to bug or question people suddenly don't seem so interested in. it and while western media and twitter have been busy looking for russian fingerprints all around the u.s. election wiki leaks has pointed out that a social network giant even tried to back one side in the presidential campaign now the whistleblower published. an e-mail in which facebook's chief operating officer proposes helping hillary clinton's campaign chief cheryl samberg added she was quote thrilled about the progress hillary was making the e-mail exchange dates back to the u.s. presidential campaign in two thousand and sixteen artie's pauline boyko has more on that from london which we need to really focus on into perspective because on the one hand you've got the u.s. senate struggling to find that clear link between the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. elections and the kremlin and on the other hand you've got what julian asuncion just sort of brought back to the surface from the trove of leaked protest e-mails
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and that's that we have clear evidence in these e-mails that facebook expressed an overt preference for hillary clinton in the run up to the twenty sixteen election in the u.s. i still want hillary rodham clinton to win badly i'm still here to help as i can i'm thrilled at the progress heeler is making. and support to working with you to elect the first woman president of the united states while these e-mails beg the question is the u.s. senate intelligence committee going to be as interested in hillary clinton's campaign manager working with facebook to elect clinton as they are in russia allegedly hacking the u.s. elections and does the u.s. senate know for example also for in these elite e-mails that mark zuckerberg facebook c.e.o. wrote a personal e-mail to protest back in august twenty fifty saying that he enjoyed
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spending time with the protest and that their conversation gave zuck a bug quote a lot to think about now infer what you will from that but that all read like textbook low being to a lot of people. i think it's safe to assume that the silicon valley or the giant tech companies that were gunning for hillary in the run up to the us elections. many viewers will remember was accused of calibrating best search results in favor of hillary clinton's campaign. and subsequently leaks have revealed but eric schmidt who's the chairman of alphabet that is the parent company of google he had close personal ties with the clinton campaign take a listen to a memo written about schmidt by clinton's digital strategist i have been
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kept apprised of the work being done by eric schmidt's group and others working directly and indirectly with your team on the whole i am comfortable with where we stand and confident in our roadmap to launch day and beyond. thank. you want to be interesting to some is that no one appears to care about the links between these giant tech companies and the clinton campaign these are large companies that control huge players of information but no one seems to have taken any notice of this clear reference that they've had on the hillary clinton campaign rest assured by anyone who is concerned we have caught in touch with facebook and we are asking them if they're going to be reporting themselves to the u.s. senate intelligence committee for their alleged links to hillary clinton's campaign
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and even former congressman ron paul had some thoughts to share about all of this take a look. i really believe that whether it's it's whether it's a hillary campaign or the trump campaign and the russian and the alleged russian interference i consider this rather minor compared to some of the problems we face in this country i am much more interested in in our relationship with russia and how we deal with syria and when and when we're going to accept our libertarian viewpoint that we ought to start coming home from those kind of places and stay out of everybody's election but you know to seek out justice here is a real challenge the quite frankly i don't have the sensation that boy this is a big deal you know if we don't find out by not exactly what russians did to our elections you know the end of the world is coming i think that's a bit of fear mongering all right switching gears a little here just moments ago health and human services secretary tom price has
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resigned over the private jet scandal this on the heels of three failed republican attempts to repeal and replace obamacare joining me now to discuss all of this host of news with ed schultz ed schultz all right ed what do you make of all of this we've been talking about it since the news broke the last couple of days well the president is the decider in this obviously after public opinion render judgment on tom price's judgment which was a serious error in judgment in an egregious act as a person in with authority inside the cabinet look this makes the president look bad if he doesn't do this and you know this was stupid it wasn't a good move it was a poor example it flies in the face of what trump has been talking about about saving money and i do believe that you can look at cabinet members right now and
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while this cabinet members used a jet so is this one but this was way out of line the number here and there are times. and cabinet members have to be somewhere in a private jet does make sense but going to philadelphia i don't think so and if there's all these jet trips that were taken place why did these people come see him he's the secretary he's the guy with the power in his interviews just deep sixed him as well on fox news he was talking about how it went through the process wait a minute you're the boss of the department he's the former bush chair and the house and congress he knows where all the money is he knows how bad this was and so it's a real tone of arrogance there's a level of dishonesty with all of this and it all reflects on the president and you just can't have it and even the resignation came from tom price and fell for do you think the president kind of nudged him to go that way oh i think that there was probably and i'm speculating here that there was probably some conversations that
