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you don't want to see a. way to. jail would you place your supporters understand they have the so idea which they have i guess just they have been able anyway to leave it and have magical valid apps illustration with a cool sheen on the line usually for a lot i mean a chick flick and you get what it takes reason is built for sports anchor us all the way to help. actually i think we should listen with additional votes and. i
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don't wish to say that it would be my specific scrutiny. do you think television is safe. to do this to the news people believe me would you believe it when you're told it often will do to show. interest which it's just by trying to still speak and destroy. anything but making. a good time so good. if you will conclude with me that you would. still give you the belief that the rest of us what you must do to so what is good sleep away with you which will to scare you to vote but also what will this lead you to do you feel to them just as possible if you just used to be of this quote a movie what was the ability to just be sitting just a little bit the only way. we used to do it was before but movement afoot. please up with your number of these q.'s we were in i thought you would use
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we would use for you g.'s if. you said you wanted to go down point for. them as i just know which is the you just ok i'm going to be in the next reading ability in that as distinct as the. dumb shit secure that if you excuse me muscled mystique's they could easily escape that it could at the sissified to do so with disposal still would show the skills of the just been mooted that we have to think of the lives of those who make it so that at least we were. sleeping. less competent which appeared somewhat. removed you know by the. sleep sleep. sleep.
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that the dispenser glad of that the classroom was surely just stamped on the screen my shit list system bites at least. an hour last season least since i am a girl child seats in the plane to simulate earlier this hour just in the am on the deck and demolition in the back seat to think that. getting up the stuff i'm not a klutz sent. to justice is really close to the clintons with it and she still you know telling him to give us because. we can if it is completed until. there was still so what we. consume is quite clear that the world lead.
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he took us away instead and there's a distance of my distance minutes there's still a chance that said well she's lived such executed it will never know which was just listening to my place it's. listening to those who. did that was melissa fung it was one. thousand a day we do a chicken. shit that's it you. know we believe if it's. easy.
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my. little choice is a mystery. man from one of my litany of course. a baby to keep so if i do still. look as if you do as you come to. x. which was five six of these three did you see a pretty good lot of the side of the two that the big meanie weave breaks out. a little. take a. little way a little first a discredited it is a tell the original. question we have the digits in the fossil match which come out of the stick to the little children. this summer dad made him look to him.
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which might fit into. the new castle here the idea which google soak. up or you know suppose of what's possible and it will all hinge being it was the new guys all shook up by descriptive selection in my in the in the other stuff so files a few samples bustled my. movements in the cause it's my duty to get him some tools for the school of thought it was a little slow which unfolds you slowly approaching those who have done this. because she's feeling their body. at.
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every. meal. i think. that. that. would shock me for. the place you're on that i'd know a little. only most if it was a ship. it was so it. was
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a little bit of a feeling like you think you know. let's. say let's. say let's. say. let's say let's. say al al al. roker let's.
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let's. say. and i see that a good shape on that i was going for a little closer to what you must be to the case in which we can thank you so much the good can you protect the civil division because you have to close the. gates i suppose what i'm getting is just peace in the west i believe it is unity must be a bitch but i must must acquit the way of still plenty of situations even school in the water which the new ship is for it's a visible need that would be to make sure that they never get sick or just kowtow she was going to that was needs. that are. the device and you want to buy them by the way but it's that way.
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banks guys are financial survival they say money the bellatrix plan to use it this is a central bank support via cummins called the club and right now it's a stop to. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and she's a little bit different i'm not a. good one on the line no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got soaked through in the time. when you're going to get. along you've got to just published or did you cry because. the guy. i still does not get the submission.
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i am. going to point this to you. like.
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this. i think that she may be the most chilling to say i mean i did. go i was a she was i was a boy. so you change your evil you're trying to use this with east germans you. believe she. should be safe for me to use this phrase she's sure she. could you. should certainly such a sad time for this cold just. the frozen barrel sister the way she used. some of the sure school is finished and you still are still deliver goods thank. you. thank you. if
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we. are still a lot of money just remember you have. to listen to you just love so easy a great deal we didn't get east knew what you. think. you need to give us money to take. this issue because there's a good way to do seems to sniff. with anything if you lose you know someone to switch and so she was the discipline you. know she's invoking near and dear sir who was she and come here her part of stardust the costs of some sort of course of the group which was the story of the. least there is still to be was the need to. play the field in your.
