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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 7, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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why doesn't the prime minister understand that load. is a straight to an already weakening economy. i believe contrary. to the central government. position. and think it exists and. i have just seen the company where we have breached the government should call a general election the polls for example showing massive leads for the conservatives may change. policy on social kalle to just. nothing has changed. nothing has changed a number of polls showing a large support for prime minister theresa just. to get. back. to work backfire as the british. political future looks on so
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driving mission in takes is to make this a country. people wait for help. public. obstacles along the way. to hide from a child to shrink from a task to give and. welcome to a going underground conservative party conference special where in manchester in england where millions of pounds worth of taxpayers' money has been spent on police protecting the conservative party arguably against the people a prime minister only because of a billion pounds spent on a formally paramilitary linked political party in northern ireland addressed a divided party and that's according to mainstream media coming up in the show even . disastrous speech copy and pasted from all the woods munching sheen in the west
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wing hasn't saved teresa mayes m.p.'s from now actively plotting against with mainstream media now addicting the imminent end of a premiership we speak to three leading tory m.p.'s about the policy dimension of this week's arguably catastrophic twenty seventeen conservative party all time called. piers consultant editor of the most visited english language newspaper website in the world the daily mail tells us how jeremy corbyn good sweep aside the tories to become britain's next prime minister says a freedom of information request reveals police have advised using potentially lethal force to control and to fracking activists and. deputy leader of the u.k. green party why she joined tens of thousands of protesters outside the militarized walls because of the bloody conflicts in manchester oliseh more coming up in today's going underground munch a star under virtual lockdown with snipers on buildings for this week story
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conference was home to the u.k.'s first trades union congress the suffragette movement in arguably the communist manifesto but today some claim one of the capitals of britain's northern powerhouse is comparatively more poverty stricken than when george orwell wrote the road to wigan pier in one nine hundred thirty six we spoke to britain's assistant whip to the treasury craig whittaker outside the convention center where police officers were holding back protesters at a reported cost of three million taxpayer pounds despite one hundred ten of his fellow tory m.p.'s not even attending their own or two conference craig thanks for stepping out of the conference and out of the many ways it would so they kept on energy costs housing sounds like golden light no not at all i mean you know we had the promise to give it a very clear vision about what me should is going to be about and it's about taking personal responsibility for the housing market and this comes. and she's going to
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make sure that we get houses built for the young people the cool when mcdonnell bolasie is it probably shops they don't have any policies once women least of all they have any policies that are costed but we still have a spending fifty billion pounds a year we're still clearing up the coal minister taught mess that we inherited gordon brown health and tony blair it's essential to gender as no doubt you guys know all about what do you see from it has speech about d.c.m.s. you mentioned the b.b.c. correspondent laura kinds but not by name but talking about the need for bodyguards polarized things getting in britain well i mean that you know that it's an atrocious situation you can hear the noise here today this isn't the majority this is the very very cool few those actually you know the liberal elites in this country are very very good and very open minded until you disagree with their point of view and that's what we're hearing here today and that's sad part about the society will come to. any fear of jeremy coleman. and of course made reference to
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jeremy coleman i think six times six times more than the name theresa may well let's not forget germany is the opposition and you know all oppositions you know we are never complacent about any opposition because opposition is dangerous and particularly this type of opposition you know you've got a you've got a opposition leader in this country that is taking this country back thirty years you know marxist in ideology country becoming more marxist why do they do so well. last time i checked they didn't do very well and lost an election though in fact they did they didn't come anywhere close to it in the last election i don't think that i'm a mentioning the importance of unionism in keeping the united kingdom together was part of the billion billion pound bribe to the deity. you know we are the conservative and unionist party we always have been we always will be but what sort of power to the d.b. exert over you tory m.p.'s well none whatsoever they ever. separate parties we have
