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really far from a legitimate reason for being in syria. now having been taking off the gameboard the pentagon has decided to keep a u.s. military presence in syria anyway despite the fact that the united states military was never actually invited or even given the green light to operate within syria's borders by the syrian government which basically makes our presence there illegal by international law and to make matters even worse apparently apparently the number of u.s. soldiers operating in syria is actually more times the amount we've been told coming into the cool two thousand troops. the end of the beginning of yet another am the so let's begin watching the honks. with the. real thing with. the bottom.
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like you know i got. this. well over the water the hard science i robot to run that and top of all. so war what is it good for. then that infuriates me more than anything is watching this whole thing play out where a bunch of military leaders are arguing about who did it right who didn't do this who did who did what better and the truth is i feel like we're in this position where as americans we're supposed to have this we could have done it better we could have bombed and displace people so much better than you and your very good bargain because i'm like where's the more the what's the moral high ground you can't i don't agree with military action as much as i you know i don't have a magical answer to it but. while i don't agree with military intervention and
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bombing people as what the russians did i also don't want my country or the you know i don't want the united states saying this argument over what's the best choice of a horrible situation it's also wrong with at least the russian military was invited to that syria that that's the difference the syrian government said look please help us fight isis here and right you know to the extent the us you know that when they were doing just air raids and things like that ok but then we started putting troops in there and we started helping you know the rebels trying to overthrow assad and getting their hands dirty you know look at the end of the day isis is that they're pretty much on the run but everything that they created is pretty much falling to pieces. and now there's that question that we have to look at ourselves and say well why is the u.s. military still in syria if isis is no longer a threat there and that's the problem that they're running into legal legally because look the syrian the princeton history is called the presence of u.s. troops and other foreign militaries not deployed with the syrian syrian
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government's consent they called it an act of aggression and attack on the sovereignty of the syrian arab republic as well as a gross violation of the charter and principles of the united nations exactly the big that's the big question on the wall right now tab is that a byelection are is military are u.s. troops there and even bases there our presence there is a violation of the u.n. of the u.n. rules which we i think it is and i also think it's against the spirit i think it goes against the spirit of the the united states our constitution our values i think it goes against us for us to be in there in that situation because yes it is a violation there are very basic rules for a reason you know if we expect other people to respect our sovereignty and the sovereignty of people around the world you don't have standing armies to protect them then we have to show that ourselves and in this situation the united nations has a very strict policy about these things there are only three. clearcut justifications
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for use of force one is that the un security council un s.c. resolution providing chapter seven authority hasn't happened to a self defense against an act of aggression by the territorial state syria has not attacked us or number three and in the invitation by the legitimate authority of a sovereign state for foreign troops to act within its borders quote can send territorial stay. and watch the u.n. secretary council resolution twenty two forty nine does call upon member states to take all necessary actions against i use this in syria and iraq it exists listen lee stated this was no no accident explicitly stated that any measures have to be made in compliance with international law which we cannot it requires those children because it's there it's all realistic that's the thing that's where it becomes that whatever you feel about assad whether you think he's repressive unfair or not which is not my choice to make that is the syrian people straight to make
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and to be there in a military hospital capacity and not in a well let's help you get back work here to help you build things no we're just going to sit on the border with guns and wait for something the excuse that they're using as to why they're there now a little this kind of like whoa you know we need to mop up the remnants of vices so they might rise up again that's not our business anymore new and it's not as if there's no other military forces legitimate military forces anywhere around that it was interesting because they were you know raises other question with as far as troop levels because look the military november that the official to comes through is about five hundred three people five hundred people but now go as a month later the spoke for save the workers to the it's two thousand and the number does not represent an increase of troop levels in syria but reflects a more accurate count so look i understand that governments can't give out like how many people who could be dangerous to say look we have this man. people at this
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particular region at this particular time because that does give information to them but when you're making jumps of like five hundred one month to two thousand and one and then saying well that's not a that's not a rising in the number of troops. and here's where it gets her and this is the part that you have to remember is the the we're being sold on a certain idea that oh we just didn't know which means you don't know where our armed services members are at any given time you don't know how many are in syria in harm's way they don't. that's not a good that's just a bad answer for a. protest supposing that well back in that neutrality are taking place today both of arise in stores across the country and here in washington d.c. at the annual f.c.c. chairman stener activists are mobilizing i go into what they claim is a corporate takeover of the internet facilitated by an f.c.c. chairman in high they claim is much too friendly and beholden to corporate
