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role in the attack claiming that in the aftermath of the attack former f.b.i. director james comey to lie to the american people by claiming that simpson was a needle in a haystack that was invisible to us now look i know i know right right now you're asking yourself how could those injured security guard possibly believe that a pure angel of truth goodness and justice like james komi would lie to the american people where would we possibly get a crazy idea like that well according to a sixty minutes investigation and a separate court case an undercover f.b.i. agent was sitting in a car directly behind the two attackers taking pictures of them all the way up to and possibly thirty seconds prior to the attack and that same agent had texted simpson calling for him to quote tear up texas just weeks before the event took place. if joiners case proves out i think it's time to ask who is who
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is a greater threat the extremist terrorists or the law enforcement agency that supplies bottles and spiers them which is why we must always be watching the harks. as. to. what you know that i got. that. we. are going to watch in the harks i am tyrrel the target and i'm tapping the lawless james comey law if i was being alleged i know you're shocked to find out just like there's shock that there's a gamble. also blog. but it's very very intimate because this is another indication
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that the f.b.i. has not been doing their job and i have to wonder with so much money spent with so much effort so much support that the f.b.i. had under the previous administrations what. why would we do this because of that and why doesn't he take some responsibility he was in charge of this and he goes up there and said not that an f.b.i. has never an agent or a person has never lied to congress before hoops this is a big one this is a really boil it is that this is american security at stake and you're standing there going click click while they're pulling guns out as the big thing to kind of butt up for the debate about this is that you know is this another case where the f.b.i. had a direct hand in mitigating the violence to get a shot at the mayor when the mean or could be obstructive is the only way we might stop you know i think only having later bad judgments and what we did make people
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aware there could have been something there within three hours and i'm going to be honest this is a controversial of the i think there was a lot of security and a lot of personnel there because i think people kind of expected something to happen at this drop moment event because they were yeah they got additional nature they expected protesters more than any that what's interesting is a lot of this information came out because of this kind of other you know generally involved a court case or adding to the one of the shooters simpson. and that's where it came up that the f.b.i. had been following simpson for years the agent you know had direct the undercover agent had direct contact with simpson routinely in the months leading up to the attack that's where you saw the tweet about simpson and they say some of his mosque leaders were not actually had dealt with a previous undercover agent who would who would you know recorded like fifteen hundred hours of their conversations actually drove the guy and assaulted because the pope so betrayed by this part best friend now turned out to be an agent got another region. we're going to go the undercover f.b.i.
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agent even used his cell phone several feet away from the building to film the secure the building security guard joiner seconds before he was shot by the extremists and then they got a room and got picked up by a girl and pretty hard to really really was over they let him go in the hole was just it's a bizarre crazy story but the crazy thing is to it's not dissimilar from what we've seen before and other of the f.b.i. was setting up somebody to take a terrorism you know we've seen this over and over and over again we've seen all of the f.b.i. traps it's a trap you know you're setting someone up you're giving them the idea joiners attorney trent roberts had told the washington examiner that it seems like it had to have been one or the other just a complete botched operation where the f.b.i. didn't want the attack to actually take place or it's something where they need the attack to take place in order for this guy the agent to advance in the world of
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isis the air went on to say about how he believes that the f.b.i. thought he was undercover and in order to advance he needed to get pictures or video of this attack and then that would bolster his street cred with ice this now first of all. now so interesting scenario boilers i'm going to go in no no no we just not do this like oh i got to get into this under the idea of like i'm going to be an undercover guy that's like being an undercover guy in anonymous you know you're not going to get any you know most them are going to now anyway that scares me about the idea of law enforcement especially f.b.i. are too busy trying to get pictures of terrorist attacks and the idea of like oh well he was doing this and can't make the case unless he's there you let people get hurt you let this man mr joyner let him get her they have a history of the law was true but those that we've seen countless times over and over again over and over very bad i just i don't understand the idea it's like you want to keep people safe but then you put all those people at risk if they had gotten further in there were a. people have thought about whether i completely disagree with their political
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ideology which i do this is this is the united states of america and those people have a right of first amendment right and they should not be shown to be a single twist of this is that the boy or. the burka goes home to the. whole of the bug to have a theory that some of the guns purchased by. may have actually been converted to the. various kind of go to so many different layers of this that we will definitely keep you posted as this case moves forward to see what is you know the truth from the pictures. a recent survey of one thousand americans on their media preferences and opinions of controversial subjects revealed got our suspicion of institutions fuels lingering myths casting their debunking into doubt which can be seen in their results not just by news outlet but by age group c.
