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was. possible. violence leaves more than one hundred palestinians injured as a day of rage is declared in the region tensions spilled over after donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. a major breakthrough in the backseat talks is reached as both sides agree to move to the next stage of talks those senior officials warn that things will only get tough. and there are doubts over whether that team usa will compete in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea with american also it is giving out mixed messages i think on the streets of new york city more concerned and more
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certain about who won't be taking on. russian. states wow. i'm kate partridge and you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. more than one hundred palestinians have been injured after protests turned violent across the west bank and gaza tear gas rubber bullets and even live ammunition were used by israeli police as they clashed with demonstrators the tensions escalated after u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the confidence of israel. but you.
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know the. public it. was. a protest and now underway across palestine israeli police are using tear gas and water cannons against the rioters in jerusalem people are gathering at the damascus gates where several clashes with security forces are already being seen. is there and she joins us now live hi there charlotte so how tense is the situation at the moment. it still feels incredibly tense in the last hour we've seen several small scale clashes between the israeli security forces and local
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palestinians who live in this part of jerusalem bottles were hurled at the security services and at the journalists who were trying to get out of the way and then the police in turn were pushing those protesters away and running off to them some on the back of horses as well trying to steer them away from damascus gate we've been allowed to return in the last ten or fifteen minutes after this is just an indication a small indication of some of the scuffles that we're seeing across the israeli and palestinian territories today and over the last few days all on the back of that announcement by donald trump on wednesday that the u.s. would fish should be recognized jerusalem is being the capital of israel that has sparked a war i'd spread called. nation from many countries many countries of muslim majority such as malaysia indonesia and we've seen the protests in the those countries as well as well as protests taking place on u.s.
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soil in chicago one hundred stemmons street today against that announcement by donald trump who here at damascus gate in the jerusalem heading into the heart near the old city there is a small group of people who are protesting and they chanting now we've been speaking to some of them today to try and get a feeling as to what they think about that announcement from donald trump and we've been talking to israeli citizens and palestinian citizens this is what they had to say. they will not be back of the questions consequence of. the case of will it for another intifada or another revolution it's going to be in the hall but i think you know this is this time is not going to be short one you know i hope things turn out right but it doesn't look right you know policies or look for any excuse they can call for. and. they don't they're not it's
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a significant move i think it's going to cause trouble why do seem to be the capital of israel i don't know. here is in palestine. well i don't know if you can hear romney but there is the sound of horns in the end that sort of people showing support for the small number of demonstrators who are here they've been chanting things like this is our capital these are palestinian demonstrators who are unhappy with the announcement by donald trump but this is not just a small scale scuffle this is already become something a little bit wider with the i.d.f. actually launching two strikes on gaza in the last few days they say that that was in retaliation for a rocket strike which they blame on hamas in gaza however that has since been for. by another group and there is fear that this could lead to even bigger tensions you could one of the people i spoke to there saying this could be a good intifada and that is actually what the leader of the islamist group hamas in
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gaza has called for in the last few days describing this alliance between the u.s. and israel as being sick tannic meanwhile on the other hand the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described this is being a great decision and has sunk to john the trump for recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. maureen times. in jerusalem thank you very much thank you. i want to discuss this further i'm joined by dan dyke a research fellow at the instant the international institute for counterterrorism thank you very much indeed for joining us well let's get straight there has done this president trying to join the army doing but i recognize in jerusalem as israel's capital sorry can you hear me let me just yes i can hear you can you hear me yes i can hear. from the jerusalem center for public affairs and the project director for the program because of political warfare ok right thank you very much for clarifying that mean that if we can get back to the back to the question then i
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mean do you think that president trump has done the right thing by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital well donald trump is basically fulfilled his duty as president the united states to to carry out the will of the people this is a decision that was made in one thousand nine hundred five by the u.s. congress which is the most directly democratically elected body or representatives i should say of the american people so so this is what. donald trump is basically just done with the american people but ask him to do for twenty two years. i mean based on based on all of that and then what we've seen over the last sort of forty eight hours i mean what do you think holds what's the future in store now for the priest process basically. well i think the peace process is actually and pay attention well to this because it's a it's a an unusual take on it but it's actually been given a tailwind by this move because israel must be you know israel's capital is