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a supply and demand working relationship they have a very clear god law and that they will support a conservative government on like any other minority government in history like an abandonment of any fiscal rules which is going to make the electorate surely wonder why not just give the vertical we know obviously more keynesian interest deduction investment yeah willie week we've already heard of called in that you know we're going to wipe out student debt we're going to cancel student fees and then all of a sudden guess what they kind of feel to do we're going to get to sixty billion pounds to write off student debt was he going to get that two hundred billion barrels or we nationalize industries in this country the money. they're going to get thank you you're welcome the british government's treasury whip craig whitlock of there speaking to me outside the convention center protected by police and machine guns we also moved to somewhere more quiet to catch up with britain's former secretary of state for international development u.k. privy councillor andrew mitchell conservative m.p. for something called field to get his impressions of how well to raise amazed
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government is doing and joel way from all the gossip and personalities you were secretary of state for international development any sign of international development issues being spoken about here the conference the first thing is going to do is to show that we know what we're doing have a bracks set we've got to deliver successful praxis for the u.k. the second thing is to do something about the levels of intergenerational unfairness in britain today and the third is to demonstrate why the free enterprise system why private enterprise is the great engine of opportunity and growth and raising living standards if we just get that do what you said about echoing the prime minister the free enterprise was the greatest engine i think she said of agency of human progress jeremy corbyn john mcdonald was on this show they wouldn't disagree with that they're just saying now capitalism is failing. well i think drama gallen drama called believe that the venezuelan example of of
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how you run an economy is a good way to run the economy we don't they would you know that in a world an industrial economy as opposed to going to me the other emerging more developing nation economy both jeremy and john believe that the free enterprise system isn't delivering and that's why we need to fight these battles again that you believe that's the case to presume no i do think that i think the free enterprise i think well the law is the child poverty capital of this country and at the same term there are more multi-millionaires within a couple miles of where we're sitting than anywhere outside london child poverty under the conservatives has reduced inequality under the conservatives have reduced it went up under the last labor government. address inequality has reduced and it depends on pond which the sticks you are using but the effectiveness of the
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measures that we have taken lifting people out of poverty and that means families children and adults lifting about poverty have been extremely effective you know there was no great food bank use under the even the blairite brown or the labor regimes even conservative m.p.'s in are saying the universal credit rollout is the main reason for food bank use these are your party's policies in government that are causing this situation i don't think there's anything wrong with food banks i think that in a sophisticated society like. however strong the safety net is there will always be people who fall through it and i think that the food banks are very good example of the big society trying to make sure that those gaps are plugged little exposure that philanthropic i don't old conservative values and then to help no i don't favor of the rollout of universal. but it will be got to be so that we don't put people into a bad place as
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a result of that so it isn't the levels of the developing world debt of the korean that used to be trying to solve over seas that are causing the german corbin's policies to. become more popular he's ordered favorite to be the next prime minister of this country what is it this was an election about authenticity and jeremy has done extremely well as he is actually consistent and utterly authentic i believe also that he is wrong and what in his economic analysis under mitchell thank you conservative former cabinet minister under mitchell there and we also invited to our conference makeshift studio the former vice chair of the conservative party nigel evans to get his take on measures to twenty seventeen what do you think about manchester right now it's a child poverty capital of this country or low confidence i've been in the m.p. for a constituency just an hour up the road so i've been coming to manchester for many years and it's been transformed by successive governments i have to say it's far
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more dynamic one of the world's great cities yes there are going to be problems they're all they need to be dealt with and there again it's not something invented by this government it's successive governments now that you mention successive governments because some people including the prime minister. arguably quite frightened of germany called we know obviously didn't see any of the success of government no you didn't know he's a he's a rebel now with a cause i guess and he's a rebel with a party i think he's he rose. and shop is from venezuela do we really want you to look at the end you're really willing i'll do you really want to turn this place into caracas i don't think so the fact is that i don't know if i was using food back. i mean yeah seriously i am that people aren't supporting corbin because they see deeply divided unequal brit no i think that they're seeing a dynamic britain that is now entering a new chapter it's a new iraq. we're leaving the european union and we will be doing trade deals throughout the rest of the world and hopefully doing