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the news outlets perceived to be the biggest perv a ors of fake news were breitbart at the number one followed in descending order with fox news info war is the rush limbaugh show the glenn beck program buzz feed the sean hannity show c.n.n. huff post and drudge report when i asked if they believed that they had ever been tricked by fake news twenty point two percent of baby boomers aren't sure if they have thirty two point three percent of minute millennialist think they would never offend fold while fifty two point seven percent of us gen x. there's this method that probably or definitely we've been fooled and even though the administration and republicans have been going out of the so-called liberal corporate news outlets the perception by the public is actually that conservative news out so loud let's are more likely to be spreading fake news can a society that prioritizes perception over evidence or lack thereof truly uphold the values of american democracy. as
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a great question to you but i think the curious thing about it is like think that we are a society based completely on perception though over yeah so i mean i think we pretty much we rather how we will believe the perception of something before the evidence has even come in of course and then when the evidence does commit it challenges our perception visual image of the sale of evidence of space everything that doesn't agree with our pokes holes in our ideas fake fake fake fake and you see this of both sides of political sport up here in the us i hope it doesn't go to the rest of the world i hope that we don't like. blood left or right we don't believe either side to matter what the scourge doesn't affect the rest of the planet the way it was here i think in some ways we are going we already sort of break up our and everybody by conservative or liberal brother which i think is a real is a silly misnomer because you can not want the fad but also believe in feeding poor kids like these things are not have you know there's different exclude usually those and i think that's where people are starting to realize they don't even live
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on either side of the people who fall for the most news according to this study were baby baby boomers which is not entirely surprising because they are people that didn't grow up with the internet they definitely came into it later and life highest percentage of people the baby boomers the highest percentage of people that believe the white house this spreading fake name is sixty one point three percent so are six and ten respondents said that they believe. that that they believe that the white house is spreading fake news which is interesting because that's the demographic that most favored. trump in the election and yet they're the most critical of news in general and the current administration that's really fascinating because murtha here's another thing that's interesting so when this poll kind of broke down the different channels a lot of the people who watched those channels chris found some really interesting factoids about these viewers when your favorite when you asked somebody. like
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what's your favorite news station what goes the subsidy a man was their favorite channel fifty one point two percent of those people also believe the vaccines caused autism which is weird because c.n.n. totally tries to debug that every know that theory every time without constraint even have a discussion about actually the fact that you know also thirty six point one percent of people say see them as their favorite i don't think trump did collude with russia that's a low number for the amount of times they push that conspiracy and seventeen point two percent think hillary clinton was involved in. rich's death so again like these are actually very bizarre numbers for people to claim would see it and their fair go to channel does every minute of it with their editorial line knowing right not all people watching at all and let's move over to the opposite fox news our box news forty six point nine percent think sandy hook was a hoax these are fox news people suboxone is their favorite channel sixty two port number something obama paved is a birth certificate forty eight percent think her with her was involved in rich's
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death and thirteen percent in climate change is the only thirteen percent fifty one percent again vaccines cause autism now what's interesting is that i'm not going to debate or talk about any of those different like kind of i guess you'd call them conspiracy theories though i die for controversial and that will still sounds weird fred for sceptics but what's interesting is that i'm not surprised by the fox news viewers belief systems but i am surprised by the c.n.n. belief systems which says to me that i don't think c.n.n. has the better that audience that box news i know or the or the loyal audience that fox news i think is one of those things that people go in and out of it right there isn't like an ideological home base for that it's interesting to note though on the vaccine that a lot of ten x. r.'s believe that and i think the reasoning for that or at least part of the reason for that is that if you're rich and x. or you were a teenager in the ninety's which is when that wakefield was in study that's been debunked that specific study was deep. and that's sort of the one that fed
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a lot of the vaccine movements first along that now that sort of attached to it so you see it's just that idea they heard it when they were doing that and then whether or not they ever sort of to get off vaccine issues that important issue that i love talking out of the show not the scary thing just how many people who are just like no but i want to know i believe ultimately one side or the other road because it's a good debatable issue that should be out there but should be not ignored by channels and should be not ignored by news shows because i think there is some i think there is some some fire most of the smoke there terms of what's called war now but getting back to business what's really interesting too is when you look at party affiliation yeah sixty three point three percent believe the of democrats when you look at democrats they believe that climate change is real and fifty three point six percent believe trump colluded with russia. earlier an interesting thing about the collusion is the of all those people the watchers none of them could break that fifty percent no of all the why should it be invested on both sides
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would have been liberal or a centrist news stations like me and i'm sad it doesn't matter everybody fifty is fifty. all right as we go to break off watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are too god come coming up we present strong storms interview with blaming pentagon papers was a war daniel ellsberg and merivale will discuss how the real history of the vietnam war is still being watered down and will be written more than fifty years later i don't want to miss that in a peaceful state to watch a little. according to the international atomic energy agency iran is in compliance with the agreement signed during the obama administration donald trump knows this so why does he want
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to trash the agreement. i'm now in there's no you know until you tell him to the other shows a little you know mr welch that it goes. to the other things i do that i didn't intend to do that then. you have. to go to war you know you really do believe all. the glad the police have got. the number the ones who nobody can take the one that. got up out of the line down. in the state at the impulse nguyen and he's not a bush he stumbled out of the.
