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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  October 16, 2017 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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greetings and salutation do you ever wonder watchers why some news stories are given massive newspaper headlines and wall to wall coverage all over the cable news while other stories just as important maybe even more so get pushed to the back of the line to wither and die on the vine of alternative news media these are the questions that we should be asking so today let's look let's take a look at a couple of those stories that deserve more than just a single blurb or headlines stories that should not be ignored or allowed to dry up
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and blow away starting in somalia where a car bombing in the center of mogadishu took the lives of over three hundred people and counting last saturday and according to the guardian one of the few news outlets to give the story any kind of major coverage the casualties included senior civil servants five paramedic volunteers a journalist but most were ordinary people on one of the busiest thoroughfares of mogadishu in fact the guardian reports the death toll could reach as high as five hundred but where is where is the walled in all news coverage that vegas paris and orlando received after violently violent attacks tragically struck those cities i don't see that for somalia no hashtag mogadishu strong on facebook anywhere. yes the rules of coverage are different for countries with predominantly lighter skin and a higher gross domestic product you know what else doesn't get the kind of coverage that say your average hollywood divorce does the military industrial complex i mean
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why bother with extensive coverage of a tax dollar leeching bureaucracy that according to the pentagon's own data has cost the average american taxpayer some seventy five hundred dollars per person since nine eleven when hey we can target by impulse and start to jonah's brother much more important or why or why bother reporting that the boondoggle of the f. thirty five was given twenty billion tax dollars worth of obsolete fighter jets when there was russia meddling and pokey to talk about. but we don't talk about the trivial here so let's roll up our sleeves and give coverage just some real news stories of the day as we continue watching the hawks. as. you know that i got.
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the. welcome one and all are watching the hawks i robot and that top and. i know right now what do you know that no one is talking about no one ever talks of no like a blurb maybe a headline something as big as as as big as somalia which in this and this attack this which is horribly tragic incredibly has a over the weekend you know less you are really paying attention you would be like oh well it's my heart that something happened and we've talked about it before when things have happened over the last couple of years every time one of these things. happens there's always other cases that have more that have there are more tragic more civilians killed in other places but as we've said before if it's not in a chic metropolitan city. last year
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a lot of white people around people just don't pay attention. but there's a lot of white people in africa there were thousands and wearing uniforms and that's where this happened you can't be surprised that people are going to die in a place where you're going in with weapons of war and you're waging war and you're dropping bombs you're in an environment that's going to happen but to pretend like if it's important enough for us to be there it should be important enough for the u.s. press for that money a minute amount to let the american people know where where our soldiers are where or where they're fighting most definitely. i mean you know you look at it like this it's like clint smith the teacher writer ph d. candidate at harvard i think it's the most important question imagine if two hundred fifty plus people in the u.s. or u.k. or france were killed in a truck bomb that's just what happened in somalia they deserved to be born so yes i think we do deserve to take more the loss of those people and i hope and pray that
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they can recover from this small he's had a bad years but let's talk about that other favorite wonderful wonderful well again that we could be giving them to all of somalia we could be giving you know countries in africa how we could be giving them you know what we can build in roads yeah that's the country doing things like can help them and said we're putting all this money into ridiculous things like wasting twenty million with a b. twenty billion dollars on after thirty five's that are pretty much useless yes a so the u.s. military is now canceling upgrades to more than one hundred of these early model after thirty five stealth fighters that were used in the reasoning is that. they one hundred or so of them. i have this to be called the to be block blog to be software and what that does is allow a plane that actually has the capability physical capability to drop a number of different kinds of missiles because it has this one software it can
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only do like four different guns oh so we need for something like seventeen hundred and sixty percent of them are useless totally they can't do any of them they're supposed to do so yeah that leaves us with about twenty billion dollars of stuff that we have an incredible time they have no they have no six percent twenty billion of these they don't work they don't have any capabilities that we paid for and there's a really enjoy. twenty billion dollar and search about ways to i would love to hear how twenty billion dollars does it is because of something called speed over quality it's because of a strategy concurrent see. greater an analyst with the project on government oversight in washington d.c. told the daily beast there's the risk but the services would be stuck with less than capable aircraft as one that the pentagon knowingly took would leaders decided to overwhelm the development and the testing of the program with the production so basically it's a deliberate strategy concurrency which as they say is designed to speed up no
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design not that's just doing things poorly this is what you think is the dumbest thing i've ever heard and they get away with it because we just throw money at the military without any any any kind of oversight with anything in our guidelines that yukos research then development then reduction then distribution it's like day three of business school you might want to drive things were different in the private and they say we can only agree at once you can't do what they wanted they have taxpayer dollars to waste not held accountable to bad that's the problem because the moment you try to hold them accountable they're say well why are you why are you preventing the soldiers know i'm doing what they need i want to know why you're preventing you're wasting away twenty billion dollars. if that twenty billion dollars could have fed every single kid who goes hungry in this country well you too and some of the only have some leftover for legs only there's always i'm sure you were you know i brought a little over seventy five hundred dollars for your person in the united states who
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pays taxes since nine eleven what's really interesting though is the opposite of how much we spend on diplomacy a lot less it's about forty one hundred nine eleven per person so they out of our tax money only forty one hundred for diplomacy and seventy five hundred for just you know bridging i don't get it i just don't understand that sometimes you get a real war like society one point five trillion dollars you know afghanistan iraq and syria one point five trillion dollars and you're telling me we can't feed people or take care of our elderly we should get rid of social security because who cares about old people all one point five actually jobs up to five trillion dollars . include things like the military no one knows when you start including black budgets and cia operations just true. for nearly a week flames continue to burn in northern california dead and thousands more
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evacuated compounded by strong winds the flames have been spreading like wildfire and sending paths of smoke hundreds of miles across the region the same winds reignited the fires this saturday causing yet more evacuations and panic while at least a dozen people remain missing and economic and sell to physical injury the fires are hitting california's wine country a major economic engine in this state the hardest actually had the latest weather reports do bring hope that a weather system out of alaska will bring much needed rainfall later this week to help quell the flames but in the meantime eleven thousand firefighters are on the front lines risking everything to help stop the destruction artie's natasha street has more out of los angeles. and tyrrell you know the largest. after of the disaster as you mentioned are those unrelenting when we understand that the wind carried the smoke some five hundred fifty miles all the way to the mexico border and that's as motive satellite passed over california on friday
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capturing these images and you can see the thick line of smoke coming from santa rosa into the pacific ocean parallel to the northern edge of mexico so those winds like you mentioned are just very very strong still at this point have looks a lot like the mount st helens will not blow up in the seven years to the satellite images of you know you saw the bow over the ridges of the of the fires of burned over two hundred thousand acres leaving california's fire crews essentially exhausted and spread remarkably in despite eleven thousand how is the state handling this crisis the doj. we understand that the state actually release you know federal emergency funds but we understand there's also one hundred thousand firefighters from neighboring states coming in to help with this effort a hundred thousand firefighters and then another eight hundred eighty fire engines one hundred thirty four bulldozers two hundred twenty four hand crews and one hundred thirty eight water tenders and first thing saturday morning there were fourteen helicopters in the air conducting water drops. wow it's pretty amazing now
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according to authorities you know you have about a hundred thousand people under these evacuation orders forty people that fifty seven hundred homes and businesses already destroyed what comes next for the survivors. yeah you know it's a great question according to authorities there are one hundred thousand californians that are under evacuation orders right now as we speak forty people dead fifty seven hundred homes and businesses destroyed and survivors they've just been stunned by the and president of destruction. and you spoke with two of the survivors i believe earlier greg that we could take a look i did to say. that the winds came up the fire was like a fire tsunami it was like a fireball the winds were so fierce so fierce so there's very little time i ran and grabbed our grandson who was staying with us seven years old my wife and our two part dogs thrown in my car and we backed out as we backed out the house just went
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up in flames so we're very fortunate to get out. this incredible testimony as you hear there and also i don't want to miss this either you also spoke with some fire representatives or fire california fire spokesperson about their efforts and what they're doing let's let's take a look at that as well. that's pretty astounding figure that the fact that we burned almost as much in a week that we burned all year long so it's a it's a fire season in a week resources are stretched pretty thin but the crews are still in good spirits this is a late season fire and this is typically when california severs its most devastating fires. that just i mean the most fires that they normally have in a season in one we are saying that. obviously these fires are having a stronger than usual impact on the economy got about forty seconds just how hard is this state you know has this hit the wind industry there. well we understand at least fifteen wineries smaller wineries have been destroyed but if you think about
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it the wineries. and general their accounts of course fifty seven billion dollars for the california state economy so it's a huge effort here in california you know people go there to get married in the wine country they just have the p.g.a. tour there just a little more than a week ago vacation there and there's about one hundred thousand jobs that are winery based as well so too early to tell exactly how damaging destroyed everything is we understand a lot of groups are already harvested but as far as the wineries being you know back up and running it's still too early to tell know if you're so much in such a sweet great great reporting out there all right as we go to break cork watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered in facebook and twitter see our full shows at r t v dot com and coming up we present the second part of strong storms interview with program papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg about the do ken burns documentary series of the vietnam war stay tuned to watch.