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jerusalem it's been jerusalem three times in three thousand years this is one nine hundred forty eight it's been the capital of israel every israeli of every background muslim christian jew knows that jerusalem is the capital our seat of government is there our parliament is there so that's just a it's a fact and it's an historical fact and it's a national fact and this is what the american people have recognized now for the peace process that actually paves the way to peace because israel will be called upon by the same trumpet ministration to make concessions to its palestinian neighbor which it will be much more ready to do now that a basic wrong has been corrected which is to to rightfully acknowledge that they drew sloan is the capital of israel now that doesn't in any way prejudice negotiations between the sides katie because at the end of the day the two sides have to negotiate in order to come to an agreement but a basic wrong the basic injustice has been corrected and frankly the u.s. president has sent a very stern message to the palestinian leadership saying no more demonizing the
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jews about the jewish state's capital jerusalem. well we've been seeing some of the live pictures here in town we've seen the clashes in jerusalem as well as well as across palestine i mean do you think as well as the israeli security forces that responding to missile launches from gaza i mean all we can to see any escalation here. well you know the the what's being called a day of rage katie among palestinians the palestinian authority looks and the hamas is of course they look for any excuse to call for a day of rage so you know that the hamas is in business to kill israelis and to kill political opponents like the fatah and the p.a. uses the day of rage as an excuse in order to avoid making any headway on the peace process now what i think that the palestinian leadership would be very very well advised to do is to not boycott the president of the united states or the secretary of state of the united states or the vice president mr president hence which the palestinian leadership has already threatened to do they are threatening to boycott
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the united states well if the palestinians want to wipe themselves off the face of the bat politically they should continue in this in this line of political violence as well as threats of physical violence i would suggest that they go back to the table where they have israelis with open arms and open hands willing to negotiate with them but this is something they're going to have to learn to do and stop calling for days of rage and for terror and violence to leave that i just want to get this right down to project director of the jerusalem center for public affairs thank you very much indeed yes that's correct thank you so much thank you. well meanwhile concerns over the president's decision were raised at the u.s. state department that officials there seem to want to divulge some of the questions . believe that this decision in any way impairs the pursuit of peace of the united states. we've made clear the person has made clear that he
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hopes it hopes to advance this process helps move it forward a couple of quarters ago should you think it in any way here if the pursuit of peace and i know what you hope i want to know if you think it has impaired you or if i can't make that judgment this morning not even given the negative reaction was that you see in arab capitals among some of your allies that you don't know if you can we will judge by what actually happens with those parties as we deal with this process as we carry on discussions with them again we're not going to be driven by state it's into the system with the idea that you would also be negotiating at the table in less you can acknowledge what we're all trying to get you to say which you think you are still here now think that both you have but but the idea that it may be that is that that jerusalem is the capital but perhaps in final status negotiations that it might be not the divine the united capital i will only address one more point on this what were the words the president used it was
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a very simple statement recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel there are words you might want to put in there he didn't there were jim i want to take out he didn't. when we while the u.s. is basting security in the region and has issued a travel alert for americans that's after friday was declared as we heard of daybreak and hamas is calling for a new intifada an armed rebellion against israel other procrustean groups are also vowing that trump will pay dearly for his decision. and i twenty four news correspondent mohammed al cassim is now in bethlehem where the process are also rated mohammed thank you very much indeed for joining us well i can sort of see that you're protective gear i mean how dangerous does a situation like that. well it's very dangerous we've seen violent clashes here for the last three hours immediately after the ending of the noon prayers here in bethlehem but also throughout the west bank here in bethlehem there
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is a large deployment of israeli forces on the ground and also demonstrations that palestinians have been demonstrating president johnson is to suggest to declare a jewish one capital of israel if they take into the streets and we have seen now hundreds of them just yet in this one location in the northern part of the city of bethlehem in the west bank as has been used rubber bullets by the israeli forces in return with you know the palestinians are using molotov cocktail bombs as well as stone throwing it has been on and off throughout the day but it's extremely dangerous here we've got reports from the palestinian health ministry at least two hundred palestinians reportedly injured today throughout clashes in the west bank and we've seen also where the force of clashes on the borders between gaza and israel just to the south of us.
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and excite we've lost mohammed and that's my twenty four news correspondent mohammed al qassim he's in bethlehem we can see some of the life pictures there where the face has to have been raging back to him like. now will the american team can face in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea and we'll find out why the someone says about that after this short break.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on . the only show i go out of my way to find you know the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americans good to see we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love jack to the next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back britain's prime minister is a reason why you says all sides of the brics that negotiations are now ready to move on to the next stage of talks however there are still many obstacles the u.k.
