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to america is to say we are apparently better than. see people you've never heard of love right down to the. president of the world bank very. seriously some of. the cattle and parliament votes overwhelmingly to declare independence from spain madrid reacts to the move with prime minister a horny saying that the rule of law in catalonia will be restored. welcome you're watching at international got breaking news this hour to you because it's been a story day for catalonia the region's parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence from spain the results of a secret ballot were released last hour
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a total of seventy two lawmakers voted in favor of cattle an independent ten voted against and two abstained both pro independent filmmakers and crowds of people outside the parliament did not hesitate to show their relation. thank you. ok well let's go live to barcelona and our correspondent there who's across what's been happening this afternoon on a very eventful afternoon a landmark decision a landmark vote what's been the reaction. incredible reaction on the street we are certainly in an area of people who are pro independence because when not vote was released that catalan parliament had
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declared an independent republic of catalonia the crowd went absolutely crazy here angry a sea of people shouting bursting into song and stream with joy now in the lead up the few minutes to that declaration they were listening to the votes as they were happening every time a yes vote was declared they were screaming enjoy every time there was a no vote they would booing this was the reaction from thousands upon thousands a sea of people outside the capital markets here in barcelona waiting for that reaction waiting for that declaration of independence and that is exactly what they thought now of course that is not the opinion of everybody here in catalonia many people would like to remain with spain the reality is though despite that declaration do not know what will happen next that's because the senate is imagery to do to vote on article one five five this is an unprecedented part of the constitution which has never been used in spain before since it was created back in
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one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and many people have described this as the nuclear option because essentially what it does is remove autonomy from catalonia so while many people are now celebrating the fact that they have that declaration of independence they've been waiting. for it for since the results of that referendum on october first they now have it but it still isn't clear exactly whether that will mean there will be a republic yeah i'm also just looking at the reaction we've received from madrid. but a whole saying that nor will be restored in catalonia does that concern people given you know the heavy handed policing that we saw during the independence referendum. well yes we've been speaking to people over the last few days and that is one thing again and again people have said is that they are concerned that if article one five five is booted on and implemented that will mean that madrid will take control
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of things like the security forces here in catalonia now the capitol police are called to move most squads that are and they themselves are quite divided over this question of independence a lot we were talking to people and they were saying one of the things that really concerns them of the situation in madrid the government that taking control is that they would see a repeat of the file an ad that happened during that referendum on october first that we saw many many people injured during their lives to go and peacefully vote in that referendum which was to speak to the galaxy of it but we've spoken to many people that say that people here in catalan they move resist any attempts by the move government to take control but it is a concern given that the estimated hundreds will the eight hundred people injured in that file it's doing the referendum catalans he said they will protest peacefully they want democracy they vote they rights but they believe the best way
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to do that is to handle it peacefully among thing that's been really interesting here is we were in a crowd to hear that was split between the butcher i'm a unified to spain and those who wanted this declaration of independence and they were holding hands these are people who are marching together side. by sight they understand that their country is divided but they want to find a solution to go through to decide whether this country goes ahead as being a republic or whether it remains with spain but the declaration from the catalonian parliament today is that this is now an independent republic and charlotte just looking at the broader issue of the economy to me we've seen the large firms have already moved out of barcelona in fear of perhaps an independent supply by catalonia a people concerned about how the region can function on its own even if it is allowed to be independent. from
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well that is an interesting question because the economy all the catalonia region accounts for about twenty percent of spain's overall g.d.p. so this one region accounting for a fifth of the economy in spain and many people are kept in only one of the reasons they wanted independence is because they feel that they propping up some of the poorer parts of the country now since that referendum that speech referendum took place all october first around fifteen hundred companies we understand have left the catalonia region some of them moving their h.q. used to other places like in madrid or other areas in valencia so there is some concern and also city that we're in at the moment crosland is heavily dependent on the chin resume industry and the house being a slump in not tourism industry after people saw that violence during the referendum in obviously because there is a big question of what is going to happen here so these are questions that people are concerned about because jobs mean money means putting food on the table but the reality is we're in
