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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:25pm EST

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the oil always have in order to justify. a war against the palace about this carol i tell you in the hundreds now and every day the numbers under has been hospitalized and the intensity of this conflict is getting worse more and more more and more and more and more because the israelis you know are taking a stand just by brute force to show the palestinians that they control the city and this city of jerusalem is not. the property of israel ok happy with to resume the british prime minister saying it was on helpful it is she said unhelpful and i have received a call from bert right hon e's the minister for. mena middle east and north africa telling me that the british position has never changed they will never transfer their their embassy or embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem they believe that there is you and there are you and resolutions the legality of the status quo of jerusalem they respect that and they believe that the outcome of
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bilateral negotiations will determine the east jerusalem to be the capital of palestine west jerusalem the cup so he reiterated the international community's for the international legality and there and in particularly he said to me that he was . of course very appreciative of my difficult position today in defending the palestinian cause under the circumstances you know where president trump as you know shown total support an equivocal support to one side by diligent demise in himself to the british government told you they were going to move the british embassy they told you what they're not ready to do visually what they're going to do about this they said they said you know they will try to best to talk to the european such a jerk allies to put pressures on the president from there not to egg the totally against what president trump has done he said this is you know at loggerheads with
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our policy when it comes to jerusalem jerusalem is occupied and nothing should change the facts on the ground so such a decision is not going to help the peace process now this is the position of the united kingdom and they have showed it in the you in brussels you know their position was very clear expositor that they are you know with the legality of the status quo of jerusalem just words that are going to help the palestinians well listen. in. this is not the first time we discussed such issues the british government in terms of words they have always supported the palestinians like for example they have voted also in the security council resolution two three three four which you know privates the building of settlements or consider settlements being illegal and they have always said that jerusalem is occupied and that the finest status would be determined by the by the like likely and got it but frankly speaking we haven't seen any kind of pressures being put on israel like for example
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you know the as for cutting relations really still selling arms to israel but really being only selling arms so and they never cut trade relations you know with that with israel and as you know last month in november they have received prime minister netanyahu to market one hundred years the centennial of the buffer declaration and they did not rescind from that decision of marking it as you know and of course you know we had our campaign and our our campaign still going on to put pressure on the government to recognize the state of palestine basically have to apologize if you the british government when they made the talk to you about this this is and i said i think going to i said i said and i keep on saying of course we empathize and we thank you for the position concerning crimes decision but when it comes to balfour and you are still awaiting your response to the new imminent recognition of course the israelis say jerusalem has been there for three
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thousand years i mean listen if you want to play the biblical prophecy games then we have to admit that god is a real estate agent. i mean the palestinians and before the palaces the cananites were there thousands of years depressed in the present continuously four thousand four hundred years where when when the was jerusalem the capital when was there something called a jewish state in palestine it has always been palestine and if you go to the records of the of the colonial records you can see that the visas given to the european jews to come to kind of how potent is religion using judaism against christianity and islam. in the current conflict then well actually i wouldn't look at it from that perspective god forbid because we believe in the three monotheistic religions we are not against one religion and the question is
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a question of nationalism a question of territory that has been occupied we're not talking about their religious war but unfortunately such a declaration for president trump or to matter automatically had inflamed the region with every religious conflict it's now it's being interpreted as judaism versus christianity and islam and this is not the way we palestinians look at it because we are secular we believe in the minorities religions these are but a hammock of religions and we respect them our problem is with zionism our problem is with colonialism our problem is with occupation president trump cannot legit demise the occupation of is jerusalem and give it on a golden platter like what balfour did in the past trump is doing it now you know he saw history is repeating itself would not going to sit i didn't and accept it now but i want to get on award what you're going to do and we're going to speak to
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revelation. one of the most famous rabbis in the united states are going to ask him about this to israel is not sat idly by since the wrong decision it is now threatening to. bomb the entire nation of lebanon back into the stone age i mean just how dangerous are things right now in the middle east i'm going to ask you about the nuclear weapons yes it is well actually actually actually the middle east has been if not our usual for a long period of time and you know the question between his butler and that of lebanon is is quite a vibrant question it has never subsided and as the as well as support are there immediately that has as was only us of course have mass hezbollah now listen what happened basically with this decision by trump with this statement it united it made all defections consensual you know shit our sunni what i'm now you're talking about islam as a religion you talk about the christians also they have high stakes more than two billion christians are by stakes in the old city of jerusalem where all the