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the series. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according. to. martin twenty you said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed the fake news feed for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tale well here's a story for you it's called. and it's for those that.
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half a century may have passed since the brutality of the vietnam war yet there are as many unanswered questions about the conflict as there are tombstones in arlington cemetery from allegations that the cia's air america led the charge of drug smuggling under the cover of the vietnam war and a war unless the white house juggling act that sought to balance strategic combat decisions with political calculations back at home the war has left an ocean of questions and its pop putting in doubt almost every single statement our government officials have publicly made on the topic to explore these questions and how many of our domestic problems are linked to the war as we find ourselves in johnstown was joined earlier by daniel ellsberg the former us military analyst and whistleblower behind the famous pentagon papers here as what he thinks were missing in the debate over vietnam. the fact that we had
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a heroin epidemic here when we were fighting a covert war part and then an open war in. asia southeast asia later a cocaine epidemic we were fighting covert wars in nicaragua and in central america and again the heroin epidemic. going when we are fighting a war in afghanistan which by the way a lot of that heroin as i understand it goes to russia and creates to a degree epidemic there of heroin addiction so the fact is that r.c.i. has as you know and it's. destroying al mccoy has brought out frequently one of the first to bring that out the cia has backed. drug gangs essentially and facilitated them in many parts of the world as part of their covert operations their clandestine operations which are to be denied and which can't be openly financed and
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a lot of that financing comes from allowing or even facilitating drug dealers to run drugs into the u.s. europe and and it turns out now now russia but another aspect of course is very significant when left out of the series is the draft resister and so i think there's one shot of someone burning a draft card no mention whatever of the people who chose to go to prison nonviolently to send a message to the country that this was wrong that they couldn't participate in it and that it was it was a wrongful war altogether they could have gone to canada or been ceo's or gotten deferments of various kinds over four thousand people went to prison it was the example of people like that that i met just on their way to prison that. made me realize that i could do the same that i could do something that would bring
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the truth out and send a message to the people of all wrongful this wars if i were willing to go to prison as i was when i when i saw their example they do go into the pentagon papers to some degree but. they don't at all bring out what induced me to do that without draft resisters no pentagon papers it wouldn't have occurred to me to do that and for whatever good that did do and that's another story the people who chose to go to prison were part of that story. you know but even before you decided to divulge the pentagon papers you had a you had come to a place of realizing that the war itself was the wrong war you must have been disenchanted what was that point for you what was your breaking point to realize this is just the wrong effort wrong place completely futile on america's part well there was stages of that some of that is clear in the film not including to meet
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not related to me but to the marines and the others realizing that this was a stalemated war that it was not achieving any progress in the to continue it was a quote waste of lives on both sides really that it shouldn't be continued and as somebody who was in vietnam and who used my former marine experience as a former marine company rifle company commander i walked with troops as a civilian and did experience combat a good deal and saw that war up close so i got that impression which is very widely shared inside the government and by the troops and officers what did you do about that though is another question i worked on the inside for a couple of years trying to and induce them to get a negotiated outcome solution or to extricate ourselves but in sixty nine i read the earliest parts of the pentagon papers and it came through much more clearly than it does in the film that the united states had no business killing any
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vietnamese from the very beginning or supporting the french obviously from forty five and forty six on and all the more from one nine hundred fifty on that was not a noble cause it wasn't even a just cause it was criminal actually in terms of american ideals and american values of self-determination that meant to me that all that killing i've described and there were some three million vietnamese who died in that war that all of it was basically a result. of u.s. policy in the light by the way of a determination by many vietnamese for independence from foreign control and they would have above all like to do that as it was agreed in the geneva accords of one nine hundred fifty four that that happened by election and we knew that an election would result in a government we didn't like namely the ones that had achieved leadership of the nationalists cause by defeating the french on the ground in one nine hundred fifty
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four fifty three and fifty four so it would have been a communist led government of unification byelection and as i said how are pointed out everyone agreed that that would have been an overwhelming victory. the film does not make clear at all that it was u.s. policy not to hold those elections they attributed to president node in the z.m. but we had picked no didn't see him for that purpose and as you mentioned general and stale was an advisor to him a cia advisor who advised him on running an election that was a mock election essentially a rigged election against the so-called emperor of vietnam and and that in fact lansdale had told him that something like a sixty percent to win was quite adequate for the purpose but z.m. wasn't content with that he had to get something like ninety nine percent and in fact that that made him shoot for something like one hundred four percent of the
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voters in saigon area where he was stronger to compensate for less elsewhere the point is it was the us who decided there would be no election for unification the election i've just described was for running the south essentially as a separate country geneva had not contemplated that at all south vietnam was a us creation as a country like panama you might say so when people say it wasn't ours to lose in a certain sense it was ours to lose we'd created south vietnam. as a foreign power that didn't give us a real right to it but it a psychological sense that no president wanted to be accused of having lost south vietnam any more then presidents in the more recent past wanted to moves panama to real independence so or alaska but say so. and that point does not come out in any case i did realize that in sixty nine and that meant to me that all
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of these three million deaths were unjustified result or result of an unjustified u.s. policy and unjustified deliberate homicide meant to me murder mass murder and that was something that i couldn't. relate to simply as a bystander or be looked for a graceful face saving way out over a period of years but something i had to try to end as quickly as possible of course i couldn't do that and even the american people can't do that and they didn't prove able for some years through that it went on for years after the pentagon papers came out but i did hope that an informed public would would act to get us out. speaking of the disenchantment one one document that i think should have been addressed in the documentary and it's
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not really touched upon by most mainstream historians is national security action memo two six three basically kennedy's proposal in september to bring one thousand visors back in sixty sixty four basically and it's by sixty five to draw down the commitment to vietnam this is a sea change as far as what could have been it kept kennedy live but doesn't get into that do you think that a lot of people dismissed two six three and seven two six three but don't you think that as a very important document for historical analysis yes you know let me move beyond that for a moment i do believe that i was as mcnamara said i think it was right about this that kennedy intended to get out in sixty five after the election he might or might not have reduce troops and continued to reduce troops in sixty four before the election i don't believe he intended to or would have gotten out before the