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lobbyists and the very industry the f.c.c. is meant to regulate for the latest on this we're joined by our team is david miller live from the chairman's center in the nation's capital hello david. kato the net neutrality supporters are gathered here tonight is the annual f.c.c. chairman standard this is all in protest of the chairman's plans to roll back protections of net neutrality this action is part of a day of protest where thousands of protesters gathered at more than six hundred rise in stores across the country and i did get a chance to catch up with some of those protesters earlier about why all americans so concerned about this issue. it's really important just to have the internet be free to everybody regardless who you are where you come from or how much money you have and the repeal it's honestly in my opinion it's just a cash grab by what's happened already is that they tried to drive a service before and limit and they were fined by the f.c.c. because they were breaking the rules for eyes and so one of the ones that was fined thousands of dollars for breaking that neutrality rules once the rules are unfair
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it's a scare play for them. is dinner is being attended by many cable executives and obvious all in a plan to support the chairman and his activities to roll back the restrictions on that neutrality and more than two hundred tech companies have sent a letter to the f.c.c. in protest of these restrictions being rolled back the democrats do plan to as to the way that vote is scheduled for december fourteenth reporting from washington d.c. david miller r t america. thank you very much david. you can hear the people back there you know and i like that i like seeing people out there protesting i think that's a good healthy thing you know and you need to let them know i mean are they going to ultimately listen to the protesters probably not people could argue as futile you know part of them already got their you know their hands greased up or learn hands in the. book we still have to make the voices heard you know it's the key
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you still have to cause a little bit of a ruckus you have to cause a ruckus when it comes to something like this i mean here's the thing we have to have a fairer system when it comes to access to communication and a free and open internet just isn't about for me it isn't just about whether or not the cable company or whoever i'm getting my internet from can throttle it and make certain things like oh these smaller blogs and sites i won't be able to get to or they'll just start banning certain things because you know they're whatever. subversive i want that's all i like a subversive stuff so then what's going to end up happening is the upside to this is that smaller internet companies and smaller broadband companies will pop out of this to serve a part of the community that doesn't want to be that does want to protect that but does want to be on the be in that world also i think that you're going to see a lot more cities and municipalities and vesting and it you see
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a lot more actual talk a little bit about minnesota in the next in the second and the second half that show is that you know the deputy one of the things that the governor of minnesota has been a big proponent of has been rural broadband internet access and once you start giving people the ability to have that free act having that access not just free as in freed to pay but. free of restrictions it changes people's minds that perceptions about it and suddenly they don't they realize they don't have to be beholden to the big you know the big cable providers and all of that and you know what however they want to divvy it up if it's in like ok well give me fifty dollars and you get this amount of speed in this amount of websites or give me twenty and you get the lowest rung which is really what all this is it's a cash grab at the end of the day and i do believe that the internet is a public utility you cannot survive without it resumes communication with your potential jobs of everybody it is a public utility at this point much like running water and electricity got to get it got to get absolutely. back in twenty fifteen rowan county kentucky
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clark kent davis refused to sign a same sex marriage license to resident david arnold on the grounds it violated her religious beliefs after much ado a few days in jail and allow regarding a meeting with the pope her constituents are growing weary of her activism on the job c. davis recently spent nine days in romania lobbying very government to outlaw gay marriage not her first absence is becoming a folk hero for hate which is why among other things are seen as being challenged in the next election by the very man who she denied a marriage license to david or and jim davis had to help them file the paperwork. democracy still works because hypocrisy could never hide from karma. and you cannot hide from this break that we have to go to our borders don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered have facebook and twitter
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shows on our t.v. dot com coming up we welcome the host of our team to the big picture holland cook into the office less to discuss the end of al franken time in congress and finally we find out that less has actually invented the wheel we want to miss and stay tuned to watching the whole.
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various degrees of. unintended consequence. the french like when you on the us come in to inspect our property if somebody would've been told me that i'm going to spend my life to plan committees i'll talk to story person of the salt it was clearly see. was every night although we were attacked by the arabs oh no we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked and saying but that's not possible i'll make those moves into such scenes and then the soldiers and myself from the sniping that there is both wampus in the house without the prison or with our bulldog with memorable day only. million much second class citizens in the on own.
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terms like and i think in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without. the snow was. asked. by the law of god i didn't think it was. god. was.
