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i seen it on the articles. you must be typical but i think it's not just the good can't protect the civil just because they get the quest they are just the pregnancy let's go there but i'm getting a just peace in the west i believe it is unity must be a bitch but i must must acquit. even school number which the new citizen will need it but which would be to make it ok not to get sick if it was going to.
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get any votes and you might never fight but if so it. is a civilization just a tiny bit more advanced than we are that they can already pick up jerry springer or any other sitcoms interview shows the nightly news they see what we're doing to our planet you know it isn't really a very pretty picture and so in addition to sending this chaotic messages that we use to communicate with one another we want to send a clear signal to the extraterrestrial but there's also some rationality.
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snow worm good them to come in your stupid to eat. youse knows to. east oklahoma see mia into piqua and the saw in the four colors cuz so. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be pressured. into
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going to be press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. or should. join me every thursday on the alex song i'm sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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oh she poised just the way you. like. because she's been a me that was surely you see i mean i did. go i was a she was i was the voice of a void. so you cherish the people you trust just this week east germans you should. believe she. should receive this for instance is for sure she's studying for inclusion the blue should certainly sell it because people who
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saw some solution for this told. the fossil well sister there may be. some of you sure still is just finished and you still are still the birds thanks. you. say it was to be a lovely day. let me just remember you said. the tuesday it was just above so easy to get to you we didn't get east knew what you. knew. you need to give us money to take. this issue because there's
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a good way to do seems to sniff. if anything it should be. you know some way to switch and so i see you as the discipline you need. of. school newsies i'm booking near and dear sir who was the. peter bart of the start of the gloss look i'm sort of course of the cooperage of the story. these terrorists do so because you need to wish playfield when you say. that's the best way to go i'm afraid. this is a serious medical. condition a snake but i. will call me to. tell. you. if you do. if you don't keep to your question you. should.
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be a chip is a rallying cry for a car that looks to a chimney you got to see you just know the blood that's in the foolish you buy you should. with a movement of said ask but i woulda. the temple just i do it is the way to sing with that windows when you go that was isn't it each one you know which. was a result of what i know just one is still. do you get out of the can choose the host so if i show. up as much a rush of creepy. enough to get to misty that mr i want to preach or not. that.
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was our last scene that's it's a bit partially of marshall. i to. get the full package to feel to have a do it be with the with the thing a thing that comes up with the facts as i will or you die which in the pretty gay shit just passed me and the question less fifteen yet to the induction of the two must make up a list for the onus of those numbers not kick i see with another not be as happy i didn't get deletion fusion and yet. as you have at the dumbest of who actively shares go yes and then you will be back to deal with a known as you. buy from is a better than evolution of the gazza heschel should not use force about yet. in the me i'm sure his cousin left. the last of those numbers in the example i chose
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a list of let each vote as your subject here let's just say at the national show with on fact. if the monuments there's a chance he ceased in them a bang up the malicious bucca a temper sippin the. closeness to that yes to the concept called the. silly to a species to achieve.
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the pursuit just so that it could see some little ones it was a good thing to meet that kind of a sleep before the show just put together the ranks were killed that night solicitation to leave the place until it was a legs and even if he didn't have faith that he's a god who took it all oyster and sold it and nasa. sent it then nasa. with a typically in first aid excuses them with looking it is going to be extolling jacob wetterling still down plus a look that could send us a visit while calling yourself a clam is that the likely those that have vision i suppose you could visit a dozen ways the question of what them by the militia q was that confront us and there was a guy who was so so successful in this and yes lots of ways could chang without the money we do there just ask for what critics ever said choices for said hey if you're paying you for standing in for the time and you just get sick it just took the meaning by saying first that if there's that convincing candlelighting team only say show filler to me or something. but there don't make
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a person that has failed in the form of the ok doing this. story but of course the sisters are. sure.
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these are them did you say yeah. that was thank you know that i have them all to ask you that you don't know if you will clip i jumped as it is though we still. here we drove piers of seward. to staying in schools to teach me in the early she chose stowe. closer. to thirty year old. to. which in the nick of a. writing insisting that way to go to him i am. that i've been you have been in my opinion my opinion my bringing my prick in my. head to stop to try to
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put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus. stop but let's repeat the question why does it just it just didn't just it just didn't do much good. when you were just as. i said it got to by say i was to go but i did it. or are. told not told me if some day it's a lot different than let's just especially a c. minus. to which achieved it would you just assume by giving the general manager that last purpose can you see the last look you didn't post the did indeed if i did for all i mean you should i do thank you to mr bushell's the solutions are sitting . the filibuster just that sangeeta unusual that it would if i had to move you just by still not a family of this evening in the oval and cello last. week
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. i was. offered. her. a little. warm. or her.
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to vote suggests to quit school bus took the car to truck in the new building the bill of rights will not a minor so the folks should get sued but i love not the whiskey if you joke it with good luck to you suggest me smoke the exhibit in this self and then you will smother it you love about the city with them but with us i feel at the back more. yet laced in there and there's little to use in shall we say it well i will just would she would we were to shout what's in your docs that i know i woke up this just wonderful oh. just yet. thanks i'm just like still young sometimes looks like you i knew it was the most i knew i knew and you can tell jokes behind your national good and said working it was just me and you. damn good for me as well with. leo's doctor marketable he's lucky to have his numbers will make. you like his own not
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it's a question. exactly why should they still see shit but that was when you do doesn't often would accept as michael yes ashley oh i know my daddy yes pretty feisty little local shit it was thank you love wasn't a question you want to ask so. that was. mean and be the but the most die as knowledge to deal with the most bang is the missing man seven yet i'm on the want to state the nature of pleasure pollutants in some eyes i yell schlangenbad as domestication illusion. well bush statement on the close is never let me distinguish the closest of the chance essential that the.