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election and expose himself to charges from. goldwater that he had lost vietnam he wasn't prepared to do that so it's not to his credit that he chose to prolong the war through the election and of course he didn't survive the you didn't live that long and he was succeeded by somebody who was determined not to lose the war in the sixty five or ever and then by another president nixon who felt the same way i do think that of kennedy had lived it was his intention to get out and this is brother told me. no one could say exactly what he would have done had he lived that's what bobby said to me but he said i know what he intended to do and that was to get the combat troops and to end our involvement actually after the election he was the only president. chain of succession after the second rule or who even entertain such a thought and who intended to act on it and i think you would have made
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a great difference if you had lived likewise and actually i believe that humphrey secretly intended to get out so there's a lot of evidence for that not particularly interested in the in the film and his lawsuit nixon i think kept the war from being ended in sixty nine. while it's very important for us all to take a much closer look at how we have the world around us objectifies women and men sometimes the knee jerks a little too fast this happened recently when the pick up for vets and award winning charity planned a visit to this new city south dakota v.a. hospital the group has published a yearly calendar featuring female military veterans dressed in one thousand sorties era clothing in the incredibly innocent pent up style a style that is a very large part of world war two military culture was even used to recruit posters at the time the board of the sioux city facility initially claimed that the calendar and the women's clothing might contribute to the disrespect of women
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veterans in their roles as equals and perpetuate objectification of women in general now collectively the women of this year's pent up for vets calendar have served one hundred forty five years in military service they have traveled to every state in the country to spend time with a veteran stuck in hospitals and nursing homes what they are not doing is degrading themselves or weapon donning a retro hairstyle and dress doesn't oppressed women but assuming a dress makes these women and their work inappropriate and offensive to women is actually some pretty patronizing nonsense so here are some of that are ins and civilians who make up pick up pick ups for vats of reality every year bringing joy and financial assistance to their fellow that we salute you we most definitely do and gentlemen is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told you're alone. so i tell you wall love you i am tyrrell but and i'm. watching all those hawks out there of a great day and night everybody. larry
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you are watching our t.v. amount per student more. the mission of newsworthy is to go to the people tell their side of the story our
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stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i think the average viewer knows that r.t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of archie america. we give both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not getting anything get in your way to bring it home to the american people. there's a real irony going to be told i don't think responsible choice new people in there it's always about what they thought it was always seen in sri. lanka or area now
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the wholesale surveillance you feel you have already and while those who tend to socialize and trump has used the social media well i always saw the story goes it's garbage in real. life dirty natalie morales i was out in my private life and i was a supporter of b.t.u. rights and i've always been an advocate for it and it started to feel a little bit disingenuous to be a supporter and not open they say that i was a part of that grid you don't expect any stricter gun laws in the subscript it's not necessarily stricter gun laws it's just common sense you know maybe if you're on the no fly list you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun maybe if you're blind you shouldn't be allowed to buy. first katie makes it a really. fun job but still while i was able to do what i love to do and that was what did the tour you seek. and i do better for this i sold more it can
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se than any body in one day you save a carrot does the opposite of you you're not insecure ever that's not what i want that's not where. i come in march to the beat of my own drown out don't look to the left or the right and know that there's nobody out slide kmiec i'm never there's nobody outside and i think that that's power all next on larry king now. our guest today is actor producer director natalie morales you know her from parks and recreation the grinder of the middleman and girls as well as the work behind the counter for funny or die and directing music videos stars in battle of the sexes opposite of emma stone steve carell the billie jean king biopic is in theaters now i was you get the part do you play tennis i don't know not at all not
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in the least i don't think i would but i don't think i'm a dude either now but she got a little bit more training than i did she she knew about them if you did this it was training for about six months i think and i i got the part of a few days before we started filming. so i didn't train but i don't play tennis in the movie i'm either about to play tennis or even just play tennis i'm very good as roses were i remember billie jean very well and i knew bobby riggs very well i sure to be rosie once but what was her role in this scenario well rosie was billie jean's very frequent doubles partner she was a grand slam winner she wanted ton of stuff and she was also one of her closest friends and she commentated the maps the battle the sexes my. with howard cosell he was the one with yes yeah who plays howard howard it's me and howard they do that sort of split screen us together it's kind of interesting to see yeah it's kind of
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crazy i think till they get how do you get the part i audition for the i do or dish and you know it's more you've done you have to and yes i had to audition i almost didn't make the audition but it was so i was shooting the t.v. show the grinder and and i had the audition that same day and i had to work all day and i was like please please can you can you just set the audition for the end of the day and i asked the people at work i said can you please let me out early i don't want to make this so the people at work let me out at one pm and the audition got set for six pm and we happen to be on location and it was in the same building we were shooting it i just had to go upstairs it was all chance it made but it was a fun film it was very you had a memorable or drawn parks and recreation as a siege girl from the right what do you make of his success with the master of none i'm really happy for him i mean i remember him talking about that show when we were finishing up parks and he was really excited about it i think he's really talented and really hard working some really happy for him and alan yang who is
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a writer and parks who was his partner on master of none it said you're a very private person it has been said is it difficult to be a private person in a public industry it can be. i like to say that i'm. private but candid i don't know i don't i just don't people are weird larry people can stalk you can be very strange and so i don't want to post pictures of like my house or my in life for my family because that's very weird yeah and so so i can be very candid about things that i believe in and things that i like and i can i can be non private in those ways because i do know that people know what i am because of what i do but recently tweeted success will roll them up begins with a year. if you had some recent figures i've had a lot of failures throughout my whole life it's just an important life i will to you i'm thirty two. just sort of
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a life i mean maybe not compared to you but i have ties olivia. was hard it was your measure of success is the most would you say you're a success in some ways i'm sure yeah i've definitely exceeded everything i thought i would be able to do when i first moved out to california i could die happy i could say that you get into directing well larry a lot of times when you want to do work as an actor no one will hire you so you've got to make your own work and that's what i like to do and i also like to create stuff so for your daughter you do yes i did a funny or die thing about james joyce the juno that he wrote very very filthy love letters to his wife. so i have my friends read them aloud you recently do or do a music video for andrew bird on big organization every for gun safety yes what is the boat well it's about you know every time for gun safety is not an organization that wants to take your guns away it's just about gun safety and promoting the idea