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time when it. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us it actually is full on . the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of march to you americans do the same we are virtually better than the food that you see people you've never heard of low or down to the night and president of the world playing so very. seriously send us an e-mail.
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claiming anywhere between three and four million deaths the vietnam war was one of the most brutal and here in world history and back to the entire region of southeast asia for decades after it ended the shaping of an entire generation of americans no war has arguably had more of an imprint on our society but to this very day it is tragically underestimated just how many lies and fabrications went into the realization that marketing of this vast conflict and how many lives could have been saved had truth prevailed over politics but the most significant victim of our distorted understanding of history isn't just the ideal of truth it's the lessons we miss as we repeat our historic mistakes over and over again to take a deeper dive into the untouched lessons of the vietnam war and a recent documentary about the war by ken burns shawn stone recently spoke with daniel ellsberg form of military analyst turned whistleblower who released the very famous pentagon papers unsuccessfully prosecuted under the espionage act ellsberg
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leak revealed the years of lies under the kennedy and johnson administrations the feasibility and predicted outcomes of the vietnam war and led in part to the war's end a landmark for. first amendment decision by the supreme court and president nixon's fateful decision to create a secret antiquing task force that a year later was caught breaking into the watergate hotel here is that mr ellsberg had to say about recent coverage of vietnam and what we may need to correct in our collective record words he used in the film right at the beginning and in the book which i have just received. are inexcusable they didn't actually use the word intentions all that was clearly implied they said the war was begun in good faith by decent men whatever that means i can't think of a meaning of good faith the would apply to any of the men who began the war it was very clearly a support of a french attempt violently to reconquer the country of a colony that had declared its independence in the summer of one nine hundred forty
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five the us supported that effort for various reasons and by nine hundred fifty was paying eighty percent of the cost of the war so it was not just a french war it was a french american war and that's the way most if you had no means understood at the time there was nothing in our tradition or our constitution our declaration of independence any anything that made that. good faith and indeed the real nature of that war was obscured from the country just as it was later there's no way of calling as they did call that phase of the war a civil war was the french american war a civil war it was an attempt to impose a century and imperial or a colonial regime on a country that wanted independence the war later on the next period of the war from fifty four fifty five on again was an american war essentially to call it
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a civil war is absurd as they do call it a war in which one side is entirely paid quipped. directed basically by a foreign power is not a civil war they i think they were misled by the fact that there were vietnamese on both sides some vietnamese specifically the ones who may have called it a civil war to some degree with the ones who had fought for the french against the independence of their country for various motives and essentially those were the same officers and many of the same men who came south and fought under the americans and other foreign power and some of them may sincerely have felt they were fighting against countrymen communists who were they and they didn't want to communist regime others simply wanted the pay or the family physician or whatever of working for foreigners and a very small minority of the nation against the independence of their country which
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was something desired by virtually all vietnamese nearly all vietnamese although they would not all have fought for it to the degree that the communist would nationalist movement did fight for so it was a war that that resulted from american policy we preferred the we the us government of which i was part at one time preferred there to be a war a continuous basically stalemated war endless rather than a peace which amounted to a unified country almost surely eventually under communist leadership and we didn't want that so we imposed essentially a war on the vietnamese. and in terms of imposing that war on the vietnamese the documentary also. just sort of quasi is over the gulf of tonkin
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and the idea that they espouse in the documentary is that we essentially retaliated for being attacked in the gulf of tonkin which i think most serious historians have dismissed that there was no attack by north vietnam against america but could you listen to this point. you know i've heard people what should who got the impression that the film said that there was an attack that was in my impression watching it i'm not sure on that that would of course have been a total lie and absolutely wrong there was no attack on august fourth the supposed to attack with the claimed attack to which we responded with. moves a ninety five or sixty five sixty four perhaps sorties that is individual flights bombing against north vietnam supposedly against an attack on our destroyers which if it had occurred would not have been as johnson president johnson claimed unprovoked there had been just before that covert aggressive attacks on north
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vietnam by resources p.t. boats and others that were entirely directed to owned run by the cia but i was in american attack essentially using cruise by the way from all over asia the philippines korea some from vietnam but it was a cia attack of which we were aware and which the north vietnamese were aware had they responded as they did by the way on august second to that they had responded to such an attack and johnson chose not to retaliate quote to that because it would raise the question of the provocation we've made when there were we thought initially there was a similar attack on august fourth he did prepare to retaliate and although uncertainty. these are merged before the attack occurred great on certainties. and in fact there had been no attack nevertheless the president went ahead with it and that was the beginning of bombing campaign against north vietnam which was