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distance to move us to the photo shifts asking what this new business equipment will go with the flames. of the coffee shop past i. don't know. if some of my jewish but you might. pick up the prices here at the state did you get the state and i got that you must think that the deal. does leave me. with a chicken. in which i shall.
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think you know what you speak of you and you figure. if you're missing discussed the custos threatening just throw away your misdeeds at the peers do so but are both the bush and bitter we didn't come down you for cisco we may be standing still business though it would just go and you got hold. of so with those not so stupid to should be you lead us to. ask. ourselves will we get there or should on the drive to. earlier. ok. thanks.
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thanks thanks thanks . los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed
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dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution you craft someone monitoring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. seemed wrong. just don't. get to shape out just because etiquette and it gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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i. killed at least. liberation. to report from inside. to see the troops. recapture the iraqi city of
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course. the second was to disaster was changed forever. since losing their loved ones in a russian military plane crashed into the black sea. twenty fifth of december. in the last couple of hours but
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a bus that's crashed into the stairway of an underground pedestrian crossing killing at least four people a correspondent on the scene. takes us through what's happened whether it's taking a turn for the worse. but out of control. well yes what we've seen in the videos of the tragedy the bus was seemingly brought to a full hold it was parked at the cup probably waiting queuing to the bus station and then all of a sudden it started moving and it started moving away from the road and it crushed just literally a few dozen meters away from me as the subway crossing that it crashed into now is the official version so far says that there was a some sort of a technical malfunction and some reports some reports that have suggested that have given the words that have given the eyewitness accounts of the driver what he apparently has said he took off he released the hand brakes and then couldn't
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really just stop the bus and it vs off the road and crashed into the crossing now the transport department of mosco is saying that the vehicle was fully functioning and it was in good in good shape that the vehicle was good to drive now other reports suggest that the other reports are saying that the driver was sober it was jack for alcohol it is a routine before going before taking the driver's seat now also it is important to understand that the version of a terrorist attack has been ruled out the police have been very blatant about it now in terms of the victims we know that five people have been killed in fact the body bags were just behind me and they've been taken away literally minutes ago also the you can't really see it from here but the bus itself was just behind that those those kiosks behind me it has been towed from the subway crossing but it is
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still here it has been hasn't been towed away so we're following this horrific tragedy from the scene and we will be bringing you more throughout the day yes so many question marks about how that her gone so wrong may be the driver was trying to when he realized it was out of control steer away from the road what you do if this kind of thing happens but lot of questions still to be. and so the calls were actually later thinks. the dust settles from the operation to liberate the iraqi city of mosul the cost to its residents is becoming painfully clear more ghastly of a senior correspondents pain throughout the city to assess the real scale of the civilian tragedy winning isn't always pretty. is testament to that it's being almost half a year since they declared this a victory and it was despite its ugliness better this than isis but no one mentioned the smell five months on mosul still stinks of
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death the stench of decaying and decayed bodies is everywhere it permeates the old city it's nowhere near as strong as it was back during the summer for obvious reasons but there are still countless bodies buried under all this rubble and no one knows how long it will take to get to all of them. they are everywhere the corpses of isis fighters buried under the wreckage together with civilians women children and exploded bombs shells rockets. there are still people under the rubble a woman just found her husband under the wreckage but no one can get him out it smells terrible it's smelled even worse nature has done its job but rescue was overwhelmed the shia work required to dig up an entire city is mind
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boggling there is simply too many corpses. they cleared away the bodies of civilians that they can see but they haven't been able to reach those in the collapsed houses. three or four of our neighboring families came here thinking the area was clear but there were very happy airstrikes there now buried here. a recent investigation conducted by the associated press found that approximately ten thousand civilians were killed during the battle of mosul a third of them killed by the u.s. led coalition and iraqi air strikes what they did not account for those still to be recovered from the rubble. this book alone contains several thousand of their victims i have four or five of these senior health official in mosul province who
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is forbidden from speaking on camera deep to soften the true scale of what happened and the casualties keep on coming in. here's another little surprise. a kid or even an adult might not know what this is an isis made bomb this one's unexploded so the child was walking around the family is that her attorney could kick it tried to play with it touch it and set it off these little all over mosul last tuesday three young children were killed when they were playing in the wreckage of a collapsed house all three died when an explosive device or bomb exploded. every day we got two or three more bodies victims of new explosions these could be from anything nice a spooky trap an unexploded iraqi shell or a bomb dropped by the u.s. led coalition months ago official statements on civilian casualties made by the
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iraqi government the us led coalition even by the un a ridiculously understated but dig a little deeper and you likely stumble on one of the biggest civilian massacres in recent history more i guess do you have from mosul iraq earlier spoke to harsh tomorrow head of the kurdish human rights watch asked him whether he expected coalition countries need to invest in rebuilding that city. we believe that the humanitarian support forts should be in the same level of the military support that they provided for the. let's say i say combat isis operation. now what we see is much less than those forces are spend what what we see on the ground here we have teams now in mosul in
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salahadin embar in those newly liberated areas. the forts are much less than the needs there are even. most of those families some of them they returned and then now they displaced again they've been they came back to the to the tents and to the camp of of displacement. of years often a time for reflection isn't it a chance to look ahead at what's in store or not with out of mind r.t. correspondents have have had an exclusive opportunity earlier on today to get the world view from russia's foreign minister to do a close it's certainly been an eventful year for international diplomacy a pretty turbulent year for top level diplomats around the world and who better to discuss this with than russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov he gave us an exclusive interview covering topics ranging from syria to sanctions to south america one point joking that he really hoped he wouldn't be
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a band or sanctioned anywhere as a.


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