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that we can be more responsible and more. more common sense gun laws you know and so the video we wanted to team up and sort of do a p.s.a. but i didn't want to do something that was just preaching to the choir i didn't want to do something that we've already seen and to me what i hadn't seen before is how kids today in schools all across america do lockdown drills when i was a kid and maybe when you were a kid you had fire drills maybe two or tornado drills where you get to do right i had never heard of a school that had burned down you know it wasn't a real fear in my head but for these kids they have to you know stop a math test and do a drill where they have to think about the fact that one of their peers may come in and shoot all of their friends and their family and then they have to go back to doing that so just that alone i wanted to highlight how how different it is for kids in america today and how we may not even realize what it does to their you know you don't expect any stricter gun laws in this of ministration probably not now but we'll see we're working hard to it's not necessarily stricter gun laws it's
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just common sense you know maybe if you're on the no fly list you should. be allowed to buy a gun maybe if you're blind you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun you know you have mental problems are you yeah i mean it should be if you know that a license to drive a car you have to pass them tests like cars weren't created to injure people. the could be simple legislation the pair were given they were i know we're working hard on it were you personally involved well i did the videos before know it was before that i contacted them before that i you know i. i hear the news i'm a person in this country and in this world and and really what affected me the most was the shooting during the batman movie and i you know movies are what i do movies going to the movies is my is my safe place that's what it's what i enjoy it's what i do for a living and for somebody to come in and make that not feel safe i don't know what to do about it there's not
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a lot i could do about it and so i contacted them and was like how can i help because i mean not knowing that helps me sleep at night is not to feel an active and so i i was that's what i can do you wrote a piece earlier this year about your sexuality and you wrote i was told bisexuals would do generous who are selfish should just want the best of both worlds i was told gay men are fun because they're funny and i have good taste but lesbian women are a waste of space i was told the idea of two women kissing was disgusting why did you write that for what purpose well i you know i was all of my friends and most of my family already knew that i was out in my private life as we said earlier in a private person and i was a supporter of rights and i've always been an advocate for it and it started to feel little bit disingenuous to not to be a supporter and not openly say that i was a part of that group you know and i just felt like it's nobody's business who i did
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a bit then i realize that normalizing. if you have any visibility normalizing this is important you know because if i was a kid when i was a kid i went through such a hard time thinking exactly that thinking that i was there's something really wrong with me and so if someone that i saw happen to see on t.v. you know that was in my home every night as a friend on television if someone said you know i'm clear on wajir i'm gay it would have made it a little bit easier for me to not feel as alone and so i thought if i could do that for anybody or even you know a mom that had a kid that didn't she didn't quite understand just that visibility and the normalization of that was important to do it quickly become the word for boys sexual it's not the same thing at least not to me what is clear i think everybody has their own definition of queer maybe it's me who's derogatory it was and it's sort of been reclaimed by a lot of people i reclaim and the reason i don't use bisexual is because i think bisexual delineates two sexes right and so queer includes attraction to people who
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consider themselves trends or people who consider themselves not of any gender you couldn't see you so for quick yes i do because i don't necessarily i'm not only attracted to men or women it's i consider myself attracted to people who are trans or or anybody for me it's not about the socks for me it's about the person i'm attracted to and i fall in love with a person one thing we're told don't know what troll you're we all don't know why you were just what we already knows why yeah i was this one inspired war hero who was homosexual. why you had to recite troll. i don't know. i don't know yet i like scourge. me to the world changing. would you like the chance to let you know you're like oh yeah ok we flew game over if you only knew ok you don't have to answer i'll do my
6:41 pm
best what's your guilty pleasure i don't think i don't believe in guilty pleasures i feel like i've something brings joy to your heart of gold medal winning yeah ok i don't feel guilty about a person you trade places with for a degree i'm very pleasant someone with an assistant maybe. every night see good talent i create tech faces i make fun i like doing that weird is job you had sold mattresses on craigslist. but. you go up miami oh it's where i started really yes nine hundred fifty seven miles i know you were just living on sort of in the kendall area i know that area used to there was no where we are nothing yeah it was nothing so yeah whatever the sales to make you less people falling or buster keaton if you would do what would you be probably an advertising kind of advertising business compliment you have a god that's a really hard one. but that i have good taste in music childhood celebrity crush
6:42 pm
montel williams munto yes i used to watch him on t.v. all the time and i thought he was very handsome something you wish you were a bit of that time management something you long believed to be true and then realize wasn't the things had to be a certain way that everything had to be a certain way nothing has to be anything at all is just what it is you all would you will yeah something people don't know about you. some people know this about me i'm a big dr who fan i'm a big nerd i saw matt smith at an emmy party in the day and i won't almost died would you like to settle down with someone someday i would but if i don't answer came to thank you natalie thank you so much larry all thank you thank you i guess not only moralist battle of the sexes is in theaters now he's coming up on american housewives star katie mixon stay with us.
6:43 pm
look at this year's and all. the good healthy. i don't know he said i hated being that bit on. she just tell you the other side of the mike on the and. by then got a session on the nod that they are. by then is a shift the long. haul of a stun gun not instead of. going on want. some certainly not so with. daniel and most of the wizard below didn't move the pope multiple injuries among them to soak the capsule she holds most of the rope but the
6:44 pm
show's reality of mars on the phone to the bone the one if you can book a political symbol so this is a yes but i don't know it's a book in a moral sense what a month. from continental nothing of. a flood me. somethin that was. on long enough something not set in. the model s. and the tunnels look ma let's see what i can now maybe i may be on that is full of tests. rejected should i say comedy soldat not de frank by the corporate media
6:45 pm
would you go after the corporations that just more your lives profit over people at every turn. the redactors night for me is like medicine it's like a cancer joke from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is your show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to build. it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where attack. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't
6:46 pm
tell when you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape is not all laughter all right but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit that we don't skew liberal or conservative and
6:47 pm
as you can see his bar graph skewed the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all so look out we're all artsy americans in the spotlight now every really i have no idea how to classify it isn't it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. what the lead in to now i guess a day is actress katie mixon katie is known for her roles on h.b.o. z's bounding down the of course alongside melissa mccarthy and c.b.s. is my tamale. and now she's thrown her in as a leading lady in a these huge trauma the american housewife in its second season airing word in the days at nine thirty the show was a hit waddy i feel that it's the character that i have been given to play the moms and really not moms but everyone can relate to insecurity it doesn't matter what background you come from it doesn't matter what walk of life what you know what gender you are everyone relates to it everyone knows that
6:48 pm