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a trade deal with the european union as well we still want to buy their cars we still want to buy their champagne and hopefully they'll still want to buy our products as well we've got a net deficit with the european union of about sixty to seventy billion pounds it's in their interests that david davis is allowed to negotiate a proper deal that's going to be in the best interest of all of us and then if you really want to see poverty go to greece go and have a look at fifty percent youth unemployment go to spain where you see fifty percent youth unemployment there as well there are a lot of countries within the european union who are doing very badly because of the system of the european union and the fact that they're on the euro it's not helping them it's helping germany but it's certainly not helping them doesn't your henry the eighth the repeal bill will mean that a europe a skeptic or within mcdonnell can really bring about a much more spectacular change of the that you oppose so i trusted the electorate at the last general election didn't quite get the we wanted but they are always right i trusted the electorate on bragg's it as well and i will trust the
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electorate when it comes to the next general election when we're out of the european union yes jeremy corbyn with the const rates of the european union will be able to offer an agenda which if sufficiently attractive he will get elected to number ten our challenge is to ensure that we offer something that is going to be far more attractive than what we offered last time rome we attack the young we attack the old those days have gone we've now got cabinet governance back in this country the fact is we're being realistic about it we're not saying we're going to get rid of tuition fees because that is totally an affordable but what we are going to do is ensure that that threshold is raised before people start paying back that debt and we're also freezing the tuition fees as well these are sensible realistic things we're not promising things we can't deliver after all we are in government when we say we're going to do something we'll be judged on whether we act or not nigel evans thank you after the break u.k. labor leader.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in. the long run the only show i go out of my way to. the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack tonight. president of the world bank. sent us an email. welcome back before mainstream media turned on dres m a in this week's arguably disastrous conservative party conference jeremy corbyn called up mainstream media in one particular newspaper one paper devoted four pages to attacking the labor party. in the following. ten percent he was referring to the daily mail and well the leader of western europe's largest socialist party may laugh at it the lord rather me
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a title has in fact apparently the most viewed english language newspaper websites in the world we sat down with the paper's consulted editor under p.s. who was in manchester to cover this week's conference to get his take on theresa may the conservative party and who will be britain's next prime minister under way here in man just last week in brighton call been attacked your newspaper which apparently the biggest web presence on the internet of any newspaper in the world the daily mail this time with the turn of the f.t. or maybe another type of newspaper constant attacks on newspapers and media at the moment well i took it was about your own and i my attitude when jeremy koeppen singled out the daily mail for criticism that has to put not you put a more lord rosebery yeah it's our job is to challenge politicians and look at what they're saying and what they're doing we don't call been saying all day and here in manchester of course the f.t. has been attacked by tories from the platform because. it's
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a cheerleader for the european union the editor lionel barber has got a civic award from the french government because of the work they've been doing promoting the european union which i think is an undemocratic useless incompetent expensive institution and i'm very glad we're leaving it's a japanese newspaper the f.t. anyway they've always been suspicious like german coburn as we said of the european union any suspicion that what are you hearing in the conference hall about some suspicions from some sections of the conservative body and the country that there's a creeping remain miller is of reneging on the will of the british people going on well boris johnson speech brother a speech in the party conference try to deal with that head on because he's talked about the benefits of brags that we've got to start seeing the positives of bragg's at seventeen and a half million people in britain voted to leave your opinion because they want to get their lives back that it won't brussels telling us what to do what do we can and can't pay our benefits to and it's a long lost foreign secretary has spoken up for those benefits and i've always yeah