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evolved to the point where the president may have said to him don't make me fire you that you know what the right decision is you know that you have put me in a bad spot now you've got to fix this well they did try to fix it he offered to pay fifty two thousand dollars i mean give me a break price might not have the money to pay for it all either that or east cheap or maybe he didn't understand the severity of what he did and so it's only fifty grand is going to cover this up no way and so i just think all around it's a terrible message it's fraud and abuse on a on a lighter side and it just there has to be some rules and it's you know this is part of draining the swamp getting this kind of mentality out of washington in this kind of misuse of taxpayer dollars in the bigger picture here how could trump go out and defend this guy saying hey this guy really cares about your health care he's going to deliver a great bill but he just doesn't care about your tax dollars it just doesn't fly and as we talked about last night on the news is that there's
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a precedent here yeah tom daschle never even got to confirmation here. when barack obama was hired because he didn't fill out the application form properly and the republicans just went nuts on it so this is the right call for the administration it also gives the republicans to do a real vetting process as is telling the president ok this is who we really need next to head this up now that we're over three on health care was going to step in to fill the seat for the moment well right now it's going to be donald j. wright who comes from texas he was a clinician down there for seven years he is a doctor and he is of course was the assistant deputy director of health and human services so this is obviously for probably organization purposes a good move a quick move by the president and we'll have to figure out what he wants to do i'm sure he'll take him put from congress well i think he's just going to be there to
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keep the seat warm for right now so we got to wait and think all right thank you for that add salt flats add on the news what that felt monday through thursday here at eight pm. the trumpet ministration is issuing a travel warning for cuba after ordering sixty percent of the u.s. embassy staff in havana to leave the island the state department announced the measures following a string of mysterious and specific attacks against u.s. diplomats there more important has the latest in miami twenty one americans associated with the u.s. embassy in havana have experienced a host of unexplained health problems ranging from hearing loss and visual problems to headaches and cognitive issues this fall caused allegedly by mysterious attacks first revealed by u.s. officials in august some experts speculate the injuries are a result of sonic attacks or a surveillance operation operation gone wrong but f.b.i. investigators have failed to find the cause and perpetrators the state department
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released a statement saying quote the decision to reduce our diplomatic presence in havana was made to ensure the safety of our personnel the u.s. says it will maintain diplomatic relations with cuba as the countries work together investigating the attacks now the department also issued an advisory warning americans against traveling to cuba in light of the unexplained incidents there are no reports of private u.s. citizens targeted by the attacks which officials say have occurred in hotels frequented by u.s. tourists as well as the u.s. embassy and in havana now all non-emergency personnel assigned to the u.s. embassy in havana as well as family members have been ordered to depart cuba routine these operations are suspended indefinitely the decision is not being described as a retaliatory measure against cuba the state department says it's about ensuring the safety of personnel all right then the trumpet ministration though has still accused cuba of failing to protect u.s. diplomats as required under the vienna convention is the castro government still
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being blamed in some way. well the state department expelled two cuban diplomats from washington in august when the attacks first made headlines but as the investigation has moved along u.s. finger pointing appears to have ceased according to reports u.s. officials do not believe the cuban government is behind the attacks today the state department said it has not ruled out the possibility of a third country carrying out the attacks but right now no one appears to have a definitive answers on the cause or source or ways to mitigate exposure to cuban government has denied it harmed diplomats and is cooperating with the f.b.i. . and rita in your opinion or or from what we know how do you think this is going to affect u.s. cuba relations well the trumpet ministration has already reversed a crucial pieces of the deal struck between cuba and the obama administration by reinstating travel and commercial restrictions some other other things but it
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appears the u.s. leader is not willing to entirely and do the historic reconciliation between you know vanna and washington now hardliners on capitol hill have pushed for the white house to expel all cuban diplomats and even close the american embassy and have two measures the president hasn't appeared ready to act on just yet now the foreign ministry in cuba for their part they say that today's decision announced by the state department is hasty and they say it will have an effect on bilateral relations between the countries so we will have to wait and see how how this unfolds and definitely still mysterious about their health conditions thanks so much for that our to correspond a marine a port and i in miami thank you and apparently it's a tale of two puerto rico's according to the trumpet ministration in san juans mayor carmen you lynn cruz transacting homeland secretary elaine duke described