feeling so i feel. that it's an unbelievable relatable character and the label show where she just south says it like it is get the part i got the part my kamali ended in january at the end of january four days later i walked in to the american housewife room you say the character's the opposite of you you're not insecure ever that's not where i walk that's not where i live i can march to the beat of my own drum i don't look to the left or the right and know that there's nobody else like me another there's nobody else like you and i think that that's power division head about season two she's going to get more involved in dealing with all of the stepford kind of wives and she is she's going to be the gather director of the getting basically there's
6:49 pm
a gala committee that puts on a big fund raiser and she's got to get back into their good graces because we left off last season she stuck to her own pregnancy and that in go well you know there's a lot about body image we are tired of talking about of acting it so the question because it just is what it is but i just don't really care there have been a size two a size fourteen the size eight i just am who i am and this character i have asked ellen did this kid. i wanted to play something completely different labor than always been play and i wanted to have everything covered up no cleavage i want to blow away or hardly any make up to character role and that's where she lives is the conversation though about body image change it began to be about body image that's how it that's how it started that's how the pilot started off because she's in the land of size two women and clearly i'm not a size two with kids in new york city we couldn't we were so poor we couldn't
6:50 pm
even see westport connecticut we couldn't even state that so poor if you have a benoist as not i think you pay a toll to go through i'm sure what the term housewife has been polarizing hasn't you like the term are you housewife i'm not a house i'm a i'm a workin workin wife's no children one child i just happen i just had to move to a little boy was his name he instantly sangria kids and saying. this is not a jewish kid no it's not. existence am i just have been me three months ago my hairy first child how did you come up with that name we came up my grandfather's name is preston and so we loved preston thorne well preston field and so we added that we got the end of his name and put it with. kingston and then you know my background louisiana so you know my fiance he's you know from monroe louisiana and
6:51 pm
then my whole mom and dad are from amy louisiana so saint is old part imho very relaxed reacted to being famous i don't think about it is to being recognized you know these are don't think about it i don't think about it at all just a look at it as i am grateful to do what i love to do i'm grateful to be given the opportunity to do what i love to do what's it like being a mother you know i was a little kingston later kingston is giving you some match. in the beginning i didn't know what happened mr lay i did not know what hit me or even a matter of me and i did not know what to do and which is very it's not likely because normally i'm real fearless and i handle stuff i was quite humble i had no idea you know what to do how to hold them up to know it's i knew how to hold them it was quite traumatic the whole situation you are pregnant for nine months and then you have this baby and they said this is your baby he's what
6:52 pm
a life is changed it is changed forever so it took me a hot second it's good to get to understand what was happening but once i got on board it's it's the most magical thing in the world but you still want to keep working right there i love that i going to be able to balance the two you know every day say a prayer to help me to have done to have the angels are calling on everybody the angels add to me can't get through it as my mom had seven children so i come from a family in the mine where losing she was born in a neat louisiana but i grew up in pensacola florida since a total of four yes yes of the you the fact that my dad was a doctor in the navy so you were bitten by the acting bug hourly i was in the. new funny girl. and you said i want to do that's what i said and later i would watch kilburn lot and lucille ball at nick at night and so that is what i wanted
6:53 pm
to do what was your first paying job avert my first paying job as an actress i was paid calpurnius in julius caesar at the utah shakespeare festival for four months i went to carnegie mellon conservatory and so i got that after my sophomore year it like shakespeare i love it and love it you recently said about melissa mccarthy one of the most incredible things was that i got to see the world witness her and her divine destiny it was one of the most. and things to watch your liver dream and just have a board doing she is unbelievably special to me. because we you know i got my kamali i'm thirty six now i've got mike and molly i believe i was twenty eight we kind of we grew up a grow up whether for six years a much i just told her very dear to my heart she was a true sister to me and it was magical to get to see her and keep in touch we do she's great person she's lovely and historical astaire is that natural she's
6:54 pm
a naturally funny she's naturally funny what are you two get together again we would love to have a live it's going to have to a movie what would be so much fun i would love that ok we play a little game of the view only move less do it who was your childhood celebrity crush i think it was sacked zach on say about the battle. see good talent i don't know a plate of can do an arpeggio on the piano i used to play the piano that's good they go guilty pleasure a love chris between donuts. i grew up with them and i love them do their early in the morning when they open so not only can have them hot as the only one that's the only way to do it are they still big yes they're incredible was the weavers job you have that i really had one job before i was able to do what i love to do and that was that was our work at the tour you secrets and i do you ready for this i asked sold more it in the east and the west memphis southeast than anybody
6:55 pm
in one day mr mayor i was people in the mall and i knew they needed to buy the makeup kit so we sold it to them muscled seven hundred dollars in one day out of them or out of cardo them all and then i was done i went back to school from my sophomore year in egypt trade places with for a day i don't believe anyone would never fails to make you laugh my baby laughing desk. compliment you have a god that you can be strong and you can be kind and all together the strangest fan encounter when he said they said i was in the airport and they said a big cannons talking about my a boob and so act and around us and how you do it that was that. that was going to something people get wrong about you i don't know i think as my voice is high a voice is how i am from the south i think that people don't quite know
6:56 pm
my background and where i've come from more of your own or should repay me be paying more attention to american housewives wednesday night tell me something people don't know about you but i'm a person of a family of nine and i am the third oldest and i just adore and the love. that i've been given the opportunity to do what i love to do you love all eight siblings a love all of them are in louisiana no they're in birmingham alabama one is in miami florida in one is in tallahassee and one is in pensacola so do you miss louisiana i do i will we when you left i was never good looking and that was just my background my dad put the ball for ellis you oh yes sorry so he it was a whole that's my whole background but i grew up in pensacola florida which is
6:57 pm
right near moby a lot about completely three hours away from new orleans spent a lot of time on the wall and yes there are love it so much you're delighted to hear they say it's nice to meet you jamie a big thanks to my guests katie makes an american house why their reward was raised at nine thirty pm eastern time on a.b.c. as always you can find me on twitter and kids things i'll see a bad start. little . player. playing.
6:58 pm
oh. well the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. america playing marty america offers more artsy american personal m. in many ways the news landscape is just like this you know real news fake news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear on so much parking all the world's a stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. i do not know if the russian state into john
6:59 pm
podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided. to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing. for the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied the deep n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . hyperventilate for britney has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified. you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the base of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming interesting.
7:00 pm
to the night so i was i was thinking this week i was drinking my coffee and i thought i'd have you ever thought about all of the people of all political stripes who are on the happy with this country heading towards a disgusting just told me in the right wing corporate hole controlled by two parties that are actually just one party like if you thought of all if you thought of your brain of all the good imagine if we all teamed up to beat this thing instead of even fighting it just angrily tweeting you say you're against a police state but you're not also i'm vegetarian and you're.