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religious. is going on in battle in jerusalem in hellhole in hebron in nablus in gaza it's continuous now what i'm trying to say even this statement you get on the ground is a hollow promise but it has shown the true colors of the united states in totally shifting from being an honest broker of peace into being totally with the side of the occupier don't you have a problem because that alone whether it arguably embolden emboldens the extremists . you're taking cash from the israelis you're still dealing or you're leader of us are still dealing with the israelis know both of the world is going about a new interface. a new war to uphold those u.n. security council resolution president abbas now that is no kind of any contacts with israelis no security collaboration no contacts whatsoever the president today
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is in a situation where he has to pursue now dead or cognition of more governments more states to the palestinian status as a state in the united. nation's he is going to pursue international organizations to see how we can reverse the decision of president tom through the international law through the legality system you know the international legality system so he is pursuing such such steps now in the two state solution now dead because jerusalem obviously if trump is intentions actually carry out in the embassy is moved the two state solution anyway none of these illegal settlers were going to leave isn't it no one state solution i said i said and i would say again what president trump has done was a kiss of death to the two state solution and to answer the question on the issue of never gives money to the palestinians these are tax revenues they collect on behalf of the palace and this is part of the palace protocol where the israelis because they control the borders they are collect tax from palestinians on goods
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and what have you and every every two three months there that tax money goes to the palestinians it is our money is another invested one penny in the occupied territories is only invest millions in building settlements koreans are shouldering the responsibility of the occupier in paying the the money for the palestinians this is representing the british government yes is of the international community maybe on your side using words there are of course those who want a militant solution oh see if this christmas is going to be an international flight i tell you i transport terminals and hope since they don't roam decision i think you know this statement unfortunately and ironically i would say the statement made by president trump. fell in the lap of the extremists who are going to use it for that updated malted unfortunately about it thank you thank you after the break in a week we're not only palestine's ambassador the un the un the organization of
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islamic cooperation for the england focus is a star gary lineker appears to be attacking israeli policy we get the other side of the story from one of the world's most famous rabbis rabbi shmuley and appearing to discriminate against the aliens present at this week's star wars probing the u.k. pm trays of me says she thinks british homes should be fit for habitation by humans at this week's computers all the small coming up about you are going underground. to. be first like when you're on the bus coming through inspect the property if somebody would invent told me that i'm going to send my knife for two point committees or a little disturbed person with salt it was clear.
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every night we were attacked by the arabs we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked and saying that's not possible oh me doesn't do such scenes and then the soldiers and myself from the standpoint of. the host with all the prisoner we've all gotten over they all. believe much second class citizens in the on call. most like and i think in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the street come. welcome. back when in the first half of the show we had palestine's ambassador to the u.k. men will have condemned washington for its decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem now to give us another of his back to is the man the washington post called the most famous rabbi in america the author of the
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israel morea fighting back to the jewish state from campus to street corner rabbi shmuley boteach who joins us from new york city rabbi thanks for coming back on the show so what is recognition of jerusalem as the capital of a jewish state mean to you or should my old friends like to be back on your show the one hand the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital is just an obvious statement of fact on the other hand to have the world's foremost republic and the world's sole superpower recognize that fact as a matter of law is incredibly significant because i think it will lead many governments to start moving their embassies to jerusalem because that's where the seat of israel supreme court is israel part of the parliament is every time an american president or british prime minister goes to israel for diplomatic talks they go to jerusalem not the television is just self evident. ok palestine's ambassador says that is the kiss of death to a two state solution. well you know with all due respect to my palestinian brothers and sisters they were offered a deal where they would have had
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a lot of jerusalem that a lot of jews didn't like this deal two thousand and one at camp david that was offered by president bill clinton who brokered it barak the israeli prime minister in two thousand and one hour five turned it down in two thousand and eight a very similar deal was offered to mahmoud abbas by israeli prime minister and he had all met and they turned that down so let's not pretend that this is the kiss of death the kiss of death is the palestinians have refused even to go sheet in direct bilateral meetings with israel for years now they didn't negotiate even when president obama coerced israel into a total settlement freeze right after he became president in two thousand and nine there's always some reason why there's the death knell of peace from the side of our palestinian brothers and i would say i think they have not really made peace with the fact that the jewish state is going to exist for ever and ever and ever for all eternity in the middle east and that's a long siege to be that's it you know they seem to recognize that since oslo came i mean today without all the historical narratives which i know you see is