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another day rolls by and another scalp for the beat to movement but was rising progressive star al franken promised to step down in a twelve minute speech before spello senators one is left wondering what what to make of this particular battle with. a war against workplace harassment for anyone who missed his speech it can basically be summed up in in this you know how about under ten seconds take take a look i'm going to help people because i'm good enough i'm smart enough and doggone it people like me. you see darko al franken may be resigning but his accusers are liars the at the ex-pro but he himself called for is just too much of a burden and it's really unfair he has to go back home while fellow alleged miscreants president trump and soon to be senator bore enjoy the perks of government welfare not watchers because today we're joined by our colleague ali cook to try to make sense and get a little bit more insight into the bigger picture of these developments thank you
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so much fallen for coming out of the let's get an office pool going how long it takes him to show up on saturday night live real quick real where. reagan's resignation comes at a time when the democrat party is basically bleeding support like a like a stuck pig and you know elite establishment dems in office like palosi and the hill and conyers of blatantly put politics over people when the issue of sexual harassment is so is this another sign that the democratic party needs new leadership new direction yeah there's a generational thing going on when bernie sanders is the cool kid on the block and i think he is personally but demographically where is our justin trudeau right you know we don't have that character yet but don't pigeonhole this in one party or the other because i think this really sends two messages the dems got to posture that our house is clean and it sends a message to the voters of alabama that your own party will show you the door if
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you're unfit and that's a none too subtle message with judge roy his resume and in the case of al franken sacrificial lamb i guess timing is everything it's a last ditch hail mary to the folks of alabama and the polls are now too close to call down there but i think it's also to keep the dems from getting beat up yours i mean it was you're even throwing out alabama i mean are they just having someone anyone there now on to the. could be so not killing a shot yeah. let me ask you this frank good speech as a woman was a roller coaster of conflicting statements for me because first. the first he says this which is giving us the impression that he understood the serious. accusations. we were finally beginning to listen to women about the ways in which men's actions affect them the moment was long overdue
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i was excited for that conversation and hopeful that it would result in real change and made life better for women all across the country and in every part of our society. but he turned tail on that so fast i think we all got a little a little with class a lot. i think that was the right thing to do. think it gave some people the false impression that i was admitting to doing things that in fact i haven't done. some of the allegations against me are simply not true . others i remember very differently. paul and why do you think it seems like a very dangerous political tactic to me where he already did apologize he asked to
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be investigated to see if these things and now to sort of turn tail and go well some of them are a lot what why do you think he would do that this is not a happy man number one star and you know it was interesting from radio if you watch that with your eyes closed it was different than if you had your eyes open and if you read the speech it might have come off less in dignity then if you heard it and there's a parallel to this because nixon kennedy in that first debate they said if you heard it on radio you thought nixon won if you watched it on t.v. jack kennedy was a rock star so it was tough to watch i thought it was well written he delivered it without choking up but. i don't know that i'd call it real gracious the guy's in a tough spot and you know what he couldn't say let's leave it to the voters of minnesota and let's leave it to the ethics committee because had he thrown down the gauntlet there he would have had zero support for anything going forward from his
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own party as a virtue i just think let me ask you this because both of you because i'm a person just i don't like political parties i don't i think that this and this is one of those perfect example exactly why couldn't he just one day have been better for him to stand up for his principles and do what he thought was right rather than throwing himself under the bus for the party because don't the people of minnesota lose he was gracious to the folks back home and it's the kind of thing trump might get away with you know al franken could have said come right down here to the well and save face don't hide behind facebook but he didn't and that's the kind of thing that trump's peeps cheer oddly but nobody else pulls off. well never struck me as the person who's going to get up and say that could. but they're going to i mean we were talking about earlier today even with our colleague ed schultz and sure you have the same conversation and one things i want to ask you is you know minnesota governor dayton released a statement and the first line of date in the statement was i extend my deepest
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regrets to the women who've had to endure their own want to experience as was some of the franken they then went on to point out the good work that frightened franken has done in his time in office and i think is the biggest question we need to start asking ourselves you know can we start separating the politician from their personal life bad acts you know that's what's tough about this you know you mentioned paul well stone three times. in the indian affairs committee i mean he's got a record he can be proud of but. tis the season even though these are old photos from before he got into politics like howard stern and other people who make their living horsing around there he was horsing around i'm sure there's hundreds of those pictures for all of the not ready for prime time players but you just can't reinvent yourself and in the seventy's dan rather wrote a book titled the camera never blinks and that was before social media yes that's a great point i just want quick out into is that i think the other problem too is