7:01 pm
like we all came together so let's go through this list all right let's go through who's going to be on this team let's start off with immigrants right obama deported more than ever before and now trump is on pace to beat obama's record if you're an immigrant your life sucks like you got ice agents in your home every weekend now and who are the ones that big stamp. royal rednecks with tattoos above all the loved ones are tracking. racism across their new car. you know carrie and dawn's with caliber higher than their i.q. . i mean maybe not all ice agents but a lot of them are big dumb animals you know grilling you on whether your good enough to be in this country you told big the language no good. you mean i don't
7:02 pm
speak the language any good for you because you're used up on our tax dollars you know the military is using up all your taxes. lower blowing up other countries thereby forcing people to wait for it move here creating more and are going to. stop bombing the home and all of a sudden staying where they are becomes an attractive option. so well that immigrants are right to the list next up the l g b t community if you're gay sure you now have marriage you know you can do that but you're still being discriminated against and of all the country is willing to give you a certain group of people is a governmental religious contract they're allowed to tie each other down with that's a pretty rewarding i mean it should be about equality that the government shouldn't be involved in law in any way whatsoever. like
7:03 pm
having the government sign off on law love makes as much sense as having your landlord sign off on your porn selections. do your og in management i am looking for permission to view some foot fetish videos tonight and i know appreciate a speedy response as i'm already looped up and ready to go. next up if your black you live in a police state that discriminates and criminalizes you from the cradle to the grave black adults or more than two would have times as likely as white adults to be arrested for drug possession even though white people are actually more likely to use illicit drugs if you just have a black sounding name your life is harder studies have found white names receive fifty percent more callbacks for interviews of course that one has an easy
7:04 pm
answer why just lie about your name on the birth on the first ever before you meet him in person right just flood the job market with thousands of applications for tanner bradley chad and dustin. whomever is that once you get your foot in the door you can be alive oh i thought you meant the name my friends call me and i swear to god they call me maxwell whitey white pants ass choir. let's move on to women you're over half the population but only make up twenty percent of congress and studies of silence to women legislators both republican and democrat introduced a lot more bills than men and areas of civil rights and liberties education health labor and more. but to defend my gender
7:05 pm
a little bit men are the only legislators to introduce subsidizing lawnmower mud wrestling right. that's pretty boring norad rambling moving on if you're into personal freedom and privacy like most libertarians and liberals alike then you should have the way this country is going isn't that part of the freedom right of freedom from on reasonable search and seizure whatever it is. whole you need a warrant thing when that a thing like because if they want to know about that then they probably shouldn't have had to you show me a warrant scene in every cot movie and t.v. show for forty years i've got no i don't hundred episodes of long order ask you to hold congress down and force them to watch get out the popcorn all right i see it bells are going to school you. all right if you're an environmentalist
7:06 pm
and you care about trees and crap like that you should you should definitely be on this t.v. deforestation of the rain forest is a growing at a rate of eighty thousand acres a day and if you ever want to do other green thing on a sandwich that isn't laminated monsanto's chemical piss then when you do do not like where things are headed alright personally i don't need green things unless you count some form of festive st paddy's day liquor so that pretty much like green intake for the year. if you care about animals you should be with our group of angry people we have the most disgusting factory farming horrors in this country calf's and piglets kept in cages for their entire lives that aren't big enough to turn around in with them is employed do that just to make sure that when it's their turn to be bacon they welcome it is that the boy like i like
7:07 pm
a doctor assisted suicide is like crazy to me. and as if that wasn't bad enough now every hipster is making sub sort of orders with bacon sprinkled on it is bacon chocolate pay can i take in flavored condoms. yes. but let's put the anal back in our tis an old. on behalf of pigs everywhere. i hipsters i hope your suspenders good cars are rendered. good lucaya. you already did choklit isn't that hedonistic i doff you really have to sprinkle some pig on top. and where oh where by the way where are the christians on all the factory farming ha it's cause creation it's the board's work they tell us and then
7:08 pm
we slaughter the lord's word chop it up and stuff it down or basis even when we're not hungry because oh i could i couldn't possibly swallow any more of the lord's work i've been too much too large for always honey good floors work ok i wonder what's going on. if you're anti-war you're on this team too maybe you're anti-war because you don't think we should kill so many innocent people or maybe you don't want to see so many of our troops put in harm's way maybe that's your thing so that you don't have to be talking to people at a bar going yeah my cousin was killed in battle where. it's like somalia or the philippines is something i really know but he died there because the freedom of the democracy of the song things don't thing. if you're anti-war then you're opposed to the right wing corporate shift of this country and when i say right wing shift i mean clue to the warmongering fold piece fall liberal stack of democrats who
7:09 pm
yet who recently. i think. they recently voted to give president trump limited war powers that was like two weeks ago and they call themselves the resistance. the resistance to this maybe it's because you've built up a resistance to logic and compassion is that is that what this. is this is the resistor. since then it's amble along should be a battle axe are made of silly putty. there's too many more groups to get through all of them bride those who support legitimate elections or worker rights or science how about science if you like science will put you on the team and children i'm telling children up there too there will likely that any generation yet to end up unhappy poor and unhealthy the corporate decimation of our society and vironment
7:10 pm
and environment means there won't be much of a world for them to inherit no more national parks or the earth to take their kids on a vacation to see a landfill fire hit elec well get out it lights up the night sky ok. breathe through the mouth not the nose. no more swimming with dolphins just swimming with plastic garbage slower. no more taken your kids to see the animatronic wonderland that is the world instead the animatronic workforce will bring their families to see what humans look like in their natural habitat to a coward to a virtual reality goggles feeding trough filled with peanut butter. bacon flavored painted but. my point is if you add up all the groups of people who should hate with all the high passion this corporate state these two party cluster of piles of stock if you add them all up it's like eighty five percent of the country
7:11 pm
what are we waiting for let's put our did we. shall come to the r.c.c. because they are. ah . i'm late campanella take the news from behind this past weekend was the sixteenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in afghanistan very excited very excited we're going to win this any minute now we really are we just we just need to score a few more points and then we're going to head to the after party. i'm not going to tell you a little little secret here but don't tell the corporate media all right. it's not
7:12 pm
a war in afghanistan it's an occupation of afghanistan ok. thank you very. calling this a war when we're just they are all the time it be like walking up to two guys sitting on a couch half asleep with mustard strains down those shirts and go and it's already let's see who wins. there's no winning anytime soon. but the corporate media just keeps that a secret like they did for at least a decade with the harvey weinstein rape allegations right or the bill cosby rape allegations or the jimmy savile rape allegations or the roger ailes you get the point all right yes the point we don't have all day occupations such as afghanistan maybe why the u.s.
7:13 pm
consistently tops polls of greatest threat to world peace including a gallup poll from just a few years ago so i guess we are winning something. i don't know there's a trophy for that out of hope there's a trophy like a bowling trophy where there's just a fuse coming out of the bowling ball but. was it a nine hundred military bases around the world that put us over the top do you think that's what did it i don't we said we should stop at ninety five you know. all over that seems a bit aggressive it's not very neighborly. and right now you might be thinking lay you mentioned the u.s. military bases like every episode i think we all get it well i would agree with you but you're forgetting that a lot of people out there are idiots then we got a lot is we know not to mention the glut of numbskulls in it when it's we're were overflowing with dunces and for brains i mean don't get me started on this for
7:14 pm
brains and. it's gotten so bad that a home depot has started worrying that no one knows how to use the tools they're selling. so they've started putting out videos telling us tape measure works and which end of a hammer to hold. that's right a tape measure can be used for more than measuring you're going to. combat. through . speed of three of a home depot if you dig a little deeper you'll find they are a member of the american legislative exchange council or alec which has announced it will be a holding its forty fifth anniversary gala at the trump international hotel alec is responsible for like look every time you see a state bill and you look at it and you go yes. that's them that's alec.
7:15 pm
lisa nelson she's executive alex said the trump administration is full of the people and ideas we've advanced since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. all of the ideas you mean ego maniacal narcissistic sociopathy that i was you guys. how could i how could i describe says that there's an early eighty's terrible horror movie called basket case in which a flashy tumour about this big where the face and the hands it goes around murdering people goes around killing people alec is the legislative a quick point of that all right and they're bragging that the trump white house shares their fleshy murderous tumor belief system. and now they're having a gallop to celebrate although all the hold actually that doesn't quite represent
7:16 pm
the situation. graphics department can you guys when you go can you do that there we go there we go thank you thank you. so you know we have to go to a quick break but redacted tonight is coming to her live in germany to build a new state has come to take you were coerced. you got there by your student your city as well be right back. on the trial where. spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of the world from. corporate media written uses to talk about these car news coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how to love for her conduct has become a model these are stories that you know in no uncertain to my parents or a host of americans question. and that is that our atika. shubert has
7:17 pm
a. little. finally a shot at being that does not allow them to tell you the other side of the mike on the and. by then got a session on the not that they. buy that is a shift the long. haul ass time not that of course has been one. for someone much so. that most of it was if you have the multiple injuries a long time to sort the good stuff you. wrote but shows you what you know most of the local people the people still so this is a welcome to some but i was and what my.