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fundamental who should relatives of the dead there's been hundreds injured certainly all wounded blame for their grief since donald trump's decision well the the threats of violence that we heard before president trump issued his proclamation we heard the threats of the apocalypse that the world was going to come to an end middle east would just be a tinderbox it would all explode that has not happened thank god that does not mean that we don't mourn anyone who is hurt or anyone or any kind of violence but i have to tell you to my muslim brothers and sisters i find it the height of islamophobia when people predict that the that the arab street is going to erupt in violence. islam is a religion that emphasizes peace my islamic brothers and sisters want peace and if they don't like this proclamation and i understand their feelings on it i believe they will register those disagreements diplomatically and peacefully the automatic assumption that the arab street is going to run up in violence is the height of islamophobia my muslim brothers and sisters want peace they go about things through
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peace and and let them register their objections for the radical few the extremists the terrorists who want to fight and create violence they're going to find an excuse no matter what but let's not allow them to characterize mainstream muslims ok that there are children being injured you talk about violence the intelligence ministry israel katz is saying two thousand and six was a picnic for lebanon is threatened now to bomb lebanon back into the stone age to eliminate the country of lebanon well you know let's talk about lebanon for just a moment the issue lebanon is not israel as you well know israel has no presence in lebanon israel even had a self declared security zone just to stop rocket attacks they even withdrew from that the problem the problem lebanon is a problem with the rest of the middle east it's called iran iran is an expansionist extremist a violent nation which is a bigger threat to even other arab sunni nations like saudi arabia united arab emirates egypt all of whom oppose iran iran funds because of allah who control
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lebanon the problem with lebanon is that hezbollah has hundreds of thousands of rockets aimed at israel to annihilate israel they regularly threaten israel with annihilation and hezbollah and as i said on the lebanon iranian it's an iranian terror proxy army funded by iran and one of the recently about iran boris johnson the british foreign secretary was there recently and people in london here are talking about increasing the closer ties to attack iran in a turkey is now on the same side as a run that alone russia and certainly all three of those countries along with the european union the un and sect. general and others are all against your viewpoint here in jerusalem well respectfully boris johnson wasn't there to make nice maybe he was you know behind the scenes he was there to negotiate legals it was he was there to negotiate the release of imprisoned britons in iran because iran takes people hostage and expects them to be ransom the way the united states you know
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allegedly sent plane loads full of cash quite literally to release americans you want to stop taking westerners hostages but if you don't believe me that iran is the biggest problem look at syria jerusalem in the proclamation is not the threat to to islamic life the threat to islamic life right now is in syria and the decimation of cities like aleppo and damascus where sunni muslims are being targeted for a wholesale massacre iran funds much of that iran sends its armies to perpetrate those massacres and is now backed by turkey on syria what you just said is you back to me say by going after just one moment just a moment you mean turkey one by air do one who has totally dismantled democracy in turkey turkey used to her nature a lot of the islamic democratic republic that has ended because of the terror and you have erred on who is now who doesn't who doesn't allow his people to read facebook and twitter who imprisoned tens of thousands of people without trial so erda one is is because become a tyrant and i lament what has happened to this great republic of turkey prior to
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or to one again run i should also say says that the judiciary is exactly investigating isn't it whether that subject to the british subject is a is a spy but you were saying what you said about syria may probably would agree with you that was certainly british policy but raise me says that the decision to move the capital to jerusalem by washington was an help understand three thousand years of jewish history german corbin's as its reckless u.n. secretary general says because history spoke out against such measures and by the us as in the bouncin about to say it is a declaration of war against one of billion muslims ok to. something i think is a great friend of israel in the jewish people and she said it's unhelpful and she's definitely entitled to her opinion the world's foremost republic of the united states of america disagreed with her and finally proclaimed that what is obvious as far as the united nations the united nations has harbored a bias against israel for so long that they are their opinion almost it is
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predictable the palestinian ambassador he's going to defend his nation's interests i respect the fact that he wants defend his nation's interest but i would say to him that the best interest for his people is to make peace with israel finally and not to join with hamas whom they have a partner government which is a rabble who joined up i think that they've all joined us on your part or a modest threat to the genocide of the jewish people that they're caught and they say they thought it was their johnson but what i'm saying that you're going to the u.n. but i mean did jews feel safe in israel know that the u.n. security. and i did nations secretary-general and the european union and the organization of islamic conference and the arab league and asia and africa and latin america basically the entire world except the usa and israel does not recognize this position as being let me just say as a jew but also just as a citizen of the world truth is not decided by majorities and by numbers we jews have had the world hating us for two thousand years and that make it right they were probably wrong i know that whites hated blacks for a very long time believe that they were