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a positive situation on the storm tore an island yesterday not so far bother you when government i'm very satisfied it it is really a good news story later crews responded with what she felt was a more apt and real description of the situation for puerto rican saying quote if people are dying story what is certain though is that thousands on the island are struggling with a severe lack of supplies including food and clean water and it's not just native puerto rican who want off the island. we've been in this line for a. lot. i need to get back to my life. there's no water no electricity here i don't see anything coming anything. bad. even though truck temporarily suspended shipping laws allowing for more aid to come
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into puerto rico people are not getting those supplies they're just sitting idly by at san juan airport because apparently there's just not enough fuel to move the supplies out of the ports the situation is growing ever more dire leaving many puerto ricans asking when are we going to get help. and antibiotic resistant bacteria pose a growing threat to humanity but most antibiotics in the united states aren't consumed by people they're consumed by livestock over use of the drugs may now be turning livestock into superbug factories santos has the details out of los angeles nearly eighty percent of antibiotics consumed in the united states are taken by pigs cows and chickens livestock farmers feed these drugs to animals to prevent disease and help them grow as quickly as possible however doling out too many antibiotics maybe giving rise to new super bugs bacteria that cannot be treated
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with modern medicine and this isn't a problem unique to the united states over one hundred thirty one tons of antibiotics are distributed to livestock globally every year so many researchers worry antibiotic resistant genes may soon transfer from an animal's gut to humans researchers have already shown that people living near pigs fields are thirty percent more likely to be infected with methicillin resistant staphylococcus superbug spawning from this type of bacteria include mersa which can cause serious infections blood poisoning and even death. experts now recommend capping antibiotic use to fifty milligrams per year per kilogram of animal product currently there are no limits experts also recommend imposing a fifty percent tax on antibiotics used in agriculture and limiting human meat consumption by twenty thirty researchers predicts more than two hundred tons of antibiotics will be used worldwide in animals eaten by humans and with the rise of
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antibiotic use comes the rise of the super bugs in los angeles proceeded santos. and israel is threatening retaliation after interpol voted to accept palestine as a state member there is really prime minister even accuse the palestinian leadership of hindering any chance of peace in the troubled region in fact interpol joins a long list of international organizations to recognize palestine statehood the territory declared independence in late one thousand nine hundred eight and was recognized by dozens of countries including every arab state the soviet union and its allies more states recognize the country over the next few decades a breakthrough for palestine came in twenty eleven when it was accepted to unesco and a year after that un general assembly they upgraded palestine status from non-state entity to non member state so to talk more about all of this we're being joined now
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by investigative journalist and author max blumenthal paybacks good to see you on price you so well quickly first let's take a listen to israeli pm benjamin netanyahu to his reaction on interpol's move this is just part of an ongoing promise to new campaign to continue the conflict with israel inside professional international bodies in a way that destruct these bodies work the palestinian diplomats the war will not go on. all right max you just saw that what are your thoughts well laughing i think yeah i'm kind of laughing because you know benjamin netanyahu gets upset any time a palestinian sneezes or coughs or has you know turns in his bed at night so it's not really it's consistent with the general opposition not only to any palestinian diplomatic moves but to the very existence of the state of palestine that's one reason why israel is upset that interpol is one other agency that confers upon the
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palestinian authority the legitimacy of statehood the other reason which i think is more interesting and more revealing is that there are red notifications that countries who participate in interpol can put out and that allows them to track you know oppressive states will track dissidents but they also track international criminals the palestinian authority could use a red notification to put out and then alert for an israeli war criminal like sippy livni who is implicated in war crimes in the gaza strip when she was foreign minister between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine and actually when she landed in london fairly recently she had to leave because she was told to report to the british police because of universal jurisdiction so this is really what israel is worried about and it's basically a tacit admission that they know that they have some blood on their hands and that they don't want to be held accountable they're free passes and taken away by a little bit of this they fear that certainly of course the u.s.