7:18 pm
own i'm a bit of nothing but i have a laugh a lot we all come across as you telling me something that will save the world like a bomb on the or something. to put my. foot up tomorrow maybe maybe maybe for the. welcome letter. if you were like me you were probably mad when zero bankers went to jail for crashing the global economy in two thousand and eight that's one of my pet peeves. well i hope you set aside some of that rage for hearing the j.p. morgan chase pay their five point three million dollar fine for fraud.
7:19 pm
when you've got a good thing going you know who discusses are senior chill economists naomi go about it. you know it's going to john here upon morgan did pay some of it one point one billion dollars was paid in cash and the other four point two billion dollars they've been through for giving mortgages for financial relief credit and now obtaining financial relief credit is a very complex process at j.p. morgan it's where you grab your internal records roll your eyes and move your hand up and down. with the process quite. how do you commit fraud with forgiveness how does that leave calm down i think you could use a cup of this soothing bedtime to. j.p. morgan forgave thousands of mortgages to repay the fine but one small problem they
7:20 pm
didn't technically own those mortgages but many of the toxic mortgages were sold off to investors despite nice letters j.p. morgan sent to the homeowners which said you will know nothing more on the loan and your debt will be cancelled now the debt was not actually cancelled but doesn't that letter just lift your spirits. like an inspirational quote and yogi teabags let me see your mind says. we are spiritual beings having a human experience. weight and my human or spirit which one is it that actually stressed me you know that's how they get you to drink more of this crap. so homeowners got screwed again in this process oh no they didn't just screw homeowners they screwed investors they screwed taxpayers
7:21 pm
they screw the f.c.c. they screw the d.o.j. well actually no not the d.o.j. they were complicit the d.o.j. knew i'm not done listing. the people they screwed every week screwed homeowners whose homes were already foreclosed upon and abandoned because once forgiven they were required to pay for back taxes and repairs so the screwed the neighborhood in the and they screwed entire cities because abandoned buildings lead to urban blight which leads to urban flight which leads to a crackhead squatting in your garden. which i wouldn't mind if you just tended to my herbs a little more you know how did this under such a scale those robo signing mortgage releases were automatically signed by bank robots without looking at the contents and this this is where i get mad oh. this need really this means the robots are taking our fraud. coming from
7:22 pm
everything's really. was it robo signing scam to god j.p. morgan find in the first place that there's absolutely zero integrity in this inquiry there is a tiny bit of integrity they donated one hundred fifty million dollars to invest in detroit see they were worried that they were screwing detroit so hard through the phony mortgage forgiveness program that it posed a risk to the bank's reputation. or reputation. its already worse than the neighborhood palm reading hooker who infected an entire town with syphilis and said your future is in real estate alone wisconsin avenue we. say ok and i have to scrub that hand cream or do they keep committing the same crimes against americans all organization should lose their business license or be sold for parts five point three billion dollars fine
7:23 pm
means nothing to you they didn't really play it's full of what we don't know the psychological turmoil the. that number had on the employees that we were. sure those white collar criminals didn't actually get sent to prison they went internally. luckily there's a team for that they only care about every. three weeks yet also to hold the school there are more problems with privatizing education than simply the fact that soon it will get so expensive you'll have to put algebra and chemistry on layaway correspondent natalie mcgill dug a little deeper she filed this report. that. attention teams of america i totally get why you don't want to finish high school there's bullying there's violence even against teachers and worse. there are
7:24 pm
painfully awkward prom. i. i think that was sweet too if i was a dad inside dropping out is a plague and that's why states are pouring millions of your tax dollars into for profit dropouts recovery schools run by companies like that it's a learning and acceleration academies to capture the kids who are jumping ship. except there's one problem the dropouts are dropping out of the drop out school the public schools the students once called home aren't exactly helping the situation in order to keep their graduation rates and standardized test scores high they're pleased as punch to cast off the students who turned in scam prawns with not so coded messages on how they feel about class for once these kids arrive to these dropout recovery schools it's more of
7:25 pm
a glorified roll call even if kids do show up they walk out an hour later and the kids who do stay spend five hours a day doing coursework. on a computer with little instruction one student at ohio's capital high school which received one point four million dollars in state funding said classmates didn't bother reading questions on multiple choice tests and instead they would keep clicking til they got it right. that's literally how i won every game of street fighter two against my older brother. such schools aggressively recruit as many as possible and sometimes even after they stop showing up a practice that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer paid revenue for empty desks states determine how much money to give schools based on how many are in seats and in florida's case it was the exact moment.
7:26 pm
when one school run by acceleration academies used facebook to lure promotions such as monday and thursday taco tuesday and wednesday what there was no money in the budget for friday plus pizza on monday and thursday who runs their social media of the bourse alcoholic single father. thought of eating pizza twice a week makes your stomach turn here's something else that will make it worse our education secretary is totally fine with this that's because. a woman who's never experienced the perks of a public education like school lunches resembling toaster strudels with cancer has a lady boner charter schools the boss house the schools as a solution to lowering dropout rates even though a pro publica investigation found in ohio alone last year for profit companies
7:27 pm
where nearly one third of the state's ninety four charter schools for dropouts but three fourths of the twenty how you. absenteeism rates the reasons behind a high school dropout are complex they range from the need to financially support your family to the need to avoid the gym teacher who insists on watching you change after class but not only are we screwing taxpayers by funding these schools we're screwing kids out of the type of education and counseling needed at a major crossroads in their life as cheesy as it sounds these kids are our future we can't give up on them anywhere not here not florida or ohio. even though i guess everyone gives up on ohio's future at least once reporting from washington now let me go back to tonight.
7:28 pm
there are your headlines from the future tomorrow you'll read the new head of homeland security fire during swearing in ceremony. and on wednesdays. u.s. invades sweden pillages their algo system. and the corporate media continues to lose its mind you'll read this next week. russia used poky mungo to interfere in twenty six to lead should oh wait that was printed yesterday for real. every reporter involved in that story should be beaten in the head with their laptop that's our show but check out the redacted in a weekly podcast called moment of clarity available for free on i tunes and stitcher also you can now watch dr night on direct t.v. channel three two one until next time.
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all the feel we don't. have the world experience. and you'll get it on the old. according to josh. welcome to my world come along for the ride. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money for work that's drowned out a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our t.
7:30 pm
america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to. my. girl. was a bit of cut a lot of b.s. to study well at the kind of mushy finality and i don't want to let the your talk about how much more i'd let her be honest and a half it shall get a letter i learned to whom i had that that's not to be a story. so it's not so much so
7:31 pm
much so it. was said before this was useful to you my with be sure he doesn't feel that. they've been released and until we don't find sentencing we don't want to do with it if you are moving the body yes with your friend just obviously i told you. i learned what had. to get. the popular which model of how to be good at p.s. . b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that i don't know how that would be when i say that i love the idea i came i thought the human is more out of that hobby and with an a ha. i don't know for sure not that it does but there's a little how do you have the thought has he has the bottom of the head of the
7:32 pm
something like that i don't fuckin alamy oh well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm happy i will sort it out then said. can was off. for the better good of the whole to. be the measure of the law another bit of confusion with. the us of all your love. of your corn a little on the slow. a story in. the movie. and also it was a b. how did it move the multiple injuries among kind enough to sell them to keep sophie home most of the work but shows you know your marks on the phone to call home if
7:33 pm
you can book a place to put some food before the sea so you. get them to stop. before to be very drunk before the end of the john if you hang with. somehow that there's really something to help them. keep giving him a dime and. let one of you know what happens on the side of just. jumping as when it comes on and then when it does you. know it's going to be something that you have you know our lives through you will see now that one of the people in the room is mostly what. you don't. get seven hours of feel.