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league. that's the best way to go i'm afraid. there. is a serious medical condition. many innocent we're going to. go cold on which. you. have to do because. if you don't you can't fix you mention your child should. be a chip is a rallying cry for a father the still chairman you got to accept the new system of the public face of the foolish you buy you a few sheets. with a movement to fit us but i woulda will let them fall just i do want to do a system with a good job when you go there which isn't it. each one you know which. was
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a result of. the still. get out the to. choose so if i show. up as much of russia pretty. enough to get to misty that mr i want to preach or not. while our lot see that it's a bit partially of martial. law. i to be. a. dad to. be with be with me at the athena thing and several of us as out or you die which in the brigade that just passed me on good question less fifteen yet to the dozen of
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the two must make up a list of the onus of those numbers now ask it could i see it and another not be as i didn't get deletion fusion and yet. as you have it but i was to. get the one you believe that deal with a known as. buy from is a better than evolution of the guts of threshold so nothing is forced out by yet. in the me actress cause of the. last of those numbers in that example i chose a list of the each a but what i choose to becky is let's just say at the national show with on fact. it's at the monuments there's a in there chance east east in them a bang up the malicious bucca a complicit in the. closeness to that yes to the concept good. silly to a species who you richard.
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this league. you're. going. to pursue just so that it could see some little place it was a game on the way to meet that kind of ice week before the show the jokes but i gather they were actually killed that night seriously just to leave the place until it was in my thanks and. that is what they were folks at all oyster. and nasa. sent to the nasa. with a typically inflated schizos them with what she is going to be extolling jacob wetterling still don't proselyte that is when you will wish that you receive all
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calling yourself a clam is that the likely those that had visions i suppose you could visit a dozen ways the question of what the but the militia here was that confront us a little girl like it was the closest others especially of it and yes lots of ways could chat with them the moment we do they were successful what kind of them are such with things in the present age if you're paying you for saving it for the time and you just can't seem to just have the meaning by saturday meaning first that any of those that can live. together why do you think you've only seen a show so much to me as something that i could or that don't make of those that are still in the form of the ok doing this. but our system systems are.
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these are them did you say yeah. that was you thank you know that i have the all clear thank you that you go give you two clips i jumped as it is so we still.
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here we drove piers of seward. to staying in school needs to teach me in all of those she chose stowe. closer. to thirty year old. cole which it's just good to. see. the whites in the accounting. writing insisting that we took it with him i am. that i've been you have been in my opinion my opinion my bringing my prick in my. head to stop to try to put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus. stop but let's repeat the question why does it does it just say it didn't just it just didn't do much good. for the new one is that. i said it got to by say i was in a pow camp but i did it are. or. that
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program told me it seemed that some like it but then let's say it's one of those that she would secretly jihad would you just miss a by giving the general might be a better nest purpose can you see that's the best look you do the pope was continued if they did for all i mean you should die if they can't do the simple solution ludicrously doing. the filibuster just that sanny doing you should that it would if i had to move on your show special no gravity of this evening in the oval and cello. half a world record in her are at. last. i was a job. or
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. to be seduced to quit school bus took the car protecting the new building the bill of rights will not among them so folks should see it but i love not the whiskey if you just look at the producer there's the smut the exhibit in this is on the new course margaret love that she gives them but with us i feel of the back more. years left in the little chapel at euston she is a quality school just would she would we were to shout what's in your box that i
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know. there's just one of the for the. one the sphinx the yeah i think. it was the most i knew i knew and yes it was a little nine year lashing out and said working with this. dancer for just me as well with. leo's developed a marketable he's lucky to have his numbers will. you like to play a lot it's a question of. being being seen by people yes they still see shit but that was when you do doesn't often woodcocks as michael yes actually oh i'm like that e.s.p. device little local shit it was thank you love was the question for you why next.
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that was. me and be the but the most die as knowledge to deal with the most bang is the missing man somebody at the mine the want to stage an education pollutants in some guy's lying about his domestic issue militias. well bush statement on the fly says never let me distinguish the closest of the digits essential that the. distance will best to the cultural shift ask the business to business of course i
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will go with the flames. of shock cast. down. if you from my jewish but you minus. negative rights is the state did you get the state and i got that you wish they could talk to you. does that leave you. with the chicken. which i shall. get you speak of you are you speaking of. the p.m.s. testing discussed the custos threatening just turn over your misdeeds at the peers do so but are both the bush hater we didn't condone you push to school we would be standing still business though it would to stimulate though and you got hold. of so with those not so stupid that should be you let me just. ask.
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ourselves will we get there or should on the drive to. thank you. thank. you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank.
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los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be
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a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution you craft someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. where is that country called russia you know as if no one has ever had a country never even had about most school.
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the in. the lead. the. world life among the ruins osses latest report from inside mosul is from locals themselves about surviving in that city five months after being liberated from isis . i thought i knew my daughter doesn't want to go to school because she's afraid when we came back here my son with mom and i we morning out of here they're psychologically scarred for life the adults all sides of the u.n. gets its financial wings clipped as the u.s. agrees a significant cuts in.


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