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is there to protect them and also opposes palestinian participation in interpol speaking of the u.s. ambassador to israel david friedman appeared to apparently just recently break with the longstanding u.s. consensus on a two state solution and he did this in a recent interview with israel's wollen news friedman said quote i believe settlements are are a part of israel and cited un resolution two forty two just. for to really back up friedman's contention that. that really he said that they're occupying two percent of the west bank and they i mean it's really evidence to support that yeah obviously not i mean this is something you hear from the settlement movement in israel and you hear it from the governing likud party of benjamin netanyahu it's absurd and what he's referring to is just parts of two percent of the population that is jewish who lives in area c. because it's divided under the oslo accords and to a b. and c.
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area are the main palestinian population centers but those centers are occupied qalqilya for example the city of qalqilya is an area and it's one of those areas that david friedman thinks is an occupied the problem is the city of qalqilya is completely surrounded by the israeli separation wall on all sides and so it's losing its population because imagine living in a walled in city it's like something montgomery burns would have created in a simpson just opiah this is that's the reality but the most interesting thing to me about friedman is this is a guy who has business ties to the settlement enterprise he's a trump appointee he really represents the hard line right wing pro settlement ideology and he is basically saying that there is no such thing as a palestinian state which explodes the whole peace process it explodes the concept of a two state solution and so you not only have you know the palestinian authority getting upset the state u.s. state department is upset at its own appointee in jerusalem but heather nauert the
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former reporter turned state department spokesperson and she says that his comments don't actually reflect the administration believes what do you make of that what the strategy since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven for the kind of mainstream pro israel elements in washington and in washington itself has been to never set timetables on negotiations and to basically say we're working towards a two state solution in a palace. indian state while allowing israel to continue building settlements since then they've moved something like five hundred to six hundred thousand settlers into the west bank what friedman has done is essentially say there's no two state solution those palestinians that are in the west bank are now under the control of israel and they have no rights to vote no civil rights no human rights and he's an essential the official izing apartheid which is itself a crime at the un is what friedman say sort of like
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a forty and flip is that really what the administration thinks then well this is what the right wing of the administration wants to do which is a one state solution but if you live in israel palestine you're in a one state reality so i think and a lot of people who have strategized about this think that it's time to recognize that one state reality and move towards a bi national state with equal rights and the way forward is to recognize that israel is an act of a system of apartheid and that means eliminating this concept of palestinian statehood which is a total fantasy and recognizing the reality on the ground we have to three million palestinians in the west bank alone in east jerusalem who have no rights all right as always max thanks for sharing your expertise on this subject investigative journalist and author maxwell and thanks for having me. coming up later on our team will remember the sixtieth anniversary of the little rock nine and that and more in race in america with actually banks you don't want to miss this one. there's
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a real irony going. to have a responsible way sneaky point there are always well that's what the transvestites always been saying anything else is going to be a little ordinary no wholesale surveillance in c.l. you have more meanwhile as you mentioned resources than trump has used social media a while ago it's all a story because it's garbage and real shiny. what politicians do such as he did. he put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you were in the lead for us i'm sure. some have wanted us. to do right to be for us this is what the four three of them can be good that. i'm interested in the lawyers in the house. should.
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think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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all right it is time now for our weekly segment called race in america with miss ashley banks ashley what do you have on the agenda today hey there manila right now on race in america we will be remembering the sixtieth anniversary of the little rock nine this week i took a trip to little rock arkansas and spent a few days with members of the little rock nine and their descendants first let's take a look at my reporting confusions
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began their first day of school. sixty years ago nine african-american students began their first day of school here at the little rock central high school then and all white and satish and little did they know they're going to be faced with a major resistance and that that's pivotal moment in history would garner a lot of attention on the morning of september twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred fifty seven many things stood in the way preventing the little rock nine from entering the school building an angry mob of students pro segregationist groups and a defiant governor which we're all working together to ensure the high school remains segregated what shocked me was cheerleaders you know organizing this chant two four six eight we don't want to integrate and it became just i looked at my parents because i didn't even know that such a thing existed and i lived in a iris
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a town in white paper mill town that the two thousand people do about three hundred black people and. it was a lesson for me i think that the the road to me becoming a scholar of african american history in retrospect really began that day three years prior in one nine hundred fifty four the u.s. supreme court declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional during the brown versus board of education case the local newspaper they arkansas because at that time. they cater to the brown decision was going to change the face of the south for ever i remember those words and i thought to myself good because i think the face of the south audit change however things a one income that easy governor orval faubus wasn't fazed by the law and stead he wanted to push his own agenda and i will not for my big brother and
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a great against their will the first day of classes at central high began on september fourth one thousand nine hundred fifty seven and on that day he called in the national guard to prevent the nine black students many gene brown or. ernest's a green a film a mother shed gloria ray melba patel oh terence roberts jefferson thomas carlotta walls and elizabeth eckford from entering the school building for the next twenty one days the little rock nine would be threatened with violence and bloodshed stopping them from attending classes so president dwight d. eisenhower decided to intervene on september twenty fifth the world watched as twelve hundred armed soldiers from the one hundred first airborne division of the u.s. army scored at the little rock nine and to little rock central high school the soldiers' remains station outside to keep the peace and to ensure the students had a successful day of school however the resistance didn't stop there or them.