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a completely new era nobody knows what's going to happen and we're going to have to see how this plays out over the next few days but the people who want independence they want it at all costs because they feel it is their democratic right to have their own country ok charlotte we'll leave it there for now i will come back she. over the course of even though thanks very much for the moment charlotte been ski for us in barcelona let's get more reaction from and rick fold he's from the cattle and solidarity for independence movement and i believe he's with us now there he is and rick hello good to talk to you i spoke to you just i think was twenty four hours ago you were concerned there's been no declaration of independence now it seems you've got it. yes finally we go to we are they happy people here it's a very happy we've seen it and we saw it and we fight against all of these. these results finally we get it and then we are absolutely. happy
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and. we to be coped for the future. while this is going on madrid has said that the route of ill will be upheld in catalonia and madrid is also voting on whether to invoke article one five five which could remove the autonomy of catalonia what do you think is about that. well in fact this question bolton even a spain they they want to remove the. algorithm he's got a new idea to go to one hundred fifty five but look i don't really. know well but i mean i don't yet because i don't yet. not to be inside of spain then it means that there will not be half a complete day they can say that they avoid the old enemy as yet but it doesn't matter for us because we will follow our own local alone institutions and our own
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god under the public that means that they has nothing to do all the only one thing they can do is to act by force not by a goal like they was acting and before that they bear better absolutely all the little and all they got under the shah and that means that we now will follow our own way a little under a bully. practically though in the coming months i mean if what you say plays out the way it does it's going to be very difficult isn't it for catalonia to maintain itself as a region given all the problems you have with madrid with the police perhaps as well and the economy too because we've seen companies lns catalonia in the run up to this independent school what are your concerns about the functionality of catalonia over the coming months yes. nobody nobody sees that. these are steps that will be difficult steps of course we will start immediately a lot of difficulties companies that will go out and the companies will come back i
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am sure but. again we will see some of the a lot of first we should especially because somebody. will want told them by the state but. this is the cost of a snob i was saying that it will be. great. and without the will need to pay but we are ready to pay any cost for bt this is a still room for dialogue with madrid just confirming what you said in the top of the interview with a now no. madrid senate sorry did vote in favor of invoking article one five five from that there's an obvious conflict isn't there do you think there's room for dialogue to sort of problematic to what are your thoughts on that. well who our president was getting open to that book. but us find us i know
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a lot of pressure from inside of the government. but the baby. was suffering. great pressure inside of. the for the application of that to go one hundred sixty five they want to apply these this out because they want little supressed all these cattle and all going to me one day one who calls all day independent movement i don't know this is something which you cannot do maybe you will apply for odd because of course you should maybe you will apply for anything but in fact they have been that and independent movement against it from the from the bases of the people it will not be something which you can press by low or why nothing and you know by force you never will but this means that the you
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know will decided to future because the people decided to just get there and you say that the by the way days another way back actually i was looking at the picture is from inside the compound parliament and i did think people hugging each other and they were very joyful at the end but before that there were people leaving in protest and also on the streets of catalonia this division say yes people a large number of people want independence but there are people who don't and i mean it's not just spain if you buy the raw divisions still in catalonia. because it's clear these people. they don't want to be to be separate from spain this is right it's a diesel engine right they could they could see. the source you know what they should be in march then you start right. to go into pole i need some cattle and. seeking that if expensive to staying in spain but they were supporting
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not to the independence but look way of pulling stuff out and there you have the right to go and to express yourself the results of these body surely it must must be for all there is the moment to say yes or to say no. it is not that. it isn't the whole question to say that there is a lot of people who want to be in spain yes it is a lot but how much how much you know when you vote and it was clearly poor spalding and poor us not both. what was the result ok and rick look really good to get your thoughts so soon after all this is just developed and broke we appreciate it that was only secretary of the international section kaplan solidarity for independence. thank you very much ok plenty's referendum on
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independence on october the first you might remember was marked by violence from spanish police who were ordered to prevent the vote from taking place. was. this is not the first people that this was the. end of the taking. so there really was the warning it just seems to be escalating. was. us.