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a figure that was an abomination against the bible that everyone is created equally in god's image and i would say the fact that the whole world for example doesn't care about the slaughter of muslims in syria is another example of how majorities don't determine truth peace will only come to the middle east and to the arab israeli conflict when the arab my arab brothers accept the permanence of israel and the reason why the proclamation of jerusalem brings peace it takes tourism off the table the palestinians continue to believe that israel some sort of transience entity it's not permanent and if they oppose it enough it'll somehow disappear it's a mistake of history it ain't going anywhere and the more we have super power saying we're going to also make sure they. going anywhere the palestinians are going to have to negotiate they're going to have to compromise they're going to have to accept israel's permanence and that means rejecting organizations for example like hamas who will never make peace with israel who want to annihilate israel and perpetrate a second holocaust of the jewish people you know that the entire arab world does not see it that way and once israel to respect international order nine hundred sixty seven boundaries and certainly does recognize the existence of israel surely
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more pressing right now given the entire world is against you is the fact that israel has nuclear weapons while we worry about north korea israel is threatening the elimination of lebanon and is against un security council resolutions and has nuclear weapons how soon do you think before the international community starts to get together seriously and attack israel not only diplomatically as it has been this week but in some other form. no one's worried about israeli nuclear weapons or alleged nuclear weapons what they're worried about is iranian nuclear weapons the whole world is worried about the mobile's of iran these extremists and fanatics who export mayhem murder terror around the world getting doomsday weapons with which they can hold the whole world hostage having a second north korea in the middle east that is not israel it is iran the world got together to try to limit iranian nuclear weapons the threat is iran iran iran saudi arabia knows it bahrain knows united arab emirates knows it egypt knows it the only
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country that doesn't seem to notice qatar which is cozying up to iran but the arab sunni nations understand that the extremism and terrorism of iran and their had many in the middle east and slowly taking over so many middle east and capitals that is the true threat and iran backing up assad in syria to slaughter muslims that is the threat to islamic life and the world should gang up to stop that stop the murder of muslims in syria rabbi shmuley boteach thank you well if hundreds of thousands of palestinians are technically homeless so are that tens of thousands of homeless in britain thankfully minority government leader theresa may who was defeated by the might of german corbin and their own body said this week country do evidence that she is against homelessness we don't want to see anybody who is homeless or anybody who is sleeping rough on our streets and she thinks homes should not just be fit for habitation by animals which the conservatives recently said they consider sentient freedom to be fit for human habitation but as judeo
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christian has done their thoughts to bethlehem in palestine and a homeless a via they believe the german corbin seem to down to a commitment to those who don't even have a manger to sleep in a hundred and twenty eight thousand children will spend christmas with a home to call their own sixty percent up on two thousand and ten it's too late for this christmas but will the prime minister promise that by christmas two thousand and eighteen fewer children. will be without a home to call their own calling him a then traded statistics before corbin bizarrely promoted that bedrock of neoliberalism property ownership here his contrasting conservative britain with the years of rising inequality and a blairism under the turris. ownership is full by two hundred thousand under the rug by one million yes probably ownership is
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a key plank of corbin's bright new socialist future and as to how the poor even use the banks to engage in this property owning democracy the s. and p. one did on two thousand and eight we collectively be able to the royal bank of scotland at a cost of forty five billion pounds and two thousand and seventeen grow bank of scotland are paying us back by coming down by x. and two hundred fifty nine of our community given we are the majority shareholder will the prime minister step he's referring to the closure of defacto taxpayer owned bank branches in poor areas the decision to open into its branches is a commercial decision taken by the banks without intervention from the government yes it's just a commercial decision like that of tory m.p.'s who no one breaks it forget the british taxpayer bought the bank by enforcing collective economic punishment on the british people well will not be commercial when we return with monday's episode that's it for this show on monday we asked feigns michel gilda knew what
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a violent first republicans to walk into downing street says a mint of a layer of britain's future is now controlled by dublin and what happens to the good friday agreement till then will be here with your money forty eight years to the day one of the last countries in western europe to do so britain abolished the death penalty well subjects with a live in age of using alleged to kill policies it wasn't a building or a semi was in government the defacto assassinations were authorized against u.k. subjects using drones.


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