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is expected to face. explains certainly in the bronx it's a deadline is looming time is taking at what we've seen so far is that these breaths of negotiations have been anything but very simple especially maybe according to those who expected things to move forward much quicker we've seen a theresa may and european commission president john claude huger basically pot themselves on the box for breaking through with this first round of disc. russians when it comes to the issue of irish borders now they're looking forward to moving on to issues such as trade however we have seen the european council president donald terms come out and say that they're going to be really some different harsh realities he's talked about specifically the transition period that the u.k. has put forward saying that britain wants this two year transition period and sad that this is going to come along with some pretty serious conditions he has said that not only will decisions be made without the u.k.
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in this time but he's also said that the u.k. is going to have to respect laws in that time including new laws including budgetary our commitments as well as judiciary oversight let's take a listen clearly was in the transition period following the u.k. withdrawal you decision making group continuing. do you. own a world that. seems to be dilutive reasonable solution well low following these latest developments reaction including some negative have come from the likes of former you keep letter leader and pioneer nigel farage who has basically described the way things have been going a sort of an embarrassment so let's stay tuned to see how these negotiations will now continue to move forward. now this confusion over whether the u.s.
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will take part in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea white house spokesperson sarah saunders has tweeted that the country is looking forward to the games in pyongyang although security remains a top priority but just hours before she had implied the team might not even be going. no official decision has been made on that and will keep us posted as those decisions are made well the spokesperson was quizzed after the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. claimed america's participation in the upcoming games was was an open question as the korean peninsula poses a serious security threat artie's kalam open went to the streets of new york to find out what americans think about it. it turns out that a very well known country may not be participating in the upcoming olympic games and it's got nothing to do with russia or doping in fact it's the united states q the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is that a done deal or the united states recommending that our team goes or is that still
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an open question as environment there has there is an open question i have not heard anything about that but i do know that in the talks that we have whether it's tourism whether it's north korea it's always about how do we protect the u.s. citizens in the area now let's see if people here are aware that their team may not be going to the winter games what country may not be sending any athletes to the olympic games is it a russia b. north korea or c. the united states a russia russia. the the united states and why it's unclear how to get a chance to read the article i know nikki haley threw it out there and i'm not sure exactly why we're not going to participate but i'll be a little more for major the day i've been shammed all morning i see no reason why we should so as united states yes nikki haley at the un's yesterday said we may not be participating what do you think of that. wow it's ridiculous it's terrible the u.s. olympic committee says there is no need to worry that there is no talk of not going to the games we've not had any discussions either internally or with our government
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partners about the possibility of not taking teams to the twenty eighteen limpid can paralympic winter games so no need to worry that well to be fair there are quite a few anxieties swarming around the korean peninsula north korea recently one as far as saying that with a war it's not a matter of if but when the success of large scale nuclear war exercises conducted by the u.s. or creating a touch and go situation on the korean peninsula and the series of warlike remarks coming from high level u.s. politicians in these circumstances have made the outbreak of war on the korean peninsula a certainty the remaining question now is when will the war break out. now one chinese newspaper has actually issued a nuclear strike survival guide china is currently conducting military drills meanwhile south korea reassures everyone that everything at the olympic games is going to be completely safe and normal meanwhile there are u.s.
