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yes i guess just a fable any lady would have logical fallacy x. illustration with a cool she like you she won't have a chick flick and you get what the grievances will ask what are you going to call the woodsy out. of. the same officials of. the. state it would seem a specific squeaky. you think television has. to do with the students who were easy would you believe the. offical tool to show. you which. states just by trying to spell speak and dislike. you but thank you. i'm so good. they do a good middle you. stupid easy do you. think they are still more you must go to sleep so i will see what you have to school you to would result will this lead you. to believe to them selves before so that if you said she's
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directly of this what a mobile which is a bird which you know just to signal is one of the valleys you would. lead you to do a wolf which was you a weasel would you keep. these q.'s we would be in a day you would use the word you use where you g.'s your. you said he would. go down might do for. them as i just know which is the you just told me i'm living in the next assuming you're believing that as distant as they. become suspicious that he skipped the muscle in the streets that what he said would you say that it could at the sissified. do so with this also stole the show the skills of the shift in mood of the whip just think of the balance of. police work.
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please. stop looking which appears so it should. be more specific but you must sleep sleep enough to. see. that to dispense a good of that to class membership place english stamp with this column i should list just the bytes. and they are asked to season least zamboanga a shell of seats in the same place again at least that's our chests and i am on the deck with them on listening in the back seat to me that. doesn't help us to learn a klutz said. he just is a bit concerned about bill clinton with it and she says you know
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so i can do it was because. to me to get it completed until. there was still so see what we. could consume is quite content to let people constantly sit and do shit to distance my distance minutes there's still a chance it said tonight she's my. other two i didn't know which was itching this angle to my face shifts. didn't listen to those who. said that was. fun you. don't need to be doing chicken. shit about such a comedian. no
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we believe that a. little child lives at least in. their own name from the litany of course. they did to keep so if they do still. look to six hundred years to come to. x. which was about a six. string did you see a pretty good shot up the side of the two that they're going meet with rates that. will. take a. little while losing the first day that it is intended for which
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a little. too much to me had my digital little. tiny plastic hash come out of my stick to military. facilities and to have him let's finish the film. it must still estimate a little shit with a shit load of stuff a little bit but it didn't change and i don't have to listen to him not at least you. still in the city let. the new castle any other way to which cool so could the disney heal couple or a few of the most of those albums possible they have all been saying it was the best new cars off so that's my digital action and my unlike any of us love so far as the pursuit of samples bustled might. moviegoers didn't because it's my duty to
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get him some tools from the school of thought it was a little slower which will skew slowly chinos we've done this. school she should leave the body of. every. kid. to. make. that. point that. would show for. him.
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oh. please get on that i know it's the. only most significant way she. was. still. a little bit. like he'll. go. ask alice.
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there's. the little. i've seen. on the articles more from a little closer to what you must be to think your school which we can thank you so much the good can you protect the civil just because you get the closer you are the better gets you i suppose what i'm getting is teaching the less they believe it is you to must look at the a bitch but i must ask the could pull the plug on your she said she will see you in school in the water which the new shipping. would be to make sure that they never get sick it just cut off she was going to. use. the device and
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the boy divide by do you think that way. when you don't see. what. they call a clue. what they mean not true only to express it. let alone. said. no turbans let. you speak french now. there's a letter that said. well sons. continue this morning's talk of
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exposing the top sack of calls. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending shouldn't twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base this morning.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not please a few more the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one defends his fate as there are no other takers. and that mainstream media has met its maker.
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oh she points just the way you. like. this. because i think that she may be the most chilling to say i mean i think you. know i was she was i was the voice of a void up. there you chose to commit evil you're trying to use this with eastern germans you. believe she. should raise this for me to use this phrase she's sure i should use the studs terkel should you should certainly sell it because people who saw the solution for this goal just. before i was a little sister the way she was somebody she was still is just finished and you
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still are still deliver goods thank. you you. say you. will be a lovely day. one hundred you should be able to implement just. doesn't listen to you just love so easy a great deal we didn't get east knew what you. think. you need to give us money to take. this issue because there's a good way to do seems to sniff. the funny thing if you lose your somewhere to switch and so see you as the discipline you eat. of. school newsies i'm
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booking near and dear sir who was the. peter bart of the start of the gloss look i'm sort of course of the group which is the story of. easter is doing so because you need to wish playfield when you say. the least. that's the truth i'm afraid. there. is a miracle in. the nation a snake with a. book on which. if you do. you think you can fix your question you. should. be a chip is a rallying cry for a car that looks to
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a chimney you got to see the you just know the cup was there from the foolish you buy you should. with a movement of said ask but i woulda will let them pull just i do want to do a system with that windows when you go there was just me each one you know which. was a result of when i was just going to still. get out the cholesky muslim. so . i shopped. and there was much of a ship to speak. enough to get to misty that mr i want to preach or not. that. was our last if that's it's officially of national.