7:34 pm
or any credit for yes that's. the size of something they are so can i don't hide it at your mom face up but make it to seventy on your own but it does have to do what it would look let's sit with us at odd ticket and that's the law and i am highly and you know. the rules on them to begin a little did i know about it. and came to mind that i'm. the kid. when you know. how in and. out of your story. today coming up you know what i'd not be allowed. to have saw as a kind of gold. star as you see the little prince after. going to be people that are love to go to the physio in the normal private office would
7:35 pm
be to go off. at them or be the only one could get a better. put up she warning. genesee you tend to talk to an awful spanish put there for a little and. again a lot. of give. and you said we have the structures we just cannot give you money all of them have to both of us we never see you michel. not to. excess you know when i'm started by the way some. mines even a school he said he promised me seven months. and. got on so found i was often looked into that how does she have any but its own
7:36 pm
fault so on and so on mars that if a man had this year at least in the first place how far the consent that goes down the truth will come out of some sort or no i have been just sort of this enough to settle many said nothing self but you have not bought the not let's not be funny not funny one the other was bought some thought ah little really well let's see number. i don't profile show a profit with the full length of the show. i don't know what a lot well so book will the mound be what on. i thought that i was you know what the clear. so's. you can have someone to call.
7:37 pm
again when actually the full. story oblivious to the other clue of the. person who knew the kid the kid to say when the idea of me does a good one of them is a new mother and dad beat and because. it's a book i wasn't a big boy my. own falling off yet all those. who think i'm a. bit of
7:38 pm
it. was. obvious that he is not. our. costs too much as if to see. a way he. well the biggest i mean how does one know he should know and much more not yet how do you become. and that was. not that. not that
7:39 pm
i'm not going to. say out of. poland as i do not involve the home. on the notable. product as i was. to have not only. some of the some of the. cool. to mean. not knowing the body a studio by then. i do enough. to know enough proof of the moment illinois hello. hello hello.
7:40 pm
but if in the low no one asked. me. and asked me to one on the on there but that's not the number. you really didn't. know what. they. do not.
7:41 pm
sleep at night other than. something more. than. a mess and they hate and it's gets on the. good of.
7:42 pm
the american said they. just don't know buried mark on that form. of blues. music deceptive oh. fuck. yeah. i thought of rob i thought of. what they had to do in a book but then. she she she lay yourself. for one. hundred how they don't know you know i don't. know that i don't know why he. has to always show she stood up and become to be in the studies to be able. to.
7:43 pm
believe that he was not lazy on the decide this is. the easy answer to this. stuff. because she perceives. the became one of the someone on the phone to use what he yanked my mind to where she. should phone not only from. the computers are a bit off of social occasions over the coming. months i will come fish. him about that but what how that will soften shot up what the fuck know. about it mr
7:44 pm
guffey just sold it at the last minute. so the highest sort of a film about it to the cut off of. the sort of somebody know i'm always up on. the net how to sort of help there. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to complaints them they've been for that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales
7:45 pm
well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts not fiction it's just. as. because i do not.
7:46 pm
know how the accounting us most of this about cuts not down in the just that of the city i couldn't. aside. from. that if. i'm not sure. i'm up to the news on the list my name in this. bill had. the. stomach.
7:47 pm
not a on the. menu to know i. mean. i did the. walk and it had. to end at one. in the house like on the afghan minute they have none and the clock on the spinouts not the lights. and i had
7:48 pm
a couple of things had to find the. public with. this not none of them since it's an open mind that. intel feel. sad as the end of the finished should be. in the lead in the fall of the body of chicken day and the month the cool thing
7:49 pm
made so forty. or less a million. a few months of good. month of the middle of this is. not a month to. get out most of us for the love of. the.
7:50 pm
well for the i'll say me. did you fall in the. north. was a house. on the ship it is up to the stop on the ship it is a month. does it go to. the . seat of the women. had not. been issued in the. new couldn't know you. got a better. bill
7:51 pm
a younger. age to you. and the second cousin. mr know these are the notes come from a lady in the now this she could mark you know could a man and if you know no could manage to sean disembodied voice on. the net a lot. it gives you the moment to. look.
7:52 pm
at the. models you have to also see the ha you'll see. how didn't live on that had been the kind of suit. is it out but i have to mostly found the center and so there. were no. good olive. lost on helen of how does it have on my in. this. forum. none of us i think that are going to know nothing are not enough and i want to see evidence of it and . then it be. better to. do it better.
7:53 pm
and i'd be standing behind me from enough about it would be welcomed as she didn't hide and almost. had the most lamentable i'll give you what then sat in a slack set on how this can be done i could do it but i could have but he walk out of my a lot before i don't. know how and then the thought about stuff that i'm in the. midst of nothing. ladley. is a hunter must be at. least some of the one hundred a month. ago was the little girl you. have been
7:54 pm
a lot of come the. plate of it was a pill for nothing. but how was the somethin to our luck that. some seen that a hen house. was to stay out. of the bit of. labor i want to build and to hide it danny i know not for whom but at the map that she jammed on to also been a member of member feedback the fall of the little maid. and that it wouldn't have been an issue because i thought if men women must dudman when. it does are we going to. be i'm not going to be no. insane it took. them so writ out of the. month of may suck to be as you want to present system how much you want to show. me
7:55 pm
how do. you think. that's how it's done even if it was not the only reason i should want to talk to to montana to feel about these. this have. these. are the stuff you've. already. done on the bus that i am on the scene. how wouldn't listen if i could but it doesn't mean. that good enough. bob i'm allowed to say i will go ahead and the best not to be come out to show you the enough. to know about the. i'm going to look at. that in the new york to you know what does it mean. when you. talk.
7:56 pm
to. people and look at the not you know but enough. to see that. i had to get. a lot of these. commodities into how to look ma the punch that even though seems to be a big and they've had to keep this a little bit. koofi frankly dollars
7:57 pm
have been a moment this film that will. have the chemo theme that. we can in this way and that is the whole thought of me because he is back at me now and then i can hear the metal welcome. him. last. month. by month he left the room for this economy and the looking glass that is going. to get her hair was the bigger her. ha ha ha. because in the old. material that has a little it's a little bit you found no way. to hit the emotion if you have
7:58 pm
a love you need. to. tell them that and move first took on more of those in the moment of the movie that you loved him about ten of the last of the was how lucky i knew him but young a shot of my day that doesn't blow one can as obvious as the money. below listening. to him can you behave well economically maybe i might be cool with us.
7:59 pm
in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media and the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story of. corporate media everything uses to talk about these. i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing. for has been in my. these
8:00 pm
are stories that. might happen to your host of america. on the news tonight the president takes center stage with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and says the administration and the g.o.p. are on the same page and wildfires continue to devastate california at least forty one people are dead and over two hundred people are missing and iraqi government forces retake her cut from the kurds sparking fears of a civil war in the country. tonight from washington d.c. this is the news on r.t. america. good evening.


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