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a great debt of gratitude for being stubborn and for their persistence for their enduring. facing fear. because at the same time you have. the federal and state. conflicts going on or. do you also have conflict going on with the students. in the school. with their enduring the physical and fighting psychological warfare that may endure it during their first year the little rock nine face constant verbal and physical harassment patillo had acid thrown in her face rae was pushed down the stairs brown was expelled for retaliate ing after a group of female students through a purse full of combination locks at her after the little rock nine finished their first year at the high school governor faubus shut down every school in little rock
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for an entire year and in an attempt to stop integration out of the little rock nine green was the first african-american to graduate from little rock central high school i spoke with a senior attending little rock central high school. who placed himself and the shoes of terrence roberts one of the little rock nine i'm a prisoner a prisoner a person that i can find myself with and only to be held hostage not only to myself but sort of this is anger portrayed in everyone else walking down the hallway control of this is cool to see walking down the stairs as people continue to stare and this is all exist on the journey heading home the oldest and i still take care has to do these wish i could just click my heels three times and disappear i took my own thoughts and i molded it to make it like terrence roberts. and once you finally find that one connection between you and another person it's like it's it's like the most greatest thing you could ever do i got to meet like face to face meet him i took a picture with him i felt like i've accomplished
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a goal each one of the little rock nine went on to become successful in their careers green served under president jimmy carter and brown who worked under president bill clinton i spoke with brown and a few descendants i asked them why isn't this historical event widely known because we don't like truth in this country we like to talk about what happens in other parts of the world we don't really like to embrace what happens in our own world i'm not sure why there are a lot of stories that get hit and over that time i learned different things that have happened and i think white and i learned that in school i'm not sure i think i think part of it is whoever is creating the textbooks has their own version of what history should be and if that if that group of people does not include any people of color then you're not going to learn about people of color i will do whatever i can to make sure the story is told it continues to be told and accurately and from
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the perspective of the little rock nine and specifically my mother. but also our charge other people to also learn about this important story because everything that we see in the news right now all of the contemporary issues the inequalities the violence the injustices we can link it right back to these historical events these nine students known as the little rock nine broke barriers like you never done before however ernest green one of the little rock nine says progress has to contain jill because there is no finish line emmett till turns to have a hair on the charlottesville protesting nazi. mohammed ali turns to collin kaepernick they're going to need for justice and in little rock nine turns to the charleston paying the ultimate sacrifice peacefully assembling in a church for bible study and their edifices of the african methodist episcopal church sixty years in joining me now to talk about the little rock nine is chair
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and professor of history at the university of arkansas at little rock john kirk thanks for joining us jon i first i want to take a trip back to one nine hundred fifty five when the u.s. supreme court had to pass brown to after passing brown versus education now i want to know why wasn't the verdict in brown versus education and not well initially brown came down and the supreme court justices wanted to make the constitutional question clear about. the end of segregation in schools but in exchange for a nine to zero unanimous decision which they wanted they decided to delay implementation of the decision for a year so they gave a year and called in attorney generals from across the sides to work with them to try and implement the decision that they made and try and formulate practical plans
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to go ahead with this process of school desegregation across the us john let's fast forward two years from then governor bob as he was doing everything he could to not implement this law and i want to hear from you why do you believe governor faubus refused to abide by the law and why do you believe he had so many supporters. well it's complicated situation certainly most people in arkansas did not want school desegregation to go ahead most white people that is of course and those were the voices that were heard over eighty five percent of white people in poll said that they didn't want school desegregation but you also have to balance that against the law and the real balance the real pivot in little rock was should we obey the law is this law of the law and or can we do somethin that will circumvent the law of the land and of course you know all of our consoles congressman son the son the munna festo nine hundred fifty six which declared this prim court decision unconstitutional unvalued to oppose it so as the final date for school