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but i know david davies the bracks except i've seen him a lot at this conference i've known you for many years he says nothing's changing we are leaving the european union in march twenty nine thousand we're leaving the single market we're leaving the customs union and the transition period shouldn't be much more than two years which is pretty much what boris johnson said yeah people can probably understand a negotiation like this is sensitive is this really not be out in the open all the time but we do hear that civil servants are being stolen from david davis the brakes it secretary and put in downing street we know tourism it was a remainer i mean are there any worries that people voted for no leader to tell you why if the if the government doesn't deliver the bricks that people wanted which is the european court not meddling in our affairs and that we can negotiate our own trade deals the tory government will be swept from office and jeremy cope and we prime minister people like crazy man philip hammond of the people to drive this forward now if it happened to their bosses yeah right. vaux won't resume they were
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davis may well be the boston for that much longer than they will have a new leader i don't think it's boris johnson by the way either i don't know who it's going to be it's a good it's a good it's a good question to ask but i don't know but whoever it is it will be on the remains of all the soft tories i think it will be a leaf i think it probably has to be if i have to put money in it would be a man could dominate rob who's not even in the cabinet minister of state he's very clever close to david davis who was but not the also quite good he didn't get called it right i didn't go well horribly wrong but i did get the referendum right i won money on the referendum and i won money on trump winning in the united states because i thought hillary clinton was ghastly and she had so much baggage and that's that's even for you think has been so maybe i got this one right it was definitely worth a longshot thank you very nice to be here. the consult and editor of lord rather me is daily mail newspaper well while but she in gun toting beliefs protected
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conservative party rallies inside man just as conference calls it was outside the militarized walls that one issue is being heard loud and clear changes to social security by twenty twenty two over seven million households are projected to receive praise amaze universal credit payments when they were hoff being working households with critics say the policy will drive millions to seek food aid this in a country which the red cross says is facing a humanitarian crisis over basic health and which the u.n. says is failing to protect the vulnerable this before demerged betrays them a so-called policy on housing would only be responsible for five thousand extra homes while two million households languish on waiting lists. what do you think of tourism a speech and really good thing. even though. even though it seems like when like some of the people coming to the conference. it's a great speech it really shows head emanation. she really wants to do something for
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the country which is fantastic what do you think of you only to me i think you're very much a very challenging circumstances what about how she's trying to address child poverty this is the capital of britain. this is and it's in manchester no no one in manchester elected i could serve to m.p. nobody in manchester wants the tories here and they've used that they've sent that message by democratically elected people from other parties now the reason the concept the reason there's so much security here is because the concept is to come to such a leftwing city with a pride sister a proud history of socialism and effectively we are now our taxpayers and i subsidizing this conference without the police and with the with the board as well so really there could've been a better light. mention for that conference to be held and i think this is something that we see across the country as well but when we see i've been quite
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struck by protest movements and fracking sites where. are currently trailing and what you see are police lines just like there's hundreds of police to work against kind of thirty forty protesters who are there every day who are using brutal tactics also means of course able to actually at the moment unsuccessfully trail for shale gas while our government is subsidizing the operation by providing police security i can understand entirely why people feel they need to take. direct action if you like than you know escalate their actions but i think you know and i can understand as people are very very angry people are being people's lives are being ruined here i don't like describing those kind of actions as violent because you know i mean actually if you look at what this government's responsible for cutting n.h.s. funding is killing people cutting table people's benefits is killing people you know the situation with the grain felt was avoidable and that is you know that was
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a political decision about you know cutting costs and things which is why those people died so if we don't describe those kind of things as violence i don't think we can describe political protest as violent either we had our first food bank in the country opened in my local hospital and instead of the being a protest outside it saying this is wrong why are people being amidst this hospital with malnutrition related diseases they celebrated it apart their food their drinks and their should go to bana. you know that could in a band of insight call in the fly fly into song with a you know i would highly fused salivates because this government is gonna come painted discrimination against the polish and say it's i spoke unspayed politer since committed suicide in side the job center of universal credit one man must absolutely everything including his family he had no shoes on his feet the little of activities that we've been doing all the way the government we hold him accountable it's because a groups