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too many politicians today i think they you know they parade their families out they parade their moral values and their family values and that allows them to then be targets of one of the things my father did was running for governor he never paraded me and my sister out he said family is personal what i and this is my job if i screw up my job then hold me accountable sure whatever happens in my private life that's my private life and let me and my family and things like that deal with so there is an argument to be made that if you're asking for it if you run on this kind of morality take it you know i just hope this doesn't scare people out of public service entirely because who among us doesn't have a polaroid somewhere. but i'll get it i never i would i want to. so i also hope we get a cream of the crop because you know what do you hate about the records got to go in the bores got to go to get this kind of old guard out who believe that it's ok to do things that are great let's get the little people were pendulum swings our parents preached civility and manners which in the last couple decades has been
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dissed as political correctness maybe there's a political correction happening yeah i think that's i think there's a pendulum so that's where everybody starts you have people that will argue against something and then search using it for their own agenda and everybody becomes a hypocrite who is who is not a hypocrite this is on some level for us level one of the things i find interesting is sort of the democrats using what about us on which they've been so so hard on anybody talking about russia and interference and well what about islam you can talk about that but this is been a very clear case of what about and he said it and that speech of saying they always bring up yes the trump is still there but we're more right what does the one you know what does that do to the democratic party's ideology and their and their sort of clot form as democrats if it's going to be like will they do it so why do i have to you know i have to be here to fight i think excuses for it also doesn't mean doesn't really point to a need for more progressive younger candidates and that people like close conyers
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and all and franken are just you know it's a generational thing and there are a lot of gestures being made right now the cover of time magazine and in senator franken speech today when he alluded to his successor as yet unidentified he said she. i think it will be the deputy governor probably everybody and she's got a really good record yeah. yeah but you know i think really at the end of the day i think i think we all i think it's good what happened i mean people can debate whether or not it was good or bad things like that yeah i think it's a good book where do you see the democrat party going from this point forward what what is what's the future hold for the sport i don't think they know but. these bernie fans are on daunted and he can preach it out i don't know that we've seen the last album and he does have a quality that we call presidential and is the opposite of trump and we were all
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thinking i could out of. election night because the polls were telling us he would have beat trump so short answer question who knows but stay tuned yeah and you know the thing is too is al franken himself was being kind of rumored as being one of those kind of theirs to go up against the next presidential election but now he's gone so you know leaves it open for the right i mean what but what i'm saying as a woman one it is going to be harder i feel for men and politics and it probably will keep a lot of men out of politics because it is a very scary time to be a man you have to sort of three learn a lot of to realize this stuff but as a woman i think it's it is a really good thing if it's socks but sometimes you got to lance things off and you leave a little scar but you don't mind it we did good but we did that for a reason we got some are better we cut out something that was bad and i think al franken will do good work on his own outside of the line and there will be a rising stars i wonder if gavin newsome phone is ringing that's a good look at the end of the day i mean you know we can we can be did disgusted
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with what but still i mean you also still have another guy out there running for office rebels accuse the pope you know and the fact that like you can't see that i'm going to rally morning of like ok i like the accusation is real or that's pretty heavy you need to sort that out before you finish this race no matter what side of it was are you so much for coming on be sure to join us for having no yes pretty traditional every friday night at seven and ten thirty eastern right here this is a trade show and i think someone stole. the wheel there are a few would that have impacted the growth and survival of the human race as much as the creation of the wheel back in thirty five hundred b.c. now the good folks at nasa have reinvented one of mankind's greatest in all this inventions to help. drive us into the future for the brilliant engineers at nasa as glenn research center in cleveland ohio truly have reinvented the wheel and effort to combat the tire destroying terrain that exists on the angry red planet of mars like a mad max version of rufo pillows would be really is risible new tires or
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a nickel titanium woven mash that allows the tires to bend and it just to the rough contras of mars but then immediately bounce back and their regional shape without destroying the tires leave it to the good folks at nasa to remind us that no matter how far our politics and believes may divide us humanity is ingenuity creativity and thirst for knowledge and adventure will keep the circle. going to get to perve those tires where massive i want them brought a car czar that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told real but not so i tell you all i love you i am to a world where i'm top of the wall at the bar watching those walks in every great day where. i was then handed didn't return to london while it's
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a liberal city was it is a cool line the most important. that i learned the plans of the airports in the south and invisibility percent of the family liberated and why why do you think you have to me she is. with me make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round listen to the one percent. going all middle of the room sigler. slumgullion real news is really lucky.
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lucky. lucky. ticket. whenever you buy the russian product you're not just getting excellent quality. for the little visit this will.
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look suspicious. more than two hundred injured as the day of rage is declared in the region. spilled over controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. position on jerusalem be criticised by the international community and an emergency meeting of the un security council. plus a major breakthrough. both sides agree to move to the next stage senior officials are warning that things will only get tougher.


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