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i was. ok where we are getting the spanish the spanish senate approving direct rule on catalonia this decision was made by the spanish senate and that was made just minutes after the cattle and parliament voted in favor of declaring independence from spain let's get into what all this could mean with joining me now in the studio so they've invoked article one five five just explain then the significance of this. and you are again well of course this these are historic events for spain and catalog but the events that are happening in madrid the ones that you were talking about the decisions that are being made by the leaders of spain are no less important than the events in the catalonian parliament in the media aftermath of the vote as you were saying the senate was having a vote on invoking article one five five of the spanish constitution that is the
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first time they ever did that and the article means the fact that the actually agreed on implementing that article it means that the. government in madrid is now capable of using all measures necessary to compel a crisis in that region so basically the prime minister mariano who previously called on the senate to have that vote is doing what he promised to do previously he promised the to the entire spanish population that the rule of law will be restored and he asked all spaniards to remain calm in this case he appealed to the senate he wanted to take control of the capital region the most important thing for prime minister was to dismiss the catalan president pushed him on take a listen to what mr hoar previously said when he was appealing to the senate.
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we're asking you senator to dismiss the president vice president and members of the council and government likewise the regional parliament must be electing new members thank massive applause in the audience in the spanish parliament as you can see this means that madrid is confident and it means that they will have things to do definitely we have seen them being able to exercise power that was the massive federal police crackdown during the actual vote for the independence in catalonia where we saw perhaps some people are calling this the worst instances of police
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brutality of police using force against the population in the history of the european union that's how some commentators are calling this but in both cases this time around and previously the spanish federal government including the leader marianna. he is saying that basically there was no other choice to restore order democracy and stability in the country speaking of the implementation of article one five five from the spanish constitution again first time the spanish government is doing this now the spanish government has many options first of all i guess what they will be looking for is to fire mr putin who is the president of catalonia in this case if the article is implemented the region. becomes fully controlled by madrid temporarily because this doesn't read. technically khalili of the autonomy so perhaps then some kind of powers can be given to them the rest of the catalan
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government is likely to be able to operate but then again under madrid control and the parliament would be active or i guess will be active right now because the article has been implemented but they will not be able to elect a new president until the crisis is resolved and who knows when that. who knows what exact measures what exact force can the madrid government now implement to really do this because the people in catalonia the police in catalonia i guess they're not ready to accept this kind of the just moments ago we were hearing from what a whole and he was saying that law will be restored in catalonia that was his message to spain so quite what he has in mind we'll have to wait and see but anyway thanks for that was a. ok we'll actually just get an update then and what has been happening over the last couple of hours we are getting in the spanish senate has approved the implementation of article one five five it has never been
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used before i mean for moving castle and autonomy spain's president called on the spanish people to remain calm he also said the rule of law in catalonia will be restored the decision comes just minutes after the capital i'm. in favor of declaring independence from spain a total of seventeen to make is that in favor of cattle and independence ten voted against abstained the movement for secession of catalonia from spain has its roots as early as nine hundred twenty six so after almost one hundred years of struggle that landmark decision has now been made by the cattle and parliament you might remember on october first ninety percent of cash lands did for an independent referendum and they voted to leaf's by one percent of the. following that hundred sixty streets by for and against independent. push for independence catalonia has repeatedly face fierce opposition from madrid
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is a recap. those in charge of government who are the protagonists in this challenge to work or existence i ask them to cease illegal activity.