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bombers flying overhead in war games rehearsing for an all out war with the north cable mop and artsy new york. now the e.u. has blacklisted seventeen countries as offshore states in efforts to combat tax avoidance however according to oxfam a charity that fights poverty some countries were left off the list thanks to political pressure the blacklisting process has been surrounded by secrecy putting citizens in the dark and leaving tax havens free to use their political and economic leverage to get themselves off the e.u. blacklist well found claims that four e.u. members their island luxembourg the netherlands and malta should be on the blacklist of tax havens if the e.u. applied its own criteria to the well it's found also points out that some e.u. members not only use so-called conduit offshore financial centers but also act as ones they do this by being an intermediate destination for money transfer to tax
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havens they also provide favorable tax policies to ensure a quiet funds flow well this enables the mediators to protect the reputations of their client countries where financial commentator charlie boyle believes the e.u. has made ineffectual attempts to clean up its image after the twenty sixteen panama paper scandal. it was an attempt to be seen to be doing something internationally about the offshore havens the problem is inside it's inside the london is one of the biggest financial centers and it has the the this this transfer pricing policy which which makes it. virtually zero percent for the big corporations in terms of corporation tax and it's also. saving in big saving the v.a.g. as well so again it's totally on. what i find most interesting is the panama papers and the paradise papers and the leaks to do with that there's a lot of uproar but i'm amazed at how quickly it's died down it doesn't matter
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who's on the list or who who's not on the list it's a case of the the existing. business practices in those countries as well but it doesn't address the wider problem of the tax policies or individual western countries all across the world including the. cryptocurrency bitcoin has extended its record breaking run it reached new highs of nineteen thousand dollars for the first time on thursday before dipping and many observers warn the market could be a bubble waiting to pop i was in a risk to the mainstream economy but here is a word of caution for any setting. it's calling the labels the halt its currency no one is using his past milestone off the milestone but the rising value of the crypto currency has attracted both investors and criminals alike here's an idea of how much has gone into the pockets of hackers and elsewhere as we look at three of the most infamous cases. this recent case involves mining
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marketplace nice hash who faced in that it uses something was wrong when visitors were greeted with a maintenance notice quickly discovered that nice hush wallets were completely empty and all of the bitcoin had been transferred to one single wallet totaling over sixty two million dollars the company's advice to use this change of policy is . this involves a credit to currency exchange convinced it's multi-faceted layers of security and hackable it created a system with multi signature wallets where keys were divided among i mean is an transactions had to be cosigned there even bold enough to state the era of commingle in custom of bitcoin or of the associated skirt exposures is well famous last words one hundred twenty thousand units were stolen from the exchange platform valued then at around seventy two million dollars. now
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here's the low tech crypto fail a british man claims he accidentally threw a hard drive containing bitcoin private keys into a local rubbish dump along with his household waste he says he's now considering digging up that until well that could be eighty million dollars in there so that we have it the bitcoin community has been rattled by intelligent hacking exposing security flaws and even catus management these three cases alone including the final mishap have seen the loss of at least two hundred fourteen million dollars worth of bits going but despite the security issues that have plagued cryptocurrency is over the is the price of bitcoin. continues to skyrocket is there even predictions that if this continues by this rate this time next year if it could be worth more than the entire world's wealth one single bitcoin will equal is it fifteen million dollars the use of bitcoin as a currency is still highly questionable for the moment it's being treated less like a currency and more like
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a store of value and of course we should be forgetting the volatile roller coaster trip it's taken to get hit so hang on for the rights if you're brave enough. eighty million dollars in the bin amazing stuff i'll be back with the latest headlines in just about half an hour meanwhile for more on this and all our other stories as well t dot com. i'm done some is not so is not quick place is not good country. yes it is the minister there live bush family as well above the storm. as you can just look at this for a disco that is glued. to the side of the coach on the side. of the coach less sure of the split second of this just pulling in just a little embrace from a fellow muslim of oneself to be
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a little. full scale as forceful. play on both ends of the mother for the base the last second hour that john said i'm based on our much less credit card number can i do not believe ask how we're sliced from catholic matter how on amanita. from a show coming cannot. turn from a canal himself i'm almost feel now words to fuck a moment. cuckoo sister to my soul an hour ago show you the supermodel of the lord of the susan the micra voices in the city of the world over the streets. of the cinema bhargava you are the loudest the serious words go.
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and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and bill fails to miss it if you like and if this isn't my cup of tea is going to the study hall maybe. the only palestinians who gets the most helpful is to respond counterparts i don't think this is about those who are on the vision. only because it is a. i know it is a love fest that it's got to this lady of the muscle that you have an identical t.v. in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also some piss off. while
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coming to the stan collymore show from our beautiful new in london studio a warm welcome to all we start the show this week with an incredible story we simply don't see you know following football the pleasure of a sinner woke up legend to not only built an academy from scratch but also it seemed that went from nothing to romanian champions with unite us an incredible story all these three romanian woke legend one of my heroes in his hometown of can stand to see how we did it. absolutely. gave them the chance to dream big.
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guy. oh yes. judy tell us about the academy offered a lot of items it is a world class facility why did you decide to want to stall to an academy could have gone and carried on coaching or become an ambassador a million things why did you want to have an academy. first of all it does in my mind. to give to the kids being open to anything to be king became his his dream. to be god and back to the old what's the philosophy beyond the kind of the thought that he is simple try to be the best. and the philosophy start of the personality type.


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