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i to be. a. full fully package to fiddle to have a good thing with the with the thing a thing a thing that comes up with us as i will or yet into it which in the big h. that just passed me and the question left fifteen yet the induction of the two must make up the list for the onus of those numbers not good could i see that the number not be as i didn't get deletion fusion and yet. as you have at the time was the wood that the bushes call us and then you believe that to deal with an alleged shipping at the bottom is a better shot than evolution of the gazza heschel so nothing is forced out by yet. in the me i'm sure his cousin left. the last of those in which he ceased and that the devil i chose a list of let each of but what i choose to becky let's just say at the national show with well in fact who ordered the attack when it's at the ring yes there's
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a and they can see ceased in them a bang up the malicious bucca a tempest in the. slush misty that to us to the concept called the. silly to a species who you are to. the pursuit just so that you could see some little point there was a game on the way to meet that kind of ice cream before the show just because they
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were actually killed that night solicitation to leave the place in villas and legs and even if he didn't have faith that he's a god who spoke at all oyster. and nasa. only then nasa then. with a typically inflated kid says them with what she is going to be extolling singling stroll down plus a look that could send us a visit while calling yourself a clam is that the likely those that have visions i suppose look if they'd still play the question of what them by the militia the q. was that confront us and let us go like it was the closest others especially in this area yes lots of ways could chang without the money we do there just ask for what i did some research with things if i said name a few paying you for saving it for the time and us getting sick it just took the meaning by saying first that if those that convince you again diligent thinking only say show me or something that i could. see in the form
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talking to me. sure but our system systems are. these are them did you say yeah. that was thank you know that i have
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them all to you that you go get you to quit my job to do this so we stuck. here we drove piers of seward. to staying in schools to teach me in the holy see chose stowe. to cut a year. to biodegrade to make out a last binding insisting that way to not in keeping him i am. that when i begin i begin my begin my program i bring in my prick in my. head to stop to try to put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus.
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stop but let's repeat the question why does it does it just didn't just it just didn't do much good. when you were just as. i said it got to by say i was in about two but i did it. or are. there two of them told me it's him that's a lot different than much as it's one that you choose to do you do you just miss a by giving you didn't provide him a good enough purpose can you see of the last look. the did indeed if i did for all i mean you should i think it through mr bushell's the solution to the doing this if the filibuster is just that sangeeta unusual that it would if i had to move you just by still not a family of this evening in the oval in cello. last. week .
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i guess. our. lord. or her. to vote suggests to quit school bus took the car to check the new building the bill
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of rights will not among the still come with the books should get sued but i love not the whiskey if you just look at the just the best the smart the it is that in this the new horse margaret you know about the fit in with them but with us i feel at the back more. yes they are still in there and there's little to use the show is a good quality school just would show we were to shout in your box to see that i know little guy well local goes to one of the for. one makes the young family look like you i knew it was the most i knew i knew and you could have told mine your rational about it and said look you look just me and you. damn good for me as well with. leo's doctor marketable he's lucky to have his numbers will. likely not it's a question will be coming soon why should they still see shit but that
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was when you do doesn't often woodcocks as michael yes ashley oh i know my daddy yes bitch if i see a little local shit oh well because thank you love wasn't a question you want to ask so. that was. mean and be the but the most die as knowledge that the with the most bang is the most any man seven yet the man the want to state the nature pleasure pollutants in some eyes lying about his domestication illusion. well look at a statement on the floor says never let me distinguish the closest of the chance essential that the.
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distance from the best to the photo shifts ask what this new business record will go with the claims. of the coffee shop cast. don't. you feel some nice jewish when you minus. the prices here at the state did you get the state and i got that you must think that the deal. does leave me. with a chicken and. egg which i shall. think you know what you speak of you haven't you figured. the p.m.'s testing discussed
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the custos threatening just turn over your misdeeds at the peers do so but are both the bush and bitter we didn't come down you for cisco we may be standing still business though or a bullet to stimulate though and you got. to do with those not so stupid that should be you lead us to. ask. ourselves will we get there or should on the drive to. her. thank. you thank you. thank you thank you
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thank you thank you you thank. small room good i'm. stupid.
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into. this so the for. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man from his own response of the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on
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a city parking space is not a solution. to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. the headlines this hour life among the ruins artie's latest report from inside mosul hears from locals themselves about surviving in their city five months after being liberated from isis now you go there i could see my daughter doesn't want to go to school because she's afraid when we came back here my son would vomit every morning out of fear their psychologically scarred for life. the u.n. is getting its financial wings clipped as the u.s. agrees to significant cuts in contributions it follows threats to pull funding after members comprehensively objected donald trump's decision.


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