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we are now applying article one five five because no government at all in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored or violated or changed this has all happened under false criteria and they impose their criteria on everybody else. so ok we can get some reaction to all of this now this is story decision that was made from you keep any pain david coburn who joins us thanks very much for your time david for coming on to our say what's your reaction firstly to the catalan vote and their vote for independence. well it's very interesting in scotland we had a problem and we had a vault we had a plebiscite on this and we decided to remain british. obviously it would seem that there needs to be a proper. vote taken which is that which people do not refuse to take part in you
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have to make sure the whole population agree to that and we did and we have the results unfortunately the scottish nationalists from two to get the the idea that we decided to remain british so you know if there's going to be a referendum i have to make sure that all sides agree to it and that they agree to stay by the outcome that is very important i think. with regard to what's happening in spain just generally speaking for europe david where we saw that the cattle and parliament voted for independence we've seen that madrid is nice said we're going to assume control over catalonia the country the the powers that be there it's an impasse how do you think it's playing. well from chatting with present sport with a couple of weeks ago the european union have no intention of interfering in
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spanish affairs internal affairs as they have tried to do in britain but they they have stirred up things with scotland and i keep mentioning the the irish border situation which is quite easily solvable but you know the we've made a lot of fuss with the scottish nationalists about scotland to try and put pressure on london which i thought was wrong but i think they've now got the idea with the problems now taking part in spain that maybe it's for a good idea of the actually key posts of internal affairs of the various countries because it's just a farce to many other countries in europe who have problems with the central administration. why they're making a fuss i'm not so sure because spain doesn't god. when a self anymore is governed by the european union decisions are no longer made him but they're made in brussels so. in the course of the idea of that but as far as i'm concerned this is something that needs to be dealt with in a plebiscite in the everyone agrees to and they must agree to the outcome and the
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problem stopped and we got discussion actually was we don't seem to have got the message. why do you think that we've seen this rise in secessionist movements across europe. so i think it's basically the european union people don't want to be ruled by a faceless bunch of people in brussels they think it was decisions are being taken by great things they don't like all those decisions are not made to madrid they're made and been brussels madrid does does is. as brussels tells them so maybe this is the european union has brought this to a head and it's not just spain is it the same brain problems again with the boxee of the front of the. floodwalls in belgium and various parts of europe there are problems people want to secede because people don't want to be ruled by faceless bureaucracy in brussels they want to make their own decisions locally and then have
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a national government as well and i think that may be a different way of dealing with national government perhaps they want more decisions being made in their region but that is against the name channel decision for those countries european union has created a lot of problems economically with the euro decision making being taken away out of people's minds people cannot get hold of representatives by the scruff of the neck and through the my own seventy five years so i think people are disheartened by central government's large european states they're not doing what they're supposed to do and the reason for that is they've given all the power to pressures that's our big problem it's the big problem of europe and it's not going to go away until we get out of the european union and various other countries who seem to think it is the european union is not the answer to everyone's every problems it's creating problems so you have to look at the what's happening here in central european banking and what's going on there it's not good you mentioned earlier that
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the you doesn't want to get involved in this issue catalonian it's dependent so they say but they must still be very concerned surely i mean you know you in the halls of power there do you sense people affair for the what's happening in europe at the moment. absolutely i think one of the reasons they stopped interfering in scotland was because they started. they started to see all this police problems building up in the rest of europe and they're very very concerned about it and i think they realize that many of the problems are being caused by power being taken away from from the local how do you call the national so-called national governments space for an international government or french national government and the power is going to to brussels and they are not going to be we're not getting hearing they're not getting the response they want from central government they don't understand why do you think it's the fault of central government was all the actual photograph of the fight the problem is that central government have given
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all their powers away to brussels they're just rubber stamps or brussels so i don't think the catalans of quite got the idea if they want some sort of change they're going to have to get out of europe as well it's not just a question of getting out of spain this is this is this is the big problem catalonia as of the richest of the rich parts of spain so they are that's why they're feeling very upset ok look david when you could have told you interesting thoughts there and that is david you keep. you watching r.t. we're going to take a quick break now but we'll be back with more about all these landmark things they've been taking place in spain the fact that catalonia has voted for independence in the parliament today. it's.
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done. by. come up. with more make its manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. when the final clear.


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