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desegregation came in little rock for bess found himself in a difficult position in some ways because he felt at least that a lot of the responsibility was being laid on his shoulders to influence school desegregation and he certainly was very aware of the political costs involved all across the south of the time politicians who didn't come out strongly for for segregation continuing school segregation lost their elections so far this was playing politics and dieted lee in this but you know he was faced just the year before what he did it sends them fifty seven by the head of the white citizens council jim johnson who was challenging him for the governorship so he's very aware of these other politicians who are trying to breathing down his neck and trying to take the governorship for him so ultimately i think it was a very politically inspired decision to call it the national god john why do you think aside from historians and those who just choose to study african-american
5:42 pm
history very few people have heard of the little rock nine and i'm sure you just heard in my earlier reporting one of the defendants of the little rock nine said it has everything to do with what the people look like who are writing these history books when you say to that. yes a good point you know the liberal school crisis is featured in the eyes on the prize documentary which is the definitive account of documentary kent of the american civil rights she is although you know interestingly that was filmed by an african-american producer i think also you know one of the unique things about arkansas is that it lost so much of its african-american population and the a lot of that population moved out of the those people who might write these stories to escape a lot of the disfranchisement and segregation that was going on in the state but i think also you know a broader perspective on little rock is that in some ways it doesn't tell the story of martin luther king he wasn't he and king often ties the civil rights narrative together and the issue of school desegregation the issue of educational equality in
5:43 pm
particular doesn't sit particularly well with the rest of the civil rights narrative you know the freedom rides and segregation on the interstate terminals the sit ins and segregation in lunch counters the voting rights act and disfranchisement but in many ways education remains one of the great and resolved issues time in the the civil rights era in some ways the little rock nine story is not quite the same happy ending story as many of those other stories that you can pull from that national narrative of the civil rights movement it's still a fight that very much still continues today we're a little short on time here one last question out from a little rock arkansas they argue things are going backwards instead of moving forward saying not schools that are heavily populated by minorities and little rock are underfunded while schools have only populated by white or well and that's what
5:44 pm
do you say to that. well that's very much true if you look at them up of the liberal school districts a guy more and more schools hyper segregated that is ninety percent plus african-american and most of the schools are overwhelmingly african-american the other there are only three out of forty six schools are white majority in the school district so resegregation has been going on in the city since nearly nine hundred eighty s. and is continuing to pay so that there's no doubt whatsoever that the city is becoming comprehensively resegregated again in terms of its schools many other cities across the united states john kerr chair a professor of history at the university of arkansas at little rock thank you so much a pleasure thank you matz it for race in america i'm actually banks follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question more about team and the law thanks for that actually a fourth set of gravitational waves has been detected after two black holes
5:45 pm
collided sending ripples through the fabric of space and time with the help of three detectors be italy based virgo observed these waves and researchers first confirmed the existence of gravitational waves with two laser light go detectors last year shortly after they detected two additional gravitational waves causing events sending ripples through the universe gravitational waves were predicted by albert einstein a century ago as part of his theory of general relativity you may have heard of that and nasa and russia's ros cosmo's announced that they have signed an agreement to cooperate on building the deep space gateway near the moon d.s.t. will sort of take the place of the aging i.s.f. and could also serve as a pit stop for future missions to mars so joining me now to discuss we've got a former commander really royale how they're leroy great to see you as always. yeah
5:46 pm
a great sea of manila kind of kind of thing but well first can you talk about nath as a relationship to rock cosmo's and how they procured this idea and perhaps what other countries might be involved. absolutely so you know of course nasa has been working with russia since the early to mid ninety's and starting with. cooperating on russia's mir space station and then developing i assess so this is a natural extension i'm very pleased to see this happening in this agreement being signed at the i see in adelaide it means that we will continue nasa and ross cosmos will continue to cooperate in space and it's very exciting because this deep space gateway is one of the key components of the new architecture that is more a moon centric now and it's basically a node a very small and human tended kind of a space station that will enable us to both explore the moon and also serve as a departure point to go farther into the universe including possibly or hopefully one day to mars so why exactly that are we building this d s g and what's