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suspended for the duration of the campaign because the president was running against a more hawkish opponent senator goldwater general goldwater in the air force reserve who wanted really under strict it by me against north vietnam johnson wanted to be the peace candidate and won a great mandate on that. issue among a couple of others for not widening the war as he promised we seek no wider war that was a lie he foresaw a wider war he intended a wider war and he carried it out in the spring after which we bombed we dropped four times almost four times as many bombs tonnage on indochina as we had in all of world war two. and we did this against this one region of indochina largely largely in the south actually but also in the north of vietnam and in laos
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and vietnam which we've been part of french indochina so it was a a major crime against the peace by the united states. and speaking of this. this bombing in the overall war profiteering that occurred it strikes me that a documentary like burns's is unable to actually address a large aspect of history because the corporate sponsorship that's in place from everything from ford foundation to bank of america and other corporations almost prohibits real history from discussing who profited as far as we know understand the military industrial complex that exists and this relationship of major finance with the arms industry and obviously other businesses that are involved in the making of war. you know. it's often said boehm in the north your dummies writer says in the film plausibly no one wins or loses in
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a war that's not quite true course the vietnamese in the end won their independence at very great cost but in the united states to say that no one wins is misleading the arms industry and the financial industry and so forth but the that supports them but the military industrial complex in general profited very highly from the war. we lost a tremendous number of helicopters more than a thousand i would say and those had to be replaced and were replaced at a profit to the makers some of whom by the way had faced bankruptcy virtually before the war and in profit very heavily from the war that's a factor in congressional tolerance of a war like that because there are jobs and profits and campaign contributions in almost every state of the union in such an operation. we've known for
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a while that nafta is laser focused on finding humans to mars but the how is of course much more complicated know why a mars mission poses an overwhelming number of challenges and problem among them is how to protect astronauts from the copious amounts of radiation will encounter on such a long trip through outer space but now we're beginning to get some answers and that appears to be approaching this problem creatively to favor a least at risk of at london this chief technologist douglas terrier dropped a hint that the agency is considering gene modifications to allow astronauts to endure the extreme levels of radiation they'd encounter on that trip to mars oh of course this raises a plot of ethical questions but nevertheless it's a fascinating prospect that nasa bio engineers believe they may actually be able to make a human resistant to radiation by slightly altering their d.n.a. i mean whether or not we created new. species that astronaut humans however remains to be seen that mars missions on a schedule that happened close to twenty thirty but. get your d.n.a.
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mutated to go to mars. without a shadow over doubt not have so i mean i'm ready ready to go. i don't know i don't know i believe living with the mars wishes you can come back when it's a one way ticket right out about it's a one way ticket a lot can happen between now and twenty thirty us true true will see what happens already that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are left with the sword so you walt i love you i am i robot that watching all those hawks out there and have a great night everybody. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact is now ladies there's just not enough shelter even if
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people on the streets right now decided to come in there's no where to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such. tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution. to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. places like africa and india will be some of the most exciting areas to to see that gray say the coming decades. it's only forty fifty years ago in places like dubai in the middle east themselves very impoverished communities but through energy they've
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become some of the richest places in the world i'm what i would hope to see now over the coming decades is that places which have been without power through cheap almost limitless power in particular would have the chance to share in those benefits. is still exist. ricos treated as one. hundred forty three cool. little can i knew a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence just a little see it only got. good at either. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day.
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i'm a long way from mania. with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise. seems wrong. to me but yet to shape out this day become educated and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. up. i i. i. i i i i i i.
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i i i i. i i. years of talks under negotiations over iran's nuclear deal could be ruined amid fears president from. the historic agreement that's despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying two wrongs keeping its fight at the. global gaming sensation poky mongolia becomes the latest unexpected link to an alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election last according to american media. a woman wounded in the deadly las vegas' shooting massacre sues the hotel where the gunman was firing at firing from.


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