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a black child and girl who spend all that time collated information about the deaths and destruction caused by this government it's about people like me are right for the paper that is for the blog you challenge people all the time about these issues it's about side daypack who put their lives and their freedoms on the line stand in front and sit in front of charms because they will not listen to peaceful protesters in a real large segment of population about twenty percent were also one of the main targets of this government's attacks on society of reveal stare at each and. you know we're suffering. a massive application of our rights remove all. the income that we need to live on. which has led to enormous suffering and many deaths in the thousands but you know don't go down cast i mean it's horrible going to do horrible things but you know we're strong together. and this is going to end we are going to get rid of this government. it's going to it's been seven years
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a really horrible seven years the united nations have found that they're guilty of grave and systemic human rights abuses against people who have created a human catastrophe those are the actual words and the government's rations that was simply to deny it's happening so we want rid of them there are a terrible bunch of people doing terrible things we want them out i also think the people want change on the foreign policy from as well because it seems to me to be completely wrong for this government or any other government to be spending billions and billions and billions of pounds on these foreign policy adventures these wars and interventions being so catastrophic over the last sixteen seventeen years they've made the world a more dangerous place they've actually led to increase bitterness around the world they've called cause mayhem and chaos in the whole regions of the world actually and of course they talk in the conference center about the terrorist attacks which
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are awful dreadful and we want an end to them but everyone really knows that the main cools the main reason why terrorism is spreading around the world is because of the anger and hatred that people feel towards the kind of wars that the west has been waging in the last couple of decades so yes certainly having some alternative media is very important i mean we all know how incredibly biased the b.b.c. has been against corbin uneven some of the so-called left wing journalists on papers like the guardian approved wanting so yes we need an alternative media but we also badly need a new politicized progressive culture my. fellow oh so come. oh no soul call must surely. be home i think it's very important to use culture in
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general including music to reach out to new audiences with progressive political ideas so i think the music has always been incredibly important when it comes to the social and political debate and actually rulers of long understood this they very often try to suppress music that they don't like the message of an interview they commissioned composers to keep their own propaganda the right hello i'm people i'm a rapper from manchester and this is it's i was it's not my country not my scene not my capital not my queen not my soul just not my armies not my tanks not my m sixteen not my tornadoes or psych loans not my helicopters or drones not my secrets not my intelligence my silverball not my gold not my parliament not my doors no they're not my government show me and i might just walk in and drop my draws on to them or they can eat my shorts because i live
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a life not like yours your course is not my cause come around here try to talk you'll talk or you might get socked in the jaw because when my back's up on the wall i don't really want to talk no more i get better when i hear them talking well i don't really want to hear no more because i don't want to contribute to this fuss and i'm in a mood to get dark and i'm in a mood to get hot i'm in a mood to speak badass. oh that was ending this special edition of going on the ground at the conservative body club birds in man just up as you can see why haven't they all but just so we'll see you on monday fifty years to the day the take of our with the sounds of a goodwill cia backed mission in bolivia we'll be talking to take of ours brother kill them with the travelers on media we'll leave you with a side to him sounds a man just a single of twenty seven. despite
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all the efforts of the central banks to kill the economy by keeping bankers solvent when they should have been declared bankrupt years ago the index is showing that interest rates are going to go higher this means two things number one property market's going to crash and number two bond market's going to crash. it's taken these children's homes. now it threatens to take their future. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most
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people have a strong choice. live in poverty. which going to. put some following a different. it's. moving food to meet. the point of us hope. that's a low.
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profile unity rallies are held to a crawl space and in the cuts alone in a capital barcelona the same time launched the petition to pressure regional officials into declaring independence from madrid. also wiki leaks founder julian the song offers a twist on western journalism mocks the recent coverage of so-called gate on the country's interference in american politics plus. the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaosium from a white house press secretary coming amid the president's harsh rhetoric.


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