5:47 pm
the big deal with the moon haven't we explored enough of it how well we have explored the moon and last time we were very one nine hundred seventy two so we haven't been back there quite a while the reason to go back there are many reasons if we want to go to mars in my opinion i think it makes a lot of sense to go back to the moon first because we want to make sure that everything we sent to mars before we send the crew there is going to work so we want to make sure habitats work the power sources power generators the the rovers spacesuits we want to train crews there the moon is only three days away so if something goes wrong you can get your crew back pretty quickly mars on the other hand when the planets are lined up we talked about usually we talk about transit times or at least six months one way and so if you had a problem going outbound it would be a year or more before you got your crew back so you want to make sure everything's going to work very well this diest key the gateway what that does it's a little space station and so we would launch our crews to that. station they would
5:48 pm
assemble there and from there they could either departed to further discuss the nations or go down to the surface of the moon or conduct robotic operations remotely from the d.s.t. on the surface of the moon so that when the d.s.t. does gives you a lot of flexibility for exploration and i would fully expect all of the partners currently working on the iowa system hopefully new ones as well to come in and cooperate together and i was just joking about this with you on twitter which i tagged you on thing that this is sort of going to serve as like a a pit stop in outer space for one trip to the next kind of sounds like that's what this is going to serve as and that nasa has selected six companies to develop prototype habitats bigelow arest aerospace boeing lockheed martin orbital eighty k. sierra nevada corporation space systems and nano racks so does this indicate then that nasa is really heading this venture. well what it is is the have the gateway
5:49 pm
is an integral piece likes it's kind of like a nodes in a pit stop it's probably more than a pit stop that made news like that you could think of it as a really nice you know truck stop where we can get a few i'm going to have supplies you can you know take a rest and then go from there to another destination and nasa will be probably be believed partner just as we are masses leave partner i mean i assess who will bring in all the other partners too so russia and nasa i would invision a similar partnership a similar structure as we have aboard the international space station with the other countries in the european space agency the japanese and the canadian space agencies and i'm hopeful that we can bring other partners in like the chinese the chinese space agency the china manned space program obviously there are a player in this space no kind intended but i would love to see this cooperation happen because when we cooperate together in a big civil program like that like a space program that trickles down into other parts of the relationship and that can only be positive and we certainly get
5:50 pm
a lot of great products that come out of from outer space research and and lastly that i assess has been home to humans since about the year two thousand you lived there for a little while how much life have we got left in that thang. we have got a lot of life left it's currently slated for operation through at least twenty twenty four studies have shown it can easily be operated through two thousand and twenty eight safely and probably beyond i believe it could be operated well beyond the i s s is a key part of the exploration program because the biggest barrier to sending crews somewhere like mars is biomedical how do we keep astronauts and cosmonauts healthy in that harsh environment especially with the harsh reaction environment so we need to test our countermeasures develop and test or countermeasures using the i assess the isis also serves as a test bed for other technologies robust life support systems new propulsion systems things like that so i assess an integral part of any future exploration program so i would expect to see i assess extended through at least twenty twenty
5:51 pm
eight all right leroy chiao always a fascinating talk we watch how former nasa astronaut and i is that commander thank you so lets hope a human embryo to be with you again. and these days more and more people are using dating apps and now one woman's experience may cause people to think twice before signing up are to try to be chavez had that story. it's no secret that we are living in the digital age and as social media becomes increasingly popular so are dating apps like tender but how do you ever stop to think about exactly how much these apps really know about you well one woman did it and she found that the dating app had eight hundred pages of some of her most intimate secrets her name is judith the poor tale she's a french journalist who penned a piece in the guardian revealing how she discovered the app had gathered a massive amount of information about her age gender interests the people that she had dated or spoken to even right down to where she lived during the time that she
5:52 pm
was using the application according to her article with the help of a privacy activist group and a human rights attorney she emailed tender asking them to send her all of the information they had on her luckily for judith the u.s. company under european data protection rules the company is required to hand over any information it may have on a european citizen after she e-mailed tender asking for her personal information to her surprise that she got back eight hundred pages of her private information according to her article v.f.o. contained everything from her facebook likes to her photos from her instagram even after she deleted the associated account her education age range of the men that she was interested in right down to how many times she connected with a possible match not to mention the documents also obtained every single online conversation to portal how to along with when and where they occurred and the list goes on and on the information that could have about you isn't necessarily secure either it may reveal that they were investigating that the death of forty thousand
5:53 pm
user profile pictures after a programmer made them public however that's a risk users are taking when they sign up for the app to privacy policy clearly states we take security measures to help save guard your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure however no system can be completely secure therefore although we take steps to. carrier information we do not promised and you should not expect that your personal information chats or other communications well always remain secure but despite privacy concerns the dating out is cashing in just this month to top the apple store taking the number one spot as the top grossing app in the app store all thanks to an unbelievably active dating scene reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. and that does it for now for more on the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america check out our web site r t v dot com for slash america you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan remember to always
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question more have a great weekend. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play are to america which more are to america are so. many ways to use landscape just like you do you really use big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear or. so the parking. worlds of the world all the world's a stage we or you. i .
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i have lived in new york city for more than a quarter of a century i've worked here for decades ad agencies c.n.n. n.b.c. fox you name it so i've been exposed to all sorts of people and working environments here in new york and to me it is very clear that the coastal elite bubble is very real but not everyone in the bubble like me can actually theme the bubble and one of those bubble deniers is george clooney george has a new movie coming out so he's doing the interview circuit going around and saying things to make headlines so that people will learn about his movie and go buy
5:56 pm
tickets and one interview he just gave was to the daily beast and the daily beast interviewed the writer gushes about how much charmed george has and all the usual but kissing that goes on inside the bubble and clooney waxes verb oh son lots of different topics including why he thinks hillary lost and raises them and all the other hot topics that will generate headlines right this moment to promote his movie and so of course he bashes president trump because that's sure to get you views these days and while he's talking about trump george actually ends up saying that quote this idea of coastal elites living in a bubble is ridiculous and that's the point where i start wanting to tear out my hair clooney defend the idea that the bubble doesn't exist because lots of people move from the midwest to l.a. and new york and. in fact he's from kentucky so he thinks that the idea of the coastal elite bubble of course he doesn't mention that his aunt was
5:57 pm
a famous thing or which probably helped him when he got to hollywood he also doesn't mention his seventy three hundred square foot home in l.a. or his swank italian home on lake como or his home in los cabos mexico or his ten million dollar home on the river thames in england he doesn't mention that he just got a ton of press for flying his newborn twins around the globe in his private jet he there nope he just says he's from kentucky so the idea of the coastal elite bubble is ridiculous. listen i love living in new york in my neighborhood i live among muslims hispanics gays straights trans eastern europe as you name it is a global village and i love it but i see the bubble for what it is around me it does exist and all of the microphones are inside that mobile all of our movies and news and media it all comes from inside the bubble i'm not going to try to deny it even though i don't like it and until people like clooney see it too it's going to
5:58 pm
keep on suffocating them completely and the backlash will continue until eventually that bubble is bound to pop. that's. what you have for breakfast yesterday quietly to put those for. your wife or two dogs me. what's your biggest fear on him a bit on the hay ride with the less time medical board you say if you ever met the things the best quarterback. let's point the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i need to do due to the question more.
5:59 pm
len i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of the. corporate media everything uses to talk about these. things i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how to look forward and that is the model these are stories that you know what else might happen to your host of america. question. please.
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greetings and salutation. today all watchers let's take a much needed break from the head banging controversy and debt and politics of the day and talk movies now i'm not talking about the latest studio assembly line blockbusters the dazzle v.i.i. but leave us senseless no today let's talk about the ones that stick with us long after the popcorn it's the theater floor since the first faint flickers of light passed through a wide stretch canvas bilmes that have the power to project a mirror to our reality that me.


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